Our Response Is A National Shame

 Why we're stuck in one quote from a doctor interviewed on CTV news:

“People are being asked to stay home for good reason. But anyone who's had a baby knows how hard those first few months are,” Ward said, noting that these traumatic injuries can happen in just a few short seconds of frustration even for normally great parents."

Bold mine.

No. We're being asked for NO GOOD REASON.

And now the most defenceless in our society are starting to suffer greatly and potentially permanently.

Responding by telling people there are services to deal with the stress of having to deal with the lockdowns and its impact on children is a reminder doctors are clueless when it comes to the concept of TRADE-OFFS.

How about this?


As science dictates.

Asking people to stay home is a human disaster.

And those kids being harmed? ALL on the media, public officials, private doctors and citizens who support the lockdowns.

Every single time you see someone assaulted by the state, that's on YOU.

And so it is with the children and the abuse they face.

ALL ON YOU. Not Covid.


Fire The Medical Technocrats

Just the weekly reminder we don't come out of this sooner than we should until we stop listening to unelected public health experts we've bestowed way too much power upon.

They're running us aground.

All this madness we're seeing from curfews to fining handicapped people to kids in masks.

All thanks to experts who are way over playing this hysteria.

Fire them.

Or at least it's time to tell them to sit down.

Sunday Night Pandemic Music

When I was a kid, I spun 52nd Street one lazy afternoon after raiding my sister's albums. 

It's a great album that just oozes New York. 

But years later 'My Life' was a song that would depress me for some reason. It would always come on the radio right at the point in the day that seemed so blah and pointless. Say, Sunday around 3pm and none of your friends were around and you had a test the next day at school you were completely unprepared for.

Now it's 2021 and with our sense of independence and freedom under direct and obvious attack the lyrics to this song have taken a sudden new meaning:

Got a call from an old friend we used to be real close

Said he couldn't go on the American way
Closed the shop, sold a house, bought a ticket to the west coast
Now he gives them a stand-up routine in L.A.
I don't need you to worry for me 'cause I'm alright
I don't want you to tell me it's time to come home
I don't care what you say anymore this is my life
Go ahead with your own life leave me alone
I never said you had to offer me a second chance
(I never said you had to)
I never said I was a victim of circumstance
(I never said)
I still belong (still belong)
Don't get me wrong (don't get me wrong)
You can speak your mind but not on my time
They will tell you you can't sleep alone in a strange place
Then they'll tell you you can't sleep with somebody else…"

Let's break it down:

I don't need you to worry for me 'cause I'm alright
I don't want you to tell me it's time to come home
I don't care what you say anymore this is my life

These are the perfect lines to hit back at infectious disease experts and politicians. Exactly. It's enough. I'll take care of myself now. I don't need you constantly in my face telling me I need to heed your idiotic demands like masks.  I don't care anymore. It's my life and go live yours.

That goes for all you victim status hounds and whores. Go live your damn life. You're transgender? Good. Go fuck yourself. I don't care. I don't need a damn law to celebrate and elevate you above other citIzens. Boo-hoo-hoo, life is tough. Join the fucken club. And no, it's not fucken easier for 'white people'.

And that's the truth. So again, all of you peddling this ideological identity politics garbage, see this finger? Guess which one it is.

You can speak your mind but not on my time

Exactly. Since when is it ok for people to speak their minds on the company's dime? A prime example of this is that douchebag Colin Kaepernick. Good for fucken you Colin. You found your niche. Ignorance accorded you a nice little living. Now fuck off. Go speak your mind but not on the dime of people who really couldn't care less or don't appreciate your rants you pompous pampered ass. Way to go wrecking your career and making a mockery of a career 99% of guys would kill to have. You're no hero. You're a punk.

I don't need you to worry for me 'cause I'm alright

Word to live by.

This should be our motto in 2021.

Weak Men Make Weak Nations

As our government steals from us our sense of independence and dignity, always remember we had men of honour who fought for our sorry, scared, masked up asses. As you applaud the illegal and disgusting measures now reaching alarming levels, take a look what a nation of men is supposed to look like. Keep this in mind whenever you weak, low character leaders like Trudeau, and Biden and all Governors and Premiers who fuelled a panic.

Lockdowns Don't Work

 Are a massive FAILURE.

Australia is crazy.

Ireland is crazy.

New Zealand is crazy.

Canada: Don't stick it in crazy.

The Canadian Government Is Lying To The Canadian People About Air Travel

 Quebec pushed one step too far with the curfews and Ottawa did as well with its air travel restrictions.

On both counts there is no science and data to back them up. In fact, we see with the former in European countries that have had curfews in place like Spain and France for months now, had very little impact just like masks have. In the latter, air travel transmission is known to be low.

A brief recap of just how incompetent and stupid our officials are. They've shut down restaurants and gyms and turned schools into cages even though none of these closed settings lead to community outbreaks. So all they've achieved here is to ruin business, increase angst and stress and make the lives of children miserable. 

What you'd expect from mid-wits.

Now they've added air travel even though it is WELL KNOWN transmission from air travel is low. Moreover, it's irrelevant because the time to have acted was LAST YEAR. But if you recall, it was 'racist' to close air travel from China. That was the time to do it.

The virus out there. It's circulating We will always be in danger of it 'overwhelming systems'. Are we condemned to this insane world of restrictions now? Imagine if we'd look at the flu and common cold like we do Covid? We'd never leave the house. And no, masks do not give you 'liberty' to face the world. Get off this superstition once and for all.

Now the government has decided randomly treating people like criminals - this is what Trudeau's ill-advised and illegal restrictions amount to - throwing them in undisclosed mandatory centres. Just like that, you get the concentration camp treatment. No notification of family members. Nothing. You even run the risk of being whisked away by private security goons even if you test negative.

How in the world does this solve anything other than further the erode the public trust?

This is similar to the time we interned Japanese and Italian North Americans. It's outrageous. We've demanded apologies for that and I sure hope people being attacked by the government sue for damages and psychological abuse.

Theresa Tam is now the head cheerleader for more restrictions. She's an incompetent monster and mouthpiece for the W.H.O - who in turn - are influenced by the CCP party.

For the love of God, what the hell is happening in Canada?


In case you're still too lazy to research things yourself insisting on pretending the media and government wouldn't lie to you, here are a couple of studies from the W.H.O on air travel.

Any fucken questions you clapping seals?


"...We have shown that the impact of travel restrictions was limited for most airports, with almost zero (median) change in risk of virus importation. The degree of travel restriction was assumed to be a 75% reduction in the flight volume. As a result, almost all airports would have observed a minor relative change in risk."

Another here.

And a reminder of McMaster's study.

Politics has taken over and it will think nothing of bashing our rights because when power is concerned, psychopaths can't help themselves.

There is NO REASON to do this.

If they're so damn concerned they'd shut down air travel period without these monstrous decrees.

Nations Of Men

This is what we need to return to. I see one too many people applauding censorship and lockdowns. This is symbolic of how weak we've become.

Now look at what heroism is:

Do not let them steal your dignity and liberty.

There's No Health Crisis In Canada

I read with nauseating concern an article about Australia (Perth) going into a five day lockdown after ONE cases. In the summer. This is textbook 'rational fear' I discussed.

Is this how Australians will live for years to come? Do they not understand how foolish this is? It's their country and by all accounts they seem happy with living under a Stockholm Syndrome madness.

For me, the concern is their idiocy spreading. And it looks like, unsurprisingly, Canada is slowly falling into this line. It's not quite as bad but teetering and can topple into it. Our only hope is the United States. If they open up quickly, and it's looking like it's the case, we may follow more the USA than the craziness in Europe (where places like Ireland now want to go the 'Zero-case' route - good luck with that. It's a coronavirus. There never will be zero cases) 

My concern is the Canadian government may be setting it up so we end up living in misery subjugated to fears of a virus. We know epidemiologists clearly want all things that bring joy to life to end. Which is why we must kick their sorry asses to the curb.

The sooner we can extricate ourselves from infectious disease doctors being interviewed the quicker we can restore some sanity and a routine to our lives.

Remember people. Covid-19 doesn't impact the vast majority of people. You can't live like this when we can easily isolate the most vulnerable. Our demands shouldn't be on restrictive measures but on reforming the public health system. That should be the long-game.

And of course, face washing infectious disease doctors on TV.

Here's the situation in Canada.

And it's a VERY GOOD ONE. 

Our R-value is .91. Quebec is also below one. This explains why a) excess deaths aren't bad and b) hospitals aren't overwhelmed. They're stretched as they always are but nothing more.

For months I've heard experts say the goal is to get it below one and we've achieved that. 

There is NO REASON to be shut down. None.

The problem we now face is the projection models that keep us in fear. 'Things can get out of control quickly!' Well, if we think this way, you may as well stop living because this is life. And have to learn to live with this thing. Even as we wait for the vaccines.

It makes no good sense to live like this.

New Brunswick is especially ridiculous. They have an R-value of .57! Yet, they're in masks? If this is what it takes to be in masks, I'm afraid we're all screwed. 

,57 is what we had prior to the pandemic and did we live like this?

When will the true lions rise up and lead us out of this dark situation?

Here's a look at Canada. It's a good one but you wouldn't know it given how the media and politicians talk.

Tam and Trudeau don't tell you this because they're lying.

The question becomes, why?

Have You Had Enough of Rational Fear?

You should.

Your government is acting lawlessly. 

Covid-19 is not a public health crisis large enough to lose our rights. The degree to which we've lost our rights and the length of time it has lasted means we may have some lasting negative impacts.

When you pop your shoulder - something I know a little about having ripped one apart to the point of needing surgery - the longer it stays dislocated, the more the ligaments stretch, the more it loosens. Shoulder ligaments do not heal themselves so once stretched it remains so unless you tighten and fasten it through surgery.

That's what's happening here with the rights we've secured through blood, sweat and tears. And now apathetic Canadians too docile walking around like blind chickens are all too ready to give some of that up because of Covid.

Lads. We have around 5000 cases! That's NOT an existential threat. Again, we can put implore you shake yourselves out of this irrational mess!

What's happening at the moment is we're in a strange Stockholm Syndrome glass house where something I call Rational-Fear has taken over. 

We've rationalized our fears based on superstition and idiocy. 

Where caution and calm should have been our reaction, we're actually in a perverse universe where we're pretending to be rational and calm with hysterics and fear.

The longer it goes, the more our rights loosen.

And we're going to need one great surgeon to fix it just to get some semblance of liberty back because it won't be 100%.

Don't trade security for freedom. Don't do it.


Biden: It's Worse Than You Think

That's my new segment. 'It's worse than you think'. 'Fall of the West' and 'Daily Derp' have stuttered recently because, to be frank, I no longer can keep up. I literally need a hand to siphon through all these articles and pump these out. My writing has taken a hit as I've had to sacrifice quality a little just to get the stories I feel should be out.

2020 was a catastrophic year for liberty and science. And 2021 is going for the jugular.

We're at the edge of the cliff.

America is the last line of defence and it's looking like Joe Biden - a low level, corrupted, senile, mediocre, incompetent, criminal Irish hoodlum - is going to be the man to do push it all over along with his team of ideological Democrats pissing and gaslighting all over the place clapping like demented seals.

The devil is dancing and mocking right before our eyes.

If you take the time to read over some of this man's sickening Executive Orders, you will see it was mental illness and sanctimonious idiocy and ignorance that drove Trump Derangement Syndrome for four years. Talking heads and common people alike didn't realize when they were accusing Tump of tantrums it was projection all along. 

Funny we're not even out of January and Biden - who you can clearly see the puppet strings behind him - has already charted a path where socialism is the name of the game. Would not surprise me one iota if another scandalous punk war criminal Barry Obama is behind it as he sinks his over praised and poisonous fangs into the veins of American sovereignty.

The Democrats are no good. Just like the Liberals are up here.

What will it take for people to grasp this?

The censorship about to blanket our free lives stems from left-wing ideology. It's a page straight from their playbook. And now they're discovering it's not an ideological fight after all as social media is now coming for socialists as well.

The enemy was corporate media and its alliance with big government overtaken by oligarchs. 

We've been trying to tell the left to not support any kind of assault on the First Amendment pleading and imploring they take a principled stance on the simple but majestic ideal that we're either all free or we're not. Once you allow for 'hate speech' laws we're all guilty of hate speech. Anyone who actually bought into the bit we can 'balance' speech is a FOOL. And an arrogant fool.

Anyone who ever uttered the phase 'your speech ends at my offence' IS the extremest.

Not us. We defend the right for assholes like that to speak.

They'd turn the guns on you not realizing the guns then turn on them just as quickly.

The Bloodlands of eastern Europe from 1933-1942 wasn't just a hiccup in history. It's the very blue print for us to avoid for we're on that same exact path.

Speaking of which, I ask people to go read how Stalin's Five Year Plan was a deliberate plot to starve tens of millions of people from poor and middle-class peasant all the way to the productive farmers called Kulaks. His method was a combination of loan sharking whereby he would set and then shift production quotas to levels that could not possibly be met. This was akin to how a Boa Constrictor slowly suffocates its prey. One way to control the people is to starve them out.

What do you think the left running rampant in the DNC are doing? The following is precisely how you take over a nation from within. Kill the food supply.

And still the people applaud like blind seals. Whatever shall Colbert and Meyers do now that they no longer have Trump to bask to please the ignorant masses?!

Now look at what you've blindly consented to.

The warning signs were right in front of you all along but you refused to look and admit it.

A mess that quite frankly will need a strong man to clean up. This is how Caesar arouse. A broken and corrupted Senate allowed for him to exist. What do you think is going to happen in America?

Remember when that idiot dolt Popoovich said 'we are Rome?' He got it right but his interpretation was wrong. He's too busy being a hypocrite working for a league that's lying in bed like a whore with a communist regime committing acts of genocide and bullying nations around the world like a piece of shit that he, Lebron and the NBA really are.

It's ok, they can now all breathe better now that Papa Creepy Sleepy Pedo Joe Biden is in power. Their guy is in power and they can peacefully cash their illicit and immoral pay checks sucking China cocks like the decrepit low lives they are.

By thoughtlessly erecting Bide, China was given the upper hand. The signal they needed to ramp up their march. Same for Iran. And even Russia. 

Until Kids Play Again You Should Not Watch Pro Sports

Nothing has been more outrageous during this pandemic than the ceasing of team sports for kids.

The worst part? There's NO REASON for it other than, well, I'm not sure. Something, something they can spread it to granny.

And equally as bad is that pro and collegiate athletes have been playing since June. 

How absurd is this situation? 

Parents. You should have taken this opportunity to show your kids how to take a principled stand.

No watching of the damn team until YOU get to play again.


They Must All Face Justice; Biden Incoherent And Fried

People still trusting the 'experts' hove no idea how badly they've been misled. 

For one year we were attacked for pouting out the merits of HCQ and Ivermectin. Here in Quebec, some fact check organization recently attempted to claim there isn't empirical evidence for both. Leave it to Canada and Quebec to be one step behind.

There was no excuse for that article and I wrote to them pointing out why I thought so.

The bottom line is we're constantly told 'one death is too many' yet NOTHING is done to pull out all the stops where it matters. TREATMENTS is what's going to slow all this down. The same strict empirical standards imposed on treatments aren't extended to masks though.

Suddenly the weak evidence is spun as 'it's just a harmless tool in the arsenal' nonsense. It's just as evil.

Instead, the buffoons in power continue to make Canada a laughing stock kicking around with preventing people from going on vacation and stupid curfews.

We have it BACKWARDS here.

Of course, Trudeau the little weasel introduces a travel ban (one year later) when all the politicians got their travelling out of the way. That's how corrupt and inept Canada is.

Trump this, Trump that. Shut up. Canada is nothing but a country built on patronage and nepotism and Quebec is Corrupt City Inc.central.

Look at this madness. They're constantly hammering on 'cases' and even though cases are going down thy still find ways to scare you. Now it's the UK variant being used to strip rights away.

I'm concerned. Very concerned. I don't trust anybody in positions of power in Canada. Canada is hovering around 4000 cases. This country needs to stop it.


Now Facebook is admitting HCQ is ok to talk about. 


These evil monsters let people die all because they wanted to get at Trump. Notice how states are opening up now. Next, they'll drop the cases and pin a victory ribbon on this incoherent buffoon Biden.

Listen to this blathering idiot ramble on incoherently. Do you hear the press fainting and screaming about this fried brain having the nuclear codes? 


Start with Fauci who prevented HCQ and Ivermectin to be used. Then we can work our way to Canadian officials. 

Sons of bitches.

There was NO NEED for these travel restrictions and curfews. NONE. 

The Darkness That Is Justin Trudeau

I don't recognize my country anymore.

We're OVER REACTING and just flat out breaking laws and assaulting liberties now.

For what? 5000 damn cases?

Will you effete wake up Canada already? 

They sell you these restrictions as being benign but they're not.  Moreover, just three months ago when people were noticing camps were being built the government basically gaslighted them saying there was no such thing. Well, they flat out LIED to the Dominion of Canada.

Justin Trudeau and Theresa Tam are LIARS and we need to investigate their motives because I do not for one second believe they have Canadian interests at heart. Trudeau is a national nightmare far worse than the virus. 

I'm not surprised Trudeau decided to this because he's man of low class and character. His idiot health boss Theresa Tam is nothing but a China/WHO bot calling to further squeeze the life out of Canadians.

What I am surprised about is the lack of outage among Canadians.

Look. If we can't agree this is troubling and not what makes up Canadian values then we truly are a lost and divided country.

Trudeau and hoodlums likes to speak out of their asses about 'right wing extremists' being a threat to Canada.

Explain what the fuck this is? 

You don't get to commit such blatant attacks on civil liberties under the guise of 'public health'.

What possibly could be beneficial in doing this? ZERO science to back it up.

What is going on with these leaders? What are they thinking?

For me, the way I perceive this country will never be the same. How can any leader with a straight face ever say we're 'strong and free' and a democracy?

When it mattered most to protect our rights, the government failed and chose to go fascist.

Worse, ONE YEAR after this stupid weak ass virus has been circulating. This will achieve nothing but pain.

What a farce and a disgrace this country has become. I mean the entire damn country.

An apathetic nation of cucks, wusses and masked up babies with no respect for their liberties. And when you have no respect for freedom you have no respect for yourself as a sovereign human.

Thankfully we have warriors ready to fight.

Get off your asses Canada. This is not a country you want to have your name on a passport. This is a travesty we see in banana republics. 

You boastful dumbasses. You mock the Americans but they never went this far and they still maintain a lower IFR than we do. 

And if we end up with better numbers it will be in spite of ourselves because you won't be able to prove any of this crap ever worked. 

"Furthermore, it has come to the attention of the Justice Centre that the federal government is already arresting Canadians arriving in the country by air and transporting them to a secret location, even though they possess a negative PCR test. These citizens are being held unlawfully despite not having been convicted of any offence, not having had access to a lawyer, and not having appeared before a judge. Law enforcement officers are apparently refusing to inform family members of where their loved ones are being held. The letter notes that this policy aligns with the world’s most repressive and undemocratic regimes and is totally unacceptable.

The letter states the government’s arrest and detention of Canadians in this fashion is unlawful and unconstitutional, and demands the immediate release of any Canadian currently being so detained, permitting them to continue any necessary isolation protocols in their personal residences.

The legal warning letter notes, “This is not China or Cuba, or Chile under Pinochet, or Spain under Franco, or theocratic Iran. We are not prepared to permit you and your government to turn Canada into a repressive replica of countries that have no respect for human rights and civil liberties.”  The Charter enshrines the protection and guarantee of individual rights and freedoms, such as the rights to liberty, mobility, and privacy, into our Constitution.  All government orders, including emergency orders, must comply with the Charter by not infringing any of the rights protected thereunder, unless doing so can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society according to law."

“...There is no rational reason to incarcerate Canadians simply because they exercised their constitutional right to leave the country as protected by section 6 of the Charter,” stated Justice Centre President John Carpay. “It is not rational to impose a 14-day quarantine upon asymptomatic individuals who are able to provide negative test results confirming their lack of infection. Moreover, the federal government has admitted it is well-aware that international air travel results in a negligible number of active cases.”

Be Proud Canada: Look At What We've Become

You're only as strong as your weakest link. And our weakest link are people who willingly wear masks and support lockdowns.

Alex Lytwyn has more courage than any of you do.


The Shame Of Francois Legault

Call me old fashioned and naive but part of me still clings to the ideal a leader should reflect the values of a society.  Of what we stand for collectively. 

Legault was asked to leave an exception for homeless people - many of whom suffer mental illness - for his illegal and idiotic curfews.

He refused.

It was then taken to court and he lost.

But he was non-plussed because he's a psychopath.

What goes through the mind of a man who declines a request predicated on compassion? Furthermore, what was he thinking that a homeless person could pay a fine? What could he possibly accomplish? Why didn't police chiefs step up and show some courage for once during this pandemic and draw a line of compassion? Sheriffs in the United States routinely defend the people and their rights. In Quebec, we've seen silence so far it seems.

It leaves me with much concern the lack of courage and compassion Legault possesses.

And Arruda is no better. A doctor is supposed to do no harm. He's done plenty of harm - as many like him in Canada - playing along with this farce.

Our punitive measures are disproportionate to the threat.

I can't speak for Quebecers, but I personally can't digest Francois Legault. 

Canada: She Means Nothing To Me Now

I'm just stunned and appalled at how Canada is over reacting to this Covid idiocy.

I never thought I'd witness such naked corruption and incompetence assault our civil liberties like this.

There's a lot wrong with this world.

I have no idea how this will fix itself.

I definitely see this country in a different light.

At 15 I was a proud nationalist. This carried into my university years. Then I got into the work force. Travelled. My views started to shift eventually evolving into indifference as I learned more about Canada. A country too comfortable in her mediocrity. And arrogant about it.


Let's just say I'm my own identity and being now.

The passport says 'Canadian' but it means shit to me.

What good is this country if it cowers like this? 

Biden: It's Worse Than You Think

The globalist technocrats have taken over the U.S. government. The Executive Orders being issued by Joe 'Where's my right sock?' Biden are jaw dropping at its anti-Americanism. It's straight up a gift to the CCP.

Folks. We're in serious trouble. 

I don't want to say communists are in the system but...communists are in the system. And they have the game rigged alongside the Wall St. They have their deal in place.

Now what to do with this pesky Kulaks.

To all of you who stupidly and myopically made the election a referendum on Trump, you should feel shame and have you votes revoked. The media is trying to make enemies of Trump and is supporters but they're not the seditious ones.

It's the one MAKING that charge who are treasonous and people simply were not paying close enough attention. It's always that way. It's how we got Stalinist Russia and Hitler's Germany.

What's happening with the farmers around the world is a global game plan as part of the reset. They're taking over the food supply. They're coming for the Kulaks. Stalin slowly and cruelly and epically murderously starved the Kulaks out. But we're so much more enlightened and noble now. We won't be so brazenly bloody about it now. We learned some good lessons.

Watch this video. And remember. Obama is part of this criminal enterprise. They all are.

And, erm, you Canadians who celebrated Biden popping champagne bottles? Yeh. Well, if the Americans starve so will Canada since we depend on large food imports from America and don't have the capabilities to make up the difference. So expect some tough times here.


Assault On The Homeless Reflection Of Who We Are As A Society

You will never convince me what we've done in the past years can be remotely construed as logical or intelligent. More importantly, as compassionate. 

The idea we need to destroy our civil liberties while unleashing coercive action is compassion is obtuse and immoral to me.

And you consented to it.

I didn't.

I fought hard to explain to people the pernicious and terrible precedences being sent.

At what stage in our evolution and what spiritual state are we in that we think it's ok to snitch on one another based on nothing but fear and envy? That we have to explain to police 'why are you ticketing homeless people many of whom have mental illness?'

And we claim to be advanced and compassion?

We're backwards and punitive.

We've seen police arrest people for merely feeding homeless people.

We arrest people for not wearing idiotic masks.

You can no longer look up the Middle-Ages with pity assuming we're so much more advanced.

No, we're not.

In fact, I think we're lost a step.

Buy Gold

For the first time in my life, as I enter the second half of my existence, I'm actually bearish on the future.

I think the remedial classes in power are going to finish the job they had started. It's all to hard and complex to jot down in a blog post what I'm observing and thinking but over all, I can't see howdy of this ends well. 

A combination of stupendously stupid, futile and cruel Covid measures, and Biden and Trudeau's impractical ideological agendas are going to make the next few years needlessly very painful.

And we'll have nothing to show for it except for the pain.

I can see China and Iran beginning to challenge and bully again without much push back from the USA. The U.S. cabinet is a weak one stacked with C-grade ideologues. They won't stand for American interests. On climate change, these mental cases actually believe they can stop hurricanes as the Green New Deal begins its ascent and already they're admitting taxes will rise. The U.S. represents roughly only 10% of emissions leaving 90% for the globe. They will cripple their own economy and hurt their own people while China and India will soldier on. They won't 'build back better'. The will demolish and hasten the fall of the U.S. economy which had four spectacular years under Trump. Now they have a man over seeing the  military whose first order of business is to root racism in the ranks. Buttegeig sees racial inequality in transportation and railroads.

This is all mental illness at this point.

But Americans voted for it. 

Well, sorta. We know there was rigging so there's that. We also know some voters foolishly treated this as a referendum on Trump. Some bought the bit Trump mishandled the pandemic but in reality the fault lies squarely on GOVERNORS and the Lying Leprechaun Fauci. Their the ones with a lot of blood on their hands. Millions of Americans were duped and simply made a terrible calculation. 

No one was paying attention to the bigger picture about where the Democrat party is in its current form. It's the party that stands for everything that's not American.

They absolutely are unAmerican and time to call them for what they are: Commies and commie sympathizers. based on their actions and rhetoric.

I won't get into Canada because we've been mired in 6 years of ideological obscenity.

It won't be a bad idea to increase gold exposure.

There will be some serious and tumultuous challenges. I can't see how Biden and Trudeau can lead these nations out of a tunnel let alone major world affairs. One can barely hold a pen and string a sentence together without slurring and the other, well, you know. Lint has more awareness.

We're in terrible hands.

Gold it is! 



Legault Is An Idiot

 This asshole can't get lost fast enough.

And an arrogant one at that.

Come February you better put your stupid dictator hat down and back off.


In defending his illegal curfews that are, duh, disproportionately impacting the homeless and low income people, he said something along the lines of anyone can dress to look like a homeless person. Basically to avoid the curfews.

Who talks this way?

This is a representative of the Quebecois people? This is the guy with a 64% approval rating?

Man, I didn't realize just how out of touch I am with the average Quebecer.

Now this buffoon is thoughtlessly urging double masks. Why stop at two? Wear three! And some saran wrap. Are bubble helmets next? All for a stupid CORONAVIRUS. 

People need to understand this: A CORONAVIRUS. That is, something that's NOT an existential threat.

Legault is an idiot.

Makes me wonder why I live here.

I listen to Noem and De Sanctis and wish we had that level of intelligence here.

It's Time To Sue Fauci

The deception must come to an end.

Send a message.

Go for the king.

Sue Fauci.

Enough of this madness. 

And when they're done shove a triple mask up his ass.

Know the truth. Get it out.

We're officially being lied to.

"None of this is really based on science"

Thus spoke Bonnie Henry.

The entire Canadian political apparatus should resign after this scandalous and malicious mishandling of the Covid-19 catastrophe.

We destroyed lives and ruined the general psychological health of people to protect the psychopaths in power. They failed us on so many levels we need to band together and somehow have them investigated for their illegal, punitive and criminal actions.

Just as this blog has strenuously to wits end argue since March NO SCIENCE or EVIDENCE ever backed them up. We were fed a scam and a lie. We have "experts" 

AND STILL they double down with the bull shit. Now it's 'double masks'. These people are evil beyond the pale.

Every single damn one of them: Henry, De Villa, Hinshaw, Williams, Arruda, Ford, Legault, Tam, Trudeau should all resign.

Personally, I want them in hand cuffs.

This hysteria must end. NOW.

Schwab, WEC And China: Communism By Other Means

We must reject the Global Reset!

Pay close attention to his words. Notice his Chinese propaganda.

People. We're under communist attack.

The fake election of Joe Biden will prove to be a pivotal moment in Western history. It will show the United States losing its grip on the free world.

And we all lost.


This Will Never End Until You Show Courage

And like clock work, the incompetent buffoons in charge are packing and over reacting to the variant hysteria the media pushed.

What will it take for people to understand this is how it always was?

So now the clowns want to stop you from travelling but will allow for flights to continue to come in from abroad.

Sounds like a plan better than the Maginot Line.

People this stupid shouldn't vote or run for office.

An Idiocracy of the highest order I've witnessed for 10 months. 

This isn't a 'scientific society'. It's a superstitious one cowering in fear.


My Talk With My Daughter

 Last night by the fire I had a chat with my daughter.

We talked about this and that. 

At one point it inevitably fell on the Covid situation. Specifically on the nature of what constitutes leadership.

We talked about history, dark ages and general all around corruption in politics and life.

I made it a point to explain to her what she's seeing is not leadership.

It's weak men pretending to lead in weak times.

All the people in positions of power aren't leading with any kind of competence or with a sense of principled honour.

Leaders of men do not crush civil liberties like this.

Worse are the people who take in all the drizzle begging for these pretenders to protect their scared little asses.

People don't understand the position some of us take when it comes to liberty.

Let me explain as succinctly as I can.

I don't appreciate being told how I should assess risk. I consider it an immoral act to tell me I pose a threat to others. It's an unconscionable piece of degenerate rhetoric to assert this; to be told we all pose a danger to one another is a crime against humanity. 

I don't give a shit about doctors or Skippy the epidemiologists telling me I should be afraid and I should end my life because of a system run aground by the very arrogant buffoons who mismanaged it. I'm not going to take orders in matters of my health from them. This is of no concern of theirs. Give me the information as experts and get the fuck out of the way.

If I get Covid, the chances are I beat it. If I don't, it means it was my time. If not Covid, at my age, it could be cancer or something else. I will NOT LIVE IN FEAR. And neither should you.

You have LOST one year of you life. Do you understand what this means?

Think about it long and hard. You've paid your price. You were the damn stupid mask. You may have lost a business. You may have lost a loved one to other diseases or suicide. You have not had your child's Sweet 16 or had a kid who had a chance to get a scholarship but it's lost now. The chances we get in life are few and far in between. Once gone, it's gone.

Why are tolerating this? It's one thing if our leaders are truly listening to all voices and making they choices. You can feel we're getting input from all walks of life but it's not the case.

It's a small circle of people making these decisions and few are based in logic or science.

They're playing with your life. They're stealing your present and your future.

Start looking at this way because they're not done.

They will squeeze you and stretch this out in order to protect their own sorry asses. 

Here in Quebec, Legault is an enormous failure in my view. One I can't accept or digest.

I told my daughter look to the lions in life. 

Do not look at the vultures.

It will likely make you a minority. It will be frustrating and lonely but at least you will always be aware. You won't be played.

Learn to see beyond the propaganda. Deprogram yourself from the crud they feed you. It will take you on one heck of a journey being free of mind. 

These people are so far behind they think they're leading but you are the one ahead.

For me, I'm too bitter at the moment to present anything with any amount of wisdom. I have to look for purpose and reason on why so many people let their fears cloud their minds.

Maybe it's just the way it is. Books and history point to this reality.

It's just getting to that higher plane with peace of mind the challenge.


Saturday Night Music

As we sit confined under an illegal curfew brought down on us from criminal pretenders, Link Wray is a nice way to play out your rebellious thoughts.

834 views for an enormously influential guitarist. Meanwhile social media is filled with useless junk with tens of millions of views.

Life. She just ain't fair or....pass the beer nuts.

History Will Not Look Kindly On Public Officials And Media During The Covid Hysteria

 That's my guess. 

A combination of reasons. 

- Unconstitutional regardless of country. This through the declaration of emergency powers 

- The illegality of decrees. Coercive and punitive measures against free citizens. The denying of rights to earn a living.

-The closing off of external views and perspective.

- The denial of pandemic protocols and established science.

-The acceptance of fraud and faulty projections and models leading to futile madness through lockdowns and masks. 

-The refusal to pivot and evolve with changing data. General all incompetence all around. 

No. The will not be able to claim 'we didn't know and did our best with the available data'. This should be rejected outright because in the age of technology dissenting voices and views were outright ignored.

History will not look upon these officials very well.

The classic line 'what the hell were they thinking?' will repeat itself. 

Biden Is A Disaster Waiting To Happen; And Democrats Know It; Screws Canada

That's why the DNC is planning to hide him.

Not only are people not buying Biden/Harris won, it's showing in his approval rating of 48%. Which is too high.

That's really low. Obama had I think pushing 70% in his first week and Trump around 55%.

Biden is a corrupted hoodlum who didn't win the election. Biden didn't win 81 million votes. That's ridiculous. He's weak, feeble and mediocre. 

People. If you voted Biden. You weren't paying attention at all.


Canadians are just as clueless. They thought Biden was going to be another Clinton or Obama for some reason. Not that Obama paid any special attention to Canada during his time. But Biden killing the Keystone pipeline project was a huge fuck off to Canada. We played by the rules and put down the money to get this thing going. It passed all environmental studies and the Americans have no justification for killing it other than plain old identity politics.

The Democrats are out of their minds and will take a torch to this continent.

Canadians need to develop a sharper mind moving forward when it comes to how they perceive American presidents. That starts by ignoring MSM.

Trump was a better option. Period. 

Sweden: The Most Enlightened Country In The World During The Covid Crisis

Once again, Sweden shows it is courageous and enlightened.

Particularly when it comes to children.

They realize health is correlated to HAPPINESS.

Too bad the idiots in Canada can't figure this simple axiom of humanity is being ignored.

Masks DEHUMANIZE people. They're not symbols of love.

A person who says this engages in false virtue.

They're approaching it with actual compassion.

We're not.

The Shredding Of Our Rights And The Charter

People should - but they won't be - be very troubled by the rhetoric of our 'leaders' as this ridiculously stale hysteria grinds on.

Not only have they shown themselves to be incompetent buffoons, now that people are questioning the constitutionality of their actions as they continue to absurdly let medical bureaucrats dictate policy (and thus run us into the ground) their basic answer is, "Yes, it's not Constitutional but fuck you.'

This is why when this ends, a movement or group needs to be formed to a) set up a commission or inquiry scrutinizing their actions and b) to remove the emergency powers granted government officials during a perceived threat. 

As far as I'm concerned, no amount of power should EVER be concentrated into any one group or man.

Legault and Ford are prime examples of how bad this can go.

If people could take a step back and finally comprehend we're NOTHING without our liberties, then we're lost.

Legault in my eyes went one step too far with his disgusting curfew (Legault is NOT OUR KING) and come February, should he extend his mad, illegal, futile and immoral measures, Quebec MUST engage in civil disobedience.


The Need For Military Is An Indictment Of The Corruption Of The Democrat Party

Don't be fooled. No one is threatening violence.

What we're witnessing is nothing short of cynical Democrat party on an another level. They're paranoid because they're corrupt, incorrigible and know they didn't win the election.

THAT'S why they need the military. 

This is the act of someone with a guilty conscience (I know psychopaths can't feel guilt) but their behavior reminds me of The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe.

They're slowly driving themselves mad and the more they sink into paranoia the more they blame Trump and 'Trump supporters'. So mad they've become they didn't trust The National Guard to protect them.

This is stuff you see among criminals like in the Mafia.

The Democrat party of the United States rigged an election, installed two illegitimate bozos in power, and everyone with a properly calibrated brain can see this is what happened.

They're enemies of the people.

So what's been the response? Why get the media, social media giants, 'experts' in cyber-security, useful idiots like Randall Lane and his ilk and go after the people's First Amendment rights. They don't even hide it and next up will be the Second Amendment.

They think the coast is clear to finally erase two of the most critical amendments guarding tyranny.

This is it. It's a marvel Democrats get votes at all. 

Very strange to need the military. The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the society is an old Roman adage. The same can be applied when they use the military as protection.

This is stuff you see in, well, communist regimes.

And there's no doubt in my mind Democrats (and some Republicans too) are under the sway and thumb of the CCP.

This isn't a conspiracy. It's all been revealed and reported. The question is, what will be done about it?

America. You've reached your Rubicon.

Cato, Cicero, Caesar, Pompey, the Senate, and Rome is watching. 

Anyone Notice What's Going With Covid In The USA?

Notice how they're slowly loosening restrictions days after Biden took office. Fauci is changing his tune. CNN removed its death count. The WHO is advising countries lower the PCR ct cycles. They're weening people off the fear.

Funny all that.

It was all theatre and politics. I have no idea what's going to happen here but Quebecers and Canadians better start making some noise now. This bull shit about the hospital beds must NOT be allowed to be an excuse to extend these draconian measures. Call Legault out.

Whitmore announced she's loosening restrictions in Michigan. Which means Quebec is possibly the most restrictive region in North America at the moment. Unique indeed. 

These public officials need to be arrested for their criminality. 

Americans shouldn't left them off the hook.


Alex Stamos Is The Extremist

Time to flip the narrative on these evil motherfuckers. Listen to this conversation between a fake journalist and a couple of cyber security psychopaths. 

And the end of the day they're nothing but your run of the mill bullies. It all ends in gulags with these morons. They're out to destroy free speech based on lies and bull shit.

They're the radical extremists. Like Randall Lane. 

Question for Stamos: While wearing his blue cap, does he prefer pitchforks or torches as he lynches people? Also. Am I an extremist for thinking he's a cunt? 

People Have More Than They Think; Update On Vaccines

50 000 Italian restaurants organized and agreed to open at the same time last week.

The result? The government is backing down and planning lighter restrictions.

Very proud of the Italians. Now people need to copy this here in Canada and Quebec.

Don't let them bully us. They won't stop. We have to our power and liberty back.

While we're at it, we must eliminate emergency powers from politicians. They clearly don't use it properly.

The minute they invoke it they move to abuse powers and limit civil liberties.

They lagged behind the evolving data throughout.

Not impressed with Ford or Legault at all.


Updates on vaccines via Alex Berenson.


My concern is if the vaccines don't work, how will governments that foolishly banked on them react?

Either they double down with the pernicious and futile measures, or they show some enlightened and courageous leadership and PIVOT away from the hysteria.

Do not follow the example of Burlington, Ont.

Burlington, Ont. Mayor Marianne Meed Ward:

"I don’t want anyone in our community thinking that the vaccine is the sole solution or if they get the vaccine they are in the clear, because there’s no guarantee the person next to you has been vaccinated. We will need the mask bylaw for the rest of this year at minimum."

/face palm.

She also said the city council 'unanimously approved' their stupid mask mandates. Nothing says 'science' like an emphatic 'unanimous' (yeh but was it 97% consensus?) approval from bureaucratic hacks.

So much wrong in that statement. She's stuck in March. 

And do NOT follow the UK.


Oh look. Fauci is talking out of both sides of his mouth and ass again. Saying the virus is plateauing but still could get worse.  This little unethical weasel should resign.

I lost respect for this guy way back in June.


No, January 6 Wasn't 9/11, Pearl Harbour Or An Insurrection Of Any Kind You Mutts

I can't take much more of the stupidity of people letting themselves be played like insecure children with lobotomies. 

That was hilariously an orchestrated event and y'all got played.

Even if we concede it wasn't, that was no insurrection.

To think this way is to reveal you really are ignorant of history and willing to be manipulated like the mutt you are.

Go read about Bastille Day and get back to me. Then try with a straight face tell me as you munch on your Party mix snack January 6 is a day of infamy.

That was a bunch of punks - paid or not - breaking into a building with limited damage. That's all. If it was an insurrection you would have felt it. 

On that day, King Louis asked Duke de la Rochefoucauld, “is it a revolt?” to which the response was “No sire, it is not a revolt, it is a revolution.”


"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except the endless present in which the Party is always right." -George Orwell, 1984.

Gee, I wonder who exemplifies perfectly this quote.

Can it be the corporate media? Democrats (mostly)? Social media big tech? BLM?

It sure as hell ain't the 'domestic extremists' doing these things including calling for the total silence of people.

God, you're all such a bunch of easily fooled mutts.

From the pandemic to this crap.

Talk Of Mandatory Vaccines Is Back

Last March, the Quebec government had said mandatory vaccines were on the table.

Which means, judging by how Legault has behaved, this will enter the public discourse shortly.

This is what happens when you're governed by criminal incompetent bozos.

You get draconian responses for events that are not life threatening. 

They're over playing this and people still haven't shown a shred of self-dignity in pushing back.

We failed on the lockdowns.

We failed on the masks.

We failed on the curfews.

What the fuck do you think they're going to do?

Try their luck with the vaccines.

Emboldened by the 'election' of Biden, Fauci is ramping up his fear rhetoric. In August he said vaccines weren't likely to be mandatory now he's saying it may be for travel and schools. Why the kids? The virus poses no danger to them and they're not vectors of the disease. So why are we going to hurt the children? 


'The leading infectious disease doctor' is an unethical, lying son of a bitch willing to harm kids for his ego and possibly pocket book.

In observing this man, since last March, I've come to loathe him and all public officials and their incompetence and arrogance. 

Legault, for his part, is no better.  He already crossed the Rubicon of admitting the curfews have nothing to do with science and that it's political. They already move goal posts around. And like mindless sheep, you follow. Apparently the solution is to be enlightened and be a true leader. Nope. It's to be a coward and double down on the draconian. 

Next up. You getting a jab even though it may not immune anyone, or you may not need it or the vaccine being completely unproven.  Even though this virus is going to be endemic and no more dangerous than the flu or even be on par with the common cold within a year thus likely rendering this whole stupid plan pointless. 

I mean, You shat your pants putting the mask on so the government doesn't think much of you at the moment. You listless morons.

Excuse the language, but do you not see what's happening?

It's not about the virus.

Wake the fuck up already. 

But you know what? There is hope.

The fact these people are so fucken stupid and incompetent, they will unleash yet another pack of unintended consequences. And this time, they won't be able to control it.

People need to start viewing people like Fauci, Legault, Biden, Trudeau etc. as characters on VEEP..

Stand up to them. They're not that bright. And you'll experience a form of empowerment you never thought possible.

Start by ignoring their demands and reversing it demanding THEY knock it off with the fear mongering.

Reject The Obsolete 20th Century UN Order

It's time to reject international bodies and organs that are increasingly working against the interests of humans and liberty. 

The United Nations and especially the World Health Organization are corrupted and dysfunctional beyond repair.

The idea that a Marxist terrorist who is not a doctor as head of the WHO like Tedros is grotesque and all the proof you need to know how deep the corruption runs.

These people are evil.

Nations need to look within now. Only a nation can take care of its citizens. It need not cede sovereignty to superstructures led by a small clique of unelected officials. The problem with places like the UN is it's infested with people who truly believe they're geniuses who know what's best.

70 years of UN actions, I conclude the UN is the perfect spot to observe the Dunning-Kruger effect. It's a place where 'C students' punching above their weight, abilities and pay grades.

In fact, if the pandemic showed anything, it revealed across the board what nepotism and corruption has done to the quality of leadership. Half these people are incompetent morons and lunatics. The other half are psychopaths.

They couldn't care less about nations above all YOU.

'America First' may have sounded cliched but it was powerful and gets to the heart of the issue.

We always say take care of your family first.

Well. It's time to take care of your COUNTRY first.

It's the only we get back our sovereignty and our liberties back.

For those awoken, we're not free. Time to get that message out to those still napping.

More Mask Madness

This mask cult is very troubling to say the least.

A friend in New Hampshire was telling me how his face shield (which is even more useless than a mask) wasn't enough at a bank as the teller felt he needed to wear a mask. He was given one with the bank's logo on it - cotton. The one even the mask liars admit suck.

Last time out, I warned against the idiocy of assuming there's no flu because of masks. Doing so ignores dozens up dozens of studies going back decades that show masks are ineffective against the flu. There's other facts at play including shifting flu cases to Covid since we don't even test for the former. It's an easy shift to make.

Now I'm hearing, and this was my fear though it was inevitable, people start claiming masks and social distancing work in schools.

This is wrong and commits the error of falsifiability.

First off, several studies in several countries have already shown going back to April of 2020 schools are main drivers of community outbreaks. We also know kids aren't vectors of the disease. So you're already operating from a low prevalence environment. In other words, outbreaks were low to begin with and to claim masks did the trick has to be demonstrated. Not assumed through simple observation.

Stop it.

Media: A Shambolic Mess Of Propaganda

Have you been listening to the media talk about Joe Biden?

Even by their less than low standards it's an exhibition of stupidity and a disgustingly laughable spectacle

My God.

Chris Wallace saying it was the best speech he ever heard? David Brooks crying?

What on God's beautiful creation is wrong with these buffoons?



America: Shambolic, Lawless Banana Republic

From the second the mysterious ballots made their way into the count on November 4 to the inauguration of Joe Biden, the United States unfolded into a banana republic.

A lawless one.

And following the inauguration a shambolic, lawless banana republic.

Joe Biden is no leader.

He's the symbol of a corruptive state out of control. 

Biden represents PRECISELY all that is wrong with Western politics. He's the very definition of the 'swamp creature' who will plunge a nation deeper into a malaise if it could mean he profits off of it. That goes double for for insufferably unlikeable Harris. 

Yet here we are.

Nothing good will come of this. 

How can it? We know precisely how these incompetent fools will operate.

Incompetent Liars. All Of Them

I want to touch on three unrelated but related stories.

The other day I read this article in The Calgary Herald interviewing Lt. Col. David Redman who is an Emergency Management Expert.

It's a whopping of an article and cuts right to the complete collapse and failure of public officials during the hysteria.

Couple of quotes caught my eye:

"Governments took every emergency pandemic plan they'd ever written and threw them out the window when COVID arrived."

Yes. The reaction is like character in The Simpsons who prematurely panics and crashes through the window at the town meeting. 

“I am genuinely concerned by the GoA response to this pandemic. It appears that we have scrapped the Pandemic Influenza support plan, started from scratch and decided to ignore all principles of Emergency Management.”

There was an actual handbook. And we ignored it. This is what Legault and Ford did. Worse, in the WHO protocols it specifically says lockdowns aren't necessary and have also advised countries lower their PCR ct cycles as did Dr. Fauci. It doesn't appear our officials are listening. Worse, the more we learn about the virus the more they pull in the operate direction completely ignoring data and science.

Case in point, the Quebec government all but admitted their idiotic curfews have nothing to do with the virus and have no science to back it up. Rather, it's a punitive measure because young people go out. No proof of any kind on community spreading except to talk out of their illegal asses.

You're in lockdown and curfews because there aren't enough ICU beds and young people being young people. It's a one-size fits all blanket approach that will accomplish little - if anything - except to further damage the psychological well-being of a people. It's a dereliction of duty in my view. The government failed to preserve our God given rights and usurped them with unlawful decrees. It's a failure of a monumental magnitude such that Trudeau, Tam, Ford, Ontario health officials including Williams, Legault, and Arruda should all resign immediately. 

Not only did they fail to protect our rights, they failed to consider the trade-offs of their failed policies on the general welfare of all public health.

They should face the consequences of such devastating actions.

Then comes the utter hypocrisy of Canadian and American officials. From their arrogant travels during Thanksgiving and the Holidays (possibly including Trudeau), to two Ontario health ministers being caught off mic saying they just read what's written on their papers when addressing the public, to Newsome's restaurant scandal, to officials caught off camera saying masks are political theatre, to Fauci admitting he lied about herd immunity to scare people into taking a suspect vaccine. And now we have this low-IQ clown in the Manitoba government offer this ludicrous explanation why government gyms stay open while private gyms remain close.

At this point, if you support these fools you're an even bigger fool and bozo.

All these are facts but bring them up and you're the 'conspiracy theorist'. It's gaslighting of the highest order.

The other quote I found telling was:

“I never had a problem finding volunteers for really bad tasks in the armed forces,” explains Redman. “One of the things I was taught as a lieutenant is you never ask a soldier to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself. So you say, ‘I’m going? Who’s going with me?’


This is a variation of asking those epidemiologists or 'experts' who demand lockdowns to cough up their pay checks. Above all, the politicians.

If you ask for such measures, then YOU must be the one to LEAD and either cut salaries across the bureaucracy as a symbol of true solidarity. Saying 'we're in this together' is vapid cynicism and people read through that garbage. 

This is why we don't have leaders of men.

We have incompetent officials now just covering their asses too gutless to admit they were wrong and lead us out of this madness. 

I salute David Redman. 

Meet Randall Lane: Sanctimonious Communist Retard; Big Tech IS Nineteen-Eighty Four

There's no need to even treat certain people with respect anymore.

There's a deep, sick malaise in the West right now. A blanket of faux-righteous indignation is slowly covering any concept of free speech and thought is taking place.

I read in horror at an appalling piece by one Randall Lane in Forbes.

I couldn't believe what I was reading. Do shit heads like this little cunt realize where all this leads?

Here. Ler me help out you coward: GULAGS. 

Maybe Lane should quit pretending to be a journalist and go read for whatever the business equivalent of Pravda is and become an activist. As for Forbes, maybe they should, you know, focus on doing their damn fucken jobs and report on business. 

I don't need twerps in fedoras going full Duranty on me with their poison.

Is he that blinded by his false virtue to believe this will result in any thing remotely constructive to the cause of working towards a just society?

It's actually the opposite that will take place.

This is not journalism. This is activism. In his Wiki bio (a place invested with SJW editor like him protecting their own kind) says he worked for The Daily Beast. There's a shock. And that he's one of the 922 most powerful people in America. Well, then, time to reset the country, eh if commies like this are that powerful. 

I have no idea what's going on anymore but I do know it's very bad.

We're in a place where Harvard - a defunct university as far as I can tell - wants to retroactively rescind degrees to former students who dare possess a different opinion: ie Conservative. 

Now one of the most recognizable publications for business had decided they will jump on the Leninist train wreck with appalling dreck like the one penned by Lane.

It truly is clown world.

And notice the comments. No shortage of weak, moronic fools it would appear follow this bozo. Misery loves company I suppose. 

Hey Lane. Les mots justes: Go fuck yourself.

And make sure you swallow Obama's load.


And for you thoughtless mutts and lemmings cheering this on.

You may *think* you have nothing to hide but they will eventually come for you. The game isn't to silence one side. It's to shut down all of it.

You're just tagged for death later.


Everyone is so blinded by their false righteousness they're failing to see what's going on.

These are the people who would turn on Anne Frank. 

The Gulag Archipelago should be required reading everywhere. Won't happen but it should.

And what Big Tech is doing is worse than you can ever imagine.

Time to stop supporting the abusers. Quite Facebook. Do you really need that crap? Keep in touch with people? 90% of the people in your feed are useless to you. You can communicate like a human being with the rest. Twitter is even more useless. That's not communications. That's the equivalent of static distortion in your brain. Youtube. It was good while it lasted. Support other platforms like Bitchute, Vimeo and Rumble. 

Apple. I've been using Apple since 1986. Time to move on perhaps. 

You privacy and liberty DO MATTER. Anyone who mocks these notions should be viewed as an enemy with a blue cap. These people are hostile to you and the sanctity of liberty. Stay away from them. You don't need these punks in your life.

Start with unfriending Randall Lane. 


My Weekly End The Mask Mandate Madness Demand

I have to resume my daily derp soon but there's so much material I can't keep up.

At this point, I can but plead with parents and schools to put pressure on the unions and government to put an end to the mask mandates. Can't they see the damage it's causing? For something that has no measurable impact on the spread. Let alone the data and evidence on community spreading from schools demands we not only keep schools open but with full resumption of activities and no measures.

At this point, if the incompetent bozos in charge (they're not fit to run a Tiki bar let alone a health crisis that's hardly a threat to society anymore) said 'we'll drop the masks for kids if you agree to keep the mandates for shit head adults cowering in fear for another few months' I'd take it. That's thinking of the children.

People who demand they close or keep the measures are WRONG. Scientifically AND morally. 


Biden Kills Pipeline

Barely six hours in and Biden (a truly suspect President) uses an EO to nix the Keystone pipeline deal.

So. Will the media squawk about how he hates Canada like they did with Trump?

Trump Is Gone But He Leaves A Legacy In Just Four Years

People forget The Beatles achieved all they didi in just eight years.

Donald Trump was denied a second term - in what has to be one of the great election fraud in history - but in four years he accomplished landmark hits.

For this, you're either going to have to drop your visceral hate of the man or if you're TDS vaccine hasn't come in, you may want to sit this one out.

It's gonna sting.

Believe it or not, Trump's record on conservation was impressive. It wasn't noticed because he chose to not bend to the climate change plot. This is far more relevant than the theatre of the Paris Accords. The Paris Accord remember, gives an economic edge to China and India at the expense of the U.S.. Interestingly, emissions modestly dropped under Trump after they left the accords.

Trump ushered in tax reform simplifying the tax code.

Next, Trump began the process of reigning in illegal immigration and forcing to look at reform while completing the wall. Deportation levels were not as high as the Obama years.

Human trafficking collapsed under Trump.

Criminal reform happened under his watch through the First Step program. A measure that, ironically, one turns Joe Biden's monstrous crime bill of 1995. And one Harris judiciously applied with gusto.

Through simple gutting of red tape and burdensome rules as well as reaching energy independence, the U.S. enjoyed one of its greatest bull runs in history with historic unemployment lows across the demographic board. 

He signed momentous peace treaties in the Middle-East bringing Israel and Arab nations together and isolating Iran. This was one of the most important aspects of his foreign policy legacy.

Equally important was the fact the United States was not plunged into a war in four years. It has been at war in different theatres in varying degrees for decades that including one of the more ruthless war mongers in Obama. Granted, he did ramp some up and didn't bring troops home but overall still better than his predecessors. You have to go to Jimmy Carter to find a President with an instinctive anti-war stance.

Trump took dead aim at China - the single biggest threat to Western liberty since the Soviet Union. And a much more powerful one. 

By far the biggest accomplishment was him shining a light on the corruption in American politics and media. So successful he was at it, the clowns in media couldn't see he exposed them. Trump didn't fear them.

A failure, for me, was his spending. Worse than most Presidents including Obama. As well as not pardoning Assange, Snowden and Ulbrecht.


Now pay close attention to those accomplishments. 

He pissed off a lot of very bad people.

And now you know why they did what they did.

In just four years.

I would have loved to have seen what he would have accomplished with  a second term. America was on the right path. 

Our Fake Criminal Officials At Work



Hey, Idiots Who Call Everyone A Nazi

Nazis supported universal health-care snd government pensions. They engaged in social engineering propaganda (like the masks of today) including anti-smoking campaigns.

Oh. And they were really fucken good at silencing and murdering dissent they called dangerous extremists.

Sound familiar you retards?

Blood On Their Hands

Liz Cheney and Meghan McCain are two loathsome people.

The nerve of these arrogant women who have fathers who murdered people through the war machine that Trump attempted to stop and is now back up and running.

The blood paints their homes and their hearts. Perhaps they should just, well, keep quiet?

This is how you burn immoral people like these two assholes.

The bombing will start again after four years of peace under Trump.

Everyone's full of shit. 

To whit:

Now they're removing the National Guard for fear of insider attack. And they call us conspiracy theorists? These people are psychotic paranoids. 

The official anthem of the Democrat and Liberal parties:

We're In A Very Bad Place

The masks are off.

The fight is on.

The forces of censorship looking to erase freedom of speech and conscience are on the prowl and attack.

First it was Alex Jones. And as any intelligent person well schooled in history knew, that was just the first shot. It wasn't going to stop with Jones. Now we're witnessing the silencing of an entire group of people who simply oppose or have a different opinion to the current narratives in the zeitgeist. These people being conservatives. Now that such a large number of people who adhere to a philosophy that stretches thousands of years (Cicero was a conservative as were many great thinkers in history) have been singled out, no one is safe. 

Eventually the Jacobins come for everyone before eating itself. 

And the culprits are obvious: Apple, Twitter, Facebook and Google - what happened to Do no evil?

Now we can add Wikipedia.

A complete and organized campaign to silent opposition and rewrite history and spread outright disinformation stems from their ranks.

Not the other way around. See how January 6 is being characterized? Yeh well, start teaching yourself to understand that's inverted reality. 

It's frightening to watch 1984, Animal Farm, Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451 all being played out before our eyes.

And as Orwell understood: It's the socialists and other left-wing miscreants basted in critical race theory bringing the dystopia to life.

Not conservatives or right-wing extremists? Populists arise in OPPOSITION to the tyranny.

Tyrants: Left-wing totalitarians in the form of social media and Democrat and Liberal parties and academics.

Non-tyrants: Everyone else. 

We're being bludgeoned on two fronts: Free speech and medical restrictions brought on by the reaction to the Covid panic.

This is a social credit score, medical tyranny unfolding.

This is the CCP coming.

Who will be our Paul Revere?

Ok. So here's Wiki's entry for Parler.

"Parler (/ˈpɑːrlər/) is an American alt-tech microblogging and social networking service. Parler has a significant user base of Donald Trump supportersconservativesconspiracy theorists, and right-wing extremists.[8][9][10][11] Posts on the service often contain far-right content,[16]antisemitism,[23] and conspiracy theories such as QAnon.[27] Journalists have described Parler as an alternative to Twitter, and users include those banned from mainstream social networks or opposing their moderation policies."

As opposed to all the 'alt-tech microbloggers' on Twitter and all their Obama supporters, progressives, conspiracy paranoid theorists and left-wing extremists like BLM and Linda Sansour or Louis Farrakhan right? Or the cess pool of abject ignorant twits like AOC or other intellectually deficient morons that represent the critical theory ranks, right WIKI?

Who the heck wrote this hit job I wondered? I joined Parler because Twitter was pure poison and just a stupid echo-chamber for stupid people yelling at each other or trolling. So what happened was smart and intelligent people started to migrate and headed to Parler. They were getting shadow banned, locked, harassed and so they did everyone a favor and went to Parler. So the screaming harpies and banshees on Twitter could all be left alone. But noooo. That wasn't good enough. Like psychotic bullies they wanted to silence them. Period. And so now they go after platforms who dare allow them to speak. 

I didn't see what the wiki alleges on Parler. And quite frankly, it's all unsubstantiated nonsense on their part so clearly the person who wrote it, I thought, was an ideologue. Now they want to destroy Telegram. Again. I'm on Telegram with some friends. The left-wing shit hole that's social media is not for us.

Besides, they don't want successful, middle-aged white dudes. We're all racist misogynists you know?

They failed to take out Gab with their lies - and I salute Gab for fighting back - and here's hoping all this exploded in their immoral, idiotic crusade rooted in abject ignorance and blind faux-righteous paranoia.

They call everyone a conspiracy theorists now. Yeh. I'm gonna go ahead and call projection on this one.

A more pathetic bunch of losers you can't find and they all hang out in these places mentioned above.

Here's the misguided dope who wrote the entry. 

She looks like the torch type. Not a pitchfork.