They Think You're Stupid And They Hate You

One of the more laminating moments of the public hearings - among many - was the class hate drooling from Lametti's mouth. He couldn't hide his contempt for truckers. His colleagues were better at concealing their contempt. 

He's just one example of how the 'elites' amplify the class divide. 

Here are other ways the 'system' gaslight and think we're stupid:

Yes, let's profit off the mess we made.

Your gaslight needs a new battery, FBI. AC Delco drains fast.

This is their way of admitting the shots cause blood clots. 

And finally possibly the most cringe and evil thing yet put out by the The Science TM mafia. It stars "Dr." Tam (who has never seen a patient) talking to some idiot playing Mrs. Claus begging people to jab their kids with a dangerous and useless mRNA injection that is causing a medical catastrophe. When the dust finally settles on this sick hysteria this will go down as a prime example of pathetic propaganda. 

Who thinks this is a good idea?

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