Prager U Versus Youtube

Keep an eye out for the decision for Prager U to sue youtube.

It's a huge deal.

One that cuts right to the hear of freedom of speech and expression.

Big tech has slowly been sliding into censorship and Prager U has been a victim of these obviously politically motivated decisions (hiding behind faulty algorithms or something. Whatever. Humans create those algorithms so that argument has its limits to me) byway of their videos being restricted and/or demonetized.

And they're far - far - from the only ones.

It's no secret the big social media platforms and their companies are gearing up to engage in the 2020 political elections in the United States. It's an open secret.

What this means - ahem alleges - is that they will manipulate content so as to hurt conservative and Republican viewpoints while propping, protecting - and if need be sanitizing (because Democrats play really dirty) - progressive and Democrat view points.

In other words, they're getting political even though they're companies. Problem is they're massive corporations with enough power to really damage the democratic political process.

They claim they do it to 'protect' democracy but their actions will only threaten it more than any one politician could ever accomplish.

The other part of this equation is the whole 'publisher v. platform' argument but that's not the point of the post here. Suffice the tech giants want to have it both ways and it's time they're force to choose a side.

This the part of the plot where we see people like Zuckerberg and Dorsey are in way over their heads and in the process act more like punks than captains of social media industry.

It's like a poor person suddenly winning the lotto. They acquired too much power, too fast and don't know how to navigate through the sticky world of high finance, politics and all the vices of human nature that come with it.

Why they chose to go political is beyond me but they seemingly let hubris get the better of their senses.

I welcome Prager U suing youtube. I've grown tired of illiterate illiberal minds dictating what I can read, think and say. Worse among them, they claim to know how I feel and think.

Prager U pushes against the zeitgeist promulgated by progressive SJW-woke orthodoxy. And they're not alone. Their videos are a breath of fresh air and are good, time honoured, universal ideas and themes we have always cherished.

I'll leave you with this.

Google (also being sued) is the biggest search engine in the world (who have been known to manipulate search engine results and actively accept SJW ideals) and youtube (the biggest content provider platform on earth (also run by a SJW CEO). Think about how this could end up. And not in a good way.

Youtube restricted Prager's video on the Ten Commandments on the grounds it's bad for children.

But they leave up Miley Cyrus's smut.

It's the misapplication or uneven application of standards the issue. All people are asking for is fair and consistent application of policy.

That goes for anything in life. It's not necessarily the issue per se but the perception of unfair treatment.

I think there's more than enough evidence to notice a pattern where social media giants are engaging in unfair practices based on politics.

Quote Of The Day

“In Italy, Fascists divide themselves into two categories: Fascists and Anti-Fascists.” 
—Ennio Flaiano


Hong Kong Showing America Is Still A Beacon To The Free World

Don't know about you but watching Hong Kong fight to keep its liberty while carrying the American flag, singing the anthem and reading The Constitution has been satisfying for me.

It reminds that the United States still matters and when nations and people struggle for freedom they look to it for help and guidance.

Notice they don't call on Great Britain. The nation that rule Hong Kong.

Gee, I wonder why given what's going on in the UK.

I'd like to think it points directly to how Britain's behaviour in the last 10 years has been appalling where civil liberties are concerned. It's a place that has lost its sense of mighty liberty.

While the American left continues to espouse ideas contrary to the American experience, it takes a people thousands of miles away to remind Americans of their essence.

When people fight for liberty, they don't wave Australian, Canadian or British flags.

They wave the American flag.

Stars and stripes still resonates on a level to free peoples all over the world.

Wake up America. Don't let the emotional tyrants in the Democrat party rip liberty from you. Protect your 1A and 2A to the end.


Trudeau Lies In A Bed Of Lies And Deceit

In Canada, the rule of law was compromised for the sake of cronyism under the guise of saving jobs.

This is what happened as once and for all settled by the Ethics Commissioner Mr. Morin.

Justin Trudeau in all his insufferable arrogance thought himself above the rule of law when he tried to interfere during the SNC Lavalin affair.

If that wasn't bad enough, his response amounted to pretty much a 'so what? What are you gonna do about it suckers?'

Naturally, he had Bill Morneau repeat the gag line of 'we were saving jobs'.

What a crock of shit pimped out by these two cronies.

They babble on about "democracy" as they slowly chip away at civl liberties and act like a couple of dictatorial thugs.

This edition of the Liberal party of Canada will go down as one of the most scandalous in the modern era not to mention embarrassing.

Alas, they're unacceptable and unethical behaviour that cuts right to the heart of the essence of the rule of law isn't met with enough anger from the usual apathetic and deferent Canadian flock.

I've heard one too many misguided individuals accept this on the premise he was 'saving jobs'

This includes Quebec Premier Francois Legault who says, predictably, he stood by Trudeau. Of course he does, Quebec always welcomes a Federal wink. Saving SNC-Lavalin is a plus for Quebec and its tiresome habit of attaching nationalism to everything from the Montreal Canadiens to dead beat companies like Bombardier. The prevailing immature thinking is 'too chez nous to fail'.

Legault, in essence, sided with banana republic behaviour. Which is no stranger to Quebec known for its embedded corruption.

It was a most disappointing comment.

How can he and the Liberals now look people straight in the eye and tell them they defend 'democracy'?

They made their bed and they must lie in it. If one supports what really is an astonishing act that contravened Canadian values, then one tacitly consents to such tactics 'when it suits' the powers that be. This is how third world tin pot dictator ships, communist regimes (hello China as we see in Hong Kong) or socialist (Venezuela being the latest) hell holes operate.

You can't have it both ways. You can't undermine the rule of law and claim to defend it.

It's a really clear cut and dry issue.

Canadians aren't that far off from getting a dystopian UK style mode of existence. We're heading down the path of a shit hole. Before we know it, we'll be arresting people for speech and banning ads like they do in that joke of an island.

We have little to be proud of at the moment.


Quote Of The Day

"You can vote your way into socialism but you have to shoot your way out."

As Hong Kong rekindles the spirit of liberty America is flirting with abandoning, we're reminded of what eternal vigilance means.

The modern progressive is really just another derivative of a tyrant. How does it manifest itself? Just listen to the Liberal and Democrat parties of North America. 

Collectivists (primarily modern progressives, Marxists, Communists, Fascists, Nazis, and Socialists) loathe the concept of the individual. To them it conjures up images of ruthless greed and competition where humans exist in a winner take all mode.

Yet, political collectivism has done more harm to humanity because of its obsessive social engineering of attempting to mould man into their image. It always ends in blood and strife.

Socialism says we'll take your individualism, bleed it into one so as to purge vices for the greater good. It's a beautiful message and has eternal appeal.

They'll get votes for their utopian dream. 

And then you'll have to fight your way out of the nightmare.

It's an indisputable fact and lesson of history. Ignore it all you want.

We're better off as free thinking individuals free of involuntary collectivism. Left alone, we'll form our own private spheres of collectivism. What can be more organic than that?

This way, we can't murder 100 million people like collectivism backed by the state did in the 20th century.

Yes, I know the rebuttal that capitalism killed more. 


Capitalism and, free minds and markets lifted more people out of poverty than any other system in world history as well as allowed humans to be healthier and wealthier than ever at any point in the history of mankind.

Classical Music And Excursions In Derp

Sure why not a juxtaposition of beautiful music to contrast to the muddled conformist zeitgeist?

We have waaaaaayyyyy too much prosperity and success in North America. And too many classes and courses in post-secondary institutions.

One person (the last guy was just plain intelligent) was actually using his brain. Indeed, it's the bulb that makes the person 'white'. Of course, a progressive will not let that get in their way. They'll just call for the bulb to be changed!

How not every single person didn't scoff and walk away at the request is very much a telling sign of the times. A very creepy commitment to the diversity cult without much thought is troubling.


Once upon a time we were a civilization with real depth and genius.

Enter the Baroque violin sonatas of Gaetano Franceschini. Dead, racist, white men music to the modern progressive left-wing ignorant class.

Not much is known of Franceschini but I do rather dig the stroke of his bow.


My Simple Note To My American Friends

Don't ever waver on the Second Amendment.

Don't let emotions drive the narrative.

You lose the 2A they (tyrants) will come for the First Amendment next.

It's how human nature unfolds as history clearly shows.

Fight America.


Yours is truly a unique experiment in liberty.

Be vigilant. 


Tulsi Gabbard KOs Kamala Harris

/Pulls Kamala Harris doll from box. Pulls chord. "I'm just an unprincipled, corrupted prosecutor!" Giggles.

Is there a bigger phony in modern American politics than Kamala Harris pretending to be a tireless fighter for democracy, justice and the people despite her atrocious and over-zealous track record as a prosecutor in America?

How this person has supporters and fans is beyond me.

Celebrities I get because they emote and are emotional wrecks who live in a bubble.

But there's no excuse for a citizenry to not be aware of her past.

And boy is it troubling.

It's on par with Hilary really.

In last night's debate, Tulsi pulled a Trump and went for the jugular saying publicly what everyone who is informed wanted answers to. She flat out put the spotlight on Harris's record of trampling on citizens while consistently giving passes to the more fortunate and law enforcement. As for Gabbard saying over 1500 people in jail for smoking marijuana I'm sure Politifact will fact check her and say FALSE! It was 1433!


She's corrupted justice personified.

Her actions remind me of Coakley in Massachusetts when she refused to set free an innocent family accused of sexual crimes at their daycare. Look it up. It's as bad as it sounds.

It's time such low caliber people account for their actions and last night was one of them. Harris looked flustered and probably couldn't believed her handlers in the media allowed it to happen.

Wouldn't surprise me if she pulled a Hilaryesque self-entitled hissy fit after that one.

My advice is to walk over to Reason and read about her actions as prosecutor.

Her claim she reformed California is preposterous.

She as nakedly cynical an opportunist as they come.

And what's with those maniacal laughs and giggles? It's troubling and creepy. Methinks she got off on a high abusing her power. "And then I sat and scribbled on my brand new post it pad as the 16 year-old was led away crying about being innocent! /hand to mouth giggle.

I like Gabbard. She's still a Democrat and holds leftist views on economics and the 2A, but she clearly is more moderate, palpable and respectable than every single one of those 19 other phonies.

And she has guts. Real guts.

Which of course means CNN and their brother in arms will ignore and unperson her in no time.

She also takes a regular pummelling from people on her Twitter account.