Random Thoughts

- Ever notice when media opinion makers and academics say we live in 'extraordinary times' whenever a Republican is power? It's something I noticed.

-It's the same with their use of 'far right', 'far right extremism', and 'alt-right' to described anyone who disagrees with the narrative. Apparently, 'populism' = right-wing in their world. Jordan Peterson gets tagged as 'alt-right' (with ZERO proof I might add. That you perceive or interpret what he's saying as 'alt-right' isn't proof). On the other hand, you never hear them call Antifa, Marxist professors, Michael Moore, the talk show circuit, BLM etc., as 'far left' or 'extremists'. In my view, they're the very definition of 'left-wing extremist' thinking.

-Moronic Santa Barbara politicians and celebrities have teamed up to use their influence to turn peaceful, law-abiding citizens into criminals through the coercive force of the state.

Must be important if these two paragons and pillars of genius tag team, right?

Yeah. No.

They lend their names to one of the most absurd and specious piece of environmentalism in banning straws. People can in theory be fined or prosecuted for using one in the name of some turtle and based on flimsy science and data that apparently focused on third world shit holes. And while some poor low income schmuck is gonna get the hand cuff treatment, how much you wanna bet Tom Brady is still gonna suck on straws?

Courtesy from the 'I love fucking science' cult. 

Oh T.C.. You're exaggerating. No one is gonna be fined! They always say that. 

But if this is true (and I don't believe that it is), why put it on the books and add yet another layer of excessive laws for LEO to deal with? Why?

Progressives are unbelievable in their authoritarianism to the point of astonishing.


Disgraceful Presidential Historians

You've seen the list I'm sure. You know. The one that has Obama as a top 10 President - STOP LAUGHING - and Trump (despite being barely two years into the job) as among the worst.


Something is amiss.

Forget Obama and his eight years of splendid mediocrity and remedial leadership.

I'm going to focus on Trump.

Two things are worth noting. One, the economy is humming along (growth is solid, unemployment is low and in record numbers among blacks), and two, the United States isn't mired in any war; wars specifically started by Trump.

How these two major factors somehow have eluded historians (who don't even have the decency to wait his term (s) out) and permit them to give him such a low grade is astonishingly bizarre.

As if this isn't enough, the administration is not without significant achievement directly of Trump's doing.

Before I begin, in case any of you are paying any close attention and exercising your bull shit antennae and critical thinking skills, you'll notice behind the the conspiracy of the fabricated Russia story lies the fact Trump was right all along: United States intelligence was indeed spying not just on Americans but political figures which is against the law. 

The fact that the Russia 'collusion' (now called 'interference'  (think how global warming became climate change) story began within the DNC and its servers and that they refused to let the FBI investigate them because it would expose their ties to Russia (ie Hilary and Uranium One, Bill's speaking engagements, the Podesta connection to Russia, and The Clinton Foundation) coupled with the Trump campaigned being indeed a target of spying (which by the way we now know Obama was aware of thanks to the IG report) makes this bigger than Watergate. It's a scandal of huge proportions.

Yet, there's Hillary. Out there spreading her lies like a rabid sociopath.

So we can add Trump being correct as another notch in his favor - as well as, you know, having pulled the greatest upset in Presidential history. Where are we? Four points?


Let's look at those hard achievements.

Remember when Trump was going to bring the world nuclear armageddon? The thinking (if you can call it that) went something like Rocket Man is crazy + Trump is literally Hitler = nuclear holocaust.

New thing we know. The exact opposite happens.

Peace in Korea. Not only that, South Korea explicitly gives credit to Donald Trump for it.

Just that alone makes Trump (who has not escalated any wars) more deserving of a Nobel Peace prize than Obama - who was in fact, a war monger.

Not enough for you? Look up the peace being forged between Eritrea-Ehtiopia.

Moreover, Trump does two things people have been starved to hear. One, he speaks of Western civilization in a positive light and demands we defend it. To progressives this is 'ethno-centric xenophobia' to the rest of us it's music to our ears. Two, he speaks about the persecution of Christians around the world - which is far worse than the specious claim Christianity is 'racist' against Islam. Again, to anti-religious progressives, this is irrational and runs contrary to the left-wing narrative, but to people who observe and are concerned about such things, it's refreshing.

Domestically, the President has ushered in much needed tax reforms and is in the process of hoping to achieve the same on immigration. Contrary to the perception, Americans aren't anti-immigrant; they want action on illegal immigration. This has been widely accepted for over 30 years now and SCOTUS has voted in favor of his bans.

He signed an anti-child sex trafficking law as well as a 'right to try' order.

What about the press? Aside from the fact 'news' outlets like CNN (and NYT) deserve every piece of insult hurled at them, call me when he actually rises to Obama's level of intimidating the free press.

Paris Accords? Did people notice the world continues to turn? It was the right thing to do. The Iran deal? If it was actually read by people, perhaps they'd kinda see why it was a cynical piece of crap. Iran wasn't going to normalize because of Obama's piece of slick paper. Iran was going to continue being Iran because they had no incentive to change as they conceded nothing in the deal.

True, there are some concerns here and there (it remains to be seen what his game on trade is) but hardly stuff to justify the irrational hyper-shrill hate of the guy. He hasn't taken away gay rights (not that he could even if he wanted to), he didn't deport anyone who opposes him, he isn't setting up camps to put blacks in.

We've seen this absurdity before. I remember how celebrities and the press hated Reagan and later Bush II.

All this and he's not even done.

That's why the Presidential list is a joke.

As much as the Nobel prize committee.


Take That For Data

Italy has over taken the USA as the #1 audience for this blog. As usual, Canada is nowhere to be found. I'm not sure why Canadians don't seem to take a liking to my blog. Maybe because I tell it like it is? Canadians aren't very good at taking some friendly criticism.

Although, I'm not sure what's driving Italians here in such big numbers. Regardless, mille grazie regazzi!

United States

Toronto Greektown Shooting: Don't Believe The Spin

I'm noticing a troubling trend whenever these murders take place. Perhaps you have too.

Am I the only one who finds it odd how fast they blame 'mental illness'?

And then there's this little bit

We also have been treated to hoaxes about alleged racist attacks against Muslims in Toronto.

Something is off and the authorities are taking a page out of the UK in covering up certain truths and facts. It's turning out this killer was known to authorities and he doesn't really have a family to speak of yet a letter claiming to be from the family has made its way into the media.


Trudeau for his part, has been uncharacteristically quiet. Thankfully. The last thing we need is him chiming in with this vacuous nonsense. But it's worth noting ISIS has taken credit. The same ISIS whose fighters the Trudeau liberal government is allowing to resettle in our damn country. 

This man and his party will have a lot to answer for.

Canadians should not be tricked into A) blaming and banning guns and B) buying the spin.

Something is amiss and we need to seek out the truth whatever it may be.

The fricken media better do their effen jobs.


Hillary Had Dinner With Weinstein After Election Loss

Ah, the marvel of Hilary.

Toronto Goes Full Blown Pant Shitting

Toronto is showing why you never let emotions drive policy. In a vote of 41-4 (the Rational Four I call them . I wonder how many of the 41 don't necessarily think it's a smart idea but are gutless so they go with the narrative flow) to ban guns outright.

This is insane.

It makes citizens defenceless.

Fucken assholes running Toronto. One would think Doug Ford could bring some sanity into the discussion. 

I wish Torontonians would not stand for this but they're very liberals so it's not likely.

And we have the absolute worst possible government in power in Ottawa to have these things happen because they will ban them.

Meanwhile, it was a guy driving a bloody van who did the most damage. Not the man with mental illness armed with a gun.



Strange Humour; Progressives Starting To Reap What They Sow - Not That They Get It

I've noticed progressive male comedians and celebrities seem to like making "jokes" about rape and pedophilia while the gals love to talk of slapping and murdering people.

Ha, ha, ha!

I smell projection?

They talk about free speech but they don't give a rat's ass about free speech because it's progressives who gave us the absurd concept of 'hate speech'. When someone attacks or questions the First Amendment, it's usually a progressive. It's rarely - if ever - a conservative and definitely never a libertarian.

Did they come to the defence of Nick Di Paolo or Owen Benjamin?

Of course not. They engage in wrong think. Progressives hate those guys so...crickets.

Never be fooled by them. Don't be useful idiots to them. They don't care about free speech as a matter of principle. They care when they get smacked in the face by their own lousy game.

You know, 'when they go low, we go high'. They sure love 'civil discourse'.

The tolerant left. In all their glory.


The other thing I've observed as people rush to defend James Gunn they seem to think conservatives are at fault for this type of 'outing' or doxxing.

As those of you who read this blog know, I've done nothing but talk and write about how the progressive left ALONE is to blame for this toxic atmosphere.

The progressive left controls academia, entertainment and media outlets. They dominate entertainment. In other words, they have the levers of power that influence.

What you're seeing is conservatives - who have held power far less than liberals and progressives in North American political history - constantly on the defensive.

Which is why I find it amusing listening to progressives mock conservatives. Seems like they just want them to shut up and take the bull shit they hurl at people.

Conservatives are hitting back. We can talk about 'two wrongs don't make a right' but what is not disputable is where the blame lies.


Toronto Mayor Makes Predictable Statement

"The only lesson to take from this is that law-abiding, peaceful people should not bear arms.”
You mean, like the victims? The vast majority who don't naturally have the justified right to bear arms because of TIGHT GUN CONTROL already in place?

Go screw yourself John Tory. 

You conniving, manipulative opportunist. 

"...the city will be relentless to find out why the shooting occurred."

What happens if the answer runs against your shitty narrative?

Does it make sense the response to these sorts of tragedies always seems to come down to cracking down on guns? As if that's the solution. It isn't.

“This kind of thing doesn’t happen in other countries”
– Barack Obama

It's always worth noting what kind of a boring, predictable, disingenuous, narrative driven, trivial and tiresome left-wing, pseudo-intellectual Barry is. 

Saving Sweden

Marshall humor. Good one.

Progressive Stupidity

Progressives believe:

Trump is literally a white supremacist, misogynistic Nazi and totalitarian, hates babies and separates them at the border for kicks, is itching for a nuclear war because he's unhinged megalomaniac, is poised to put gays in prison and to suspend all civili liberties for minorities, is going to usher in a Handmaid's Tale society, and is selling America piece by piece to Russia.

Did I get this right?

Sounds legit.

And they say Alex Jones is a conspiracy nut?

Progressives are shrill, illiterate dumbasses. 


Will Canada Offer Sanctuary For White South African Farmers?

One of the most under reported stories gripping world affairs is the sheer brutal and barbaric brutality against white farmers by black murderers. 

I had to put it in stark terms.

Canada likes to talk about how compassionate we are and is ready to open its doors to refugees (where it politically suits the liberal government I reckon of course), how do Christians facing persecution in Nigeria and farmers in South Africa figure into this?

I'm guessing not very much because Justin tends to be an ideologue and I don't think 'White Christians' fit into his banal SJW world view.

Anyway. Look up what's going on.

If you can stomach it.

It truly is an example of crimes against humanity.

It's tragic and horrific.

Over to you Trevor Noah you unfunny, faux-intellectual twit. The balls on that guy to call Americans racist given what goes on his homeland. Perhaps he should maybe focus on that a little before insulting a gracious host that gave him a damn job.



The Trussia Narrative That Won't Die; Plastic Straw Ban Rooted In A Faulty Premise; Media? What, Media?

Russia, Trump, Trump, Russia. That's all the DNC is obsessed with. Trussia this and Trussia that.

How can anyone not believe Russia hacked and meddled?! the seals shout!

The more they scream 'Traitor' the more I smell projection on their part.

Just follow your gut and nose. The whole stinky story should have left a skeptical stench by now.

Despite all the hollering over collusion, hollow indictments, hearsay passing off as 'proof' and unsubstantiated claims of meddling in an election, they have yet to produce a single, concrete, irrefutable piece of evidence something happened. Worse, it all always seems to point back to one thing: It originated within the DNC ranks. Which, perhaps is why they're working so hard at lying to the public - to protect their own sorry, corrupted asses. The deep state is, well, deep it looks like.

In the meantime, they're undermining not just a fairly elected official, they're completely dismantling any semblance of reasonable and responsible journalism. They're riling up people and angling for war with Russia over lies. Then again, deception (ie faulty premises) is what gets shit done among progressives (more on this in a second).

The sad spectacle is all of their doing. All of it. It's less about principles and more about principals. 

Here are some articles, if anything, to bring some balance to a most unbalanced episode in current American politics driven by the progressive Democrat party of the United States.

-A while back I linked to articles on Tech Dirt and Wired! basically saying the same thing here about the email hacks (leaks are not hacks by the way) and servers. It's technical stuff but the point is it doesn't jive with the Mueller/DNC narrative. 

-I mentioned a leak is not a hack. 

"...Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity — including two “alumni” who were former National Security Agency technical directors — have long since concluded that Julian Assange did not acquire what he called the “emails related to Hillary Clinton” via a “hack” by the Russians or anyone else. They found, rather, that he got them from someone with physical access to Democratic National Committee computers who copied the material onto an external storage device — probably a thumb drive. In December 2016 VIPS e xplained this in some detail in an open Memorandum to President Barack Obama..."
Of course, no-one is bothering to ask when Obama knew about the possibility of Russian 'hacking', why then did he not move to do anything about it? I'll let you decide as he gallivants around Africa saying nothing of value. As a digression, I doubt he'll mention anything about the vile barbarity criminal acts against humanity perpetuated blacks against white farmers there. That douche Trevor Noah - who has the smug audacity to call America racist despite what's going on in his shithole country - didn't, so I don't expect this fairy figment of the imagination Obama to do anything of substance (Eritrea-Ethiopia signalled for peace under Trump; not Obama) where true principles are concerned. I digress.

-Speaking of meddling, it's pretty rich the left suddenly care (like they do about deficits now) given, well, it's pretty much been happening for a long time. Obama's foreign policy wasn't just an incompetent, aimless mess; it was dangerous. But Trump is right about Russia. Just like he's right about Europe.

And people recognize this.

From Libertarian Nation.

-I alluded to traitorous activity up top. Here's why.

They say (the fools that is), Trump loves dictators. They lacking, of course, any self-awareness of their dear leader Obama who seemed to cozy up to dictators a little too comfortably. 

"...President Obama seems uncomfortable with democracy promotion for two reasons. First, he wants to distance himself from President George W. Bush’s agenda, a significant plank of which was democracy promotion. Second, I think he is a product of a certain liberal worldview that believes the U.S.’s and West’s past sins, such as slavery and the Crusades, disqualify them from pushing their values abroad, as doing so implies that the U.S.-led West’s model is superior..."
“...For the first year I put it down to ABB, Anything But Bush—Bush did it, so it was bad,” Kramer told me. “But seven years on that doesn’t explain it anymore. He’s the president who’s shown the least interest in democracy and human rights since Richard Nixon. It’s sad. For someone who constantly extols his past as a community organizer, this is pretty unexplainable.”

They just think they'll win and it will all go away. Ends justifying the means and all that. Meanwhile, Rome burns.

"...In a different media environment, these revelations would have been front-page news, but have largely been ignored by the U.S. media, which Nunes views as working to oppose Trump at all costs. 
"If the shoe was on the other foot, and this is what's so bad and so corrupt about the media, and why I'm so worried about the future of our country, because without a free and fair and open media we have a major problem in this country," Nunes said. "The media is what we count on to bring the transparency to government. There's no possible way that if George W. Bush had done this to [former President Brack] Obama this town would have been on fire."
As if it isn't already apparent to keen observers certain media outlets are feeding its clients a bunch of bunk here are a couple.

Think of it. CNN has it's own controversies page on Wikipedia. An organization that isn't exactly unsympathetic to liberal/progressivism.

I especially like this one because it's typical of progressives to suddenly not be feminists when conservative women are involved:

"On October 22, 2014, CNN Newsroom host Carol Costello reported on the audio release of Bristol Palin being assaulted by a man at a get-together in Alaska. Costello laughed and called it "quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we’ve ever come across." She was instantly criticized for making fun of a woman who was being physically abused by a man she didn't know, as well as for being a hypocrite after recently calling for ESPN to suspend Stephen A. Smith after comments he made about women during the Ray Ricecontroversy. Costello eventually apologized in a statement to Politico, stating: "Over the past few days, I have been roundly criticized for joking about a brawl involving the Palin family. In retrospect, I deserve such criticism and would like to apologize."

The NYT for its part has been committing so many errors, it's a marvel its 'paper of record' brand still persists and is perceived as a positive.

You know things are a tad askew and astray when Vanity Fair drops some smack on your sorry ass.

There's so much more where that came from. Just google 'New York Times errors' or some word configuration.  They chose to cut the copy editor faction and now they must face the tune that comes with it.


And last but not least. From the people "who fucking love science" comes....

Ban the Plastic straws movement because virtue signalling.

If you support the plastic straw ban, you're an idiot.

A gullible idiot.


*Update. The city of Santa Barbara decided to criminalize using straws.

This is where 'I fucking love science' crowd have accomplished. They've criminalized behaviour for something that will have ZERO impact on the environment.


#Walkaway Should Find Its Way To Canada

I'm digging this #walkaway movement in the USA. It's a real thing and practically convinces me the Republican party will win the mid-terms and the 2020 election.

As this blog has been observing from November 2016 (and in Canada since 2015), the left have completely lost their minds.

At some point, I hope #walkaway sparks Canadians into action. People should walk away from both the Liberal and NDP parties.

Their ideas and ideals are stale and coercive. They don't like true independent thinking. It frightens them because it means we're not on their shitty plantation.

I left the Liberal party in the 1990s and will likely never return. Not in its current form will I ever consider them again.

Ever notice how they TELL you what to think? How they conduct interviews about topics they have deemed to be of Canadian 'values' from climate change to gender issues? Mostly, when they're not scolding Canadians for having the temerity to question, they're outright dictating what issues we need to heed.

These aren't leaders. They're petty tyrants.

I can't for the life of me understand how any reasonable individual could possibly think the Liberals under Trudeau have been a good thing for this country. It's been one scandal after another - of which they never owned or apologized for - piled upon a remarkably mediocre ideologically driven party that emotes rather than engages with logic.



#Walkaway Gains Traction; Ignore Your Progressive Professors

I always tell my niece and nephews (and soon my daughter) to stay away from anything remotely connected to progressive ideas or ideals. Don't fell prey to their ideological nonsense. Don't watch their comedy. Don't listen or support them on any level.

It's a one-way ticket to loserville. Best to keep in mind fuckers like Maher and Hillary and DeNiro couldn't care less about you. 

That's what being progressive means. To offload your intellectual and moral responsibilities onto a bureaucrat and to project; to badger you into a behaviour they demand but don't ever observe themselves. Ultimately, through social engineering, to force you to accept their orthodoxy.

They're the height of hypocrisy and illiteracy. They're traitorous and treacherous. They hate their country be it the USA or Canada or the West as a whole. Which explains why they rewrite and rework the past. They claim conservatives are angry but all the vitriol comes from one side. They speciously claim conservatives emote but again, most of their anger towards Trump, for example, is nothing more than emotional tantrums. They claim to be for free speech when in fact, they're the ones bludgeoning it to death.

I'll tell you want thing. I've had bad discussions with conservatives and progressives but the latter group were unique in their refusal to consider another view point. The intolerance of different ideas was palpable. I've been called all sorts of nasty things from the left. The right, not so much. I've also had good discussions with both but again, conservatives and libertarians take it to greater heights in my view. They will aim for character assassination before they consider arguing in good faith.

Their solipsism is breathtaking in its scope.

I'm glad #walkway is gaining traction. It's about time people start to realize the insanity that comes out of the mouths of these people.

From faux-righteous people like Michael Moore to Antifa to the DNC or the Liberal party of Canada.

They loath true individual thought. Personal sovereignty. Liberty. Decency. Morality.

All of it.

They hate God. They hate religion. They hate, hate....hate. All the violent rhetoric comes from them. Punch a Nazi, hope for recessions, kill the President etc. Never mind the moronic sciencey things they believe that leads them to dubious actions like banning straws.

Sometimes I wonder if they read at all beyond their little private Idahos. They don't seem to research and when presented with facts and reality, just scream, 'Faux News!'

Stupid unhinged idiocy on full display.

Just look at the fricken news. Pay close attention.

And no, the right or conservatives are not the same. Not even fricken close.

There was some stuff on the fringes but it never became a part of the platform or formed the foundation of their ideas.

But it has on the left. The left destroy civilizations. They don't enhance or protect it. They want a world in their image and nothing else.

These are not well-read, thoughtful people. These are dark, ignorant people on the inside.

Walk away and ignore indeed.

You can't reason with irrationalism.

I'm tired of it. We're all tired of it.


Stay Away From Progressivism And Socialism; It's A One-Way Ticket To Darkness ; Trudeau Grimaces In Face of Gross Groping Allegation

Just returned from my junket in Louisville, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee and so I'm behind. Let's start here.

I marvel at the persistence of bad ideas that stay popular. Ideas, for example, found in left-wing ideologies like socialism and communism. Wester progressives don't see themselves as off-shoots of those isms but that's precisely what they are. That they slap the word 'democratic' in front of socialist is like applying perfume on stinky armpits. It's doesn't wash.

I emphatically reject the notion conservatives/libertarians are as bad as progressives/socialists/liberals on the left when it comes to violent rhetoric, faux righteous behaviour, and anti-free speech beliefs. It's actually a no-contest. It baffles and astonishes me how someone could even possibly equivocate the two. Just the other day I watched Maher debate with Shapiro and he left me with my jaw hitting the floor. I couldn't believe the crap he was saying and the stuff he believes (ie Trump colluded with Russia). Half the shit he was so easily refutable (Shapiro brilliantly knocked him out about Crimea with pin point verifiable facts. All Maher could muster was a smart-alec 'you'll have to do more' as if the burden of proof is on Shapiro. It was Maher making the specious arguments not Ben) saying wasn't even to make a salient point but to try and emotionally rope Shapiro into some lazy-ass counter-factual argument. It was pitiful on his part. I know he's a shallow thinker (Religulous was a ridiculous and sophomoric hit piece against religion. He has an unhealthy and illiterate hatred of religion for some reason.) but that was pathetic.

Anyway, enough of him. Go to youtube for the video. It's very difficult to watch because he represents the left and it was all cringe.

Of course, his audience love that stuff and clap like a bunch of retarded baby seals. "Trump is crazy WOOOO!" /Applause.

The bottom line is you stray from their orthodoxy you will be punished. Principals over principles.

That side is filled with immature rantings and frogs. This side with civility and intellectualism.


Someone asked me about the groping allegations against Justin Trudeau. Like with most of these stories, I prefer to sit on them until more concrete stuff comes out but a couple of things I think we can bring up.

The first is Justin has a skin-crawling, irritating habit of lecturing and over-elucidate for something that requires a simple response. He's incapable of a simple 'yes' or 'no' or 'I'm sorry' response if it's not attached to an ideological agenda. For example, apologizing to Natives for an obscure occurrence long ago or smugly responding '2015' about his 'diverse' cabinet.

And this sets the tone for his minions. Bill Morneau is a good example when he refused to apologize for calling a female conservative MP a 'troglodyte' for not agreeing with his government's foolish stance on gender issues. They truly view themselves as progressives dragging Canadians into the modern age. It's a disgusting, pompous, and utterly unbecoming act.

Trudeau isn't exactly a likeable feller that exudes much confidence does he?

For once in his miserably mediocre run as PM, can he just say 'I'm sorry' like a man?