'Conspiracy' Corner

Can it be the vaccines enhance HIV (and cancer)?  So I've read.

Moderma is working on a HIV vaccine. Paid for by NIH and Fauci. And Bill Gates.

It's being peddled by Scripps whore  Eric Topol. Scripps Research receives millions from Fauci. Topol knows where his bread and butter lies.

So think twice about him caring about your health.

We have passports authorities are dying to use.


They can and will manufacture a HIV crisis that could them force another round of vaccine mandates.

You already showed you don't care about informed consent or your medical autonomy. You let the wolf into yourself. The masks softened your mind and courage.

The passports should never have been tolerated. They will dangle it again.

Don't take our poison, no passport.

Just applying the logic used by 'conspiracy theorists' in March of 2020 who said passports were on the way and the media 'fact checked' it saying it was a 'conspiracy'.

Now here we are.

Do you understand the game now? It's a vicious game I know. It's hard to accept.

But they will NEVER stop unless you stop it.

ThIs is the age of medical tyranny via vaccines. They will make you a serf only the new Lords are the medical establishment and pharma in this setting.

No dinner or theatre or trip is worth giving up your rights. 


Get ahead of it.

One way is to NOT be fearful which makes you vulnerable to manipulation and propaganda.

Another way is to STOP watching corporate media. They LIE about everything. They're selling you a version of reality they want and need you to comply with.

Once out, you will see.

All those people people 'cancelled'? Or being attacked by the government and social media?

They're telling us the truth. 

Wake up. 

It's a strange kind of new psychological and medical war.

Be strong.

Be, well....a patriot. 


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