Quebec Public Health: Broken Beyond Repair

Friends went to the hospital. Yesterday. At 3:30pm. They just got back. Now. 18 hours. 

You call this quality care?

You call this civil?

For too long we humoured and tolerated the system. We comforted and deluded ourselves we weren't barbaric like Americans.

That position is no longer tenable and stinks of arrogance for its own sake.

No nation would ever come to Quebec or Canada to learn from us.

18 hours.

Billions go into this abyss and all we get are stale authoritarian pleas and mandates about masks, passports and other junk from the 'experts' incapable of innovative ideas to fix the system.

Alas, it can't be fixed without a massive psychological, medical and political overhaul.


This is the system you're expected to take a useless and dangerous shot for. 

And out they came from the cubicles and cubby holes of U of T and McGill to tell us all to not be complacent and get an already outdated bivalent booster and flu shot.


They have no idea how they've lost the plot and anyone of sound mind doesn't respect them. All they know is to push drugs and not push overall health. Why bother pretending if all you do is pretend the only way out of anything are vaccines?

I don't give a rat's ass what letters they have next to their names or the expertise they claim.

They've all acted like dumbasses for 2.5 years.

Yeh, I'm not impressed.

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