Illiterates Rule Tech

"Jacqueline Hart" from Patreon should probably realize by now the error of her ways but I'm guessing not.

It's a name that perhaps has come to epitomize the mindless authoritarian and its faux-righteous crusade on free minds and speech.

Ms. Hart is part of Patreon's Orwellian 'Trust and Security' team - First Rule of Fight Club is run from any company with such a division. A new breed of people who lurk in the nether-regions of companies charged with deciphering what is good and bad; wrong and right; true and fake.

And it's as bad as we suspected.

See, these folks think that because they have a powerful platform they actually understand human nature. That this permits - nay compels - them to be gatekeepers of the truth.

Except, if you're not nourished with the collective wisdom and wealth of our intellectual and moral heritage, then you will be famished for its vital information without which you will starve to death.

Punks with power, as I've repeatedly written here, are running the Silicon Show. Even as they earn fabulous incomes to allow them to travel the world they still manage to miss the point.

You can't expect much from, for example, guys who founded Facebook to 'pick up chicks'. These weren't guys who thought about humanity beyond their dicks. And when they began to realize the power they wielded through the collection of data willingly submitted by unsuspecting people, they still weren't capable of understanding the immense power at their disposal.

Ignorance and sudden power don't make for a good mix.

Which is why one has to take with a grain of salt whatever it is they pontificate for public digestion.

People ruling tech seem to be like Romans in the early years.

Let me expand.

Before Rome had splendour it was a provincial place with provincial people. But those people believed themselves to be destined for greatness. They were nothing more than a brutal , unrefined people with great ambition.

So whatever proclivity for war they possessed was offset by their lack of culture.

Eventually, Rome was to find its refinement and culture but before that, they looked like ignoramuses to the Greeks who preceded them.

I see some of that with today's tech culture. Innovative people with ideals are changing the way we communicate. But as we're seeing, with power comes great responsibility and they seem woefully intellectually  ill-equipped to deal with it which is why they're reacting in such iron fisted and authoritarian ways. When you listen to people like Dorsey and Conte, you notice they're evolving on the fly and aren't fit to guide the complexities of human free thought.

This leaves them open and vulnerable to hacks, the perpetually outraged and the ignorant class. Not to mention big corporations looking to squeeze out competition.

This is what happens when you're not sufficiently literate. You have all this power but incapable of processing it.

And nothing encapsulates this better than Ms. Hart. She's far from the only one to be sure. It's a cult of faux-righteous authoritarians is all it is. Her self-assured, convoluted commitment to her version of the truth - whatever even that means anymore - comes off as misplaced arrogance. That arrogance gives way to a presumption of understanding the world better than the people who make Patreon successful; that their own life experiences and conception of the world is the truth.

Did I mention this is what we call authoritarianism?

Ignoramuses run the asylum and the results are what you'd expect them to be.

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