Ron De Santis Schools Canada On How To Lead People

I gotta say. I'm not sure how much more of this insidious collective psychosis I can take.

It's absolutely on a scale I've never seen. In fact, I'm not so sure it's if it's now not one of the biggest moral panics in history.

It's completely off the rockers because the people in charge are either mentally ill or shameless authoritarian opportunists.

I listen to Ron De Santis and feel rage for why we don't have a single Canadian leader capable of speaking with such wisdom and strength.

Ron De Santis is better than anything Canada has to offer where top leaders are concerned. Canada is a colonial wasteland of losers.

Look at how De Santis handled this utterly irrational Omicron scare. The reaction is over the top. Quebec is actually initiating track and trace. Does anyone in the upper echelons of this idiotic government know how futile this is? It's a variant from a highly mutating virus that has already mutated over 100 000 and is well on its way to being endemic. This is not a static disease. What are these people thinking? Just how incompetent and negligent are they? 

What the fuck is going on?

All they will accomplish is to drive people stir crazy.

Listen to how they speak. Be it Ford, Legault, Justin or their underling flunkies. All maniacs.

Just to contrast how a real leader acts and what we have here. Ron De Santis got ahead of the Omicron bull shit and told people no lockdowns and to essentially 'keep calm and carry on'. He calmed the population down before they had a chance to freak out. He neutered the media at the same time. 

Now look at how our bastards handled it. They went straight to fear mongering while engaging in ridiculous globalist rhetoric. What in the hell does 'no one is safe until everyone is safe around the world' mean? Sounds ominous and depressing.

Do you realize since this started they have never ever said a positive thing? 

This suggest to me they're megalomaniacs who lack any empathy. They're psychopaths on a tear.

And they couldn't care less about you.

If you think any of these depraved and deranged bozos follow any of their own rules, you really need to turn yourself in to the government and become their slave and be done with it.

You serve no use to the human race.

It will never stop.



If we ever do succeed in that, then we chase the bastards down and make them pay for what they've done.

The 'Oh My God' Variant

 Omicron is on the march!


Run and hide! Skip around the variant! Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge. Wear a mask. Wear many! 

And for the love of Mary, Joseph and Jesus....VACCINATE!

Even though it's a leaky vaccine creating immune escape and putting evolutionary pressure on the virus creating variants.

Ignore the last part.

All the super cool experts say vaccinate and vaccinate again and again. Again and again.

Only Fall-Out Boy can save us now!

Do the goggles work?

Who cares?

Do something! Anything. Even if it's to medi-virtue signal.

Be the useful idiot. The useful dumbass. For public health and the greater good.

Enough of that.

Does anyone find it out the new variant arrived just as the experimental liquids were rolled out for the kids? My cynical side tells me parents were very reluctant (as they should be if they have  any critical thinking skills left and haven't been manipulated by senseless and persistent propaganda) and so what better way to make them less so than releasing yet another variant?

Alpha didn't wipe us out.

Delta didn't wipe us out.

And this variant certainly won't. It's literally the sniffles.

But officials have everyone under their thumb and control so that doesn't matter.

How does it feel to be used and abused with lies and propaganda? Oh yes you are. /tickles tummy.

Who's the good little scared lamb? /buries face into tummy tickling.


How many times does one need to be poked in the eyes before they stop and see what's going on?

I'm officially in very concerned territory.

Today Canada Imprisoned 7 Million Canadians. Because Science And Public Health

 Today, another one of Justin's illegal and unethical mandates goes into effect. Unvaccinated people, in direct violation of the Charter and Bill of Rights, can't leave the country.

All who are involved with this scandalous and punitive stupidity will hopefully be sued or face consequences.

It doesn't matter a 'majority' of Canadians think this is fine. Canadians aren't exactly a principled bunch and we should guard against the 'tyranny of the majority' anyway.

Those who remain silent about this, you're complicit in the loss of liberties that will impact you.

I'm just too disheartened and disappointed to continue here. 

The order is to be rolled over every 14 days. We can but challenge this in court (and we are) and hope the roll overs aren't indefinite.

To get a sense of how profound this violation of our rights (and that includes the vaccinated even if they don't know or see it) watch this:


An Age Of Repugnance

Covid-19 has shown the true nature of nations and men.

It has shown itself to be no different than past eras claimed to be superior to.

We haven't progressed much. We deceive ourselves and each other into pretending we are more wise and compassionate.

And scientific.

We're none of those things.

We are cruel, superstitious and vindictive. We applaud nations who break the rule of law and act illegally against our own interests and liberty so long as they provide security in return.

I've seen my share of hypocrisy as well.

And cowardice and false virtue.

The deep psychosis is on a scale that quite possibly is unique in history. 

It's a strange mix of religious intolerance and Stockholm Syndrome. We observed mental illness was infected society and between the Woke cult and Covidiology we have one strange social phenomena.

Have we become this shallow, weak and idiotic to believe we're righteous because we wear masks?

People seem to conflate obedience with virtue.

Let's be honest here. People are anything if compliant and ready to conform. This is not necessarily bad onto itself provided it's by choice but it takes a more sinister turn when they demand those who do not consent and join them be coerced, cajoled and forced into their conformist world view. All the while acting in hypocritical activity.

They bow down to a 'cult of experts' including bureaucrats, doctors and CEOs.

The last groups we should be off loading our personal liberties to and abandoning critical thinking for. I've had my share of run ins with doctors in my life. Mostly because I ask questioned and don't allow myself to be manipulated. Doctors don't like to be questioned, and feel they have a right to manipulate. I don't like or trust people who don't like to be questioned.

The latest grotesque plot in this moral panic saga is yet another variant and the assault on children.

Just when I though maybe we could turn a corner the government and experts made sure that wasn't going to happen.

The 'Omicron' variant is essentially a cold. But that won't stop officials from panicking and scaring people.

Quite frankly,  I'd like to meet the fools who still buy the lies.

Speaking of lies, the Quebec government is not being honest with the population as it creates despicable propaganda ads designed to encourage vaccinations of 5-11 year-olds.

They claim it can reduce or stop transmission. It's been known for months this is not true and so it really begs the question of why would they be so brazen in their lies? Worse still, they continue to deny the fact kids aren't vectors of the disease which allows them to promulgate the 'they can spread it to granny' lie 21 months on. 

Again. This is on the parents though. If they trust their government, then there's not much I can say except they deserve what they get.

All this is showing is adults projecting their cowardly fears onto children. It's never about the children.

It's about the adults. 

There's no need for this. None. And it won't impact Covid one bit.

It's an age of repugnance. 

Don't know how long this will stay up:

Legault's Low Grade Wage

Francois Legault claimed the emergency measures could be lifted in January "if" the vaccination of 5-11 was to his satisfaction. 

As noted before, this is the threat of a tin pot dictator extorting people. 

But he has no intentions of restoring freedoms.

Here's why.

First among them, he has repeatedly lied to the Quebec people constantly moving goal posts while engaging in bizarre Orwellian rhetoric and often his responses have been tone-deaf and callous. Next, it would appear the Quebec population has bought into the Covidiology hook, line and sinker. They support his measures including, disappointingly enough, the passports. A Bill Gates initiative from 2020.

Legault served up the people to Gates and the global elites for possibly permanent control. As did all of Canadas's leaders.

It's not a theory. It IS the conspiracy. The passports aren't about public health and to think so is to be gullible, naive and foolish. It's a portal into a full-scale surveillance state. But for now, politicians use it to coerce people into getting vaccinated. And they will milk it for all it's worth in all its illegal, unethical, immoral and pseudoscientific inglorious stupidity.

Do stupid things, get stupid prizes. And Quebec and Legault deserve one another.

Legault's latest lie is he will end the emergency measures. Not with all these 'scariants' around. Now we have 'OMICRON' (as noted by the Internet, it's an anagram for MORONIC) a literal common cold strain. This is good news because it lends credence to the fact we may indeed be in the endemic transition phase while we achieve some semblance of herd immunity - no thanks to the experimental operating system of life injected into billions of people.

Alas, this has not stopped the West - governed by the mentally ill clearly - from once again taking the moral panic up yet another notch by continuing to erode civil liberties, mulling lockdowns and stopping travel from Africa. It was too racist to do so when it mattered in 2020 with China but not so much now even though this 'variant' is already circulating around. It was over before it began. But that doesn't stop the band of buffoon banshees running the Canadian government and academic institutions.

There aren't enough pearls to clutch in Canada.

Or rights to remove.

Above all, here's why it's a ruse. The Legault Special as it were. Children have no stake in this virus. The virus doesn't care about them and they don't care about it. The virus poses no danger to them despite the desperate despicable lies coming from the mouths of pompous and pathetic paediatricians scaring people into take the injection for their children.

The experimental injection will have NO impact on things because this demographic isn't the issue. All they're doing is vaccinating healthy kids for no reason other than - cross fingers - it will lead to herd and protect granny.

It will do no such thing and in the process we will hurt a lot of kids. Vaccines tend to do that to children. Hurt them. We need to revisit if in fact all these vaccines are necessary and do what they claim to do. Maybe commissioning some real studies with sound methodology outside the corporate framework would do the trick. Make it a world independent body looking into what exactly has been accomplished with the vaccines, how really safe and effective they are and whether they really do save lives.

I'm no longer convinced. After what we've seen and heard these past 21 months? We'd be fools not to ask the question.

In fact, the vaccine medical complex and its adherence need to answer for why chronic illnesses and diseases like juvenile diabetes, obesity, allergies, autism all shot up right around the time we began adding to the list of vaccines in infants. It's no longer acceptable to hear them squawk about 'settled science'. Them saying 'we don't know but it's not the vaccines' is utter bollocks. Are you not the damn experts? Then find the reasons. I want answers. I feel like Michael Corleone when he entered Carlo's house and said, "You haver to answer for Santino, Carlo' and Carlo's subsequent meek, knowing he was busted, response about getting it all wrong. 

Explain yourselves and please no Offits and Plotnicks who are knee deep in conflicts of interest. They can offer their opinions and be part of the debate but they're not to be the final arbiters. I want a Grey Skull Summit with all the Masters of the Universe weighing in. 

Scientists. Not scienticians. 

Back in the good old days we trusted simple observations. That went not just for medicine but life in general. We didn't rely on and obsess about 'peer reviewed'. We trusted our instincts and exercised critical thinking skills. 

It's plain apparent the vaccines are nothing but a bilk of junk. They remind me of products you impulsively buy advertised on TV. They work for a time and then.  No different with the vaccines. They never had a chance and now we're entering the 'Chase that variant' phase with the vaccines. That comes with it own unique set of potential problems. 

The hubris and stupidity of man thinking they can outwit a 2.5 billion year-old virus, Mother Nature AND God combined! 

Salk, for example, thought his vaccines could improve immunity and we see the same thing today whenever quacks (you heard me) say even if you had Covid take the shot because "extra primo crispy protection!" Worse, the head of some paediatrician association Lee Beers said this applies to children as well! Let's take a kid whose immunity bashes Covid, recovers and give them a jab. Yeh, sounds like a plan. 

So I don't think Legault's play here is going to pan out.

Expect him to do what he does best. Not follow science, dictate futile measures, further erode civil liberties and the rule of law and plunge the province further into Covidiological hysteria.

It's what average minds, bad leaders, and cynical opportunists do best.



Come November 30 Canada Will Never Be The Same

I knew that Justin Trudeau was going to be poison for Canada in 2015.

But I never thought he'd be this vindictive, cynical and idiotic. 

I never thought he'd be this aggressive, punitive, and manipulative to the point of being a literal criminal stealing people's right to mobility. 

Of course, the population supports such stupidity thus reflecting poorly on them. All Canadians should be outraged.

It's clearly illegal but the government spent quite a bit of time crafting language attempting to imprison its own citizens for a personal medical decision. 

That's why I say he's a criminal. He's violating the Bill of Rights and his useless caucus are allowing it to happen.

Morally repugnant buffoons. One and all. Freeland all the way down.

On November 30, millions of Canadians will be made prisoners in their own land. Canada inches ever so closely to the mad psychosis that is Australia. 

They laughably claim it's to protect the vaccinated. So ludicrously anti-science and immoral this claim is it's hard to believe Canadians accept it, Oh but they do.

Just a quick reminder. This bull shit is predicated on the completely outmoded notion of asymptomatic spread. Healthy individuals who show no symptoms are not and have never been drivers of outbreaks. The experimental vaccines don't halt transmission and the vaccinated have ironically become silent asymptomatic spreaders.

Sounds like the mandates should be reversed. The vaccinated should be compelled to stay home.

Covid flushed out the soul of this nation and its ugly, cruel and fearful.

I will never forgive or forget this episode.

Canada is dead to me now.

Now, I must plot my way out of this country in my own five year plan.

I want no part of this place and a citizenry that tolerates this.

To think men gave their lives for this sorry bunch.

Canadians never deserved their liberty.

Justin Trudeau and all the sowers of pseudoscientific discord in his circle of banal stupidity can literally fuck off and die. 

Canada will never be the same.

And you allowed it to happen. 

Know Your Jargon

From the WHO: "Possible increased re-infection".

That's by design.

To scare you.

For the love of God....stop taking the bait!


Trust Your Immunity

If natural immunity doesn't exist, then we wouldn't be here.


You're being lied to by criminals selling a product.

Moral Panic-19 Memes





What Hysteria Looks Like

The medical quacks strutting around the establishment and bureaucracy and their lazy useful idiots in media conspired to convince people that healthy asymptomatic people who are not infectious are a threat to vaccinated people just because they're not vaccinated with a low quality experimental injection that doesn't prevent transmission nor can achieve herd immunity while the vaccinated transmit the virus.

Any questions?


Go show your passports you idiots. 

Links Of Interest: Be Philosophical About Covid. Stop Fearing.

-Here's one noting, as I did here months ago, the utter duplicitous hypocrisy of how the establishment 'from' and with' when applied to Covid and the vaccines.

Context matters with the vaccines. Not so much with Covid deaths.

-Our vaccine moment has arrived. Good piece.

My feeling is people have been duped by medical charlatans. This may further put a deep schism with the public trust and  its institutions and medicine as a whole.

They may have over played their authoritarian hand. None of them make sense and they all sound like quacks.

-Anthony Fauci isn't a doctor. He's a fucking monster. NIH is a depraved institution. 

- Time to end the mass vaccination strategy. Forget the quacks. It's a failure taking the human species to a catastrophe. 

- The left aligned itself with technocratic-authoritarian public health. As a result, it will have contributed to the demise of science - and representative liberal democracy as we know it.

My God people. WAKE UP! 

I'm holding and shaking everyone up at the shoulders. 

- The utter disgrace of Imperial College who are at the forefront of the greatest mass medical hysteria in history. May they one day pay the price for what they've done.

In my hall of quacks: Epidemiologists and paediatricians. Both vaccine cultists. Imperial College.

Why Francois Legault, Justin Trudeau And Derelict Cowardly Leaders Of The World Are Criminals

Leaving aside what may be at play beyond Covid, there's a more direct to explain why Western leaders are criminals.

How have they managed to continue their intolerable, appalling and unethical measures?

For starters, they hide behind mad and incompetent medical bureaucrats prepared to take a decrepit and distorted application of the precautionary principle to its messy end. Some, without doubt, are receiving payment for their loyal services. Wink.

They're trapped not just inside a bubble but whatever bubble they're created from that bubble.

They also now run the banana republics they've created like tin pot dictators ruling exclusively by what the polls say. What's interesting about this is the people like more restrictions because they've been conditioned to accept them through incessant and diabolical propaganda by media and government official. Think 'Dark winter'.

It's a vicious cycle that can only be broken by the people.

Finally, and most effectively, they do it through coercion and holding the people hostage. 'Do this or else'. 'We may lift restrictions if you do this.' 'Freedom is restored only if..."

Hostage taking is a crime.

Coercion is unethical. 

Doing it under the guise of public health doesn't change this.

Simple as that.

Hence, they are criminals.

Nuremberg 2. We must make it happen. 

While Canada Sleeps

Canadians are pathetic. 

The world is rising up against this Covid madness.

Guadalupe, Solomon Islands, France, Italy, Austria, Holland, Belgium, the UK, Australia and others are taking to the streets to resist the medical tyranny at our doorsteps.

The United States, for now, is fine but I don't worry for them.

But Canada stands alone. Like an autist refusing to understand.

Are we going to seriously accept this bull shit or are we going to fight?

Wake up Canada! 

We must do our part.

Make me eat my words.

Omicron And Nu Hysteria Commences

You're an idiot. 

We should not judge people it is true.

But at this point, if you're still listening to the media and shills, hacks, and quacks they get to peddle and pimp their narrative, then you're a fool.

And an idiot.


If you don't see where this is going, it's very sad.

Pfizer just announced if Omicron proves resistant to their low quality products they will have another vaccine in '100 days'. 

Do you see where' it's going I said?

Every time they 'identify' a variant, we will potentially be in restrictions for 100 days until said vaccines comes out. In other words, governments will hold us hostage. 

Here's the beauty in the plan for Pfizer and governments: THERE WILL ALWAYS BE VARIANTS. Nature is filled with them.

And we're going to be chasing tails and variants shooting ourselves up like heroin addicts to fight something we can't possibly defend against. In the process, likely permanently ruining our immune system.

These vaccines are pure junk. Good for a couple of months and that's it. 

You're an idiot. 


Accept You're Being Played And Manipulated

Aaaannd right on target. As the conspiracists said, we're now officially in 'they will play the variants to continue their plans' territory. 

Here in Quebec there were 1000 'cases' today. No deaths. 

Nevertheless, expect officials to conflate it with Nu. Even though experts are already saying there's no proof it's more transmissable and deadlier. 

Doesn't matter. PANIC! I'll never forget my friend's email in March 2020: I want you to panic. The rest is history.

They have the population firmly in fear and so it's not hard to continue this scam. All they need to do is signal to their media flunkies ti dial up the 'the girl next door' deaths. 

Unless of course people call the bluff.

It's a game of high stakes poker.

The first step towards liberating yourself is to stop living in fear.

And to call the bluff. 

I saw this on Telegram:

"What a conveniently timed new scariant this is:

(1) Before any major world leader could be tempted to finally and openly declare, "THE VACCINES ARE NOT WORKING!"

(2) And just as the wider world has finally taken note that, with few or no restrictions, and virtually no "vaccination," Covid is a non-issue in Africa...

...a frightening new scariant is found, and in Africa, where it has reportedly done nothing in terms of deaths.

You might not know what you are getting for Christmas, but we all know what you are getting the day after: more lockdowns."

The Greatest Assault On Human Freedom In History

While we slept.

The ogres awoke.

They wanted what was not theirs to take.

We let them.

Because we slept.

There was much to take.

And we let them.

Because we slept.

We were assured it was for the benefit of humanity and must be done.

All while we slept.

They made promises that were never meant to be kept.

Because we slept.

Now they roam free and with malice.

While we sleep.


It's all out in the open now. It's a full frontal assault. In a span of three weeks where Israel announced 'war games' to combat variants, Fauci engaging in yet another stunning lie telling people they will need boosters, and Gates calling for 'war games' against small pox, we're witnessing nothing short of an enemy attacking our health.

These people are monsters and need to be stopped. 

There has to be an element of planning and scheming in this. Go back and read Gates' comments in 2020. They barely could hide their eagerness to get the plan rolling. They all somehow knew we would need passports and vaccines. Then we found out there were 'war games' via Event 201 and Agenda 21 and other role games the elites planned. 

And still more to this, there's the angle presented by Dr. David Martin and the patents associated with the vaccines and the obscene criminal corruption behind it all. RFK jr. has documented the outrageous conflict of interests between all the usual suspects and how Gates, Fauci, NIH and WHO - and a complicit bought off media - are all connected. 

The conspiracy 'theorists' weren't insane. They were just following the facts and connecting the dots. I've been following them since March of 2020 and matching it tup the media narratives and propaganda. They were telling the truth while the media lied to our faces.

It's a conspiracy on some level. It has to be. On top of the sheer ignorance on full display, Dunning-Kruger effect, cowardice, arrogance and incompetence compound the chaos before us Quite sobering for a civilization (the West) that considers itself the home of logic and science. I see superstition and pseudoscience in full hysteria moral panic mode.


Last week, New Yorlk's City Hall voted to remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson. Because slavery. No one in the past is permitted to have acted within the social mores of their times. They must be eradicated and erased from our midst. Punished for the new overlords attempting to usurp our values that form the bonds of our civilization. Of family, God and liberty. It was a symbolic act years in the making culminating into the removal of a figure that had come to be a defining and iconic face of liberty for not just America but the world. The words of James Madison, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and other enlightened founding fathers must be eliminated to install a New America. A new America with no soul, spirit or conscience of liberty.

We do stand at the Rubicon. But I want to believe there are enough of us willing to fight back and stand our ground. Perhaps even die on this hill if necessary. Even if there are many who remain asleep, too lazy to see what's before them or authoritarians at heart. The health hysteria flushed out who the enemy is. Forged new friendships on the backs of broken ones. Challenged families sometimes fracturing them. It showed the true character of our nations. As it stands, we have betrayed reason and science and replaced it with superstition and pseudoscience. In this vacuum, totalitarianism will use this opportunity to prey on the chaos. We have to find a way to break the spell of fear, manipulation and propaganda.

We have no choice but to convince our brothers and sisters this not about public health. We need to bond and bind together. Forge an alliance. Form a formidable block. We must say no. We must fight. I leave with a poem that was a feature in Canadian classrooms for generations. Are its words now forgotten? In Flanders Fields In Flanders Fields, the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie, In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields.

Quote Of The Day

 "There is nothing more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity". Martin Luther King jr.


The Troubling Irrationalism Of Passports

Back in March of 2020 Bill Gates, once again public enemy #1, envisioned passports would be necessary to get the world going again. Hearing that immediately made me wonder what he was up to. 

How did he know that would be the case? Bur Gates is not the subject here. 

The topic is vaccine passports. And make no mistake about it. This was the end game all along. They know the vaccines are useless. But that's inconsequential to what's really at stake. That is, full and total societal control. Sounds crazy but it isn't. They're simply using Covid and vaccines to usher in the final piece of the New World Order. They've been pretty open about it too to anyone who cared to pay attention or stopped living in irrational fear for a moment. 

Remember when masks were liberty? And then it was passports. Yet, the West is going through another round of lockdowns and even more stringent restrictions. What is going on in Australia should trouble us all. It feels as though the very heart of our liberal democracies is at stake. 

The passports are a product of conspiracy no doubt but incompetence and fear.

Passports do not have any legal, scientific or ethical justification and clearly were never going to work to anyone of sound logical and sensible mind An astute and informed individual was well aware this was a highly troubling turn of events based on the evidence.

Passports are irrational because:

1) The experimental vaccines don't halt transmission.

2) Both the vaccinated and not transmit with the former acting as asymptomatic spreaders.

3) The vaccines only protect - for a short period - the vaccinated. If you're vaccinated, you aren't protecting others. That makes no sense as that's not how it works.

Passports, like any tyrannical instrument, is only as strong as the consent it is given. To ignore the ever rising adverse events wreaking havoc will put pressure on whether people take the booster. Governments will respond if they decline the booster, their 'green pass' will not be valid as they will be deemed 'inadequately vaccinated'. At this stage, only an authoritarian at heart and someone in complete fear could support such nonsense. 

All this accomplishes is to divide society and erode civil liberties and any concept of medical privacy. 

The boosters is the next test. People have failed every illogical measure thrown at them meekly submitting while being manipulated and extorted into getting their lives back. 

If people fall for the 'you can't go have dinner' routine not realizing the vaccines aren't doing what was promised, them it's time they step aside.

We truly stand at the Rubicon. 

In Flanders Fields
    In Flanders Fields, the poppies blow
         Between the crosses, row on row,
       That mark our place; and in the sky
       The larks, still bravely singing, fly
    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

    We are the dead. Short days ago
    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
       Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
                              In Flanders fields.

    Take up our quarrel with the foe:
    To you from failing hands we throw
       The torch; be yours to hold it high.
       If ye break faith with us who die
    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
                                In Flanders fields.

Will we hand the torch of freedom or tyranny to our children? Do we really want to lose hard fought freedoms for a virus? This is no longer about a disease we can live with.

It's about LIBERTY. 

For 21 months the other side was bullied and chastised into silence.

No more.

The big push back is coming.


Quote Of The Day

 "We have to love our freedom more than we fear a germ."

Robert Kennedy jr.




Faces Of Incompetence

The entire continent is filled with incompetent medical bureaucrat bozos.

I've not been able to keep tabs of names but I do know there are people more diligent who do. It will be necessary for when the time comes we take these people to task one day.

But for now, as they come along I comment.

This one caught my eye. As countries and states begin to once again panic, they're falling back on failed measures like indoor masks.

But what's more troubling is the rhetoric around the unvaccinated as a threat or drivers of the outbreaks. There is NO EVIDENCE backing this up but officials keep claiming it. Are any of these people that clueless or are they evil? It's so despicable The Lancet had to weigh in pleading officials to stop stigmatizing the unvaccinated. 

How can the unvaccinated be the driver of breakthrough cases in the vaccinated? We know both are transmitters and the vaccines don't halt transmission. Any public official making this claim needs to be challenged and then resign. 

And the other part is the lie that they only way out of this pandemic is to get vaccinated. We will not achieve herd nor eradicate the virus or stop transmission with the experimental injection as noted. 

The vaccines, as we know, wane pretty fast and we're now seeing infections shoot back up. We can't 'shoot' our way out of this. The laws of diminishing returns is developing here with the vaccines. The reduce symptoms and prevent death but for a very short time while at the same time, as argued by several experts and described here in the post, promote the rise of variants through mass vaccination. After a few months we're all unvaccinated. That's why they're redefining what is 'adequate' and a booster campaign. And if you think they're sitting around hammering out ideas and studying the data, think again. This is not what's happening according to the sources and doctors I read. They're simply going to sink or swim with the vaccine program. 

We can treat our way through it though. A completely new strategy is in order and that means we need to get rid of the people who have failed out of the way or else we're not only going to see this prolong unnecessarily but we're also going to witness the erosion of our liberties right down to the rule of law. 

So do pray tell how people who utter such rubbish continue to be listened to?

Enter one Bob McDonald:

The only way out of this pandemic is to get vaccinated, ...The more unvaccinated people we have, the more breakthrough cases we will have.” said Bob McDonald, executive director of the Denver Department of Public Health. “In many ways we’re worse now than we were at the beginning of the pandemic,” he added.

You can have 100% vaxxed and there will still be 'breakthrough' cases (aka cases prior). 

70% of America is fully vaccinated (75% for Canada).

Yet we're in a worse position than last year with 0% not vaccinated?

Gee, perhaps we rethink a couple of things here as noted?

For example, what if the mass vaccination strategy is the wrong one? What if 'leaky vaccines' are indeed causing immune escape and allowing for evolutionary pressure to promote deadlier variants?

There's no logical excuse to scapegoat the unvaccinated and this needs to stop.

It seems clear to me two things are in play:

1) The vaccines aren't very effective other than to lower symptoms and even save lives for a couple of months. In fact, relative to the injuries and effectiveness, they seem to be of low quality.

2) Mass vaccination is the culprit. This happened during past mass vaccination campaigns in the past including measles and smallpox and it's happening here.

So far, all this is playing as Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche (and others) has warned.

And the two main points that worries me he asserts is a) we're about to see a mass death event. Indeed, the WHO just announced they expect 700 000 deaths by spring. Some will simplistically conclude it's because of Delta without asking how Delta was made deadlier. It's not natural what's going on. It's man's intervention that is doing this and b) continuing to chase 'variants' by creating vaccines to match it is sheer madness and not feasible. If we keep administering boosters, this can permanently harm or damage the immune system.

It's really quite shocking and stunning at what's happening and how foolishly foolish we are.

A complete and utter catastrophe may be about to unfold.

Greatest medical moral panic and hysteria in human history is what we're witnessing.

Here's a great talk by Dr. McCollough.

He covers all the points. Stand your ground. 

It's outrageous what the CDC and FDA are doing. The sad reality is they've been doing this for decades. Now I understand Ike's warning against the rise of the scientific-tyranny  in 1961, The tracks for medical tyranny were already laid before then.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. We need to redo, reformulate and reform it all.

All of it.


Faces Of Hysteria

Here's the face of a petty extortionist looking like a cowardly idiot with a piece of cloth amulet on his mouth keeping people in fear with cynical propaganda and pseudoscience.

The fearless face of a leader who protects the rights and freedoms of all his constituents pushing back on superstitious hysteria and divisive policies. 

Any questions? 


Meanwhile In Clownada

 Poor Justin and his incompetent trade team of naifs.

Just like they couldn't read Trump, relying on a caricature from CNN, they once again misread the room under Joe Brandon.

Clown I: Hi. Pleased to meet you. I'm Joe Brandon.

Clown II: I'm Red Justin.

Clown I: What's your name again?

Clown II: My name is now Justine. Because I'm fluid.

Justin asked for a bizarre concession but the Americans correctly balked. 

It seems like Canada thinks America owes them. That always seems to be their first move. In baseball, when a premier ace relief pitcher comes in and his first pitch is a known fast ball, everyone knows it's coming but the high heat is so good you swing and miss. In this analogy, Justin is a second rate set up man with a mediocre fast ball as a first pitch and everyone sees it coming.

No one buys into his shtick and no one cares.

The bottom line is Brandon is immensely unpopular and he's a Democrat. What did Justin think he was going to do? Give Canada a freebee? The U.S. is continuing Trump's policies it would appear - which is a good thing. Think America first. Which is NOT the prevailing mindset of this government. It consistently puts global interests above Canada. 

But hey. Canadians chose to put this moron in power and at this point, let it all fall for all I care.

We deserve exactly what we get. 

Where We Are

The NIH, FDA and CDC are so off the charts derelict at the moment it not only reflects poorly on them but the White House as well and ultimately the American people who need to start paying close attention to what's happening in these agencies that don't just impact America but the world.

So far they've moved the goal posts and/or changed the definitions of:

-What is herd immunity.

-What is a vaccine.

-That the vaccines will achieve herd and thus end the pandemic.

-Natural immunity.

-Two shots and boosters and what it means to be vaccinated. Recall, Quebec used the term 'adequate' suggesting they knew all along and are in on the racket. 

-Efficacy of the vaccines.

-What the metrics are to end the pandemic. E.G. it was herd now it's a more nebulous 'deaths'.


And this is scratching the surface. It's a blessing we have places like The Highwire and investigative journalists Sheryl Atkinson - among so many others - keeping watch on this disastrous train wreck.

The question now is: Why?

Money is one thing for sure. But there has to be more.

We need an army of citizen journalists and guards to take the fight to the people who charged with protecting the public but seem to he doing the bidding for someone else.

Tony Fauci in particular is the biggest moron on the planet and needs to be FIRED and then INVESTIGATED. 

Nuremberg 2 is a must. It's the only way to repair the mess these people have unleashed on free and peaceful people.

In Canada, we know who the people are.


Europe continues its mass psychosis of restrictions. This time, the people are protesting and violence is escalating in places like Holland, Germany, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, New Zealand and France.

So far, Sweden, Norway, Spain and Portugal have avoided the mayhem. 


Why Recognizing Natural Immunity Is Critical

 Of all the bizarre decisions by governments during this nightmare, arguably the most preposterous of them all is the steadfast refusal to recognize natural immunity. So absurd it's become Fauci gave a 'can I get back to you on that?' in response to a question from Dr. Shill Gupta on CNN. 

Really? 40 years at NIH as an infectious disease doctor and you can't answer a basic question like that? To us non-scientists, natural immunity is not political and is as plain and obvious as earth, wind and fire. 

It exists. Period. We've always heard that it did and was key to achieving herd immunity for various diseases. It's also far more superior to any vaccine for one simple and logical reason: The human body is a product of Mother Nature and God. No man-made serum could ever defeat or overcome it. It can 'trick' it temporarily but it won't unlock its mysteries. The knowledge we posses about our immune system is so fantastically inadequate it accentuates the disproportionate and grotesque hubris of man. 

Get this through your thick skulls: The vaccines are just drugs. They're not magic and they don't achieve what they claim to achieve - at least not to the degree as claimed. Vaccines are drug products that happen to have become a religious cult. Same with climate change. Al Gore has no more the power to stop it than I have to make Al Gore tell the truth. At least with climate change, they were clever enough to blame man because declaring war on Mother Nature would just reveal them for the quacks that they are.

Maybe we're entering a new era of man-made viruses. It's all too coincidental and weird these Events 201, agenda 21, Bill Gates prognostications, WEF, and the fact pandemics are all of a sudden a norm.

Your little internal antennas should be up by now.

Vaccines are massive money-making cash cows. They're the bread, butter and mozzarella of a corrupted scientific system. It's a well oiled drug cartel with all the little pawns in place from media to physicians toeing the vaccine train line. 

Veer of its tracks and its the curtains and Vaudeville cane for you.

It's all so painfully obvious. The hacks and shills were so hopelessly exposed they couldn't even manage to be inconspicuous in their craven propaganda. It's all so out of control. The CDC, FDA, Health Canada....all a joke.

If the population turns its back on them it will be well-deserved.

By ignoring the avalanche of studies - well over 100 now monitored at Brownstone - showing natural immunity as real, robust and long standing, they Vaccine Crime Syndicate (VCS) are further tipping their hand to malfeasance. 

It's serious and critical because we're removing the rights of people based on lies and junk science. It's serious and critical because the recovered do not infect others while we know the vaccinated do spread the virus! Yet, it's the latter who enjoy more freedoms? How does that make any moral, ethical and scientific sense? Sounds to me like it's the vaccinated who should be confined to their homes while the unvaccinated and naturally immune should be allowed to move forward.

We got it backwards.

Alas, it's not about reason, logic and science now is it? It's about keeping the vaccine ruse going (even though these are experimental gene therapies) and maintaining control over people while throwing them a Scooby snack for obeying.

We've been living through inverted realities. 

The Covid-19 mass vaccination program is inverted Orwellian reality. 

Stop playing.

Stop living in fear.


Inside Health Canada

My image of Health Canada is people sitting around reading CDC reports and translating it into Canada. 'What do you do around here anyway?'


More Comical Vapidity From Jonathan Jarry

I don't have much time for local Skippy from McGill types chirping out second-hand CNN-esque condescending hit pieces. 

Canadians are shamelessly out of their element when it comes to assessing American culture.

Enter Science writer - who I wrote about a while ago rebutting his unremarkable and one-sided piece about VAERS - Jonathan Jarry.

In March, he took on Dr. Geerth Vanden Bossche - who's a vaccinologist and vaccine designer - and his 'doomsday' claim. As it stands, from what I see, Vanden Bossche's ridiculously detailed explanations and claims are panning out and Jarry's reply to him not aging well. But the jury is out and this can reverse itself. 

But the point of the post here is a couple of comments he made on CTV about Joe Rogan. The low hanging fruit for paternalistic pearl clutchers like Jarry.

First off, Rogan has every right to express his opinions. All he did was reveal what he did when he got Covid and how the protocol he used included Ivermectin prescribed by his doctor. He didn't put the protocol together. His doctor did.

It should have ended there but no. The narrative demands you speak not of treatments like Ivermectin. I don't know how effective it really is. I doubt it's as good as claimed and it's definitely not as bad as being claimed by the establishment. The fact the FLCCC Alliance and its top doctors have used it, testified before Senate hearings and catalogue results (along with C19study. com) suggests it's at the very least a safe, useful tool in the arsenal.

Denying its use is odd, but somehow an even more ineffective and dangerous drug like Remdisivir gets a pass? 

Oh, Right. Go look at the price for each. Sorry. My bad.

Jarry seems to think science is not corrupted and about money like any other field. In fact, it's hopelessly corrupted from where I sit.

Next, his claim that Rogan is a libertarian is false. Rogan never claimed he was and voted for Sanders in 2016. I do not know how he voted in 2020. He may have gone third parry. Just speculation. But Jarry, in his usual passive-aggressive style, saw the need to point out Rogan has a largely male audience (about 30% of women listen to Rogan) as if that matters in any meaningful way. It's a factoid but one in which used to point out 'white males' which these days is used as a euphemism for 'white supremacist'.

Wouldn't surprise me, if we dig into Jarry's poltiics, he swallowed whole all the great lies in the last 5 years from Covington to Russia collusion to Rittenhouse to Charlottesville to January .6.

Also, Austin is not a libertarian city and the migration to Texas as a whole involves a wider demographic than libertarians. But why ruin a perfectly good lie to push a narrative?

Libertarians, of all people, are the least susceptible to pseudo-science. There have been studies in the past that looked into the libertarian mind and often it reveals that they're highly literate and excellent debaters with sharp critical thinking skills. Over the last 20 years, I've had the pleasure of being accepted into that realm and the amount of learning I did there was truly appreciated. Far more interesting than the stale, smug messaging from 'from established settled science' ranks.  Libertarians are free thinkers. Not quacks. 

In fact, one can argue all the quacks are in the vaccine and public health ranks. Stripped to its basics, it's easy to view modern medicine as nothing but a drug pushing machine for for the pharma drug cartels.

Jarry talks about pseudoscience of Ivermectin and is part of the 'Rogan has a huge audience and therefore he must be responsible to his vulnerable listeners and toe our authoritarian line'! Except, and this points to the arrogance of attacking Rogan, he built his audience. That's HIS audience. It's not Jarry's place or anyone else's to attempt to tell Rogan what he can and can't say. And if you ever bother to read the comments to Rogan's clips or interviews, it's far from uniform. It displays a wide range of differing opinions. Yes, he has his core fans. But any radio personality of that prominence does. Stern, Carolla, Dore, Hannity, Carlson....they all have a core but the secret of their success is they also attract millions of people who basically like what they do.

Rogan, finally, did an excellent job of exposing the bull shit about CNN in a talk with Gupta. Gupta's responses and body language was telling I'd argue. 

As an aside, I wonder. Are passports and masks not pseudoscience? What about lockdowns and social distancing? And masks? 

Up your game Jarry. Don't forget to fit your amulet right as you show your passport to get a steak at The Keg.

Conclusion: The interview with Mutsumi was contrived, scripted, shallow and condescending.

Quebec: Latest Round Of Lies And Extortion Has Begun

Legault is a sinister man.

I don't say this lightly.

He is.

He's up to no good. 

He has Quebec embarked on whatever this 'build back better' or global reset plan is about. Maybe he has no choice. I don't know. But whatever it is, they have no intentions of restoring our rights. That should be clear to anyone with a sober thought at the moment.

Forget Skippy the Science writer from McGill or whatever. This is not about science or public health.

It's about CONTROL. 

It's not conspiratorial. It's how it's playing out. They're conspiring to keep people on this vaccine schedule to institute a draconian way of life through passports and lockdowns.

The conspiracy theorists were 100% correct all along. So far.

While the majority of people in Canada - possibly the most gullible, naive and foolish country in the West -  continue to not realized what's in play and stake, Europeans have taken the fight step further as the protests are slowly escalating in violence. People are realizing governments have no intention of restoring rights they stole. In fact, they're looking to FURTHER rob people of their liberties.

For your health of course.

I don't know how more I can describe this. They're STEALING our freedoms.

When a politician comes and says, 'Measures are lifted only if you vaccinate' that's extortion and it undermines your medical autonomy and neuters informed consent. By adding passports, the criminals in charge were deceptively clever because they're not giving you a choice and thus it eliminates or at least circumnavigates informed consent.

They put you in a corner. 

The latest thread coming from Legault, the airline businessman tin pot dictator of a banana republic, is measures only drop if 80% of the 5-11 group is injected with the experimental gene therapy. 

Where have we heard this before? Carrot and stick routine. Except it's a bait and switch. Look at Europe. That's where things are headed here.

Wake up.

Fascism is defined as the merger of state and corporate power.

This is EXACTLY what we have with the pharma-state alliance in North America.

We're in trouble. This is not alarmist.

It's fact.

Only way out is to fight.

Wheels are in motion on the legal side, but this takes time and because of the laughable and cynical state of  emergency powers in place, courts are reluctant to challenge governments. 

Once that ends, hopefully without any usurping established law where they sneak in some language to give themselves permanent power as Australia and New Zealand are attempting, we will not relent. We will bring all actors before a court to explain themselves.

Do not be surprised if we head into lockdown or more restrictions despite high vaccination rates. At that point, that's your cue to realize the vaccines were never going to be the solution. Do not embark on the booster program. And do not buy the lie that it's 10% or less of the population prolonging the pandemic. That in of itself, assuming people are exercising what's left of their critical skills, should sound the alarm. Especially considering the vaccines aren't there to halt transmission (though it can break the chain of infections temporarily) and that the vaccinated do transmit. So the scapegoating of the unvaccinated is just unconscionable and cynical politics and dangerous rhetoric. Don't be manipulated into believing it. 

Draw your lines. Set your principles down. Hold that line. 

This is my duty. My life now.

For what good is life if you live in fear and a slave to Francois Legault? 

To that I say fuck him and fuck that.


Join us.


Legault's populist hockey plan is a distraction. His plan is to subvert the Quebec people. This is a fake bone to the people showing he cares about what they hold dear. It softens his nefarious plot by taking eyes off it.

He's a poor man's Machiavelli. A small timer. A two-bit political hack and hoodlum. 

That's all he is.

But he's popular. Quebec do love them a good demagogue. It's in the DNA. 


Austria Plans Forced Vaccination

Austria is a pilot project for the NWO.

About 36% of Austrians aren't vaccinated.

The fate of medical freedom rests on Austria. They must defeat it.

Or else.

It becomes the blue print.

Canadians have no clue what's about to hit them.


This is not about public health my fellow Canadians.

Let's unite. 

This Blog Serves Notice To The Government Of Canada

As well as its provinces and agencies including PHAC and NACI.

The inevitable harm that will be caused on children will be on every single one of the people in charge of these governments and agencies as well as those who work for them.

All culpable for an unnecessary mass vaccination program.

Immunity may have been granted to pharmaceuticals and politicians but the revolution begins now to end this. You will be found guilty in the court of public opinion should there be harms caused. 

Vaccine injuries WILL outpace the dangers posed by Covid in this demographics.

There have been enough warnings from experts and the WHO against vaccinating kids.

Worse, these aren't even vaccines. They are experimental gene therapies.

People need to speak out and understand this.

NACI - which does not have an immunologist with power on their panel - in particular is acting out of bounds in not recognizing NATURAL IMMUNITY in children. Not only does Covid not pose a danger to them, acquired natural immunity means they're done with this virus. What makes this all the more outrageous is these low quality products do NOT stop transmission.

It is impossible at the stage they do not know these basic facts. Which means this is negligence and they must be held liable.

This vaccine cult needs to be reigned in. We're losing our democracies over this. 

Canada Authorizes Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine for Children Ages 5-11

Health Canada has approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11, the government department announced on Friday (Nov. 19). Previously, only kids aged 12 and up were eligible.

The doses for young kids are expected to arrive at vaccination sites across the country by early next week. By the end of the week, all 2.9 million doses for that age group will be distributed.

Canada's National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) is recommending that children not receive another vaccine, such as a flu shot, 14 days before or after the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. This is to help make sure that medical professionals can pinpoint the source of any possible adverse events, making it easier to determine whether they are due to the COVID-19 vaccine or something else, according to Dr. Theresa Tam, chief public health officer of Canada.

NACI also recommends that children who have previously had COVID-19 be offered two doses of vaccine once their acute symptoms have resolved and the child is no longer considered infectious.

The Scourge Of Mental Illness

The government - at the behest of scared people - have prolonged the 'pandemic' with catastrophic measures. Now they're compounding it with a disastrous vaccination policy and doing another round of lockdowns which will further worsen the situation. 

Even the WHO is cautioning against all this. They're warning against the boosters, mass vaccinating children and lockdowns.

Western leaders are not heeding the warnings and ploughing ahead refusing to see the errors of their ways. There's even some official in iIreland saying they need to 'rethink social contracts'. 

Complete utter insanity has gripped the West. 

We will pay a heavy price for all this. 


Meanwhile, in irrational Quebec, the province remains in a state of emergency but the Premier thought the pressing urgent matter of getting more Quebecers into the NHL needs intervention.

Parading in his stupid Habs cloth mask looking like a stupid fool, Legault is arrogant enough to think he can pull this off. So dangerous is Covid he found time for this nonsense. 


Faces Of Mental Illness

New segment.

It's one thing to peddle the lies about masks but it's quite another to feign virtue for such a noxious habit and act of superstition, 

Enter Oregon Governor Kate Brown. Already off her rocker prior to 2020, the scamdemic put her over.

It's ok. The 'fact checking' organizations will probably chime in telling people it was taken out of 'context'.

Canada Betting On The Wrong Horse: China Is Not Going To Win The Economic Battle With The United States

If one thing became apparent during Covid is the 'Europeanization' of Canada. Canada is so allergic and afraid of giving the impression they're close with the United States, it will adopt policies, business practices and an economic philosophy strictly to show 'we're not American.'

In this way, China serves as an opportunity to put this childish and impractical belief into practice. 

See, for Canada China can be used as leverage to pretend we're independent from the U.S. but in reality all we're doing is acting as useful idiots for China.

The parochial short-sightedness of Canadian officials should not surprise anyone. After all, Justin and Chrystia are the top two decision makers at the moment. Neither have proven to be stellar stalwarts and bastions of intellectualism and sound judgment.

This is a government for and by ideologues. And at every turn, they've shown this to be the case. From its climate policies to its social justice rhetoric.

All vapid gibberish not conducive to building a free, independent and strong economy.

Canada wants to 'reimagine' things but as it stands, it's just an abstract surreal glut of incoherent platitudes.

Canada, for some strange inexplicable reason, rather than be thankful of having the benefit of being neighbours with the most powerful, innovative and dynamic economy in world history, chooses to take it for granted like a petulant child.

A bunch of immature dilettante slow witted elitists run this country.

Canadians seem to recoil at success bred into them by a corporate media owned by a couple of families and one public broadcaster. In fact, I'm not sure Canadians even understand what it takes to be competitive and successful since we've been operating a in monopolistic-mercantilist economy (run by ostensibly six banks but it's really one - Canada Inc. Bank. Same with insurance, telecom and oil and gas.. All governed by monopolies. There's some competition and choices but not much. By contrast, the stream of choices in the USA floods consumers. Retail is even worse)  and mental state since 1867. Add its hopeless old boys network of patronage, nepotism allowing for easy access for lobbyists to prey upon their greed and protectionism and you have mediocrity supreme.

Canadian firms are conservative to the point it hampers their ability to innovate. We always look to see what the Americans do and then react which makes us laggards. But Canadians are good at pretending we're ahead of the curve nonetheless. 

Why? Mostly because Canadians leave it to the government to 'spur' economic growth. It's not how it works. In the USA, growth and dynamism begins at the bottom with the people. In Canada, we wait for 'investment' projects. We see this in the U.S. as well, but it's only tangent to the real business activity happening independent of government. In Canada it all runs through a government racket. 

It's well known Canadians take forever to make or take decisions. I have an American friend who had a product to sell and requested a meeting with Health Canada. He had answers from several governments including Saudi Arabia, Brazil and the USA before he even heard a word from Health Canada. We work at the pace of a Mediterranean country only better organized and with poorer weather.

We're just too timid. We need a serious shift in mentality if we're to ever realized our untapped and unrealized potential and possibilities.

Constantly navel gazing and measuring ourselves against America is infantile, pointless and counter-productive. 

The decision making process is key on the international stage. Time costs money and there's too much inefficiency obsessed with 'the process' in Canada. By the time, a request gets digested though the 'process', competitors have already jumped on board whatever edge they could get leaving a puff of smoke in our faces.

With all this, expect this 'Build back better' nonsense to back fire. Justin can't run a lemonade stand so I don't see how he's going to build anything better. It is true our system could use some tweaking and fixing but not what these people have planned.

I don't see how building back should, for example, restrict rights as some of their proposal seem to do.

And is it not a tad odd all countries are using the same slogan? It's a global reset and I'm not so sure it's to our benefit. 

Above all, Canada seems to constantly be signalling that our future is tied to China. I reject this and think it would be wise to stand with the United States. China is simply not a good fit for free and open democracies. At the end of the day, the CCP is a communist party and it appears we're not realizing this salient point.

In the long run, bet on America. She's not done just yet. She's on her knees at the moment, but she's agile, brilliant, dynamic, innovative, and capitalized to turn the ship around.

First, order of business. Take the House and Senate away from the Democrats to neuter Brandon's incoherent policies.

Things aren't good in the USA and it's directly correlated to the policies of this administration. They squandered the momentum of the previous economy and ran it into the first lamp post they saw.

Canada should pay close attention and resist the temptation to ever align with China.

This Is Not About Public Health; You're At War

Now it all makes sense. For a few years now the media and government spent a lot of effort into dehumanizing people, gaslighting them and divided the population. 

They needed to do this in order to make it easier for them to psh forward their agenda while ensuring that the portion of the population willing to fight back would be suppressed by simply labeling them as 'domestic terrorists'.

It's all so brilliant and evil.

And it worked.

People bought into this nonsense.

See 'white privilege' and 'unvaxxed anti-vaxxers'.

Now we have the FDA brazenly asking the Federal courts to delay Pfizer releasing vaccine data to 2076.

You're a complete fool to buy into their boosters program. Can't you see their cynical game? This rests on the idea vaccines are 'safe and effective'. Well, know what? They aren't. Investigate it for yourself.

The truth is these products are garbage. They work for a couple of months and that's it. But the potential for this spike protein to wreak havoc is real and remains a problem. They have no incentive to tell the truth whatsoever. Don't be bullied anymore and fight back.

Think of Pfizer's crap like those products we see on TV. We buy them and they last a couple of months just long enough to get it past the 'warranty'. The experimental gene therapy masking as vaccines are just that. Short-term fixes that expire quickly. Except, where you get to eat the loss of that useless clock you bought from the Sham-Wow guy and move on with your life accepting the hard lesson of a fool parting with his money, here they intend to get you on their medical-caravan of drugs. It's medical tyranny and you may be forced into it. We failed every test. Can't you see how they've been moving goal posts to get you to this spot? They forced you into a corner. Will you now lash out?

These shots can seriously damage your natural immunity. You're going to have to stiffen your spine and face this virus with courage. Don't rely on a man-made vaccine to deal with a man-made virus. Rely on your body. We need to believe in ourselves in the literal sense. Your critical skills need to be sharpened and your trust in your immune system strengthened.

Pfizer is not there to heal. It's there to profit. Funny how we always hear left-wing populists rail against oil companies, but they never talk about an industry that has fooled society like pharma has with their cash cow called vaccines. We have assumed for far too long that vaccines 'work' and eradicated diseases but the data tells another story. Again, get off your asses and go look into it.

We're being played and the vaccine game is one of the great myths of our lives.

Are you awake yet? We already know this vaccine roll out is a human catastrophe with ADR's never seen before. Pfizer simply stopped conducting any research after the animal trials. Now we're all forced to take a dangerous experimental medical procedure with little by way of compensation, protections from the courts and physicians while pharma and politicians are shielded from any lawsuits.

That leaves the criminal element to start considering.

The FDA and all health agencies are not there to protect your. They're there to protect their interests and serve their own agenda.

It's the very definition of fascism where corporate and state interests merge.

We're on our own.

What are you prepared to do to right this ship? 

You're at war.

Understand this.


Ignorance Is Not Acceptable

 This mask obsession has to stop.

I was at a store today and happened to lower my mask under my chin and was told to put it back on at the store. I refused.

At some point, enough is enough.

I got a glimpse into the mindset of people regarding these useless amulets.

I was told it 'protects us all and will end the pandemic'.

Could you believe 21 months on and this outrageously stupid thinking still persists?

People are so riddled with fear, lies and propaganda they can't how foolish they sound by assuming this to be fact and declaring it publicly.

This is a sad state of psychological affairs.

And I lay the direct blame on all public officials, and medical and academic establishment for the health crisis of this kind they've unleashed on the civil order.

All for a piece of cloth and material that does nothing.

Isn't about time they educate the public and start the process of ending this stupid hysteria?

Until they do, I consider all scientists that peddle this unscientific garbage as quacks and shills.

Every single one of them and they know who they are.

As for the people, ignorance is not a defence and it's not acceptable. It is the height of irresponsible behaviour to keep consenting and listening to officials who clearly do not know what they're doing or saying. There is a mountain of literature out there explaining how masks serve little purpose.

It really isn't that hard. All it take is for people to just take the time to learn, get off the science-terrorist plantation and find the courage to push back. 

Mental Illness

What does mental illness look like if you could read it? Well....

Since we're living in Orwellian times (passports and vaccines are liberty!), people can't see they're experiencing tyranny. And to some, obedience is a virtue.

This despicable act is a direct product of a weak and delusional society. One in which that was easily manipulated and bamboozled into a failing experimental injection that now requires multiple shots. That was the end game. All these epidemiologists and infectious disease doctors remain on TV hammering the same, stale propaganda as they now promote boosters.

You failed with the lockdowns, masks and passports. You took you two shots (and got lucky it didn't hurt you). Now's your chance to tell the government it's enough. Don't play. 

Here's a little fun fact for you who believe masks have done anything. People wore masks for a few months during the Spanish flu in a handful of cities. Studies showed they didn't work. We're well past one year and counting for a far less deadlier virus. Let that sink in.

Don't take that this shot. Go research it. The internet is FILLED with legitimate and valid information providing details not provided by media. The media can ignore, censors and chastise all they want, but real informed consent is being provided by courageous professionals telling the truth everywhere outside the dark realm of legacy and social media. 

The conspiracy theorists laid all this out to the final point in Match of 2020. So prescient they were, it's clear much of this was likely indeed all planned.