We Need Blood Pressure Pills To Guard Against The Shameless Disinformation And Corruption Of Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are terrible for my blood pressure. 

It's getting to be impossible to keep up anymore.

A couple of things here I need to quickly comment about.

One, is the Liberals/NDP have rammed through Bill C-11 without the crucial amendments requested by the Senate. This signifies the Canadian government under Justin is indeed out to ultimately censor what Canadians view on the Internet. Otherwise, if it was just a bill to 'modernize' the act then why do they need certain aspects of it that will hurt Canadian content creators? This unnecessary bill heads back to the Senate. I can't recall the Senate even being put in such a situation. It's definitely earning its stripes and now they face arguably its toughest challenge yet. Will they hold the line for Canada?

Two, a corrupt bully will continue to corrupt bully. Canada's inability to reprimand and reign in Justin Trudeau's wholly anti-democratic behaviour means he will continue to mock this 'country'.

Why country in quotations?

Because Canada isn't a country. This much we've learned for certain during Justin's reign of ideological mischief. Canada is a concept rooted in a colonial mindset.

Even the PM called this a 'post-national state'. 

So when you demean the country and dehumanize its population (and we'll get to that in a second), it becomes very easy to mock it with your antics.

The latest? He has appointed DomInic Leblanc's sister-in-law as ethics commissioner. Optics means nothing to this party. Recall David Johnston was named 'rappoteur' to tell us there's nothing to see about Chinese interference in our elections.

How corrupt is this government? It's infamous at this point

This government is riddled with examples of banana republic peels. It's an entity of shameless, bullying, remedial, creepy clowns.  Listen to this. It never ends.

I know this is a way to distract from the government's terrible governance - we shouldn't forget it's a minority government which derives its 'mandate' mostly from Toronto - but we're firmly entrenched in Cape Cringe now. I was going to write about the German AdP party and its many factions. I will just say, these two idiots are misleading Canadians about Christine Anderson. I'm currently gathering information about the party and its affairs in Germany through a contact there. See, when I hear Liberals rail like this, I do my own research and investigation because I automatically assume they're lying. I have no trust in them whatsoever. It's all pure politics with them. No integrity, courage or honesty whatsoever. For example, Gerretsen, who I linked to, is good at attacking people but he's not good at taking it blocking responses on Twitter. 

Tsk, tsk, Mark. /wags finger.

It's a deluge of disinformation (did you know the BBC has a Disinformation Editor? Ironic given they're so good at it) from the government. 

A couple more examples, I got a glimpse of Justin lecturing about flat earthers, Even that he can't get right spreading disinformation about them. They didn't 'spring out of nowhere'. The Flat Earth Society has been around since 1956. 

He's attempting to set up a straw man where he correlates the 'anti-science' of flat-earthers with 'anti-vaxxers'. Doing so he continues to drive a wedge between Canadians to further an ideological agenda. 

His explanation was sophomoric as it was condescending. He clearly didn't take the time to read about the history of society. But that's irrelevant. The point is we live in an open and pluralist society.

Well, I thought we did. 

Who will be targeted next by Justin Trudeau? 9/11 Truthers? People who don't believe the U.S. landed on the moon? There's no shortage of people to scapegoat. How about Church goers? Christians? 

Justin is trying to set things up so that there's only one source of information, The state.

Know what we call this?

I'll leave it to you to imagine.

Anyway. While he talks nonsense about how 'sciency' he is, his government peddles puberty blockers and the unscientific transgender agenda while funding Drag Queen camps. 

Let that sink in. 

Last, the sad and tragic murder of Paul Schroeder in Vancouver. 

Notice Justin and Jagmeet have yet to comment on it. Gee, I wonder why?

Well, first off. He's white. No matter whether he had a minority wife and child. He's white No victimhood points to score off him. Second, the alleged suspect appears to be Indian. His weapon of choice was a Kirpan. 

A double whammy no-no for Jagmeet. He has to steer clear of that one.

Justin is always ready to spew his mouth off whenever there's am alleged crime against a minority before the facts are in. Remember the story of that Muslin girl years ago in Toronto when she claimed a man walked up to her and pulled her hijab off in a park? Justin was screaming within minutes of that story. Within a day it was proven to be a hoax.

Justin doesn't care about you or your family or your religion.

He's an ideologue. Get that through your heads.

Learn to think like an ideologue. 

For instance, it wouldn't surprise me if the liberal/NDP establishment blamed the VICTIM."Why did he confront a visible minority? Was he being racist? This is why we need to invest in fighting against disinformation! His ignorance killed him!


A Trick To Help You

If the lips of Western leaders - I'm looking at you Justin, Joe, Sunak and Macron - are moving they're fucking lying. 

The sooner you come to terms with this, the sooner you will see the reality for what it is.


Of Tales Told By Idiots

"A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing."  Macbeth. William Shakespeare.

I was reminded of MacBeth's famous quote following Lady MacBeth's death. 

I will appropriate it and affix it to Justin Trudeau, Mark Gerretsen and part of Joe Biden's speech in Parliament.


Because these tales are told by idiots who are filled with faux-righteous rage that in the end signify nothing. 

The first one by Gerretsen is the most galling of them all. Since when is it to challenge a fellow MP to a fight outside? How did this not trigger a sharp rebuke by the Speaker? The Speaker is always ready to scold conservatives the second they 'act up' but a Liberal acting like it's the 19th century calling for a duel at sundown is ignored? This is a call to violence is it not? Gerretsen not only looked like a fool but is one.

Here's Justin spewing empty fury at a protestor.  It's worth noting, he did the same thing during the campaign trail in 2021 as he attacked Canadians for exercising their rights and declining to take the shot he was pushing hard for.  Unproductive hate speech and divisive rhetoric oozed from his tyrannical lips.

While not fury, it does fall into the empty vacuous realm housed by ideologues. Progressives pretending to achieve a manufactured quota filling their ranks with mediocrity is a type of success now.

War In Ukraine: The Ultimate Act Of Shameless And Treacherous Hypocrisy

I've already made the case on several occasions that the main culprits and agitators of this war is the West.  But let me summarize it briefly as a reminder.

The essential facts are the U.S. orchestrated the Maidan Coup in February of 2014 ousting an elected leader sympathetic to Russia. This sparked Russia to annex Crimea (always a hot spot in the region) from Ukraine. Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, the West has slowly been encroaching on Russia's sphere of influence courting Ukraine to join NATO in violation of a treaty whereby Russia requests NATO not do so as well as Ukraine violating the Minsk agreements as they continued a bombing campaign in the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine. All along Russia asked the agreements be honoured and to this day are requesting for peace talks which have been rejected by the United States (and Canada).

Why? One of the main reasons is the United States does not want Russia controlling the natural gas and oil supply in Europe which could lead to a strong partnership with Germany. Ukraine serves as the perfect pawn in a proxy war to keep that from happening. As well as the callous reality that this appears to be a massive money laundering operation. Ukraine is a quasi-democracy with 37 biolabs run by the U.S. and Western partners which the Russians see as threat.

NATO at its borders is perceived to be the final straw by Russia. Do you blame them?

With this, it's not hard to see we're the belligerents.

With these facts, remind me again how we're fighting for democracy 'over there so that we don't have to do it here' as Joe Biden recently said in the House of Commons during a visit to Ottawa?

Anyone who buys the 'for democracy' bit has to go boy a bridge somewhere. 

At the moment, the 'democracy' we're fighting for imprisons journalists, has banned opposition parties and is shutting down Churches (allegedly for being aligned with Russia) while parts of its 'military' contains actual Nazi battalions who act accordingly as Nazis do. 

But this is not where the hypocrisy ends.

China is forming an alliance with Russia (and pay close attention to the BRICS who are attempting to form their own global alliance against U.S. hegemony and the West) agreeing to, among other things, help to arm Russia.

Are we really prepared to go to war against these two powers? 

As I've said in the past, this is not a war the West can possibly win. Imposing sanctions is not going t achieve anything while it can be argued the United States military is at its weakest point in its history given the leadership and lower standards driven by ideological considerations. Curtly, Russia and China don't fear American wokism and the Wests false-righteous virtue. 

Russia will no be broken by sanctions. History matters here. This is the country that defeated two of the mightiest armies in history with Napoleon and Hitler. Not necessarily by shrewd traditional military tactics and strategy but by sheer force of attrition and patience.

If there's one thing we in the West don't possess it's patience.

The China angle complicates things further.

American and Western business have forged business and commercial ties with China. A good number of American politicians (Biden and McConnel for example) have business interests with China. The same goes for Canada. Our Laurentian elites, in fact, are far more embedded within the Chinese matrix than we think. The CCP is firmly entrenched in our politics with scant a concern expressed by our political classes and citizens.

I recently saw a CPAC segment where they asked Canadians what they thought politicians should ask Biden to deal with. They mentioned the usual issues from climate change to Roxham. 

No one mentioned China meddling in our political process and affairs. Something that has a DIRECT impact on our sovereignty as a nation.

Don't deal with this, you can't deal with other issues of concern as a free nation.

There's little doubt the China problem is real and deep. So much so, there's concern it could very well be too late to deal with it as this has been a going concern for decades now. From Pierre Trudeau to Brian Mulroney to Jean Chretien (who claims it's not a problem) to Stephen Harper to Justin Trudeau (who admires China's 'basic dictatorship). All these Prime Ministers 'served' Canada while double dipping with a communist state.

American businessmen profited off World War II funding both sides of the war. The same thing is happening here. We 'fight for democracy' in Ukraine against Russia and China but continue to do business with China which is aligned with Russia - a country we impose sanctions on.

This is what I call the acts of treacherous shameless hypocrites.

And it will be our sons and daughters who will die for this racket. 


Trade Offs: Fast And Furious And mRNA

I recently read "I'm from the Government and I'm Here to Kill you" by David T. Hardy. This is not a review of the book (though I highly recommend it to see how as long as there's no accountability, government agencies will keep repeating the same misguided ideas and policies that often fail and result in violent assaults and deaths on American citizens. It's a journey into how sheer corruption, incompetence, deception, and misplaced grandiosity in the government leads to tragedies like those seen at Waco with the Branch Davidians. The book investigates how the justice system is set up to protect the government however badly they behave.) but I wanted to single out a paragraph I think serves as an interesting analogy with what we're witnessing with the (failed) mRNA COVID mass vaccination program. 

"Ultimately, 2040 firearms were transferred to the cartels, mostly to the Sinaloa drug cartel. At least count, 389 had been recovered in the United States and 276 in Mexico, the latter mostly at crime scenes. The current, count of deaths inflicted by cartel gunmen in Mexico using Fast and Furious guns is sixty-nine, including a police chief and two policemen. How many American crimes the Fast and Furious guns figure in is unknown, but in 2011 alone these guns were used in eleven deadly offences."

Fast & Furious was a disastrous and ill-conceived gun-running operation undertaken by the (chess-playing) Obama administration. 

The idea was to get guns in the hands of the cartels so as to capture the bad guys. Or something to that dumb effect.

It was a spectacular mess. 

According to sources and witnesses presented in the book, the people in charge were more than willing to sacrifice lives for the program.

And sacrifice lives they did.

Showing the sociopathic nature and depravity of an unchecked bureaucracy that knows it can get away with literal murder.

Sound familiar?

Look at those figures. 2040 end up in the hands of the cartels. Only 600 are recovered. 69 killed (that we know of).

Remember this whenever they claim "X-million lives were saved by the vaccines'.


But how many were injured (both temporarily and permanently) or died from the shots?

The number of lives saved is often based on mathematical models and as such isn't reliable. But whatever the claim, it must be assessed with the trade-offs.

When we do conduct a cost-benefit analysis we see a negative trade-off.

Yet another failed government program is the result. 



Want To See Fascism In Action? Canada Edition

I don't know what people think when they hear the word fascism but it's not that complicated a concept to grasp and see.

Fascism, as defined by its creator Benito Mussolini (a socialist), is the merger of state and corporate interests.

Mussolini (and Hitler's Nazis) then used violent and murderous street thugs (reminiscent of Crassus during the Roman Empire) known and black and brown shirts to help win and consolidate power. 

We rightly see both Benito and Adolf as repugnant violent figures. We've been conditioned and programmed to believe there's no way liberal democracies could possibly ever fall prey and victim to illiberal forces. We're the good guys, are we not?

Except the literature of the period from Hayek to Orwell to Wells to Lewis is littered with warnings that it can and will happen hear. 

And it has.

We're just too apathetic and deluded with an inflated sense of righteousness to see.

I remember in the 1980s when I began to follow politics and current affairs it being said America was a 'fascist state cloaked as a democracy'. So this notion has been around a long time.

And without getting into details about the USA, it sure looks that way. If you're thinking thank God it's not the case in Canada, you'd be wrong. 

If anything COVID blew the lid off the illusion, it's that we're a free and democratic society.

We are in name only. But if your population won't be vigilant in protecting its core values and principles, forget it. 

Justin Trudeau believes Canada is a post-nation state with no identity. To Justin, nation-states pose a threat to the international order. He also has been marinated in the tales and ideology of communism. His father was an admirer of Mao (and a close friend of Castro) passing off this lineage to junior who said he 'admired the basic dictatorship of China'.

Apples. Trees. 

Just like Mussolini (and his father before him) was a socialist thus permitting him to create an illiberal ideology, the same can be said of Justin Trudeau. 

Aside from some of the most severe restrictions and mandates in the West for COVID (Canada was the only country to impose a domestic travel ban and the province of Quebec had not one but TWO curfews), Justin unjustifiably (Rouleau was wrong to rule otherwise) imposed martial law against protestors (the Trucker's convoy) resulting in the most punitive action against the right to assembly by freezing bank accounts ever seen in the West. 

Read that. TWO illiberal actions that were blatant violations of civil liberties as prescribed in both the Charter and Bill of Rights were a first in the West. 

We continue to learn from the fall out of such irresponsible actions that set a terrible precedent for our democracy. 

I asked if you want to see fascism in action. I set up the narrative here explaining how the conditions were ripe for fascistic behaviour (authoritarian or despotic if you prefer to make yourself feel better) Justin engages in.

He has an illiberal pedigree.  That manifests itself in the refusal to answer questions without any respect for transparency. He sets up kangaroo courts first as we saw with Rouleau and now with Johnston to create the veneer of transparency knowing what the outcome will be.

He learned well from the illiberal forefathers he admired. 

Let's take it up a notch. You can see these actions but you need to see them for what it is. Whenever you hear 'private-public partnerships' that's the merger of state and corporate interests. 

Here's another example. The RCMP sharing data with foreign intelligence on protestors.

Shouldn't the RCMP and law enforcement be protecting the rights of citizens? 

Instead, we have police, banks and government merging to conspire against the will of citizens and their right to assemble and exercise their right to free speech (which is also under attack by Justin Trudeau through illiberal Bills like C-11).

Seeing the pattern here?

Oh. Mussolini and Hitler had those thugs and camps.

Well, now that police have abdicated their responsibilities to the people (they continue to arrest pastors and religious figures), the aforementioned dictators had their coloured shirts, while ours are BLUE.

We did have camps. By dividing the country along vaccination status and setting up quarantine 'hotels' Canada was ONE step removed from full-on camps (Australia had them).

It is true, we're not quite at the level of Germany and Italy from 1920-45.

But we're swimming in those waters.

And with the disturbing revelations that our Canadian leaders turned an indifferent blind eye to CCP interference in our system of governance, Canada is slowly detaching itself from its liberal democratic roots.

This is where we stand as I see it.


Pay Attention

If you're planning an exit strategy from Canada, you're not paying attention.


Quote Of The Day

 A sane person to an insane society must appear insane.

Justin Continues To Divide Canadians

Justin Trudeau now has a new punching bag. Flat earthers.

Lately he's been attacking them while grouping them with 'anti-vaxxers'.

This has gotten so bizarre as to continue my suspicion he's mentally unstable.

I don't see the point of this.

We live in an open and pluralist free democracy. You have to take the good with the bad. If we're going to play this game, we're going to find all sorts of people to scapegoat for their beliefs.

This is what makes Justin not only a failed leader (of which he never was) but a repugnant individual who needs to resign.

Enough already Liberals. You look and sound like sorry bunch of hacks and ignoramuses beating this drum. 

I've never seen so much divisive rhetoric in my life coming from Liberals and Democrats in the U.S.

Justin Trudeau is acting like Westmount white trash. 


Walk Away Johnston

Not a good look.

Why would you let Justin expose you for the shill you really are?


David Johnston Should Decline Being Selected As Rapporteur

By all accounts, former Governor-General David Johnston is a nice man with many good qualities but that doesn't mean he isn't a Liberal team player.


There he is shaking hands with a narcissistic commie. 

Never mind. Johnston is a swamp creature. But he bought cabin houses with the Trudeaus when Justin was a lad!

The Canadian media, meanwhile are falling over themselves swooning over Johnston oblivious to the fact that his job is to detract from the biggest scandal in Canadian history threatening national security. 

I can't stress this enough. A foreign enemy is actively embedded in our election process. My guess is the problem is way worse than we think. And what's equally appalling is the NDP and MPs are allowing this farce to continue. 

Like Paul Rouleau before him,. Johnston risks sullying his "stellar" reputation (as a Liberal hack) as nothing more than a partisan political Liberal activist. This is what he is only this time people will see it.

Justin is going to take down everyone with him. 

Is there no more integrity among the Canadian political classes?

Is it possible we do not have any person who stands by their convictions and principles (assuming they have any. And by the looks of it, it's completely void within the Liberal ranks. All we see from this party is cold-calculating realpolitik).

Johnston is taking part in another cynical ploy by Justin to survive yet another major scandal and to continue the lack of transparency for he's become infamous.

What was Johnston thinking? Johnston wrote about how the integrity of our democracy in Quebec was shattered during COVID. Did he believe this isn't the same for Canada? Surely. he can't possibly think Canadian democracy is healthy under Justin Trudeau.

So why take this job? We all know how it's going to play out. A 'family friend' as Justin put it, isn't going to cut it. The optics are so absurd it makes a monkey of this sham. Justin Trudeau is openly mocking Canadians. Even fools who still support this repugnant PM.

This "show investigation' is designed to get Justin off the hook like Rouelau did with POEC. Without a truly independent inquiry, we will never arrive at the truth.

Until then, the PMO can continue to operate in utter secrecy plotting their anti-democratic schemes.

Martial law and foreign interference in Canada. 

These are the stains of an incompetent, shallow and traitorous government.

When Justin said he admired China's 'basic dictatorship' he meant it. What Canadians didn't fully grasp at the time was, he wanted to become a dictator here.

And how Johnston is about to hand him another jewel to help him achieve that.

There will be no impartial ruling here.

It will go along the lines of:

Johnston: Hi, Paul. Mind if I borrow your report?

Rouleau: Sure! We must stick together! I'll have my staff adjust for the particulars! 

"Undoubtedly, mistakes were made, and we need to be more vigilant in future. However,  in this case, I have, reluctantly, found no clear evidence that these alleged Chinese-sponsored activities have had any undue impact on the outcome of past elections. It doesn't mean it won't happen in the future for which I have real concerns but I gave Justin a stern talk about that. He promised to do better. I then gave him a lollipop and we reminisced sabot the good old times with his commie father. I am satisfied that no clear indication that they aided the Liberal Party in particular. But for the conservatives on the other hand I recommend the RCMP and military fully investigate the entire party."

"I readily concede that there are many good and reasonable Canadians who could quite easily come to very different conclusions. Bite me"


What Does A G7 Banana Republic Look Like? Hint: Canada

Justin named his 'special rapporteur' (I already hate that word).

Drum roll! 

Former Governor-General David Johnston! 

Another Liberal lackey just like Rouleau.

And like POEC, expect this to be theatrics again.

This country is absolutely astonishing. I can't believe what's happening here.

Don't bother listening. We already know how this is gonna play out.

'"Bad Justin. Bad. But it's ok. Your heart is in the right place. Nothing bad happened. Just make sure it doesn't happen again."

Canada Being Left Behind

Just observe how our allies treat us now.

Last year, the President of El Salvador - of all countries -  scolded Justin Trudeau saying Canada is the last country to lecture others about freedom and democracy. European MPs regularly point to Canada as a cautionary tale about how a democracy can become despotic. 

Canadians may take offence to it but Canadians aren't very good at stepping outside themselves and see how we're perceived abroad.

Canada's image has sunk significantly not only perception-wise but even by objective (to the extent these things are) standards through measures like the Democracy Index where the country has fallen a few notches.

You can misle and mislead Canadians but you can't fool the world. 

One telling example is the UK, U.S. and Australia splintering from Canada and New Zealand where security about China is concerned. This a clear sign those countries don't trust us.

 Canada isn't a serious country. 

Another example where serious countries are disengaging from all this ESG, woke, and green nonsense, is the Bank of England deciding to no longer fund Mark Carney's 'climate programs'. Read: A massive global scheme for cronies with Canada at the top of that food chain. What's that green fund Freeland is trying to set up as part of the ridiculous 'Just Transition' scam again? Whatever. More grifting is all it is because they will not succeed in attaining their objective. Alas, Canada just inked a battery facility deal with Volkswagen (of which they refuse, naturally, to disclose the financials around it). Canada is one contract folly after another. The country keep inking bad contracts (like those with vaccine manufacturers that are already going under) on our dime. 

Let me put it you this way: See what happened with the 'wokest' bank in the world SVB? Picture that happening to a country and that country being Canada. 

The world needs more Canada, eh Bono? 

Sounds like the world thinks it needs less of our bullshit. 

Seems like with a global recession on the horizon, the BoE isn't interested in impoverishing their country like Canada is willing to do to its own people. 

This is quite important as the BoE is one of the most powerful central banks on the planet. 

Carney has been linked to eventually taking over the Liberal party. Let's continue to promote mediocre people who come up with sub-optimal 'programs' not rooted in reality. Sounds like a plan. 

Once again, Canada didn't read the room and didn't get the memo.

Canada: You're out. You're so 2020. 

The country needs to pivot. Fast. But as long as ideologues remain in place, I'm afraid they won't get the message.

What's left is for us to worry about what the damage will be.

A Contemptible Government Plays Politics With National Security

When Paul Rouleau "reluctantly" determined the Liberal government met the threshold for invoking the Emergencies Act, many of us with a keen eye for history knew this wasn't a precedent we wanted to establish. 

In fact, anyone with a sense of justice and perspective knew the invocation of the act was indefensible. 

But this is Canada and if there's one thing we've learned since 2020 about Canada is that it's cruel and that our judiciary is just as politicized as any institution. It has the further feature of hiding behind the concept of 'judicial notice'. 

Canadians, those who care anyway, are learning a lot about what's under the hood in Canada and what's being discovered isn't a high-powered engine but one filled with problems including a faulty transmission. The country has the look of a Maserati (maybe I'm stretching it here) but the engine of a rusted Lada.

Trust in the judiciary and allopathic medicine has dropped for many Canadians. Those in charge still aren't listening as they continue to foolishly believe the only way to handle this is to continue tripling down with authoritarian rhetoric and actions. Imagine we still have vaccine mandates in place for HCW despite all that we know about these failed shots.

We can add the government as a whole to the mix.

During the Trucker's Convoy, the government's untenable position was that it posed a threat to national security.

In recent weeks, we've learned the CCP has been influencing our elections and what's been reported is troubling enough but the problem likely goes far deeper and can't be explored in a post.

We need a full investigation into what is going on in Canada. Literally, foreign entities are operating on our soil undermining the sanctity of our democracy and our government likely (of course they did) knew about it. I've been hearing warnings about this since at least 2017. 

If I knew, they knew.

The opposition parties are demanding Trudeau's Chief of Staff Katie Telford (who rubbed me the wrong way during POEC) to testify. In a normal democracy run with integrity, the Liberals would allow it. Instead, they're stalling to avoid this from happening and thus putting national security in peril. A truly open and transparent government steps aside. 

The Liberal party of Canada is playing politics with national security. 

In their minds, truckers posed a threat but not the CCP. 

This is where we swing back to Rouleau's conclusion and why it was bad.

A government with despotic impulses like this one will take this rolling not to make Canada better by exploring ways to improve the Act and protect Canadian rights. Instead, it moved to do neither. Worse, it made into permanent law its worst offences including the right to freeze assets. Canada lost a piece of itself the day it was announced and Rouleau let it happen.  He could have sent an important message to this government - a flare. But in the end, his mission was to find a way to leave the Liberals off the hook.

With a government not being held to account in that episode, it's not surprising they will take a page from the tactics used at POEC. 

Canada's democracy (and science and medicine for that matter) is not in a good place. 

Don't be fooled into thinking otherwise. 


How Stupid Do You Have To Be To Believe Justin Trudeau?

Or, if that's too aggressive, how about naive?

Just a question to ponder. 

Everything bad is being normalized in the zeitgeist. 


The Cognitive Dissonance Of Don Vinh

Vinh likes to weigh in on politics.

He clearly votes liberal given his Tweets. 

But this one really got my teeth gnashing.

He tweeted this RFK quote without any self-awareness of the part he played in dividing people.

Vinh embraced every possible unethical and unscientific measure and restriction including the abhorrent vaccine passports and curfew that abused and ruptured the civil order.

If he thinks we've fallen short of RFK's quote, perhaps he and his colleague should look in the mirror.

Many people were unnecessarily hurt and ruined as a result of cruel and coercive mandates including a travel ban on people who exercised their medical autonomy.

Where was Vinh to speak out on this?

No amnesty without accountability.

People In A Fog Of Incoherent Pointless Rage

Featured today in the 'that didn't age so well' segment is Timothy Snyder"

"In a May 2017 interview with Salon, he warned that the Trump administration would attempt to subvert democracy by declaring a state of emergency and take full control of the government, similar to Hitler's Reichstag fire: "it's pretty much inevitable that they will try. According to Snyder, "Trump's campaign for president of the United States was basically a Russian operation. Snyder also warned that Trump's lies would lead to tyranny."

Uh huh. 

He's a historian. 

Who moonlights as a conspiracy theorist. 

Look at this sad display. My Lord Democrats are pathetic. Like Liberals up here. And there's more despicable shame where that came from from the testimonies of Taibbi and Shellenberger who couldn't hide their giggles of contempt for that idiot Garcia. 

And let's be clear. The only ones censoring and attacking journalists are DEMOCRATS. 

So. Remind who are the ones running a perpetual 'state of emergency' again? Who peddles and promulgates rhetoric and policies that are leading us into tyranny?

Hint: It wasn't Trump.

If you guessed Joe Biden (and Justin Trudeau), congratulations you're paying attention.

You're all extreme right-wing extremist racist who hates women. 

Here's your bumper sticker. 

Sorry if the post didn't match the promise of the title. Perhaps I should tackle it. 


Lockdown Files

It's a doozy. The scandal of our times. 

As we've suspected all along.

They lied.

Little dimwitted twits ruined lives.

This amounts to aggravated assault and even murder as far as I'm concerned.

And I have no doubt there are similar communications waiting to be discovered among our dear Canadian officials who love us so much.

Isabel Oakeschott did the right thing. She has more courage than the vast majority of journalists out there. 

For a rundown of the Lockdown Files check out....









Quote Of The Day

"A time is coming when men will go mad and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, "You are mad; you are not like us."

St. Anthony the Great

Comment Of The Day

What's the common denominator....?

One word: Perfidy.

Within the context of war, perfidy is a form of treachery whereby one side appeals to the conscience, good faith, and decency of their opponent with the intention of exploiting their humanity to destroy them. For example, raising the flag of truce to kill the opponent while he’s in the vulnerable position of taking “surrendering” prisoners; or feigning injury to kill the opponent while attempting to care for the wounded; or killing tens of thousands of nursing home residents to guilt-trip the people into locking down, masking up, and socially distancing themselves into isolation, loneliness, and financial ruin—"just 14 days to slow the spread; don’t cha know.” 

The bureaucratic murder of nursing home residents worldwide was the opening salvo in the globally coordinated campaign of perfidy underlying the “Captain Trips” pandemic. (Because COVID-19 is a fiction sold to the public, I call it "Captain Trips" in homage to Stephen King's novel "The Stand")

By targeting the nursing home residents, they were able to blame the deaths of "Mom and Grandma" on us if we failed to comply with the mitigation measures. 

A strong sense of conscience and responsibility to the public draws people to the Alt media. So, it's not surprising that people like Glenn Greenwald and Aaron Matte were shamed into compliance. 

Killing mothers and grandmothers enabled them to create the “profound source of shame”—as Klaus Schwab put it—needed to emotionally blackmail people into locking down, masking up, and socially distancing themselves into isolation, loneliness, and financial ruin in order to “build back better” under “a new social contract” as technocratic totalitarian satellites of Communist China.

Observe how Governor Cuomo emotionally blackmailed New Yorkers into conflating their unconditional love for their mothers with unconditional surrender to his totalitarian rule by mouthing McKinsey & Company’s Emmy Award winning Communist Chinese perfidy.

ANDREW CUOMO: Where are the places we’re really worried about? Nursing homes….. We need real diligence with vulnerable populations. And there’s been a lot of confusion…I’ve gone through it myself with my own family. As I said, we have my mother who lives alone. Everybody wants to help, and we’ve gone back and forth. Who should go visit mom? Should mom go to my sister’s house? Should mom go to this house? Nobody knows for sure. …

ANDREW CUOMO: … Don’t visit households with multiple people. Don’t go to your daughter’s house. “Mom doesn’t want to be alone.” I understand, but you bring her into your house, and you have 10 people there, and they’re coming in and out, and your daughters have friends. That is a mistake. That is a mistake.

ANDREW CUOMO: Well, we’re going to go visit mom. I’m going to bring the home family to see mom.” No, not now. … I call it Matilda’s Law. My mother’s name is Matilda. Everybody’s mother, father, sister, friend in a vulnerable population, this is about protecting them. It’s about protecting them. What you do, what you do is highly, highly affects their health and wellbeing. The instinct to love, I want to be with them. I want my kids. Mom wants to see the kids. Be smart. My mother and your mother. 

TRANSLATION: Said the spider to the fly… You can trust me. I’m doing this for my mother and your mother. If you love your mother, then you should lock yourself down, mask yourself up, and socially distance yourself into isolation, loneliness, and ruin. 

Day in, and day out, the perfidy continued.

(March 24, 2020):

GOVERNOR CUOMO: It’s about a very small group of people in this population who are the most vulnerable. They are older, they have compromised immune systems … Those are the people who are going to be vulnerable to the mortality of this disease, and it is only 1% or 2% of the population. But then why all of this? Because it's 1% or 2% of the population; it's lives. It's grandmothers and grandfathers and sisters and brothers…. That's what this is about. It's about a vulnerable population. I called the executive order that I passed Matilda's Law; my mother. It's about my mother. It's about my mother. It's about your mother. It's about your loved one, and we will do anything we can to make sure that they are protected. 

"It's about my mother. It's about my mother. It's about your mother. It's about your loved one, and we will do anything we can to make sure that they are protected. "

Pure fucking perfidy.

The reason people refuse to believe they were bamboozled is because they're afraid of the shame of being "the last person to figure it out"--they're afraid of looking foolish.


It even works in the privacy of your own mind. I know from experience. 

To this day, the dumbest I’d ever felt in my life was during the summer of 1986 while driving cross country from Long Island to Olympia Washington. I still cringe at the wave of humiliation I felt while passing a sign on I-90 reading: “Welcome to the State of Minnesota.” Up until that moment, I’d always thought Minnesota was a city—because of the ‘Minnesota Vikings’. In 1986, I thought all football teams, except New England, were named after cities.

You’d think I would have noticed it in the Rand McNally I used that summer. But like every other time I’d looked at a map of the U.S. in my first 19 years of life, I just didn’t see it. Which is why reading that sign felt as mortifying as when I got caught shoplifting at 13. 

The only thing giving me hope at this point is the realization that most people will escape the "broken brain" problem when they realize that EVERYONE was bamboozled at once.

That's the only reason I can come up with for why I didn't feel I got caught shoplifting at 13 when I finally realized the nursing home mandate issued DURING the lockdown was categorical proof of murder.

If everyone missed it, then there's no reason to feel shame.

We just execute these fuckers and get on with our lives.

J6: All LIES

 As usual, the people not following the news and narrative got it right. But they were sidelined and ignored. 

The truth about January 6 was there in plain sight for anyone to see. 

But as usual, people are lazy wasted assholes and chose to go with the 'OMFG TRUMP WANTED TO ORCHESTRATE A COUP!!!' bull shit.

How I've come to loathe fools these past three years.

Yes, you were bamboozled by the likes of low-life sleaze buckers like Hancock, Trudeau, Legault, Tam, Fauci, Collins, Biden etc. 

Every single one of them is a liar.

Every night look in the mirror and repeat, 'They lied to me and my family. 

They took advantage of your trusting naivety and rubbed sand into your eyes.

And if you think these scumbags didn't make obscene amounts of money, you're delusional.

While you were in a useless lockdown, they were watching the money-bag supply chains run through.

There never was an insurrection on January 6. What you saw was a classic undercover false flag event to try and take out Trump.

These people are willing to ruin the lives of mostly innocent people who were merely protesting using them as pawns to take out Donald Trump who is a direct threat to the establishment.

It really is that simple.

There was ample evidence at the time to doubt the script being weaved by the feckless and evil corporate media. Plenty of video footage showed, for example, people being waved in. AOC claiming she feared for her life despite not being present on that day is another example. The officer who died wasn't killed by protestors. 

But that didn't stop the Democrats from staging one of the greatest pieces of theatrical art in the history of American - probably Western - politics with the JS hearings.

Anyone who watched and believed that has an IQ below 70.

And so it's come out the revelations through leaked live video from within the Capitol Building clearly shows there was no riot. 

Keep this in mind whenever an idiot Canadian politician spews J6 nonsense to further use power to rob us of our rights. 

You were lied to by professional pathological narcissistic maniacal liars.

When will you wake up and smell the coffee?



The Profound Ignorance Of Melanie Joly

The day she was given the foreign affairs portfolio I called it out.

She had no background in such matters and thus had no business being given a prominent file.

The failed Montreal mayoral candidate is about as amateurish as you'd expect. 

Among her many face-palming comments, few rise to having claimed that no country has invaded another country since WWII until Russia did it.

Apparently, 2022 is when history began in Joly's world.

I think this has to come from a place of profound ignorance and not her simply lying. Why lie about something like that? It's very easy to fact-check something like this. 

The list of foreign invasions and interventions since 1945 is long. In fact, people seem to think that the world found stability in 1945. One could argue it was more precarious and violent. 

What makes her comments ludicrous is the USA alone has invaded more countries than any other country. They topped The Shaw of Iran in the 1950s, invaded Vietnam in the 60s and Iraq and Afghanistan in the 2000s. This doesn't include other incursions and coups in Libya, Syria, and Central America.

America was - and remains  - a naughty country. 

The irony of her comment is that the U.S. orchestrated the Maidan Coup in 2014 in Ukraine which basically started the war and then proceeded to blow up the Nordsream pipeline thus ensuring Russia maintains its stance.

The West wanted this war and they got it.

Now own it, Melanie. You're now a neocon warmonger. 

The Liberals have become a national embarrassment at this point and their sheer stupidity has become a threat to national security. 

Cruel Canada

Always remember, to this day there are thousands of Canadians who cannot collect EI despite having paid into it because they were fired from their jobs for not taking the vaccine and obeying the government.

Canada. Cruel and stuck on stupid. 

Farmer Protests In Belgium

2700 tractors are blocking the streets of Belgium.

Do you see martial law being involved?

Do you hear Belgians cry like Canadians did?

Are we going to see frozen bank accounts?

Of course not.

Justin Trudeau wanted to invoke and was going to no matter what. And Paul Rouleau foolishly gave him a rubber stamp.

Now we're faced with a really bad precedent we will ned to reverse somehow. 

Fools all around. 


Of 15 Minute Cities, Medical Tyranny And The Abolition Of Man

Note: Trying new font.

In the 1990s, I bought Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. And while I've learned snippets of the book and its characters over the years, I never got around to reading the book. I plan to finally do so very soon. I have piles of books and articles and figured I'd sneak this one in because there might be some lessons to draw from it.

For now, suffice it to state that the gist of the book is about the retrenchment of man as the world shrugs.

This got me thinking about 15-minute cities, the rise of the medical technocrat, and how they're conspiring to achieve the abolition of man.

There are all sorts of moral and ethical implications to what's being considered in the so-called 'new world order'. This includes the WHO's revised pandemic treaty, which appears to give it more broad powers that could conceivably usurp or at least sideline national sovereignty. This falls in line with the notion that there must be a global response for every emergency declared. This sounds like a nice gig for the corporate-medical complex. Everything will have a top-down, one-size-fits-all solution ordered from the WHO, even if a local community is not affected by a declared emergency. Everyone must comply. I don't know how realistic this plan is, but it's a plan they have. I consider leaders who sign onto this to be fools, if not traitors, to their populations. Naturally, the United States and Canada support the revised treaty given the sorry excuse for leadership currently in place in both countries. Flushing it out in order to form a plausible, logical, and lucid idea around these complex concepts demands much sober thinking.

A good place to start is with C.S. Lewis, who wrote about how we teach critical thinking and how moral philosophy fits into it in The Abolition of Man.

He was not sanguine, shall we say?

He explores how we've constructed our moral framework around the idea of, for example, 'man conquering nature''. However, on the way to triumph, his soul was compromised. All that's achieved is the abolition of man.

The only way to avoid this fate, Lewis argued, was for men to be men. And for this, he needs to be taught how to become one. Children must learn what is good and bad (i.e., differentiating between right and wrong). It doesn't come naturally to humans. This position is ancient in its beliefs. A person who doesn't get this formal training, therefore, cannot be a man. This allows him to proceed and take up actions that in fact injure what it is to be a man; human. Think robots. Robots threaten to make men secondary in the scheme of life. They allow robots to exist because man lacks a strong moral and ethical foundation. He doesn't grasp what it means to be human.

I would add a free human.

During the zeitgeist, we see this with the outright and brutal assault on freedom as a concept and value. Read the comments of most (left-leaning) mainstream news outlets. There are a disconcerting amount of people who lash out at the concept of freedom, reducing it to a politically partisan issue. This fundamental breakdown of one of our most cherished and timeless values—a value humans have been fighting to attain for centuries—is The natural state of man is liberty. The natural state of governments that rule nations is tyranny, which points to the miseducation of generations of students. We're teaching them to distrust with hostility and liberty. To them, being free means being selfish. And it's, in part, the selfishness brought upon by freedom that puts us all in danger. For example, people declining to take a vaccine, exercising their medical autonomy, threaten public health. The Freedom Convoy, therefore, was naturally going to be seen as a threat to the miseducated. As one person—a paediatrician—once said to me, 'Your freedom of speech ends at my offence. 

I submit that an ostensibly free society that takes freedom for granted, at such levels, cannot move forward. If we can't agree on the one value that makes life bearable, then we've opened the floodgates to tyranny. The miseducated believe freedom can be controlled through a series of laws and regulations that keep it in check. Thus, they believe in such false notions as 'balanced speech' and 'hate speech'. There is no such thing. This is nonsense. There's only speech. Stating that speech can be regulated is propaganda. Note that making rules against, say, vulgar language is not the same as regulating speech that derives from an opinion and therefore freedom of expression.

Speech comes in a myriad of functions and expressions. Are we not humans with free will and minds? Are we not free to express our opinions, no matter how vulgar they may be, to those with whom we disagree? We're bound to step on each other's toes. Yes, the miseducated will say it's the degree to which the speech is expressed that determines if it will be regulated! And who measures the degree? Where and how can such arbitrary rules possibly be drawn and applied equally before the law? It's impossible. 

Speech becomes subverted to whatever trend in folly grips society, and compelled speech must follow.

Too much freedom of speech leads to racism, climate change denialism, anti-mandates, and so on.

To the miseducated mind and the political opportunists who seek to capitalise on its potential for increased power, the solution is restricted speech, if not outright censorship.

We've been through this before, with the example of the Soviet Union and communism. A period well described by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn in The Gulag Archipelago. But now we're witnessing the ripping apart of freedom within a pluralistic democratic framework.

This has been going on for decades. Slowly, the concept of what it means to be free was dragged under the auspices of 'safetyism' and 'safe spaces'.

And as we've seen during the COVID hysteria,

In The Demon-Haunted World, Carl Sagan expressed that even science must be questioned, and the only way this can be conducted and achieved is through freedom.


"Now it's no good to have such rights if they're not used: a right of free speech when no one contradicts the government; freedom of the press when no one is willing to ask tough questions; a right of assembly when there are no protests; universal suffrage when less than half the electorate votes; and separation of church and state when the wall of separation is not regularly repaired. Through disused they can become no more votive objects, patriotic lip-service. Rights and freedoms. Use 'em or lose 'em."


Man has begun his retrenchment. In Charles Murray's 'Human Accomplishment,  we detect a decline in achievement, having reached its apex by 1950 in the West. You can't flourish in such a world. Where all thoughts are kept private, you have the recipe for a dark age.

By denying our moral (and even ethical, which is a more opaque notion) obligations that underpin a healthy civilization, we deny our humanity. Hence, the abolition of man.

The rise of the scientific-technocrat, which President Eisenhower warned against, has led us to see through science, for its own sake, the abolition of man. The triumph of The Science has meant the removal of morals and ethics from human affairs.

We saw a perfect example of this in the last three years. It was captured in the following simple calculus: If you do not take this solution to protect and save us, you will not be permitted to work and earn a living; you will not have a right to life. This coerced action is then called having a choice, and choices come with consequences. You were free to not take the vaccine, but the price was to lose your job and your right to life. To be ostracised by friends and family." This may sound logical to the miseducated mind, but it's forcing an action under duress. It's an accepted concept in the law that police, for example, cannot force a confession from a suspect under duress. The same principle applies here. People were forced to undergo medical procedures under duress. It's an example of how shockingly easily ethics crumbled.

It can only happen with the abolition of man.

Moreover, we saw the triumph of pure magic as "men of science" pushed unscientific measures from masks to social distancing, lockdowns, and passports.

Lewis states (bold mine):

"I have described as a 'magician's bargain' that process whereby man surrenders object after object, and finally himself, to nature in exchange for power. And I meant what I said. The fact that the scientist has succeeded where the magician failed has put such a wide contrast between them in popular thought that the real story of the birth of Science is misunderstood. You will even find people who write about the sixteenth century as if Magic were a medical survival and Science the new thing that came in to sweep it away. Those who have studied the period know better. There was very little magic in the Middle Ages: the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are the high noon of magic. The serious magic endeavor and the serious scientific endeaovr are twins: one was sickly and died, the other strong and throve. But they were twins. They were born of the same impulse. I allow that some (certainly not all) of the early scientists were actuated by a pure love of knowledge. But if we consider the temper of that age as a whole we can discern the impulse of which I speak. 

There is something that unites magic and applied sciences while separating both from the wisdom of earlier ages. For the wise men of old, the cardinal problem was how to conform the soul to reality, and the solution was knowledge, self-discipline, and virtue. For magic and applied science alike, the problem is how to subdue reality to the wishes of men; the solution is a technique; and both, in the practise of this technique, are ready to do things hitherto regarded as disgusting and impious, such as digging up and mutilating the dead."


We can argue technocrats like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Theresa Tam, here in Canada, are the prime manifestation of how science dissolves human agency. They clearly do not consider personal agency or free will in their decisions and orders. By denying that man is free and independent, it's much easier to see civilization as nothing but a collective organism made up of different people from different perspectives and backgrounds. Or genetics, for that matter. They're the very people C.S. Lewis (and Eisenhower) warned against.

Medical tyranny forces us into a world where the white coats will dictate. Public health has never been a more nebulous term. Merely expressing an opinion that challenges the orthodoxy or dogma of the zeitgeist now increasingly and dangerously being monitored by 'public health' and the medical and pharmaceutical cartels that rule it. 

You will have to explain yourself. And we've already seen this happening in the profession as well as in academia, which has long since ceased playing its part in spurring the intellectual curiosity and growth necessary to advance our civilization. Today, they're nothing but the exclusive property of the corporate and state apparatus. Too cowardly to challenge, they succumb to government orders and funding.

For their part, people have offloaded their civic responsibilities to the government and bureaucrats. In doing so, they've abandoned the critical thinking skills necessary to question authority. During COVID, some realized they were too intellectually ill-equipped to mount any kind of pushback against the COVID response. Hence, they simply surrendered to the authorities. With it came the infamous jargon soundbites. Among them, as they were often repeated, were 'fifteen days to flatten the curve', 'save granny," and 'we're in this together'. These were all obvious propaganda slogans. Slogans we learned later by the silent hand of behavioural scientists manipulating the population in the service of politics. The details are in the jargon.

This deference finally settled on, 'What are your credentials?" and 'Are you a doctor?" from people who wouldn't or couldn't challenge the narrative. So they accepted the appeal to authority and refused to understand why anyone else wouldn't do so as well. Obedience by the population paved the way for censorship.

Thomas Jefferson had something to say about this issue:


"In every government on earth is some trace of human weakness, some germ of corruption and degeneracy, which cunning will discover and wickedness will insensibly open, cultivate and improve. Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories. And to render even them safe, their minds must be improved."




"Part of the duty of citizenship is not to be intimidated into conformity. I wish that the oath of citizenship taken by recent immigrants, and the pledge that students routinely recite included something like, "I promise to question everything my leaders tell me.....I promise to use my critical faculties. I promise to develop my independence of thought. I promise to educate myself so I can make my own judgements."


None of this is possible without freedom of thought and expression, concepts and values, which censorship denies.

If citizens decline to exercise their own free will through the power of their own critical abilities, you get a civilization ready for retrenchment.

Jefferson put it this way:


"If a nation expects to be both ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."


John Stuart Mill stated in On Liberty:


'If society lets any considerable number of its members grow up as mere children, incapable of being acted on by rational consideration of distant motives, society has itself to blame."


Is this not what is happening in Canada and Jefferson's place of birth, the United States?

We've become infantilized, self-entitled complainers who are too lazy to think and too cowardly to question, choosing instead to meekly hand personal agency to Leviathan.

It is no wonder, then, that the 15-minute city would be 'revived' under such conditions. I say revived because an architect friend of mine explained to me that this is not a new concept. It's been around since the early 20th century and derives from urbanists and urban planning circles, not politics. In fact, it's really a cheap knockoff of the mediaeval town.

The idea behind the 15-minute city is to provide every possible kind of service within a 15-minute walking distance. Its aim is to provide a self-sustaining unit. It's more of a 15-minute pocket, as he described it. And it's a little more restrictive than people think. If your town, for example, produces onions, you shall eat them, as trade will become highly restricted.

He's not entirely sure how practical or feasible it is, but they're going to try it. For now, it seems more like a trend as cities look to rebrand themselves as more 'compact' cities. 

As loathe as I am to link to them, Wiki explains it in this way:


"Compact cities are designed to keep residents in close proximity to everything they need for daily living, including shopping, education, housing, and work. The rationale of this urban development model is to reduce the amount of time people spend commuting, reduce fossil fuel usage and to increase the sustainability of developments. While compact cities promise short commutes and sustainable designs, these benefits are not guaranteed. "


Sounds good?

As mentioned, this is reminiscent of medieval towns. And people who know the history of the Middle Ages know that the citizens of such towns never left their towns or traveled. Trade between cities was almost nonexistent. It was only when commercial (mostly Italian) merchants, first on the Volga River, began trading with local economies along the river Later trade blossomed with the Italian city-states during the Renaissance and the Venetian republic, which monopolised trade routes in the east of Asia. Banking centres and major trade expanded from Italy into other places, including Antwerp and Amsterdam.

This is what we today call capitalism, and the rest is history.

With the dubious and tenuous assertions made by climate change advocates and the mythical consensus, there are calls to become more 'local'. In many ways, we were already becoming more local. The 'eat local' and 'buy local' movements have been thriving for at least 30 years now. If we want culture and society to be 'local," then does it not follow that politics should be too? In other words, more decentralisation is needed not just from a national federal entity (i.e., Washington and Ottawa) but from state and provincial ones as well. In other words, we become city-states again, or mediaeval towns. Or, if the architects of the 'new normal' or 'global reset' have their way, a new feudal system.

It's one thing for such concepts to be in the hands of urbanists and local municipalities, but it's quite another when they become politicized. Which is the great danger here. Politics combined with the abolition of man makes for dystopia. This is where all the potentially nefarious dystopian scenarios begin to play out. To the person who only naively sees the "good' in such plans, they cannot see the 'bad'. We swing back to Lewis here.

Recall that we're no longer human. We're to be controlled in the service of bringing nature to heel and kneeling before godless men. They are not, remember, men, but people with no morals or ethics.

In other words, the problem with the 15-minute city comes when man is at his weakest point as a sovereign, critical-thinking individual.

This is why digital ID can pose a major threat to freedom. A 15-minute city has been characterized, with good reason, as a ghetto. First, they force you in, and then you need to show papers to get out. This could be the plan, as there's already talk of limiting people's mobility. Of course, the authorities that will impose it will exempt themselves from this little trap. Remember, humans are the problem, and therefore they're the solution. That solution is to reduce your 'carbon footprint," and you do this by restricting mobility.

But first, you must indoctrinate people against the 'dangers' of freedom. You must disengage them from this notion. Just like propagandists dehumanise their opponents in order to divide and conquer (see unvaccinated people),

You have to condition people into believing they're not individual humans but cogs in the 'greater good'. For this, just observe how behavioural scientists used the 'nudge theory' to scare people into wearing masks, social distancing, and getting vaccines. Fear and isolation Not courage and contact.

In a 15-minute city, we see a paradise for parasitical authoritarians to abuse power.

In order to truly evolve into a better civilization, we must be free. What good is it to become serfs again? We fought for 1000 years to emancipate ourselves from such conditions. Now we find ourselves slowly reverting back as the neo-Lords and Dukes rise again.

This can only be rebuffed with a rebirth of man that seeks to avoid the abolition of man.


The state of Canada

I do not doubt that the post I just wrote would run afoul of the 'white coats' of various colleges of physicians and psychological associations.

I'd be marked for a struggle session through psychotherapy. 

The abolition of man abandons morals and ethics while denying freedom. In this case, medical autonomy. 

If there's to be a rebirth, Canada will not be Florence.

It will follow, but it will always be a step behind.