Observation On South Korea

I'm just spit balling here. What if, again just thinking out loud, but what if  I don't know the astronomical rise in cases and deaths is tied to, and I'm just going out on a limb here, a combination of Zero Covid policies and mass vaccination?

It has been warned by several scientists and experts (long ignored and censored) for two years now if countries pursue such policies this is exactly what would happen.

It's not the virus doing this. No virus in history gets worse. It's man's interventionism coupled with hubris that created a monster.

South Korea is all vaxxed and boosted up and still it could not prevent a surge.

We have the suspect in the study holding the revolver waiting to be found in the mRNA vaccines and yet no one dates - gulp! - point and accuse it.

So if there is a '6th wave' in Quebec keep this in mind.

Experts and journalists have hurled praise at Australia, China, New Zealand and South Korea for their excellent reaction to the virus. Yet, here we are. Talking about higher cases than they've ever seen.

Know who they refuse to acknowledge may have handled this from the onset?

Sweden. But they'll never admit it but it's ok. 

Reality will slap them hard in the face.

We act as if this is the virus doing this on its own and so we rely on the same stale and failed measures of masks and vaccines.

Blah, blah.

It will take a massive amount of courage to realize this is colossal miscalculation and medical catastrophe. 


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