Justin Trudeau: Pharna's Favourite Drug Pusher

The government of Canada is set to waste $1 billion worth of mRNA junk.

Everyone got paid.

How nice.

$1 billion that could have gone into the public health system they keep telling us is so precarious we need to wear a mask. $1 billion that could have gone into educating Canadians on Ivermectin, Vitamin D and other truly effective preventative measures that could help fight off Covid.

Instead this government of ideologues chose to politicize Covid and spread disinformation like there was no James Bay. 

Astonishing as it is appalling as it is criminal. 

If we truly had a Parliament that cared, Justin Trudeau would be gone.

How many scandalous gaffes and errors can a country accept and tolerate?

I've never witnessed anything like it.

Justin Trudeau is nothing more - like Francois Legault - than a drug pushing pimp. 

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