The Galling Stupid Arrogance Of Rolling Stone Magazine

Well, they did it again.

As if putting Tsarnaev on the cover of their rag didn't point directly to the lack of honour and integrity  within their shitty progressive walls, RS mag decide to grace their front page with one Justin Trudeau.

I listened to the father in Boston give his testimony about having to leave his dying son to go save his daughter after the bomb detonated. It was the single most gut-wenching thing I ever heard. Even as I type this it still resonates to the core. The tone of him saying 'I had to leave him' broke me. 

And these assholes go put this depraved idiot - who like the Khadars comes from a family who hates the West - on its cover.

Just giving you some perspective about where RS is at and why they shouldn't be doing it. It was explained to me by someone they do it because it sells copies and Lord knows they need the sales because print is on a downward spiral. Perhaps. But go down with dignity. 

Remember when George Grant said (in his tome on the death of Canadian nationalism)he respected French-Canadians because they were going down 'guns blazing'?

RS, MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, NYT etc. - they're all going down in flames with a wimp and with no honour. 

These idiots are obsessed withTrump (while having ignored similar transgressions by the previous clown in power) to toxic levels having convinced themselves - dangerously - they're engaging in a resistance of some kind. 

In the grand scheme of thins, who cares about Trump? Or Obama or whatever leader? The country is what lasts forever. The institutions and people in it are fleeting; just flesh. To harp on them while sacrificing your integrity is obscene.

Aside from the usual cult of the personality the left seems to latch onto with a tad too much troubling ease, what really pissed me off - as a student of history - is tagging this faux-intellectual, gaffe machine goof ball running one of the most amateurish government in my life time (starring the likes of Face Palm Freeland and a defence minister caught in a stolen valour scandal - Diversity!) as a great hope for the West and wondered why he couldn't lead America.

Are people retarded?


What exactly on foreign policy does Justin set himself apart on? His socks? That he says all the right SJW things?

This is a government that has paid out millions to a terrorist family, tables anti free speech legislation, has broken numerous promises, has seen its leader elbow a woman in Parliament (he does have a temper), arrogantly refuses to answer questions with any forthright tenure they claimed to posses, installed a tax and spend budget that could easily send this country into debt, initiate the Reform fiasco, among other things.

Contrast this with Trump's excellent speech about the West in Poland. You'll never hear Justin - who admires Chinese autocracy and Castro - speak highly of the West because he's a cultural relativist. Trump is the one that can rally the West. Europeans are slow to wake up (see The Crusades which were a call to push back and expansionist Islamic empire) or Hitler. But they eventually wake up and smell the coffee.

So yeah. Rolling Stone, its writers, editorial staff and whoever else licks its dirty walls can go straight off and fuck itself.

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