The Justin Follies File; The Liberals Are An Undignified Bunch Of Fear Mongering Liars

I've lost count at how many times this clown has embarrassed Canada.

Of course, the CBC has to protect its boy; its investment.

I agree. If a conservative or Trump confused the leader of Japan with 'China' it would go ballistic. We saw this with Obama with the liberal media down south. Whenever he made a serious and embarrassing gaffe it was met with silence. When Bush did, OMG! OMG! OMG! And when Trump does it, it's proof of his ignorance or callousness.

Trudeau has been one mighty failure on so many fronts and foreign policy is no different.

He's better suited to head an activist organization than he is a nation.

He's too much of an ideologue to lead a nation.

Other than that - from the top - Defund the CBC.


Oh it gets better.

Freeland is trying to convince the G7 'white supremacy' is a threat to humanity.

Yeh. All those terrorists acts by us Western white Christians should make us all shake.

What is this twit thinking? How is this not divisive?

The biggest liars of them all, I'm afraid, are the Liberal party of Canada at this point. Quite frankly, you're a fool if you buy their bull shit and crazy lies.

They lack any kind of dignity or shred of integrity.

The thing is, we read right through this garbage.

I've never been so thoroughly embarrassed to be Canadian.

They really are a national disgrace.

Their behaviour is aligned with media outlets like CNN and its questionable reporting. Notice how they all conspire to science voices and smear anything in their 'woke' path.

For now, they're sufficiently and influential enough to strong arm platforms like YouTube (run by a SJW/woke CEO who wishes she could ban Ben Shapiro), Twitter and Facebook (each run by a pair of punks who think they're too smart for their own good). But unless you plan to take over the Internet, in the long-run the people and their content will prevail. It's a stupid, short-sighted game they're playing and don't be surprised if they double down.

Don't buy into their propaganda.


Democrats Advocate Breaking The Law

Democrats are so unhinged about Trump and so unprincipled, they're willing to break or ignore the damn law.

This is the modern Democrat party.

Just like the Liberals up here.

This judge in Massachusetts broke the law by siding with illegal aliens against ICE. She put the community at risk.

Their whole position on illegal immigration is untenable and unconscionable.

Read here.*

*Notice a Kennedy is against the indictment of the judge.

"US Representative Joseph P. Kennedy on Thursday evening said the indictment of Judge Shelley Richmond Joseph and a retired court officer “threatens the safety of our community and the independence of our justice system.”

SHE put the community at risk and SHE broke the law. 

Is this idiot for real? 


University Of Kansas Offers 'Angry White Male' Class

1) Try and tell me the West isn't in decline. 

2) With all this nonsense of eradicating student debt (they speak of fairness but then propose ideas where other people have to pay for one's decisions), if you go into debt for classes like this, then no shit you won't be able to find steady income in the job market to pay your debts. You don't get to play ''faux social justice warrior' in college and then expect others to pay for your mistakes.


And the University of Kansas should be ashamed and embarrassed. They're contributing to the cult of bad decisions and irresponsibility.

Pay your own damn classes if you want to poison your mind with divisive, pointless, and foolish subjects.

Other than that, will an 'Angry black male' class be offered?

Can Canada And USA Sever Ties With Saudi Arabia Once And For All?

Why are we insisting on a) walking around egg shells to not offend Muslims and b) remaining an ally of Saudi Arabia and its barbaric ways?


Christians Are Easter Worshippers Now!

Some people did some things.

Honk, honk!

*Go fuck yourself Barry. #classyunitergeniusoratornot


False Virtue Of The Unprincipled

After years of carefully observing contemporary affairs - cultural and political - I came to the conclusion there's a malaise driven (mostly) by an unhinged radical progressive left-wing cult.

On this journey (relentlessly reading and informing myself of the past and present), I was uneasy in singling out a side. For some time (in university) I toed the line that 'all sides are bad' and that 'all parties are the same'.

It was a sort of cop out looking back.

I recognize now it served as a distraction from seeing reality as truth. What happens when one side does behave worse than the other?

The other day I was engaged with a friend about politics. He's been infected with TDS I'm afraid and when pressed to back up his assertions, he eventually relented and admitted he wasn't as informed as I was about the issues. He had no idea, for example, about Trump's criminal reform. To which he just spun it into 'people do things to look good'.

Which made me wonder why can't people separate the rhetoric from the policy in order to gain a sober perspective on a leader?  Why have such a visceral hate often not backed up by evidence of facts? TDS has been so corrosive that even when the truth comes out they don't accept it.

I lamented that my friend concluded, 'well, there is no truth'. That is, Trump can never be absolved. He's guilty of something, somehow.  Every time.

There's no truth. So what's the point? Everyone is bad equally. So when someone acts in bad faith, you're just as bad. End of discussion let's go for a soda.

But for me, there is truth. I'm not alone.

Depressive moral relativism seems to have triumphed and people don't realize they're a slave to it. Sometimes I wonder if we're engaging in some kind of collective nihilism not unlike the characters in Dostoevsky's Demons. The would-be liberal revolutionaries with empty eyes of soulless men.

There's no truth. And there's no God too.

Is everything just bad comedic theatre?

Liberalism is no longer what it used to be. Rather, what you see across the board from calls to censor, doxxing, Antifa, socialist revivalism etc. is illiberalism. It submits the individual to the collective. 


"...The stock distinction between the Enlightenment’s twins—communism is violently coercive while liberalism allows freedom of thought—is glib. Illiberal citizens, trapped without exit papers, suffer a narrowing sphere of permitted action and speech, shrinking prospects, and increasing pressure from regulators, employers, and acquaintances, and even from friends and family. Liberal society celebrates toleration, diversity, and free inquiry, but in practice it features a spreading social, cultural, and ideological conformism."

NPC #14569


Which explains, in part, why art has been debased to nothing but a showcase of narcissistic debauchery. It went from Michelangelo's efforts to reach God to government grants to artists who piss on Jesus.

No truth. No God. No soul.

The trifecta that makes up the illiberal mind.

And who be the illiberal individual?

They're all around you. They protest. They want to change the rules after elections. They want to remove gun rights and books from libraries. They want to abridge free speech. They want to impeach without proof or reason. They investigate people for misgendering. They want to be diverse for its own sake. They reject merit. They label dissenters. They mock accountability and responsibility.

They're the ones rewriting history. Severing our ties to the past. They're the ones who remove portraits of Shakespeare and replace it with SJW poets. They're the ones who remove statues. They're the ones in constant mode of projection. They're the ones who memory hole everything in order to usurp and install their authoritarian idealism. It's not that hard to see.

What's hard is to admit it and call it out.

For when you do that, you leave yourself open to the wrath of the mob. How does this manifest itself? Well, the 'disinviting' of speakers at colleges is but one shallow example. Another is the howling degenerate over reactions to incidences like Covington. The call for imprisonment to anyone who dares challenge climate system change orthodoxy yet still another. You're no longer presumed innocent. One must simply assert a negative - racist! - and it be the 'truth'.

You must apologize and beg for forgiveness. And then be destroyed.


"...As for intellectuals under liberalism—those evidence-based freethinkers of the quiet car, raised, selected, and trained to avoid superstition and prejudice (except for their own unconscious biases, which they ruefully confess but devoutly hope one day to overcome)—they either adopt the new liberal identity or are cowed into an outer conformism. This is due not just to fear of social reprisals and shaming, but also to self-deception and the lack of any other comprehensive view that would give them the self-confidence to think and speak against liberalism."

You're unique within the collective.


They force submission. They''re not interested in debate because the time to debate is over. It's all 'settled' as even Obama once proclaimed.

Obama, let's pick on him because he's the darling of the fair-weather pop culture voter. To me, his legacy exposed (much like what we're witnessing with the Liberals under Justin here in Canada) the utter hypocrisy of the progressive left.

A man of alleged oratorical brilliance seemed so....vapid in the end. You would think a litany of dubious quips and unwise quotes would at least give pause to ponder how one views and interprets Trump.

Bitter clingers, police acted stupidly, you didn't build that, Trayvon could be my son, how much is enough? (as he signed a $65 million book deal it must always be noted), and you can keep your doctor aren't exactly words of a wise statesman one can reasonably conclude. .

Never mind despite being against gay marriage the celebrity left forgave him since he claimed to have 'evolved' and changed his mind. Maybe he read it in the papers it was safe to come out?

Yet, they hold Trump to a completely different and higher standard kept deliberately flexible for Obama. Suddenly, they project their own inner-contradictions and personal demons onto him.

Why is it that politicians demand another to disclose their taxes but when asked if they will do the 'honourable' thing and do the same if asked, they decline as Bernie Sanders did?

 The hypocrisy is so blinding, one wonders how they even see.

"...Why do Western liberal academics and EU technocrats object so stridently to the mild illiberalism of the Fidesz parliamentary party in Hungary, while saying little or nothing about Saudi Arabia and other monarchical or authoritarian nations, nominal allies of the West, who routinely control, punish, and dominate women, gays, and religious dissenters? Why are the EU technocrats, whose forte is supposed to be competence, so very bumbling, making policy mistake after policy mistake? How is it possible that while the sitting president of the United States squarely opposed same-sex marriage just a few years ago, the liberal intellectuals who supported him passionately also condemn any opposition to same-sex marriage as bigotry, rooted in cultural backwardness? Why was the triumph of same-sex marriage followed so rapidly by the opening of a new regulatory and juridical frontier, the recognition of transgender identity?"

Stunningly ignorant and illiterate, (the most dangerous among them are the literate ones) they run rampant and amok in the halls of academia, media, entertainment, Wall St. and law.

When Stalin set up his purges, he was serving his paranoia. Many people were killed. Mass misery was the essence of Soviet Russia.

Today, I realize, we don't have physical gulags. We metaphorical gulags. That is, we fenced off our minds.

They hate MAGA hats but not the sickle and hammer.

What's the difference of a progressive calling for the doxxing of people they disagree with to that of a purge? They both destroy lives and reputations. Calling for censorship or boycotts. How is this productive to the advancement of Western civilization?  Or the law of infanticide legislated by the state of New York? This is not reasoned or moral. It's depraved and monstrous.

We're at a point where The Washington Post publishes articles where the writer somehow thinks Judeo-Christian (in quotations I might add) values aren't at the root of Western civilization. This can come out but from the mind of an illiberal.

A mind that seeks to eradicate and destroy the essence of who we are as a civilization.


"...The deeper issue is that it would deny the fundamental eschatology of liberalism, in which the movement of History may only go in one direction. It follows that Brexit must be delayed or defeated at all costs, through litigation or the action of an unelected House of Lords if necessary, and that the Trump administration must be cast as a temporary anomaly, brought to power by voters whose minds were clouded by racism and economic pain. (It is therefore impossible to acknowledge that such voters might have legitimate cultural grievances or even philosophical objections to liberalism.)

"...This is why the triumph of same-sex marriage actually happened too suddenly and too completely. Something else was needed to animate liberalism, and transgenderism has quickly filled the gap, defining new forces of reaction and thus enabling new iterations and celebrations of the Festival. And if endorsement and approval of self-described “gender identity” becomes a widely shared legal and social norm, a new frontier will be opened, and some new issue will move to the top of the public agenda, something that now seems utterly outlandish and is guaranteed to provoke fresh opposition from the cruel forces of reaction—polygamy, perhaps, or mandatory vegetarianism."


Perpetually wallowing in an unsafe space of negativity, the left fails to ever acknowledge the good in man. There's something profoundly anti-human in their rhetoric. It matters none, for example, that technology and man are fully capable of harnessing the wonder of Mother Nature through a capitalist dynamic. That in reality, we've never been safer and more prosperous in human history. That, for example, violence is on the decline should give ponder to their constant attacks of the Second Amendment. When the news broke that Trump didn't colluded, they didn't accept it with a sigh of relief but with indignation.

No. What matters is their conceptualization of what constitutes a good society must be installed by force if necessary.

Free speech doesn't harm but it's a perfect issue to manipulate in order to control the language though. How many futile 'hate speech' laws will progressive enact before they realize they made criminals of citizens whose only crime was to espouse an opinion?

So corroded and convoluted their world view is they feel absolutely obliged and content to declare someone a 'bigot' if they dare not support gay marriage or a 'racist' if they're concerned about illegal immigration. If one disagrees, they must be shut down.

It's why you hear them claim to be 'uniters' and refuse to bow to people who 'divide' yet just the other day, Michelle Obama made a poor analogy comparing - another example of a progressive focusing on just the negative of a country she only became proud of when her husband won the Presidency - what she views as a country disruptive as though raised by divorced fathers.

Always out to single out a group to make a dubious point. Presumptuous, shallow and contemptuous no different than Hilary's 'deplorables' quip.

And arrogant. Oh, the disconnected arrogance. "Why do people react so angrily to our truth?" they wonder!

They're in effect, the very monster they claim to combat.

I feel for all those people who must keep their thoughts to themselves wherever they may be lest they be mercilessly sacrificed by the conformist left.

As said often here, this is what a Dark Age looks like.

It's all before you. Don't you see?

There is truth and there is God.

Once you accept this, you'll be inoculated from being a useful idiot.

Accept that we are sovereign before the authority of God. And there is nothing more beautiful than this revelation.

Don't let them strip us of it.

Quotes from First Things.


Krugman Lives In Clown World

The more Krugman shrieks, the more it becomes clear he needs a visit from The Honkler.

There it is. I see the poopthink brigade are in full force in the comments section of the NYT. Those stained, dated ascots must stink by now.

Ever notice how to progressives is about how everything is about how you will die.

This shtick is tiresome and deranged. Krugman is just playing his roll in a world gone irrationally stupid since 2016.

What if....projection is at work.....and....Trump isn't who they thought he was....instead.....Krugman is..... the clown who is tying to kill you!!!




Quote Of The Day: Faces Of Luddites

“The villain here is big oil. The fossil fuel industry did this to us,” said De Blasio at a press conference, standing at a podium adorned with a “Stop Plastic Waste, Stop Big Oil” sign. “Today, we say no to plastics. We say no to fossil fuels. We say yes to a better and fairer future.”

But what Mayor De Blasio and his rampantly stupid anti-scientific rhetoric and initiatives to "combat climate change" will likely achieve is just annoyance and will not do much for the environment.

"...As we know from plastic bag bans, however, the replacements for these items can often be much worse for the climate. According to a recent University of Sydney study, a paper bag would need to be reused three times before it is better for the climate than a single-use plastic bag. A cotton tote bag would have to be reused 131 times. There’s a good chance that many of the paper replacements that New York City’s government departments, city-run hospitals, and public schools will adopt will suffer from the same problems."

Same issues with the production of an electric car. The process is hardly 'green' and whatever positive effect it may have on the environment is offset by the negative impacts of production.

Nonetheless, Sgt. Socialist is determined despite the unintended consequences presented in the article that will impact the average worker and food customers:

“we need to get plastic foodware out of restaurants, out of stores. We need to get it out of our lives.”

And this is this is the dialog of a paternalistic, authoritarian mind polluted with anti-scientific nonsense.

Keep voting for nannies NYC. 


The truth is we dispose of plastic well. Where it becomes problematic, just educate to throw it out properly. We're a sufficiently educated and informed civilization now. We don't need to ban plastic in order to save the damn planet. Moreover, it completely negates how technology finds ways to make use of such a remarkable material.

I will always pay for a plastic bag out of principle to give my own private 'fuck you' to modern Luddites like De Blasio.

This is what plastic can do.

Are Grants For Green Policie To Profitable Corporations Appropriate?

People need to wise up once and for all about climate change initiatives and targets.

While I'm not one to rely on Rebel Media (though I think they're better than the crap in the mainstream press with its controlled narratives and fake news), I post this because it illustrates, I think anyway, how climate change initiatives are paid for.

First off, Mr. Groh deserves credit for not running away and answering questions. One may not like the responses but he was being honest and for this we can but be appreciative.

Second, we see in the response how it all goes down.

The calculus goes something like: Activists and some scientists: OMG climate change! We're gonna die! We need to radically revolutionize and uproot our existence or else! The government: Holy shit! Here's some money and make sure you dramatize it. We're gonna use this to get votes and push an agenda including carbon taxes. Then Ministers appointed globetrot around the world on private jets hanging out in swanky hotels rubbing elbows with all major players to enact policies that....YOU WILL PAY FOR.

And it doesn't end there as we see with the anti-science hysteria around plastic bags.

In any event, in this case, Mr. Groh alleges the $12 million dollars it got from the government was for climate change initiative to improve equipment to reduce emissions. As opposed to getting it to 'buy fridges'.

I fail to see how that's better.

Now in fairness. They did nothing illegal. In fact, they're just taking advantage of a government program offered to companies. It's there so take it right? Can't fault them.

The question rather is, is it appropriate to give such grants funded by tax payers available to billion dollar companies?

I lean no. It's not appropriate. I don't get a single dime of help from the government in my business. In fact, the constant extending of red tape costs me money. 

You want to make a difference? Pay for it yourself.  Why should tax payers pay for your virtue-signalling (because I'm betting this won't do anything)?

Now. This is the part I want to point out. That $12 million. The government recovers it through various inefficient tax schemes like carbon taxes.

You pay and you pay again.

You die and die again.

Then people wonder why they feel poor. We're not poor. We've never been more prosperous. It's just that we demand too much of government and there's a cost to that. That cost 'for civilization' is taxes. Taxes impact cash flow negatively. Do the exercise. Here in Quebec, we pay a whopping 15% sales tax. Remove that silly tax and see how much you have left in your wallet at the end of the month. Never mind that taxes hurt economies in unseen ways. For example, I don't shop in Quebec where possible. I'd be a fool to pay such taxes where I can avoid them.

Quebec business better begin lobbying the government to reduce the sales tax in my opinion.

Slight digression aside, if companies are dedicated to these causes they can do so on their dime.

I'd respect them more. I'd even take the movement seriously. Just like the mainstream media insisting they're not liberal (even though 80% of journalists vote Democrat) and pretending they're 'objective'. I respect Fox because they don't try and hide to be something they're not. Everyone knows CBC, CBS, NBC and so on all put a left-wing spin on the news. Be up front about it.

They're asking us to pay for the privilege of them getting awards and being cast as 'leaders' for whatever initiatives du jour they support.

Want to get serious? Card on the table. Enough of all this nonsense and 'Green Deals' filled with tangential utopian ideas and ideals that will lead to mass starvation and death.

Wanna start? Go nuclear.

If not. I don't think even people selling this propaganda believe it. It's all a racket to score some coin.


Marvel Derp, Mueller Derp

Don't believe a single thing they say about gun violence in the USA.

They absolutely do want to eventually confiscate guns. That's the end game.

And the statistics don't back them up.

Hence, they lie to scare.

America must defend the 1A and 2A to the end.


Sorry. I don't take Jews.

Or Irish. Or Italian. Or....

Uber did the right thing canning his sorry racist ass.


Ahem. Taps mic. Fall of the West Reason 40506460:

"This textual analysis of Man Caves explores how former National Football League (NFL) star turned DIY Network host Tony “Goose” Siragusa uses Italian American stereotypes of the funny fatso, gangster, and unskilled worker, rooted in his life story, to “flex” hegemonic masculinity in ways that articulate what I call White diversity. This contradictory identity claims both victimhood and privilege for White ethnic masculinity. Analyzing Siragusa’s flexing of Italian American masculinity is especially timely in our present historical moment when White supremacists claim ethnic “diversity” to assert an aggrieved status without disavowing privilege. Siragusa’s flexing of Italian American masculinity reflects the wider historical moment in which White men, beyond White power movements, may claim an aggrieved but privileged status. The conclusion considers ways out of White diversity that feminist scholar-activists may pursue."


Oh Bernie. Why is it ok for you to scream for others to disclose their tax returns but not you?

I know you're a parasitical commie scoundrel but come on! 

I mean, you are a democrat and think transparency is important, right?



Things you won't see in the media:


Great summary of all the Russian collusion stuff. The irony, if anything, of all this is Trump is actually squeaky clean.


Three Stooges in Congress: Rashida, Alexandria and Ilhan. 

And these nitwits have the nerve to say Trump is divisive?


Don't fall for the 'we're only democratic socialists, ma'am!' line.

The end game of socialism is subjugation. Period.

Reminds me of the that skit on SNL and the clever shark terrorizing people. When the woman was onto to him he said, 'I'm just a dolphin, ma'am' and she naively believed him and opened to the door only to be eaten.

That's socialism.

It claims to be a dolphin but it's still a shark.


Assange arrested. Authoritarians and left-wing progressives rejoice!

How fitting it's the British - a police state masking as a democracy - did the arresting. Wikileaks warned about this last week.

Speaking of tyrannical shit holes, France is showing why it's a bad idea to let government censor anything.

The government shouldn't be in charge of censorship.

This is why Wikileaks was/is essential.


Pentagon awards nearly $1 billion in wall contracts.

"...During the first 60 days of the Trump administration, congressional Republicans used the CRA to undo 14 of the Obama administration’s last-minute regulations, many involving new workplace burdens on employers."

I can't see this as anything but good.

Obama was all about expanding the state.

Trump is retiring in runaway 'dark regulations.' He's forcing agencies to follow the damn law.

This is the sort of stuff that may go unrecognized or unappreciated but it's crucial and has to be done.


So. Now that Mueller is basically done. It looks like Barr and the administration are about to return fire.

Hey, Democrats chose this route so turn around is fair play. Or something,

Of course the media react predictably like the DNC stooges they are.

Check this quote out by Chuck Todd.

“Using the word spying,” the “Meet the Press” moderator said, “plays into the president’s language and argument that the Russia investigation to him is just a witch hunt, and every time they’ve brought up this allegation, there has been zero factual basis for it. Every effort to perpetrate the spying conspiracy theory has been debunked.”

It was absolutely a political witch hunt and one in which the media chose to believe. All they did was pump out unsubstantiated bull shit. The media were the biggest conspiracy theorists.



Ottawa to pay 400k in tax dollars to Rodham Road residents.

Had they done their damn jobs properly in the first place they woudn't have needed to do this.

Terrible governance this country is getting.


Ukraine wonders why The White House not taking their evidence about Democrat interference in their country under Obama.


Despite the angry, negative narrative pushed by the media and progressive left, America is the least racist society in the world.

Enjoyable interview.


The UK fires Scruton.

Still a shit hole.

Here's the guy who made it happen.

Another liar.


The Clintons are pathetic at this point.

I don't think people are understanding Trump is ushering in a revolution.

The three elephants in the room were immigration, tax and criminal reform. He has already gotten two with immigration likely to get settled once and for all - especially if he gets re-elected.

Oh. And so far he hasn't brought the country into a war and the economy is performing well so far.

Hilary would have maintained the Bush-Obama status quo and would definitely not have touched any of those issues because her whole shtick is power for its own sake.

America got it right when it elected Trump.


But it's happening. If you watch or read information outside the corporate left-wing media you know Trump is doing meaningful things.


It still baffles me how students - heck people in general - don't know this is happening. Just look at New York under fake-woke Cuomo.


Don't be surprised if Trump wins 2020 in a landslide. Have you seen the Democrat ticket?

Oh. Plus this. And there's much more where that came from.


Ocasio-Cortez appears on The Price Is Right.

She's an idiot. She's ignorant. She's illiberal. She's....racist.

The DNC are racists. Don't people get it? It's all projection with them.


Sooooo. The Mueller report came out. Lemme see if I get this straight. He didn't do anything as there was no underlying crime but Mueller still thinks something is there despite pretty much laying waste to people's lives and reputations (including framing a Russian)? Worse, and comical, the pivot is on 'obstruction'? If found *something* he would have, you know, explicitly wrote it down. Be he found nothing.

Which surprises literally no one who paid close attention and wasn't infected with TDS.

Cue sad trombone.

Of course, this won't stop people from now engaging in outright speculation as some kind of proof.

Get lost. I hope everyone involved in this banana republic circus - from the media who pimped this propaganda bull shit to officials - get raped by a pack of Giant Otters.

They gave law and justice a bad name.


Thanks Allan for stating the obivous.


A couple of naive, illiberal, illiterate socialist parasites use....capitalism to raise money for their anti-capitalism screed.

Can't make this shit up.


The three stooges take turns saying some stupid things some where.

The work in rotation. Rashida's turn here.


Twit from the Bronx's turn!

Good Lord. The paternalistic, pompous, racist arrogance of that bad accent!


As one of the most despicably corrupted and bankrupted state, Illinois decides to hold its own beer:

This week, the Illinois Senate passed along party lines a bill that would require presidential and vice-presidential candidates to release their tax returns in order to be on the Illinois ballot.

Sound governance you can count on.


CBS calls for violence.


They can rehearse and put fear into the minds of people but they still don't know jack shit about climate.

How that guy bagged not one - but two - heiresses with that chin is a marvel. Chapeau.


It's mine! MINE MINE MINE!

Bernie Grandpa Gulags likes capitalism. For himself.

And don't ask him to give more to charity or release his taxes.



Meh. Why not? Nothing would surprise me with the crooked enterprise known as Clinton Inc.


Right. There's no crisis at the border. Riiiight.


Michelle. I don't get it. The fascination with her seems so forced and fabricated.

I don't find her all that articulate or attractive. Her ideas are meh and boring. She acts and talks like someone who is actually malcontented.

This is a person people like to pretend has fashion sense (despite a legit, full on model and fashionista who speaks a few languages in Melania in The White House who they treat like a whore) and yaps bull shit about being a uniter and then says stupid shit like this.

Colbert is a pathetic retarded seal.


I don't know who said this but I ripped it off the Internet. That's still legal right? You never know with the tyrants anymore. I keep getting these annoying compliance notices and they usually are to comply with the retards in the EU parliament. Anyway...perfect.:

Trump is like the Roadrunner. He’s just going about his business, maybe well, maybe poorly, but basically minding his own, while suuupergeniuses concoct elaborate devices to entrap and destroy him. And somehow, at the end of each of each day, another anti-Trumper is sitting around bewildered and hurt, while Trump pops up to give the equivalent of a victory “meep” on Twitter, and runs off into the distance.


PETA is diabolical. Like Planned Parenthood. And the Democrats in NY and their infanticide law.

Andrew: Ma che vergogna. Veramente.


Sorry for the lack of Canadian content in these links. I will say if Albertans don't kick Notley to the curb, the province deserves what she gives.

Justin has zero credibility at this point. There's not much more to say. I think the dude is a megalomaniac. No one other than such can endure this amount of scandals in his closet as well as fierce criticism and scorn. Just me musing.

I have two more Derps going back months filled with CanCon so it's-a-comin.

That is all.

That this channel doesn't have more subscribers is a pity.


Notre Dame Church: Symbol Of France; Western Civilization

I'm glad Notre-Dame Church has been saved.

The importance of its existence can't be over stated.

God bless.


Justice Systems With No Compass

Think about it.

Jussie Smollet got off for his crimes. In plain view. The big middle finger. Fuck you the system gave the people.

Julian Assange - despite his short comings - is about to be fed to the wolves for disclosing the crimes committed by government in their own words.

Assange didn't make the crime. He just exposed it and will pay for it.

Smollet committed an actual crime and won't be held to account.

Don't get me going on the criminal that is Hilary and other politicians.

Same issue in Canada. Justin clearly is a corrupted fool. But he cares not for we aren't willing to demand a Prime Minister account for his actions despite being found guilty of ethics violations and likely more if we get to the bottom of SNC.

One has to hope a) karma exists or if man won't force other men to account then Biblical justice exists.

We're witnessing rampant corruption and we're cynically and manically not facing it choosing instead to be partisan.

These aren't examples of free and strong nations defending the rights and honour of citizens.

It's the actions of elites protecting their own.

And that's the damn truth. 


The Liberals Are Full Of Shit And Out Of Control


Scheer is not the one doing the lying.

It's Justin Trudeau and his clown party.

The Conservatives are 100% correct here.

Now the Liberals are out smearing everyone.

It's outrageous to think Justin is this petty, shallow and thin-skinned to threaten an Opposition leader with a lawsuit on the claim he's lying when the public has already been privy to how his government behaved during the SNC affair.

Hey Justin, stop lying and dicking around like the coward you are.

If you're innocent call a damn public inquiry. If not, you're the problem.

Basically, Justin has a) zero respect for Canadian intelligence and b) a piece of corn stuck in his brain and he should get one of his bobble head flunkies to fish it out. Trying to deflect this as a 'fake scandal' is ludicrous. Just like when Obama and Hilary blamed the attack on Benghazi on some putz and his video. An innocent man they then put in prison.

Assholes all around.

One can only hope karma is real.

This party has lost the moral authority to govern.

Notice Miller's rude behaviour.

When called out just shout down.

Like usual. The projection is strong with the Liberals.


The Astonishing Bloody Arrogance Of Justin

He's an incompetent fool not capable of shame or honour.

On what planet does he live to think this is a good idea?

As an aside, I've had just about enough of the Liberal Bobbleheads nodding their heads in agreement whenever he stands up and lies to Canadians on the floor of Parliament. How can they possibly stand behind this megalomaniacal buffoon? Unless they be as well of course.

I have no trust in this government.

What Does Evil Look Like?

“At age sixteen, my daughter ran away and reported to the Department of Child Services that she felt unsafe living with me because I refused to refer to her using male pronouns or her chosen male name. Although the Department investigated and found she was well cared for, they forced me to meet with a trans-identified person to “educate” me on these issues. Soon after, without my knowledge, a pediatric endocrinologist taught my daughter — a minor — to inject herself with testosterone. My daughter then ran away to Oregon, where state law allowed her — at the age of seventeen, without my knowledge or consent — to change her name and legal gender in court, and to undergo a double mastectomy and a radical hysterectomy. My once beautiful daughter is now nineteen years old, homeless, bearded, in extreme poverty, sterilized, not receiving mental health services, extremely mentally ill, and planning a radial forearm phalloplasty [a surgical procedure that removes part of her arm to construct a fake penis].”

There it is. Are these words heartbreaking enough for you?

It's not fucken Trump the Nazi.

It's the doctors, politicians, psychologists, educators, and the like. They're the ones who when time comes, history will not look kindly on them.

You want more government to control social and public policy? This is the slippery slope. A slope where you no longer have agency over your own family. Where you have to present and defend yourself to the all-being state to protect your child from monsters and Nurse Ratchet. 

Oh to you naive Canadians infected with TDS.


Justin And The Liberals: Our National Shame

This party has no shame. They just lie and obfuscate like I've never seen a party do.

This PM does precisely the opposite of what he claims. The more he screams 'transparency' and 'democracy' the more he acts like a petty dictator.

Oh, the annualized GDP growth is hovering 1%. Things aren't going well economically and this fool and his foolish party just snuck in a carbon tax.


Any Questions?

Pay close attention to the picture. Any questions?

This is what it's all about: Power and control of public and even social policy.