Canada Continues To ignore And Reject Science

Yesterday a Conservative motion to end all vaccine mandates was once again defeated in the House 212-117. Basically, the Liberals, NDP and Bloc voted anti-science and out of plain punitive fear.

I didn't expect it to pass because the timing is off and 'sixth wave' mini-panic. Plus it couldn't be expected that Justin in all his soft egotistical pop tart dictatorial brain would work with the conservatives. Justin is all about divisive ideological power politics in the critical race theory tradition.

He cares not a whit for the well-being of Canadians. He's not well himself. 

Canada remains the only country in the world to continue to defy science and suppress individual rights.

It's just impossibly outrageous.

The United States maintains mandates but with one very important distinction: They don't prevent their citizens right to mobility. This is a basic human right enshrined in all constitutions. Yet for some reason Canadians who support this nonsense can't seem to grasp this is a denial of the Bill of Rights.

Worse still, Canadians can't seem to grasp the cruel impacts of keeping families apart. Some people simply cannot take this vaccine. Yet find themselves out of work or unable to see their families. Immigrants have had to leave Canada to go back to their homeland to be with their families leaving behind whatever they were hoping to achieve here as their 'Canadian dream'.

Unconscionable and undemocratic. 

They also think it's 'not time' because 'people are still catching it'. It hasn't registered in the minds of the normie North American apparently that they will always catch it. It will always circulate. So their 'thunking' means they will never feel it's time to lift the mandates. Just like how they continuously obey the mask rules. It really is disgusting how Canadians remain so apathetically obedient. Limp.

But they sure talk a tough game about Ukraine. Canadians don't know what tough is. They don't know what true pain is. They've never experienced it in their lazy and comfortable lives. That's why they act like they do with Covid. It's their 'war'. Their pajama war.

Where were you during the great Pajama War of 2020-202x ? 

"I was fighting with the resistance!"

"I was home on my laptop at home with the shades down in my mask!"


As Canada shows the world that it's a mirage and not all that bright, New Zealand was the latest country to end all mandates. Funny thing about this is, like Europe, they ended them as cases are hitting record numbers just like Australia - who have been loosening up lately and may be next. Update. While Australia indeed is 'opening' they maintain proof of double vaccination for international travellers. Why officials insist on acting like the first two doses still work is beyond comprehension. After eight months, people are effectively no longer vaccinated. Yet they get to travel? It defies logic and belies the facts of what we know about these low quality medical products.

Canada will come out of this in poor shape economically.

More importantly, psychologically. 

Perhaps even physically depending on how the rush to mass vaccinate impacts health mid to long term.

For now, we remain under a superstitious medical tyranny. 


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