It's Not Over

Food shortages are coming. Gas prices and inflation are skyrocketing.

Digital ID - though it remains to be seen how drastic and invasive.

We're nowhere near the end here and our politicians are running us aground.

Sad part? It all end immediately. Open up the pipelines. Drill. End the mandates. 

But the Pajama warriors have their masks way up their asses to see. 

Just a couple of quick things I noticed scanning around.

In Ukraine the military there - the one with Nazis in it, remember? - are rounding up the usual suspects and humiliating them in public. Footage is being shown of Ukrainian soldiers tying Romas up to poles and stripping them. That's what you're supporting. It will only get worse from here. Nazis gonna Nazi.

Biden has said the NWO has arrived and food shortages are real.


To people not paying any attention these past 10 years or so, this is all the fault of Covid and Putin.

They be wrong.

Like they always are. 

This is all directly and indirectly connected to our decisions to lockdown. I don't think people quite grasp how dramatic this decision was. The second we pummelled people and the economy it should have been obvious the repercussions were going to be epic and Biblical 

WE did this to ourselves.

And we never let go.

Now. Here's the price. 



Our 'leaders'. 


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