Hillier Released From Custody; Disturbing Reality in Trudeau's Chinada

Forgive us father for we know not what we do.

Shame on the courts and the judge. SHAME. 

"On Monday, MPP Randy Hillier was in custody for 10 hours responding to charges and waiting to see if he would remain incarcerated. He has reviewed the charges and the evidence, and remains confident that he will be found not guilty of any charges.

“These charges have no merit, but represent our disturbing new reality, where political opposition to the regime will be punished with the full power of the state. I have been released on bail, and must abide by significant conditions imposed by the court. These conditions preclude me from freely expressing myself on social media, preventing me from commenting on public policy that is of the utmost importance to the public interest” Hillier said.

A substantial population of Canadians are awakening to this brave new world. They are greatly concerned about the continuous erosion of the liberty that Canada used to represent. MPP Randy Hillier is being publicly targeted for holding what our Prime Minister claims are unacceptable views that represent a small fringe minority. By targeting an elected representative, the establishment is attempting to intimidate and discourage all further dissent against their abuse of power."


A Reminder Of Justin Trudeau's Toxicity

Here are just some of the 'firsts' Trudeau has 'accomplished in case you've forgotten or weren't aware of.

-Outlawed and prosecuted participants in a legal protest thorough the enactment of the Emergencies Act.

-An elected official in Ontario - Randy Hillier - becomes the first politician investigated by police as a result of the Emergencies Act for his participation in the trucker convoy protest. 

-Broke the rule of law during the SNC Lavalin scandal.

-Record breaking spending. 

-Illegally prevented millions of taxpaying Canadians from accessing Federal transportation for declining, as is their right, a medical procedure in the form of an experimental vaccine.

-A 'backroom' deal with an opposition party that directly violates the will of the people. 

-WE charity scandal.

These are just the most egregious acts (leaving aside his obscene hate speech against the unvaccinated and truckers) from a highly scandalous individual. Once you cross these Rubicons, there's no coming back from it so we've entered a darker phase in the Canadian experiment. This has been made worse by the steadfast stubbornness of the courts at both the provincial and federal levels refusing to protect the Charter. 

His governance has divided the country even more so than his father ever did. 

The father-son aspect to this is an interesting one. We've seen and heard several examples where the son fails to match wits and successes of their father. A classic example of this is when a father builds an empire only to watch the son destroy it.

I think this is the case here. What we have in Justin is a clear case of  a son not on the level of his father. He has all the totalitarian impulses of Pierre Trudeau but without the wit.

A not too inappropriate analogy is when Marcus Aurelius (whose stoicism was made famous in one of the most important books in history with Meditations) shared power in ruling Rome with his son Commodus.

Commodus was corrupted by megalomania and a dictatorial style
Sound familiar?

I can't but help but draw an analogy on this.

Justin, who has inexplicably fashioned a personality cult,  has crossed too many Rubicons to not have a negative impact on Canada moving forward. What was once seen as a reputable and stable democracy that spoke with a conscience is no more. 

What we have is a dictator who talks from both sides of his mouth and acts with totalitarian impunity.  He acts as though he'd replace all statues in Ottawa with himself. All that's missing is he declares himself a god as great as Hercules like Commodus did.

And we let it all happen. The Parliament, media, courts and above all, we the people. 

Commodus was eventually assassinated (politics by other means for centuries) marking the end of Pax Romana. Where his father ruled with exceptional skill guided by philosophy, Commodus was the vainglorious and vulgar progeny who ruled as any megalomaniac could as a dictator.

Canada isn't Rome but it has taken center stage playing a hypocritical part before the world. It has cast many eyes upon it wondering what is going on here.

It may just be important enough for Western countries concerned about it - notably the United States - to pay close attention.

I don't believe Canada can survive Justin Trudeau until 2025. He has a radical agenda that will only end up bankrupting the country and decimating the lower-middle classes. How a 25% increase in a carbon tax 'helps' the middle-class is beyond me. And that $500 cheque he's sending to 'cover inflation' not only won't be enough but is only spending for its own sake and further deepens the debt.

But monetary and fiscal policy can be fixed. The problem with Justin is a social and cultural one. Even legal. The precedents he has set, as mentioned, are bound to weaken this country's democratic institutions and the perception of how Canadians view them. Already we're seeing a drop in trust in our legal and medical establishments. 

I reckon it will only get worse from here on in as long as this unholy alliance with the NDP continues.

The only way out is if the Liberals remove him or there's a non-confidence vote. We must 'assassinate' Justin's reputation by exposing his antics as hard and factually as we can.  

The best outcome would be for him to be humiliated and democratically removed from office. That way, he can watch his legacy be forever mocked and forgotten. The best punishment is for him to see the history books and all mediums describe him as a failed Prime Minister that did great damage to Canada.

As he looks on helplessly. 


Daily Derp: 6ht Encounter of The Wavederp Kind

Here's how some European MP's scolded Justin like I've never seen a Western leader be scolded and lectured. He apparently had the audacity and gall to attack the Freedom Convoy. He also declared his trip a 'success'. In his mind.

That boy ain't right as they say. How much longer can he deny realist? It's kinda discomforting how he's able to pretend like this. 



Here's how the Canadian media covered this embarrassing moment in Canadian history. The mystery is WHY does the media protect such a foul and clear menace to Canadian democracy? And this includes the National Post - though it has it's moments. The Toronto Sun are on the ball reporting Justin as he ought to be and what he is.

I know the bribe is one thing but it's now unnerving. 


The White House - and soon the Canadian government - are acting with complete unscientific recklessness with little support from the scientific community in pushing forward with 4th etc. boosters. 

We're officially entering another phase in the greatest medical crime in history. And it's showing no signs of abating as politics is in complete control of this monstrous catastrophe run by monstrous people.

Biden, Trudeau, Tam, Fauci - and the NDP and Bloc. Monsters for continuing this dangerous charade.

The mandates are HURTING more people than saving them.

I stand by that I will do my part in never letting this go. I'm now in the fight and will NEVER forgive this government for what it did and I will seek and demand justice. 


I've mentioned Dr. Ralph Baric on and off since 2020 and wondered why he's been able to elude scrutiny for his role in gain of function research. 

Seems to me this quack-genius is every bit the trouble maker as Fauci, Collins and Daszak. I think these are your Fanatical-Farcical Four that need to be hauled in for questioning. They need to tell the public everything they know and if need be - confess.


The Viral Delusion.

As readers (ahem) here know, I've been highly critical of epidemiologist who have swayed and strayed waaaaaaaaaayyyyy out of their lanes during the pandemic to the point I've come to despise them. Infectious disease doctors are on par.

Virologists are slightly better and haven't been as vocal in their arrogance but I could be wrong. Immunologists have been far more responsible. Most of the TV dinner experts out there peddling charlatan takes in support of futile and damaging measures have been epidemiologists. 


Excess deaths in the USA in context.



"...There will be no repudiation of lockdowns, masking, and vaccine coercion for a generation or more. Millions of people across the world will now demand their governments respond in this way to every future pandemic threat. The institutional framework and legal understandings necessary to satisfy this demand is in place everywhere. Politicians and pandemicists know how much is possible, they know how much the people will put up with, and the next time they will push beyond even these boundaries.

What I call the ‚pandemic industry‘ has been massively expanded. SARS-related coronaviruses, and SARS-2 specifically, will remain a a focal point of research around the world for a long time, probably for the rest of our lives. That means more lab leaks, harsher responses to milder threats, and constant pressure across academia and the bureaucracy for new laws and new emergency powers.

The politicians, federal, provincial down to city councils have all shown Canadians what a bunch of criminals we have with many low IQs and allegiances to the global masters. I had no idea things were as bad as they are and wish we could do a “ Great Reset” on their sorry asses and either jail them in solitary confinement like Pastor Artur Pawlowski is enduring or arrange for them to meet the ultimate judge for true justice. Hell awaits many of them for the hell they are unleashing on humanity."


Canadian science for the win!

The say New Zealand has a lotta sheep. Canada has more. Canadian think being obedient is a virtue. There isn't a piece of propaganda they don't swallow whole. Can't be like those squirrelly Americans. Ah but our best flock to America leaving the dullards behind. Ironic how Covid turned peacekeeping loving Canadians (who vaulted this pride to insufferable levels like our second rate public health system) into belligerent neocons going to fight the Slavic Slayer. False virtue and faux-rigtheousness practiced by such a gullible and naive bunch is a toxic mix. It has turned this place into a bastion of pseudo-collectivism, self-loathing hate for freedom and vaccine gulags. /looks at brochures for New Hampshire.


And our court system has proven to be nothing but a hollowed out entity inhabited with people who just happen to wear black robes playing the part of judges. It has no legitimacy anymore in my eyes. It consistently rejects its duty to uphold the Charter and BOR on the specious premise it's not the job of the courts to 'challenge the legislature'. The justice system in Canada is a complete and total fraud. I have no trust the legal or medical systems anymore. It's been a dramatic and traumatic revelation to realize Canada is one big land of smug, obedient, gullible and naive cowards. No country loves masks more than Canada. It's truly unnerving. 

Yes, what we've done to First Nations (and all Justin that little snivelling criminal could offer is his salty, useless tears) and Japanese-Canadians (as well as Italian-Canadians who also faced confiscation, curfews and placed in camps - though in smaller numbers) adds to the fraud of Canada.


Former Helsinki Committee member tells of Israel becoming a playground for Pfizer.


Why vaccine mandates cause more harm than good (also titled as 'Duh). March 31.


Dr. Joel Hirschorn with Zuby's podcast discussing 'Pandemic Blunder.'


Judicial Watch diligently but slowly unravelling Fauci's antics.


An opinion on Covid from the Russian angle.


It's the rate of change stupid. 


Stuff not releases because it would be misinterpreted. 

70% of infections at the CDC among the vaccinated.


This covers everything I've said and argued here these past two years.


A couple of things on Ukraine.

One from Greenwald. 

Another from Consortium News. 

My little town of 8000 is flying the Ukraine flag. 

Someone had to go buy that flag. 

And the sheep keep sleeping. 


We have lots of problems in Canada. I argue the country be put under trustee.


And some thing tangental to the Russia story via Bretton woods.

Quote of the day:

"....iditos....." T.C.

Our Py-Ops Disaster Rupturing The Civil Order

What the Stanford Prison Experiment reveals about our Covid response.

Oh, the mess we've made.

Who did it?

They were right in front of you...on TV.  They were the media, experts and politicians all championing the worst kind of measures and mandates.

None of which worked or were ever backed by sound science.

Never mind judgement. 


Canada Is NOT An Enlightened Democracy

Canada built itself a strong reputation as a democratic nation dedicated to the cause of human rights particularly in the post-war era.

It has done so despite some black marks on its history. Up until 2020 I accepted those blemishes or marks under the premise no nation is perfect and holds similar moments of regret.

Two of the most infamous moments of course is the continued mistreatment of First Nations (Residential schools and living standards) and the internments of Japanese, Italian (and German and Ukrainian) Canadians during World War II under Mackenzie Lyon King of the Liberal party. 

When push came to shove, we believed, Canada would always respect sovereign individual rights even with its eye on the collective.

But Covid has completely obliterated the notion of civil liberties in Canada. The country has foregone the legitimate right to speak of such issues for the time being under the malicious hate filled hypocritical Justin Trudeau. 

Canada talks a good game internationally but does not act according to its rhetoric domestically.

Vaccine mandates continue to discriminate against millions of Canadians and this is simply unacceptable given the science - remember that? Ha! - does NOT support punitive measures on this scale. The courts have shown themselves to be cowards in refusing to uphold the rights of Canadians as PROTECTED by the Charter and Bill of Rights. Choosing to abstain from any decisions 'challenging the legislature'.

Like I said. Cowards. The judiciary, I thought, was supposed to be bulwark against the encroachment on our rights. 

This demands repeated mentioning. We are preventing law abiding Canadians who exercised their right (and free will) to not take a medical procedure from leaving the country even for places that do not require proof of vaccination. They're not even allowed to show negative proof. No recognization of natural immunity either. I hear it often said, and this grates my loins, you're free to decline but that's the price. 

Which only further cements my assertion we're not an enlightened society but a cruel one. The vaccines are not sterilizing and therefore do not halt transmission. Healthy, unvaccinated people (especially those who recovered from the virus) pose little to no threat whatsoever. Yet, too many people believe we all remain vectors of death.

Unenlightened AND irrational.

That's the result of unimpeded and persistent fear racing through the minds of all with the fury of the bubonic plague. 

Another victim claimed by the Covid fear machine. 

Canada showed itself incapable of any courage. It's going to take a generation or two - if ever - to repair the psychological and physical damage to the civl order as well as the economy. 

All directly due to failed leadership from top to bottom. And I blame, ultimately, the PEOPLE for this catastrophe. Refusing to evolve at all, it has settled into a life of Stockholm Syndrome always squawking 'it's too soon' to remove measures never grasping it will always be 'too soon'.

There will never be a good time to lift mandates. Most countries have realizing this. Canada, as has become customary, is a laggard on this front. A punitive laggard at that.

-Internment camps.

-First Nations.

-Vaccine mandates.

In just 120 years (since the 1900s), Canada has already three black marks on it.

This is not an enlightened  democracy.

It's a democracy of dullards.

Canadians are a proud bunch.

I don't see why,


Ignorant Armies

All these empty ravings from ignorant minds about fighting for 'democracy and freedom' in Ukraine leading ignorant armies. 


Reminds me of Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold. 

Ah, love, let us be true
To one another! for the world, which seems
To lie before us like a land of dreams,
So various, so beautiful, so new,
Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
And we are here as on a darkling plain
Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
Where ignorant armies clash by night.

Onto your fight for 'democracy' as you wallow obediently in an abyss of mandates enslaving your mind and health. 

The poem was cited in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. A book that seems more important than ever during these mad, anti-intellectual censorious times. It's the 'apathy of the masses' that create the atmosphere as he put it. And here we are.....complete censorship of opposing Covid views of the 'official' narrative (the book burners) and unhinged social justice/political correctness/wokism run amok. 

Our obedience and complicity and outright hostility to independent thought (he wants freedom! Get him!) is a path to our own demise. There is no greater face of this sickness and malaise than Justin Trudeau. 

No wonder they want to 'burn' any opinions.

The survivors at the end of the story represent rebirth. We must take hope in this. 

When the Covid hysterics (book burning) dies and the Ukraine (war as distraction) pass we will need to reform and rebuild. And not in the way the elites have in mind.

We will have to do it in the spirt of the American Fouding Fathers with FREEDOM at the centre of it all.

The Phoenix will be reborn. 

No, It's Not Normal

There have been an odd number of odd deaths recently. 

My daughter's best friend's mother died while on vacation with her daughter. 49 years-old. Healthy. Triple vaccinated.

We await Rafael Nadal's diagnosis.

Now the drummer of Foo Fighters died.

There has been a long list of 'mysterious' deaths and now articles don't even bother to disclose cause of death. 

And this is just a couple of example of what is hundreds of sudden deaths of young people feeling ill or dying.

Pfizer's original released documents showed a high death rate which was completely ignored by the media. I think that needs to be looked at critically again by those who refuse to accept the possibility the vaccines are indeed dangerous. 

I won't go further here but something is definitely off. 

I'm monitoring insurance companies and actuarial data.

We'll see.

But if this keeps, people like Vanden Bossche and Cliff High (and others) may be proven right. Is this really a 'death shot'?


Daily Derp: And Coviderp Marches On In The Mud

Links to mock Canadians and Canadian officials.


Cases! SHUT 'ER DOWN! 


That'll learn 'em.


Opposite George. 

What we're doing is exactly the opposite of what should be done.

Vanden Bossche explains. You know, the guy who has been right all along but science writer Jarry at McGill attacked. I think - and I'm just basing it on what I've observed and read over two years - but I think Vanden Bossche has proven to know what he's talking about a wee-little more than what I've seen from the McGill gang. 

Are you surprised the government chose the wrong path?

Power and health DO NOT MIX.


You want science Pajama people? I'll give you science. Here:

Viral loads are the same with the vaccinated and unvaccinated. In fact, a little higher with the vaccinated.

But keep mandates in place!


Moderna asks for EUA to stab kids with their junk. Is it legal?

The efficacy doesn't even meet the standard minimum 50% requirement from the FDA. Never mind children under 17 don't even need it. Which means the FDA- Ka-Ching! - will approve it. 

Keep your kids away from paediatricians. 


Nothing makes sense or adds up with the vaccine approval process or trials.  Fraud, racketeering, denial of rights and informed consent, medical malpractice lawsuits are being drawn up. 


Last year, BMJ broke the story of fraud during the Pfizer trials at Ventavia.

There is so much circumstantial and hard evidence around the safety and efficacy - or lack thereof - of the vaccines as well as the lack of transparency it's a miracle it's on the market. 


Excess deaths vs. percent vaccinated.

Lots of debate outside the realm of the mainstream realm. 


The athletes aren't ok.


Pfizer under the microscope. 


"Canadians are looking for to interact in a digital manner...." Really? I'm Canadian and wasn't looking for that. Are we being told to look for it?

A discussion on digital ID.

I'm not as cynical or worried about Digital ID as some but I do have concerns and question. Notably on privacy and security as it pertains to medical status in particular. Or it morphing into some grotesque tool of oppression and control like a social credit system. I don't want to live in a world where if you're late with your Bell payment they block you bank account.

And don't say "conspiracy!" because I'm going to slap you. The Canadian government just demonstrated it can and will freeze bank accounts. They did so by misleading and spreading misinformation the public to boot. And if you think that's for uppity truckers think twice. It can be for anyone the government deems 'dangerous.' 

This is an extreme position most people are taking when it comes to where Digital ID can 'end up' as a slippery slope.

Specifically, the comments made by Joni Brennan has people riled up and while I'm not all that enamoured with what she said, I'm not sure it's that bad either. As long as the vaccine scenario she describes is VOLUNTARY then it can be valuable for some people who do choose to get it. 

Paranoia aside (is it?) the discussion had the usual vague if not obsolete 'greater good' and 'we need a balanced approach' musings. One panelist referred to 'grappling with the new normal'. Whenever I hear this, I Immediately become skeptical. Why do we have to 'grapple with a new normal'? What does it mean? For a virus with a 99.985% survival rate where under 1% of people are hospitalized? Part of what's driving this mania is the fact the authorities may have indeed been OVER COUNTING deaths.* It's funny how Walensky at the CDC adjusted deaths downwards for young people by as much as 70 000 under the threat of a lawsuit. I have a feeling there's been massive fraud across the board on this front. 

Also making its entrance was the increasingly empty phrase, 'Small business is the backbone of our economy;. Until we deem you "non-essential" and shut you down. SME's are indeed essential to our economy but the government and 'Covid freaks' had no problem acting like shutting down an economy has no massive impact. 

Anyway. Not a bad discussion if not informative. They described DID as nothing more than a Visa card and it's pretty much how I viewed it. But I think, as a layman, the term 'Digital ID' is going to be a challenge for them. It strikes to much suspicion and harkens to for better or worse,  a dystopian 'I, Robot' or 'Bladerunner' sci-fi existence.

*From the CEBM: 

"The researchers found 14 different terms that were used to describe a person who had died with COVID. These included “involving COVID,” “underlying COVID,” “died within either 28 or 60 days of a positive test,” and “due to COVID.” Under all of these categories, deaths in each one were added to the total COVID death count."


From the comments world:

"And paediatricians are already standing guard salivating. Hey, when the adults start to decline the shot, go after the kids who have no say to solidify your cash flow. Paediatricians and pharma are natural economic allies."

"They believe because that's what the propaganda and narratives have been drilled into their brains. Someone we know said she is convinced the vaccine is 'keeping her alive'. This nonsense is further cemented by the fact she had a friend who was healthy died of the virus and was unvaccinated. They conflate, and mix up causation and correlation with outliers and even when you point that out the standard fall back sheep response is "Yeh well, I still think ti works and not taking a chance'. Despite the statistical fact they have less than a 1% of getting Covid whether you are vaccinated or not and that the overall survival rate is around 99.985%. It's pure psychological mayhem and a break down of common sense and critical thinking. It's just Stockholm Syndrome at full throttle."

Darker Age

For a while I had a 'Fall of the West' segment which, in part, warned and discussed we're mired in a cultural and intellectual dark age. Technology is doing fine but if your culture is sick and weak, then your technology is bound to be misused.

Witness social media censorship and this WEF nutcase Dr. Hariri. 

Mental illness is coupled with a degradation in intellectualism.

And it's the lights are going out in many fields. 

Law is one of them.

I read this thread and it captured well where we're headed.

Hint: It's not good. 

I've amended it being a 'Dark Age'.

We're in a Darker Age.

I'm beginning to wonder if we're actually worse than the Middle-Ages.

Our sense of moral and ethics is imbalanced to the point of threatening civilization while our application and views on science has become grotesque and corrupted.

Our commitment and belief in freedom has been crushed. 

It really does feel like Arkham is ruling Gotham. 

Experts "Confused" About Africa

Experts are confused how Covid isn't ravaging Africa especially since they don't have the magically awesome experimental vaccine to save them. 

Oh come on now. Skippy from McGill and Frick from CTV and Frack from the Ontario Science Table tell us that's different! They're younger! Africa has different, you know, stuff.

And Sa-weeeden is an outlier! So regardless of how good things are in Africa, Africans need to VACCINATE now! We in the West have ordained it to be so because we're the West and the West is the best and never wrong. Ever.

/Africa begins to vaccinate. Cases shoot up. Average Western 'expert' strokes chin. 'Hm. That's odd. It's morphing into a super giant killer variant. VACCINATE S'MORE!'

No one is sure why because a) they pretend to know anything and b) wasted all their stupid energy believing the vaccines were gonna solve all their problems and continue to find excuses for it. We barely understand how influenza behaves and affects humans so it's no surprise germ chasing epidemiologists and other wearisome experts don't understand. 

Go figure it out on your own time and leave Africa alone. You did enough damage peddling medical products on behalf of Pfizer.

Is Peter Juni gone yet?

It's Not Over

Food shortages are coming. Gas prices and inflation are skyrocketing.

Digital ID - though it remains to be seen how drastic and invasive.

We're nowhere near the end here and our politicians are running us aground.

Sad part? It all end immediately. Open up the pipelines. Drill. End the mandates. 

But the Pajama warriors have their masks way up their asses to see. 

Just a couple of quick things I noticed scanning around.

In Ukraine the military there - the one with Nazis in it, remember? - are rounding up the usual suspects and humiliating them in public. Footage is being shown of Ukrainian soldiers tying Romas up to poles and stripping them. That's what you're supporting. It will only get worse from here. Nazis gonna Nazi.

Biden has said the NWO has arrived and food shortages are real.


To people not paying any attention these past 10 years or so, this is all the fault of Covid and Putin.

They be wrong.

Like they always are. 

This is all directly and indirectly connected to our decisions to lockdown. I don't think people quite grasp how dramatic this decision was. The second we pummelled people and the economy it should have been obvious the repercussions were going to be epic and Biblical 

WE did this to ourselves.

And we never let go.

Now. Here's the price. 



Our 'leaders'. 

Canada Continues To ignore And Reject Science

Yesterday a Conservative motion to end all vaccine mandates was once again defeated in the House 212-117. Basically, the Liberals, NDP and Bloc voted anti-science and out of plain punitive fear.

I didn't expect it to pass because the timing is off and 'sixth wave' mini-panic. Plus it couldn't be expected that Justin in all his soft egotistical pop tart dictatorial brain would work with the conservatives. Justin is all about divisive ideological power politics in the critical race theory tradition.

He cares not a whit for the well-being of Canadians. He's not well himself. 

Canada remains the only country in the world to continue to defy science and suppress individual rights.

It's just impossibly outrageous.

The United States maintains mandates but with one very important distinction: They don't prevent their citizens right to mobility. This is a basic human right enshrined in all constitutions. Yet for some reason Canadians who support this nonsense can't seem to grasp this is a denial of the Bill of Rights.

Worse still, Canadians can't seem to grasp the cruel impacts of keeping families apart. Some people simply cannot take this vaccine. Yet find themselves out of work or unable to see their families. Immigrants have had to leave Canada to go back to their homeland to be with their families leaving behind whatever they were hoping to achieve here as their 'Canadian dream'.

Unconscionable and undemocratic. 

They also think it's 'not time' because 'people are still catching it'. It hasn't registered in the minds of the normie North American apparently that they will always catch it. It will always circulate. So their 'thunking' means they will never feel it's time to lift the mandates. Just like how they continuously obey the mask rules. It really is disgusting how Canadians remain so apathetically obedient. Limp.

But they sure talk a tough game about Ukraine. Canadians don't know what tough is. They don't know what true pain is. They've never experienced it in their lazy and comfortable lives. That's why they act like they do with Covid. It's their 'war'. Their pajama war.

Where were you during the great Pajama War of 2020-202x ? 

"I was fighting with the resistance!"

"I was home on my laptop at home with the shades down in my mask!"


As Canada shows the world that it's a mirage and not all that bright, New Zealand was the latest country to end all mandates. Funny thing about this is, like Europe, they ended them as cases are hitting record numbers just like Australia - who have been loosening up lately and may be next. Update. While Australia indeed is 'opening' they maintain proof of double vaccination for international travellers. Why officials insist on acting like the first two doses still work is beyond comprehension. After eight months, people are effectively no longer vaccinated. Yet they get to travel? It defies logic and belies the facts of what we know about these low quality medical products.

Canada will come out of this in poor shape economically.

More importantly, psychologically. 

Perhaps even physically depending on how the rush to mass vaccinate impacts health mid to long term.

For now, we remain under a superstitious medical tyranny. 


The Rats Are Running

Peter Juni resigned today.

Juni is a member of the Ontario Science Table that, like the SAGE in the UK, has peddled the Covid lockdown measures that has devastated the Canadian civil order.

He resigned and then escaped to Oxford. 

Good riddance.

Our loss is Oxford's loss.

This is a 'scientist' who without proof pushed passports and the continuing of obscene futile measures. 

He was less about science and more about money.

Turns out Peter is just your run of the mill coward scientist nerd on the take. 

His conflict of interests with pharma were never disclosed either by him or CTV who had him on as a running gag TV dinner expert. 

We must not allow these people to get away with what they've done. 

THE SCIENCE DOES NOT BACK MASKS; Justin Has No Legitimacy; Australia's Broken Model

It's not a joke anymore here in Quebec.

We're the only jurisdiction in NORTH AMERICA with a continuous mask mandate still in effect since July of 2020.

Nothing. Not a single LEGITIMATE study has shown they have had any impact on anything.

It's now a foul disgrace that we still have officials and, of course, TV dinner experts from academic institutions and hospitals peddling this superstition. 

I don't know why Quebec constantly and consistently is a laggard on the continent. 



Justin Trudeau not only has a minority government but he also doesn't have the plurality of votes. He's also not very popular.

You would think he'd govern as such. Instead, he has deceived himself into believing he has a 'mandate' as his pal Marc Miller claimed after the election in 2021. No, the Liberals do NOT have a mandate.

Remember when they demanded Harper govern like he has a minority? Funny how that doesn't apply here. 

Instead, Trudeau is looking to further steal more power rather than actually work with the other parties in the spirt of the election result that determined he must do so. That's the real mandate. 

Justin is too busy attacking the conservatives and Canadians to realize his power is fleeting.

Hopefully it all crumbles.


Australia was a model to the Zero Covid morons. For two years we had to listen how they did things 'right'  while Sweden were granny killers. Before the vaccine, Australia managed to deceive themselves into thinking they had the virus under control not understanding a virus is gonna virus. All it was going to do is sit and wait it out until things opened up.

This is what science and experts were warning about.

Then the vaccines came and the Aussies went all jabber-stabbin' and wouldn't you think it? Cases and deaths shot up to record levels. Viruses are not supposed to get worse. Yet, as soon as the vaccine mania began, Australia saw Covid ravage through their island-country.

How is this supposed to happen? Aren't the vaccines supposed to prevent or end all this?

Australia played it wrong. 

Sweden, as we bet back in 2020, was right all along.

Review Of Norm MacDonald's Book

it's a movie maybe get wes anderson to direct it and adam sandler ahem eget and you guessed it frank stallone can all star in it bill murray too it would get eget away from the queensboro bridge for a couple of nights too the more i read about this keane fella the less i cared for him

The book rolled on and unfolded like a movie. MacDonald was simply a niche onto himself. A comedian, satirist, absurdist and humorist all rolled into one. The book was a lot of fun to read. Big loss for comedy. 

The end. 

Justin and Jagmeet announce they’re the world’s first power couple.

WEF proteges Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh became world’s first power couple. Just in case this riveting revelation wasn’t enough, Justin then announced he was in fact transgender while Jagmeet fully supports Justin’s ‘brave’ decision. 

“I have a special announcement to make. Because of all the toxicity in Canada, I decided to make Jagmeet my gimp.” Making a heart gesture with his hands Justin playfully added, ‘Just kidding, Jag. You complete me.”

“With this incredible joining of forces, we can now move ahead and rid Canada of ropey-racists. All 37.4 million of them. Behold! I present you all “The Justin Zoolander Center for People Who Can’t Listen to me Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too camp!…Center!”

At that moment CBC;s Rosemary Barton whistled hard while ‘J-class’ reporters from CTV and Global clapped making seal sounds. 

As for himself when asked when he was going to become transgender lest he be seen as transphobic, Jagmeet replied, ‘Something’s cookin’. Stay tuned Canada’ But first a magic trick!’ He then proceeded to change his turban into different colours each time pointing to the top of his head saying with a wide grin, ‘Ahhh, eh?’ 

It’s unclear at this point what this means for the all the parties and most important Canadians. 

“The best way I can describe this alliance is it’s like Potsie and Ralph Malph joining forces. No one in their circle of friends would take take it seriously but would worry about the damage they could cause around Milwaukee’ says one clearly frustrated political analyst. ‘I have run out of ideas and explanations conveying to Canadians what’s going on. I’m exasperated to be frank. I’ve resorted to Happy Days analogies’. 

When asked about the deal, Klaus Schwab replied, ‘It was splendid. They weren’t the best students but they were the most eager. It’s nice to see them working together to our advantage. By ‘our’, of course, I mean Canada.”

The first order of business is expected in April where the Liberals will table a bill stipulating they will provide every single Canadian with a pony, unicorn and some coke.

Loads of it.

World Backlash Against Justin Trudeau

I had said between the Emergencies Act debacle and incoherent and punitive vaccine mandates, Justin had clearly crossed over into an anti-democratic  totalitarian posture and lost any credibility to claim Canada is a democracy let alone lecture the world about the virtues of democracy and freedom.

If he had any self-awareness he would refrain from doing so. He can get away with it in parochial Canada but it remained to be seen on the international scene and how they'd react. 

Suffering from cognitive dissonance and buoyed by a false sense of control and legitimacy, he went ahead and did it anyway.

And the Europeans aren't reacting well to it.

In Holland, I was told from a friend, the Dutch were aghast and were demanding the Dutch Parliament do something. In the United States, we have members of Congress tabling bills to end vaccine mandates immediately at the border. It appears our leadership has corroded to the point where other nations will take decisions for us.

I've never seen this country in worst shape.

We need to seriously end this.

The only way is to somehow remove Justin Trudeau. 

Here are a couple of European MPs - Christine Anderson and Mislav Kolakusik - taking direct aim at Justin. Notice how they're talking. It's with utmost contempt showing no respect for him. Here. And here. 

And here.

Few showed up too.

It's nice to see people in positions of power making his antics public because here the media likes to protect this cockwomble. 

The Picture Is Now Clearer: The Future Of Canada Is Grim If Canadians Don't Resist

Like most people of presumably sound mind, I don't like the backdoor weasel move by Justin and Jagmeet. And though it's easy to be pessimistic about the direction of this country - though not unreasonable - I'm not entirely worried.

Justin is obscenely lucky and an obscene hypocrite that has tarnished Canada's reputation. The only way such a scandalous person manages to squirm their way out of one gaffe after another is through a combination of an inattentive and apathetic Canadian populace (which the world has duly noted) and a completely discombobulated conservative party still without effective leadership. Had they been so, Justin would have been gone a long time ago having offered 'normies' a viable option. They say the GOP are the 'stupid party'. If so, the Conservatives are the 'stupider party'. Remember, this is the party that elected Erin O' Toole. Mitt Romney north.

Yet, Justin is somehow squandering this fortune and his luck has to run out at some time. You can't manipulate the system to keep you in power forever. At least I want to think that. Is our democracy that fragile as to become so easily a Venezuela? With a guy like Justin in power and his spending, anything is possible I suppose. Instead of thanking his lucky stars and moving the country in a more unified direction he has chosen to take a page out of the totalitarian play book and use divisive politics as a wedge to maintain power.

He is your classic remedial wannabe tin pot dictator of a banana republic. He's acting the way the left believed Harper did.  Like a dictator. Harper never did this.

But here's the thing that gives me hope. This is not an alliance' borne from principles of any kind but out of lazy convenience by two very unpopular and weak individuals. Think of it as two low end, mediocre capos forming an uneasy partnership to take down a Mafia boss. This can crack, crash and burn at any time. Reality can still come in and pinch and punch Justin in the gut. 

Nonetheless, all this cynicism and commitment to irrational Covid measures is weighing heavy on the country. His father put this country in massive debt in the 70s and 80s and it took us 20 years to fix that mess. Now Justin is doing the same only this time the stakes are far higher and more dangerous. He already has spent the coffers and plans to do more This deal only benefits Jagmeet himself and not the party or country. We've already spent to the equivalent of GDP and now with inflation (and inevitable result of shutting down the economy for two years) set to settle in, the geniuses have decided the best way to 'offset' the rising cost of living is with a stimulus cheque of $500. This is the equivalent of using inflation to fight inflation. It's nonsensical and will lead to printing money out of thin air (MMT in action) and exacerbate the problem.

The only way out of this is to end all mandates and measures and allow for the economy to organically set itself back on track. And no, it's not because of the Russians gas prices are rising. That was a trend already set in motion when the U.S. and Canada cut production and killed pipeline projects. This problem can easily be remedied by opening the taps again. But with the Green project in play and Agenda 2030, they won't. So they will be more than happy to decimate the low and middle classes to achieve their pet project. And as things get worse - and they will - blame Russia. Even though they export barely 1% of oil and gas to North America.

The deal doesn't strike me as a good one for the NDP in particular. The NDP have always prided themselves as being the 'conscience' of Canadian politics while supporting the working classes. They're neither under Jagmeet (who has a fancy Rolex collection) and this has to ruffle their caucus. In the long-term, if I'm one of those 26 MPs I'd worry about my job if this 'alliance' lasts to 2025. People who voted NDP didn't vote Liberal so they will remember and vote accordingly. 

For now, keep the pressure up and don't despair.


I think of all the countries in the West, Canada will come out the worst. As Europe and the United States continues its U-turn on Covid (mature societies that understand the stakes regarding their economies and the civil order grasp this), Canada remains stuck on stupid. 

The problem is the government seems more prepared to get it going but it's the population insisting on remaining petulantly afraid. I never would have thought Canadians could be so weak and pathetic. 

They talk a tough game about Ukraine but still call for masks and restrictions.

It's hard to nail down the psychological aspects to all this but it certainly is blocking any move forward.

At the moment, we're paying to keep cowards at home. They're way too comfortable.Now, we have to treat them now like I was treated on the construction site when I was 14. Like shit with a "You get your sorry asses back in the fucking office. Fun time is over'. That's the only way to jolt these smug son of a bitches who helped to ruin lives back into reality. 


I don't see an economic recovery any time soon. 

Montreal's economy took another blow when Gap and Eagle closed. Those commercial spaces will not be replaced. You're gonna probably see those locales be subletted and become multiple stores that, in turn, will also eventually and likely close.

And then it will be converted into condominiums or something.

The pandemic response set Montreal - the engine of Quebec - back 10 years flat and easy. Retail was already dying and no one is going to invest and commit to a long-term investment in this environment. Would you?

I wouldn't. In fact, my advice to those who can is to leave Canada altogether.

With Trudeau and Covid still swirling they can shut everything down on a dime. Won't happen in America but here it sure as hell can happen here because we're not a business culture and are ignorant of what business faces. 

So all those 'A louer' signs across the city from St. Laurent to St. Denis to St. Catherine to anywhere else will remain empty for some time. And this is where the real fun begins. You wanted your CERB and wanted to stay home and flick olive pits at the unvaccinated and 'anti-maskers' like a bunch of cowardly children? You accepted the fear mongering nonsense from the media swallowing whole the pseudo-collectivist, false virtue gibberish? Expect blowback.

Mind you I don't expect the civil service to feel pain. Although I would not be against the return of austere measures to cut the bureaucracy. Someone will have to pay for this catastrophe. 

How this population gave in so easily to totalitarian measures under the guise of 'protecting' public health is a topic we will be talking about for a long time. We created an entire new class: The Pajama Class. A class of people who are recessionary proof who often work for government or corporations who can login from their homes to work and never miss a pay check while tapping on Twitter how it's 'too soon' to end measures. We also created a 'Medical class'. These are the experts who call for a shut down of the economy while also never missing a heat and paycheck. Ironically, their salaries are paid through taxes. Taxes raised from the productive economic activity of the people and industries they advocate to shut down. For 'public health'.

The sad part to all this is Canadians bought this bunk and hunk of irrational thinking and don't appear ready to admit it or even fight it off. There's no resistance. And where people most affected fight back, they turn on them. See truckers.

And expect headlines in the future along the lines of "Government officials look to rejuvenate the economy' and 'What happened to the economy?'


Hey, how long before the whiny masked up pukes complain about the term 'Pajama class' and Justin looks to ban it for being 'toxic'? What a mess and ALL FORESEEABLE.

And perhaps done on purpose.

No one can be so idiotic.



Supreme Court Justice Identity Politics

I was listening to the questioning of Supreme Court nominee Kentanji Brown Jackson the other day.

I'm no Supreme Court expert - nor do I play one on TV - but she doesn't seem fit at all. Way too many 'I don't know' if you ask me. She didn't know specific cases cited.

I mean, isn't that, you know, your job?

Notice also the Republicans aren't turning this into an obscene circus like the Democrats did (hello Kamala!) with Kavanaugh. They're just asking questions. I know the left hate any question in whatever form or capacity, but that's the purpose of these things. To tease out if someone really is fit for the job. In the past, it was just a formality but for the most part the system wasn't so corroded and polarized as it is now. Back then, most of the Justices it was understood really were capable. 

Not so much now in the age of diversity and woke justice. 

Identity trumps talent. 

Jackson is clearly a token nominee. 

I recall Amy Cony Barrett with her pen and pad diligently and expertly fielding all questions. She was outstanding - event though she has somewhat disappointed conservatives during the Covid era.

I don't know.

It just feels like Brawndo is becoming reality more and more everyday if this keeps up.

History Warns And Cautions; Justins' Projections

We're living in a time where blind virtue rages in people's minds and souls.

We're two years into a Covid response catastrophe that saw authorities take unprecedented measures without fact or basis in science. Odd that in 2019 all the collective knowledge and experience gathered in the previous decades dictated and culminated into concluding avoiding lockdowns and focus protection while applying sound overall public policy to protect overall public health was the wise and intelligent way to handle epidemics and pandemics.

Then. Poof. Out of nowhere and without much reason that was ignored and forgotten in 2020. Without debate, consultations, or commissions it was determined lockdowns and mandates were the way to go.

Who were these people and how could they be so utterly ignorant and foolish?

The cure has become worse than the disease. Worse still, we've angered millions of people. How can it not? We stole their lives; their jobs and their dignity by denying them the right to medical autonomy and informed consent.

'No one forced you' is a popular refrain from the self-centred normie class but to someone who is observing this with a sharper wit with an eye on human nature understands that while there were no 'official' mandates people were extorted into it. They were forced to choose between their jobs or a medical procedure. They were also denied access to 'privileges'. 

This amounts to the same thing as force. Only with far greater implications.

Take away people's free will and you have a esoteric and spiritual problem and this is where we are.

This is a good way to radicalize people or turn them into 'extremists'.

Upon the conclusion of WWI, the Treaty of Versailles all but assured part two. In purposely humiliating Germany with debilitating reparations, France and England (who weren't exactly innocent in the roles for creating the conditions for war) radicalized a nation to the point of unwittingly creating Adolf Hitler to which the population was ready to follow. 

We're repeating the same thing with Russia and the sanctions. 

You don't make the people pay for the actions of its government. In extending boycotts and sanctions in the form of denying services to average Russians, you risk radicalizing them. Putin already has strong support in Russia. By our actions, we foster an 'under siege mentality' among Russians.

And that's not good with all the talk about nuclear arms and calls for public assassinations being levied. Both sides are acting insanely irresponsible. 

In the end, demonizing and dehumanizing people you merely disagree with will become a self-fulfilling property whereby REAL radicals and extremists will emerge. 

When that happens, get out of the way.


In hist usual stupid and arrogant way, Justin attempted to explain his disgusting dictatorial move by saying he had to do it because the Conservatives are so 'toxic'.

This is a prime example of what I wrote above.

There is no leader in the Western world that has proven to be more divisive and toxic than Justin Trudeau.

Everything he does is based on driving a wedge between people and when he isn't spewing hate speech his actions further add to the fragmentation of Canada.

He is by far the most dangerous Prime Minister in history.

And the NDP are allowing it to happen.

When it comes to Justin it's all projection.

This isn't a leader.

It's an ideologue and a fraud. 


Even Bosmia's Courts Have More Courage Than Canadian Courts

"On February 23rd 2022 ... BiH issued a decision ... declaring the COVID certificate unconstitutional and declaring mandatory vaccination unconstitutional. ...

The Court even criticised the Parliament [for] violations of the rule of law and democracy in the country. ... those who disobey this decision should be prosecuted under criminal law and sentenced for 6 months to 5 years.

This is a victory against segregation and discrimination and ... [an] example of the protection of human and constitutional rights the whole of Europe can learn from."

Not a single Canadian court has stood up for the Charter and Bill of Rights.

Bosnia is a former Soviet block country.

Canada an ostensibly liberal democracy.

And as if that wasn't enough, we learn of this 'Axis of Weasels' anti-democratic backdoor deal between Justin and Jagmeet.

What Incompetence Looks Like

Defence Minister Anita Anand - who like Melanie Joly is completely our of her depth and has no business being our defence minister - announced that Canada exhausted its 'military inventory' and that Canada needs to restock.


In my lifetime, whenever people and leaders dared to suggest Canada should build up arms (to the extent the United States would allow it), it was met with howls of derision. 'We're a peaceful country!' and 'Who would attack Canada?' and 'we need the money for hospitals!' were the usual short sighted and often puerile responses only naive Canadians could utter and believe.

Right at the height of the Cold War I might add.

My position then - and now - was always if you don't have a strong standing army capable of defending national borders, then you're a sovereign state in name only. 

You need to always be prepared. It's the motto of Boy Scouts and it should be for a country. The United States takes this belief to exalted heights almost to the point of paranoia. You can never be too  prepared.

And know what? They're right. Despite its might, still we hear about how the U.S. military is currently stretched. During the Iraq and Afghanistan years, there was talk of war with Iran and the question was can America fight on several fronts?

Imagine the state of the Canadian armed forces!

For decades a clear example of naive Canadian defence policy was with respect to the Arctic. To Canada, its sovereignty is self-evident. But the fact and reality is countries including Denmark, China, Russia and the United States dispute parts of it. A classic definition of whether land belongs to a country is to plant a flag and occupy it. But Canada simply doesn't have the man power to patrol let alone occupy the mass block of ice known as the Arctic. So countries snoop and test Canadian patience knowing its anger is only as strong as the Americans willing to back it up.

So it made sense, as I would argue in university classes to hostile students and professor, to at least beef up our military presence. I wasn't asking to conscript people I was just saying increase the budget to the level needed to exert our sovereignty. Ot else stop complaining. If you can't challenge Danish aggression, then you'r e not much of an independent country in my view.

The issue of neglect of our military goes back to the 1980s. After WWII we had among the largest army in the world. Something like 3rd among all countries only to see it die a slow death in the post-war era to the point we're on the level of the U.S. National Guard. 

I exaggerate but you get the point. And this is not to question our capable commanders and soldiers. By all accounts, the Canadian soldier remains well trained and talented despite the obscene lack of public and political support. 

Our special forces offer fight under U.S. command is regarded among the best in the world. 

But rebuilding our armed forces isn't something you can do at the snap of a finger. It takes years of preparation. You have to keep up with technologies and military equipment development. Again, Canada has world class know-how on these fronts but without the support it could never manifest into a military outfit needed to guard such a massive land mass.

Part of the problem is we've offloaded our responsibilities to the United States which helped us to shift attention away from the military and into peacekeeping and pouring money saved into our welfare and public health system. Indirectly, it can be argued, paid by the U.S. taxpayer. 

Now the Liberals - and not just anti Liberals but authoritarian incompetent ideologues - realize what it means to be a real mature country and are looking to 'retain capacity'. 

That's easier said than done as I mentioned.

Look at it this way. How did Canada punch above its weight in both World Wars? It drove all of its human and capital resources into the war effort. That's how they 'retained capacity'. 

But those were different times. Citizens were bound by the common bond that still mattered to Canadians. Antiquated notions of country, freedom, courage and God are indispensable values needed to create a proud military heritage. 

We have none of that now. 

We have an obedient society that thinks masks and mandates are virtues. It's their "war". But one driven by fear and not courage. 

The war they clamour for against Russia demands courage in the name of 'freedom' and 'democracy'. Moreover, it can only succeed if a nation is principled and dedicated to these ideals and not divided.

Canada is not guided by any principles but cynical politics and is bitterly divided thanks to the incoherent Covid mandates that is imprisoning millions of Canadians.

All that being said, how did it come that our stockpiles were depleted? We basically didn't have enough arms to sustain us for a month. 

Who signed off on this? The country is effectively without weapons all to fight a war that really isn't our war nor is it a 'proxy' for fighting for 'Western liberal democratic values'. Like I said, if you don't practice it at home, you can't fight for it on foreign soil. 

It's just not possible. You're asking for a disaster.

This is another embarrassing moment for a party that has turned Canada into a clown car shit show. Its government is infested with talentless ignoramuses suddenly thrust into a real situation and it's mighty obvious they may have 'stepped up to the plate' and swung and missed.

Years of neglecting our military has now come home to roost and Canada has no underwear on.