To Howard University And Kennedy Arts Center: Are You Proud?

Now that the Democrats kept their Tammany Hall and Huey Long fantasies and fetishes alive, maybe we shouldn't hate on the corrupted fools in the party. Maybe we should hate the game. Maybe we should lean on the cronies who take the money.

If I were someone in those organizations who are shamelessly taking money from this bill that really should be 100% focused on the pandemic, I would take the undeserved hand out and give it to a hospital. Do something honourable in a time of need.

They should feel shame for taking money as people suffer.

This shouldn't be a case of 'politics as usual'.

The sad part? People are losing their jobs and businesses while the elites who run the KAC and Howard (with its $700 million endowment purse) run to the Hamptons to live in luxury as they wait out the crisis.

It's not only disgusting but immoral.

This is the legacy of the fools in the Democrat party who held a nation in crisis hostage.




Quebec Shows Canada The Way; We're All Essential Services Now; China Must Not Be Left Off The Hook

Quebec's handling of the Wuhan virus crisis has been a fascinating mix of British pragmatism, French-Canadian practicality and Catholic temperament

I never quite had the feeling of a government that backs its people up.

The CAQ under Legault have passed the test with flying colors so far.

-This is in contrast with the Federal government. On display has been a weak and ineffective leadership that insists for some inexplicable reason on maintaining an ideological disposition that doesn't resonate with Canadians during a pandemic.

Canada by its nature, is a pragmatic, conservative and stable society. Its population wants a government that projects confidence and competence. Not one that is given to emotional breaksdowns laced with emotional rhetoric. I don't even recognize this country anymore since Justin Trudeau took power in 2015.

He exudes a shallow aura and inauthenticity. You get the impression he's speaking to a private cabal of international onlookers. And it permeates throughout the ranks from Freeland to Blair to Morneau to Duclos and everyone else. During a pandemic people want leadership, not reminders on what is racist.

It perplexes me to no end how anyone could possibly think that this government has risen to the occasion

What more, it has the audacity to play hard ball with provinces they perceive to not be handling the crisis to their empty standards. Quebec, which has been proactive, has nothing to learn from Ottawa here.

In others words, Legault is exactly what Quebec needs. Trudeau is exactly what Canada doesn't need.

-To be honest, the Feds are dead to me at the moment. I don't listen to their messages. This is the Canada they've created. They've even lost the Anglo-Quebecers like me. I've never felt more alienated from Canada.

-There's all sorts of rumours going around about which industries will be made into 'essential services'. One of them is the CBC. Where would we be without the propaganda of Rosemary Barton and vapid musings of Neil MacDonald?

It's pretty amazing that I have to pay for this.

Privatize the CBC. Spin it off like Air Canada.

Let's see what Barton is worth in a private market.

-As soon as China's marching orders came down, and politicians and celebrities bent over like the good little soldiers they are began claiming the Wuhan virus was a racist term, pretty much all media outlets fell in line - even though the term originated in their ranks. It's troubling how fast they pivoted away from it and went with Covid-19.

If we truly had an independent media, it's safe to say not all would bow before China.

The NBA is the rule when it comes to how to deal with China.

That is, you must do tricks at their command.

-The way I see it, given how China is engaging in a sickening propaganda campaign refusing to accept responsibility for a global pandemic, the world must usher in a new international trade system. The United States and Russia should align and keep China in check.

Don't let China divide and conquer. They're playing a long-game here and one too many useful idiots are buying into their propaganda. The Chinese won't gloat until they achieve total victory.

It's turning out, China is a more dangerous threat than the Soviet Union. Its authoritarian regime is brutal and barbaric. This has nothing to do with the culture and its people. This has everything to do with one of the worst regimes in the world at the moment.

I don't care about who led us down this path. Who sold us out and who took bribes. They know damn well who they are.

I just want to reverse it and we can only do that if we find the will. Either we once and for all hold them to account for their abhorrent record on human and animal rights as well as their international bullying or we reduce dependence on them.

-If you're one to not hold our civilization in high regard, I can see why you would fall prey to celebrities who will call for 'love' with China or some nonsense. Only dumb people buy into this propaganda. How stupid do you have to be to believe a single word that clown Lijian Zhao says?

Can't you not see he's a tool of authoritarianism?

What part of they make our ventilators and medicine (and threatened to not send it) don't you get? This is outrageous and unacceptable.

This change can only begin with the people.

Let's get it going.


Democrats Play Petty Politics During Pandemic; Canada Faces Critical Questions About The Economy

Democrat mantra and motto:
"You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."Rahm Emanuel

Remember when Michelle and Hilary would scream "when they go low, we go high!"?

And then Eric Holder modified it to "when they go low, we go lower!" to accentuate in order to fight dirty you have to get dirtier.

This little bit of vapid nonsense may have gone past most people but the contradiction here among three prominent establishment Democrats is fascinating and points to a lack of consistent principles.

And it's important to note to understand the shocking behaviour of the Democrat party during an emergency pandemic. As the government attempts to send money to citizens in dire need of it, the Democrats in control of the House are acting like it's any other day in politics as they try to rob the people blind with non-essential demands in the bill.

It's blindingly immoral really.

For example:

During a PANDEMIC these buffoons are worried about museums?!

As a friend put it, "Yep, and all the while whining about “disaster capitalism” while trying to sneak socialism in via the relief bill."

I'm afraid it's not just Adler. Fellow idiot Ilhan Omar insists before any bill passes student debt be erased. Baby parts trafficker Planned Parenthood is in line to get aid....as a small business. Who knows what geniuses like AOC and Robert Reich (this guy was Secretary of Labour!) want to add to this stocking?

They're using this crisis as a chance to advance their agenda.

Ladies and gentlemen, what more proof do you need about the state of the modern Democrat party as an immoral political entity?

While society lockdown for the health of all, Democrats were busy play the race game beclowning themselves demanding people not refer to Covid-19 to the Wuhan virus - whence it originated and the media initially called it. Then it descended into pure stupidity led by other clowns like David Frum.

The immature and astonishing tone deaf behavior on display has been one in which a decent Democrat voter has to wonder if they support a party of insane people hooked on politics.

So basically, all these people? They can go fuck themselves.


Situation getting critical.

Worse possible government to have during a crisis. Already on an irresponsible mostly ideologically driven spending spree, the Liberals have no choice but to further spend and send the debt into a spiral death spin. 

It's mind boggling I read people say Justin is doing a job.

What a planet are they on?


Wuhan Virus And Investments: Don't Panic

I looked at my modest investments and it wasn't pretty. And this was the closing at the end of February. It's going to be ugly this month as well.

I'm a panicked or worried?

Not really.

We've been through this before. Though the drop in this market as been the fastest in history and the market can still drop further. Trying to time this bottom is going to be tricky. We'll only start to see a change once the market feels the virus as plateaued.

A recessions is likely if not inevitable.

If we go by the percentage drop to the number of days for recovery ratio (notably the Arab-Israeli war/oil embargo and Global financial crisis in 2008), it seems to indicate Covid-19 will take longer than past market collapses but we won't know until it settles.

There's still an outside change a return to normalcy can arrive by mid to late April, at which point the market could respond positively and swiftly. But it's going to get still messier in the next couple of weeks. That's likely already priced in to the market; depending how antsy it's feeling.

Either way, sit tight. Don't do anything rash. It would be foolish to do so.

MacLean's Plays Fake News; Media Fake News

I stopped reading MacLean's years ago.

But I have a friend who sends me links to articles from time to time and he recently forwarded me one by Phillippe J. Fournier. Read it here.

It was quite the travesty and typical tripe we've seen since 2016 in the age of TDS.

No, I see no evidence Americans are under estimating it any more Canadians are. The polls he attaches mean absolutely nothing for a number of reasons.

First, the total number of cases means nothing on its own.

Second, there's a sly attempt to portray Republicans as anti-science yokels. Yet, it's Democrats that tend to believe in all kinds of junk science particularly when it comes to climate change.

Maybe the reason why Republicans don't see it as a 'major threat' is because they're interpreting the data differently and with more skepticism. I know I am. It doesn't mean there's a 'don't worry' posture here. All it can be saying is let the date come in - and we're still maybe a week or two away.

Conservatives are not as apt to panic as progressives are. The media wants people to panic. And when you don't panic, they deem you to be ignorant for not bowing to their demands.

After all, ultimately, conservatives in general do leave it in God's hands which brings a sense of calm and serenity. Progressives, as hyper-secularists, have abandoned God and have replaced him with the state. So, naturally any time something like this happens, they're going to abide by appeals to authority from humans.

Just my impression.

But this can be open to debate.

What's not open to debate and completely unacceptable is Fournier's (and his editor) lazy assertion that Trump said it was a 'hoax'. He didn't do that.

Here's a list of lies made by the press against Trump by PJ Media.

Honestly, a simple google search would have suffice. Why pimp this myth if nothing but to bash Trump for its own sake? This is an example of fake new.

It's worth noting the Surgeon-General expressed concern with the reporting during the pandemic.

It's the same with 'kids in cages' and 'they're good people on both sides'. The former one that existed with a previous administration and the latter loses its faux-outrage appeal once read in full and proper context. Yet, they keep pimping these lies like whores misleading people.

Something tells me MacLean's won't be considering the CDC's own role in this. In any event, perhaps we should all wait for all this to pass. We're blowing information out of our asses based on unreliable raw data extrapolating and making wild assertions to their extreme ends.

It's worth noting, there was severe criticism of Obama's handling of H1N1 too. He also at first downplayed it. These things are not easy for Presidents to deal with so I do cut them slack here. Same with natural catastrophes. Bush got criticized for Katrina but in reality that problem was a result of corruption and neglect at the state level. But when shit hit the fan he was left holding the bag. Obama completely botched Sandy - the rebuilding took years -  but somehow escaped the same level of vitriol and criticism. 

Of course, MacLean's doesn't make it easy to contact their writers or even have a comments section.

Their word must be the last.

Maybe Fournier and MacLean's should focus on the incompetent buffoons running Canada (with the exception of Quebec and other provinces) and their complete mishandling of this once again putting ideology above the safety of Canadians.

If Trump is bad, how can we describe the infantile actions of a Prime Minister who has shown himself to not be a leader?

Clean your own damn room MacLean's.

More on fake news.


Follow The Derelict Liberals Amidst A Pandemic

Bill Brasky doing a fine job following the obscene incompetence of Trudeau and his Ministers of Woke.

That's if you want you blood to boil.

At every turn, they put ideology over the safety of Canadians. They told us shutting flights from China was 'racist'. And now, we're finding out flights from China are landing in Vancouver! Does China have pictures or something?

And the arrogance! Hajdu had the audacity to suggest they're ready to step in if the provinces don't act. Quebec has been waaayyyy ahead of the Feds on this.

I can see, nonetheless, the Liberals taking the provinces over under false pretences. Don't fall for the trap.

Are Canadians paying attention? Now we are faced with the possibility a sentient piece of lint could very well assume full reigns of power.

Pray for this country. We're in bad hands.

Remember when teachers would have a student each read a paragraph from a novel in class? That's how Justin sounds when he addresses the country.

I don't see a leader. I see a weak and shallow man.


As for the media, check out this asshole from the G&M Gary Mason.

Objective journalism my fucken ass.


Ladies and germs, a very funny man and a very close friend of Justin Trudeau (we think, wink, wink), the face of Chinese propaganda.

....Lijian Zhao!

/cue Johnny Carson intro theme.


Race and global health experts argue describing COVID-19 as a "Chinese" virus exacerbates xenophobia amid the rapidly unfolding outbreak while Chinese officials remain rankled by President Trump's repeated use of the phrase.

Enemies of the people.

When did USA Today get bought out by the CNBA (Chinese National Basketball Association) and China?


Replying to
There's a simple fact that America ppl should know, over 80% of facial mask production is in China. If China's really pissed off and ban the masks export, there's no one else on earth to produce enough masks for America.

That's right asshole. You seemed pleased by this.

That's why this event started by China should make the West rethink its manufacturing model. Time to stop dealing with China. And then we can stop reading bullying Tweets like this one.


Names For The Wuhan Flu

So far I've seen:

Kung Fu Flu
Pay me now Flu
Pineapple chicken Flu
Maybe it's Cat Meat Flu
Wuhan Bat Flu
Winnie the Flu
Wet Market Flu
Kill Dogs Alive Flu
#itstheusarmy Flu
David Frum flu

I'll keep updating as I see more.

With contributions from Honk Honkler.

"The Wuhan flu is not from China. Even though it's from China. But it's not from Wuhan either."

Honk Honkler, March, 2020. 'These are my thoughts on paper". p.23.

I have Zero Confidence And Respect For The Liberals; Preposterously Mull Over Emergencies Act

Turns out Justin believes there can be months of disruptions and now is considering invoking the  Emergencies Act to fight the Wuhan virus.

Canadians need to think long and hard if they think this a hill to die on in order to suspend civil liberties. I don't trust a single word from Duclos or Freeland who claim they understand it's a serious issue.

That people actually think this pathetic excuse for a PM is doing a good job is mind boggling.

While leaders like Legault and Cuomo have been striking a proper and calm tone, Trudeau has looked  weak. No one believes this guy can steer this nation. Even Trump has seized control of his country and has been leading through strength.

They lead. Liberals emote.

The Liberals, who under reacted (they left Canadians stranded on a cruise ship in the United States) are now trying to make up for it through draconian measures.

This measure should not be invoked before he closes down Roxham. Canadians should not sacrifice while he lets people in.

And then we have this emotional drivel from Patty Hajdu. 

She's the Health Minister.

What is it with this party and its propensity for emotional outbursts?

Of course he would run to authoritarian solutions given he loves China. It's what weak people do.

Wanna see what these lousy clowns are doing? See here.

The Liberal party of Canada are a national disgrace.

"Le travail du gouvernement de conscientiser, d’inciter et de convaincre les gens à adopter des comportements exemplaires pour combattre le coronavirus est louable.
La volonté d’imposer un état policier qui brime nos libertés individuels est beaucoup plus douteuse et même dangereuse à long terme.

Assurons-nous de minimiser la contamination par nos actions individuelles responsables.

Ça évitera la tentation totalitaire de certains élus."  Éric Duhaime 


All Eyes On China

This is China.

The same China the media bends over backwards to defend.

My anger knows no bounds.

I hope that motherfucker and people like him die a horrible death like this.

He's probably an NBA fan. Or shall I say CNBA: The Chinese National Basketball Association.


People are trying to claim we do this in the West. No we don't. We literally don't cook dogs or skin cats alive.

You can try and tell me this is a one-off but this is years I've been hearing about this sort of depraved behavior.

Perhaps we can all use some perspective and look in the mirror. Not intended to justify but rather heed the casting of stones. Consider the animal farming practices here in our own backyard. DYK the US is ranked 2nd worst in the farm animal cruelty index?

Eat. Shit asshole.

Let's put you in that pan and spare me your fucken straw man.

We don't kill cats and dogs. It's not part of our culture.