Anti-Trump Progressives Are Lacking Sense And Respect

One - well, two actually - trends have developed that I find to be unfortunate since the Bush administration at the very least and had accelerated during Obama's years. That is, the politicization of life as a whole.

The first, it used to be the adage of 'don't talk of politics at the table' was an accepted social more we all observed. Just don't bring politics into the home; a place of business; a concert and so on.

It was just a matter of respect for all.

But that wall has been removed.

The second is the action of a former President not stepping aside and not remain in the spotlight during a succeeding administration.

As you may have observed, Obama has been keeping himself in the news commenting and criticizing the actions of President Trump.

This lack of decorum is unprecedented in modern North American politics.

We often hear arm chair psychiatrists claim Trump is a narcissist but is Obama's behaviour not an example of narcissism on full display?

It was under Obama, recall, where he often asked people to get political. Who can forget the time when he asked people to bring up Obamacare during Thanksgiving dinner before its passage?

The side that claims to go high when others go low don't seem to practice it.

Since 2016, the collection of progressive meltdowns has been disturbingly in abundance. Take this article from NY Mag about marriages being destroyed because of Trump's election. And in case you may miss it, notice how the destruction usually comes from one side.

In eight years of Obama, we never saw such articles where conservative spouses chose politics over their significant others.

To the left, life is politics and politics is life and you must take the fight where ever you must. That much has been the message from Democrats these past two years.

I don't see any difference between the musician who rails at a concert, the activist who harasses conservative personalities and politicians in restaurants, or any one else hijacking a place of non-politics interacting it with their politics.

My wife is a school teacher and was at a conference where the guest speaker was a guy name Alan November. And that's exactly what he did. Apologizing for Trump (remember those childish idiots we saw who went online to apologize for Bush? Remember those celebrities who vowed to move to Canada? It all repeated itself in 2016), cheering about Cohen (I'm sure he was cool when a tax cheat - Timothy Geithner - was running the Treasury under Obama right?) and so on.

Why even do it? It's inappropriate and unprofessional. I'm almost certain Mr. November wouldn't appreciate if someone got up on stage and did the same thing

Just shut up and give your damn talk. Have the decency to understand some people in your audience may not share your opinion and don't feel like listening to your political views. I never liked it much whenever someone got political in a neutral environment.

Have some sense and respect.

You have the House now. So relax and take a chill pill.

*Notice I'm making a distinction between liberals and progressives here. I'm almost certain there are level headed liberals who agree that it's not a good idea to keep doing this. It's arrogant and unproductive.

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