Note To "Mr. Businessman" Francois Legault

I've just spent close to $2000 this month.

Just bought four pairs of pyjamas.

Where I would just go to the store IN FREEDOM to go buy some and INJECT money into OUR economy just a few months ago, I went to online shops from eBay to Amazon and other places.

I don't like it but what choice do I have? Making Bezos richer is not good.

Another reason why I loathe this idiot public officials. 

The spectacular stupidity of officials have not only stolen people's right to earn a living but they also decided stores can't sell 'non-essential' items (whatever the fuck that means and nor am I interested in finding out. I am NOT going into a store to watch people act like a bunch of jack asses and see roped off items).

Earlier today I had to go to the post office. As I came out of the pharmacy I removed the useless stupid mask idiots like Legault mandated,  a woman practically stopped in her tacks to 'social distance'.

This is where we're at. Meanwhile, my friend in Florida is living in damn peace.

Good job Francois.


You give yourself an 'A' but you're a failure to me.

I do not wish you or the CAQ a happy new year. 


They Keep Lying And Lying: When Will The Great Awakening Happen?

People WAKE UP.

This is NOT about the virus anymore!


It's The Precedence Stupid

My concern or word to define 2020 is, aside from cynicism, 'precedence'. 

I do NOT like the precedences being set. 




We can add the clear voter irregularities, outright cheating and unconstitutional actions in the Presidential election. One that won't be dealt with in any meaningful manner.

As well, the message we are sending children - our future. Here, we have failed spectacularly.

Assaulting free speech and sound science while menacing children's psyche are terrible precedences to set.

Why Propaganda Works

People accept propaganda because they ask one fatal question: Why would they do it?


Be Careful: A Medical Tyranny Is At Play

People seem to think if enough people get vaccinated we get to herd immunity and live moves on. 

Except, if you pay close attention to what's being said, this isn't so clear cut.

Are they looking to control lives through vaccination? They just stole our liberty and said we can only get it back if we get vaccinated?

Is this the play?

For this virus and its high survival rate?

They will be looking at this in the future as one of the greatest crimes against humanity in history. 


The powers that be will lose. 

Mark it down.


Sunday Night Music

I have to learn to harness my disappointment and man anger and bring it under a still.calm sky. 
Jackson Browne is the ticket. He's one guy I would have liked to have seen live. 


Francois Legault: Psychopath

No, Francois.

You're wrong.

You have made grave errors.

The psychological destruction caused is real and it's all on you and Arruda.


Politically and humanistically.

Go fuck yourself you psychopath. 

Covid Hysteria: Kids Will Pay The Ultimate Price

Already kids today are strife with anxiety. 

The signals sent to them due to Covid and its hysterical restrictions will only exacerbate the problem and lead to more social disorders.

Parents who are tacitly consenting to all this insanity are doing damage to their children in ways they can't imagine.

We must stop.

Truly for the sake of the children. 

Mask Cult Out Of Control; Biderman's Chart Of Coercion

Now you must wear masks on some ski hills. That's the latest.

This is where we're at as a society. 

Should people wear amulets and garlic too?

Here's Biderman's list of coercion. Sound familiar?

It's just a mask, eh?

Kiss my ass. All of you who ever said this or still believe in this madness.

Masks DO NOT work except to remind you to remain in FEAR.

I like this one:

Occasional indulgences: 

Provides positive motivation for conforming to abuser’s demands

Victim works to “earn” these indulgences in an effort to increase self- esteem

Stated and reworked for  Covid-19 hysteria purposes:

If you wear the masks, we'll allow you to go to work or shop. Masks are liberty.

Take the vaccine and we'll allow you to travel.

Take the vaccine and we'll give you your liberty back.


Public Health Officials And Politicians In The Era Of Covid Hysteria


A Conflation Contagion

We have a major problem on our hands.

I call it the 'conflation contagion'.

Discourse at the moment is so rigid and partisan it leaves no room for nuance or logical discipline.

Recent examples of this includes the immigration debate in the United States where someone who voices concern or opposition to illegal immigration is labelled as anti-immigrant. That one can simultaneously be 'pro' immigration and not accept people entering illegally. They're not mutually exclusive positions to hold hold. Indeed, it's a logical and responsible one to hold.

Another example is in the realm of protesting in professional sports. That is, the notion an athlete should use their position and popularity to bring awareness to social issues. Indeed, this can be a good thing.

But should it be in the place of business? Should they be kneeling or sitting during the national anthem during 'employment hours'? I would argue no.

We're conflating being allowed to express an opinion during work hours with being denied the right to such expression if denied at work.

Look at this this way. At your place of business. If you were to kneel during a board room or use it as a launch pad to express your grievance, would this be appropriate? Of course not.

A boss would correctly ask you to 'take it outside'. I'm a business owner. If I had an employee come in and begin to disrupt the work environment - no matter the cause - I have to quell it because I have a responsibility to the BUSINESS and as such to the employees. My approach would be, 'I can't allow it but I'm willing to support you outside work hours'.

You don't have a right to use someone else's platform to protest. 

In the age of Covid-19 a new troubling conflation is taking place. One where countries and public officials are merely making influenza 'disappear' and just counting all flu cases as Covid-19. They're mixing influenza with coronaviruses. 

How can we possibly ever arrive at any kind of truth this way?

Worse, this seems like a recipe for a disastrous perpetual pandemic.

Be aware if you're engaging in conflation contagion.

Quote of the Day

"Indeed, the political costs of admitting to having inflicted socially counterproductive policies are a powerful incentive to keep on inflicting those policies and ignoring or denying their consequences.“ Thomas Sowell.

How appropriate, eh?

The biggest concern is leaders across the West have NOT evolved with the data and still act like this is the Spanish flu.

That people aren't even aware of this is equally troubling.

The other day I was in a conversation with a person far more intelligent than me. When I brought up the issue of PCR testing she responded, 'What's that?'

Christmas Is Done Back To Mocking The Covid-Clowns

I can't believe what I'm witnessing. Our measures DO NOT work.

The virus doesn't give a fuck-shit about your measures Mr. Pantshit Virologist and Mrs. Fearmonger politician. NOTICE how it all balances out. NOTICE it's impossible to tell if any of the actions taken matter. It ALL balances out in the end. LOOK carefully at Sweden.



Merry Christmas

This is who we are.
Believe in something.
Or fall for everything.
It's being taken from us.
Jesus Christ showed the way.
To hold the line.
In and through him,
We find salvation.
A return to humanity.
All of it runs through God.



The Mask Cult Must End


Fauci Is A Morally Broken Man

Dr. Anthony Fauci became a rock star during the coronavirus health crisis that soon became a panic.

And he played his part in creating a national panic. 

Two of the biggest influencers have been the WHO and Fauci and they have been a spectacular failure.

It's become apparent and clear neither has been consistent and forthright with people. It's been one mixed message after another right down to political leaders who blindly follow their cue.

Two of the most corroded and corrupted organizations - the WHO and CDC - have created global mayhem.

Some of it by design. 

In the case of Fauci, this guy has been playing politics and when he wasn't, he was hard at work doing pointless celebrity interviews when he could have been keeping up with the literature.

We know he lied about the masks. We know he doesn't believe asymptomatic spread is the main outbreak of infectious diseases. We know he's aware PCR testing is useless but he still allows it. And now we know Fauci may indeed have known hydroxycloroquine was highly effective as a treatment against the diseases.

Yet, he chose to ban it much like several countries inexplicably did.

Then these criminal bozos in politics and media wonder why conspiracy theories are popular. Maybe because the public isn't stupid and sees right thought the incoherence and lies?

That Fauci and others like him did so means a lot of people died that could have been saved.

That means blood is on their hands. Literally, whenever they speak of Covid deaths, know that the people in power who could have made a difference chose not to.

Not enough profits in HCQ. Remdesivir on the other hand is a big money maker.

Politics and profits folks. That's why you're in a mask.

Look at this way. You're the victims of a bank heist and are tied up while the crooks steal the money. That's what's going on here.

It's the biggest heist we've ever seen.

Now Fauci admits that he lied about herd immunity because he was afraid people weren't going to take the vaccine. 

Am I the only that's grown extremely suspicious and troubled that serious matters like this are in the hands of one person so to speak? Fauci shouldn't be the be all end all of this. He should be a voice among many. It's the same problem here with Tam.

It's time to hear ALL opinions.

Fauci is not above lying as he admits. It's not a lie if the intention is good apparently. I'd argue it's wrong on so many levels.  Politically. Spiritually. Philosophically. Morally.

He says 70%-80% is the threshold. Are we sure? Plenty of experts say 50% is good enough. Some say even less. Why should anyone believe Anthony Fauci?

What else is he lying about? He's on record as saying the PCR tests are useless so why does he still allow it? Is it to make cases keep going up so he can keep people scared again to force them into a vaccine that they don't need?

And the WHO are engaging in serious behaviour as they delete information on herd and natural immunity from their site.

Fauci lost the plot. He's unfit to lead the CDC.

In fact, every single medical official who has had a hand in promulgating this hysteria should be fired or resign.

If Fauci had any dignity and was a man, he'd step down. 

The WHO must be disbanded. 

Behold The Spectacular Stupidity Of Government

Of the endless stream of stupidity enacted by Legault and Ford - a pair of idiots - nothing is more absurd than the banning of 'non-essential' goods.

The destruction they have caused is shocking and criminal.

How the fuck does not selling non-essential do anything other than ruin a business?

Where's the evidence for such obscene measures?

What the fuck is going on!?!?

And the moronic, gutlesss idiots in the media and people in general think this is ok?

Are we mad?

Have we lost our collective minds?

It's an utter disgrace what I'm witnessing and enough to make me crazy.

May all you people who have caused this destruction based on lies and fear to in hell.

Legault and Ford first. Charon awaits you.

What Have We Done?

"It is not at all clear that American society with its cherished freedoms will survive, regardless of our success in defeating the pandemic threat."

Last sentence in a WSJ by Dr. Scott Atlas in a recent op-ed.

A couple of weeks ago I said to my wife, 'even if it's declared over, we have nothing to celebrate. We have failed in ways you can't imagine.'

No one is looking at the big picture. It's all tunnel vision driven by fear.

Where 2020 will go down as a spectacular failure, 2021 will be the year where people begin to ask, 'What have we done?'

I don't think people fully understand what they've consented to. I'm not so sure some so-called leaders do either.

People are too short sighted as they 'pop champagne' celebrating a Biden stolen victory blinded by an unhealthy and obsessively strange hate of a man like Trump. I've never witnessed such blind rage masking as 'intelligent discourse' in my life.

It was grotesque and absurd.

They just couldn't separate the messenger from the message. And with Trump, this was useful way to dissect and digest his policies - many of which were landmarks. 

Joe Biden is useful idiot personified. 

I'm appalled and astonished at the apparent apathetic Americans are treating what was obviously a stolen election. 

They don't believe in God or logic. They don't believe in truth. 

Ask any person with first hand knowledge about this sort of stuff. People from Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and so on. They all know what they saw.

But the media says do not believe your lying eyes. Accept our truth build on consensus we constructed. 

Now Trump is challenging the election. Not based on fraud allegations on the constitutional grounds. He's LEGALLY using every tool of power to ensure the states did not break laws and the validity of the mail-in ballots. It's not only fair and responsible but a duty for any executive to do so.

It's been incredibly fascinating watch the intimate mechanics of American politics tinker. The cogs, coils, bearings, and wheels are all functioning sometimes with resistance and sometimes not. There are several plots at play in parallel with one another adding yet another interesting dimension to all this.

There is more going on than the media is letting on. It's a shame because people are getting a live lesson in civics they couldn't get eleswhere.

Yet another valuable aspect of this strangely successful Presidency.

No doubt, for me, 2021 and beyond we will constantly ask, 'what have we done?'


Canada's Troubling Ties With China.

 These images speak for themselves.

Rebel Media reports about the Canadian military saluting the CCP leader at the Military Games in Wuhan, China.

If true, this is troubling.

Very troubling. 

China is NOT our ally or friend.

They're an enemy and should be treated as such.

Trudeau must resign. He's a legitimate threat to our national sovereignty. 

Let us entertain the thought that indeed Canadian Liberal politicians are foolish and naive enough to think maintaining 'good relations' with the CCP is beneficial for Canada.

The CCP are communists. Right off the bat, they're value and political values are in direct opposition to ours. We didn't seek close alliance with the Soviet Union, and we shouldn't with China.

China is not an ally. It's an enemy looking to expand and impose its communist will. It cares not a whit for Canada or her people.

But let's say they do infiltrate to the point of threatening our sovereignty, what do we do?

The United States, for all its faults, is capable of defending itself. In fact, should open warfare ever come with China, the United States military would likely win in an armed conflict. 

It's just too advanced, financed, technological and powerful to be defeated over the long term. No nation rivals it.

Canada should consider itself lucky and blessed to be allied with America. We're essentially one nation except on 'paper'.

Canada is incapable of exerting sovereignty over the Arctic so asking us to defend our nation in the face of Chinese aggression is laughable.

We made our bed long ago and chose to allow the U.S. to defend us 'wink, wink'. 

So when push comes to shove, America will defend itself, Canada won't be able to and will have to rely on U.S. muscle.

A nation that can't defend itself, is a weak one and not really a nation at all. 

Canada's role now in the context of modern warfare is to provide spec-ops and supply support for the United States. And we're very good at it. We sometimes fall under the command of U.S. Generals in international conflicts. 

At some point, Canada and USA will become one union.

Perhaps this process will be hastened by errors made by people like Trudeau who flout this reality and special bond with America to go chase the love of an enemy who doesn't respect us.

Forcing A Mask On Healthy People Is Anti-Science And Anti-Human. And It's Criminal.

I'm well past 125 studies and 75 opinion articles about the pernicious and ineffectiveness of masks.

They dwarf anything I've seen in support of them.

This is what the literature says.

This is why when forced to concede this point, the argument shifts to 'well, it's not about that but part of an overall strategy to stop the spread'.

Except the harms we're causing far outweigh any benefits masks can bring.

From the onset, all measures have been futile.

Asking people to wear a mask if they show symptoms is fair during a health crisis (or panic).

Asking people who don't is not.

Think of it. The government has forced healthy people into a mask against their will.

How this doesn't make people bitter I don't know.

I know it has for me.

The reason why is simple. The basic premise of the mask for asymptomatic people is droplet transmission. Except, healthy people don't cough and sneeze at any high rate.

But if they're Covid positive, the transmission becomes aerosolized.

In other words, it's a vapor.

A mask will NOT stop this. So an asymptomatic person is literally wearing a mask for nothing because the virus escapes. Either through the ineffectiveness of the mask or leakage. 

And the person who is wearing the mask thinking it's protecting is delusional because the virus cuts right through the popular cloth and medicinal masks.

A complete mistake was undertaken with masks.

The psychological fall out will be far reaching. This has to stop.

I'm also convinced they're adding fuel to outbreaks at the moment.

The bottom line is people aren't robots. Asking mass mask wearing in community settings expecting perfect usage is unreasonable and condemned to failure.

But political leaders like to pretend they're doing something and medical bureaucrats love the control aspect. It's an aphrodisiac.

Drop the masks.


Dr. Birx Does The Right Thing

After being caught celebrating Thanksgiving with her family, Dr. Birx resigned from her position as part of the Corona virus task force.

It was the right thing to do.

After a flurry of mayors and governors flouting their own decrees, Dr. Birx is the first high profile official to quit.

Turns out she has more courage and dignity than the other rats.

Then again, she did what all shameless public officials have been doing from the onset: Blame people for 'not listening'. It's unclear how it's someone else's fault for her having broken her own damn decrees. Does she not have free will?

She has no one but herself to blame. 

What goes around comes around. Government, because it's run by psychopaths, has been asking people to snitch on each other.

People will also snitch on the government as well.

Rats ratting out the rats.


Casedemic Hysteria Questions

My question is:

Can anyone point to me a hospital in Europe that's been overwhelmed? They're getting whacked more than we are and still no breakdown.

The case is the same here. Despite the fear mongering from Legault and the media, the hospitals have not been overwhelmed and it's NOT because of his ridiculously futile measures.

I would love to know the exact break down of the 7000 deaths under his watch.

We know about 80% (the lowest I've seen is 50% and that's a global figure. It's always worth reminded Andrew Cuomo in New York signed an executive order sending infected patients into nursing homes thus leading to unnecessary deaths and distorting public perception of its lethality. Remind me why he's praised again?) were in one demographic in one setting. Roughly 5600.

While it's not all his fault, the buck stops with him. 

Of the 5600 how many had severed co-mobordities? Again, we know it's about 80%. So 4480 of the 5600. That leaves 1120. How many of those 4480 were put on ventilators that lead to deaths? We have no clue.

Because Legault is lying to the public and not disclosing the information and the utterly useless and gutless media isn't asking the right questions.

Now 7000 minus 5600 (1120 potentially with no co-mobordities) leaves us with 1400 people. How many of those had co-mobordities and died exclusively from Covid? Again, we don't know because Quebec does not allow autopsies. The CDC disclosed 6% of deaths are from Covid-19. So let's assume it's 10% here. That means of the 7000 people who died, 140 people have died exclusively of Covid-19. Now, in some of those cases, it's fair and safe to assume Covid-19 could have been the culprit despite an underlying issue. So let's assume and be very liberal and say 25%. That's 350 people.

So. Legault has frayed the social and economic order based on the fear the crappy public health system will collapse (it won't) and 350 people who died of Covid-19.

Who exactly is in charge of this disastrous response?

We're mired in a very bad spot and it's worrisome.

And it's not because of the virus.

As we approach the birth of Christ, these public officials who have plunged us into madness and darkness better pray for forgiveness from the Lord.

"It is easy to trigger a fear of shock risks in people. These are situations where a lot of people die suddenly in a very short time. This new coronavirus could be such a shock risk, just the same as plane cashes, acts of terror or other pandemics. If, however, deaths are spread out over a year, it hardly scares us even if the number is significantly higher." 

Professor of psychology Gerd Gigerenzer.  

Government Makes Things Worse

PCR testing must end now. Why is the media and government trying to scare us with this 'new variant'? This virus has mutated 12 000. IT'S WHAT VIRUSES DO.

Just like they circulate and couldn't less about our shitty futile measures, viruses behave predictably.

It's astonishing how we've abandoned basic known principles about diseases. 

You do NOT need to be an epidemiologists to know and understand the BASIC mechanics and behaviour of viruses. 

Nothing aggravates me more than having to read someone respond to another person's opinion with "Are you an epidemiologist?' 

As if epidemiologists aren't infallible. 

This is an appeal to authority. Don't take the bait. Usually, it's the sheep who say stupid things like that in order to stifle discourse. They're too lazy and/or idiotic to do research and come up with their own opinion.

As for the government, they do what they do best. Make things worse. Ford - who is a member of what I've described as Criminal Inc. of which Legault is a part of - will lockdown the entire province on December 26. One size fits all when we know a) they're just cases for the most part over stated by unreliable PCR tests, b) the hospitals are NOT getting over run. Europe is getting whacked harder than us and name me ONE hospital that got over whelmed and c) deaths still remain in ONE demographic in ONE setting. 

But shut it ALL down.

It's absolutely outrageous. These people are INCOMPETENT CRIMINALS. 


Pandemic Panics: History's Repeating Cycles Getting Sinisterly Shorter

We're in a bad vicious cycle at the moment.

Back in 2009 the WHO changed the definition of pandemic after pressure from the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to that in order for a virus to be declared a pandemic it had to meet three criteria: It had to be new, had to spread quickly across the world and cause serious disease and/or be fatal. And by fatal, they been severe death tolls.

Since then, it need only satisfy for the first two.

So literally any mild, non-threatening virus can be declared a pandemic plunging nations into a perpetual state of national emergencies.

The WHO also has declared a natural path to he'd immunity has never been a viable strategy thus nuking over 100 years of established understanding of this process. They've asserted the only way to herd is through mass vaccinations. These definitions were made very recent if I'm not mistaken. It should raise suspicion. 

Two past incidences demand attention.

The first was the swine flu event in 1976 that led to a rushed vaccine for no reason with predictably tragic consequences for people who really had no business taking one.

In this, we have a powerful and sober example of needing to remain calm and not panic.

This was the incident that led to pharmaceuticals getting immunity - excuse the pun - for any damages vaccines cause.

This remains true today.

We're repeating 1976 all over again with Covid-19 and this time pharma, media, medical tyranny, and politics have formed a perfect storm to create enough constant fear in the population so as to almost be certain of success with another rushed vaccine.

A recent example at an attempt to fabricate a health scare was H1N1 in 2009.

Here's a story from Forbes (now mysteriously removed) from 2010 showing the WHO's political corruption in shamelessly fostering health panics. Note to Forbes: The internet is forever guys. Which leads me to ask: Who got to you and why was this removed?

This one involved the infamous and irresponsible Neil Ferguson of Imperial College. He attempted to promulgate a health panic though his failed models. Joe Biden - remember this because this is how he's going to govern - also tried to drum up fear.

It was a dud. And the Obama administration was lucky because they were woefully unprepared for an influenza strain that was deadly; and far more so than Covid-19.

And here we are.

A deliberate campaign of fear by cynical politicians and medical bureaucrats preying on two things society needs to revisit and fix. Pharma immunity and the WHO's definition of a pandemic.

Add the lies about asymptomatic spread and PCR testing made worse by Bill Gates,  a complaint and cowardly media, and social media censorship of MEDICAL EXPERTS who disagree, and we're now witnessing the greatest medical panic and scandal in medical history.

The price? Monumental negative and tragic trade-offs effecting tens of millions, the potential loss of certain liberties and an over-vaccinated globe.

The plot is sinister and must be dealt with. 


Oh look. One of the people promulgating this health panic is a hypocrite.

Dr. Birx is the latest in a loooong list of people in power breaking their own rules.

This has to stop.

All these people need to be fired. We need to cut the bureaucracy down.

These sons of bitches literally tried to stop Thanksgiving and have cancelled Christmas but not for them! 


What will it take for people to get ANGRY and demand for an immediate resumption to their lives to FULL NORMALCY?!/!

$600: The Most Prosperous Nation In World History Is Officially Broken

The United States is run by profoundly evil and broken people inside.

Their nation is under severe duress and stress and all they can muster is a $600 stimulus check?

I've no words.

Meanwhile the elites get they candy.

I'm not lefty, but man oh man, I've just about had it with this attitude and arrogant corruption. Even Canada, not too far off in its own scandalous corruption, managed $2000 (about $1550 USD). 

Pelosi and McConnell are a pair of corrupted losers.

If anything has been made clear in 2020 is that politicians DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.

Health Panic Music

 If 2020 had a soundtrack this would be it:

And my brain is upside down because of all these incompetent, asshole journalists and public officials fucking it all up. They don't even have the decency to offer an ice cream.


I'm A Better Prognosticator Than Theresa Tam

Tam in November (I believe in early November) warned based on 'projections' Ontario would have 7500 deaths by end of December. 

The province is at 4150. According to my math, carry the one, this means 2950 deaths have to occur in 10 days. Or 295 per day. Canada never averaged this total. 

Ontario was never going to have that many deaths just based on basic assumptions of which I applied.

I don't have their fancy modelling schematics but I am pretty good at reason, statistics and logic and Tam's warning never had a leg to stand on.

She had predicted 20 000-40 000 deaths by end of April in Canada. 

And she also predicted 20 000 cases per day by the end of December. We have around 7 000.

You just missed by 13 000, Terry.

Tam is lousy at her job and is clearly just throwing out figures to scare the public. We still don't know much about her record at the WHO.

How the media allows this to keep happening is beyond unconscionable. Unless they're in on the racket which I believe they are.

Any other person in any other field would have been fired long ago for such a terrible track record.

But this is the government for you. Unelected and unaccountable people are protected and rewarded. 

Now get ready for some massive goal post moving as a new variant is its way.

Makes you wonder what the point of the vaccine?

Montreal Protest

I took in the protest today. There have been several protests in Montreal since the summer. One of the larger ones possibly reaching as high as 50 000.

I stood on a corner street and recorded the march which began on McGill and Sherbrooke and ended at Parc Lafontaine.

The march was 14 minutes long. I have no idea how many people this translates to but a friend present estimates it was around 15 000- 20 000 people. Not to bad considering it was a grey, snowy day and -2 c.

It was loud and peaceful. It dd feel like I was witnessing a Quebec independence rally with all the flags of the 'Patriotes 1837' and Quebec decorating the street. There were also several 'Trump 2020' and United States flags. 

I did see some people apprehended here and there and brought into 'paddy wagons' or make shift mobile processing vehicles but it was definitely more festive despite the anger people have about the measures.

I followed the march, careful to walk on the sidewalk to avoid being singled out by cops for now wearing a mask, to Lafontaine park observing riot police and officers on bikes. When I arrived, there was a police truck broadcasting orders on a loop. The message was as per 'public health orders' people must wear masks and keep social distance (how this is possible during a protest with that many people only adds to the stupidity of public officials and cops enforcing dubious measures) or face fines (bravo Francois!) of anywhere between $1000 and $6000.

$6000! Those are amounts reserved for businesses but here was the police pumping up the volume scaring people.

Fear, fear, FEAR.

Of course, the 'public health orders' are illegal and the only criminals are public officials and officers enforcing their illegal decrees. 

This is what I witnessed.

Too bad the media are gutless and useless worms that i had to go and report on it.

Criminal Inc.: How To Fight Covid-19

Criminals Inc.



Facebook And Twitter: Let It Burn

Zuckerberg and Dorsey believe themselves to be modern day humanists.

They're not.

Their platforms are poison to human nature.

I never joined either and invite people to get off these 'social opiates'. They're no good.

Bad for the soul.

The mere fact that 'fact check' your own thoughts is all the evil you need to know.

These two are nothing but a couple of punks doing what punks do best: Act like punks.

Their censoring program runs contrary to everything we are as FREE PEOPLE.

You shouldn't tolerate their crap.

Get off them.

Free yourself.

They're acting like publishers now. They don't deserve Section 230 protection. Just look at their arrogance when they speak to Congress.

Revoke 230 and let them face the consequences of their actions. They committed a carnal sin: CENSORSHIP.

Let them burn. 

The Face Of Hysteria

Calgary police arrest a man for breaking social distancing rules while, well, playing hockey outside. Not as bad as Toronto police sending 97 cops, six on horseback, to bully ONE restaurant owner, but it's all part of the same madness posing as 'law enforcement'.

As far as I'm concerned, police are acting no different than thugs in this climate of hysteria. They are rogue.

None of these of these decrees, of course, are legal but that won't stop police from being tools of oppression. Let me repeat: What politicians are doing is ILLEGAL.

That makes them CRIMINALS. And the police the soldiers like we see in Mafia families.

Police chiefs talk as though they're following the 'law' but there is NO LAW. They can technically do what the Sheriffs in California have done and decree they won't enforce illegal laws citing they swore an oath to THE CONSTITUTION. Maybe it's time Canadian police grow and pair and read the Charter here and begin to question the untenable position politicians are putting them in. Their reputations will take a massive hit just like medical bureaucrats have. 

This madness only stops when the people begin to demand it stops and the police show some semblance of logic and common sense.

And compassion. Now, I'm sure in their own private way that's exactly what some officers are doing (after all, their families and friends are civilians as well)  but these sorts of incidences should be completely avoidable.

As for this incidence, I do not fault the guy at all. Imagine what's going through his head. 'I'm getting arrested for playing hockey outside because of some anti-science rule arbitrarily applied wtf is going on?"

This is a prime example of the perniciousness of these outrageous decrees. They're out of synch with how we've been taught and conditioned to behave in civil society. Civilians will comply with a law that's perceived to be an actual law and as such to be, not always, just. 

Civilians will not comply with a decree that's not rooted in law and not perceived to be legal and just.

It's very simple. And the civilian is correct. It is the government acting tyrannical.

Is it a surprise the government makes things worse? How does this 'stop the spread' or remotely does any good other than fray the social order? It achieves NOTHING. It fosters distrust and anger.

People will not accept this kind of illogical application of arbitrary rules for long.

Public officials have two means to justify their rules: Fear and coercion.

That's your government. It's always been the main function of government.

Government isn't compassion. It isn't just. It isn't enlightened.

Government is force. Government has no compassion. 

Public officials and medical bureaucrats are pissing on the Charter and smiling right at you. That means they're pissing on YOU.

People need to understand what's at play here.

This is government using a public health crisis to advance whatever side agendas they have in place (think Trudeau's carbon tax) as well as a ploy to consolidate their power.

This is what's happening. 

None of those people on TV care about you. Remember that.


What makes this clip all the more difficult to bitterly swallow is how many politicians and health officials across North America have broken the very same social distancing rules but have not had their dignity assaulted in this manner.

Even though they should.



Wake up people.

Wake. Up.


I would be remiss to not comment about the two female cops in the clip.

There's so much wrong and hilarious in that video. 

One, is the absurd notion those idiots threatened people with a taser. Over a fucken hockey game.

Two, they didn't have the psychical strength to take him down. Notice their knee kicks barely impacted him. This is the joke we live in modern civilization at the moment.

Two female cops physically inferior swearing at a person in a Tampa Bay Lightnings jersey threatening them with a taser for breaking absurd and arbitrary social distancing rules while playing hockey outside.

Did I get the gist of it?

It's right out of Trailer Park Boys.


Barzini's Warning

Anyone who says they're for lockdowns, or paints China in a positive light, or calls riots a 'peaceful protest' or takes positions you know and feel is 'off pitch', is a gaslighter (media is the biggest gaslighting machine next to government) and in some cases an enemy.

Like Emilio Barzini.

It's hard to know who you're enemy is these days. You have to observe stoically your surroundings You have to be cold and calculated in your assessment detached from emotion. You have to be willing to accept whatever you uncover may shock you. And you have to reman calm and rational when you do find out. 

In The Godfather, a meeting of the heads of all the families in America congregated. It was to discuss business but also to smooth over a potential all out war between Vito Corleone and Philip Tattaglia. The impetus being the murder of Vito's son Sonny. The presumption was he was killed on the orders of Tattaglia but Vito kept a sharp eye on the room. 

It was later revealed on the drive back home with Tom Hagen he figured out it was really Barzini who ordered the hit. This revelation eluded 'consiglieri' Tom who still believed it was Tattaglia. 

This is how you have to watch current events at the moment. There are a lot of deceivers and criminals in control at the moment. And where they aren't criminals, they're just plain incompetents and useful idiots.

You have to look at things with a dispassionate eye. 

Once you do, you can see that these are not people that care about you.

It's a game.

Know the room. 

The players. Big pharma, corporate media, Bill Gates, political leaders, pundits, experts...dig deep into them.

Example. Knowing what we know about China and the CCP now, if someone goes on TV to protect China or attempts to deflect by shifting blame using divisive and vapid excuses like 'racism', they're like Barzini.

If a medical doctor keeps saying how 'deadly' the virus is without providing context or discussing what a 'case' actually means including the problem of PCR testing, they're probably Barzini.

Tattaglia was a pimp. Don't get caught up with the pimps.

Focus on what the big players are doing.

That Fauci keeps shifting his thoughts, isn't keeping up with the science and still peddles fear, he's Barzini.

Here's a more stark example that for some reason got no traction in the mainstream media (wait, scratch that...Barzini) and drew no outrage from people:

The Colossal Failure Of Illegal Measures; This Isn't Funny Anymore

We're being lied to. 

Simple as that.

I'm not going to rehash the '15 days to flatten the curve' bit or 'wear the masks to get back to normal quickly or 'just 28 more days of lockdowns' and whatever pseudo-scientific draconian measure all these assholes in public life peddled.

None of it work.

You're still in a mask AND in lockdown.

The masks were supposed to 'stop the spread' and 'saving granny' and yet here we are.

Nine months on and psychopaths are using dreary words to purposefully keep people in fear. Despite obvious stats to the contrary, medical bureaucrats and lemmings who listen to these foul and incompetent people keep saying it's a 'deadly' disease; that it's a calamitous situation.

Now the new moving of the goal post? The vaccines won't prevent infections ego mask up! 

I've no more words at the utter irresponsible and cynical behaviour on display.

The government with their actions are making things worse and all their little foot soldiers in the medical community should feel nothing but shame for fuelling the hysteria.

These people are CRIMINALS. See that 'Doctor' on TV peddling fear and lockdowns? CRIMINAL. The virologist who screams babbling about masks like a mentally unstable hobo? CRIMINAL. Politicians repeating all the same crap while using illegal coercive measures to beat down free people? CRIMINAL.

ALL CRIMINALS for what they've done to large portions of the economy and people. They seized the narrative painting themselves as 'compassionate' but they're just self-serving psychopaths with an agenda.

Government IS a psychopathic entity. And connected corporations and doctors work with them so don't expect Fauci or that idiot in goggles on TV to put an end to all this. They're enjoying their 15 minutes and all the power and control it brings. Anyone who feigns sadness saying 'it will be a Zoom Christmas' (aside from not following the rules) probably gets off on saying it.

You're an idiot if you're not going to see your family on Christmas. It's irrelevant 'it's just for one year'. One year is one too many in a life that is preciously short. NO ONE owns your life. If you can't fight for it what are you good for?

That the government encourages people to snitch on each other during the holidays is all you need to know a) they're lying and b) are psychopaths.

I don't think you understand. I'll put names to it: Fauci, Drosten, Johnson, Merkel, Tam, Williams, Hinshaw, Legault, Arruda, Dube, Guibeault, De Wine, Ford, Trudeau, Biden, Whitmore, Cuomo, Raimondo, Inslee, Murphy, Newsom, Pritzer, Wolf, Walz, Baker and who ever else you choose to throw in here....CRIMINALS. 

One statistical data point should put an end to all this madness: 99.98% survival rate.

That's it. The odds of you getting the virus are remote and you doing from it also a statistical improbability.

Never mind the vast majority of deaths came from one setting: NURSING HOMES. And they used this fact to impose draconian one size fits all measures that RUINED more lives than it saved.

They didn't save jack shit. Government only knows coercion and mayhem. It only knows how to make things worse.

Have you not noticed NOTHING has worked most of all those stupid, fucken masks? Are you PAYING ATTENTION? Have you not noticed these criminals DO NOT follow their own illegal mandates?

Being afraid of low character individuals using police to back up their crimes is precisely what the definition of TYRANNY is.

Are you this apathetic and pathetic? 

They will not stop. Psychopaths don't stop. Already there telling you *maybe* June. Maybe later. Some say 2022. Some never. THIS SHIT ONLY ENDS WITH YOU. US.

It starts with stop being afraid and manipulated. 

I have no doubt history will look poorly and with dismay on this period.

It will go down as the greatest health panic in history.

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” - C.S. Lewis.

Chinese Troops On Canadian Soil In The Current Context Of 2020 Is Shocking If Not Treasonous

I'm stunned and astonished Chinese CCP troops were allowed  on our soil to train.

The government says they're no training with our military but that was thanks to our top military man Jonathan Vance.

His decision to nix the training sessions actually upset Canadian officials who thought it would complicated our relations with China.

What in the hell are they thinking?

But that they stopped training (a relief to be sure) doesn't bring clarity to the rumours that Chinese troops have remained here.

Canada needs to bloody wake up. I fear officials aren't paying close enough attention in the United States at the moment.

None of it is being reported in the press but the U.S. is planning something big.

Treason and fraud is in the air and the United States is readying to clean it up. Canada will feel the sting of the operation.


Illogical Is Covid-19

Them: Wear a mask even if it may save one life!

Them: Don't take HCQ, or talk about Ivermectin even if it can save lives!

Them: Don't worry if the vaccine results in death. One death isn't too many in this case!

Also them: It's ok if you die of the vaccine even if you didn't really need it. As long as you saved others in the process. 


I've lost my ability to keep track of the sheer insanity of it all. 


NIH Director Begs People To Take Vaccine

Francis Collins (I no longer recognize these people as doctors. They're politicians), wants people to drop the 'conspiracy theories' (ie LEGIT CONCERNS) and to take the damn vaccine.

So I went to his Twitter account and spotted this.

Why is the Director of NIH fraternizing with a convicted felon like Michael Milken?

Bad look there Francis.

Bad look.

The rot and corruption is so embedded and corroded it's impossible to conceptualize it anymore.

I wouldn't trust this guy with my wart. 


My Thoughts On Epidemiologists

Police state, snitches, airlines forcing masks on two year-olds, masks at drive-thrus, roadblocks, illegal ticketing from illegal decrees, inhumane isolation of the healthy population....these are just some examples of the fraying of the social order were witnessing,

've made clear what I think about medical bureaucrats as they impose a medical tyranny upon people.

It's like a friend once told me when I was losing my mind in debt starting a business. We were working furiously to survive. He said, "people who complain about the success of others only see the end result. They don't see the blood, sweat and tears spent to get to that point." Until humans grasp Bastiat's dictum of the 'unseen' and this applies to lockdown, we're not at an enlightened state.

A simple statistic: Excess deaths. So it's really only about 'cases' and politics.

At this point, the virus has little to nothing to do with 'public health'.

And the deceivers do not focus on the fact a) this has a very high survival rate and b) the vast majority of deaths are with one demographic. And in that demographic happened in ONE specific place: Nursing homes.

There is not 'deadly'. That people can die from it doesn't make this a deadly virus. A lot of things are deadly in the world.

The use of the word deadly conjures up mass death and this is simply not the case.

You're losing your life and liberty for this? Why aren't you waking up?

Let me rephrase: You can't have Christmas because of one demographic in one setting is mostly impacted.

One of the group leading the lockdown charge are epidemiologists. A group that doesn't shy away from an extremist variant of the precautionary principle. A group that, if it were left to them life would stop and everyone would be in a mask.

The lack of enlightened wisdom is palpable.

I think there lacks of moral compass from people at the moment. They've completely given into the fear.

They may claim it's hard to do this and they sympathize, but the fact they espouse such drastic measures that will render little in return suggests they choose a deplorable method of 'saving lives' that only ends up costing more in the end in the form of negative trade-offs.

Now we're seeing these people push back challenging suicides aren't on the rise (which is true mostly because the data is mostly unclear but isolation can lead to problems and we do see some of it in places like the U.S. and Japan) and more outrageously the attempt to claim lockdowns actually helped businesses.

This is all 'guilt ridden counter factual' rigging. The the price of the lockdowns are undeniable and have ravaged the lives of millions. Especially children.

So the they can call for their 'circuit breakers' and it looks like the criminals in power will oblige - bravo gentlemen - but they own the pain it will cause.

They own it. And they must be reminded they own it along with public officials who blindly put such pernicious mechanisms into motion.

They lack a certain spirituality and humanity almost to the point of depravity.

In short, epidemiologists should tell us about the virus and little else because they're not fit to manage civil society.

Question For Dr. Schwartz

My sister sent me a text where Dr. Schwartz praises the remarkable achievement of the vaccine as proof what can happen when we have our backs against the wall faced with a calamitous virus.

Question for the good doctor who seems to have abandoned all perspective.

What does he mean by 'calamitous'?

In Canada, there are no excess deaths. If this was calamitous, we'd see it reflected in those figures.

Also. The virus has a very high survival rate (I think I've written this over 100 times now and can't believe people haven't connected with this), somewhere around 99.97%.

We also know the chances of death below 50 is next to zero and that it almost exclusively preys on one demographic in one specific setting - nursing homes.

Children are largely spared and aren't vectors of the disease.

So where is this calamity exactly?

We know PCR testing, let's be blunt, is bunk.

Why promulgate more fear when the statistics do not back up such language?

China Offers A Chance For Us To Rediscover Our Most Cherished Values: LIBERTY

As the CCP's motives become more apparent to citizens of Western nations, there's an opportunity for us to shake out of the current rut we're mired in. That is, one of cynicism towards our institutions and values.

We see it manifest itself in riots and all sorts left-wing BLM violence as well as Big Tech and campus censorship to cancel culture; the rewriting of history and cultural mores and toppling of statues. The aim is to badger people into a collective amnesia to their past, and where memories remain to shame it.

We see way too much complacency towards the idea of individual rights and sovereignty. Especially doing this health panic where people inexplicably in favor of surrendering their rights to public officials say, 'you're freedom means nothing when you're dead.' A spin on 'you're free speech ends at my offence'.

It is true the far left shares more in common with the CCP than they do Western liberal values at the moment but there still remains in that group those who do not.

We need to set aside differences and unite to push off the CCP march now threatening our freedoms.

Their conceptualization of human rights is not like ours.

At some point, we're going to have to recognize that China isn't a friend. 

The EU, Canada and Australia under the leadership of the United States need a philosophical and spiritual renaissance. In China, we can find redemption.

Like when King Arthur rose after drinking from the Holy Grail and rode once more into battle with the Knights of the Round Table. 


Public Officials And Teacher's Unions Should Be Charged With Child Abuse

I've never seen such reckless irresponsibility during this health panic.

From forming an unhealthy cult around masks not backed by science to making children pay a heavily disproportionate price.

We're damaging 100 kids (they'll get over it right?) to save one 90 year-old.

And I'm pretty sure that 90 year-old wouldn't agree with this insanity preferring to protect kids than their life.

This is humanity.

But officials in charge are on a irrational mission to, well, I'm not sure anymore it's all so insane.

The science makes clear schools should NOT be touched.

So what do these idiots do? Assault the kids and schools.

Mask them. Stop activities. Social distance. Live in bubbles. Eat lunch at your desk.

Child suicide and abuse is on the rise.

Every single official should be ASHAMED at their stupidity. That's ON THEM.

And I stand by every single one of them should be charged with child and psychological abuse.

Gutless psychopathic miscreants. 






And in the United States the list is too long but De Blasio and Cuomo come to mind. New York and California and other officials in several states are guilty in these crimes.


No, Masks Did Not Stop The Flu

If masks stopped the flu, why didn't it stop Covid? The average sized particle of influenza is 80mm-120 nm. The coronavirus is 60nm too 140nm. 

So you can't claim it worked for one and not the other.

Also, 100 years of RCT studies make clear masks were ineffective against influenza.

Anyone who claims this is a liar or ignorant.


How They're Manipulating Covid

Right now a bunch of category of deaths (heart disease, cancer etc.) are down including, as you know, the flu.


I wonder why.

Can it be they're simply shifting those deaths over to Covid?

Does it make any sense flu disappeared? Of course not. It's preposterous to believe this. And no, it's not because you're washing your hands and wearing masks. That's utter BOLLOCKS.

It's because they merely are manipulating the data.

Don't be fooled. 


You're Being Lied To

The same media that said that the clams of Hunter Biden were a non-scandal prior to the election and now reporting that indeed there is a criminal investigation into the Bidens also say there was no election fraud and there's no evidence.

The same media that didn't report on Obama spying on Trump and peddle one of the all-time great hoaxes in the Russia collision story.

They're also pushing the Covid-19 health scare.

Think about that.

If You Support Lockdowns, You're Complicit In Death

I'm going to keep hammering at this.

Lockdowns come with enormous costs.

It's not going to harm the comfortable and the rich.

It's going to harm - permanently in some cases - the less comfortable and poor.

Furthermore, they disproportionately hit the young and healthy who are largely spared of it.

As for the masks, people are gonna have to activate their inner liberty muscles atrophied from years of complacency and start to demand officials to stop it. 

I'm hearing one too many 'experts' say this be here to stay for quite some time. The WHO just issues guidelines saying we must remain in masks while at the same time acknowledging the evidence of it stopping the spread is limited.

And you're going to accept that?

More and more, this is smelling like a CCP plot. 

It doesn't sound like this will be lifted. YOU need to do it.


These Are Not Scandals; Treason Is In The Air

Justin Trudeau is a traitor to Canada.

When I heard this story I was stunned. 

What the fuck is this government thinking?

Oh. Right. They don't think.

They're traitors.

When I pleaded with people to not vote Trudeau even I didn't think they'd be treacherous.

Ezra Levant made it to Tucker Carlson to explain the story he broke.

Carlson has one of the largest political shows in America.

Congratulations Justin you deadbeat. You made the big time.

And for the wrong reasons.

Time for Canada to drain its own swamp.

This is no longer crazy talk but.....patriots are needed now.

Just like in America.

Beijing Biden and Harris are heavily pro-China.

With Trudeau, they will hand the sovereignty of our two countries to China.

Here's the opening from CTV "News":

"Canada is no longer training with the Chinese military, the Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan told the House of Commons on Thursday, after Conservative defence critic James Bezan questioned why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would maintain such relations with China."



Speaking of traitors, remember when the media ignored the Hunter Biden story calling it a non-scandal for to the election? Now that they think Biden is safe, they're reporting that in fact he is indeed being investigated and has been so since 2018 including Joe Biden's brother James.

No way in hell Joe wasn't aware and isn't implicated.

Just like no way he won this election. With 81.3 million no less.

Hostile take over of Canada and the USA is under way.

All under the guise of a medical health crisis.


Dr. Arruda: Do Harm

How a doctor can sit there and agree to allowing for surgeries to be stopped is something I thought I'd never see.

Politics and hysteria now drives this madness.

If he had any honor left, he'd either fight to reverse course or resign.

To think we have leaders this irresponsible and short sighted is incredibly troubling and disheartening. 

At the moment, we're in the 'Hold my beer' stage of the hysteria as each region and province tries to do each other in who comes up with the most ridiculously retarded measures.

The rate of lunacy is now outpacing the cases.


PCR Tests Are Destroying The World


If Dr. Mullins was alive, he'd wring Dr. Drosten's neck.

Dr. Drosten and Neil Ferguson. 

Is there a bigger duo that has plunged the world into total hysteria and lockdown than these two?


Greatest medical hysteria in HISTORY.

Ivermectin And HCQ Work; Social Media CEO's Are ANTI-LIFE

The body of evidence is growing to the point it won't be denied.

Ivermectin is incredibly successful and it's SAFE.

What are health officials in Canada doing?

Why are they and politicians acting like only a vaccine is the solution? They're making it sound nothing works which is simply not true.


Hear that Trudeau? Tam? Williams? Hinshaw? Arruda? Henry? Ford? Kinney? Arruda? Legault? 


Same goes for social media CEOs. By banning EXPERTS with outstanding credentials you're only showing you're tools of oppression and ignorance. You are ANTI-LIFE.

A Note To Leslie Roberts: Wake Up

I don't mean to pick on Roberts but the radio dial was stuck on 580am for a couple of minutes as I adjusted myself in my seat. Once settled, I go straight sanity radio on Sirius. 

But this can go for any radio host who says stupid things about people who disagree with incoherent and futile measures.

As I listened, it became apparent the beat of the show was to bend for the Covid-1984 narrative.

At one point, Roberts described people protesting lockdowns as engaging in 'bad behavior'.

I don't see how this type of rhetoric from that 'side' of the Covid divide helps the situation.

It's constantly riling and pitting people up against one another.

It's pernicious and quite frankly, immoral.

Roberts and the experts he speaks with don't own the facts and reality. They seem to casually and flippantly toss around 'lockdowns' as though it's something we need to just get through.

Easy for people who get an income despite shutting down to do so.

In doing so, they tacitly agree to the absurd segregating of people between 'essential' and 'non-essential'.

Of course, a radio show host is 'essential' and a barber is 'non-essential'.

Sounds totes legit and totes logical.

Costco 'essential'. Local restaurant....non-essential.

Rather than view the economy as an intimate body of veins and arteries like the human body, such people have a zero-sum. clunky view of what constitutes an economy which is nothing but an eco-system made up of humans interacting in day to day voluntary transactions.

In other words, as a gay man, Robert should know better and be able to HUMANIZE what people are going through.

I'm of the firm belief there is NO justification or science to back any of these measures and that people protesting are rightfully exercising their right to assemble. HUMAN RIGHT that is.

This is not a virus dangerous enough for us to abandon such principles or our compassion.

The rhetoric is far too theatrical at the moment. None of these measures work. Worse, authorities aren't even studying the results.

Roberts should perhaps consider there are parents with children during the Holidays that have lost their right to earn a living.

And if he keeps with this mentality, to me, he's part of the problem. He contributes to the massive collateral damage.

Ask yourself: Is this virus that dangerous and am I that afraid of it to the point I'm willing let other people pay the price?

Sadly, many have made this calculation.

And that makes THEM the 'recalcitrants'. They're the ones who lack compassion.

Not us.

Weak Legault Postpones Surgeries

This is what passes off as leadership.

Stop EVERYTHING including surgeries to 'stop the spread' of a virus that CAN'T BE STOPPED.

Once again, the people that will be hurt by this: ON ARRUDA AND LEGAULT.

Oh, the humanity. 

Life doesn't stop. People are afflicted with other diseases. They die from many diseases. Mother Nature doesn't care.

Now Legault is ready to let this people die based on the assumption hospitals will get overwhelmed.

Francois Legault sees YOU as expendable.

And what more can we say about 'Dr'. Arruda? How can he stand up there and look the people of Quebec in the eye and say, 'Yeh, we feel people should die because we need to stop Covid'.

Is this where Quebec's soul is at?

People with compassion don't behave this way. These are psychopaths.

More outrageous is Legault's petulant arrogance with manipulative terms 'moral contacts'.

This from a man who put thousands out of work based on nothing but fear and political machinations and now willing to sacrifice people to their doom.

I never thought I'd witness such barbarity from such low character men.

This nitwit Legault is now OVER-MICRO-MANAGING something he can't control. It won't stop the spread but it will spread misery and pain.

This is such a serious virus that 99.98% people survive and potentially 30% herd immunity is actually possible, that it demands a super-over reaction for fear of shitty hospitals being over whelmed.

Bravo Francois. Bravo champion.

But if these assholes get sick, how much you want to put a bet they get service?

Any takers?

Thought so.

Feckless And Irresponsible Legault About To Please The Fearful, Cucks And Myopic Virologists

Quebec is astonishingly heading into another lockdown. This time in a more pernicious one. I simply can't believe the utter stupidity of these people. 

But I do know one group that's happy: Asshole epidemiologists who have been calling for, and will get, their fucken 'circuit breaker'.


As of today. All injuries and deaths relating to the lockdowns I charge Francois Legault and virologists with manslaughter and murder where applicable. I also charge Legault with terrorism and crimes against humanity.

I asked someone, 'so those masks really worked, eh?' He looked at me, 'They do work. It's bad behavior causing the problem'.

Some people can't be helped. They won't see. They just consume narratives and call you a conspiracist fro daring to breach the lies.

Sheep and zombies walk among us.

Here's the latest data. And here.

LOOK at it. EXAMINE it.

Then sit back and THINK.

Does that look like a situation that demands such drastic and futile measures? I say futile because all we're going to do is possibly lower the spread and continue this idiotic behaviour indefinitely. 


When Paolo Rossi Beat Brazil: The Passing Of An Azzurri Icon

2020 just keeps delivering blow after blow.

Iconic Italian soccer player Paolo Rossi has died.

For soccer fans, 1982 was one of the all-time great World Cups and his performance was sheer joy and genius capped by a World Cup for Italy.  His six goals rest in the annals of soccer folklore. Especially his hat trick against Brazil in a 3-2 win. 

Paolo Rossi beat Brazil.

First Maradona. Now Pablito. 

Youtube's Book Burning

On December 4 I posted a video from a doctor (and I could not remember his name) going over PUBLISHED DATA about Ivermectin in other countries showing the incredible positive results.

It has been removed by youtube.


Why in the world would they remove PEER REVIEWED EVIDENCE about treatments that SAVE LIVES?

What the hell is going on?

This is not a joke anymore.

This is war.

But politicians LYING through their teeth is just fine?

Here's how it's gonna go from now on social media punks:

You remove or censor videos and information that could help SOCIETY, YOU'RE THE CRIMINALS.

One could only hope justice is served for the criminality I'm witnessing.

So. If bad news comes out about the vaccine, will you suppress that you assholes?

May you rot in hell.

Ivermectin Now!

Watch before youtube removes this.

If Canadian public officials do not look into Ivermectin immediately, then we know they do NOT care about lives.

No Ivermectin = DEATHS.

If they don't, they will have failed us. It's quite sobering to realize that in the most critical of moments, our government doesn't really look to be agile and do the right thing as new information comes in. The Canadian government is dedicated to the vaccine but if Ivermectin is what they say it is, our reliance on the vaccine will need not be high and we can move the frick on. 

This is how you make skeptics and cynics of people.

And to think indeed they are people in positions of power who will not be swayed is troubling and disheartening. 

Head Bozo Legault: Non-Essentials May Close

Yay! So you're gonna shut yourself down, right?

I can't believe this awful excuse of a leader is about to fuck over the same people TWICE in one year.

No skin off this millionaire's back though. If only there were media people with balls to call him out.

So. The shut down restaurants and gyms on October 1. We stayed masked up. Cases did nothing but increase steadily.

Logic dictates - duh - these places aren't the problem and should absolve them while the masks clearly don't work.

I can't believe people aren't connecting dots here.

No science, rhyme or reason to these useless measures.


Yes to this:

Emergency Alert Sent

I just got a Covid-19 alert message warning us to basically live in fear and to not gather. 'Police presence has been increased.'

May all Quebec public officials rot in hell for this.

Do these hoodlums in power - Legault, Arruda, Guibault, Dube - understand the severity of what they just did? IT TRAUMATIZES people for no good damn reason. It fosters HYSTERIA.

Psychological abuse is a crime so why do we accept it from these failed politicians? 

So Quebec. Remember when that criminal Francois Legault said 'masks are liberty?'

And not only did he go ahead a lock you down he even sends out public health alerts to scare you.

Meanwhile, today he had the audacity to say the masks are keeping gastro and the flu down but the cases of Covid are going up because, get this, it's the people's fault. The entire red zone is masked up and people following measures zealously and he has the fucken balls to say this? 


Still more galling is his claim that the Christmas holiday sales aren't important to commerce!

This from a man this province touts as a 'great businessman!' The CAQ's sole existence is BUSINESS and he says this? What in the hell is going on?

Any questions about who this man is?

How much more terrorizing and bullying do you want to do Francois?

He's a terrorist hiding behind public health. 

What a leader!

What a man!


Here's how the criminals are going to play it. Start with 'non-essential' lockdowns. Then, when the measures don't work, blame the people like they did in the summer in order to extend the futile measures still further.

Criminal Minds.

Watch for the politicians who head up north for dinner and to their homes but will block the roads for the rest of the population.

This is Legault's moment to shine in the sun and be our Gavin Newsom.

Dr. Roumeliotis Is 'Flabbergasted' People Think For Themselves

Dr. Roumeliotis is Medical Officer of Health and Chief Executive Officer of the Eastern Ontario Health Unit who was interviewed by Leslie Roberts on 580AM CFRA.

Big mistake.

Roumeliotis is all that's wrong with what's going on and I'm afraid he's peddling fear.

Yes. I get it. In just five months I became a perfectly normal human being having followed all the accepted social norms and mores explained and dictated to me over a lifetime. I lived by these rules and have always thought myself as a humanist. 

Now suddenly, because I have exercised my God given right, as a perfectly healthy human being,  to decide for myself whether an illegal mandated measure is dubious and justified, I'm considered a threat to society because I choose to not wear a mask?

Especially when that authority figure is espousing information as though it's settled when in fact there exists contrary opinions outside  the narrative among public officials and media. 

My decision to not wear one is not only rooted in sound judgment and science but in a moral, philosophical and intellectual framework as well. We don't just suspend our critical thinking and deductive reasoning at the snap of a finger because an authority figure tells us to.

I asked for evidence and got none. Instead, I got 'just do it. Trust us.'.

Doctor or no doctor. That's not good enough. To those who would say, 'Yeh but they're the experts and you're not! I ask them to take a step back. When a carpenter, electrician, mechanic and a host of other experts make recommendations, do you always blindly accept whatever they say at face value? 

You probably say, 'I'll think about it'. And then go research and speak to other professionals to gauge what you were told. It's called due diligence and it's a rational behavior so as to bring clarity to your decision.

So why would you suspend this with masks? It's the same exact process. Yes, there's a virus circulating but what have been the results of these measures? You go research and talk or listen to other opinions.

This is how arrived at my decision and learned of the irrefutable science about masks being ineffective.

In this way, I'm flabbergasted there are still health care experts - let alone those in positions in of influence - who speak as though masks make a difference.

They do not as we can plainly see and observe from the data.

Another point I'd like to address is his claim that if you don't wear a mask you're spreading the virus. Hasn't it been established asymptomatic spread, though it happens, is rare? Why would you encourage conditioning people to be afraid of others. And if a maskless asymptomatic person approaches a person in a mask, the body of evidence going back 100 years makes clear the masks do NOT stop a virus. Artisanal cloth and medical masks do not stop a virus from entering. 

Moreover, I do consider the potential harmful effects of the long term as well as the impact on the environment.

If you're not considering trade-offs, then you're likely causing more harm than good. I'm 'flabbergasted' theres' no thought to collateral damage. 

Last, I rarely see officials speak of treatments and diet. Just lockdowns and vaccines.

This only tells part of the full picture.

I'm sorry Dr. Roumeliotis is 'flabbergasted.'

I don't apologize for exercising my right to think for myself and will not be bullied into feeling guilty for doing so.


Mask Up Alberta: Join The Vaudeville Act!

It's a dark comedy now these masks. It's quite astonishing to watch it morph into some kind of key component in the 'fight' to 'stop the spread'.

Now Alberta has decided to join in on the panic theatre at the Orpheum.

Now pay close attention Albertans because we only have six months of frcken data from several states, provinces and countries on masks essentially doing nothing to stop the spread.  

How can a mask work against a 'case' determined by a PCR tool that's not meant to diagnose anything in a low prevalence environment where asymptomatic spread is rare?

But don't expect any kind of clarity or common sense from the Fear-farce performers. 

They just gotta act like they're dramatically doing something.

This is where we're at. This is what we've been reduced to. Sheer hysterics and a farce.

Except we're not laughing. 

Greatest Panic In Medical History

This is happening in Quebec and Ontario as well.

A national disgrace of epic proportions.

Legault claims to care about nurses but is instead terrorizing staff. He has brought morale in this province to its knees.

We need a Great Awakening.


A Little Reminder For Francois Legault

Clearly the Quebec government doesn't care about the collateral damage they're inflicting on people.

I've lost negative adjectives to describe Francois Legault. 

It astounds me to shocking levels this government is so blind and myopic to not be aware that lockdowns DO NOT work and have no impact on mortality.

If your goal is to merely cut cases for a virus with a high survival rate and due to faulty PCR tests, then all you will accomplish is misery across the population. 


I'm at the point I can't even look at these people and garner a modicum of respect for them as men.

For me it's simple.

A little reminder that lockdowns cause collateral damage. Also, Frank, at least have the balls to admit your stupid masks FAILED if you go into lockdown. Lock down but put an end to the masks you coward.

You lockdown whatever bad results that come from it is ON YOU.

So whatever collateral damage we see, this is on Legault and Arruda.

See this site here?

They contributed to this misery.

PREDICTION: The lockdown will DO NOTHING.

Collection Of Mask Studies

 On September 12 I posted a collection of masks studies. I've since moved it here.

Ask Yourself: What Is Going On?

We're in a very tenuous if not dangerous situation.

You need to ask questions.

An awaken mind is a free one.

At the moment we're not free.

And suspending your freedom because of a virus is not justified no matte how they try and spin it. 

Two major societal developments that have occurred since the election of Trump and has only deepened during the health crisis is censorship. 

One is the complete break down in adhering to science. But due to actual misinformation in media, people have been deceived into accepting false science. For example, masks. The science on masks says they aren't effective - this is irrefutable - yet, it has been absorbed into the collective mindset that somehow it is scientifically backed.  Nowhere in any of the measures undertaken by any leader in North America is there solid and sound science to justify them.

Two, censorship. What we're seeing on social media is essentially book burning. Fahrenheit 451 for the Internet. When you close down speech and opinions, you're not ushering in a dark age. It's proof you're mired in one.  

A third one can be added. 

Mocking people protesting the lockdowns.

I never thought I'd see the day where my values are so disconnected from other people's as they are now. So much so, I can never see life in the same way again. 

The false virtue swirling around us is actually worse than the virus itself.

Listening to people mock small business owners is quite astonishing and displays a level of hypocrisy, stupidity and arrogance that is really immoral at its root.

I bet the celebrities, politicians and those living in luxury all praise 'Mom and Pop' shops as they rail against corporations in times of peace and relative calm. Yet, when those shops are in dire need of support, these people turn their backs on them during a health panic. They mock the protestor who wants to stay alive but remain silent on corporations that are permitted to remain open. They literally inverted their position to suit their unprincipled, thoughtless and broken intellectual framework.

Now people are losing their jobs for daring to support the validity of lockdowns. The 20 year anthem singer at Vancouver Canucks games is an example.  But if he was out their smashing up private property, looting and committing acts of violence with Marxist BLM protestors he'd still be employed.

This is where we're at. These two value systems are colliding.

There are two things we know about lockdowns. One, there is NO evidence that correlates them to mortality - that is, saving lives. In fact, we KNOW they destroy lives. Two, they have proven to be futile. We've been doing this to varying degrees since March yet the virus is still circulating. There is NO evidence to suggest shutting down restaurants or any other business. None. ZERO. 

So at this point, one can reasonably assert public officials are acting with malice and criminal negligence given the better data backing lockdowns are viciously pernicious.

In other words, in the hands of competent minds, it's easier to build a case against lockdowns than it is for it.

Yet, we have to be treated to ignorant buffoons like Cuomo and other leaders across the continent from Newsom to Ford to Legault to Murphy to Whitmore to De Wine to Wolf (thank God for De Sanctis and Kinney) callously, capriciously joke about the lives they're directly destroying in a cavalier manner that one can conclude is criminal. The lack of compassion from these people is psychopathic.

Cuomo was caught joking with Fauci about who would be De Niro or Pacino.

It's a stunning example of the failure of 'leadership' and low character of these derelict officials.