Daily Derp: And Coviderp Marches On In The Mud

Links to mock Canadians and Canadian officials.


Cases! SHUT 'ER DOWN! 


That'll learn 'em.


Opposite George. 

What we're doing is exactly the opposite of what should be done.

Vanden Bossche explains. You know, the guy who has been right all along but science writer Jarry at McGill attacked. I think - and I'm just basing it on what I've observed and read over two years - but I think Vanden Bossche has proven to know what he's talking about a wee-little more than what I've seen from the McGill gang. 

Are you surprised the government chose the wrong path?

Power and health DO NOT MIX.


You want science Pajama people? I'll give you science. Here:

Viral loads are the same with the vaccinated and unvaccinated. In fact, a little higher with the vaccinated.

But keep mandates in place!


Moderna asks for EUA to stab kids with their junk. Is it legal?

The efficacy doesn't even meet the standard minimum 50% requirement from the FDA. Never mind children under 17 don't even need it. Which means the FDA- Ka-Ching! - will approve it. 

Keep your kids away from paediatricians. 


Nothing makes sense or adds up with the vaccine approval process or trials.  Fraud, racketeering, denial of rights and informed consent, medical malpractice lawsuits are being drawn up. 


Last year, BMJ broke the story of fraud during the Pfizer trials at Ventavia.

There is so much circumstantial and hard evidence around the safety and efficacy - or lack thereof - of the vaccines as well as the lack of transparency it's a miracle it's on the market. 


Excess deaths vs. percent vaccinated.

Lots of debate outside the realm of the mainstream realm. 


The athletes aren't ok.


Pfizer under the microscope. 


"Canadians are looking for to interact in a digital manner...." Really? I'm Canadian and wasn't looking for that. Are we being told to look for it?

A discussion on digital ID.

I'm not as cynical or worried about Digital ID as some but I do have concerns and question. Notably on privacy and security as it pertains to medical status in particular. Or it morphing into some grotesque tool of oppression and control like a social credit system. I don't want to live in a world where if you're late with your Bell payment they block you bank account.

And don't say "conspiracy!" because I'm going to slap you. The Canadian government just demonstrated it can and will freeze bank accounts. They did so by misleading and spreading misinformation the public to boot. And if you think that's for uppity truckers think twice. It can be for anyone the government deems 'dangerous.' 

This is an extreme position most people are taking when it comes to where Digital ID can 'end up' as a slippery slope.

Specifically, the comments made by Joni Brennan has people riled up and while I'm not all that enamoured with what she said, I'm not sure it's that bad either. As long as the vaccine scenario she describes is VOLUNTARY then it can be valuable for some people who do choose to get it. 

Paranoia aside (is it?) the discussion had the usual vague if not obsolete 'greater good' and 'we need a balanced approach' musings. One panelist referred to 'grappling with the new normal'. Whenever I hear this, I Immediately become skeptical. Why do we have to 'grapple with a new normal'? What does it mean? For a virus with a 99.985% survival rate where under 1% of people are hospitalized? Part of what's driving this mania is the fact the authorities may have indeed been OVER COUNTING deaths.* It's funny how Walensky at the CDC adjusted deaths downwards for young people by as much as 70 000 under the threat of a lawsuit. I have a feeling there's been massive fraud across the board on this front. 

Also making its entrance was the increasingly empty phrase, 'Small business is the backbone of our economy;. Until we deem you "non-essential" and shut you down. SME's are indeed essential to our economy but the government and 'Covid freaks' had no problem acting like shutting down an economy has no massive impact. 

Anyway. Not a bad discussion if not informative. They described DID as nothing more than a Visa card and it's pretty much how I viewed it. But I think, as a layman, the term 'Digital ID' is going to be a challenge for them. It strikes to much suspicion and harkens to for better or worse,  a dystopian 'I, Robot' or 'Bladerunner' sci-fi existence.

*From the CEBM: 

"The researchers found 14 different terms that were used to describe a person who had died with COVID. These included “involving COVID,” “underlying COVID,” “died within either 28 or 60 days of a positive test,” and “due to COVID.” Under all of these categories, deaths in each one were added to the total COVID death count."


From the comments world:

"And paediatricians are already standing guard salivating. Hey, when the adults start to decline the shot, go after the kids who have no say to solidify your cash flow. Paediatricians and pharma are natural economic allies."

"They believe because that's what the propaganda and narratives have been drilled into their brains. Someone we know said she is convinced the vaccine is 'keeping her alive'. This nonsense is further cemented by the fact she had a friend who was healthy died of the virus and was unvaccinated. They conflate, and mix up causation and correlation with outliers and even when you point that out the standard fall back sheep response is "Yeh well, I still think ti works and not taking a chance'. Despite the statistical fact they have less than a 1% of getting Covid whether you are vaccinated or not and that the overall survival rate is around 99.985%. It's pure psychological mayhem and a break down of common sense and critical thinking. It's just Stockholm Syndrome at full throttle."


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