Rotten Britain

The death of Charlie Gard is an outrageous event in modern Western culture.

I've been reading comments of people who defended the decision to let Charlie die.

For me, it's an example of how depraved progressive logic in the defence of public health has become.

This is not compassion nor is it reason. It's flat out an example of bureaucrats deciding for others who gets to live and die and how they die and death panels.

No one who makes such a decision shouldn't get to hide behind progressive, anti-humanist jargon. They should put their name to it, explain the decision and own it. Being a faceless bureaucrat making such decision is about as low an act one can get to me.

If these people - or a loved one - were to contract a serious disease you can bet your fucken bottom dollar they'd do what was necessary to seek treatment.

It's enough for me to spit in their faces for their hypocrisy.

On a human level the British courts should have let these people be and do what they needed to do for their child.

Instead, it stuck it's rotten nose in their affairs and showed the degeneracy of a British society.

As I mentioned in a previous post, sadly, they same could possibly happen in most Western countries (especially the hyper-secular Scandinavians who exist vicariously through a welfare state) including Canada.


Wiltshire Police Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

Oh blow it out of your asses and go do some real work you babies.

And your mothers chew bubble gum and wear construction boots.


What Does He Have To Show For It?

Obama dropped 100 000 bombs on several Muslim Middle-Eastern countries.

What did this accomplish?

What was enlightening in doing so? What did they leave behind for those countries to build on? What could possibly be gained by such pointless destruction? Destroy people's lives to kill the occasional terrorist idiot?

How, to be blunt, did it civilize those places? Back in the day, colonialism/imperialism at least brought with it Western know-how and advancements the locals could at least benefit from.

Something for people to ponder. 

Multiculturalism Is Past Its Expiration Date

Multiculturalism is a euphemism. Did you know that?

It's a euphemism for anti-Westernism.

That much I can see now having observed the reasoning behind it for years. 

The key tactic of the left is to lower the worth of our civilization and elevate (by ignoring the bad parts of course) all other cultures so as to 'equalize' and sell the idea of relativism that all cultures and countries are the same. You do everything in your power to obsess and blow out of proportion parts of our history (The Crusades; colonial genocide etc.) purposely reworking (if not lying about) it. 

Nations and civilizations are not the same and never will be. 

And the West is perhaps at this stage in human history the most advanced civilization on a multitude of levels from technology to human rights. 

It's not racist to stipulate it. It's a matter of fact and reality.

Whenever someone says multiculturalism is enlightened policy it's not.

The Galling Stupid Arrogance Of Rolling Stone Magazine

Well, they did it again.

As if putting Tsarnaev on the cover of their rag didn't point directly to the lack of honour and integrity  within their shitty progressive walls, RS mag decide to grace their front page with one Justin Trudeau.

I listened to the father in Boston give his testimony about having to leave his dying son to go save his daughter after the bomb detonated. It was the single most gut-wenching thing I ever heard. Even as I type this it still resonates to the core. The tone of him saying 'I had to leave him' broke me. 

And these assholes go put this depraved idiot - who like the Khadars comes from a family who hates the West - on its cover.

Just giving you some perspective about where RS is at and why they shouldn't be doing it. It was explained to me by someone they do it because it sells copies and Lord knows they need the sales because print is on a downward spiral. Perhaps. But go down with dignity. 

Remember when George Grant said (in his tome on the death of Canadian nationalism)he respected French-Canadians because they were going down 'guns blazing'?

RS, MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, NYT etc. - they're all going down in flames with a wimp and with no honour. 

These idiots are obsessed withTrump (while having ignored similar transgressions by the previous clown in power) to toxic levels having convinced themselves - dangerously - they're engaging in a resistance of some kind. 

In the grand scheme of thins, who cares about Trump? Or Obama or whatever leader? The country is what lasts forever. The institutions and people in it are fleeting; just flesh. To harp on them while sacrificing your integrity is obscene.

Aside from the usual cult of the personality the left seems to latch onto with a tad too much troubling ease, what really pissed me off - as a student of history - is tagging this faux-intellectual, gaffe machine goof ball running one of the most amateurish government in my life time (starring the likes of Face Palm Freeland and a defence minister caught in a stolen valour scandal - Diversity!) as a great hope for the West and wondered why he couldn't lead America.

Are people retarded?


What exactly on foreign policy does Justin set himself apart on? His socks? That he says all the right SJW things?

This is a government that has paid out millions to a terrorist family, tables anti free speech legislation, has broken numerous promises, has seen its leader elbow a woman in Parliament (he does have a temper), arrogantly refuses to answer questions with any forthright tenure they claimed to posses, installed a tax and spend budget that could easily send this country into debt, initiate the Reform fiasco, among other things.

Contrast this with Trump's excellent speech about the West in Poland. You'll never hear Justin - who admires Chinese autocracy and Castro - speak highly of the West because he's a cultural relativist. Trump is the one that can rally the West. Europeans are slow to wake up (see The Crusades which were a call to push back and expansionist Islamic empire) or Hitler. But they eventually wake up and smell the coffee.

So yeah. Rolling Stone, its writers, editorial staff and whoever else licks its dirty walls can go straight off and fuck itself.

Britain's Lack Of Humanity

The Charlie Gard story is an infuriating and ghoulish example of how bureaucrats serve the state before humans.

This is what you get when you have a health system run by the government.

The bottom line is the people (and may ill health befall them for their behaviour) who made the decisions sided with a system (sure, there are no death panels in the public health system) chose to put a family in its place and add to their pain.

It is one of the most glaring examples of how the system lacks compassion and humanity.

The sad thing is it can happen in any Western nation including Canada (but not likely the United States...for now. Once the progressives get their way, it will be death panel city).


Here's An Inconvenient Truth. Climate Change Shysters Were Mayan Calendar Salesmen


They made a sequel to An Inconvenient Truth - because all the predictions in that one were so accurate they decided as second bed of fear-mongering lies to stir up the masses.

Who says you can't profit of fear? How is what Al Gore does any different from others who peddle doomsday snake oil?

Yes, I just called Al Gore Lyle Lanley because that's what he is. A shyster.


Here's all you need to know about these crackpots. A) They're cronies and want to make money off you. B) Climate change end of world scenarios are akin to the Mayan calendar predicting the end of the world.

Fall Of The West Reason 4959696979788

Here are some horrifying SJW tidbits.


Correcting grammar is racist.

So says black student with poor spelling. Of course, then we're all gonna be racist having to decipher his poor communicative skills in the real world.

This is how dark ages are formed. When the ignorant believe they're enlightened and cease to want to learn.


Montreal Heading In The Wrong Economic Direction

I think it's plain to anyone who bothers to pay close attention Montreal isn't in great economic shape. The 'a louer' signs are bountiful and depressing. And quite frankly, I don't see it rebounding. In fact, this is just the continuation of our slow decline. If Montreal is going thataway, meanwhile Toronto definitely took the right turn for Pismo beach.

I know here in Quebec, the belief is 'c'est pas vraie' but the stats say otherwise. Here's Brookings Institute compiling the GDP for cities.

Yes, you can tickle me skeptical about MLB coming back here. Have you seen anyone step up to be sole  majority owner? I haven't. Never mind Montreal had a team and we let them go. Simple as that.

Montreal's new tourism motto: You're going the wrong way!


The Hypocritical Elitist Stupidity Of The DNC

So, the Democrat party unveiled it's new slogan.

'Better deal, better skills, better wages.'

Someone got paid for this.

It's interesting to note everything they stand for actually hurts the working and middles classes.

Obamacare didn't improve the average person's health insurance. It lowered the quality and increased prices substantially. And it's always worth noting how minimum wage (outside it's original racist roots) freezes low-skilled workers and kids out of the labour force. Do we have to also remind it was Bill Clinton and the Democrats who signed NAFTA impacting small town America XYZ? They called it progress but this is supposed to be the 'working man's' party.

I don't know if anyone noticed but the DNC is anything but.

All they are at this point is a party for the progressive elite with failed and stagnant left-wing ideas, ideals and policies.

They want to help the 'deplorables', eh?

So why to they want to review the Amazon-Whole Foods deal?

This is an incredible development in the age of internet business as it gives millions access to a company with limited locations that caters mostly to the well to-do.

Just what you want, the likes of Pelosi and Schumer speaking for those icky people.

Right off the bat, their slogan doesn't square with their actions.

Which makes them, well, full of shit.


Join The Dark Side

Hey man, are you spinning around dazed and confused wondering what in the fuck your progressive left-wing friends and family are yapping on about like a bunch of crazed, hysterical loons? Tired of having to listen to the apocalyptic left cackle on and on about how we're racist and all gonna die because of climate change and how shitty we are as a civilization because of Trump, the lack of diversity, slavery, killing Indians (Natives), not paying people a living wage and that we're all misogynistic racists who do nothing but make crude, churlish jokes while giving the Hitler salute and Mussolini raised chin?

I know I've grown tired of listening to all the pitter patter of ignorance from the left as they brand us all enemies of the state. If they could mark us for death they would.

Die denier!

Well, if you're weary and afraid (likely because they cut you from Facebook. Quite frankly, you're richer for it) come to our side.

The classical liberal  side. Which happens to include libertarians and conservatives who remain the only adults in the room.

We're smarter, more informed and far, far, friendlier and we won't unfriend you for your beliefs or positions. Doing so is anti-humanist and anti-intellectual and points to a shallow and superficial mindset. We accept your thoughts and ideas even if we may disagree. The exchange of ideas and free discourse is the essence of intellectual development.

Leave the swamp. They're not right in the head at the moment.

Come to pristine waters.

We're just....better.


Quote Of The Day

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble. finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy."

Ernest Benn.

*I would add doubling down on the wrong remedy when it's discovered it doesn't lead to the desired results.


Killing Coal Will Cut Growth: A Trade Off Canadians Willing To Take?

According to a CFIB survey, 76% of Quebecers think the government should phase out coal-generated electricity by 2030 in order to transition to renewable energy. The number was 45% across Canada.

That's one mozzarella rice ball hanging out there.

Interestingly, since it's published by the CFIB these are mostly small business owners who think this should be a policy.

Here's the problem as far as I can tell. Coal is the essence of our economies. Setting target dates are problematic since we don't know if renewables are capable of replacing and improving coal-centric power. By all accounts, they're not. And certainly not within 13 years.

Did they consider the loss in growth and possibly our standard of living by forcing such a transition?

Quebec is particularly in a pickle. We're already an economy struggling with little disposable income while our production and growth lag most of the provinces. What keeps this province moving along is hydro-electricity and other natural resources because we sure as hell not an innovator or attracting world class talent to our shores.

If there's one thing we're learning from countries trying to push the green economy is that a) it's taking longer than first thought and with great costs, b) it's better to let private hands naturally develop it and c) emerging economies aren't justifiably interested.


Canada's 150th Celebration A Dud

Someone asked me what I did on Canada Day and thought of the 150th celebration.

To the former, I stayed home with the family as the weather was doing its best to keep us guessing and to the latter, it was a dud.

And it was a dud because what little I caught of the celebration on TV in Ottawa and other places including Montreal it was more of that empty nationalism on full display.

Never mind of the lame and awkward presentations and speeches - usually laced with the usual and tiresome diversity stuff. Increasingly, the Liberals are embracing this over played 'we took land from the Natives look how cool we are trying to guilt you into accepting whatever it is we're trying to be cool about.

There was no grand, unifying message of Canada; of being Canadian. It's hard to have one when the government gave Khadr $10 million for being a terrorist. Talk about raining down on a celebration. How can you be proud when your government apologizes to a family who have made their feelings clear about what they think of this country?

Who am I kidding? I despise the Liberals and their progressive agenda.

As if that bit of pooping wasn't enough, there was more of that 'we celebrate Canada without whites' the left have come to enjoy. Justin, for his part,  was at his typical superficial, hyper politically-correct, banal-self yapping on about a *vision* of Canada (while forgetting a province in the process) that seems to be his only because clearly many Canadians ain't biting. Particularly if the turn out on Parliament Hill is any indication. You would think, if not for symbolism, 150 000 people would show up instead it's been reported 25 000 did.

This is what you get when you beat down the majority trying to make us feel guilty for whatever social justice cause du jour. Of course, this is spun as people being 'xenophobic' and calling them names like we saw in the U.S. when Hillary tagged some of her own compatriots as 'deplorables'.

She wanted to lead despite such contempt for a segment of the population? Absurd and preposterous.

It's all so tiresome.

And pathetic. All this.

Canadians have noticed.

150th? I enjoyed with my family. My ode to the Canadian identity. It's all we've got at the moment while the government engages in SJW nonsense.


The UK Has Lost Its Way

See this story of Charlie being stopped by the bureaucracy from seeking treatment abroad?

Pure. Evil.

But hey. Public health is compassionate, right?

It's the opposite.

A family should not have to fight the government to save their child. The government should step the fuck out of the fucken way. 

Alas, this has less to do with the child and more about assholes not wanting to look bad. Place in hell...


Quote Of The Day

"I hope Canadians take away two things today: Our rights are not subject to the whims of the government of the day, and there are serious costs when the government violates the rights of its citizens," [Justice Minister] Wilson-Raybould added."

Remarkable stuff.

This from the party who want to criminalize criticizing Islam and are open to cracking down on hate speech laws. Never mind laws on drugs, gun control, excessive taxes etc.
Moreover, the Canadian government apologized to Khadr.

The Liberals, as usual, don't speak for me. 


Canada Hands Khadr $10 Million; Europe And Trudeau Deserve Each Other

Let's do a little exercise here.

Aside from the fact the Trudeau government is a bit of a joke (oh Marc Garneau or what art thou!?) jam packed with just about any vacuous cliche you can think of, they also authored a most grotesque settlement (along with an apology) with Omar Khadr. To say I'm thoroughly angered with giving him $10 million of our money is an understatement. To a family how have made clear where their allegiances lie and now they get to laugh in the faces of Canadians? Why so much money anyway?

The excuses propped up in defence of this decision ring hollow for me.

So, this was orchestrated by the conductor of all things diverse and pure - that vain individual we call a PM flaunting his pecks every chance he could as he ensures himself an opulent life of our dime.

But to Europeans, he's like a, um, god. How a continent could be smitten by such an obviously short sighted, temperamental average thinker is beyond me to understand or even quell. Unless of course they themselves have cynically succumbed to the pop culture flavouring - loaded with extra MSG - of politicians.

And for his wonderful troubles of basically signalling to other budding Khadrs in our midst, Edinburgh university in Scotland felt it appropriate to bestow upon him an honorary degree.

Hey, at least they waited a couple of years before throwing this bone at Commodus's feet, right? As opposed to the Nobel committee who jumped the gun letting the blind emotions hand over a peace prize to Obama who only, you know, dropped 100 000 bombs during his tenure making him about as ruthless an American president as we've seen.

School principal Timothy O'Shea (not to be confused with Principal Skinner) handed him the little piece of paper in a ceremony of pomposity only disconnected elites could present.

What I don't get is how intellectuals don't see right through the emptiness of Trudeau? Aren't they supposed to protect the halls of intellectualism by not, well, doing shit like this?

I've yet to see, read or heard single utterance from this twit in two years and here's a university in Scotland making him an honorary student? Europe and Trudeau make for lovely bed fellows. But they can keep me out of that bed.

Then they wonder why people are cynics. The average person isn't an idiot and still more are getting a little tired of people being celebrated for nothing.

The whole process stinks of vapid nonsense at this point.

Give everyone a ribbon!

The Liberal party had a chance to elect Marc Garneau during their leadership race. Instead, fearing Trudeau would be elected, they asked Garneau to 'step down'. What do I mean? It seems the party was concerned electing a drama teacher over an astronaut would lead to bad optics.

No kidding.

And now we see in plain, plump real time what it brought.


CNN: Clown Newsish Network

And so the meme wars have begun. 

Some of those are great.

CNN Goes After....Meme. Leaves Itself Open To Mocking Forevermore

The scumbags who run CNN are showing where their priorities are. In the latest example of their Trump Derangement Syndrome that has seen them lie repeatedly and act like a bunch of shitstained morons, they now are threatening freedom of speech by going after some person who pulled that anti-CNN clip with Trump wrestling.

They even are reporting it as if it's some sort of major story and attack on their - giggle - *integrity.

How anyone can stand to watch that stupid news network is beyond me.

Think about this. They threatened to dox someone for a meme.

Sounds like blackmailing to me.

Worse, they probably scared the person as the clip has come down. I'd consider suing them.

I truly hope the market of creativity reacts with a chorus of memes that mocks CNN forever more. And it looks like it's become.

Fuck off CNN.

That's the gist of this post.


"The Committee to Protect Journalists said in a statement this week that the tweet “undermines the work of the media in the U.S. and makes it more dangerous.” CNN said in a statement that the tweet “encourages violence against reporters.”
No, it doesn't. But you know who did truly impact your profession negatively?
Obama. The same guy you jerkoffs refused to report on and he proceeded to treat you like whores. You and you only undermine your work. This is why people are increasingly shutting you out.
Updated: Reports suggest CNN threatened to Dox the wrong guy. Good job guys.


The Daily Derp; Really It's The Intermittent Derp But Who Really Cares Besides My Dead Grandmother?

It's a biggie so let's dive right in. Ass first.

Some clowns (you deserve to be called a clown if you threaten freedom of speech) in Albany came up with a 'right to be forgotten' bill. Oh look, it's the Democrats. So committed to the 1A those little rascals and it's as bad as you would think.

Thankfully, the chances of Weprin's Bill was pulled back but the idea someone thought it worth putting down on paper is troubling enough.


Anti-semitism on campus?

Gee, who would have thunk it? I never heard of something so preposterous. Universities are filled with enlightened progressives who would never stoop so low. It's a place where freedom...

Okay enough of that.


The barbarians who run barbaric Saudi Arabia set to execute disable man through the barbaric act of beheading.


Teamsters acting like only unionized workers can.

That is, like thugs.


It's. just. not. sinking. in.

It seems every other year a new plot on the demographic plot threatens to *sink* the GOP. Remember when, I think it was Nate Silver, who warned of a permanent Democrat rule?

Yeah, that exploded pretty quickly. And it started right under Obama's nose. His egoism played a large roll in the (in the continuing) decimation of the DNC.

A comment from Glibertarians.com:

"Even if the GOP has problem with attracting the suburban vote, they’re up against a party that has managed to both massively alienate voters from all walks of life, demonized half the population as unworthy of respect or recognition, was recently exposed as blatantly corrupt and anti-democratic, suffers from a stunning lack of any kind of young talent to replace the aging senile Boomers that remain the face of the party, and who only continue to exist as an entity because of several key ideological strongholds where their candidate could be caught punching babies they’d still get overwhelming support and every media outlet in New York and DC saying how the baby had it coming."


The Supreme Court has done nothing but reinforce the First Amendment.

God bless America.


Oh look, Bernie Sanders' wife is under investigation for bank fraud.

Damn Trump's America is ruining everything!


The Mayor of Portland wants to stop alt-right rallies.

Antifa, on the other hand, with actual documented cases of violence, are fine.

But hey. Democrats....bah you know the rest.


Trump cuts funding to group out to 'fight white supremacists'.

Obama had given them 400k.

No more.

Good decision.

As time goes on, we'll more and more about Obama's true colours. I suspect there was a lot of this divisive bull shit going on.


More bull shit progressive methodology. on display.

These lists are getting more and more absurd.

Give me the United States of America over Sweden or any other country for that matter any day of the week.


Behold the face of absurd runaway government control:

"Residents were appalled upon hearing this news. Naturally, they had thought that if they owned the property, they should be free to till the ground and grow food if they choose to do so. Such an attitude was slightly confusing to Municipal Attorney Blakeman:
He went on to say that the city’s effort to make a law allowing gardens is something that should be seen as a good move by residents.

The intention of it is to not to take away, it is to give,’ he said.”

We need to murder you to save you from yourself. We need to destroy to build. Etc., etc.


"....The Natural Resources Defense Council, an international nonprofit environmental organization founded in 1970..."

Ahem, excellent.


More real news from CNN:

If you haven't cut CNN from your daily news consumption, or better yet, removed it from your cable package, what in the hell are you waiting for?

Or do you enjoy being lied to?


"Obama has largely gone out of public view, though he reappeared with a statement this week blasting President Trump for pulling the United States from the Paris climate deal.
Advisers to Obama have said he wants to give a new generation of leaders room to grow.
While Obama has made public appearances since leaving office, he has generally refrained from talking about Trump. Instead, he has held events focused on getting young adults active in civic engagement, as he did in April.
That puts Obama in the tradition of other past presidents who have generally sought to avoid public criticisms of their immediate successors."
What planet are Obama supporters from? He's broken with that tradition. He's all over the place giving speeches, and meeting leaders. Why this guy is consistently given a pass; worse given credit for actions he clearly doesn't perform, is beyond me at this point.


It must be lonely and infinitely frustrating being the lone rational voice among irrational politicians. Jordan Peterson is fighting an uphill battle as reason generally is the first to go in a progressive bureaucracy:


No, no you got it all wrong! It's the fault of unfettered capitalism that sank Venezuela!


Ulbricht loses appeal. God, the people who had a hand in that excessive sentence truly deserve the worst kind of karma.

Especially that judge. That little cunt who sent Attorney-General Preet (riding on his donkey) to come after commenters at Reason magazine for calling her out for such an atrociously evil sentence. And then some.

/turns woodchopper on.


Can people for once take a logical chill pill?

Tom Steyer said Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord would be 'a traitorous act of war'.

Give me a break. If the President feels it doesn't serve the national interest, that's his job and right to do so. He answers only to the American people. An American president - or any leader for that matter - can't be traitorous via a non-binding international agreement.

To say so, is to be a shrill idiot.


Because the world would fall apart without the UN. Example 45533:

The whitewashing of a Haitian sex ring.

No-one gives a shit about the children. See the UK - Rotherham and other outrageous crimes ignored by the government and law enforcement.

I will keep bringing that up because it just stuns me how one of the greatest nations in history could stoop so low. How far they have fallen is something else.



Academics with too much time on their hands.

Poutine is a victim cultural appropriation now.

Someone should explain to this guy pizza. Everyone acknowledges its roots is Italian but it belongs to the world now.

Quebec will get the hang of it.


This is probably the most important piece of news of all.

"The immune checkpoint inhibitors have created a fast-running revolution in the world of cancer research. Now, there are 5 agents in the broader class of "PD-1/PD-L1" inhibitors, to accompany the CTLA-4 inhibitors. In 2015 and 2016, Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYSE:BMY) was running roughshod through the field with nivolumab, capturing all kinds of first approvals.
But so far, 2017 belongs to pembrolizumab. Merck (NYSE:MRK) has channeled this agent into a wide variety of treatment settings, most recently bladder cancer. Heck, the prescribing information for pembrolizumab has a list of indications that is getting ridiculously long.
More to point, MRK has captured important segments of oncology. In addition, to being a competitor in second-line lung cancer, bladder cancer, and Hodgkin lymphoma, they have been given approval for first-line treatment of certain lung cancers (those with very high PD-L1 expression) and bladder cases where patients cannot receive chemotherapy."

I see the comments on the video put out by North Yokshire police has been turned off since I last checked. Gee, I wonder why.

Meanwhile, Rotherham....


Liberal policies are not popular.

But that's okay. Progressives believe this only proves the people are just regressive idiots who need to be lead.


The fall of the West reason #44050505

Social justice sinks its poisonous teeth into math.


Back in the day, arrogant tax collectors used to be tarred and feather (or worse). 

IRS agents seem to be quite good at acting like miscreants deserving of some heavy criticism.


Just another example how the left are guided by principals over principles.


If you're not a loser, then learn to be one....by joining Hillary. 

The Clintons: Everyone is out to get them.


You want cultural appropriation you got it! It's a Canadian value. I think. Who knows these days?

The West is sinking like rock right into a filthy river.


Do as we say not as we do. reason 394995959997777 or why progressives are unprincipled hypocrites who talk out of their asses.


Marvel editor:  I thought the diversity train was a can't miss!


"Like the people above, the market are just not *ready* for the splendid enlightenment of Coates and they should just publish it because. Progressives seem to think cramming things down people's throats leads to them eventually accepting them and it becomes a norm. That's the lie they tell themselves. Because of course people tend to 'accept' when something is forced on them and enforced by the fines and threat of jail time. Force is all they know when it comes to selling their ideas."

So, if Coates' comic gets nixed because of poor sales, it's because the people are too backward and Marvel should ignore them since his story *deserves* to be told and people will eventually come around to it.


They rarely do.

No one likes being lectured.

Now where's my CEO job offer?


Former MLB ump Steve Palermo dies. Interesting cat he was.


Note to The Guardian and the UK: Why don't you take care of your own fucken back yard'?

How about the Brits focus on your own mess. Your country is in cultural squalor from its cowardice in Rotherham to cracking down on freedom of speech and expression. What has become of the once mighty Great Britain is an abject embarrassment to the West and you shouldn't be talking about a country where rape and divorce is rare. Japan, I'm guessing, doesn't care about Western left-wing feminist narratives about porn either.

Rotherham is something I can't forgive England for. So it's a little rich for them to be looking at other countries. As far as I'm concerned the media needs to grovel with endless stories about that horrible story and how they abdicated their moral and professional responsibility to report on that heinous event.


Ex-Chavez ministers is confronted in Miami.


Piece of shit.


Oh look  another hypocritical liberal comedian. 

This time John Oliver. And what do we have here? He used the same tax loophole used by....get this....TRUMP!

Trump's America fault!


Oh look - yawn - another celebrity jerk.

I didn't realize Steve Harvey was funny. Coulda fooled me.


Boy am I really getting tired of left-wing skullduggery.


The appalling hypocrisy of Democrats.


Macron wants climate change scientists gagged by Trump to come to France.

Sure Macky. You can have them.

Harper did the same thing. Enough with the politicized garbage.


Remember how we were all "crazy" arguing that the anti-smoking campaign was a slippery slope where freedom of choice is concerned? Remember how they said people who argued this way were *paranoid*?


Linda Stobo, program manager for the chronic disease prevention and tobacco control team at the Middlesex-London Health Unit, said though she couldn’t speak specifically about the Kraemer case, she believes the investigators were not out of bounds when they charged him in his SUV.
“The purpose of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act is to protect people from the harmful exposure to second-hand smoke at work,” she said."

It's always the same trajectory. Good intentions become a path to hell. It's the story of government intervention in managing viruses and vices. 
Now we're in a situation where people are ticketed three times for smoking in their car...alone...because second hand smokes kills....despite the lack of any serious evidence.

Oh, just to be sure. Third hand smoke kills too.

That slope has ended and this is a form of tyranny. Full stop.


You know, for exciting actions we should all emulate.

But it's not humanitarian unless the government says it is.

Muh procedures!


Drunk driving is definitely a problem but I'm not sure what the Liberals are attempting here is a good idea.

"The Liberal government will soon table a defense of its sweeping reforms on drug and alcohol-impaired driving in Canada.
The charter statement will explain why Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould believes the legislation upholds Canadians' constitutional rights. It was scheduled to be tabled in the House of Commons Wednesday afternoon, but has been delayed due to a late change in the minister's schedule.
The bill was tabled last month at the same time as legislation to legalize marijuana, and includes tougher penalties and new powers for police to demand mandatory roadside breath samples. The government has maintained it is charter-proof, but many legal experts say new provisions go too far and violate fundamental rights.
'Uphold Canadians' constitutional rights' doesn't have the same ring as the American one given the Charter is written in a way such that the government is the final arbitrator of our rights; unlike the U.S. where it's unequivocal it belongs to the people."
While it's true, for example, the 4th and 14th amendments are increasingly under duress (the 1st and 2nd are under constant threat but for now SCOTUS remains steadfast in its protection of them; particularly the former), it's much harder for the executive and Congress to pass through laws that attack liberty (although that grey line is increasingly blurred as we saw with the disaster known as Obamacare) than it is in Canada.
Here we can move those goal posts much quicker and easier.
Our rights are fragile and at the mercy of government.
Comey  can you hear me? Can you feel me near you?

Comey can you feel me? Can I help to cheer you?




That deaf, dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball (except he was a Democrat and couldn't the deaf, dumb, blind and mute kid).


Speaking of Hack Toobin.

Points to character your honour.

i don't seem to recall the left losing its shit over this sleazy story demanding he be fired from CNN.

Look! Over there! It's Bill O'reilly!


John McEnroe was asked a questioned, he answered it. All the babies - led by ESPN -  started to cry because they didn't like the answer. Even though McEnroe is right.


/shoves head onto hood of car. "You buy these electric cars or else. Prog hard and prog deep!"


George Soros: The most evil and dangerous man in the world.


Whenever I hear a left-winger say they want to 'transform' their country it's in the image of progressivism.

Labour's Venezuela dream.


Cardboard nursery in Venezuela! It's because of 'unfettered capitalism Chavez's dream was ruined!'



"The work of Toronto painter Amanda PL is infused with bright colours and bold outlines often associated with an indigenous art style.
But for many of those familiar with the Woodland School of Art, as the genre is also known, it smacks of cultural appropriation by a young artist with no claim to the tradition.
Outrage over Amanda PL’s work has renewed debate over who has the right to use and profit from specific customs."
B-b-but. I always voted NDP and always supported the prog cause!

Top five socialism denials.


Venezuela is starving. But remember kids. Not about socialists raping and pillaging it.


I LOVE. This chart. Puts American gun violence all in proper perspective.


Macron gets the nod.

What? France voted against a....a woman?

How misogynistic!


Trump needs to change for us to work with him!


Follow on Twitter Bill Nye the Sciencey guy who will save the world!


Plenty of idiocy on both sides. But one side is worse.

Guess which one?



Riiiight. Youtube isn’t cracking down on non-progressive channels. Sure. But a kid telling Trump to fuck off. A-okay.

Other than that, this is progressivism. Nice touch with the kids. Impressive. Sure got me thinking.

Speaking of absurd progressives, assshole of the day:


I'd just change it to a number sticker to piss off those two dopes and bureaucrats.






Oh look. Corruption in Chicago.

At this point the love these people have for the children is just too great it causes such benign corruption.


Remember this next time Al Gore tells you something is gonna sink.

Earth Day predictions made in 1970:

“Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.” — Harvard biologist George Wald

“By the year 2000, if present trends continue, we will be using up crude oil at such a rate… that there won’t be any more crude oil. You’ll drive up to the pump and say, ‘Fill ‘er up, buddy,’ and he’ll say, ‘I am very sorry, there isn’t any.’”— Ecologist Kenneth Watt


Christy clark puts gun to head of B.C. trying to play hard ball with the United States.

Here's the realpolitk of the calculation. America can do these things. We can't. We do and we starve within, what, one month?

Canada playing hard ball like this is just suicide and they don't wear it well.

"...Clark said the coal transport ban is something her government had been considering for a while. 
"Now that softwood negotiations are at an impasse...we are free to make this change," she said.
"Dirty thermal coal is terrible for the environment. It acidifies our oceans, it speeds up climate change... We're in a unique position to stop that."
Yeh, good luck with that drivel B.C.

When activist judges revolt.

And since then, SCOTUS has once again put them in their places.


RIP Michele Scarponi.


France is under attack by Muslim terrorists acting in the name of ISIS or whatever. But keep pretending it's 'right wing extremists'.

Nothing to see here. Move along. Be careful or we will arrest YOU.


Africans tell it like it is:

“If you cook on an open fire, have no electricity and go to bed hungry, you don’t lie awake wondering about the virtue of coal, gas or solar,” said Mr. Owusu. “And if there’s no electricity in your town, there’s not much investment and no new jobs.” 
There’s even a health effect from uncertain energy sources: “Vaccines, snakebite serum, even HIV drugs should be kept in a fridge. In many places, that’s just not possible,” he said.


Roger Moore was my favourite Bond. Probably because he was the first Bond I saw.

Either way, he seemed so irreverent and fun compared to Sean Connery.


We were saying about sophisticated England?

If you avoid eye contact this could be interpreted as racist.

Mental cases run the asylum now.

And don't tell me I didn't warn you.


More political correct madness. 

SJW > facts of history.


I hope everyone at Gogle (name has been changed to protect me) is unemployed one day. this is simply unacceptable and troubling.


Maduro not done raping and stealing.


RIP Adam West. The true Bat-Man!


In fact, mortality rates have been levelled-off since Obamacre. 


I have yet to see ONE libertarian or conservative professor attack ONE SINGLE INDIVIDUAL under Obama or Trump.

Yet, this is par for the course with radical, violent leftist professors.

His name is Eric Clanton.


I complete agree with jordan peterson. freedom of speech is PRECISELY what sets us apart from other civilization sand has made the West what it is.

And here we are dismantling it slowly brick by brick by brick.

Stage one was 'I'm for free speech but...'. Stage two is to quietly and casually push for the criminalization of speech and arrest for opinions we don't agree with.  Stage three, (particularly in the USA) is a full assault on the 1A. Except, the 1A is going to be the fight that breaks the DNC's back if they're stupid enough to try. SCOTUS is resoundingly steadfast in its defence.


Notice the person with the scalar energy poster. Nothing says science like supporting quackery.


Deny water, deny life. It's a simple, straightforward moral calculation. It's an criminal act against humanity committed by the Milwaukee County Jail.


What went on with that Iran deal negotiated with the Obama administration?



Another example left-wing violence in the name of science.


Horrible story of cops killing a kid on LSD.

I don't understand how there's not ONE cop that had the sense and intelligence to notice he was on drugs and why they aren't trained better to avoid these events.

Unless the profession attracts depraved thugs with the IQ of Alcan.


Not sure what to make of this.

Britain's future is assured?



Next up O'Leary


Did I mention how awesome socialism is?

GM shuts down plant in Venezuela.

Why won't they let socialists steal from them and run the company into the ground? Evil capitalism!


Taxes. It's worse than you think.

"...As T.R. Reid pointed out recently in a New York Times op-ed, it really doesn’t have to be that way.  For example:In Japan, you get a postcard in early spring from Kokuzeicho (Japan’s IRS) that says how much you earned last year, how much tax you owed, and how much was withheld. If you disagree, you go into the tax office to work it out. For nearly everybody, though, the numbers are correct, so you never have to file a return..."


Groups funding Antifa

Judge Gregory Mathis?

What in the fuck? A judge on TV giving money to a bunch of violent kids?

And he's passing judgment on people?

Power to the people, Greg. Power to the people.


Le Pen lost but it's worth noting and reminding she wasn't 'right wing'. She was right on the left-wing spectrum. If you look at her policies beyond immigration it's pretty much socialism.


I don't think I was clear about socialism. If only the *right* people were in control.

But don't worry. It's not socialism as that idiot Maddow educated us all. It's because of Trump's donations.

And they say Alex Jones is nuts.


Socialists like Bill De Blasio.

Amazing how cling on to regressive taxes.


More examples of violent left-wingers on campus.


Hillary is a loser. And people who blame others for them being losers are losers. And people who defend people who blame others for being losers are losers too. Obama is a different kind of loser. He won two elections but he wasn't above blaming others when he couldn't get what he wanted or when he wanted to defect from his own short comings.

'Hey man, I tried! But you know...obstructionists! Bye!'


"Jean-Luc Melenchon, who has been endorsed by the French Communist Party, says he would introduce a 100% tax on income above €400,000 ($425,000). 

Why €400,000? That's 20 times higher than France's average wage."

Of course. It's France.

Elizabeth 'Tax Wampum' Warren and Bernie 'The Gulagmeister' Sanders swoon.  Those sophisticated Europeans!

What's the problem? He didn't get elected, right? Democracy and freedom wins!

Except this is the sort of thinking is corrosive, confiscatory and crazy. It's one that has had its time and must be challenged at every turn.


Full circle. The government weens you off your addiction and takes over.


Great moments in failed predictions.


I don't know how anyone can stand late night comedy anymore. The insufferable lecturing and partisan humour is lame.

The more they cry about Trump, the more I pull for him.

And I hate them for it.


And the killing has begun in Venezuela.


Hey wait a sec. We're not supposed to be like those icky Americans!

Oh right. Par for the course for us open and tolerant Canadians.

How many NDP Canadians go on comment threads bitchig about Trump's racism and protectionism again?


The future belongs to the robots.



On Keystone.


I'm not surprised by any of this.


Leave it to Rex Murphy to tell it like it is. Obama was more an MC than a leader. Awesome.
It befuddles me how anyone didn’t see through his shameless schtick. He was the epitome of the emperor has no clothes. 'All hollowed style'. Exactly. 

It's so obvious it's painful.


Big government = hurting the poor.


Social democracy is collapsing right before our eyes.

But do we see it?


"The Saskatchewan nurse found guilty of professional misconduct for writing on Facebook about her grandfather’s health-care experience has been slapped with a $26,000 fine."

You were saying freedom of speech exists in Canada?

Think again.

And even if their in the right to fine Carolyn Strom the amount is preposterous.

The system is splendid mediocrity.


Why Hillary lost reason #49595966. Internal bickering.

But the Russians made them bicker!