Faces Of Evil: Peter Hotez

I'm going to come out swinging here.

I never liked Peter Hotez. It's years now.

Why he feels the need to embroil himself in politics with his divisive and sophomoric opinions is anyone's guess. But one thing's for sure. Peter is doing more to hurt vaccine confidence than anyone. 

He has said many despicable things these past couple of years but this one ranks among the worst.

“Anti-vaccine activism, which I actually call anti-science aggression, has now become a major killing force globally." -

, Professor and Dean

, on the devastating impact of #misinformation and disinformation."

Let me be frank again.

Hotez looks like the guy the protagonist in a movie grabs by the collar after barging into his lab and killing several security guards. He then gets the grifting, snivelling, smarmy villain to admit his plans in the service of higher more powerful forces and that nothing can be done to stop it. He attempts to carry on but dies by his own syringe. Either in error or by the hand of the hero. Haven't flushed that part out.

I wasn't 'anti-vaxxer', Peter. You and your ilk were arrogant enough to support mandates forcing people into taking a specious medical product.


I pose no threat to your health there chubby. Nor am I an 'extremist'. 

Get that through your thick, hyper-partisan, arrogant head.

And if you keep talking tough, I'm gonna shove that bow tie up your ass because your words are aggression and threaten my health and rights.

Got it, Peter?

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