When Abandoning Moderation And Common Sense Drives Public Health

I remember way back in the 1990s warnings about using too many hand sanitizers. Doctors and experts at the time warned that it could become counterproductive as microbes and bacteria are part of the human immune's system ability to combat. It was just plain old common sense advice. Like chicken soup.

People would also warn others how 'useless' it was to use hand sanitizers because we didn't know if it worked or what was in them.

Ah, life seemed so much wiser then.

The Covid came. All and everything had to be suspended. Reality to science.

Because 'novel' and 'we didn't know'. Time to act like hysterical fools and idiots.

I bet those same doctors - from McGill no doubt - sing a different tune now 'because Covid'. As if it's still 'novel'. They've turned people into hypochondriacs or helped to increase OCD. 

'No matter! We've got the pill for what ails you. Pick one!' Level-headed people KNOW and observe the simple but elegant axiom, 'all in moderation'. 

You may recall grocery stores getting in on the act a few years ago only to realize 'the goo' was more a problem than a solution.

You can't mandate good health practices.

The criminal incompetence of it all.

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