Cook: 'You have no place on our platform'

The title is a quote from Apple CEO Tim Cook after his messianic word salad of faux-righteous social justice bull shit.

After listening to his verbal diarrhea of authoritarian nonsense masking as 'justice', I realized something.

I'm an Apple consumer. Been so since 1986 when we drove to Boston to buy a MacIntosh and smuggled it over the Canadian border. Back then we had to peruse through tech magazines for deals and Apple computers were being sold at a substantially lower price in the United States than here.

What else is new? So the more enterprising Canadians did what we did and drove to Boston and took the opportunity to visit a city we always wanted to see. It was a splendid week-end (and there have been many since) and then we hooked and id the computer in the engine of a Golf GTI and snuck that sucker in.

Phew. Glad I got that off my chest 33 years on.

This family has been purchasing Apple products ever since. I can't even imagine how much we've spent right up until now with my business attached with an Apple account.

And then I got to listen to censorious jerk offs like Tim Cook speak this way?

I disagree with everything he says. In fact, if he read this blog, it sounds as though he'd have a problem with me. Even though I'm not hateful or racist. But according to his definition of who qualifies as such, I'd be thrown into his lousy gulag.

What's he gonna do? Put in a purity test for us to determine if we're worthy of a fucking piece of computer or iPhone?

How far is this nut willing to go?

As you can tell, not a fan.

Not a fan of lousy, wealthy louts like Nancy Pelosi - someone I'm sure Cook supports - who like a degenerate princess runs off to expensive Hawaiian hotels during a government shut down while the President sticks around waiting for her sorry ass to work out deals on the table.

Let them eat fucking cake, eh Tim and Nancy?

I refuse to believe there wasn't a sound mind in the audience who listened on in horror knowing what kind of a terrible path Cook is treading.

There had to have been someone saying, 'No. Just no.'

Cook thinks himself Cato but he's more Sulla. And the Democrats are acting like Clodius as they send out their thugs in the streets to stir trouble.

Cook is precisely the worst kind of tech executive leading this social justice charge I have been speaking about. He conflates his own sense of what is right with an utter disregard for actual truth and historical precedence. He's more on the wrong side of history than he realizes because he lacks introspection and self-awareness. He just *knows* he's right. And this my friend is what an authoritarian who dismisses and values ideas looks likes.

How condescending, smug, sanctimonious of Tim. His position should send chills down the spines of everyone who believes in liberty and truth.


Your judgment and morality is subjective and using it to weaponize your company is asinine as it is dangerous because millions of people don't share your view. Millions of PAYING CUSTOMERS.

Have the wisdom to understand this.

Do your job.

Make me a computer.

I'm about due to head to Boston.


Illiterates Rule Tech

"Jacqueline Hart" from Patreon should probably realize by now the error of her ways but I'm guessing not.

It's a name that perhaps has come to epitomize the mindless authoritarian and its faux-righteous crusade on free minds and speech.

Ms. Hart is part of Patreon's Orwellian 'Trust and Security' team - First Rule of Fight Club is run from any company with such a division. A new breed of people who lurk in the nether-regions of companies charged with deciphering what is good and bad; wrong and right; true and fake.

And it's as bad as we suspected.

See, these folks think that because they have a powerful platform they actually understand human nature. That this permits - nay compels - them to be gatekeepers of the truth.

Except, if you're not nourished with the collective wisdom and wealth of our intellectual and moral heritage, then you will be famished for its vital information without which you will starve to death.

Punks with power, as I've repeatedly written here, are running the Silicon Show. Even as they earn fabulous incomes to allow them to travel the world they still manage to miss the point.

You can't expect much from, for example, guys who founded Facebook to 'pick up chicks'. These weren't guys who thought about humanity beyond their dicks. And when they began to realize the power they wielded through the collection of data willingly submitted by unsuspecting people, they still weren't capable of understanding the immense power at their disposal.

Ignorance and sudden power don't make for a good mix.

Which is why one has to take with a grain of salt whatever it is they pontificate for public digestion.

People ruling tech seem to be like Romans in the early years.

Let me expand.

Before Rome had splendour it was a provincial place with provincial people. But those people believed themselves to be destined for greatness. They were nothing more than a brutal , unrefined people with great ambition.

So whatever proclivity for war they possessed was offset by their lack of culture.

Eventually, Rome was to find its refinement and culture but before that, they looked like ignoramuses to the Greeks who preceded them.

I see some of that with today's tech culture. Innovative people with ideals are changing the way we communicate. But as we're seeing, with power comes great responsibility and they seem woefully intellectually  ill-equipped to deal with it which is why they're reacting in such iron fisted and authoritarian ways. When you listen to people like Dorsey and Conte, you notice they're evolving on the fly and aren't fit to guide the complexities of human free thought.

This leaves them open and vulnerable to hacks, the perpetually outraged and the ignorant class. Not to mention big corporations looking to squeeze out competition.

This is what happens when you're not sufficiently literate. You have all this power but incapable of processing it.

And nothing encapsulates this better than Ms. Hart. She's far from the only one to be sure. It's a cult of faux-righteous authoritarians is all it is. Her self-assured, convoluted commitment to her version of the truth - whatever even that means anymore - comes off as misplaced arrogance. That arrogance gives way to a presumption of understanding the world better than the people who make Patreon successful; that their own life experiences and conception of the world is the truth.

Did I mention this is what we call authoritarianism?

Ignoramuses run the asylum and the results are what you'd expect them to be.


Will Time Prove Patreon And Paypal Pushed Too Hard?

For what it's worth, I called PayPal out of curiosity to find out more about what they're doing. I didn't expect much or to get very far and that's precisely what happened. I tried to get the customer service rep to expand on their behaviour but she clearly was told not to say boo. At first she played they 'what are we doing?' angle and I responded by saying, 'It's all over the Internet' at which point she conceded but not much else.

I asked her if there was anyone else I could speak to before I close my account to give Paypal a chance to explain themselves.

It was a big nada.

Alas, no 'Truth and security or diversity' bull shit was set up it sounded like.

So, I transferred the money I had left into my bank account and will close it out in 3 to 5 business days.

Free speech or die folks. We lose that, we got nothing.

And absolutely this is all about Trump 2020. That Hillary is still out there yapping on, they want to do their part to make sure he doesn't get re-elected.

Regardless of what you may think about Trump, this cannot be let to stand if if you believe in free speech.

The other part of this equation brought up is the idea bigger players and the idea of collusion are behind this. Credit card companies like Mastercard and Visa seem to have some of the fingers all over this too. We'll just have to let the facts about this unfold. If they are, aside from being outrageous, I'm not sure what people can do about it.

They've moved on from banning people. They're going after something that's just as wicked: People's income. The basic tenet of America is 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'. In Canada, it's 'peace, order and good government.'

Mastercard and PayPal cutting people off from their ability to earn an income - ie happiness - is an assault on this tenet.

I have no idea what's going on but it doesn't smell right.

We need to respect people's votes; to treat them as individuals. Not as a collective. Whoever is behind all this madness is not happy with how free people have decided to vote. And this is terribly problematic.

Look. I loathe Trudeau and the Liberals. But I abide and respect the results of their election. I can but challenge and criticize them for four years. Imagine if companies didn't like the result of an election and using their power to try and undermine it? How is this not an attack on liberty?

Nor do I consider any of these so-called 'alt-right extremists' depicting in hit pieces to be reactionary at all any more I consider Thom Hartmann, TYT, Maddow, or Jimmy Dore to be reactionaries. These are just people with views I disagree (though Dore is far more honest about what's going on) with. That's all.

It's just that I think the conservative/libertarian side are making more compelling arguments and defending their positions better. I merely listen, measure and determine who I feel is conveying their message across and I suspect it's the same for others. People may feel the opposite of what I just wrote and that's okay.

However, there are clearly forces looking to silence one perspective and they generally tend to fall on the right side of the spectrum. Yes, liberals have been victims but it's clear those who steer off a certain prescribed, let's call it progressive narrative are being throttled.

At this point, more is in common with Alex Jones and Jimmy Dore than not because they've both been targeted for expressing their views and this should not be accepted.

Last, I don't see Trump - just to say - as the problem here or populists. They've accepted results of past elections. Now things have changed. What I see is the true reactionaries are the ones who don't accept the outcomes they feels should be overturned ie Brexit is one example.

And what about the term 'reactionary'. Of course people will always 'react' to something or else they'd be slaves to the status. For example, progressives 'reacted' to perceived ills in society and proceeded to introduce their solutions (largely based on faulty premised but that's for another discussion)  in the early 20th century.

Don't give into the evil. Fight back.


To Believe In Climate Change Is To Believe In Nihilism Not Science

Climate change as politics is a scourge.

It is.

It has become so manipulated it's nothing but a bag of broken glass at this point. It's so disjointed a concept for critical thinkers but yet still manages to frighten people - often the inexperienced youth and those so easily given to trends and cults.

My God just listen to the lingo! 'We have to do something by such and such a date' is the very essence of fear mongering.

Always look at the actions not words or rhetoric of the people who purport to care. Obamacare, for example, is great! If so, why did they give so many exemptions to the connected classes? If the planet is about to die because of man, perhaps Di Caprio can sell his yacht while Steyer and Gore can ground their private jets, no?

Do as I say! Not as I do! That's the message. Or in the case of government control, here's your free shit but don't expect us to use it.

Climate change is a movement. It's not a scientific fact. That climate changes is a self-evident fact and reality but the notion of whether contribute to it - or as been speciously posited increase the rate of -  is very much in the air.

There is no conclusive study. None.

The people who ask 'do you believe in climate change' are either part of the scheme or have been duped. It's a question a believe asks; not a free mind endowed with natural and healthy skepticism.

Climate change has all the language we see in the Book of Revelations with the added nihilism of Dostoevsky's Devils.

You dare deny? Ye must burn! Humans are but wretched souls decimating and destroying earth! White people have done nothing but imprint upon other peoples a mark of evil; of the devil! You must repent!

It's an awful, anti-human message.

I can't bare to imagine what it must be like to be a person who utters such tripe and believe it.

Politicians are all too glad to exploit this timeless feature in humanity if it means votes.

Don't believe what I say. Just observe how they react whenever the news turns good. Global warming stopped for years. So they shifted. No one calls it that anymore. Do you science bro? It's climate change! So whether it cools or warms or whatever it's always in flux and here's the kicker: Humans are always at fault!

This is how you keep a cottage industry going.

Hence, all the calls for draconian measures like carbon taxes and protocols and accords. Make sure all studies are constructed as a narrative (turtles are choking on straws) so as to back up whatever ridiculous ban that's being pimped.

Keep the language confused and make sure to keep people afraid.

They're like to to claim social conservatives and Creationists believe in myths but what do they think they're doing? Their science is barely better than what's asserted by Creationists. It's called projection.

In addition to the nihilism comes a certain arrogance and hubris that leaves me uncomfortable. Even if we think or believe we can make a change, do we really believe we can conquer Mother Nature?

In the end, she and she alone will determine our future.

Not some faux-Sybilist screaming about 'existential threats'.


About a year ago I asked how a psychiatrist I knew was doing. She responded, 'It could be better! Climate change is making me scared!'

Along those lines. I can't remember her exact words but she was sincerely worried about the planet and what we were doing to it.

First, I thought, 'now there's a bad psychiatrist'. To be so easily manipulated as a person of science gave me pause. Meh. It's how I roll.

Her whole job is to help people in their personal lives. If you can't first start from that point how the heck can you solve whatever ails the world?

Think small and local. Think for and about yourself first. If you're a dope constantly acting irresponsibly that Tesla you just bought, hate to break it to you, is going to do jack squat because you haven't seized ownership of yourself; just an ideal with a battery.

Second, it didn't stop her from buying a bunch of SUVs in succession (including an RV) over the next few years.

Maybe she was taking her cue from Al Gore.

On Syria And Shocking Ignorance

Benn listening to the progressive left and liberals react to Trump's correct decision to pull out.

It's, um, been interesting if not predictable.

It's mighty astonishing to hear the left actually make the case for staying in Syria. In doing so, they take the neocon position on war. The strain of conservatism that drove their hate for Bush II.

The anti-war left spring into action when a Republican is in power and are silent when it is a Democrat. Nay a word was said of Obama's wars.

These are not principles at play. It's empty partisan sophistry.

They don't want to stay in Syria for any noble reason. They're just against it because Trump.

Yes. Both sides can be hypocritical when it comes to politics and war in particular, but the progressive left are on another level of hypocrisy in my view.


"Does the USA want to be the Policeman of the Middle East, getting NOTHING but spending precious lives and trillions of dollars protecting others who, in almost all cases, do not appreciate what we are doing?" Trump tweeted. "Do we want to be there forever? Time for others to finally fight....."

He's right.

With two measures (criminal justice and Syria), Trump has vaulted himself into the discussion of 'Is he the most libertarian President ever. 

At this point I'm pretty sure that if Trump were to announce  he intends to resign the Democrats would file a lawsuit to prevent him from leaving office as liberal activist judges issue injunction against it. 

The left believed once Kavanaugh (right. That wasn't a shameless spectacle) was sworn in it would spell the end of abortion and gay rights. His first order was to side against defunding Planned Parenthood - which is an awful (progressive) name by the way if you think of it.

And let's remember that when Literal Hitler (Trump. The man who was supposed to start a nuclear holocaust. The guy Hilary and others warned were frightened to have his 'finger on the button' (Hilary the war mongrel herself lacks self-awareness because hubris blinds her) and Krugman said would lead America into a financial holocaust (they sure love that word, eh?) appointed Jeff 'Literal Racist' Sessions, the left went nuts. And then, when Sessions left office, they protested against his removal!

Are people paying any attention?

Maybe they should:

I especially like the kid who voted for Hillary even after admitting he didn't follow politics closely or the girl who voted 'D' without much thought.

Cult of the illiterate ignorant.

Prove me otherwise.


My Theory On Trump; Mueller's Investigation Is More About Power Than Justice

I say 'theory' but I'm sure others have thought of this.

Immigration reform.
Tax reform.
Prison (crimina) reform.

These are issues we've been hearing about for decades. It's the trifecta, perhaps, of issues everyone knows need attending but somehow politicians have not dealt with outside the usual rhetoric of promising to do so.

It seems there may be some value to this outsider thing as Trump is willing to tackle these issues career politicians wouldn't because it wasn't politically expedient to do so. 

He's got nothing to lose and this may start a trend encouraging future politicians to continue.

The only hole in this theory is the national debt and unfunded liability which is just as serious a problem. As of yet, Trump is poised to add to it. Same with trade. There's enough concern about his tactics and the handling of it.

Nonetheless, he has forced a discussion on immigration reform, has enacted legislation on tax reform and has now introduced a criminal justice bill  (as close to a libertarian moment as one could hope for) that should be applauded by all Americans and as I type has pulled American troops out of Syria (another libertarian moment).

I wonder if Obama, who extended the American war machine as well as committing his own dubious acts of war, will be mailing or personally delivering his Nobel Peace prize to Trump.

These efforts, if anything, should calm the hysterics down. But it won't. 

Obama was false hope.
Trump may help usher in real change.
He's shocking the system. We'll see if this keeps up.
Despite some obvious successes (including a healthy economy where unemployment levels for blacks and Hispanics are at all-time lows), the Democrat party - which is acting more and more like an activist organization - is looking to take him down.
Where Trump is offering something to America, Mueller is conflating power with justice.
Aside from his questionable ethics worthy of any fine banana republic, he's contributing to the malaise among the ignorant class with making a mockery of what an indictment is.
You can't go a yard without some one pointing out 'record indictments!' without realize what an indictment is. Indictments are formal charges but aren't proof of anything. It's an accusation of wrong doing that could lead to prosecution. That's all. Mueller has been using this as a cynical ploy and tool to create the atmosphere Trump is engage in illegal activity but has of yet proven nothing. Just like they did with Kavanaugh. He using the indictment to fish for evidence ruining lives in the process.
At some point, Americans have to put an end to this. It's demeaning American justice. 
Beccaria is definitely spinning in his grave with Mueller's antics and shenanigans. 

Baby, It's Alright To Enjoy This

Posted as a 'fuck you' to radio stations who banned this song.


Derp: Jingle Derp, Jingle Derp Jingle All The Way!

Let's start with some hysterics:

"...The end of Trump’s unchecked presidency, whether it comes through electoral, political, or constitutional means, will not solve this problem in the near term. In fact, it will probably further consolidate the far right around his personality and leadership, at least temporarily. Almost any imaginable circumstance under which Trump leaves office is likely to coincide with a wave of violence even greater than what we are currently experiencing. This has gone too far; there is no easy way back.
But there is no way back at all that leads through the status quo. The gravitational field of the presidency is unparalleled in U.S. culture—arguably unparalleled in the world. For as long as the center holds, the alt-right’s component parts and adjacent movements will continue to be drawn into Trump’s orbit, with an increasing sense of empowerment and license to act. Until the tide stops rising, their boats will continue to sail. The past week was just a taste of what that dystopian future could look like."
Where my The Atlantic gone?

We must be living in two alternative universes because this is not what I see as you know by my posts.

Mueller's antics and the absurdity we saw with Kavanaugh will do far more damage than anything Trump will ever do.


The Russia investigation in particular is obscene and fit for a banana republic.

You were saying?

What's the point of Mueller's investigation?


Speaking of where my The Atlantic gone.

A new perverse trend among the left I've noticed is them taking periods in history that were illiberal and left-wing and attempting to characterize them as 'right-wing'. They've even have the astonishing unmitigated hutzpah to tag conservatives, get this, as anti-semites!

Imagine that. Left-wingers mastered the art of anti-semitism!

The projection is so powerful it infuriates. The arrogance at rewriting history galling.

Unpacking Packer is pretty much what this blog does.

Riiiight. Hilary. Heard of her George?


On Obama:

Taking his act on the road to lecture about his Presidency's legacy shows a kind of insecurity and an absence of class. If he did in fact do those things history will judge him accordingly. The truth will protect him. 

Why is he claiming credit so vociferously for things? 


Gaps in life come down to choices? 

You don't say?

Thanks for telling us what we all knew Hah-vahd!



The DNC isn't a political party. It's a left-wing activist organization in platform and rhetoric.

Rashidi Tlaib is a good example.


"...But his hubris, arrogance and almost autistic detachment from the French in the street is in a class with Marie Antoinette. Except that this time around, the courtier whispers, “Mr President, the people cannot afford diesel.” To which the cloth-eared Macron has, in effect replied: “Let them buy Teslas.”

But the same 'autistic detachment' we see in the UK. The people voted for Brexit. The system is doing its best to over turn or ignore it.

In Italy they attempted a soft-coup via the EU.

Sovereignty is directly threatened.


Murder rate declining in the USA.



But the DNC and progressives thinks gun control and attacking the Second Amendment is a winner.


Krugman is selling a course. Remember: You get what you pay for.


Porn star ordered to pay 300k in legal fees to Trump after deformation suit dismissed.



Sarah Jeong is a racist and an illiterate.

And she works for The New York Times.

This shouldn't be taken lightly or forgotten.

A racist was hired by NYT. 

Let that sink in.


Aw, the left is now concerned about war again. Funny how for eight years Afghanistan wasn't a thing.


63% of non-citizen households get access to welfare in the USA.


Canada sides with Cuba and other countries - Syria, Iran, North Korea - noted for their commitment to women's rights.


Richard Lindzen calls Bill Nye out. Nye responds with cheap appeal to emotion.


UC Berkeley made to pay for their illiberal behaviour in landmark decision.

Slate decides to go after Sully the dog.

This is liberal intellectualism at its finest?


"When is too much green energy a bad thing? Well, how about July? 
Rivers surged this summer at a time when the wind was blowing and wind-farm operators were pumping power into the region’s transmission grid. And for the second year in a row, it created a costly headache for the Bonneville Power Administration. BPA couldn’t spill all that extra water – it had to send it through the turbines at dams on the Columbia and Snake River system. So once again it curtailed production at the windmills that have been sprouting on seemingly every rural hillside in Eastern Washington. Under new protocols prompted by a federal ruling, BPA now must compensate wind operators for the power it can’t use – half of the $2.7 million worth of electricity it didn’t carry over its transmission lines during the 12 days of curtailment that have taken place so far this year." 
Think of it as a red flag — a warning sign that the wind industry already is straining the capacity of the state’s electric utilities to put its power to good use. Members of the Washington House Energy, Technology and Communications Committee were told Tuesday that the oversupply problem is a big concern for BPA and the utilities it serves, an unintended consequence of the national push for green energy that has created particular problems for the Pacific Northwest. "

Equifax Chief Security Officer had Music degree.

Be very careful with gender quotas. Sometimes they don't end well and the results can be spectacularly bad.


Historical society apologizes for 'dreaming of a white Dorchester' card.

Racist snow.
Thank you, we certainly are not happy with its VERY unintended implications; horrified might not be strong enough of a word.

Chill and relax everyone already.
I feel bad for that person. He or she doesn't deserve this crap.
Also this is for the Dorchester Historical Society and all the race hucksters:
If that's not silly enough, Huffington Post says hold our egg nog.

Rudolph is problematic. 
The comments are Gold A standard stuff. Sometimes the people on Twitter can deliver the gems.
Astute observers of such things are not surprised. So thanks Yale. I guess.

"Racial bias can put people of color at a disadvantage when interviewing for a job, buying a house, or interacting with the police. New research suggests that bias may also shape daily interactions between racial minorities and white people, even those whites who tend to be less biased. 
According to new research by Cydney Dupree, assistant professor of organizational behavior at Yale SOM, white liberals tend to downplay their own verbal competence in exchanges with racial minorities, compared to how other white Americans act in such exchanges. The study is scheduled for publication in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology."
Dubya - who recall the left incessantly called 'dumb' and worse - said it best: The soft bigotry of low expectations.
The whole progressive shtick is based on exactly that. 


How Authoritarian SJW Function

It's very troubling how quickly companies bend to SJW tactics.

It goes something like this:

-If you disagree with a set of ideas or people, power must be wielded to silence opponents. Identify an 'enemy'.
-Invent a false narrative around that enemy so as to rile up support from the mob.
-Once enough people buy into the lie, the next phase of 'unreasoning' and cutting access off begins.
-Solicit companies to stop doing business with the 'enemy'. Make up false accusations, rewrite history - even your own narratives as long as it destroys your enemy. Power before principles.
-Useful idiots begin to follow the authoritarian cause (think Tim Cook) and become either unwitting participants in censorship or actively accept the narrative....and begin to apply censorship against perceived enemies.
-'Book burnings' and purges begin. 'Re-education' via anti-humanist bodies such as 'diversity training' are the norm.
-Life of its own. Search and destroy efforts are stepped up. Language becomes more fervent. Definitions are stretched to the point anyone qualifies. Ie racist, misogynist, alt-right etc.
-Cheer on the loss of employment of people you disagree with. Find faux-philosophical justifications for harassing and depriving people of their right to 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'.
-Any rigorous action of self-defence from people resisting authoritarian measures will be called 'goons' and be characterized as 'dangerous extremist'. Hit first and claim violence when hit back. Impossible to defend against negative accusations. 'Peace, order and good governance' increasingly challenged.
-Kicking people off social media or from companies they do business with is not enough. If they peacefully seek alternatives, follow them and harass. Keep the stalking going. They're to be eliminated.

This is the game.

And it's ugly as sin. They don't care about the people and families impacted by their degenerate behaviour. Again, Apple CEO Tim Cook is a willing participant as are Patreon, Twitter, PayPal and so on.

They care about power. They don't care about children or morals or even Nazis.

They lust for power. Just read how proud they are at destroying lives. So gleeful in their maniacal success it betrays their claim it's for 'good'.

Funny thing though. Humans don't take shit for long and it won't end the way they think it will.


We Were Told

-The economy would collapse in January of 2016 because Orange Man was coming. Paul Krugman was so right about it he now charges you to take a course with him!

-Nuclear holocaust via the Koreas was near because Orange Man Bad. Peace talks ensued.

-The end of Net neutrality would be worse than a nuclear calamity. One year on....we're all doing fine and the Internet is still up and running. Now to do something about the purge.

-Climate change is real. We have to do something by January 2019 because.....Orange Man Bad.

-Getting rid of Net Neutrality would break the Internet. Yet here we are. Safe and sound. Orange Man Bad.

-Gay rights were threatened and totalitarianism was inevitable because literal Hitler is in power. Kavanaugh sided with liberal justices and declined to hear a case defunding Planned Parenthood while Orange Man Bad has yet to do anything remotely 'totalitarian' especially measured against past administrations.

Instead, we have noted public intellectuals - who stand on the shoulders of great minds with such remarkable and inquisitive insights, it makes one wonder why one should bother at all thinking? - like Bill Nye suggesting skeptics of climate change be put in prison, cackler Joy Behar saying people who don't speak out against Trump be put in prison (the left sure love prison), college campuses operating like mini-intellectual gulags, and an obscene crack down on social media company platforms reminiscent of something, something Salem and a derelict U.S. system on a massive with hunt to take down a sitting President.

All progressive.

The projection.

It burns.


Salvini Passes Immigration Law

Pretty remarkable event in Italy. I do rather enjoy the cut Salvini's gib.

The UN Global Compact initiative needs to be shot down.

Canada is not likely to do so under the Liberals but hopefully down the road we do.

CAQ Make Green Boo-Boo; Middle-Class Asked To Pay To Save The Planet

Recently Quebec's new premier, the confused amateur and nationalist Francois Legault, inadvertently insulted Alberta calling the plan to lay pipelines in Quebec as 'dirty energy'.
Let's file this under 'ill-advised nincompoopery'.
I get what he was saying. He was trying to say Alberta is so 20th century and Quebec has the potential to be so 21st century where natural resources are concerned. 
I don't see how it's productive to insult one region whose precious resource basically helps to generate wealth in this semi-diversified economy over the promise of green energy. Oil and gas is here and real. Green energy is still a long way off so it demands some amount of pragmatism on the part of Quebec to not kick off an unnecessary inter-provincial spat.
Quebec needs to keep in mind it's a 'have-not' province and it takes a significant amount of equalization payments largely generated by Alberta which is considered a 'have' province. 
Let's leave aside the perception (well, it's kinda the scheme in reality it seems. Al Gore propaganda films, carbon credits, carbon taxes etc. are profitable for the connected but punitive to the disconnected) rich wanting to pimp a green program to profit from it and they want the rest of us to pay for it. 
The wealthy class - Bloomberg, Gore, Steyer and others - can take the pinch should the cost of living shoot up. For them it's all about the taps on the bums. But for the majority of humans (deplorables to the elites as Hillary so eloquently said. What a credit to humanity that corrupted scoundrel, eh?), the impact is real. It's the difference of getting to work or being able to put food on the table.
They expect people to tighten their belts and adjust their lives to their plans. 
And what will they do? Why, they're telling us the planet will die. Isn't that enough? You really think they're gonna turn in their private jets and yachts? 
It's the worst kind of arrogant paternalism we're watching unfold.
Luckily, people are starting to call the bluff.

Support Your Favourite Online Personality

Now that Patreon (apparently its biggest client Minecraft has pulled out) galvanized people with their pointless purge, I figure why not do my - albeit tiny - part and mention where people are migrating. SubscribeStar seems poised to profit from Patreon's shortsightedness. 

If I had free cash I'd kick some coin in  just to keep the pulse of liberty going.

Hopefully this sends a warning to other social media companies actively engaging in censorship under the guise of 'protecting speech'. It's nothing of the sort. It's authoritarianism.

Good luck to all.

Bloomberg Is An Insufferable, Pretentious, Progressive Nanny Of Mythical Proportions

Bloomberg, the meddlesome billionaire socialist and your social better, consistently shows his paternalism and hate for the 'deplorables'.

How anyone can take him serious where social issues are concerned is above my pay grade to understand.

Best response:

“Mayor Bloomberg’s statement that black males should not be allowed to have guns echos similar sentiments made by southern white supremacists in the 19th century,” Tom King, the association’s president, said in a statement. “So called ‘Black Codes’ were enacted by various southern states to discriminate against black Americans and maintain the system of white supremacy that made slavery possible. These included restrictions on firearms possession.
“If a politician said this about anything other than guns, the mainstream media would be all over them,” Mr. King argued. “Michael Bloomberg isn’t just any politician, he is the leading voice for gun control in America. He should be held accountable for this slander.”
Progressive white elites are the worst for the poor and minorities. 

Bloomberg belongs to a contemptible breed of progressives. 

The Censor Bots Have Come For Free Thought

I'm extremely concerned.

It's been 'settled'.

Media and social media tech companies are deliberately silencing voices.

No issue they sell is up for any kind of discussion.

You will comply; submit.

It has come.

The censor machine and its army of witch hunters.

Watch the lash out.

It will be justified.

Unfortunate but what are free minds to do?

If you silent voices they will fight to be heard.

The people who claim to fight fascism are the fascists. You look to punch a Nazi but the Nazi is you!

Know your place.

Freedom of speech is threatened.

And there's a war out there.

Fight for it.


Know what you're seeing?

You're seeing nerdy kids who were ahead of the tech curve suddenly be thrust into a world they're incapable of handling.

They know tech. They don't know history, politics, social issues etc. It wasn't their thing to know.

Now, all of a sudden, they're being asked to know and are winging it on the fly. In the meantime, they're over reacting and lashing out with totalitarian measures.

This is what happens when illiterates achieve power. When the Founding Fathers founded America, it was the opposite. They had all this power but were literate beyond belief. This is why they were able to forge the mightiest nation in history. They understood the nature of man and submitted to the authority of God. They went from that point forward.

Zuckerberg built Facebook to pick up chicks. Now he has all this power and you can see he doesn't possess the intellectual capacity to deal with things beyond that point. I highly doubt he and his contemporaries ever read Beccaria or Mills or Hayek or any other landmark piece of work that helped build Western civilization into what it is today.

They didn't have an understanding of human nature and all the complexities that come with it. They're illiterate and unprepared for what's happened.

They will pay a price for their ignorance.

Not the people.

You can't deny people their right to express themselves even if you disagree with it.

You can't possibly be a fair arbiter of what constitutes hate speech.

The army of people filling up 'truth' divisions in these companies are less Thomas Jefferson and more just plain dumbasses with too much power.

That's what's happening.


A Dash Of Sowell Is Always Needed

And Walter Williams for that matter.

Empty Billionaire Musings

The protesters in Paris are telling us that if we are going to tackle climate change, we have to address gross inequality. We can’t ask working people to pay for the clean economy. We need to pay for it with unionized, living wage jobs.

Mind blown. You sir win the award for best word salad dressing. 

Bloomberg, Gore, Nye, Steyer....I can't believe people would believe a word they spew.

They want the rest of society to pay for the schemes they will profit from.

Don't buy into it.


Blurred Lines: Freedom Of Speech Is On The Run In The West

It's been a real run of successes for the totalitarians in recent months.

Enough people are being banned on social media to perhaps recognize we have a serious problem developing.

To those not in the thick of the things it may not be much of an issue for them but they should recognize censorship is an evil and absolutely nobody should be silenced.

Even the so-called haters, racists, Nazis and whoever else.

One person, a doctor, told me 'free speech speech ends with someone's oppression'.

This line send a shiver down my back for a couple of reasons.

One, how the hell do you draw that line dividing free speech from hurting someone?

You can't. It's impossible. Literally. As much as I've come to hate this word.

The same person once took me to task because I made some 'your momma' jokes in our sports pool. Why? His mother had died a few years earlier and he was still grieving.

So he demanded I cease.

Of course, I told him to respectfully screw off. But I did stop out of respect for the pool. 11 other people who saw no problem with the humour simply bowed out of not wanting to stir further trouble. It's dumb but whaddya gonna do?

And more on this in a minute because this, I think, is a major part of the problem.

Two, this gentleman is highly educated, literate and well-travelled.

But has bought the SJW/PC narrative on speech hook line and sinker.

It's what I call the blurred lines of understanding free speech.

People have accepted the notion there's such a thing as 'hate speech' or that government and corporations (preposterously) can regulate and 'balance' speech.

The people 'fighting' fascists are the fascists and don't recognize it. Mostly because this generation of millennials are perhaps the most ignorant and illiterate generation in the last 200 years. The lack of historical knowledge and inability to keep proper context and perspective is a crime against intellectualism. Somewhere along the lines we failed these people.

And now they roam the earth, unfulfilled, weary eyed, and completely misguided.

Fools running companies like Facebook, Patreon, PayPal, youtube, Google, Apple (Tim Cook is perhaps the most detestable individual of the bunch. He recently got an ADL award for his work on fighting hate. What work? All he did was select people he wanted to ban and censor. Suddenly that's honourable? I've taken Cook to task a couple of times here and consider him to be a totalitarian twit with a sophomoric world view where liberty is concerned. He's a classic case of why the government and companies shouldn't know where the guns are. Tim Cook is no hero. He's the one with the pitch fork. I wouldn't trust this guy to 'gatekeep' anything. If you look up 'sanctimonious douche' you'll see a picture of Cook) and others have played their parts in keeping these people in the dark.

These are the faces of tyranny.

Alas, the system rewards them! Here's a trophy Timmy! Good job Colin!

It's easy to conclude 'it won't impact me' but it will. It will manifest itself in many ways. In the slowdown of creativity, the vigilance needed to protect our freedoms, a more lazy media, people becoming victims of censorship laws or facing criminal lawsuits and so on. They send people for 'diversity training' and developed bureaucracies (school administrators make hundreds of thousands of dollars on this racket. If you meet someone who is a proud diversity officer, bear in mind you're staying into an abyss of empty intellectualism and shallow moralism. A person who is so self-deluded in their messianic belief they'd be comfortable in Blue Caps running the Gulags. They're incapable of the inhumanity they sell) dedicated to 'right-think'. Even their titles contain words like Czar in them!

You can't make this stuff up.

And let's keep the blame where it squarely belongs: With the progressive left and companies who buy into their sloppy sophistic narratives.

They want to silence voices that run contrary to their indoctrination. They project hard when they scorn the views of religious people when they themselves hold a myopic and corrosive religious like world view. They're the ones tearing up signs, running for safe spaces, demanding speakers be banned on campuses, and outright engaging in lies misrepresenting their opponents. Lloyd Grove of The Guardian flat out lied saying Gavin McInnes was an alleged anti-semite and white supremacist.

Papers like this get to hide behind some increasingly questionable veil of 'objective' journalism but to me it's libel. Not a single shred of proof he has to assert this. I know. I've been aware of McInnes for years. While it's true he's a provocateur he ain't no racist. Full fucking stop.

The Guardian is pimping fake news and when they pull shit like that it helps NO ONE.

Never mind the fact, again, we see projection in plain view.

Grove made sure to connect Gavin to white supremacy so as to tag him an anti-semite.

But here's the thing, as pointed out, he's neither. What we do know, though, is the biggest anti-semites are often the left. They have a hate of Israel often conflating Jews with the political. Just look at the Nation of Islam. A true, full blown racist organization that has yet to outrageously be left alone by social media! Same with sites like The Root and their clear contempt for 'whypippo'.  Or my personal favourite, The New York Times hiring a degenerate racist - Sarah Jeong - to be part of its editorial staff. Paper of record! You go girl! Wooo!

Go on any campus and listen to the overwhelmingly Progressive, Marxist, left-wing faculties and you will see anti-semitism that would make the hair on your arm raise.

No. Conservatives aren't 'just as bad'. I don't recall stories like this one during Obama's presidency.

The left are driven by a faux-righteous moral outrage of mythical proportions in my opinion.

But let's focus on people like Sargon and Gavin and Alex Jones who have never uttered a single sentence that approaches anywhere near the vileness (because they're not alt-right racists) reached by people like Ron Perlman the actor, Jeong and Farrakhan - the latter duo of spectacular stupidity absolutely are racists. 

They've blurred the lines on the language. They've muddled and muddies the waters with their nonsensical jargon on free speech to the point of moving the definition of hate to encompass just about anyone they want to target.

Heck, I run afoul of their preposterous positions.

I'm currently reading 'All Quiet on the Western Front' (again).

It's a powerful novel.

I read about trench warfare and the true horror men faced.

Then, I have to read Tim Cooks and Mark Zuckerberg's of this world.

I want to vomit.

Defend free speech. Never ever applaud someone you disagree with being deplatformed or having their lives ruined.

It can happen to you.

It absolutely can.

First them, and then you.


Clinton Talk Escapade Kicks Off In Toronto: A Laughable Display Of Arrogance And Sycophancy

Personally, I can't believe anyone would pay to see politicians - let alone the Clintons - speak. Sociopaths should pay people to watch them in action.

But this is the free market and there's apparently a demand (however weak) to watch a spent, corrupted force like the Clintons and their 1990s vibe.

The speaking tour (aka as the TDS tour) kicked off in Toronto at Scotia Bank Place in November and finally got to see parts of it. I have no idea why Clinton and the Obamas are keeping their faces in the public eye. While some people like it, I think it lack decorum.

A couple of things.

Hillary is as shallow and incompetent a miserable a person drunk on power as they come. It's not surprising she defended a coupe of deals signed under the previous administration. Notable the Iran and Paris deals - both with approval of Congress.

I particularly enjoy her claims of financial corruption when she profited to the tune of millions from her Foundation while in power as well as her own close ties with the Kremlin.

You can't make this crap up.

Bill, for his part, is just an example of why past Presidents should be just that: The past. Why he feels the need, other than to lend what's left of his credibility to Hillary for political currency, to stick around is beyond me.

He's simply not aging well intellectually. Worse, the more he's out there, the more people are sickened given his serial sexual predatory practices.

Two points in the talk I take issue with and would like to take a second to discuss and challenge.

The first is Bill's slimy assertion and attack on rural Britons who voted for Brexit. Specifically arguing that doing so was anti-immigrant and by extension a slap to the face of Poles living in the UK. That somehow, because Brits voted to leave they didn't respect, get this, Poland's role in WWII?

Talk about a false equivalence followed by a non-sequitur.

He tried to conflate, as the media does, the vote as anti-immigrant. The Brexit vote was no such thing. It was a direct vote against the increasingly paternalist power of the EU that was perceived to be a corrosive force on the sovereignty of nations.

I'm surprised he didn't pull out the 'alt-right' or 'vast right-wing conspiracy' canard.

In any event, you could be a Polish immigrant in the UK and still vote for Brexit. Moreover, to further poke a hole in his claim, Poland today is a Euro-skeptic country itself.

The other part is Frank McKenna - a former Liberal politician - made the remarkable claim that during the 1995 referendum Clinton came to speak in defense of a united Canada and the result was the No side winning. Something 'we're forever grateful' for in McKenna's words.

Except it's not true at all.

I live in Montreal. I am a Quebecer. I remember that night and the weeks leading up to it very well. The country was on edge. Where McKenna's Liberals under Chretien were flippantly mishandling the debate, world leaders like Clinton who spoke had little if any impact on it.

It was a Quebec vote pure and simple. No one talked about Clinton. Nobody.

A French-Canadian was not going to let an American sway his vote either way. The gratitude McKenna was showing was grossly misplaced and inappropriate.

These two, along with Obama's own 'I did that' tour is narcissism at its finest and are further damaging the image of the Democrat party as a liberal brand. It's to the left of that now.

I don't particularly care for Trump too much. There are aspects I like but for the most part he's too Don King for my taste.

However, it doesn't preclude me from examining his actions as they unfold with a healthy dose of skepticism and a critical eye.

The cold, calculating arrogance of the Clintons coupled with McKenna's sycophancy was a showcase in insufferable elitism. 


The Pushback Against Illiberal Forces Starts To Render Results

Young America's Foundation takes UC Berkeley to task and wins:

"Following more than a year of hard-fought litigation in the hostile Ninth Circuit, Young America’s Foundation secured victory for free speech against the University of California, Berkeley. Through YAF’s lawsuit and subsequent settlement agreementexecuted over the weekend, UC Berkeley agreed to the following terms set by Young America’s Foundation:
1) Pay Young America’s Foundation $70,000.
2) Rescind the unconstitutional “high-profile speaker policy.”
3) Rescind the viewpoint-discriminatory security fee policy.
4) Abolish its heckler’s veto—protestors will no longer be able to shut down conservative expression. 
This landmark victory for free expression means UC Berkeley can no longer wantonly treat conservative students as second-class members of its community while ignoring the guaranteed protections of the First Amendment. 
No longer can UC Berkeley place a 3:00 p.m. curfew on conservative speech. No longer can UC Berkeley ban advertisements for Young America’s Foundation-sponsored campus lectures. And no longer can UC Berkeley relegate conservative speakers to remote or inconvenient lecture halls on campus while giving leftist speakers access to preferred locations. 
Further, the policy that allowed Berkeley administrators to charge conservative students $20,000 for security to host Ben Shapiro—an amount three times greater than the fee charged to leftist students to host liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor—is gone. YAF and UC Berkeley agreed to a fee schedule that treats all students equally. Unless students are handling money or serving alcohol at an event, the security fee will be zero. 
This win for free speech—a blow to radical Antifa mobs—means university facilities will be available to students on a first-come, first-served basis. No longer will the community’s reaction to speech be factored into decisions regarding lecture venues, meaning intolerant leftists cannot use the “heckler’s veto” to determine who is allowed to speak or where they’re permitted to appear..." 
Well done. Freedom demands eternal vigilance.