Is It Me Or Am I The Only One Having Problems With The New Blogger Interface?

Just wondering. It's a little problematic for me. It freezes up on me every few seconds and have to wait up to 20-25 seconds before it loosens up. Hard to type that way. It's to the point it's affecting the pace of posting.

Staring Down Italy's Challenges

A report on Italy from the CBC. A remarkable journey into what the once glorious nation is facing financially.

Phrases I Hate

We need to have a "meaninful discussion."

And its derivative "civil discussion."

People who say this are least likely to commit to it.

We Don't Need No (Paternalistic) Education

We're not quite Scandinavia yet but we'll get there soon enough.

The way I see it, if parents want to home-school let them. The way I see it, a private school should teach its own curriculum free of government interference. The way I see it, no one has to go there and everyone has the option to go to public school.

I don't understand the "one size fits all, top-bottom" paternalistic approach to education.

Does this make me extreme? Or a "hater?" I have to know how I'm labelled for branding purposes.


The students protesting - and rioting - in Quebec don't have a leg to stand on.

Have a look at this table.

Someone should ask, how on one end we have Quebec and Ontario at the other end?


Quebec On A Path To Nowhere

As a net-debt province, Quebec lives beyond its means.

Quebec has a problem. It has a generous welfare and social apparatus it really can't afford. Everyone knows this and most agree it's time to start tackling the debt which is in the neighborhood of 50% of its GDP. If Quebec were to be "officially recognized" as an independent state, it wouldn't even have a chance. It would sink.

Quebec does have some kind of a plan in place in the form of the 'Generation Fund' and 'Plan Nord' but that won't be enough. The former won't save enough by 2025 and the latter is a resource economic plan. Neither of which addresses the future of Quebec in what I think is the future: Technology.

By the way, the Liberal government campaigned on (modest) tuition hikes as one place to start. The reaction has been student protesting in the streets. Not just campuses, but on the streets. A feature mostly unique to Quebec.

What makes these excesses worse is Quebec's parochial mind set. Whatever advantages it may possess is squandered by the fact it insists (obsesses) on defining itself along linguistic lines. It doesn't view its citizens as assets; it views them as cultural pawns. The province is not creating an economic environment that encourages entrepreneurs. I don't even think it can (as long as the province continues to empower the sort of people that join the OLF this province will never maximize its potential. Ever) until it retires the antiquated 19th century romantic nationalist ideals.

Quebec, when it comes to political ideas is a typewriter in a world of evolving laptops.

This is the post-technological, post-internet age. The next minds of the succeeding generations will be focused on far grander projects like Project Glass, and reinvigorating space exploration. Implicit in social human progress is the acceptance of diversity and need not be a cornerstone of public policy for it will only be a drag on the new humanist approach ushered in.

This is why Quebec won't be a participant in this new age. It would prefer to figure out ways to make the internet French rather than create the next great engineering mind regardless of language.

The men and women, furthermore, who will form our next wealthy entrepreneurial class on the continent will be less sympathetic to the grand liberal experiment of the 20th century. They will reintroduce, and this is just my impression reading their thoughts and ideas on education, science, and business, the concept of the sovereign mind reconfiguring how we approach those subjects.

Quebec will benefit but will it be an active player contributing talent?

Right now, Alberta is showing signs of being the one place where cash can be converted into someone trying to, say, launch a rocket into space. Quebec will be too busy negotiating with SAQ unions.

This is why it is crucial the government has limited power when it comes to the internet. We need to usher in a whole new set of ideas/

Hopefully, this will be the next great leap forward.

Why For Thee And Not Me?

If Ron Paul's alleged past associations with certain organizations and actions (Constiutional Party, racist letter etc.) come up as points to question his credibility, then why are President Obama's past links to or with, for example, Jeremiah Wright, Marxist professors, Bill Ayers dismised?

I don't know what were/are the nature of the relationships for each but it's something I thought to put out there.


Wild Alberta

The Wildrose party is set to alter Alberta politics. Perhaps even Western or Canadian politics?

I say nationally because Alberta has wealth.

Misquotes And Arizona

The thing I find interesting is the President and his defenders are quick to go after Limbaugh for alleged misquotes or misleading comments, yet...itsokay when he does it, eh?

What about leading by example?



For the second time in the last couple of months the Federal government was back in front of the Supreme Court this time regarding Arizona's immigration laws. And like with Obamacare, the Feds looked clueless.

However, being clueless on both these issues doesn't mean the court will overturn anything.

Anyway. I always interpreted it as Arizona merely asking the Federal government to enforce its own laws.


It's For Our Own Collective Good. Shhh. Everything Is Gonna Be Alright. Shhh.

It's always a source of entertainment to read government literature.

"One day. One day, Maude, I swears peoples are-a gonna wake up and git it."

"Children employed in agriculture are some of the most vulnerable workers in America," said Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis. "Ensuring their welfare is a priority of the department, and this proposal is another element of our comprehensive approach."

How are they vulnerable? That they can get gonorrhea from a tractor? Where are the statistics showing kids are sawing off their hands with shed tools thus becoming a burden on health? What does comprehensive mean exactly? If so, what makes the DOL think it has the right to make that call on family farms?

I'm learning to ask such questions in daycare in Quebec. Lemme tell ya, they ain't got answers. It's bureaucratic sophistry. It's actually quite comical. They should make a Broadway musical. I'm not kidding.

Anyway. I'm disappointed no one has come up with the "Lawn Mower Safety Act."

"The proposal would strengthen current child labor regulations prohibiting agricultural work with animals and in pesticide handling, timber operations, manure pits and storage bins. It would prohibit farmworkers under age 16 from participating in the cultivation, harvesting and curing of tobacco. And it would prohibit youth in both agricultural and nonagricultural employment from using electronic, including communication, devices while operating power-driven equipment."

Storage bins? Really? So, at 15 you can't help daddy out, but magically at 16 you can? It's quite remarkable the reach here. Well, I guess they're protecting kids from disfigurement that could lead to one of them going psycho like in The Burning.

It's no different here in Quebec. I've witnessed first hand the racket of "strengthening our safety" garbage.

Oh, well I guess that's...

"The department also is proposing to create a new nonagricultural hazardous occupations order that would prevent children under 18 from being employed in the storing, marketing and transporting of farm product raw materials. Prohibited places of employment would include country grain elevators, grain bins, silos, feed lots, stockyards, livestock exchanges and livestock auctions."


The first time I handled a firearm I was 14. A 9-gauge. No permit. At a gun club. Yahoo! *Slams down glass of hootch.*

My uncle put it in my hands with zero experience. All he said was "be calm, aim and shoot." In Italian. Make that Calabrese. Other than the shells rattling of my arm (I'm left handed), it was a blast.

My off topic point is never try.

Read the rest of it here.

I wonder what the unintended consequences are going to be to this. How about...from The Daily Caller:

"The new regulations, first proposed August 31 by Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, would also revoke the government’s approval of safety training and certification taught by independent groups like 4-H and FFA, replacing them instead with a 90-hour federal government training course."

There. Done and done. Fixed. *Sign falls*

At least someone is thinking of the children.

I guess.

Can I get an 'Amen?"

Artest: Man Of Elbow

Ron Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace.

As a self-proclaimed ambassadorfor love, he proceeded to put it into action as we see here:

Of course, this has little to do with any arguments favoring "in the heat of the battle." This was simply a flagrant assault where a player lost control of his emotions. Simple as that. For this, he got seven games. A little light if you ask me. Artest is no stranger to behavioral problems. His rap sheet (no pun intended - for those who may not, he once asked for a leave of absence to go and record a rap album), is very long. Disturbingly long. He's been suspended, I think it's 115 games in total during his career.

The most infamous offense was the brawl in Detoit between the Pistons and the Pacers - who Artest was playing for at the time. He got 73 games for going into the stands. I think that's the longest suspension in pro sports history outside of Shoeless Joe.

I think he should reconsider. How about Global Conflict?

Artest (which really is close to the word 'arrest' interestingly), should hook up with Man City's bad boy Mario Balotelli.

Riot police stand guard. If I'm Vienna, I'm making those calls to conduct psychology tests.



Radix malorum est cupiditas.

The love of money is the root of all evil.

Big difference from "money is the root of all evil."

Tuesday Night Blue Skies

Blue Skies written by Irving Berlin.

Bev's Life

Bev Oda's life of luxury...as a public servant.

Bev Oda: Gar-kon, oh, Gar-kon!
Waiter: Yes, madame?
Bev: Could you take this orange juice away?
Waiter: Yes, madame. Is there something wrong with it?
Bev: It doesn't taste Florida enough.

Kinda ironic, you know living it up during a conference for the, like, poor.

All this "conservatism" is too much for this little blogger to handle.

Oh. Another apology. Another day. Sigh.


The One And Only Holocaust!

“We must tell our children about a crime unique in human history,” Obama said. “The one and only Holocaust — six million innocent people — men, women, children, babies — sent to their deaths just for being different, just for being Jewish. We tell them, our children, about the millions of Poles and Catholics and Roma and gay people and so many others who also must never be forgotten.”

Much is being made about President Obama's speech at the U.S. Holocaust Museum and his inclusion of gays. To those sufficiently informed about history this is just a fact. However, they weren't singled out to the degree the Jews were.

But that's not the point of this point. Is it me or does using the phrase "the one and only" a tad too casual for such a subject matter? He wasn't, after all, introducing Sammy Davis at a Dean Martin roast.

Poor choice of words.


Occupy Puts Corporate Personhood On The Table

Dissent magazine discusses corporate personhood.

Alfred E. Obama

I don't think the economy will turn around in the United States. If it doesn't, President Obama's chances of reelection whither.

Meh. I never liked that empty, puerile campaign slogan 'Yes we can' much anyway. It's as if the Democrats put their marketing in the hands of some young intern.

You know things are really bad when you make the cover of Mad Magazine four times.

Yes we can...make things worse!

Yes...I still read Mad from time to time.

Following The Money

Is that the sound of a tree falling in a forest on Suzuki's credibility?

It's amazing just how powerful TV (the CBC in this case. Remember kids, without it we have nothing to keep this country from coast to coast to keep us unified) is in converting a tv show host into a "science" expert.


Dick Clark Passes

It would be rather silly of me,as a music fan, not to mention the passing of Dick Clark. American Bandstand had become an institution under his guidance.

Andy Kim, in past conversations, had always spoken kindly of Clark. Kim appeared on AB back in the 1970s.

Shanahan Hands Appropriate Ruling

I completely, 100% agree with this ruling. The NHL is still inconsistent with their message and come off looking like a mickey mouse operation (the playoffs have been rather dirty) but handing Raffi Torres a 25 games suspension was the right signal to send.

Even Don Cherry is on board with it.

Enough already.

Levon Helm (1940-2012)

To music fans, The Band were/are an essential part of the listening experience. Helm was the only American born member of the and was essential in defining the smooth, soulful, Americana roots sound of the group. The Band are easily one of Canada's (they formed in California I believe) overtones, greatest musical jewel.

I hadn't realized Robbie Robertson and Helm were still at odds.

Subsidize This!

I don't support subsidies of any kind. I certainly don't believe states and provinces should use public funds for billionaire business people who have access to liquidity for sports teams.

The rationale (they save jobs!, we need to keep the team! etc.) behind them remain vacuous and only skew the reality in my mind.

They're inherently unfair. If that guy, why not that one?

Simple as that.


Of Nazis And Slaves

At some point, we're all Nazis and slaves.

The latest bad analogy to grace our collective experiences as a rotten species is this gem by way of Jim Hansen; King of NASA:

"This week, NASA climate scientist James Hansen described climate change as a “great moral issue” similar to the movement to end slavery. He linked the climate change debate with the 19th century struggle to abolish slavery from the United States with his claim that both have enormous consequences and are behind the “injustice of one generation to others.” He made the comments in the lead-up to an award he will receive next week for his contribution to science."

Operative phrase: He "linked."

What rubbish.

This is not to argue against his overall premise - that climate change is real and will have a significant impact on humanity - but to use slavery is to manipulate and appeal to an emotional impulse.

Slavery has always been part, and likely be a part of in some way, of human history. Once this fact is accepted, we can move on to the next point.

That being despite its existence it hasn't destroyed us, and most probably never will, as a species.

As per - yawn - usual whenever someone wants to make a dramatic point, he's conflating American experiences with slavery unique to its history and circumstances to something far bigger. In this case, climate change and its potential global impact. Unlike slavery which is made up of humans, it's part of something much larger than us: Mother Nature.  Always will be.

It's a science issue. Not saying there are no "moral" components. Just saying it shouldn't get mixed up with stuff like, I don't know, slavery.

I don't see how politicizing it makes it necessarily more true.

Sounds like he's trying to force science to catch up to an ideal.


Being a skeptic, by the way, doesn't necessarily make someone a shill for big oil.


Anyway, not all of NASA is on board.

More On Death Of Soccer Player Morisini

As Fabrice Muamba was discharged from hospital after escaping death, more news continued in the aftermath of Piermario Morisini who wasn't as fortunate.

After a brief post about it I didn't expect a follow up.

What adds to this story, as with any tragedy, is how humanity unfolded. To begin, Morisini along with his two siblings were orphans. As if that wasn't enough, his brother committed suicide leaving his sister and an aunt as his only living family.

Despite all this, the midfielder still managed to play pro soccer (Serie B) reaching the zenith of representing the Azzurrini (U-21 national side).

Story doesn't end there.

Enter Udinese striker Antonio Di Natale.

Di Natale, who once player with Morisini (Morisini had been on loan to Livorno from Udinese), has been Italy's top striker and quality player (a millionaire star it goes without saying) for a couple of seasons, and at the age of 34 has declared pondering retirement.

This while seizing guardianship of Morini's sister.

From what I've read Livorno is considering setting up a life annuity for her while Udinese is said to also looking into offering help.

I don't want to post footage of Morisini collapsing here but if you want to see it, you can view it here.

Finally, for more on Di Natale and how the soccer world has reacted, again, head to the Italian Serie A soccer link above.

We're All Legal Scholars Now

Where does he (Biden) come up with this stuff?

Franken, according to wiki, graduated with honors in political science.

Academically smart and capable, but no "legal scholar."


A-ooh! Werewolf Of New Brunswick

Caption: My first girlfriend.

Seriously. Why didn't they just wait to first find out it is indeed a wolf before posting these pics?

Bits Of History

The senseless verbal attack on Ann Romney reminded me of Rachel Jackson.

Zimmerman, Rosen, And Canadian Fly Toys

Zimmerman has been formerly charged. From what I've been reading (mostly law blogs), a conviction may be tough to get. Good liuck, Charlie.

The sad thing is even if the facts (and truth) prove self-defense some people have made up their minds  long time ago. It's as if cumulative injustices of the past should impact present and future cases in perpetuity.


Hilary Rosen. I'll let the Christian Science Monitor take it from here. It was, no matter how it's diced (and I've heard some good ones), an incredibly stupid thing to say.

Didn't Ann Romney battle breast cancer and has MS?

Nice move.

I think it's appropriate to chime in with a "imagine if a Republican said that!"


Canada has to upgrade, at some point, its fleet of CF-18 fighter jets. The recent F-35 controversy shouldn't detract from this fact. Canada isn't the only one to back out of the expensive deal. Australia did and so did the Dutch - though they'll just be buying less than originally ordered.

Here's the thing. Canadians still exhibit somewhat of a naive attitude towards the military. One I heard was "why do we need new jets when we're a part of NATO?" and the other is more of a classic "who will invade us we're so peaceful!"

Part of the reason why, and this is just a pragmatic guess I reckon, no one messes with Canada is, well, you know the most powerful military in the history of the world is our neighbor - and they happen to be friendly. I think you'd think twice before coming after Canada with a nation possessing all that hardware itching to use its toys.

So what we're a part of NATO? Does this imply NATO would automatically come to our defense? Shouldn't we first be able to defend ourselves? Besides, who would take the chance and wait around while an international may play politics during an attack however unlikely? If anything, it's the United States that would intervene on our behalf. Canadian nationalists, of course, would howl with derision but that would be the most practical and realistic scenario.

Second, because we're a part of NATO doesn't mean we don't have to pull our weight. One of those commitments includes upgrading our equipment.


Another Legend Disappears

Emile 'Butch' Bouchard, a member of the Le Club Hockey Canadiens' Ring of Honor, has passed away at the age of 92.

For his story, I refer to the one where he rode his bike 80 kilometers to try out for the Canadiens.

Back then, it seems, players would die for their team.

Once upon a time, long ago, in a galaxy far away, the Montreal Canadiens were the greatest hockey organization in the world.

Now, they stand lost in the shuffle amongst many.


Altogehter now, how great were they?

So great they took on in 1975 the mightiest of all hockey empires - the Soviet Union - and outplayed them in a 3-3 tie (38-13 shots in favor of the Habs) in what is considered the greatest hockey game ever contested. The Soviets were like a bunch of Terminators on the ice. Precise in their passing, artistic in their skating, and deadly in their shooting accuracy, they invoked pure fear like Huns descending on a hapless village. Russian players still exhibit those classical attributes.

Yet, still on the cusp of what was to be their last great dysnasty,the Habs measured up well against them.

Amazing how things have changed. Now I don't think they could take on Latvia or Ukraine let alone the CCCP.

Channel Bites Dust

I was told by my cable provider that Fox Sports World was being cut April 30 and that we would have to replace the channel.

I don't know if it's the "world's best" soccer show, but it was unfortunate since Fox soccer report was solid. They covered all games and leagues in every confederation. While the other sports channels cover the traditional North American sports, FSW was king of soccer. The other networks don't offer the same in-depth coverage. The closest thing was Rogers sportsnet in Canada but FSW had my attention mostly because it was on at 10pm.

Picture Tells Story

Italian footballer Piermario Morosini collapsed and died on the pitch this weekend. All professional games scheduled were cancelled. This image captures the drama:

Power Of Television

I will never go through life again without thinking of George Costanza whenever I hear "marine biologist."


On Second Thought

I never was a fan of allowing professional athletes to take part in the Olympics. Duane Wade ain't helping me turn that opinion around.

Mostly because, well, stuff like this:

And this.

Paid professional Oympians are an oxymoron anyway.

Leave the Olympics to the amateurs.

Otherwise Known As The Dr. Johnny Fever Test

Drink extra coffee, have one more glass of beer or wine, smoke another cigar, have risky sex with that neighbour you've been eyeing, eat raw fat...sure, why not?

Fine. Let's not get too excited. You know how some people get whenever a report spins a small positive on a vice.

Natheless, the article is so thin on details, I'm not sure what to make of it except to recall Dr. Johnny Fever tanking down shots while on air with a Sheriff trying to proof reaction-time slows with each passing drink. Fever got quicker as he drank more.

For starters, define "problem solving." What did they try and crack? A military secret code? One of those notorious "if a train is moving in one direction at 5mph" tests? An algebra equation? Maybe a "if a tree falls in a forest filled with doped up Amazons" rhetorical question?

Doped up Amazons. Nice.


About Lacrosse And Petrino

"Although six of the league's nine teams are based in the United States, over 75% of the players are Canadian. Aproximately half of the league's players originate within 75 miles (125 km) of Toronto.

The remainder of the players are either American or Iroquois, with a select few Europeans and Australians."

Talk about being a niche sport.

Toronto, without question, is Canada's major sports market.

Despite the league being dominated by Canadians, it's the United States that dominate the world lacrosse championships - which basically is a contest between three countries including Australia. Weird how that works out.


I love this bit. Stupid British government:

"The Iroquois Nationals' participation in the championships was threatened in a dispute over passports. The team sought to travel on their Haudenosaunee passports, but the British government demanded evidence that the United States would allow the Iroquois to travel and return. Even after the United States Department of State gave the team a one-time waiver, the British government denied entry to the team, saying the Iroquois passports were unacceptable.

As a result, the Iroquois would have had to forfeit their opening match against England, with the host team playing Germany in an exhibition match instead."

Oh well.


Speaking of sports, I was listening to a French language reports on the Montreal Impact's second home game of the season against Toronto FC. They were wondering why the attendance went down to 23 000 from the 58 000 that attended the first game against the Chicago Fire.

I don't know where the wearied eyes come from. What's so surprising about it?

First off, it was a novelty. Some people just want to be at the "first game ever" to tell their friends and family even though they may never attend another game again. "Hey, there whatcha talkin' 'bout? The Impact? I was at the first game ever!" Snaps suspenders.

Second, it was the home season opener. Sorta like how the Expos would attract 50 000 people (mixed in with fans) and then attendance would revert back to normal averages (historically 21 000).

Third, it never occurs to Montreal talking heads that we're not that great of a sports market. Sports events are another matter. The overall average this city will support for any extended period of time (a season) is about 20 000. That's what the market will bear. I have no evidence to support this claim, just years of following the city's sports landscape.

It doesn't take a genius to compare our city to other cities of similar sizes, like Philadelphia and Boston, to see we're not a hard core sports town.

Just calling a spade a spade, dudes.


About Bobby Petrino. I don't know the full details as to why he was fired but something tells me him banging a girl wasn't as much an issue (we're only miserably human) as putting her on the payroll. People can turn so many cheeks.

He was a great coach for one of the best programs in the land, but he kinda abused his power, no?

Daycare Update

One year anniversary.

Still standing.


Just Some Stuff Inspired By The Virgin Mary

Angelus ad Virginem was a popular carol in the Middle Ages. Its author is unknown and it's likely it landed in Britain/Ireland by way of French Franciscan friars. It was mentioned in Chaucer's gaudy and vulgar Miller's Tale.

Here is a musical composition by John Taverner. Listen this while reading Archie.

Sez Green People: You Don't Get It

The False Promise of Green Energy.

Read review here.

It opens:

"One of the main ways by which the Obama administration was to heal the planet, cool down the climate, and lower rising sea levels while increasing America's energy independence, reducing its carbon footprint, and dragging it out of the economic recession was through the creation of millions of well-paid, abundant, stable, unionized (with full benefits), healthy, environmentally beneficial, and geographically dispersed "green jobs."

After all, as visionaries ranging from Anthony Van Jones to the staffers of the United Nations Environment Program have long argued, nature offers us renewable energy in abundance because the sun shines, the wind blows, the tides roll, and we live on a molten rock. Only private-sector greed, stupidity, inertia, and vested interest in old-fashioned ways blocked our road to ecotopia. From Germany and Spain to California and Texas, "constructive government partnerships" fortunately channeled much green (typically a few hundred thousand dollars per job "created or saved") toward green-job proposals. True, minor hurdles such as overturning the laws of physics and economics needed to be overcome, but what could environmental pioneers and elected officials fail to accomplish with access to other people's money? "

Oh, come now. Someone has to think of the children, no?

Isn't the curly lightbulb a product of green innovation?

Guillen Suspended

Remarkable this Ozzie Guillen story.
Suspending him for it is horsespit.

I too marvel at how long Castro has managed to hold on to power despite turning a gem of a country like Cuba into a pisshole. I look forward to the day when its people are free again. Castro's ideas, if you can call them that, are antiquated and go against one of our most cherished values we collectively strive for in Western civilization: Freedom.

Alas, even in those advanced lands and nation-states liberty is clearly on the ropes.

Therein lies the irony. Cuban-Americans who fled Castro's dictatorship did so to, in part, be free. Part of being free is to be able to speaks one mind. Guillen's comments weren't well received by the community and perhaps there should be consequences but shouldn't that be between the Marlins, the community and Guillen without taking the drastic step of suspending someone for speaking?

He apologized. "Let's talk" should be the next step.


Picture Of The Day

Discarded train in Japan.

Quote Of The Day

“I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president I actually respect the Constitution.”

President Obama March 30, 2007.

I remember back in 2008 murmurs surfaced as to whether he was a professor. I don't know since it wasn't really investigated.

I've read he was an adjunct professor where he lectured on race relations and electoral law. The closest acceptance to he being a professor is in this media link to the Univeristy of Chicago.

From 1992 until his election to the U.S. Senate in 2004, Barack Obama served as a professor in the Law School. He was a Lecturer from 1992 to 1996. He was a Senior Lecturer from 1996 to 2004, during which time he taught three courses per year. Senior Lecturers are considered to be members of the Law School faculty and are regarded as professors, although not full-time or tenure-track. The title of Senior Lecturer is distinct from the title of Lecturer, which signifies adjunct status. Like Obama, each of the Law School's Senior Lecturers has high-demand careers in politics or public service, which prevent full-time teaching. Several times during his 12 years as a professor in the Law School, Obama was invited to join the faculty in a full-time tenure-track position, but he declined."

Ok. So.

Professor or not?

I wish they'd just come out and say it. I see, here, at best an "assistant." Not that there's anything wrong with that. Maybe he was damn good at it. Passionate even.

But, there's no mention of whether he taught constitutional law as a professor, wrote any thesis or even practiced it effectively. To be a professor demands serious research background. Does anyone have information about his time at Harvard?

In any event, the quote should give time for thought. Just because you're a "constitutional professor" doesn't mean you'll "respect" it.

I know plenty of people in banking who are trained to respect this and that and don't.

Another related example, is they may sell products that invest in bonds but don't know how a bond actually works. The mechanics as to how a bond comes to market are not necessary. They don't actually research and trade bonds. To do so would take you into another world.

One, I guess using my experience, can own a daycare but it doesn't mean they respect the laws governing it - or even the kids they care for.

As you can see, it's entirely possible Obama doesn't know that much about the Constitution or even "respects" it.

One thing is clear as clear, he's no Thomas Jefferson or James Madison.

Don't Make A Mistake With CRA

Frankly, I do think taxes across the board are too high. This sort of stuff doesn't help.

I'm still stunned my municipality doesn't offer a monthly payment plan on taxes due. Worse, they turn around and charge 18% for late payments on taxes.

Moreover, as I tell every chance I get, if payroll taxes were eliminated I would be able to shift that money over into hiring a new person. Simple as that. I don't care I can claim that against income at the end of the year. I need the money now.

I ask, over the long-term, what's better for "la societe?" Taxing payroll or hiring an individual? Basic and straightforward. Discuss.

Call a spade a spade. Interest charged by loan sharks is no different to these practices.

What compels the government to stress citizens this way? Are they that dependent (addicted?) on our money?

Get Used To It MSM

I still hear radio hosts and read newspaper writers write in contempt of bloggers and blogging in general. You can tell they have stomach aches or PMSing by the tone of how they describe blogging. In some cases, sure, they do so ostensibly with a calm mind but for the most part, they view it as a nuisance. Statements like "where did you hear that rumour from a blogger?" and "this is not some blog written by a kid in his basement" are not uncommon.

They have no clue. They jsut don't. A person who still laments blogging is hopeless and doomed to become irrelevant in the long-run - if they aren't already.

Blogging has removed the "middle-man" (like editors and others who determine what gets published and how it's reporte and written) to information.

Use it wisely. One of the knocks against blogging is pretty much that - self-editing. In the wrong hands and it can be silly. But the "blogging market" will weed that crap out anyway. It's not that easy to fire, I reckon, a columnist.


Magnum P.I: The Lost Scene

INT: DAY. HELICPOTER. MAGNUM, T.C. (Theodore Calvin not the blogger), HIGGINS, and RICK sit in T.C.'s helicopter.

Magnum: So where we heading guys?
T.C.: Erm, to see Michelle.
Magnum (looks to Higgins and Rick): Michelle?

Higgins and Rick look away.

Magnum: What's going on?
T.C.: Keep quiet, Thomas.
Magnum: I won't keep quiet! Higgins! Are those sharks down there?
T.C.: Don't make it hard on yourself, Thomas. Either you jump or we push you out.
Magnum: What? Why?
T.C.: You owe Island Hoppers over $5000 and you owe Higgie baby thousands more for repairs on the Ferrari!
Magnum (to Rick): Do I owe you too?
Rick (hands an invoice silently)
Magnum: For services rendered to Ice Pick consulting?
T.C. (points to the ocean): Come up with the cash or off you go.
Magnum: You know I don't have that kind of money! I have this case...

They all pull a gun on Magnum.

Magnum (looks down): Come on guys.

They all look away. As he's about to jump, T.C. says something.

T.C.: Wait!
Magnum: Yes?
T.C.: Give me that Tigers cap.
Magnum: No!

They wrestle it off him and place an Orioles cap in place.

Magnum falls off helicopter during tussle.

They all look down in shock as sharks begin feasting.

Higgins: Magnum!

They all look down and see nothing but a pool of blood and a floating Orioles cap.

Rick, without saying a word, clutches Tigers cap and puts it on even though it doesn't fit him right. They fly off.

A Journey Into Middle English

Emily (Emilia) from Chaucer's The Knight's Tale in The Canterbury Tales.

Or as I call it, "Two dudes fight for chick who  knows not they live."

In iambic pantemeter of course.

Thus ends bad poet's short post in view plain.


Jokers To The Right Of Me

The NHL is at its confusing self once more.

 Let's see for all to debate. Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik, key to the Pens aspirations for the chalice of champions, flagrantly sticks a knee out on New York Rangers forward Derek Stepan. with no consequent suspension.

Meanwhile, Ryan Clowe of the San Jose Sharks plays the puck while sitting on the bench in a game with playoff implications of some weight, in which the Sharks eventually win against the Los Angeles Kings in a shoot out, and the league decides the offense warrants no suspension as well.

It's enough for someone to go off. Wait. Someone did!

Rangers coach John Tortorella was fined $20 000 for his comments in the aftermath of the Orpik knee on knee. It was classic, vintage, Torto-rella. He has the perfect culinary name: "I'll have the pesto Tortorella." Try it.

Seems to me players taking physical liberties against one another is a tad more problematic than what a coach has to say about another team, no? Meh. As long as the sticks don't start swinging...

The league needs a good dose of disciplinary consistency - fast.


Good Friday

Caravaggio's 'The Taking of Christ.'

The rest was history.

An Interesting Index To Monitor

The Cordray Index:
"...To measure the CFPB’s impact, Breakingviews has created a proxy equity index of companies who may now fall under the purview of the agency. The "Cordray Index" consists of 15 publicly traded companies. It comprises big firms like $11 billion Western Union and $15 billion credit scorer Experian (the one non-U.S. component of the index) and those with market caps below $1 billion, such as repo-man Portfolio Recovery Associates and Advance America, a chain of stores making cash advances..."

Graph in link.

H/F (high-five) to Volokh.


Been following the fascinating debate regarding the constitutionality of Obamacare - specifically the 'individual mandate' relating to the 'commerce clause' in the Supreme Court.

By all accounts, things didn't go too well for the Feds. In fact, it was what some may describe a nightmare.

In any event, Americans won't find out for sure until the summer when SCOTUS is expected to rule.

Obama claims it would be "unprecedented" if an unelected body would overturn legislation passed by Congress (in this case, ACA) who claim to have "broad consensus" from the electorate.

There's been much debate about President Obama's political theater, not absolutely uncommon in American history, regarding scolding SCOTUS (recall the Alito incident), but one thing polls have consistently shown is Obamacare wasn't (and still isn't) all that popular nor broad.

How can anyone know for sure? The book on Obamacare is larger than Costanza's wallet filled with 2700 pages. That's like, what, the equivalent of three Russian novels?

Well, ok, someone must have read it; like State Attorney-Generals and nerds.

In any event, isn't SCOTUS reviewing the ACA fundamentally normal? That is, does it not fufill the, one of cornerstones in the form of "checks and balances" of American governance?

Demanding or asking for restraint, or deference or pondering the merits of activism are buzz words and arguments distracting from this basic principle of guarding the legislative branch.

Let the courts do their jobs for if it is truly constitutional then the Federal government has nothing to worry about, right?

But conservatives and libertarians shouldn't squawk and gloat until, you know, the decision is made.


Fashion Tip

I've noticed a few sports commentators purposely sporting crooked ties.

That's fine. 'Un touche de negligence pour l'homme l'elegant' as they say in Paris.

The problem is they do it full buttoned. The trick is to leave one hole unbuttoned and then twist your tie to the left or right. That way you show you can be unconventional with conventional attire. The other way just shows your an amateur and emits the sense you're absent minded.

Now go out and get spiffy.

Do As I Say

Saw a cop talking on the phone while driving today..

It takes a certain degree of arrogance to do that I reckon, what, with it being against the law and all.

Just saying.


So Close


Finished second in the NCAA pool. I picked Kentucky but not having the guts to take Kansas over UNC in the Final Four was the difference.



Secret To Life

T.C. is always happy to help people along with any advice.

Wanna know what the secret to life is?

Two words really.

Love and happiness?

Good guess but it's only a part of a bigger taco. You ain't gonna get this excellent advice in a fancy book or snazzy school or even a stripper. You'll get here. Now. For FREE!

Ever wonder why your life is stuck in neutral and the stick shift is as stubborn as a pig refusing to get on the the conveyor belt to be slaughtered? Ever wonder why you're so scared, frightened like a virgin about to be sacrificed to a tribal god somewhere on the global right at this moment (statistics show a young person is sacrificed every 33 seconds in Ontario alone! It's true look it up). We at T.C.'s Cosmic Pawn know and see all!


No cash flow, buh-bye.

Yes cash flow, huh-lo.

Everything flows from there.

Congratulations, here's your diploma.

Want to improve cash flow? Send a money-order in the name of Penn. Inc. #2344 for $39.95. If you do it within, I don't know, one minute, I'll reduce the price to $38.89! What are you waiting for? Don't trust me yet? I'm thinking of a number right this second. If you use it, magical things will start to happen to you in, three or days. Or weeks! Months even! Just say you're interested and I will give you that number ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Please. Let me help you!


INT: BEDROOM. DAY. Someone shouts to T.C. from downstairs.

T.C.: What, ma? I'm busy!
Voice: I want to know if you want bacon on your sausage sugar stacks!
T.C.: Add some liquid sugar on top of it!


Sketches 'N Snippets With T.C.

INT. KITCHEN. NIGHT. T.C. sitting at the table with DAUGHTER and WIFE wasted on hootch while helping with daughter's homework.

Daughter: Daddy.
T.C.: You call me duddy, you hear?
Wife: That's enough, T.C. Go ahead and ask your father a question, dear.
Daughter: What things do you bring on camping trip?
Wife: Oh. That's hard.
T.C.: Well, you'll need a scalping knife so you can sell the fur to some Injuns who still think it's 1672. You can screw them hard. Like five bucks a pelt or something. Stupid otters.
Daughter: What does he mean, mommy?
Wife: T.C.! You'll need a tent. A flashlight...
T.C. (interrupts): And a sawed-off shot gun to blow some game's head off. For fun.
Wife: This is completely inappropriate!
T.C.: What? You're the one that said I don't help enough with her homework!
Wife:  I hadn't realized just how deep the insanity ran.
T.C.: Don't forget a tranquilizer gun if anything to look like you know what you're doing.
Wife: Where are those pills?

Sports Corruption In Montreal - Yawn

Funny how this isn't even a topic of discussion on sports shows in the city. I don't know, it's kinda sleazy, no?

It's Montreal. Should anyone be surprised?

I remember at the time when Montreal got the rights to host FINA, even before it began there was a dark cloud of suspicion. Now we have more to the story.

Love this opening paragraph:

"The question that remains seven years later is how the organizers of one of the city’s biggest international sporting events since the 1976 Olympics managed to eat through at least $20 million in funding from the three levels of government and still end with a deficit without anyone being held accountable."

*Mind shatters*

19th Century Literature


Of these popular 19th century novels:

The Count of Monte Cristo, The Three Muskateers, Madame Bovary, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Phantom of the Opera versus Frankenstein, Dracula, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice and Great Expectations.

Which group do you prefer? France vs. England!

Someone Can Lose An Eye

See, this is why it's bad to have putzes writing for your sports pages.

This gem from The Gazette sports pages:

"If you subtract"

Oh, God. Get your calculators out, Kiddies!

"the team-record 15 points these Canadiens have earned through losses in overtime or the shootout, they would be sitting on 58 points with three games to play, with a record of 29-50."

Timmy - snap, snap - follow me here, k? Officially, the NHL ranks a team's record as follows: Wins, Loss, Overtime. No specifics distinguishing overtime losses from shoot out losses. The local paper took the initiative and did it.


Using the Habs record as our guinea pig.

According to the NHL: 29-35-15 - 73 points.
Sportspaper: 29-35-4-11-73 points.

They both arrive at the same points but there's no clarity. *Shakes head solemnly.*

So. Our dear writer, to make a point, decided to take the 15 OT/SOL and slot them in the loss column. Presto! 29-50! All I can say is, run a business this way and your sunk.

It's misleading and here's why. In theory, the Habs only lost four of the 15 games and tied 11 because theoretically speaking (again), once OT is complete and goes to SO, the game effectively ended in a tie - if we're to apply the old rules as we ought to.

At worst, the record can be expressed like the NHL does it or, more accurately (I think) as 29-39-11 which would put them at 69 points. So they lose four points, which makes sense.

What he should have been focusing on was how bad teams actually benefit from gaining points for winning in shoot out where they'd otherwise have not gotten the extra point in the past. Plus/Minus differential is not enough.

In this way, the Canadiens are just a bad shoot out team and don't actually gain much. In fact, they lose four points. Either way, they still suck and they suck squared for having hired Pierre Gauthier and suck cubed for keeping Gainey in place for so long when it was clear they were in fact both insane. Who knows? Maybe they were busy role playing The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckell and Mr, Hyde.

If anything, I'd like to know how many points they threw away to key opposition teams. Not that it matters because I doubt it would be enough to get them in the playoffs anyway.

Besides, I'm too lazy to check it out. Worse, I don't care. But I can get away with it because I'm just a lowly blogger as we're often told by the "masters." Paid journalists couldn't be bothered to do it so why should you, right?

It's stupid, but hey, it's hockey. A sport that suspends a player (I'm looking at you Duncan Keith), for a violent, blatant elbow to another player subsequently putting him out indefinitely with a concussion for...get this...five games.

Anyway. Moving along.

Worse even than the 2000-01 team, which finished with 70 points.

Etc., etc.. Funny, he took a legitimate gripe and proceeded to make a mess of it. He ended up being right that it's worse than 2001 but even Screetch gets it right from time to time.

We're done here.

Where's that Paul Krooooooogman article again?

Ask T.C.

"As I grow older, I find myself becoming more and more la bleeding-heart iberal. Does this mean I'm wiser or just becoming lazy? Or something else? Something more sinister? Help!"

Mo, Deerfield, Fl.

Dear Mo,

I can't answer that question because I don't have permission ,via a magical permit, from the state to do so.


If I were to guess, it's likely a little albino midget-gnome is starting to gnaw at the part of your brain that makes you think. Whoa!

Or it may just be limerence.


Just guessing. Remember, I need a license to practice on the internet.


I have no idea what the facts are, well, because gathering them seemed to have been the first casualty in the Zimmerman-Martin case.

But one thing I've learned to do in life is to step aside and watch all the jackals, assholes, hypocrites and jerk-offs alike of all colours and stripes and many backgrounds act with faux indignation while scant proof of squat.

Sadly, the die has been cast. Good luck with that, Mr. or Mrs. Find the Truth.



Soccer Mourns Passing Of A Legend

Wow. Giorgio Chinaglia was a total legend. One of my first soccer balls was a 'Giorgio Chinaglia.'

Chinaglia is best known for being a member of the New York Cosmos alongside Pele and Franz Beckenbauer. The thing people forget, despite the latter two being among the greatest players to ever play at their respective positions, Chinaglia was as popular a figure and key to promoting the now-defunct NASL.

The other thing to remember is he was best known for his playing days at Lazio and his bad boy image in Italy including his alleged ties to the mob. A reputation that eventually kept him off the national team and at his prime left for New York where he became the league's most prolific scorer.

Italy in 1978 reached the semi-finals at the World Cup, one could only wonder if Chinaglia could have put them in the finals.