Justin Is A Shameless, Arrogant, Cowardly, Hypocritical, Condescending PRICK


Any questions?

Keep voting for this degenerate who spits in your face.


Disobey orders.

Don't comply.


There is no pandemic.

They're lying to you.

Once again Justin is living it up mask free in Europe.

When will you say it's enough?


DO NOT COMPLY WITH ANYMORE COMMANDS and illegal mandates and measures.

Civil disobedience is our duty as free citizens.

Doing so will NOT put anyone's health in danger.

Note From The Covid Underground

The media is kicking up the needle propaganda. The usual suspects are out drug pushing led by Isaac Boguch and some Dr. St. John. 

Kids. Let's repeat.

-Not vectors.

-Near 100% survival rate. The best the drug cartels led by Pfizer could do is "91% effective'. The human body wins.

-Not in danger. Influenza remains the threat. 

-Experimental injection does not halt transmission nor does it achieve herd immunity.

-Mass pricking HEALTHY people children only creates deadlier variants. So this idea of segregating unvaccinated people from society is FUCKEN BAT SHIT unethical, authoritarian bull shit with no basis in science. And if you accept it you're an asshole who traffics in pseudoscience. So PM dips hit and his dip shit premiers are full of shit liars. 

Children are being thrown under the bus. It's no different than when narcissists sacrificed children to the gods.

Crimes against humanity.


On passports. They're going to claim it 'works". Of course, like curfews and masks they will conflate causation and correlation and ignore the actual data that shows, well, bull shit.

Restaurants and schools (university campuses and elementary alike) already had LOW outbreaks so the passports were never going to have an impact. It's especially a dirty rotten trick given the vaccinated do transmit and possibly at a higher rate.

It's like how morons claimed masks 'stopped the flu' only to see it come back with a vengeance this year.

The stupidity of people and their stubbornness to not not consult the facts masks NEVER worked is stunning as it is appalling and unacceptable.



I notice one thing people who came from communist countries and Americans.

Both are united in their opposition to passports.

The former know all too well how these things work and the latter understanding tyranny comes in many forms and that defending civil liberties is an eternal struggle.

Wake up normies. 

Vaccine Passports: Be Aware Of The End Game

Your consciousness is key here.

There is an existential threat to us but it's not Mother Nature.

It is us.

The first step is to be aware of what the passports are about. It's not about 'reopening safely' or any of that stuff. Quite frankly, if you believed this you really need to start paying closer attention to things. Widen the scope of things of how you interpret what's happening. It goes well beyond the arc of Covid. Covid is the cover.

Concede we must the conspiracy theorists warned us.

Now this is getting really serious. And dark.

Either you fall into this dystopian world or you don't.

Or we can join forces and STOP IT.

But this can't happen until you understand masks and passports are the Trojan Horse. 

We need you to wake up.

We all want to go to the restaurant but not under these conditions.


Point Of No Return: The Sick Push To Vaccinate Children

As 'readers' of this blog know, I've been clear on my stance on two things from March of 2020. One, this is a moral panic. Now, a hysterical moral panic. Two, leave the kids along. 

The hysterics have now taken a much more darker and troubling turn. As the cowardly adults and quacks exemplified by Dr. Ruben in his irresponsible and criminal"we have to administer it to see if it works' continue to project their irrational fears on kids.

Ruben concluded "it's just the way it goes". Any parent who hears that should interpret as him saying "if your kid suffers a life-altering injury or dies tough luck. Thanks for taking one for the team'. Should he be arrested and charged (or face a more karmic justice), poetic justice would then chant, "Dr. Ruben was sentenced to 10 years in prison for being a dickhead. It's just the way it goes."

But this is serious.

Very serious.

Here's a good breakdown as to why kids should not be coerced into take this experimental injection as well as a look at the malfeasance of Pfizer and the FDA.

It's worse than you think.

The permanent damage we can do is criminal. Some of these poor kids could potentially die within a couple of years if not sooner. These jabs are not harmless as people keep saying. 

Pfizer is once again showing itself to be the felon they always were. A leopard never changes its spots.

It's actually quite sad, frightening, disheartening and shocking at how they're willing to let kids suffer for money.

It is time to take on pharma dead on and put them back in their place.

We have to take dead aim at the lobbyists and everyone on the take. 

It's time to slay Medussa's head and get our health rights back. At the moment pharma is in full control and this will not end well for us if we don't bring them under control.

They have complete carte blanche to wreak havoc on our medical rights and personal health.

Say no more.

Start by pushing back by protecting children.

Be your own hero.

The Ominous Message Of Vaccinating Children; We Must Reign Pharma In Like We Did Tobacco

The pharmaceutical industry is over playing its hand. 

Like rabid psychopaths, they saw a massive opportunity to turn people into permanent customers in the Covidestria era. 

Unfortunately, people let themselves be manipulated by blank, naked and obvious propaganda. To this day, they fail to research and do some digging into what's going on.

It's unacceptable and inexcusable to consistently defer to authority figures trusting they have their best interest at heart.

They do not. At all.

These are 'serial felons' as Robert F. Kennedy jr. accurately describes them.

They're nothing but glorified drug pushers. 

All of them - including their employees who are the 'soldiers' of their schemes. The goal for pharma is not to cure or make us healthy. It's to keep us chronically ill and dependent. 

Like a drug pushers.

Covid should have been an epiphany for people.

Instead, they're part of the Scientism of Covidiology now at the mercy of their cult leaders.

Quacks, shills and hacks run amok. Have you listened to the nut job Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy ranting about how he's going to keep kids in masks indefinitely?

Let's talk about the kids.

Parents need to stop projecting their fears onto kids. We've irresponsibly and cowardly off-loaded all the responsibilities of saving society from a scourge that is not onto them. A more shocking display of arrogance indicative of how profound their irrational fears run I scarce can think of.

Listen to where we're at. We're about to mass vaccinate a demographic that is in no danger of the disease and pose no threat to the society on any level or grounds. The scientific literature dating back several months and from many countries and states is solid and conclusive that schools and children are safe. 

Yet, we''re treated to outlandish, outrageous and preposterous images of 5 year-olds in masks in the presence of massless adults. Adults who, as studies show, are more likely to transmit to kids than the other way around! 

So if they can convince perfectly healthy people to take a wholly unnecessary medical procedure, they literally have created a medical tyranny where they can force us all into such actions against our will.

Just invent a disease or 'pandemic' and say, 'we got a product for that' and profit!

It's disgusting on levels I never thought I'd see. I didn't realize how ignorant and stupid adults and public officials could be. Whoever the bureaucrats are, they're monsters of the highest order.

The sheer maliciousness of their cynicism is palpable. 

The arrogance, corruption and conflicts of interest all protected by a disgusting media spreading actual falsehoods misleading a public they terrified into submission.

Vaccinating kids is an ominous glimpse into our future. We can and must stop this.

Time to reign pharma in and vaccinate their plot to terrorize us into medical compliance. No different than what was done to tobacco. People need to read up on vaccines and how it plays into a trillion dollar industry. The FDA and CDC are not there to protect people. They're there to advance pharma's agenda.

And that's the sad truth. 

Hopefully media too will get its come-uppance for playing its part and all the 'experts' who took pharma money pimping their models on people who trusted them.

They all deserve to pay a severe price for what they've done.

For the love of God, protect the children from these monsters!


Covid Comments

- Where there are passports, there is CHINA.

- In the history of history, since when do elites like Bill Gates ever cared for people? Seriously. Gates isn't in this for you. He's in it for the money and control that comes with it. He's a real like Mr. Burns.

-Democrats are now the biggest shills for pharma. That's not science. It's cronyism in the service of drug cartels. 

-In our Shills 'N Quacks meet paediatrician Dr. Jim Kellner. Paediatricians are among the biggest needle worshippers.

All it took for this guy is $2 million from Pfizer. 

No wonder he's grinning. 

Safe, effective and profitable. 


How It Looks

Here's how it breaksdown.

Pfizer and pharma owns the FDA.

Bill Gates* owns the WHO and GAVI. The WEF works with them.

Media are the whores who do the bidding. 

Blackoock owns almost everything. 

Vanguard owns everything. 

They're all conspiring against us to create a neo-feudalist world under the guise of public health and security.

*aka Mr. Burns. His operations are nothing but money laundering schemes. Gates couldn't care less about humanity He uses humanism to advance his petty pet projects. Not sure what people don't see here. George Soros is the same sort of anti-humanist cretin void of any true love of humanity. These two are exploiters of humanity. 

Legault's Shtick Is Wearing Thin

After getting his ass kicked by nurses, the vindictive liar Legault now sets his sites on the doctors. Taking a page out of that idiot Biden, he expressed losing 'patience' with doctors who don't comply with his panicked, illegal, unethical and dubious measures.

Francois doesn't seem to accept we live n a free society. He's a wannabe dictator banging on his pots. 

Imagine that. A politician telling doctors what to do about....health and medicine.

His reservoir of hubris runs deep.

Here's hoping the doctors inflict another defeat to the little dictator.


Not enough to piss off health care workers, Legault announced last week he was going to back stab the fossil fuel industry opting for a grandiose 'green energy' plan.

Going green is good. Except this is Quebec and it will flop. In fact, it may just be disastrous. The only ones who will benefit are the connected and corrupted. And we'll be stuck with broken promises, bankrupted companies, half-assed projects and dead unicorns. It will be a clusterfuck of grift, graft and grift.

Not too long ago Legault was a fan of how Norway handled its resources while having established a sovereign fund (note he's silent on how the Nordic countries lifted all measures realizing combatting Covid is a fool's game and will only damage their countries more). Now he's going in the opposite direction to please eco-whackos for some reason.


Legault also screwed private daycares stringing them along for over 12 months. Then he turns around and basically supported subsidized daycares. 

His word is not worth a Covid pcr test rests on.

He's just another tiresome two-faced politician.

His shtick is wearing thin. 

Some Important Notes On Vaccines

From the BMJ.

On Original Antigenic Sin and other problems.

One of the more prescient experts (I first saw him in 2020 and he was among the first expert to go into detail about the potential dangers of mass vaccination along with Dr. Yeadon)  who warned about mass vaccinations Geert Vanden Bossche is not optimistic. 

In the UK people are complaining about a 'super cold'. Can it be because innate immunity was compromised as Vanden Bossche describes? 

Dr. Richard Fleming examines what's in the vaccines.

Governments are trying to vaccinate their way out of this but in doing so they're only making more of a mess and thus prolonging a virus that's already endemic. It's pure political and medical hysteria. People need to understand you can't comply your way out of this and resist the temptation to buy into scapegoating the unvaccinated and believing masks do anything. The only option is to resist now. 

Now we're about to enter another phase with the potential catastrophe of vaccinating kids. Children should not be vaccinated.

We're not tempting Mother Nature. We've already angered her. Now we must wait for her wrath.

That's it for now. 


Rethinking The Value Of Vaccines; A Debate On Vaccines Is Urgent

I've poured hours, time and money I don't have diving into the shady world of vaccines.

What I'm learning I do not like. 

Can the image and story told to us be a lie?

I don't think it's a lie but the importance of vaccines appears to be greatly exaggerated. It certainly doesn't justify the attempt to rob us of our liberty.

And why it's so is not so hard to decipher. It's a gargantuan cash cow for pharmaceuticals. It's a juggernaut they will not tolerate being jeopardized in any way. As such, pharma dwarfs any lobbying groups in North America, and like any drug cartel, has an army of 'soldiers' on the payroll. All serving their pay masters.

Prior to 2020, I was indifferent to vaccines.

Now? I'm very concerned at what's been told to the public these past 40 years.

We need to have a true discussion and debate free from all the noise and rabid dogmatic anger from the 'science is settled' crowd.

No, it's not.

So you're gonna shut up, put your big boy pants, come out from under the the protective lights of corporate media, and debate like men and women and defend your positions.

If you're so sure, then you have nothing to worry about right? Show us you can mop the floor with these 'anti-vaxxers'.

That they refuse to do so makes me suspicious. 

I will continue this journey because the chances of this happening are remote.

"Safe and effective" looks more and more like "weapons of mass destruction, "Russian collusion" and "You can keep your doctor" to me.

A lie.

Back off or bring on the revolution.

The Permanent Disaster Coming Our Way

This explains where mass vaccination will take us.

Not good.

The ONE demographic that can save are literally the children.

And we're about to assault them with this psychotic vaccination program. In short, we're letting Pfizer and the FDA destroy human immunity. 

It's simple: We've denied humans to naturally get infected that confers the rich, complex layers of protection natural immunity confers.

This may be greatest miscalculation in human history.

All for money and whatever nefarious plot that may be in play.

Mothers. It's up to you.


Protect the sanctity of your children. They're the angels that help save us from a terrible future of medical madness. 

All Science And No Spirituality

I'm constantly horrified by what I hear from politicians and public health officials, and academics including bioethicists, and infectious disease experts.

They have not been able to shake themselves from their insular myopia and think about the damage they have caused to people.

All faith is in science, but no faith in common sense, decency and God.

I do not accept their behavior. In fact, I demand a full inquiry and investigation into every single one of these people for the psychological trauma they've inflicted on people. They don't care for 'public health' or else they would have avoided divisive rhetoric and mock those who consider the 'security of the person' and civl liberties.

No. These are just scared, cynical, contemptuous, and arrogant people who without shame or evidence masked the world up and demanded for more destructive lockdowns. It's pure mental illness.

Way too much is put on 'science' and its ability to solve what threatens our health. Left unchecked, science for its own sake can lead to dark places. We've ignored the spiritual side to all this. It has permitted people to remain in a cocoon of fear as they tolerate measures that hurt millions. They've been fooled by a shady, steady stream of salacious propaganda from snakes and scorched minds. 

Where are we? We're at the point where we're now willing to experiment on children for an adult/elderly disease and denying people health care if they're not consenting to a medical procedure.

The decision to ok vaccinating kids adds yet another element of disgrace to what is already the greatest medical scandal in human history.

These Nuremberg Trials can't come fast enough. The lunatics are in charge. 

This is what's meant by an awakening. 

We need more decent and rational professionals to begin speaking out. This has gone on too long.

There should not be any talk of mandates and segregation anymore.

History is watching and will record what it sees.


FDA (aka Pfizer) Approves Experimenting On Children

FDA Committee has approved the Pfizer vaccine Emergency Use Authorization for kids aged 5-11.

FDA conceded it didn't know long-term effects of vaccine on kids.

FDA Voting Member Dr. Ruben: "We're never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it."

Gee, sounds a lot like 'we have to pass the bill to know what's in it' doesn't it?  This is the EXPERIMENTATION part they openly admit to.  So if they're never going to learn then how does it come the authorities claim it's 'safe and effective'?

This is how low they think of the public and how dogma is blinding common sense and decency. 

Parents. If this doesn't get your armour readied to protect your kids nothing will.

That's what crimes against humanity looks like.

I never realized vaccine dogma formed a cult until 2021.

This isn't science.

It's pure mayhem. 


Pharma is in control of our freedoms. There is no threat. Where will you draw the line in the sand?

Pharma operates very much like a drug cartel or mafia outfit. Time to start paying attention to what's going on and that means coming to terms that there is indeed a conspiracy and this isn't just about the traditional bottom line. When you have the WHO, WEF, BMGF, FDA and CDC all working in tandem, this poses a significant threat to personal liberty.




Justice Adam Germain: Protects Pseudoscience; Communism Personified

Oh the irony of a cowardly judge ordering a Pastor from a former communist state to issue government mandated speech.

Here's the text Pawlowski must say before his sermons:

I am aware that the views I am expressing to you on this occasion may not be views held by the majority of medical experts in Alberta. While I may disagree with them, I am obliged to inform you that the majority of medical experts favor social distancing, mask-wearing, and avoiding large crowds to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” the addendum reads in part.

“Most medical experts also support participation in a vaccination program unless for a valid religious or medical reason you cannot be vaccinated. Vaccinations have been shown statistically to save lives and to reduce the severity of COVID-19 symptoms.

This isn't Russia 1917.

This is Canada 2021.

Are you awake yet Canada?

In any event, it's a sophomoric piece of idiotic propaganda only an incompetent and cowardly judge could love and issue.

Sounds like 'most' Alberta 'experts' are not following a stick of evidence (just like any official peddling this snake oil pseudoscience), but just dumbass politics.

What a comical embarrassment. Unfortunately, one that comes with serious social consequences. 

I don't know of any court order in the free West that went this far. It only goes to show that mental illness runs rampant in the society while the courts have been rendered neutered. They have one job to do and that's to defend and protect the rights of citizens. 

Not command and compel them to follow orders from the state.


What a travesty of justice.

Why should we respect or follow such immoral orders? Because Germain wears a black robe?

If the law is an ass, it is the duty to of free citizens to act with civil disobedience. When a judge acts in a manner perceived to  be less about justice and more about compliance, they must be challenged. 

I hope Pawlowski and his lawyers appeal and keep fighting. Never bow down. 


So my message is directed to Germain:

Fuck off slaver.

Fauci: A Megalomaniacal Monster

Fauci, we know now, is a miscreant and a liar.

Possibly even very bad at what he does and certainly a terrible communicator.

His arrogance gets ahead of his ability to be honest and authenticate.

As if what he has done with 'gain of function' and all the pseudo-science garbage he peddled with masks and social distancing (he knows damn well it's a farce but he has another agenda - to sell vaccines. Just like the CDC's mandate is to ham-fist vaccines into the public), revelations of him funding research that saw sand flies eat puppy beagles up has to be among the most depraved from an already small mind with a dubious track record. His conscience seems to be in absentia. 

This story has been around for several months and got little traction but it has, for good reason, resurfaced. 

Where is the outrage from the media? Celebrities? PETA? The media lost its mind when Michael Vick was caught in a dog scandal, and here they're willing to let the nations 'top scientist' get away with something every bit as foul, disgusting and evil?


Science without a conscience leads to dark places.

Fauci isn't science. He's politics. 

This man needs to be investigated. 

The public needs to find out what else this Frankenstein has been up to.


Great Stewards Of The Covid-19 Saga

My mother keeps telling me, 'who are these people you talk about and why don't they go on television and radio?'

My mother spends her time watching mainstream sources and is addicted to nonsensical outlets like CNN.

So forgive them Father for they know not what they say or think.

But it's still an important question. And sadly, no real way to answer it without looking like a 'conspiracist'. 

Already brining up notable, prominent, award-winning, and even in some cases acknowledged legendary scientists, physicians and medical practioners numbering in the tends upon tens of thousands now, is seen as dubious 'fake news' from normies, imagine telling them there's a massive coordinated censorship campaign to silence dissenting views countering the narrative? Imagine telling them, in addition, the fraud and criminality of Fauci, pharma and Gates is not only plausible but even likely. 

Just the story line they came up with a vaccine in record speed never made sense or past the smell test. The CEO of Moderna is on record somewhere (I do not have the link to the interview but it's out there) saying they came up with the recipe for the vaccine within three days from the day they got a computerized sequence of the virus. Note, not the actual isolation of the virus but a computer generated one. This whole thing reeks of planned - as in plandemic - at this point. 

And if you thought so too going back to 2020, you're not alone. Plenty of superstar scientists wondered as well.   

These are just the more popular ones. There have been many others from Levitt to Fleming to Hodkinson to Christian to Malarky at Johns Hopkins. I'd even mention Sweden's Dr. Tegnell. 

Do yourself a favor an go read their bios. Then match it up to say, Boguch or Sanjay Gupta or Deena Hinshaw or Horacio Arruda. We're not talking the difference between Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux here. We're talking Wayne Gretzky and 4th line players. 

Then read how they view public health and compare it to the mental illness being peddled by officials and media. The contrast could not be any more stark. I know who I'd prefer to listen to.

It certainly isn't Tam or Fauci. I wouldn't let these people treat paper cut, let alone touch my child.

The stewards of what is righteous are bringing us the truth have been muzzled and the media loves its dose of fear mongering rubbish with scant common sense from mediocre associate professors from academic institutions whoring out for Gates money and infectious disease doctors caught up in their own myopic world and even moment of fame.

Public health officials, who could not hold a Canadian Tire pail to any of them from Fauci to Collins to most state or provincial health 'czar', are the ones misleading and even lying to the public about this virus and the measures in place.

Fake news abounds. Just not in the direction people are led to believe.


Settled Science?

We're still learning about....water.

Think about this.

So if you still squawk 'the science is settled' about climate change and vaccines or whatever movement now in the real of the political, 'member we don't know everything about something that gives us life and makes up a large part of bodies.

So shut the fuck up already. 

Pfizer Vaccine Against Children Already A Failure

Pfizer is claiming 91% effectiveness in their trials of about 2400 kids in the 5-11 age group.

This is not as good as the '95% effective' relative risk in adults.

Expect them to wane quickly.

So. 91%.

Versus the 100% provided by children's natural immunity who have never been threatened by Covid.

This is simply an irrational atrocity of epic proportions. 

Can pharma have this much power?

Awake yet?

Sunday Afternoon Music: "If you sow hatred, the universe echoes back"

I often refer to the Liberal party as 'sowers of discord' a phrase from Dante's Inferno.

They remain so, but have been joined by millions who have turned the other way from their fellow citizens in cowardice and fear because of a virus.

Every cruel and callous act exacted upon people will echo back. As I noted, the boomerang effect of these Covid lies will be Biblical.

Covidian Rituals

I haven't gone out much since the summer of 2020.

Who wants to see hysteria play out in real time? The little I have done so, I observed the behaviours - and eyes since everyone masked up - of people.

One thing I noticed was how 'happy' and hyper polite everyone was. They accepted that in consenting to wearing a mask they were being good soldiers in a war. The mask was a symbol not of fear but compassion and duty to thy neighbour.

They sill are.

20 months on. People still spray their hands as they enter a place and religiously rub the soap into their hands as experts on TV told them to. They make sure their masks are above their noses and they jump out of each other's way in tight spaces to maintain social distancing.

Despite the fact that we know the main mode of transmission virus isn't from surfaces or droplets but that rather aerosols. 

Meaning it's swirling all around us and there's not a damn thing we can do about it. This fact obliterates the need for this psychotic behaviour. 

We are powerless and impotent against it. Accept it. The question is do we continue to deceive ourselves with such inane and absurd measures living in fear or do we do what we've always done and face LIFE?

You may think this is what you're doing but not as long as you do so while participating and consenting to illogical and irrational measures. If you still do so, you're irrational. We can thank unscrupulous behaviour scientists and psychologists advising the government on how to manipulate and control the minds of people for this mess. 

And yes, the infectious disease doctor or epidemiologist still peddling these noxious actions lack common sense and intelligence.

There are no shortage of villains and cowards in this story. 

Alas, myth and pseudoscience has become a normalized ritual in action.

If public officials truly cared about people, they would have stopped this. The masks should have been removed. But they're using this as leverage (ie extortion) to get people to vaccinate particularly kids. 

It's all so appalling, obscene, political, and wholly anti-scientific.

It is both frightening and interesting to observe.

Just one small example. It's October, 2021. I entered a florist shop. The woman was in a cloth mask (long since discarded as useless even by mask proponents) as we entered. As we paid, I noticed her mannerisms and behaviour was all ritualistic Covidian. The way she stood at the cash and how she handled the debit machine - covered in plastic (that'll show the virus) -  careful to hand it over to me without touching anything including the receipt.

It was all so disturbing. 

The world is gone mad and shows how deep mental illness runs.

Canadian Values

You were so eager to get the more superficial aspect of your self-entitled lives back, you accepted losing liberties the state doesn't have the right to steal and extort you into getting it back with passports - or what I serf apps.

Not only that, as you congratulate yourselves wallowing in a state of false virtue unaware of the pain this is causing others, the government is denying people who refuse vaccination unemployment benefits should they have been terminated or given a leave of absence. A system to which they paid into.

I would hope there's just enough compassion and dignity left somewhere in the Canadian bureaucracy - including Service Canada - to not accept this immoral and unethical behaviour.

You are here Canada.

Cruel, selfish and stupid. 

These are the values the Liberal party of Canada - sowers of discord and callous disregard for their fellow humans with zero-sum madness.

Is this what you want?


I Want You To Understand What's Happening

The fact there's a massive war against a little but miraculous drug like Ivermectin is evidence something is sinisterly askew.

And we can blame the medica-pharma complex for this atrocity.

The vast majority of deaths could and should have been avoided with focused protection and the minute it was discovered treatments were available and effective way back in the spring of 2020.

Instead, the people in charge decided to ban these treatments and wage a propaganda war against them. Those people being led by Fauci, the CDC, FDA and Health Canada.

Their actions cost the lives of people. If I'm a family member of someone who died, I bide my time and sue for murder or manslaughter. 

We failed to protect the elderly and we compounded the problem by failing to protect others.

Why? Isn't obvious? To bow before the almighty vaccines and the flow of trillions stood to be made.

That's bloody why.

Fauci knew he had a problem when he realized his little project he created wasn't deadly enough to justify terrorizing people with vaccines. Hence, he began his campaign of fear starting with the masks.

Now. The vaccines are spreading across the globe like a plague damaging, injuring and even killing people.

It's a massacre.

Ah, but media isn't telling you right? 'Safe and effective, eh?

All lies.

That 'expect' on TV? Follow their money trail.

It all spins back to pharma.

Pharma is puling the strings along with Gates.

They allowed people to die to peddle their poison to exact fear.

A poison that they diabolically expect you take every few months.

Do you see the corporate game now?

It's not about your health.

It's about money and compliance.

Awaken please.


Fall Of The West: Final Cut

I said I was going to revive this segment. The Fall of West pre-dated Daily Derp observing the slow decline of the West.

Between the blindingly stupidity of wokism, social justice, climate change orthodoxy and now the Covid moral panic, the fall is now accelerating and likely irreversible. 

People aren't waking up or showing any slight bit of concern. 

I was reading about how two idiots patented a phone connected to a social credit system. HERE. In North America. 

Time to fight.

Or be serfs.

At least go down swinging. 


Children Vaccination: Madness!

The FDA is likely, of course, to allow vaccinations for 5-11 year olds.

Pfizer claims based on 264 children the vaccine is 'safe and effective' (the lie of our times) and '91% effective'.


Who in their right cotton pickin' mind think this is a NET BENEFIT?

It's a net loss to children! 

And if their studies show a relative '91%' you can bet it's much lower and that the absolute risk is basically 0%.

In other words, it's the same scenario with the adults only shittier. 

Whatever 'rise in cases' there are in children is due strictly to more testing. Basically, we're fabricating an illusion the virus is attacking kids. And even if it did, their immunity beats the shit out of it. 

There is NO justification to vaccinate them with these experimental vaccines. What is going on?

Parents need to get their heads out of their assess and tell their paediatricians and asshole leaders to fuck off.

For the love of God, protect the children! 

May God have mercy on all your souls.

What I've Learned About Modern Medicine

I was always somewhat suspicious of how we venerated doctors. Not because of anything specific to them but that we shouldn't be idolizing any humans. I just saw them as people who should do their jobs like anyone else.

To what's left of a tiny band of Mohicans who have not swallowed the Covid Poison Pill narratives of insidious masks and moronic social distancing (if you're still clinging to this AND dutifully washing your hands, you're mentally off. You've shown yourself to be a member of the gullible flock and lazy in your insistence to obey government that clearly is not concerned about public health but submission), it's abundantly clear we're being railroaded by a medical class less rooted in science and more dedicated to event dogma with a religious commitment only a cult leader would admire.

Indeed, this over reliance and reverence for public health officials was plain early on in the pandemic. These people showed themselves to be mediocre and every bit susceptible to quackery as the 'anti-vaxxer' they so deride.

From where I sit, it's not that group that's behaved in a contemptible manner that belies common sense, logic and yes, even science - medicine is not necessarily science - but rather the army of epidemiologists, physicians and infectious disease doctors getting air time to showcase their inability to consider the damage their fear mongering was doing to the whole of public health.

Sadly, at this point, it's irreversible. The mask mandates had to have ended months ago in order to give people a chance to reset their minds back to a proper normal and sane mode and setting. But the 'expert' class insisted they must stay on without a single shred of evidence to back their claims. It was just a hyper misapplied precautionary principle that traversed into malice and cruelty. It's a form of Standard experiment on full display. They seem to derive pleasure from their 15 minutes of tyranny. 

20 months on, despite a massive number of scientists and doctors who are increasingly voicing their opposition and concern educating people with the truth and facts, media continues to trot the local hack or shill When the commoners get too uppity, make sure to run to the expert with ties to pharma knee deep in conflicts of interest to set them ignoramuses straight.

It's all so corrupted and sickening.

Doctors have called for the most depraved and draconian measures without a thought for compassion. Yet, few have called for the use of available therapeutics and treatments. No. They'd rather peddle their favourite drug of all. The 'safe and effective' vaccine.

I've been reviewing the history of vaccines. I don't like what I'm learning and reading. The propaganda and corporate manipulation of this product has vastly overstated if not over rated its actual overall success. There's a lot of suppression and manipulation of data in this world with pharma having over taken science and turned it into nothing but an arm of its corporate interests. And physicians (and pharmacists) nothing but pill peddlers. 

The blind faith of vaccines in the Covid era should give pause to all of us. Why is the government so intent on ramming it into people? We've never done this in history. People have deceived themselves into believing corporations and government actually care about their well-being because these entities are the ones who assured Stcokholm Syndrome and fear commanded their minds through lockdowns and other futile measures that miserably failed. These measures took an already frail Western society already afflicted with increasing mental illness and permanently broke their brains.

Deliberately too. We know the UK employed behavioural scientists and we know government loves fear in order to exact control and consolidate power. 

The cretins taking pharma money have so far been able to create a hostile anti-science atmosphere tagging anyone who dares question the 'Juice of the gods' as heathens going so far as to censor and end careers.

Funny. If the vaccines are so good, then why the bullying tactics? Science is never settled and they all know that. It screams petty men protecting their financial turf and nothing else. When will there truly be a debate about vaccines? Is it not time? It's odd that despite an average 30% success rate, flu vaccines keep being made. With a success rate like that, most products would be pulled. And come to think of it, why did pharma demand immunity in the 1980s if their medicine was 'safe'? One would think they'd stand by their product no? In the Covid era, how is it remotely possible we're tolerating the staggering level of deaths and injuries? And here's the kicker: It's not getting the job done. It does for a brief period and then....alas, now you know why they want you on a booster program.

No, no. Something is definitely rotten and we need to face this. We will need to have all involved face some kind of justice because they've turned our lives into a nightmare. Only deranged psychopaths, knowing what we all know now, would continue the nightmare. 

Imagine thinking it's ok to segregate people along vaccination status? Have we fallen so far or have we always been so callous and idiotic? Enter the species known as bio-ethics. This group employs relativist nonsense to what constitutes ethics. Where classical ethics focused on the sovereign and the rights of the individual, the bio-ethicists (who enjoy finding creative ways to justify murder) submits the individual to the moving and vague target of 'greater good'. It all ends up in a gulag this thinking. 

How sophomoric is this discipline? One academic said in a news report in Montreal, it's 'beyond ethical to not invite unvaccinated people to Thanksgiving'. Nice people. And wholly without a soul. Two physicians in Alberta, as a quick addition, called for lockdowns and people to lose their jobs in the private sector for refusing the almighty experimental injection. This is where we're at. These are the people that sit at the top of our medical and academic classes. All that was missing was a call to turn the gas on.

Among the many dangerous assumptions and claims during this hysterical moral panic (aside from the loss of civil liberties), is the notion natural innate immunity either doesn't exist or doesn't play a significant role. This denial (of biology) will prove catastrophic.  

The myopic, short-term thinking (if you can call it that. I don't even think anyone is thinking anymore. As the passport obscenity clearly shows) on display is what happens when panic and fear assume control.

Quacks and shills abound. That's what I've learned. And they're represent the very professional classes society has come to honour and adore.

Time for a sober reckoning.

The boomerang effect of this disaster is going to be Biblical.

On Mandates et al.

None of this is tenable. Legally, scientifically, intellectually or ethically. It's all political. Which translates into pure stupidity and incompetence. The boomerang effect to all this will be Biblical. Start building an ark.

People won't take this standing down.

The Untenable Logic Of Covidian Giibberish

The moral panic is in full bloom. Watch it. Observe it. Learn from it.

Whatever damage Covid did on its own, has been vastly surpassed by the faulty actions of man.

History dictates this was inevitable. Man is a fool. And a dangerous one when his tomfoolery is combined with fear.

The social and cultural upheaval being thoughtlessly endured through coercion is one that which we will have to live with the consequences for decades at this point. We were not able to reign in our fears and keep in check our impulses to abuse human rights. We just couldn't do it.

It is a morally challenged individual to accept people losing their lives over a medical procedure - particularly one without scientific foundation - and bizarrely accepting passports believing the rights they had prior to 2020 were a 'privilege' bestowed by national governments.

This was never the case. Our rights are enshrined in national and international constitutions. They are inalienable rights to which governments must protect; not take away. Under any circumstances including public health. 

It is a testament to our apathy and general ignorance that we assume our democratic rights will just...be there and resume.

It doesn't work that way. Once you lose a right, it becomes very hard to get it back.

One may delude themselves into a simplistic and sophomoric notion that it's worth sacrificing this small loss of liberty for security.

But what happens when this trade-off fails? What if, for example, the passports fail to protect anyone? Indeed, we know from the ever growing body of evidence that the measures in place from social distancing to masks and especially lockdowns didn't have any effect on the viruses course. 

It was all for nothing and now we've yet added another, if not much more dangerous, dimension with a proof of vaccination paper to just live a life.

How can this strike anyone, other than someone who has thoroughly bought into the Covid narrative, with a sensible mind and rudimentary grasp on history think this is appropriate or necessary?

We're in a very bad place in the West. 

If the mindset has shifted into a realm where people 'go along' with something without thought or under dubious pretences, everything we've created, fought and worked for since 1776 through the post-war era will dissipate in the blink of an eye and we end up with the same tyranny we defeated.

This points to a lazy and miseducated society made up of self-entitled people. They chose to take a vaccine. Some did it because they wanted to but many because they felt they had no choice. This is coercion and is unethical. Listening to bioethicists and academics who claim otherwise is nauseating and simply wrong. There is no justification for it. Unfortunately, at the moment, the courts are caught up in the hysteria and complying with illegal mandates. They're failing to uphold the rights of people. There is no 'balance health with freedoms' to be made. Our laws made that decision for us. Judges have failed the people and established law. Miserably.

It will be left to what's left of a small minority of people willing to fight to restore the rights we did not consent to give up. The rule of law must prevail and we can't abandon it. For if we do, the life we're about to experience is going to be much less beautiful. 

Do you really want to constantly show proof to enter any premise? What kind of life is this? For a virus that is endemic and barely more dangerous the flu and that comes with a very high survival rate? And by high,  I mean in the area of 99.9%. Not 98.9% or 97.9% or whatever. 99.9%. 

Furthermore, scientifically there is no rationale for any of this. The 'experimental vaccines' do not halt transmission. Nor to they confer immunity (and don't fall for the no vaccine is 100% effective lie. That's jargon designed to keep wth the dogmatic narrative that vaccines 'work') while, and this is key, vaccinated people are asymptomatic spreaders of the disease. What's happening is the vaccines are hiding symptoms enough so that if a vaccinated person is tested they come out negative (viral loads) which then puts them back into the general population to spread it!

In other words, the passports are a license to spread. In a bit of twisted irony, it is in fact the vaccinated who threaten healthy unvaccinated people.

They ARE LYING TO YOU about this.

So do pray tell. How is this remotely anything other than a) an admission this is a cynical punitive measure not designed for public health and b) gibberish? 

Don't mock people who warn that fighting to protect your rights is essential.

Because when you lose them, it will be too late. 



America: It Is Time For You To Rise Up

These are incredibly worrisome times. In addition to being confronted with a medical tyranny attempting to usurp our liberties, China is seeking to capitalize on the chaos in an effort to overtake the United States as the global leader and super power.

Recent revelations that the CCP tested a hypersonic nuclear capable machine flying around the globe at low orbit has stunned American officials. Not only is it undetectable, the U.S. has nothing in its arsenal to defend against it.

It's the first time in my lifetime I see a vulnerability in the mighty U.S. military.

And it couldn't have come at a worse time. The Biden administration is making a diabolical mess of the country with its mandates and other orders that have essentially brought the country to its knees. These include divisive vaccination mandates for the military, allowing for chaotic conditions at the Mexico border (the administration has also mandated vaccines for border agents but are ludicrously not doing so for the illegals pouring in), a rise in inflation and possible food and gas shortages believed to be by design and an overall far left agenda completely misaligned with American values.

The tone of this administration is such that it permitted a New York's City Hall to not only remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson but his ideals as well.

This isn't about justice or equality. This is the deliberate attempt to break the people from their history and heritage. Thomas Jefferson is the essence of America. Kill him, the Republic dies.

It is paramount the United States gets its act together not for itself but the world as well.

China is on the march. 

China is communism.

China is about domination.

People need to understand this.

China is not interested in co-powering the world with the USA and the declining West. It wants to be the sole source of power.

It's also time for Russia for trying to balance its alliance with China in oder to leverage its power against the USA. Russia is a distant third in this fight and does not have the military capabilities to be in the conversation. I call on Russia to finally make a meaningful rapprochement with the West along with Japan and India to close ranks and face the CCP threat.

Rise 1776!

We Need To Seriously Investigate What Happened In Nursing Homes

Disturbing revelations have emerged in the UK with allegations the government used midazolam with elderly people. This basically, possibly intentionally, killed them. As time moves forward, and the measures continue to threaten liberties, this matter cuts at the heart of the Covid crisis because the deaths of elderly people were used to declare a national state of emergency in many countries. And it may have been exaggerated if not outright deliberate.

Similar stories happened in New York where 'do not resuscitate' (DNR) orders were given as Cuomo sent infected people back into long term care facilities and nursing homes. Such orders took place in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Michigan as well. In the U.S., remdisivir was used as a treatment now linked to causing death. 

In Canada, Quebec and Ontario were at the centre of deaths in nursing homes and long-term facilities. And like in the UK, the majority of deaths were due to starvation and dehydration. Which is now looking more and more suspicious especially since Quebec did not permit autopsies and may have been in fact cremating bodies. Was it to hide evidence? 

This is all the more troubling given safe and effective treatments were available all along. 

It is odd that these stories happened in three countries at the hub of this hysteria. 

There needs to be an official investigation because we may have been put through hell for nothing. The question then becomes why?

Do not relent. We need to get to the bottom of this not just for the people who lost their lives but those who had their lived ruined due to the reaction to Covid.

Something very dark is happening before our eyes. We can't turn a blind eye to it anymore.

Hopefully, whistleblowers will step forwards. We need to do what's right. 

Ugly Realities In Your Face

What we're witnessing is mental illness and mediocrity run amok.

We see it every day and for those not paying close enough attention, blindly incorporate it into their thought process. 

The Covid - pandemic, plandemic, scamdemic, whatever you want to call it, I will refer to it as an 'Incident' myself - incident (or incident of interest) is but yet another example of how human psychology is predictable.

It's very easy to manipulate people into an alternate reality running parallel to reality itself. Eventually, reality will reassert itself but this fake reality in the meantime becomes very dangerous.

For example, the general public believe the virus has a 10% death rate (it's closer to .15%). Or the vaccines lowered the death rate (despite the death rate having already been small). Or that children are in danger and need inoculation (evidence shows this to be the contrary). 

This is people living in an inverted reality having been bludgeoned into believing it is factual and therefore true. A skillful deployment of politics also added to the confusion. For instance, in one study, it was discovered people wear masks not because they work but rather to not be perceived as a 'Trumpista'.

Unscrupulous, low IQ public officials (including health officials - believe it or not, doctors can be stupid) capitalize on the fog of fear and compound people's fears by ensuring what they hear is out of context. In this way, they can blow an issue out of proportion and propose a 'solution'.

In this case, the venerated vaccines.

By having kept people in line with masks and other measures, it was very easy to then keep people in fear of a virus. Keep them away from any piece of information that could shake them out of their trance.

Observing the way the vaccines have been heralded, it left me uncomfortable fearing it could descend into an abyss where all ethical codes and standards would suddenly be eviscerated.

When you tear down - or at least hide - reality and replace it with its opposite. Here, you give the keys to escape Arkham to the inmates and the weakest part of the civil order. 

Suddenly, mentally ill people call for draconian measures, citizens apt to inflict pain do so in the service of the state, snitches who call on their neighbour, busy bodies accosting people in public for not adhering to incoherent and illegal dictums. It is where an amoral state enters a symbiotic relationship with its lowest common denominator to impose a tyranny. 

The cost to this is incalculable.

And within the context of Covid, it's not hard and plain to see.

People know when something is off. Right about now is good time for people who have ignored the little voices saying 'something's not right' need to pay closer attention to it and enter the battle.

Because something is definitely not right.

You can start by being aware. Don't fall prey to dissenting views are 'misinformation'. Stay true to your convictions and trust you conscience. It will not fail you. Listen to your soul. It knows.

Don't play along. Don't watch the news or if you do, cast a critical eye upon them. Question authority; question everything.

Don't assume the person on TV has your best interests at heart. They usually don't. They serve an agenda that benefits others but not you.

Keep informed. Don't be misdirected. Know the signs when someone is trying to pull you off the truth trail. 'Oh, that's conspiracy' and 'stop watching Fox news'. All jargon that clouds judgement needed to reach the truth.

We now truly are in this together. The people.

For my part, I will continue to provide information to the best of my abilities. 

Legault's Latest Lie And Act Of Extortion

Is there a more loathsome man in North American politics at the moment than Francois Legault (and this barbaric Dominic Cardy in New Brunswick)?

I follow closely events in other states and provinces, and there's no question Legault rises about them all where holding the people in contempt is concerned.

In his inaugural speech he unveiled 'big changes' are coming to Quebec. Among his grandiose plan scheme is to make Quebec the 'greenest' place on earth.

So green, it will be the envy of the world.

Except it's Quebec and no such thing will happen. There will be a transformation except it will end up like everything else here, a big waste of tax dollars.

Remember, this is the place where bog scams come to die from Big Owe to the CHUM.

We will build it but it will come up short. It will be the usual consortium of investors from the Caisse to unions with very little private business capital. One thing can be assured, Francois and his pals are going to get rich. Just like they're likely lining up their pockets with the 'vaccine' roll out. Pfizer's lobbying tentacles run long, deep and ka-ching.

I have no doubt with a petty and incompetent man at the helm, this will fall flat. Just like the Federal government's pie in the sky attempt to to turn Waterloo into another Silicon Valley. Remember that? It was Justin's and Morneau's big project back in 2015. Since being reported, I haven't heard anything about its progress. Which probably means that too was a dud.

Canada can't innovate organically. It has to ram things through. Since that announcement, Justin went on to excel in scandals and Morneau resigned.

The other part of his speech to the 'peuple' was that he was going to life the emergency measures. 

Of course, as is the case with Francois, there's always a caveat; a catch.

Like a mobster.

Only once 5-11 year-olds get the injection they don't need. The sad part, as I've been writing since April of 2020, about this is the children have no business being involved in this adult hysteria. We've managed to make it about them when in fact it always was - and always will be - about the cowards projecting their fears on to kids. And those cowards roam and lurk in the halls of Quebec City following bad science and advice.

Naturally, parents are going to run to take it. They were fed a pack of lies that the only way out of this was through vaccines (which is simply not true since there are available treatments to quell the virus and the fact the experimental injections can't and won't achieve herd immunity - which is ostensibly why they want to hurt children. Despite children not being vectors and largely safe from the virus. Does any of this make sense to you?) but that they had to sacrifice their kids for the benefit of all. I feel for parents because not only do they have to deal with unbearable and relentless social and political pressure and media propaganda, they then have to face the most dogmatic and committed group to vaccines known as paediatricians. Very hard to speak wth doctors who have the puritanical zeal of a witch hunter.

Another troubling statement was that some measures may remain after the lifting of the emergency measures.

I may be a dullard, which places me above the average parasite in government, but doesn't ending the measures entail ending, you know, the measures?

These people have no ability to lift the spirits of the people. They're caught in a dark Branch Covidian mindset of perpetual fear. It was disheartening to hear this. Despite the fact this is now pretty much an endemic common cold. I don't even want to think about what this petty tyrant has in store but it could very well be the final move that entices me to move out of Quebec. 

Quebec is on the move.

In the wrong direction.


Another Month, Another Justin And Tam Lie Passes By

Remember Justin saying we could see 15 000 cases a day in Canada in October?

That didn't pan out now did it? As usual.

'But it's because of the measu...." /slap!

Nah. It's because Delta is a dud and fear monger fiends like Justin and Tam used whatever crappy models they use to scare people.

Prep for the 'dark winter!' the modellers will say.

Maybe it's time the modellers learn to code.

It's serious because Canada is ushering in intrusive and unethical mandates blaming then vaccinated based on FAULTY PREMISES.


New Segment: For Jason Kenney

It's getting crowded on the Premier Podium of Stupidity but Jason Kenney has squeezed himself right next to Legault and Ford as the fromt runner for corporate shill dumbass.

Kenney is all mixed and messed up about immunity, Ivermectin and vaccine 'efficacy'. 

As you know, as a racist, misogynist, Creationist white privileged supremacist who wants all grannies to die and babies to be fed to Dingos,  I taken a stand against the vaccines and concluded they're pure garbage.

People have been bullied and bamboozled into one of the great corporate heists in world history. They were sold an overblown pandemic in order to take an injection marketed to, well, I'm not so sure anymore they've become so worthless.

But we can all rely on shameless quacks and hacks like Topol, Outfit, Plotnick and Hotetz to come out and scream at us for daring to challenge their authority and 'settled science'.

Spin and profit. 

These fellas are so filled with conflicts of interest, they may as well just get into politics at this point.

The vaccines are neither safe, nor are they effective.

That's not me being anti anything but just calling it as I see it. And the harder they pimp this while people's lives are ruined due to their callous actions, the more the sling shot rebounds against them.

This will set vaccine trust back quite a bit. It has to.



It's bad enough I have to listen to the bozos here in Quebec about this nonsense, now Keaney and his faux conservative gibberish has entered the fray.

So this segment moving forward (assuming I can keep up with it. I'm so backed up actually reading and following the science trying to fix the mess these weak leaders have left) will be focused on immunity, Ivermectin and vaccine data.

Of which there's plenty.

And apparently nobody in Alberta reads.

I invite Jason, first off, to visit the FLCCC Alliance. An alliance of some of the world's top medical doctors in the history of medicine (We rely on epidemiologists from the U of T to condescend to us that this is just a parasitical drug and we're all crazy). Maybe send them an email. Tell them you're the leader of a province that pretends to be bad ass like Texas, but really is just another colonial outpost with oil and gas. No Alamo here.

There, Jason can enter the Willy Wonka world of Ivermectin and the I-MASK protocol that has saved lives. Then, if he has a soul, he should feel shame for realizing Canada failed 27 000 Canadians for not properly not treating them. Yes, medical malpractice is what I accuse the entire Canadian medical system with. They were too busy following bad protocols and praying before the gods of Pfizer to come save them with a shitty injection.

Here, Jason could be a little less confused about Ivermectin. The little drug with one more Nobel prize than Jason for HUMAN MEDICINE. A cheap, out of patent drug (and therein lies the crux of the matter, eh? How the fuck can you make money with Iver-fucking-Mectn? No brown envelopes in that) with billions served. Like McDonald's. Except one saves, the other bloats. Heck, it's even on the list of essential medicines at the WHO.

Know what else it does. EATS CANCER.

Just before bed, while decked out in his Hakan Loob flannel pajamas while eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, Jason can be fascinated with the world of peer reviewed Ivermectin studies in real time. 

I know. I'm being hard on Jason. After all, plenty of misinformation has been spread from places like The Economist, Forbes and other news publications invested in the Covaccine hysteria. 

So, what's the latest on the vaccines anyway? There's much to be alarmed about. From waning (more like collapsing) efficacy to injuries and deaths, the 'miracle' juice many foolishly believed would achieve herd immunity and thus 'end' the pandemic (I still nod my head in disbelief at this notion) has divided counties and ruined lives through insidious and unethical mandates and passports.

Cure worse than the disease. Why, did I not warn way back in March of 2020 that it would be so? It didn't take a genius to see where all this would end up. 

Aside from General Colin Powell dying despite being fully vaccinated. But he had cancer! All the more stupid t have taken the vaccine. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, yeh, the vaccine did him in. 

This is from PubMed. So don't get your mask all ruffled up so you can shoot the messenger. I get some of you bought this scam hook, line and sinker but at some point, despite your Stockholm Syndrome and cowardice, you will have to at some point follow the actual science and truth. 

"At the country-level, there appears to be no discernable relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days (Fig. 1). In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people. Notably, Israel with over 60% of their population fully vaccinated had the highest COVID-19 cases per 1 million people in the last 7 days. The lack of a meaningful association between percentage population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases is further exemplified, for instance, by comparison of Iceland and Portugal. Both countries have over 75% of their population fully vaccinated and have more COVID-19 cases per 1 million people than countries such as Vietnam and South Africa that have around 10% of their population fully vaccinated.

Across the US counties too, the median new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people in the last 7 days is largely similar across the categories of percent population fully vaccinated (Fig. 2). Notably there is also substantial county variation in new COVID-19 cases within categories of percentage population fully vaccinated. There also appears to be no significant signaling of COVID-19 cases decreasing with higher percentages of population fully vaccinated."


Where muh pandemic of the unvaccinated?

With each passing day, we see the lies and catastrophe of this mess.

Oh don't worry. It's not like science is driving any of this. Here, Lunatic Legault announced another one of his projected lies saying the emergency measures will end in early 2022....when the 5-11 group he sets his fangs on get an injection they absolutely do not need. And then he's going to move the goal post like he always does because that's what a shitstain psychopath does. Lies.

Like the mentally ill poser in Ottawa devising his next plot to divide a nation still further for his fiendish fetish for vaccination.

Back to Jason. See Jason? Now dance on this one pal.

This being Canada, there are no shortage of flunkies to pick from to spin away. CTV Vancouver posted a tweet about experts explaining that ICU's are filled with vaccinations because, get his, more people are getting vaccinated.

People get paid for this shit.

Interesting theory. Except, you know, all you fluttering floundering flakes assured Canadians that these 'quackccines' lowered symptoms and therefore would lead to lower hospitalizations.

Instead, what we're getting is the opposite effect as several virologists and immunologists not bankrolled by pharma or getting Gargoyle Gates grants and still good at what they do, warned incessantly about.

Mass vaccination during a pandemic is a baaaaad idea. But it's all good. We're gonna freeze out healthy unvaccinated people out of society to placate an indifferent and obedient society that took they shot like good little serfs.

First rule of Covid Club is find a scapegoat.

Second rule of Covid Club. Find and beat down the scapegoat.

While the deluded masses download their QR apps to have dinner oblivious they're property of the state needing permission to order caprese or head to their cheesy all-inclusive vacations to destination Tacky Riviera.

Funny. As they tolerate friends and family being shunned, if they're vaccinated what are they scared about exactly? Right. This is all about compliance. How dare they not be a compliant conformist like me! They're gonna kill me with their natural immunity!

Speaking. Of. Which.

Jason is on record claiming, again this was not on even low-quality comedy sketch, vaccines offer superior immunity to natural immunity despite several studies pointing to the contrary. I know he's read them but he grossly misrepresented the findings.

There's no way around it. Natural immunity is superior in every way and may be far more robust and long-lasting than Jason thinks. Worse, Dr. Deathdo  over there actually said people who recovered from the lame ass virus (did I mention 99.995% survival rate? No? 99.985% survival rate) should still take the experimental gene therapy because it will double the power of immunity! Double your pleasure with Doublemint gum. 

Yes. A public official peddled outright quackery during a fire side chat with Albertans. Imagine having lasting immunity that is broad and robust after recovering, only to be told to take the shot which offers only specified protection to an original long gone thus making your immunity weaker! This is how irresponsibly retarded this shit has become. It's a toxic spike protein that doesn't remain at the injection site. It's a medical procedure that has turned the world into an experimental lab. In effect, we're the long-term study. 

Our product is so effective, you need to keep taking it every few months or else you won't be able to see your child in the hospital. Sorry. Society's cruel rules.

You can just see the Pfizer rep behind the camera showing two thumbs up with a 'You're doing great, Jason' whisper followed with a many dollars hand gesture about to come Jason's way.

Pick a card Jason. Any card.

Here's one study about immunity

And we all know about the Israeli study showing natural immunity being 13 times better.

But this is all so 'duh' isn't it? MOTHER NATURE > Man. 

Anyway. That's it for now. I've gone on long enough. 

This should keep Jason & Deena up wondering what they've done.

There's plenty more where this came from.

I mean by the bus loads. 


Daily Derp: The Magnificent Derp Seven

Mass vaccinations creating evolutionary pressures.

Don't blame the unvaccinated.


It's our governments making this mess. Not your unvaccinated friend or relative. 

And this should surprise no one.


Ethics of vaccine refusal.

"Proponents of vaccine mandates typically claim that everyone who can be vaccinated has a moral or ethical obligation to do so for the sake of those who cannot be vaccinated, or in the interest of public health. I evaluate several previously undertheorised premises implicit to the ‘obligation to vaccinate’ type of arguments and show that the general conclusion is false: there is neither a moral obligation to vaccinate nor a sound ethical basis to mandate vaccination under any circumstances, even for hypothetical vaccines that are medically risk-free. Agent autonomy with respect to self-constitution has absolute normative priority over reduction or elimination of the associated risks to life. In practical terms, mandatory vaccination amounts to discrimination against healthy, innate biological characteristics, which goes against the established ethical norms and is also defeasible a priori."


There are CCP commies in the system.


Fully vaccinated people in LA.. 

'What is drivers of outbreaks, Alex?"


Meet Bonnie Henry.

She's a shameless piece of work.



Ivermectin is denied because it threatens profits.

Its successes in charts.


Makes the vaccine passports USELESS.

In July we knew the vaccinated transmit.

Yet, the Canadian government still installed a passport system.


Is it for reasons other than the virus?

It's looking that way.

Pray this is incompetence at work.


Costs and benefits of lockdowns in New Zealand.


It's all so out of order.


Junk science is driving medical tyranny.

Fauci et all are quacks.


As usual, The Noo Yawk Times on the wrong side of history.

Lab theory? What lab theory? You're crazy! 


Break from the madness.


FYI: Alex Berenson disclosed Pfizer internal trials that showed the vaccines have little impact on mortality.

Then Twitter permanently suspended his account later on.


Follow the money.



If the vaccines work, then why do high vaccinated countries make do not enter lists?


What happened to Lambda?


Anyone who claims natural immunity is not a thing or is inferior to the injections is full of shit or on the take - or both.


CDC's source for masks is a dud.



Directory of doctors offering outpatient therapy.

Ivermectin is just a part of the strategy.


Statement of non-compliance in Canadian universities.

Mass non-compliance gets us out of this.


Understanding pathogens with Dr. Sunera Gupta.

Not that disingenuous putz Sanjay.


'The vaccines dissipate before our eyes.'


The vaccinated are worried. 


The vaccines suck. 

Good for a couple of months but ineffective afterwards. Hence, boosters. 

The shills have to come out swinging. Over to Plotnick and Outfit. Vaccine millionaires. 


Patient Zero may have been infected by bat at Wuhan lab.


It's unreasonable to think herd can be reached through mass vaccination.


A deadly vaccine.



If the vaccine suck against Delta, it's logical it will suck against Lambda. 


Germany's chief pathologist sounds warning on vaccines after examinations. 


Another voice of reason and science Dr. Makary on children and natural immunity.


Iceland be all like, 'what the white whale? We're vaccinated and still a surge?'


No herd immunity for you! 


Carnival cruise outbreak of the vaccinated.

It means it's working. No vaccine is 100% perfect.


Sounds about right. This is a seminal point in Western history when government, too cowardly to carry out their unethical and futile mandates, off loaded it to private companies.

A more irresponsible dereliction of service to the people one scarce think of.


War on home ownership.

Part of it is the global reset and part of it....is Blackrock and Vanguard. 


Larry Klayman indicts Fauci.

We'll see where this goes.


Children have innate antiviral responses.

Stop vaccinating them!


Portugal's kids all sick at once.


Toronto health officials have lied just like Canadian officials have across the country.



The Pfizer contracts are weird and stacked heavily in their favour.

If we're to ever get a hold of this vaccine run away freight train off its tracks, one step towards that is to reverse Reagan's law of giving immunity to pharma. The fact pharma threatened the government or else they wouldn't produce vaccines tells you all you need to know about its alleged safety. If they were safe, they would demand for immunity.

The other part is to scrutinize academics on the take or with close ties and conflicts of interest with the industry. Another is to look at institutions who receive grants from the BMGF.

And stop shit like this where FDA flunkies jump ship to Pfizer boards.


ALWAYS follow the money.


Fat Check,


Psychology of the conspiracy denier.


The FDA (and CDC) is full of shit.

They're all full of shit criminals.


Infection enhancing anti-SARS antibodies recognize both original and Delta strain. Concerns for ADE.


74% of clusters in Cape Cod among the vaccinated. It means it's working.


Has there ever been positive news from the vaccines in Israel?



The good news about Israel being the experimental testing ground for these injections is we're getting solid studies out of them.

Including this famous one about natural immunity being superior to vaccines.



FLCCC Alliance discussion.

Any doctor or hospitals not following these protocols is committing medical malpractice.


Vaccinated superspreaders in highly vaccinated countries.


Covid emerged much easier from lab than originally thought.