Canadian Medical And Public Health Is Mentally Ill

The failure to help the mentally ill is a function of our cost-centric, second-world, callous public health system and a cruel population.

That's why this is happening.

If Covid showed us anything is that Canadians are valueless. This is why the courts, politicians, public health, academics, media and a too large portion of the population embraced unethical and emotional responses to soothe their fears, greed, selfishness and ignorance.

The whole system is out of order and mentally ill. 

Because our system is pure crap and can't help people unethical murderous quacks step in and offer a 'final solution' with the government all too willing to oblige under the guise of 'compassion'.

Compassion for its own sake leads to sinister places.

Welcome to Canada.


I've stopped reacting to articles. 

I realized these people are simply not well. They engage in sophistry and projection thus making good-faith debate impossible.

Rather, it's time to find inner peace and not be roped in by their gaslighting and sheer stupidity. 

Be at peace and keep telling the truth.


I bet people like Lagace still think - as the evidence continues to mount - the virus is zoonotic and not from a lab as the 'conspiracy' truth-tellers have been saying from DAY ONE.

And when you read the entire arc of bio and germ warfare, it becomes perfectly plausible and not a conspiracy at all.

Canadian talking heads are generally one step behind including this one.

The truth will NEVER emerge from a place like this. It will always come from elsewhere and then we'll tag along. 

Conspiracy theories are truth delayed. 

So whenever you read an unethical, cowardly mediocre corporate shill like Lagace babble about it, that means you're on the mark. 

Another Day Another Bad Ruling

The hits keep on coming in Canada.

This time in Alberta. 

Everything has been inverted and reversed. Now we must live for the weak and the minority. 

Good luck trying to build and maintain a healthy and prosperous society with this mindset and legal system. It's not going to end well.

The new baseline and standard as been set in Canada Accept it - or leave. I'm planning the latter at some point. Just go read anything by a hack Patrick Legace in La Presse to see how mediocrity simply reigns here. 

Out of all the countries I follow when it comes to lawsuits, Canada by far is the worst. It's not even close. It's not just the rulings - it's the opinions given. They're laughably sophomoric, pitiful and disturbing in their lack of wisdom and excess deference to the government. Our judges can't hold a candle to American justices. Have you ever read their opinions past and present? Works of art some of them.

Here? Let's see. The government 'suspends' restrictions and asks the court to dismiss lawsuits against them since it's 'moot' and is....GRANTED. Even though they're still out there passive-aggressively threatening the population with.....restrictions. Somewhere Lagace claps his hands like a seal who survived a club to the head screaming, 'Derp, cONSpiRacee tearIS!"

Had the judge got off her lazy ass and showed some damn courage and looked at the evidence and damages it would keep this lawless government running ram shod on the civil liberties of all Canadians (yes you too you vaccinated normies even if you don't see it) somewhat in check.

But nope. So you can't sue because 'emergency' and you can't sue because 'moot'. Where's the fricking chance to seek justice? 

Canada is a nation of apathetic dullards. Simple as that. We were given a country we never had to fight for and we're acting like a bunch of petulant dimwits smoking weed all day and wallowing in our lazy smugness. We have a post-colonial mindset we never shook off. Rogan nailed us when he said we're a country on SSRI. Americans aren't stupid. We think they are but they see right through the mindset here.

As you can tell I am not impressed with Canada - at all. Double for Quebec. Quebec loves this sanctimonious lawlessness. I reckon Lagace given the tone of his latest hit piece on Danielle Smith (who possesses more integrity in her pinky than he does in his entire body), sure loves himself some Papa Legault propaganda and lies. Soviet defector Tomas Schuman once said journalists don't need to be smart. Just mediocre. It's how they survive a corrupt system they swim in so as to be easily manipulated by the real decision-makers. 

Get used to these rulings. The tone has been set. You ain't getting what you're about to see in the USA. 

Any other true and strong democracy would have turfed Trudeau a long time ago. How many scandals and scams has he been embroiled in?  Never mind the Aga Khan, the SNC scandal was the one that launched his rogue path. When you break the rule of law, it becomes easier and he has done it two more times since. Canada doesn't have the rule of law - it has the rule of man. And good luck putting that puppet back in its chest. That he's still out there acting like a complete idiot is a reflection of our own cowardice and inability to stand up for Canada. 

There are no values or principles left. Smith is pushing a value system many people shared before Covid-19. What little intellectual pygmies like Lagace and his ilk are peddling is a medical tyrannical system because 'public health' without regard or care for the entire overall health of people.

They're, as we say, useful tools and idiots.

And it's Klaus Schwab, Patrick. Nor Karl.


Vaccine Dogma Driving Canadian Health

Once again 'Health Minister' Jean-Yves Duclos is out there peddling misinformation and lies with passive aggressive threats of more restrictions for good measure. 

The Canadian government is making it clear if you docile, obedient and apathetic Canadians don't go get your dangerous, ineffective and pointless treatment, you will be punished for not eating your broccoli.

The government has take the disturbing stance that their sole job is to protect you.

While Justin profits off ArrivCan apps and ventilator schemes of course.

Hey, may as well make a buck in the process, no?

This is not, let's get this straight, about public health. They're serving Pfizer. Period.

There is no pandemic. It's over. 

But there was Duclos making outrageous claims misleading Canadians.

Yes, I am calling the ENTIRE Canadian public health apparatus and government LIARS.

Outright and abject lying sacks of shit.

Ductus said, 'Covid-19 is not over'. 

That little line is key. Why? Because we all know it's never going to be over. We've known from the beginning it was going to be endemic. 

So what's he saying here exactly? Perpetual terrorizing of the Canadian people?

Covid-19 will be with us forever and the vaccines will never be able to contain it. Ever.

Duclos then made the claim - without FACT (but who cares about facts and data any more, right?) - the 'good news' was that the Bilavent shots have arrived. You know,  the ones tested on eight mice. The one that's already probably DOA because of new variants. Right, it's because of the unvaccinated the shots fail.

Sure. Keep believing that folks. Your ability to critically think is on par with Minister Caillou if you do.

Studies have been pouring in pointing to the NEGATIVE EFFICACY of bivalent junk. 

What does that mean? It means not only won't it protect you or stop transmission (which we've fricken known since 2021), but you're likely to in fact get infected at a higher rate than unvaccinated people. Cut, slice and dice this all you want - piss and spit in their faces if you want - but the unvaccinated were right all along. 

Just this past week Bloomberg reported they're not effective in plain English. Moderna CEO Bancel also expressed that it's time to accept this is like the flu and that ongoing shots are not necessary.

Are any of you PAYING ATTENTION?

Your government is LYING to you.

Jean-Yves Duclos, Justin Trudeau, Theresa Tam, PHAC and NACI are LYING. 

As in they're not telling you the truth to provide INFORMED CONSENT.


Do The Opposite

Remember Opposite George from the Seinfeld?

I think it's applicable to how you decode the lies being promulgated about everything including - gasp! - system change climate change.

Do the opposite of what they're saying.

That is, if they're saying the world is heating up, it probably means - besides being bull shit - the world is cooling. Heck, we may even be heading into an ice age. In the 70s, global cooling was all the rge. 

You're being played. Covid, Ukraine, climate change.

Be Truman.

Is there hope for the Normbies?*

If my buddy is any indication probably not. After being fooled into and regurgitating the Covid 'save granny, the economy is just money, fifteen days to flatten the curve', he now wails about how 'fascism is taking over Europe'.

This is your brain on the narrative pimped by the corporate media and academics. 

Opposite George discovered there was more to George. 

Maybe it will be the same for you.

*Normies + Zombies = Normbies. 


A Note And Plea To Canadians

I know I'm screaming at the clouds and pissing in the wind here after the abysmal dismissal of the joined lawsuits from Peckford and Bernier, but here goes.

The Trudeau government is not protecting you.

He's using 'public health' to consolidate power. Furthermore, he does not represent 'Canadian values' (whatever that means anymore. If it ever meant anything) or interests. He serves global and international interests while acting as an ideologue.

He is lawless as he is valueless without inner core principles.

From gun control to censorship, Trudeau represents naked authoritarianism. Nothing more, nothing less.

Here's my plea. 

Without freedom of thought, you do not have freedom of speech and with neither, you are not free.

A Note To The Canadian Military

The Canadian army is appealing to Canadians to rally behind the army during its personnel crisis.

It appears the army now engages in gaslighting. 

Remind me who had a program to spy on Canadians? 

Who created this crisis through its own stupid and illegal (and I don't give a rat's ass lawsuits are being dismissed trying to prove this. The judiciary is not even allowing for the evidence to be heard which means the people continue to be denied their rights. IT'S ALL FUCKING ILLEGAL) vaccine mandates?

Same with the crisis in our shitty public health system run by gutless cowards.

It's not Covid or the unvaccinated who made this mess.

THEY DID and YOU DID by consenting to these deplorable and repugnant mandates.

This country is incorrigible.

How about you actually rally around CANADIANS and reign in a rogue Prime Minister? How about you find out why CHINESE POLICE stations are on our soil? How about you investigate if the WEF indeed is infiltrated into our body politic?

In other words, stop whining and DO YOUR FUCKING JOB to protect CANADA and her citizens, 

I've lost all trust and respect in our institutions.

The judiciary. Parliament. The military. Public health.

All of it.

This is a country run by clowns and for clowns. 


Broken Beyond Repair And Reform

The Alberta Health Services is erasing medical records. A judge has dismissed the Peckford et al. lawsuit for 'mootness'. The ArriveCan app scandal. Not to mention an endless stream of scandals. 

The UK has tossed two PMs for far less.

Here, there is no such integrity.

My Lord, I never thought Canada was this corrupt.

It's broken.

And I don't think it can be fixed.

How do we know Canada is incorrigibly corrupt? $54 million was spent on a garbage app where 23 different companies were given undisclosed contracts. If that doesn't scream grifting and thievery, I don't know what does.

And that comes after the ventilator contract scandal. Who knows what the vaccines are about? 

We're a pseudo-democratic, post-colonial banana republic. And that's how we'll stay. 


It's been said demoralization of a nation is key to breaking it.

There's no question there's some sort of agenda to achieve this goal in North America.


There Is No Justice System In Quebec

It's just a pack of procedural games.

There are several lawsuits pending against the Quebec government challenging its authoritarian measures and its abuse of power via Bill 28.

They were supposed to be heard by now except the judiciary keeps granting the government requests for  delays. This time, it will be in early January. After Bill 28 is set to (allegedly) expire. I expect Legault to take full advantage of his power and abuse it by potentially renewing it. Good job Quebecers. Cluelessly neutered and without courage you remain. 

In Quebec and Canada, you're always at war with Covid.

Have you noticed anything? Assuming you're not sleeping at the switch, there is little to no talk about Covid or vaccines in the world anymore. So much so,  Canada is sticking out like a sore thumb.

New Zealand is ending and unwinding all their authoritarian measures, several countries are slowing down their vaccine campaigns, the EU is investigating Pfizer and so on. The world is moving on.

Canada isn't. Stuck on stupid. Our morally, intellectually, ethically, and scientifically bankrupted elite and expert classes remain stuck on a 2020-21 treadmill. Their messaging is more stale than one week old bread.

Circling back to Quebec, the courts are clearly not independent as they continue to fully back the emergency measures.

There is no justice system in Quebec.

This along with our second rate public health system.

Jab up Quebec! You'll be the only jurisdiction to do so.

Because you're fearful and continue to 'trust the experts'.


Smash The Orders Of Physicians

Physicians have played a big role in fracturing the civil order.

They're taking this to another level with assisted suicide.

Already we're seeing very troubling signs we're killing people well before they should leave us. All because we have an utterly depraved, cost-centric, second-rate public health system.

There is nothing progressive in any of this.

Compassion for its own sake is immoral. 

Taking advantage of people who feel abandoned, scared, and see no other options is about as immoral as you can get.

And doctors are leading the charge.

It's always worth reminding of the axiom (to me it is): Doctors must not know where the guns are. 

Recall, that the Nazis don't reach their murderous levels without the help and hand of doctors.

Doctors are the perfect embodiment of the yin and yang. On one side, they fight to save you and on the other the fight to kill you.

There's a menacing 'iron curtain' descending upon the culture and discipline of medicine. It uses the word 'consensus' to ram through top bottom one-size fits all medical decisions often in conjunction with the rapacious greed of pharma. 

This is not health.

It's corporate health. 

I see no value in a doctor forcing someone into a mask while experiencing an asthma attack. I see no value in an organization that recommends psychotherapy for people who decline experimental mRNA drugs like the CPSO did. I see no value in a system that will permit infants under a year old born with 'grave and severe syndromes' to be put down as we see (of course) in Quebec. 

All this screams abuse is on the horizon. Abuse of the weak, sick and vulnerable. Doctors will absolutely lean toward killing. After all, you're just a number now.

We're now officially in 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' territory in Canada. Ironic after years of 'Let's talk' campaigns sponsored by Bell. Just when we were beginning to make strides into the stigma of mental illness. Now we're signalling, meh, kill yourself. 

This episode will be recorded accordingly. We will remember. 

I submit we dismantle the mafias known as orders of physicians.

Start there.

We live vicariously through the state. We've lost all sense of independence and humanity. 

We need a complete overhaul and cleanup of everything. Education, health, bureaucracy etc.



CSPO Is A Quack Outfit


'It is also important that physicians work with their patients to manage anxieties related to the vaccine and not enable avoidance behavior.'

I'll let you digest how bad this is.


Question For PayPal CEO Dan Schulman

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Do your damn fucking job and shut the fuck up already. This garbage of shutting down people's accounts because you disagree with them or because some grifting outfit funded by Bill Gates tells you something is 'misinformation' has to stop.

It's retarded and dangerous. 

I've just about had it with these faux-righteous authoritarian nitwits.

Fucking PayPal getting in on the 'misinformation' scam. Get real.

It's all a scam. All of it. Climate change. Covid vaccines. Wokism. All nonsense with no bearing facts or reason.

They're not going after 'disinformation' or 'misinformation'. They're simply erasing OPINIONS.

Like this one.

Stop playing.

Stop doing business with companies like PayPal. There are competitors and options.

While you're at it, shut down your Twitter and Facebook accounts. They're dying breeds anyway.

Maybe Twitter - a monumentally poorly run company filled with obnoxious ignoramuses. Like LinkedIn and PayPal and other companies - may survive once Musk gets in there (and no, I don't see him as a saviour. He's an immature grifter with a sketchy track record) but for now, it's a piss hole. 

Winter Is Coming

Do you see Francois Boss Hogg Legault preparing the fucken hospitals? 

Do you see any kind of plan?

Do you see any original thoughts coming from the tiresome mouths of our dear experts and the fucken College Mafia des Medicins?

THREE FUCKEN YEARS and they did jack shit. But they will ask YOU to stay home to protect a second-rate public health system filled with vaccine cultists. 

But he got his fucken useless majority in this piss hole place didn't he?

All we're gonna get is more of the same failed and cynical futile calls for more masks and perhaps passports.

THREE YEARS and that's all they've got.

If this doesn't scream incomprehensible and unacceptable incompetent stupidity what does?

Quebec is second rare and its people are okay with that given Monday's election.

Let's keep fracturing the civil order. 



Meanwhile, in Florida they keep impressing as they now do not recommend the shots for the 0-40 age group. Florida = rational. California and (Quebec) = irrational.

De Santis > Legault. And it's not even a contest.

De Santis doesn't need McKinsey. He's his own man.

Legault is a slut to the highest bidder. 

The CAQ is a party about nothing.


Just a reminder.

Quebecers gave more power to a petty tyrant who:

1) Failed to secure nursing homes.

2) Imposed the most restrictive measures on the continent with the worst outcomes.

3) Took orders from McKinsey Global.

Among other things. Including the highest taxes in Canada while getting second rate services in return. 



Since the stunning result, I've been hearing more and more stories of people leaving including two of my cousins who are applying for permanent residence in the United States.

Will there be yet another Quebec exodus like we saw in 1976 and 1995?

My advice remains to those who can: Leave.




Let's keep going.


That's anyone's guess now that Quebecers decided it was a good idea to give more power to Francois Legault effectively putting the province in a dictatorship for the next four years.

Legault and the CAQ are a paper tiger.

I know this sounds absurd given the result but this is a party about nothing.

It has no inner core principles or values reflecting its leader.

And evidently the population.

Quebec's future is precarious under this party. 

Quebecers embrace demagogues and Legault fits the mould very well. The problem with the cult of the personality crafted by the CAQ is that once he leaves the party will go down with him.

If he doesn't take the province down first.

Here's the problem with the situation.

The people legitimatized what just happened these past 2.5 years. They signalled what he did was acceptable. Even though it was not a successful pandemic response and rooted in everything but science.

We know McKinsey drove the response and not Legault. They helped guide him into taking such measures to ensure power. He did what he had to do and the people cheered it on.

The government, the medical establishment and the media made sure fear would be instilled into people thus making it easier for them to embrace shambolic anti-human and anti-science restrictions.

The people simply could not snap out of their hysterical Covid posture and determined their government was doing a good job.

The result gives Legault a green light to continue. A mandate as he kept reminding. 


They didn't even try hard with their political slogans. That's how arrogant and secure the party was about this election.

There's no need now for him to consult anyone. He can now just issue edicts.

Ultimately, the biggest travesty of this result is there's no incentive for the government to hold a public inquiry or audit into what happened and how they handled it.

Quebecers will never know the truth as it will get buried over time.

We will see truth emerge from all sorts of places but Quebec will serve as a burial ground for the truth.

It's remarkable how there's no curiosity impulse among this population to want to at least know if the government they gave a massive majority to actually did do a proper job.

Rather, it simply believes it did - without an investigation or proof.




Bill Gates And His Projects: Cui Bono?

In Trading Places, the Duke brothers attempted to corner the orange juice market only to be thwarted by the combined wits of Billy Ray and Winthorpe.  Sorry Winthorpe III.

Another greedy sleaze ball is attempting his own orange juice market monopoly.

Bill Gates.

Bill Gates, remember, is a convicted felon. Don't forget this. 

And felons don't change their spots. His 'philanthropy' is to cover the fact he's a rapacious, insatiable wolf.

Look at the footage of him being investigated by interrogators when Microsoft ran afoul of anti-trust laws. That wasn't normal behaviour.

Gates, as we know, has Asperger's. 

Meaning, he may not be all that connected to what it is to be human on a deep level. 

Three things Gates is doing that are likely causing more harm than good.

1) Through his foundation and GAVI his obsession with vaccines and vaccinating the world indefinitely.

2) Has become the largest (farm)  land owner in America now ensuring he can control the food supply.

3) Pushing Digital ID.

In an interview with a shill corporate hack posing as a journalist, he said something that caught my ear. In responding to the criticism he's pushing for digital ID for control, he scoffed it off asking what was he going to do with all that data?

On the surface, it's a good response for a normie to digest. Indeed, conspiracy theorists, what would he do with all that information!?

They may not realize, because normies can only think one step at a time, we're dealing with Bill Gates here, right? A known tech sociopath.

That was a classic disingenuous response looking to deflect from the fact that's precisely what he wants: YOUR DATA.

There's nothing implausible or outrageous here. He has the means and the motive to want and accomplish this. 

It is in fact not even conspiratorial. He's telling you what he wants except they sell it as something good and necessary to protect, health, democracy, blah, blah. 

Like Covid measures had nothing to do with public health but a psychological exercise in order to acclimatize people to a caged and controlled life, so is the UN's Agenda 2030. It has nothing to do with what they say it is.

These are globalists setting up an advanced neo-feudal system. That's all this is.

They flat out say they 'own the science' and they now own YOU because they forced you into a medical procedure. You may think you chose to take it of your free will or deluded yourself into thinking you doing good for humanity, but you were played and lied to.

And still, you cannot see the deception.

At some point, it is the awakened who will lose patience with the normies and things will come to blows and spill onto the streets. Millions want no part of Gates' scheme and scam.

In short and in closing, Gates wants it all.

We must stop this anti-human monster. 


While Ottawa Burns

While Rome burned in a great fire, Emperor Nero allegedly aloofly played his fiddle tearing.

Fast forward two thousand years and we have a wannabe immature dictator going bungee jumping as the country wallows in a crisis of leadership.

Three scandalous revelations in the past week should have paved the way to a non-confidence vote and the collapse of the Liberal party. 

Instead. Nothing. 

First comes the bullying and intimidation of witnesses under the watch of Argentinian-born Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriquez (South Americans are renowned for tolerance of authoritarianism. A natural fit for the Liberals) during the Bill C-11 hearings. 

Then comes the mystery of the Winnipeg lab and its connections to Wuhan. Did we engage in virus trafficking? It's a massive scandal because the Trudeau liberals are determined to keep it away from the public. Why?

Finally, it was discovered Marco Mendacious Mendicino lied to a Federal judge.

You try and mislead a judge and see what happens to you.

This is just the latest in a long string of mishaps, embarrassing behaviour and scandals going back to 2015.

An attentive country with self-dignity would have sent Justin packing a long time ago. But this is an unserious and apathetic country.

One that re-elects failed leaders with no concern for accountability.

There Will Be No Awakening In Quebec

 Quebec is a thoroughly neutered population. At least Covid made sure of it.

Yesterday's result says two things. Quebcers were satisfied with how the CAQ handled Covid and that they have no ability to evolve with the facts that those measures were destructive to the civil order.

It said, 'hey, let's give the fake leader with a middling mindset who off loaded his responsibilities to McKinsey Global, oversaw the deaths of the elderly in nursing homes and imposed a curfew while talking as if he's in a brasserie MORE power!'

This is a place that is not attentive and lacks dignity. 

Even though Covid was not even debated and people want to 'forget' we have to now double our efforts to make sure there's accountability. 

The odds are long but this work must be done. 

Quebec, like Canada, is in dire need of electoral reform. It's no longer working. For example, Justin Trudeau is in power despite not winning the most votes across the country but rather thanks to Toronto. Enough to give him minority status. Basically, Justin represents Toronto. 

Last night, the CAQ got 1.6 million votes and 90 seats. The Liberals had 590 000 votes and 21 seats. Quebec Solitaire 633 000 votes and 11 seats. The Parti Quebecois had 600 000 and 3 seats while the Conservative party of Quebec pulled in an impressive 530 000 but no seats.

In other words, 2.4 million votes converted into just 35 seats. The CAQ got 40% of the vote and 72% of the seats. The conservatives had 13% but no seats. 

Doesn't seem reflective of how the population is politically divided now, does it? This is what's called the tyranny of the majority. Legault will have no incentive to think of the minority - let alone the English-speaking group. He will take this as a sign to abuse power. He did with 74 seats imagine 90. This is what should have been in the heads of Quebecers who truly care about Quebec.

Alas, Legault offered a $2000 bribe before election day to the very demographic most hurt by his actions with the nursing homes. And they took it. 

Etiquette, ethics, and legality. None of that matters anymore in Quebec, Canadian (and American) politics anymore.

Notice how the votes are divided nicely among four parties two of which are left-wing (QS and PQ), one centrist (Liberal) and of course the conservatives who are centre-right. 

In the end, tribalism wins in elections. Especially in collectivist Quebec. The system as designed makes it very easy to manipulate results now. Given the collapse of ethics, it's easy to buy off the media (who were giddy with glee last year as their service to Legault was rewarded and ensures they're still relevant to the unthinking masses) and get a majority. It's the magic 'democratic' formula for a dictatorship.

And no future. If you have something to lose or give, get out of Quebec. This place will not progress in the classic sense of how we've come to understand it. It belongs to Col. Kurtz.

The irony of the situation is Quebecers smugly look down on MAGA not realizing they're MAGA north. At least MAGA wants liberty, Quebecers want to be governed by dictators. 

The CAQ will eventually collapse is my prediction. It's a party with no values. It's a party ruled by a person with no inner-core values. It's simply taking advantage of the situation. And cynically so.

Bad result for democracy in Quebec.

Francois Legault is no democrat.

He's a demagogue.

And he will rule accordingly.



While Quebecers Slept

They poised to re-elect a McKinsey slut back into power.

McKinsey is the consulting firm Legault paid 35k per day to manage the Covid response. Great job McKinsey. You lousy hacks. I'd ask for my money back. Let that sink in. 

McKinsey and Legault teamed up to destroy lives and our economy. 

Legault 'C'est moe l'boss' can't even be his own man. 

Francois Legault (Frankie Brasserie) is a whore to globalist interests. He does not serve Quebec or Quebecers.

Just like Justin doesn't serve Canada or its interests.


A Psychopaths Leaked Email

"Huh. Well get a look at that. It does reprogram the DNA as well as not remaining at the injection site. And myocarditis! And get a load of those cancer spikes! Oh, well. Sorry. May as well as keep taking it. No sense crying about spilled lactose-free milk and almond milk, eh? No, no. You don't understand. You have no choice. It's the only way to keep your immune system working now.  Bad for you, great for profits. You shoulda listened to those crazy conspiracy theorists. Lol! Please send Dr. Bridle a basket of pasta. In the note please write, 'Rose are red, violets are blue, you were right boo-hoo-hoo."


"Fully Vaccinated" Is Meaningless

If there's one thing the mediocre portion of the intelligentsia love doing is coming up with vacuous one-liners.

Like a good comedian seeks a punchline, so do academics. 

The list of these pointless slogans is endless from 'pay your fair share' to a 'living wage' to 'flatten the curve'. You know the rest.

Another phrase oft used is 'fully vaccinated.' Politicians and health officials urging people to be 'up to date' with their shots call this being 'fully vaccinated'.

The fact they say to do it should give everyone pause.

For one, it's a crappy 'vaccine'.

But you have to take it because breathing air is now dangerous.

No, they posted this for real. 

Here's the problem.

You will never be 'fully vaccinated'. They lied to you. What they mean by 'up to date' is that if you don't keep up with your treatments, you're vulnerable to disease because your immune system was compromised. They erased your robust natural defences and installed lousy software into you.

If you keep 'trusting the science' as currently constructed by a corrupted allopathic and political apparatus, Natural Selection will take care of you.

The rest of you who instinctively feel something is off, grow a pair and get off the carrousel.

Cut your losses.

Quote Of The Day

"The more they scream they're protecting democracy the more they're actively destroying it."

Yours truly, T.C.

Quebec Elections

It's not looking good for the anti-Legault forces.

All indications point to not only a majority but a bigger majority than he won last time out.

Imagine that.

Let's give a guy who has proven to be a) a cocky asswipe b) hopelessly without an original thought when it came to the pandemic response leaning instead on a crony private consulting firm like McKinsey to do his work because he lacks balls and courage and c) a tad too comfortable with his tyrannical impulses MORE POWER.

The average Quebecer has fooled themselves into the 'given the circumstances, he did the best he could and was no worse than any leader'.

I argue he was.

Quebec went overboard with its measures and now that the CAQ has had a taste of what tyranny looks like, they're going to govern accordingly.

This is a party without scruples or values.

All it knows is pure, naked power.

And its leader is a cynical manipulator of power.

Legault's measures not only ruined live, it cost lives. He didn't save jack shit.

Alas, we're a minority of a minority who see through this nonsense.

Tomorrow, barring an epic unseen turn of events, we will have another four years of mediocrity and cronyism. 

Contiunuons. On the path to hell.

Good luck to the Conservative party of Quebec.

On The Brink - Of Stupidity

The 'we're gonna use nuclear bombs' rhetoric that has become a feature in the Ukraine war is an indictment of the times we live in.

During the Cold War era, diplomats on both sides were skilled in the art of brinkmanship careful to not use irresponsible language and rhetoric. 

It's hard to pinpoint where this changed but I track it back to the Obama years.

Particularly when it comes to Russia.

Obama used unnecessary aggressive language that softened crossed the line of proper diplomatic etiquette. In fact, it was a specialty of his not just in foreign policy - his weakest point - but in other facets and areas of civil life including the economy.

It was during the Obama years we were the fracturing of the civil order with wedge issues used to concentrate power.

And so it is with Ukraine. It's amateur hour at the Comedy Nest listening to our foreign leaders talk about war like war pigs. The caliber of our leaders is low and weak. They sound like they read on a 5th grade level - listen to anything Melanie Joly says. How she's in this position is a mystery. She's wholly unqualified for this job. 

So much so she actually poses a national security threat. Melanie and Justin taking on the Russians. Now that inspires confidence.

Ukraine is not a war worth fighting for. It's not a democracy. It never was and likely never will be.

Its leader is a gangster and this geographic expression is a vassal state for the West acting like a launching pad for state gangsterism from money laundering, human trafficking and biolabs run by the U.S.

Zelensky has banned political opponents, buys million dollar villas for his parents all the while Nazi thugs murder people in the streets. It's estimated up to 70% of the weapons we send there end up, well, not in the Ukraine 'army'. 

That we're threatening mutual destruction for it is preposterous.

Ukraine is not worth fighting or dying for. It offers nothing to the West other than to stick it to the Russians.

It's just a pawn for the West to leverage its power but as the Russians have made clear, it's a true red line they were willing to fight for.

They will win because they're committed to it. 

We're not because to us Ukraine is not about state existentialism but a mere toy to consolidate power. 

This is the country our tax dollars are going to.

What folly. 

War pigs. That's what our leaders are. Pigs.

Don't Accept The 'New Normal' Health Outcomes Baseline For mRNA

You nay have noticed they're trying to normalize conditions like myocarditis, strokes and even infant deaths (SIDS anyone?) as these conditions have exploded in 2021 and 2022.

Gee, what happened in 2021 an 2022?

Quite the coincidence is it not?

There appears to be a lack of humility, and skepticism clouding the ability to apply basic logic. Until the rollout, there was not a child to be found killed by Covid. Since the rollout, kids are dying. Did this virus become more virulent and dangerous and we missed it? How does a virus which didn't impact kids suddenly; do so? 

The next doctor who says 'it's a mystery' should turn in their Cracker Jack docty badge.

That's all it's good for if you're going to be deliberately daft and insulting. 

Stay Classy Justin

During a moment of silence for the Queen, the Bloc Quebecois walked out of Parliament.

It was a terrible look but indicative of the charged up times we live in.

Quebec often likes to say it's a question of 'respect' whenever it makes demands on Canada.

It doesn't seem to understand in order to get respect, you must give it.

And earn it.

The stunt the Bloc pulled was just that. An immature stunt. It acted with no respect. I'm no fan of Royalty but sometimes you just have to let politics aside.

It's unfortunate we've lost this basic value of respect.

Not to be outdone, Justin refused to send out a congratulations to Italy's first woman PM Giorgia Meloni. 

You would think that a 'male feminist' like him would jump at the chance to do so but Justin has no inner core values. He simply emotes. He's an ideologue with a remedial, regressive and divisive mindset.

So does his party. Sorry Liberals. You own him. This cockwomble.

It appears the vindictive Justin is not happy that Meloni is not of his vacuous and empty headed outlook. There are claims she's a neo-fascist - which she is not - but she does have vies that run contrary to the progressive-woke narrative and world view.

This makes her a monster not worthy of a simple congratulations.

What makes this snub all the more idiotic is it's counter-productive. Italy is an ally and member of the G7. His actions proves he can't think past his childish impulsive tantrums. He causes unnecessary friction. 

A talent he excels in.

Of course, he's not alone. The lost case posing as a puppet President in the United States, the one and only Joe Biden - who most of the time can't remember if he put on a diaper or what room he's in - 'denounced' the election result.

Think of it. These two morons who have taken their respective countries on destructive paths, are ganging up on a DEMOCRATIC ALLY.

I thought they were all about 'freedom and democracy'. Oh right. Except when it doesn't go their way. 

Then all bets are off. If they don't get their way it's extremism this and racist that.

They couldn't care less about democracy. 

It's stunning they have any support. 

In any event, this is Canada now.

A nation that can't give respect, doesn't respect itself.

During the pandemic, it showed itself to be a cruel and unscientific nation of cowards.

This is where we're at.