Impeachment: Entrenched Interest Takes On Donald Trump

From the onset, the deep state (which is real) attempted to orchestrate a soft coup - to which Obama played a part - against Donald Trump. Calls for his impeachment started from January 2016.

And they have not stopped.

First came the fabricated Russia narrative now since obliterated for the lie it was and now comes Trump and whatever it's being alleged with the Ukraine.

Impeaching a President is a massively serious thing. That's why it has only happened three times before. The most recent being, of course, Nixon and Clinton. But this one is different. They're denying the President due process and to have counsel.

Removing a lawfully elected President in this manner is dubious. It should be  done with the utmost care and respect for the law.

But this is not what's happening.

Not by a long shot.

In The Federalist Papers, in the articles discussing how the Framers envisioned how impeachment should be handled, Alexander Hamilton expressed concern that impeachment could be used for solely political expediency. I do need to brush up the Federalist Papers.

They thought of everything didn't they?

It does seem Hamilton's fear are being played out. Pelosi and the Democrats are engaging in a cynical game of misdirection and disinformation carefully making sure what information comes out of the SCIF in the form of leaks to give the appearance of a consistent message that Trump did something that warranted impeachment. They control the narrative and what the public and press see.

And it's working.

So far.

In addition to them clearly wanting to take down Trump before he did anything, they're accusing him of something but are looking for the evidence to prove their conclusion.

Without according him his right to due process.

Witnesses and whist blowers are interviewed in secret. The White House hasn't been able to cross examine them nor have they been permitted to defend themselves by presenting their own evidence.

It's a kangaroo court in the most powerful nation in the world. They're basically saying you're a witch and why do you want to defend yourself against our accusation? Play nice and shut up because we're the deep state and we don't like you.

That's it.

There is no crime here. Simple as that.

If there's sufficient evidence to warrant an investigation then why not let the FBI do it? Let them investigate and report their findings?

And the stuff he's being accused of? Nothing out of the ordinary or rises to something serious enough to be impeached when the annals of American history is concerned.

Interestingly, the GOP could have played the same game with Obama when they had the House but chose against. In the end, they simply accepted the will of the American people. The irony is there was probably more to impeach Obama.

The other interesting thing is Trump doesn't believe he did anything wrong and has so far not put together a War Room to deal with this. He seems to be winging it and putting faith and trust that he will be vindicated.

The Democrats better be careful moving forward because they may just hurt American democracy. As for the Republicans, hopefully they can stretch this out and just get it to the election. Let the people decide. Ultimately though, the Senate will have final say. I just don't see this going beyond the play to formalize impeachment proceedings absent concrete evidence.

I could be wrong.

I do know one thing. Trump is attempting to chart a whole new path for American diplomacy that diverts from Bush and Obama.

This is not popular among the mandarins.

Trump wanted to drain the swamp. The things in it are lashing out.

Can he survive it?

I'll Huff And I'll Puff I'll DERP Your House Down


Dear me what a week WAPO. First, this crap:

Makes you wonder how dumb the editorial staff is - commies.

Elizabeth Bathory, pioneer of anti-aging cosmetics for women, dies at 54 peacefully in an austere, windowless room.

Then they publish the atrocious commie dreck of Richard Stengel basically pissing on the 1A.

That's the sound of lefties ripping up The Constitution like Homer did the Hallowed Sacred Parchment.

"But as a government official traveling around the world championing the virtues of free speech, I came to see how our First Amendment standard is an outlier. Even the most sophisticated Arab diplomats that I dealt with did not understand why the First Amendment allows someone to burn a Koran. Why, they asked me, would you ever want to protect that?....It’s a fair question." 
No, it's not. Fuck off.

Yes, because when I think human rights and free speech, I look to the Arabs for pointers.

He was an Obama official.

If it quacks like a duck....


Ontario is a mess.

Tread carefully business owners. You're targeted for woke re-education camp.

Absolutely ridiculous ruling.

Don't make any mistakes because you will be fined.

Welcome to the tyranny.


Surprising, but a good firing. Not enough of these if you ask me.

I bet you he believes Trump concentration camps are real though.

Blacks can't be racist, right?


Democrats are socialists. Crazy am I, am I? They call for a national 42% sales tax.

I just...can't....I don't know what to say anymore about the state of affairs in the party.

Nah. They don't want to confiscate wealth.

Remember when progressives would say conservatives were paranoid and that the Democrats didn't want to take your guns?

Guess what? They do.


The American left are seriously not well these days. They'd rather defend a terrorist piece of garbage degenerate than shut up about Trump.

Oh, the House voted to begin proceedings on impeachment against Trump.

Good luck with that fools.


Remember when Max Boot had a hard on for neocons?

I 'member.


How Millennials think communism is good points to their illiteracy. They sure travel a lot and get them fancy tattoos but it's quite an illiberal and ignorant lot.

Next time, the Gulags will be run by cool and trendy people, in a cool and trendy way.

They will be called the Coolags."


We all should be starting off from the same point regardless of generation: FREE SPEECH IS ABSOLUTE, due process, rule of law and that communism/socialism is an impractical, murderous death cult designed to keep people in servitude. 

All three are no longer agreed upon and it's troubling. 

Gen X is still the coolest generation.

Fight me.


How you should respond to the lynch mob. 

"Dave Chappelle: "Political correctness has its place... I, personally, am not afraid of other people's freedom of expression. I don't use it as a weapon. It just makes me feel better. And I'm sorry if I hurt anybody. Etc., etc. Yada, yada, yada. Everything I'm supposed to say."When will '1984' arrive? Dudes, I submit it's already here. Just pay attention."

This blog has been arguing that we're in a Dark Age and that 1984 arrived for a few years now. You can't look at Canada, Belgium, the UK and increasingly the USA and not conclude this is the case. JUST TAKE WHAT THE PROGRESSIVE LEFT says at FACE VALUE.

They say they want to 'kill the billionaires" that's not a bug but a feature. Think Kulaks. Always remember, Hitler telegraphed his intentions and beliefs in a BOOK called MEIN KEMPF. Lenin was who he said he was going to be. Same with Mussolini and Stalin and Mao.

Sticking your heads up your asses is not a defense or an argument. It's shoving your face in shit. 

And no. Nope. Both sides aren't equally as bad. It's ALL the fault of the left. They and they alone attack the 1A and 2A. They attack free speech and censor people on campuses. They're the creators of 'safe spaces' and 'woke culture'. Them. Not conservatives. Not libertarians.

They'll attempt to drag others into their abyss of madness - because destruction is what they do best - and death cults but don't be fooled. 


"Which social media genius decided to film Bernie Sanders --the presidential candidate people accuse of being a socialist -- in front of empty grocery shelves."

Because it points directly to the cowardice of the left. Accuse? IT'S HOW HE DESCRIBES HIMSELF. He's been part of the communist fricken party. Why, because he sticks the 'Democratic' descriptor in front of his name all of a sudden it's an 'accusation'?

No. He's a socialists. Now go out and debate in good faith and be honest about it. If you're ideas are so damn good present them and see if the people vote for it.

Spare us all the bull shit.


Coming headlines in the age of 'Why won't we listen to the children' and 'Let them vote!' 

The disturbing world of Great worshipping makes me vomit.

Headlines coming:
‘Were children right all along?’
‘What people kind has missed: The wisdom of children”
‘Children aren’t just our future; they’re our conscience and mirror into a better world.”
“Why children should sacrifice adults”
“Make children great again: McGa!”
“Adults can no longer ignore the children.”
“Children won’t accept being asked to leave the room: And they’re right.”

Fuck you David Suzuki.


Canada DOES NOT have free speech.

Your words and thoughts belong to the state.

This is not an advanced or  progressive ideal; it's a regressive one.

Canada 0.

Obama's Cynical Cognitive Dissonance

As a Canadian, let me first say I didn't appreciate Obama - who hasn't shut up since 2016 - sticking his two cents and meddling into Canadian affairs by endorsing easily one of the most corrupt leaders in this country's history.

I guess misery loves company and the corrupt cover for one another.

That Obama is brazen in his public proclamations despite a long record of dubious actions while President and questionable rhetoric is now par for the course at this point.

I think he's one of the least scrutinized Presidents in my lifetime despite the laundry of scandals under his administrations.

Among those was the soft coup he helped orchestrate against Trump.

Remember when Trump said he was being spied on and everyone laughed?Yeh, that was true. And remember when Trump said there was a 'deep state' (which by the way - wink - everyone knew was true) and everyone laughed and said he was crazy? The NYT reported there's indeed a 'deep state' spinning it into a positive by claiming they're patriots.

With these proven relegations, the Russian narrative should come closer into focus now. For those who have been paying attention something stank from the very beginning.

Now comes this priceless story about Obama scolding the wokes.

On its surface, this is a welcomed added voice to the sordid world of woke culture from insufferable late night talk comedy to cancel culture to  faux-outrage and pseudo-intellectualism of toxic masculinity and cultural appropriation.

But dig a little and one realizes Obama played his own part (much like Ellen did when she had to explain to the totalitarian progressives in her camp her friendship to Dubya. How about 'fuck you mind your business? and never apologize?) in helping to create this foul and divisive culture of woke.

The biggest victims have been CEOs (I think this madness can be traced back to Mozilla firing their CEO over something he said), campus students and associations who lean conservative and of course comedians.

People's lives have been ruined because of this lynch mob looking for its pound of flesh. Either through being doxxed, attacked by Antifa or worse, killed by BLM militants.

The intellectual climate has taken a huge step back with the first casualty being free speech as critical thinking has been eroded to alarming levels.

Yet somehow the myth that Obama was a uniter who backed free speech and civil discourse persists. Take this quote from Reason's Robby Soave that encapsulates it:

"Obama has always been an eloquent defender of the culture of civil discourse and tolerance."

Has he now?

Did he do it through his support of BLM - who ended up killing officers in Louisiana, New York and Dallas? If Trump is (speciously of course) blamed for El Paso, then an even stronger case can be made linking Obama to BLM and their actions one could argue.

Was it through Title IX? His comments about Trayvon and uttering 'police acted stupidly?' Was it characterizing the terrorist murders at Fort Hood as a 'workplace accident?' Was it through lying about 'you can keep your doctor?' Was it through his failure to quell Ferguson? Was it through calling people 'bitter clingers'? Was it through comments like 'you didn't build that' and questioning how much is enough when he himself accords himself access to untapped wealth? Was it through his spying on Trump and American citizens? Was it through him suing Catholic nuns for not bowing to his demands on contraception? Was it through the tolerance of the Black Panthers? Was it through his shallow comments about American history being 'racist' and the legacy of the Crusades? Was it when Michelle said she was *finally* proud to be American after Barry's election? Was it when he asked people to politicize family gatherings during the Holidays to talk about Obamacare or when he threatened Supreme Court justices to toe the line?

As was always the case with Obama, he talks like he's Cincinnatus or Cato but he was more Alinsky and Marx. His administration pushed "Dear Colleague or comrade" letters to subvert due process and criminalize speech.  In truth, Obama has always been a coward full of shit on this topic. 

So excuse me if I take his comments with a grain of salt. You can't miss this cynical play on his part. His comments would have been far more useful when he held actual power but he couldn't do that since he had to protect his brand. Like he 'evolved' on gay marriage (the gay community gave him a pass for this), he's playing the same act here.

These are just some examples of the top of my head.

I'm failing to see how Soave - who writes for a LIBERTARIAN magazine - could come to such a ridiculous conclusion.

This reminds me of Justin and Trudeau up here. Talk about being civil only to engage in highly divisive rhetoric in practice. When they talk about 'diversity' it's based on the content of the skin. Not 'diversity of ideas' which is far more critical to the heath of a culture where intellectualism is concerned. The term 'diversity is our strength' is a meaningless catch phrase if the ends are 'quota systems' and results in canceling talks on school campuses with people one disagrees with.

Somehow they miss the point made by MLK. They celebrate him while seemingly oblivious to the fact they violate his dream.

It's no secret the progressive left have excelled at claiming to 'when they go low, we go high' only to actually go lower.


There's but one way and one way only to kill woke culture corroding institutions and corporations.

Never apologize and tell them to fuck off.

So when illiberal banshees come for you and they want you to grovel on The View you tell them to GO TO HELL.

Millennials need to straighten up, stop with the tattoos, knock it off with the service dogs, leaving the safe spaces and toughen the hell up before it's too late.

Dave Chappelle: "Political correctness has its place... I, personally, am not afraid of other people's freedom of expression. I don't use it as a weapon. It just makes me feel better. And I'm sorry if I hurt anybody. Etc., etc. Yada, yada, yada. Everything I'm supposed to say."

Exactly. The more who do it, the more we quell the witch hunts, the more these assholes like Richard Stengel (who was in Obama's administration by the way) can go fuck themselves.

Democrats aren't hiding the fact they do want the guns and to subvert the 1A.

Which led to another Chappelle comment many have already made but coming from a comedian it's refreshing when he said something like 'the second amendment is needed in case the first one fails'.


And guys like Stengel and most Democrats like AOC, Sanders, Warren and even Obama must NEVER know where the guns are.

This isn't 'right wing extreme' talk. This is backed up by the laws of nature and world history.

'Kill the billionaires' or 'soak the rich' = filling the productive peasants like those Kulaks.


Of Hypocrisy And Apathy: The Inexplicable Decision Of Canadians To Re-Elect A Man Who Obstructed The Rule Of Law

I've written three long blog posts about the recent elections in Canada, and rather than bore you with my blustering blathering and other blistering babbles I'll just summarize in point form my thoughts and impressions.

Before I begin, Justin went where no PM had ever dared. He and his cronies arrogantly obstructed the rule of law. The just and honourable thing would have been to resign. Instead, he engaged in cynical politics. Where people who care about such things were dismayed if not appalled, enough Canadians shrugged their shoulders and cast their votes in favour of Trudeau.

Such people forfeit the right to ever speak of 'muh democracy' again.

Onto my observations:

1) The conservatives dropped the ball badly. To me, these results show Justin was there for the taking. The equivalent of an own goal.

2) Part of the problem was the conservatives, rather than stick to conservative principles, opted for a 'middle of the road, wishy-washy' strategy that tried to appeal to everyone and pleased nobody. Scheer showed himself to be too weak to stand up for conservative values. You're pro-life? Don't shy away. Make your case.

3) Bernier was the bravest of all the politicians. He took a stance and while he faced unjust criticisms and outright hostility (The Globe & Mail recently ran an article that claimed Canadians rejected his 'politics of fear'. H

4) had the conservatives made him leader as proper, it's hard to imagine him not improving on the gains made by the conservatives both with the seats and popular vote (Justin got the lowest popular vote in Canadian history. But you don't anyone on the left mentioning this. Who can forget the chants of '66% of Canadians didn't vote for Harper!). Wrong leader, wronger strategy.

5) The Liberals, NDP and Greens should just form one party and call themselves the Progressive Party already. There's noting 'liberal' about Trudeau.

6) I hope the People's Party sticks around. They did speak for many Canadians despite the disappointing result. But first they have to rebrand. Perhaps the 'Not Justin Party'? Wrinkles and disappointments were bound to happen.

7) Strange how Beauce didn't vote for Bernier. At least they didn't flip and stayed conservative.

8) Woke Toronto handed the Liberals their minority.

9) Atlantic Canada dd the same. Dudes.

10) The Bloc went from listless and pointless with 10 seats straight to 32 seats. How's that for unity under Justin?

11) Alberta and the Prairies went solid blue.

12) Quite a rebuke without losing power. And quite an inducement of how polarizing Justin is. His claims of representing all Canadians is tenuous at best. He'd be wise to govern accordingly.

13) Justin and wisdom are mutually exclusive. It takes skill and some humility to run a minority government. Justin is all about hubris and vacuous social virtue signalling.

14) #Wexit scares me more than Quebec independence for one reason. Alberta is the wealthiest province. As such, it pays most into the equalization transfer scheme of which....Quebec is the net beneficiary and chronic under performing province. Quebec has found itself a niche extorting Canada. That's why.

15) Quebec is anti-pipeline and doesn't buy it's oil from Alberta. Ostensibly, this is about principles. Yet, the province buys its oil principally from Saudi Fricken Arabia and the United States. Some independence! Some principles!

16) (Rant alert) But this is a very Canadian thing to do. We run perhaps one of the most inefficient economies in the West. For all our access to the greatest economy in the world in the USA, one could assert we succeed in spite of ourselves not taking full advantage of this.

Australia would probably exploit it better.

17) Don't under estimate the 'I won't vote for Scheer because he can be like Trump' vote.

18) Canadians talk a mean 'free speech' game but this is a country that has 'hate speech' laws and unelected Human Rights Tribunals doling out fines against free Canadian citizens. Trudeau has done his ideological bit to further limit speech through Bill C-16, Motion 103 and his preposterously stupid attack on law abiding gun owners though Bill 70. Not to mention Bill 69.

19) Canadians who voted Liberal have also forfeited the right to call others as insensitive or racist as a result of his Blackface scandal.

20) More forfeiting to claim to stand by our military after the treatment of Admiral Norman and our Veterans. Not enough money for them but there was enough to give $10 million of our tac dollars to Omar Khadr. A convicted terrorist who killed American soldiers. It's worth noting Trudeau defended his policy of repatriating ISIS fighters by preposterously claiming with a false equivalence they face discrimination not unlike Italians when they arrived to Canada.

21) This is beginning to sound like a record in the making. Canadians also forfeit to speak of a free press and a commitment to protecting a free one after the appalling treatment of Rebel Media (a news organization Justin decided as one of his first actions after the election to sue them. You were saying he would govern wisely and for all Canadians?) and True North. The conservatives also shamelessly played this game. This was part of my contention Scheer trying to please everyone. The Leaders' Debates Commission - the commission charged with accrediting news outlets - was formed in 2018 and has acted like a creature of the Liberal party.

22) The Liberals gave a $500 bribe to media outlets. They returned the favour in kind (as did social media) by shilling for the Liberals. It's claimed the conservatives played dirty but in fact, it was the mainstream press and the Liberals who did tying to censor opinions and engaging in cheap shot hit pieces. The CBC - binding all Canadians from coast to coast - decided to sue the conservatives (recall Justin threatened to sue Scheer over the SNC-Lavalin scandal even though it was true) on copyright grounds claiming they used their images for campaign purposes. You know, like all political parties do. The main lackey named in the cynical suit is Rosemary Barton.

23) Canadian Liberal voters have forfeited the right to scold others about ethics and civic virtue because Trudeau was found guilty of FOUR ethics violations.

24) They've also forfeited the right to lecture us about women's rights and feminism after groping allegations. And no Justin, it wasn't a 'teachable moment for all of us'. You're the one the acts inappropriately. To try and drag men who never did anything like this to your level says a lot about you. It's worth noting Finance Minister Bill Morneau called conservative MP Lisa Raitt a 'neanderthal' during a hearing promoting.....women in positions of leadership.

Other hits:

-They badly misplayed their negotiations with the USA and chose instead to unproductively antagonize Trump.
-His India antics and relationship to the Aga Khan.
-His refusal to answer questions and governing over one of the least transparent governments in history.
-His impetuous and inappropriate reaction in Parliament racing on the floor of the House of Commons culminating with him elbowing a female conservative MP.
-Constant attempts to erode our ability to create wealth be it in the form of attempting to tax capital gains, increase taxes and remove useful tools like income splitting. All strategies and benefits that help the middle-class.
-The unwelcome interference of Obama endorsing Trudeau. Somehow when they interfere in an election it's okay.

Some laundry list, eh?

But above all, to come back to it, his biggest transgression was his obstruction of the rule of law.

In the West, the rule of law is what differentiates us from all nations. It's a cherished concept no leader dared to attempt to violate.

Trudeau did.

This is how you foster cynicism in a populace. There's enough people out there who are troubled by it to bring into question the very integrity of the people who rule this country.

On this alone he should have been booted and fired.

Update: Woke Montreal Mayor Postpones Halloween

I don't know what to think anymore.

We're literally an unthinking, emoting, scared shitless society now.

Mayor Plante has decided it makes sense to postpone Halloween today.

Talk about a state of confusion that wasn't necessary.

Green Plante (my nickname for her due to her hyper-green policies) should just focus on the mess that is Montreal construction and make sure all works are finished on time.

Halloween is October 31 come hell or high water. You can't just postpone it because of weather.

If it's bad, people will decide for themselves if they should go out. For the love of God, must government intervene on every level?


The big bad storm that scared Montreal and other municipalities enough to impractically postpone Halloween didn't come to pass...yet. But the weather is expected to be worse the next day. The weather could still take a turn for the worse and isn't great to begin with but it certainly didn't warrant government intervention. This is a classic case of nanny-statism hinged on the precautionary principle. An issue best left to the parents and not bureaucrats.

This in a province that holds the mantra 'il vaut en profiter' (we must take advantage) whenever the weather is such that we can be outdoors. My parents at the daycare are pretty testy and safe violent weather they want their kids outside as much as possible.

Mayor Green Plante Vert:

😬 Disons que l’ est un cas classique de « Damn if you do, damn if you don’t » Traduction libre: critiqué si on le fait, critiqué si on ne le fait pas 🤷🏻‍♀️

Except, this wasn't a damn if you do situation. It was clearly a don't. No one asked you to step in.
I don't understand this 'I support what you intended because of the safety of kids' angle. As if we can't do this ourselves. Some people just can't get enough of government babysitting. I don't harbour any anger towards Mayor Plante but I hope this serves as a lesson for here. M'es tes affaires as we say.
Here are some comments:
    • Replying to @Val_Plante
      Ou pas. Si vous ne faites rien, les parents des enfants sont capable de prendre des décisions eux même et surement meilleur que les votres concernant leur propres enfants.By update, they mean censoring speech.

Replying to 
Il parait que l’année prochaine, tous les bonbons d’halloween devront etre bio, vegans, sans sucre ajouté et sans cholestérole. Sans compté que les costumes devront etre fait de matieres 100% recycler et recyclable et fait au quebec

Replying to 
Franchement, je trouve aussi que les villes ont mieux à faire que de se mêler d’une fête d’halloween. Laisser nous juger de la sécurité de nos enfants. Merci

One final thought. We all make fun at how notorious weather predictions are wrong. If it says rain, bring sun glasses. Here, we have the added feature of a government official taking the weather prediction and attempting to micro-manage lives around Halloween. It was bound to be froth with potential unintended consequences.

And these people profess to *know* what needs to be done with climate change? Climate patterns are even more difficult to predict despite all the noise around it.


Rough Week For Journalism

For the past three years, all we've heard was about the alleged plot to kill the press - among so many other things including deliberately wants to crash the markets and eliminating gay rights - by Literal Hitler Trump.

That is not to say bad things aren't happening to the press. There are.

It's just that it's not coming from Trump. Here are a couple of examples in Canada and the USA.

In California, the political class saw in its infinite stupidity to eliminate free lance journalism. This is what you get in a state ruled by one party. You get stale and increasingly - by the day it seems - tyrannical laws. It's no surprise or secret California is experiencing a net loss in migration as people flee the state. Sadly, they're likely to bring the same shitty politics to 'backwards' places they invade.

I don't feel bad for these journalists. They probably cheered years of various invasive and dictatorial Democrat laws. They always thought they'd be safe. And now the long vicious tail of Leviathan has come for them.

During the election in Canada, the CBC (can I get a "Defund the CBC wut, wut?"decided to sue the conservative party for copyright infringement claiming images used during the were for political purposes. 

Serving the interests of all Canadians my ass.

What's particularly galling is the casual manner to which liberal journalists call people 'trolls'. Peter Mansbridge in defending Barton said as much. Apparently, concerned Canadians are 'trolls' now. Just like those who are upset by the SNC-Lavalin scandal are depicted as 'trolls' by those in left-wing media protecting Justin.

That's some lazy, pompous shit from Peter.

Truth is, they don't like the people all that much. Especially when they challenge their narratives. Hence, all this 'alt-right' and 'white supremacy is on the rise' unsubstantiated nonsense.

You can forgive, of course if people see nothing but cynicism here given media was given a bribe to the tune of $600 million by the Trudeau Liberals. Fair or not, the optics aren't good. In fact, they're terrible.

According to Rebel Media, as soon as the election ended, Justin then turned around and sued Rebel Media (NDP leader Rachel Notley did the same when she was busy running Alberta into the ground as all socialist parasites are wont to do. It takes a special talent to destroy things that which you didn't build I suppose). The dictatorial baby doesn't like RM because it pretty much asks 'mean' questions.

I do take RM with some grain of salt but I also feel they do a good service. Regardless, it's freedom of the press and feel compelled to defend it on those grounds alone.

There's also the shenanigans from the Leader Debates Commission - a creation of the Liberal party that acts accordingly knowing the hands that feeds it and the comical Rosemary Barton - Donna Brazile North - feigning 'objective' moderating during the debates. I wouldn't mind some actual journalism looking into the LDC.

The conservative party wasn't above abusing RM when they played games with their accreditation. Scheer: You won't win points playing nice with the left. They don't care. Grow a pair and a spine and actually advance conservative values. People will respect you. Who knows? Maybe they'll vote for you.

These are just a couple of examples I've been reading. I don't like all these games. The interesting thing is all the attacks on the freedom of the press aren't by the hands of conservatives or Trump.

It's from the left.

Sunday Morning Derp Paper

Funny how Epstein got memory holed, eh? Like that Democrat donor Ed Buck who was killing gay black men in his house.

Speaking of memory holed, whatever did happen with the Vegas shooting episode? Something stinks majorly there and wonder what exactly is being hidden from the public. Whenever they conclude 'suicide' that's when your Jim Rockford cynical senses should kick in.

Or what about the hate racial slur painted at the gates of the home of Lebron James? Never heard about that one again either.

Just wondering.


Speaking of media protecting its own - ahem - that is Democrats. Just like how the lackey-hack Rosemary Barton from the taxpayer funded CBC slurps for the Liberals up here.

On Ukraine: It's not Giuliani or Trump you should be focused on.

It's Clinton, Biden, Kerry....and the Bulger clan?

Can't make this stuff up anymore.


Always remember.

It's Democrats attacking the 1A and 2A.

Defending it is now 'right-wing populism'.

Please don't let them make useful idiots of us.

Then again, judging by the election results in Canada, I'm not holding my breath.

People are either apathetic or ill-informed. Or both.

Anyway. Check out this bitch Dan Hunt asking on behalf on some idiots to ban the word 'bitch'.

Too bad his name was Mike Hunt.

Best comment: You look like someone who eats bread without the crust.


Not enough for ya?

University bans 'acts of intolerances'.

No wonder 51% of illiberal minds want the 1A to be rewritten to 'reflect cultural norms of today'. 

"51% of Americans think the First Amendment is outdated and should be rewritten. The First Amendment protects your right to free speech, free assembly, and freedom of religion, among other things. 
48% believe “hate speech” should be illegal. (“Hate speech” is not defined—we left it up to the individual participant.) Of those, about half think the punishment for “hate speech” should include possible jail time, while the rest think it should just be a ticket and a fine. 
80% don’t actually know what the First Amendment really protects. Those polled believed this statement is true: “The First Amendment allows anyone to say their opinion no matter what, and they are protected by law from any consequences of saying those thoughts or opinions."
Pretty frightening. But only surprising to people sleeping under a rock.


Does Furman University consider this an act of tolerance?

A pair of New Yorkers who clearly never grew up accost Rand Paul.

We sure have a number of these documented examples of lefties attacking Republicans in public, don't we?


Except people we hate.


'Muh Kurds'. 'Muh Democraacy'.

No one ever gave a shit about the Kurds.

But NPC Orange Man Bad and all that.


And then Huffington laid off 7 500 people.

Maybe they should hire 7 500 non-wypippo. That's the secret to success.

All this woking leave us little time to woke up more people.


Don't you be a whistleblower against Clinton Inc. or else their servants in the FBI will come for you.

The Clintoning would make for a great horror movie.


More Democrat social hypocrisy.

New York Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou is a plaintiff in a lawsuit to stop a Habitat for Humanity housing project.

File under: You can't make this shit up anymore.

Want more?


Kamala Harris’s Offices Fought Payments to Wrongly Convicted

Harris pretends she did much for blacks and the poor.. If putting handcuffs on them counts as such, then she's the best at it.

File under: It's a long way to (sleep to) the top if you want to trample on people's lives for power.


One of Justin's first order of business after losing 22 seats,  the popular vote and losing majority status?

Why...sue Rebel Media news!

Stupid right-wingers. Why didn't they take his bribe like the CBC and other media outlets did?

Rosemary Barton loves her some honey glazed hush dough.


Daughter of man who caused crash killing Biden's family seeks apology. Biden has been publicly saying his family was killed by a drunk driver but this wasn't the case.


Black female obesity problem?

Why...blame Trump of course!

I'm sure whitey is at fault too somehow, someway. Legacy of slavery or some such.

She's a 'pro-fesser'.


Another day, another bull shit 'study' about how 'right-wing' viewers on you tube aren't 'zombies'.

These guys have it backwards. I think the commenters make my point.

“becoming hardened opponents of liberal democratic values”

I happen think the opposite. They're actually troubled by the fact Democrats and Liberals are attacking and dismantling it.

Right. Because attacking the 1A, ignoring Brexit results and calling everyone a 'racist' is defending 'liberal democratic values'.


Larry Elder discusses kids out of wedlock epidemic among blacks. 


Saved the worst for last.

No wonder more and more people are switching to pro-life. As we find out more the machinations behind Roe v. Ward and what goes on at Planned Parenthood, people are naturally and justifiably disturbed.

Scalping babies...

Yeh totes about 'women's right to choose'.

We're on a bad track here.

"In chilling testimony last week, an abortion whistleblower involved in revealing how Planned Parenthood affiliates had sold aborted baby body parts revealed one of the horrifying research purposes of body parts buyers: they were "scalping the babies." 
In 2015, David Daleiden shocked America's conscience by releasing a slew of videos showing abortionists at Planned Parenthood affiliates admitting that they sold the body parts of aborted babies, often to medical research establishments. Planned Parenthood and its allies have dragged Daleiden and his organization, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), through the courts. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (following the lead of Kamala Harris) has brought 15 felony counts against Daleiden for his undercover journalism, and Planned Parenthood launched a $7 million, 14-count racketeering lawsuit against Daleiden and his allies..."
"...The CMP board member affirmed that he did receive such a tip. Pro-life sidewalk counselors noticed "a new phenomenon" outside an abortion clinic. "The usual morning ritual of, you know, the staff arriving, and then later on the — the abortionists arriving. Then in midmorning, they would see a new group of people would come. Sometimes one or two or three would come in mid-morning. And they had containers. Sometimes they had bags of ice. They had other tools and equipment." 
"...And we realized that one, for example, was a research being done on baldness. That could be just vanity. On the other hand, we do know that patients receiving therapy — there's many reasons for baldness. And they were attempting — they were using fetal — they were scalping the babies and taking their scalps and grafting them on to immune-suppressed mice, and then using various pharmaceuticals on these humanized mice to test the effect upon preventing or, I suppose you might say, treating baldness," Rhomberg said (emphasis added)."

Death. Cult.

It's The Innocuous Policies That Are Most Dangerous

My thoughts on the Canadian election is coming shorty. But first....

The Green-environment lobby is way too powerful now.

And politicians are capitalizing by cynically finding an excuse to increase taxes and regulations further concentrating power by clouting the green vote.

Those transponders to monitor garbage bins we're seeing more and more of? It truly baffles how an ostensibly free citizenry would and have consented to this. It's invasive and punitive.

Won't be long they'll be in our fridges.


Laugh all you want.

Call the warning 'extremist'. We all know about how these slippery slopes go.

They take a foot...It's not that a stretch to think they will one day examine your diet.

Come to think of it. They already do somewhat thought government food guides.


You know. It's funny.

They keep telling us how powerful the gun lobby is led by the NRA.

Yet, I don't see them forcing membership or demanding people own a gun. All they do is exist as an organization for gun owners and exercise their Second Amendment rights. They, furthermore, don't look to curb anyone's rights under the guise of the 'greater good' or environmental issues.

One is a guaranteed protection under the Constitution. No one is being hassled.

The other is social engineering using the force of government to get its message and agenda through.

Often with catastrophic results. 

"Stifling international regulations have been blamed for delaying the approval of a food that could have helped save millions of lives this century. The claim is made in a new investigation of the controversy surrounding the development of Golden Rice by a team of international scientists."

When the anti-GMers and their 'Frankefoods' rhetoric railed against it, it was brought up that preventing or blocking revolutionary food breakthroughs could lead to mass death.

Crazy! Extremists! They retorted.

Yet....here we are.

Now think about what they want to pull for climate change. Not only do they want to install impractical and questionable economic theories, they want to usurp an entire economic system in order to get a 'Green economy'.

If blocking GM foods leads to millions of deaths, it doesn't take a great leap of faith to conclude imagine what will happen if we go 'Full Greta'. Mass death and starvation as Patrick Moore asserts.

The sad thing? They don't care. After all, the world is - ahem - over populated anyway, right?

It harkens back to Bastiat's 'the unseen' dictum. They don't see or stick around to see the destruction, harm and death they cause. Pampered Western environmentalists live in comfort luxury and don't plan to shift their lives too much. A classic example is Obama. He was good at playing the game and talking a big climate change game but then went and got himself a swanky $15 million home on Martha's Vineyards. I guess rising sea levels aren't too much of a concern after all. How much is enough indeed, eh Barry?

There's a gun lobby, sure, but it's hardly on the level of the greenies who believe human behaviour and habits  has to be curbed or changed. Al Gore has infinitely more power than the NRA I reckon.

Another part is how it's reported in the media. They sure as hell don't miss a chance to call anyone 'far right' whenever they dare question the narratives put forth, but how is the Green movement not characterized 'far left'? Rather, it's presented as 'centrist' or just plain progressive.

But is it?

Seems more like a death cult to me.

A transcendent may seem innocuous to the apathetic or those who think it's a swell thing.

But it's a little more than that.


Whenever I see climate policy being pushed. I see it less about science and more people like this advocating for it:

Could you imagine this dude knowing where the guns are?

I can't think of a better way to show in the open how socialists view life. An endless series of demands, rules and regulations to the point it can't possibly sustain itself. 


Hillary Clinton Is A Sower Of Discord

She really is a wretched person. The United States dodged a huge bullet when that loser lost. Since 2016 she has acted without class or reason.

Now she has re-emerged and she's spewing conspiracy theory gibberish in an effort to besmirch people. Her unsubstantiated and unhinged attacks (supported by the gutless lunatics in the media) on Tulsi Gabbard - a woman who is serving her country in the military - calling her a 'Russian asset' is reprehensible but not surprising from such a shallow and pathetic mind.

Hilary Clinton is a small person.

And to think people defend this loser.

Honk, honk.


The U.N. Is Past Its Due Date

Time to disband this useless organization that has lost the moral high ground.

Venezuela gets a seat at the human rights council.


The country where people are currently living in totes misery as a result of socialist scheming.

They're on the human rights council.

Sounds totes legit.

Good job UN.

Maybe you should add the NBA and China to this council.

It's clown world. 


Barry Endorses Justin

MuH intERfErencE!

Of course, leave it to the most over praised and corrupted President in history to support the most over praised and corrupted Prime Minister in history.

They deserve each other.

Two narcissists who are more interested in their brands than their countries.

Timeline On Syria

-Trump correctly assesses situation and announces pull out in Syria.
-Muh Kurds. Like they ever gave a shit about them.
-Enemies of the state vote for war and blood against an ally. The same cumquats who cowardly allowed Obama to go into Syria without their approval.
-Trump prefers peace talks.
-They laugh.
-Turkey announces peace plan.
-Turkey says it's a cease fire now.

"Syria is a U.S. Mistake that started 7 years ago, the CIA and Saudi Arabia tried to overthrow Assad, it was a DISASTER, it brought in ISIS & Russia, what we should do now is GET OUT!"

-Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University

The NBA Failed America

This has been a horrible two weeks for the NBA.

The poor woke bastards.

Probably worse than the victims of China's repressive bullying even.

Please. Let us feel sad for the people of the NBA and their struggles.

Just when you thought they couldn't make bigger asses of themselves in comes Adam 'Funeral Director' Silver with this gem mined from his mind:

"We were being asked to fire him by the Chinese government. … We said there’s no chance that’s happening. There’s no chance we’ll even discipline him."

Which China now denies. Sweet mother mercy of me and my Jell-O do these morons deserve each other or what?

Also mentioned, in addition to Lebron's retarded 'my league had a bad week' Adam says hold my dunce cap and pulls a 'the league suffered substantial losses'. 'Fairly dramatic financial losses' as he put it. Notice the spin here. This must be that awesome leadership noted scholar Popovich waxed poetic about.

What's Silver angling for here? A pat on the back? Gee, thanks I guess. You really showed those Chicoms! From the beginning there was one play. You tell China to go suck a back of dicks.

They're trying to say the offensive tweet and the reaction led to it but in reality it's what you get for dealing with an authoritarian Chinese government who won't tolerate dissent or free speech of any kind (for the love of God they banned fricken South Park because it mocked its leader for looking Winnie the Pooh - which he does) and then gives you the back of the hand for being yourselves in a free society.

Are we supposed to feel sad for these unprincipled, hypocritical douchebags? So sad you suffered NBA. Now Lebron makes $40 million instead of $42. Poor wittle oppressed NBA.

These colossal douchebags aren't digging their graves anymore. They're lying in it.


There are people out there who think he's the 'best commish in sports' for standing up to China.

Is he? Or is this just spin and damage control after the league's initial colossal fuck up? If he was all that, the league would reinstate Morey's tweet.

So tickle me skeptical.

The bottom line is, this should not entered a single mind in the NBA in the first place

Alas, the players led by Qing-Tai Chi Woke himself, Lebron tried to get him disciplined, but that's LeMao for you. He's a coach killer and a drama Queen who thinks for himself and only his wallet. He's no leader or man of principles. He talks a big game and dunks those balls but when a moment of truth comes, he cowers.

I can't breathe for real under all this insufferable arrogance and hypocrisy. So if you want to see this as some sort of power play between Silver and Lebron James go right ahead.

But Silver set the tone to all this mess.

He tried to awkwardly placate a communist regime and all he got was grief and possibly a t-shirt; and a whole lot of memes justifiably mocking the league.

Advice to the NBA: Shut the fuck up already.

Shut up on Trump and definitely don't delve into international politics. It's not your game.

You lost.

You lost the moral ground and traded your integrity for Chinese money.

That's it.

When a cartoon shows more courage and integrity, you lost the plot.

America is an imperfect country. But a great country. The piling on this great country by the NBA has been despicable.

America makes these people fabulously wealthy. They live a life in spectacular comfort and are afforded a lifestyle 99.5% of the population don't enjoy.

And not only do you cowardly attack your President incessantly with circular logic like stupid children, you mocked your liberty and democracy.

When the moment came to defend the ONE value cherished by all of us in the West, you buckled like little chicken shits.

It's one thing if you want to make a Faustian deal with China and sell yourselves for profit.

It's quite another to fail America.

Morey stands above every single one of you.

Now fuck off.