Twitter Steps Up Shutting Conservative Accounts For Mid-Terms

But this vile, racist, piece of shit who actually preaches hate is still around.

How is Louis Farrakhan and his morally bankrupted and degenerate Nation of Islam still up?

Answer that Dorsey you ignorant and illiterate jerk off.

Americans need to send a message hard and good: Do not vote a single Democrat because doing so would signal a) violence is accepted - remember it's all projection and b) censorship is a tool that works.

If it weren't for violence and censorship, the left where would the progressive left be?

Notice also, and I will hopefully touch on this shortly, how they're purposely reworking and lying about history.

Don't be a useful idiot to these clowns.

And don't think for one minute this isn't about the mid-terms because it is.


Europe Is Lost On Liberty

First off, between the MAGA bomber and Pittsburgh Synagogue killer (may the victims rest in peace), it's time politicians and pundits truly knock it off with the politicization of everything.

My blog has made its peace where I think the blame largely lies especially since 2016.

It's time people realize these criminal acts aren't necessarily based on ideology. They use ideology as a pre-text in most cases to mask their inner demons and mental illness.

Maybe it's time people just step outside their tribal instincts and look at it from this perspective.


Europe is in bad shape. I mean really fucked up shape.

Apparently, defaming Mohammed isn't free speech.

But I'm sure making fun of Jesus is okay.

Never mind the troubling rise of anti-semitism on the continent.

Jews again are under attack but we're out there acting like Muslims are a victim class.

Pretty ghoulish if you ask me.


Don't get caught up in all that 'Trump's rhetoric' bull shit being pimped by liars like Michael Moore and musicians like Roger Waters. Why in the world he'd let his hubris weaponize his art is beyond me.

Arrogant fool.

Sunday Night Music

Time To Put A Bullet In The Simpsons

I don't know what's going on with me lately but I'm really making a mess of my posts. I had to pull this one out because I had originally posted in on the wrong blog. Thinking I copy pasted the whole thing properly, I realized I only pasted half of it and could not make sense of anything.


Well, the left managed to sink its sick and psychopathic teeth into The Simpsons.

One of the most beloved characters in the history of the show will be no more.

It's one thing to kill off a character as part of a natural evolution within a show's existence but this wasn't the case here.

Some asshole jerk off took offense to the 'stereotypes' depicted with Apu and it caused the usual bull shit faux-outrage angst among retarded left-wing progressives.

Just as stunning and equally troubling was Hank Azaria playing the lousy 'compassionate' card and agreeing with it.

What a damn shame this sad, sordid state of affairs.

I haven't watched The Simpsons in over 20 years mostly because it began to lose its intelligent edge in the late 90s. By the time the originals (Simon, Brooks and others) had left, it lost its 'mysterious' genius.

Now it's just a 'zombie' program probably infested by no-humor illiterates and politically correct louts.

Fuck that.

And they're full of gutless shit whoever runs that show because apparently Groundskeeper Willie and Fat Tony remain on the roster.

Scots and Italians rejoice!

Sure. Kill off Apu.

But it's also time to kill off The Simpsons.


They're committing one of the worst things you can do: NEVER APOLOGIZE OR GIVE INTO SHIT DISTURBING PROGRESSIVES WHO COMPLAIN.



I mentioned Fat Tony. Here's the thing about ignoramuses like the guy who made the video about Apu.

He's saying a lousy, stupid animated character has the power to influence how people view a culture.

That culture being India. App > India is the equation.

In essence, a deep, rich culture that runs thousands of years is too weak to sustain the 'stereotypes' in Apu.

This is what it amounts to. Indians, in my view, shouldn't be insulted by Apu. They should be insulted by the people who claim to protect them in their name.

I don't see anything wrong in Apu. I never looked at him and concluded this is how all Indians are. Man, if we'd think like that guy, Russell Peters would have no act and we'd all be poorer for it.

In fact, as an Italian, I think Fat Tony could be perceived to be more problematic given he's, you know, a frickin mobster with little of redeeming qualities we have come to see with Apu.

But don't expect Captain Shithead (whatever his name is) to think in such a way.

It's the same beef I have with Quebec linguistic nationalists. In their search to slay dragons perceived to threaten French, they go over board from demanding English signs drop apostrophes to bemoaning English corporate trademarks entering our market. Little descriptors aren't going to protect your language. If you think this, then you have bigger problems.

Is French and its speakers that weak an entity that it feels threaten by the word 'pasta'?


Congratulations. He managed to pull it off.

Take a bow Groening for giving into him.


What do I think about Roseanne?

Along the same lines. I don't think her original tweet was particularly racist and it most certainly was overblown. What else is new? Say something and expect the howls of fake moral outrage to ensue.

Just like the weak ass hams at The Simpsons, Barr was thrown under the bus by people who owe their damn careers to her.

Worse among them being Sarah Gilbert.

It was a soft coup. They saw a chance to steal a lifetime's work from someone and they did.

It's the same crap with Papa John's board looking for a hostile take over of the company. John Schnatter is a ruthless racist who has no business running the company he built.

The interesting part in all this is the left pretends to preach about forgiveness but that's not part of their world view. They're too evil to accept forgiveness.


They want power. And when they smell blood they want to drink it.

They will just as soon destroy a life or steal something if it means they seize control.

People like Barr and Schnatter are victims of a regressive progressive scourge that's currently ravaging civil order particularly where free speech is concerned.

Unfortunately, until power is wrestled away from the left in mediums like media, academia and Hollywood (where the vast majority of people vote left - and no they're not tolerant and objective. If you think this you need for your head to be examined) this will continue. Corporations are laggards here and will virtue signal and go woke just to toe the line because, you know, greedy capitalists and they need to stay in line.

We're on our own kids.


How bad is it?

Here you go.

Courtesy of of SQLite.

Background here.

Notice the troubling, passive aggressive nature of a SJW.

Right. Conservative 'are just as bad'.


If that doesn't send shivers down your spine...


No, It's Not 'Both Sides' Shutting Down Speech Or Destroying Property

I've grown increasingly impatient of the false equivalence we see whenever left-wing progressives behaving badly in the streets through Antifa or on campus.

Robby Soave at Reason is the king of this sort of tactic going as far as to call conservatives who dare to defend themselves on campus as 'snowflakes'.

Apparently, the second there's push back that's considered totes the same as acting like progressives on campus. Go on youtube or live leak and look up 'progressives on campus' and weep.

Now try and find the same thing from conservatives - or libertarians.

Get the picture?

It's the same thing we see now with how the media portrays non-left wing groups like Proud Boys or Jordan Peterson or even The Tea Party.

None of these groups are racist or call for violence. There are plenty of examples of Antifa committed acts of vandalism, thuggery and attacking peaceful protestors. Black Lives Matter even has the death of five police officers on their record. The list of their indiscretions is long but doesn't get the attention it deserves in the media.

I especially enjoy the contempt for The Tea Party. What was it? 500 000 people who protested and picked up after themselves, chatting with police and holding their affairs in peace? Compare that to Occupy Wall Street and the mess they left behind.

But hey. 'Both sides' do it!

No, they don't.

One side does and you know who it is.

Fall Of The West: Of Churchill And Madison, Wisconsin's Act Of Inhumanity

Here's a perfect example why I argue we're an intellectual dark age. Once more, it takes a conservative publication to bring a thoughtful perspective to it.

It's the inability to accept history in its proper context.

Scott Kelly, a retired U.S. Navy Captain, NASA engineer, and veteran of four spaceflights, was brought low on Sunday by those possessed of neither his accomplishments nor talents for the crime of advocating Churchillian generosity of spirit. “Did not mean to offend by quoting Churchill. My apologies,” the astronaut wrote after what must have been a withering assault on social media. “I will go and educate myself further on his atrocities, racist views which I do not support.”

This is extremely sad and unnecessary this apology.

As the author attempts to convey in his article, historical figures - as great as they may have been or made to be lauded by a nation for whatever nation - were people of their times.

It's okay to question certain aspects of a person's beliefs or something they said but it doesn't have to necessarily negate their body of work. Nobody is perfect. Think the Founding Fathers and slavery. That some may have held slaves doesn't detract from their achievement in enshrining the principles pf liberty into a nation for the first time in world history. It also distracts people from exploring how the framers viewed the institution and its possible future. It further clouds understanding the fact that slavery is not a uniquely American problem but one that was the rule throughout human history.

They basically said 'look, we need to create this country. The issue of slavery is too big at the moment and will jeopardize it. Let's get the country rolling and we trust it will be solved at some point.' 

And that's what happened. 

The same with Churchill. The man kept Britain from falling to its knees and kneeling before Nazi Germany. That took some heroic balls. He saved Britain.

Of course, the British then thanked him by not electing him after the war.

The left are making sure great figures that don't fit their contemporary narratives get scrubbed from their history. But people they accept (say, Woodrow Wilson and Margaret Sanger who are far from perfect) get left alone.

It's not right and it lacks principles.

No one is safe.

Slowly, they will come for your hero.


In Madison, Wisconsin, the city council has voted overwhelmingly to remove a cemetery marker noting the names of about 140 Confederates, most of whom died in a prisoner of war camp in the town. More:
“You don’t have discussion in a cemetery. You have reflection, and you have memories, and this (monument) brings up memories that are not so pleasant in our history,” said Council Vice President Sheri Carter.

Off course, if you look at the comments, the left applaud such a grotesque decision. Everyone else, not so much.

Everyone else is right.

So much for being 'equal before God in death'.

Let sleeping dogs lie. These people died. They lived long ago in a different time. They made their peace and the part of the American experience was settled at that time.

To resurrect it for a contemporary politicized sensibility is pointless and without respect for the dead.

They should ask themselves, 'what if it were my child? My family member?'' I say this because they'd understand the nuance and complexities of their family history and how it fit into a period in their nation's history.

Instead, they choose a lazy, cowardly 'zero-sum' perspective. It may make them 'feel' better erasing the memories of the dead, but it won't erase the reality of history. There will always be chroniclers of history who take a 'big picture' approach to humanity who will keep this memory alive.

We owe much gratitude to such people.

The people on the council in Madison not so much. Hopefully, history will right this wrong and their actions will be used as an example on not to deal with the past. That faux-righteous grand standing is not the same as having principles.

Principles is saying, 'hey, I don't agree with this but these are our sons and daughters." Dishonor, them, dishonour America.

It's ghoulish as it is anti-intellectual.

And immoral.

Shame on those people who made such a travesty of a decision.

Fake News Propaganda: Proud Boys Aren't White Supremacists

Lord, this is getting tiresome.

But problematic if not troubling if not dangerous.

It's one thing for everyday ignorant asshats too lazy to learn anything about the people they denigrate and quite another when public officials get in on the stupid act.

Enter NYC Public Advocacy Letitia James:

"Here is my statement following the violent attacks perpetrated by the “Proud Boys" white nationalist group in NYC last night:

Oh shut up you opportunist. Get off your lazy ass and go actually explore who Proud Boys are. They're not my cup of tea but they absolutely are not fricken 'white supremacists'. I listen to McInness from time to time because he's entertaining and does bring up good points on touchy subjects. One thing he ain't is a racist. His wife is Native American for the love of God.

But this is all part of the corporate, left-wing media machine, isn't it? Trump, after all, is the Grand Wizard sitting in The White House. These idiots actually believe this. The definition of 'racism' is so loose now, almost anyone qualifies as one. They can straight out fuck off.

Yes, I'm no longer holding any punches and calling these lying buffoons out. 

Andrew 'America was never so great, nuh-uh' Cuomo also go in on the shit show calling for an investigation.

Where are these assholes when Antifa is going off destroying public property and beating up people? Their own damn website says violence is needed to fight 'fascists' (whoever they are). 

Proud Boys, on the other hand, never call for violence and aren't even racist. They constantly get attacked wherever they go. 

The problem is PB are more than capable of defending themselves and dish out some beatings.

In other words, Antifa comes looking for a fight  and they find it. Then turn round cry like the little cowardly babies they are and moronic public officials like this woman jump to their sorry ass defence.

Oh, by the way, it was Antifa protestors who were arrested. Not because NYPD is incompetent or 'side' with Proud Boys. They were arrested because they were causing the trouble. They're the ones who caused destruction of property. Proud Boys never engages in breaking of any damn laws.

Like they do across the board in many jurisdictions. My advice remains the same: Don't listen to these fools and stay away from the media's take on these things. Go to the straight to the source and listen to Proud Boys. It's not like they're hard to find on youtube.

That is, if the censorious louts at youtube don't shut them down for hurting feelings.

And fuck you for making me defend Proud Boys and Trump.

Derp Of Much Or Little Consquence

But still we must report the derp!

Manbearpig (aka Al Gore) says we have 12 years to save the planet okay?


That's it.

What happens to my outstanding loans if it does?


Expect a reboot of asshole inspectors from L'Office de la Langue Francaise harassing peaceful citizens who pay their damn taxes for not being French enough thanks to the CAQ.

I say pasta, you say pate! 

The CAQ are just the PQ but with two more letters.

Francois Legault is just another tiresome Quebec nationalist.

Once again, we have to operate our business with one-eye open because Legault is encouraging a snitch society. Some jerk off can complain he hears too much English in my place and some jerk off hero from L'office will come in and inspect.

From their web page:

Promotion of FrenchThe Office de la langue française will be given a clear mandate to coordinate a concerted francization effort across Québec. A commissioner to French language will be appointed and tasked with receiving complaints from the people and with recommending ways to ensure the status of French as the common language of Québec.
100% FrancizationFor greater success in the integration of immigrants, it will be mandatory for any newcomer wanting a Selection Certificate to learn French. This will give them more opportunities to work and prosper in Québec.

Before I begin, I'd like to explain and preface what I'm about to say that I don't necessarily disagree with protecting Quebec's culture and support it wherever I can. After all, they're my fellow citizens.

Where I disembark is with the above passages because they trample on civil liberties. In my view, we must remove ourselves from identity politics if we're to respect one another where freedom of speech and expression are concerned. 

Punitive measures against citizens who pay taxes is grotesque in my view. It's unfortunate and not conducive to a true pluralist society that cherishes liberty. We can promote French without trampling on the rights of non-Francophones. Personally, I don't see how it's necessary. It creates an atmosphere of ill-will. For example, I can be fine in my business because you have to understand, these people go around looking at fricken telephones and computers for English words. How that promotes or protects the French language has yet to be properly explained and conveyed to me.

The second part is just as bad. Name me a society that does (well, no one has a language police on the continent) this. How will it be enforced? I know people who don't speak French and have lived here all their lives. They pay their taxes and yet Quebec culture still thrives. Demanding everyone speaks French is unworkable not to mention excessive. Who cares if someone freely chooses not to? It's their loss and they will struggle to adjust here.

Moroever, in a bigger picture, my concern is how this will likely discourage really talented people we can use from other parts of the continent. I know several of my American friends who would not freely move up here unless commanded by their company because of all this. They don't need these added pressures in their lives. 

My opinion? The CAQ should lay off these two 'promises'. 

The joke around my circle is always 'be careful. Are we speaking enough French?'

So much for live and let live.


Study says climate change affects mental health.

Maybe because they keep fear-mongering about it?

Someone I know is a psychiatrist and feels stressed out about it. After a bit of a 'snap out of it' talk she kinda got the point of how silly she was.

Don't let Al Gore scare you because that's how Al Gore gets paid.


"There are 423 new mosques in London and most of these mosques are crowded at prayer times unlike many churches which rarely see visitors. 
The Daily Mail published photographs of a church and a mosque a few meters from each other in the heart of London. At the Church of San Giorgio, designed to accommodate 1,230 worshipers, only 12 people gathered to celebrate Mass. At the Church of Santa Maria, there were 20 
The nearby Brune Street Estate mosque has a different problem: overcrowding. Its small room can contain only 100. 
By 2020, estimates are that the number of Muslims attending prayers will reach at least 683,000, while the number of Christians attending weekly Mass will drop to 679,000..." 

"...London is also full of Shariah courts. There are officially 100. The advent of this parallel judicial system has been made possible thanks to the British Arbitration Act and the system of Alternative Dispute Resolution."

Even if half right.

That's frightening. No wonder the populist right is achieving power. 

It's been many ways and in many different positions the left bring us hard hitting bull shit.

File under: Hillary's Civility.

Not enough of her?

Chet this out. It wasn't 'rape-victim rape-victim'.


Letters to the Local Rag: Quantity over Quality
“We may consider America to be the leading democracy in the world, but we make voting more restrictive and difficult than most democracies. As a result, we have lower voting turnouts than most other countries. Voting is compulsory in Australia and Belgium, and nearly all democracies hold their elections on public holidays which include paid designated election days. As the leader, we should have the least restrictive and easiest, but most verifiable and protected voting system, regardless of states’ rights to confuse the procedures.”



“Tarrio, who identifies as Afro-Cuban, is president of the Miami chapter of the Proud Boys, who call themselves “Western chauvinists,” and “regularly spout white-nationalist memes and maintain affiliations with known extremists,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.”
Bull fucken shit. They’re not white supremacists. It’s pure smear. 
The SPLC is gonna one day have to account for their outright lies.

“Editor’s Note: This story has been updated with a statement from the Proud Boys and to clarify that the group formally opposed the Charlottesville march.”
Yeh because if you’d bother to get off your lazy asses and actually LISTEN to McInness – it’s not like he’s hard to find – you would have known this. Moreover, you’d know he’s married to a Native American and doesn’t spew racist nonsense. 
It’s just that you’re idiotic definition of racism is so loose many people qualify as one.
"As the planet warms, new authoritarian movements in the West are embracing a toxic combination of climate denial, racism and misogyny. Rather than consider these resentments separately, this article interrogates their relationship through the concept of petro-masculinity, which appreciates the historic role of fossil fuel systems in buttressing white patriarchal rule. Petro-masculinity is helpful to understanding how the anxieties aroused by the Anthropocene can augment desires for authoritarianism. The concept of petro-masculinity suggests that fossil fuels mean more than profit; fossil fuels also contribute to making identities, which poses risks for post-carbon energy politics. Moreover, through a psycho-political reading of authoritarianism, I show how fossil fuel use can function as a violent compensatory practice in reaction to gender and climate trouble."
Petro-masculinity. Cute. 
I always find it interesting whenever leftists sign the praises of 'socialist' Scandinavia, a county like Norway derives most of its wealth to pay for its luxurious welfare apparatus via....oil. 
These people.
Little else because it has no intellectual, cultural, or even legal and moral value.
I found myself cheering Hayek on.
Not even Keynes was Keynes.
Another angle to why Christopher Columbus (so absurdly maligned by modern leftists who take, surprise, a predictable one-dimensional and static view of Columbus) pushed for exploration.
Or: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
Meanwhile, all this has accomplished (with attention whores and opportunists hogging the spotlight) is to make it harder for real victims of rape to come forward.


Wendy Mesley Channels Her Inner Cathy Newman

Boy, the progressive left passing off as 'centrists' and journalists pretending to be 'objective' sure hate people crashing their 'control the narrative' party.

And this will not be tolerated. It's getting to be quite predictable in their reaction.

Just like climate change animus-zealots have taken to calling anyone who disagrees with them 'social murderers' or committing acts of 'genocide' for merely being skeptical, the political progressive-liberal loony bin call those who challenge their ideological orthodoxy as 'racist' or 'alt-right'. You will have noticed a spike in 'the rise of extreme alt-right groups is a threat to democracy' in the mainstream press.

Yeah. Don't believe it.

Especially since it doesn't pass the eye test. We don't see too many examples - if any - of 'far right fascists' taking to the streets to beat people up or destroy property. Charlottesville is often cited but that episode would have been a non-issue had the media just ignored it. They and the protestors had as much to blowing that out of proportion as the group who had a right to assemble.

People do realize 'racist' groups have been congregating for decades right? The KKK does have an office so why this was made into a national hysteria is unfortunate and a young lady lost her life in the process.

In any event, I bring this up because Mesley mentions it in her 'hit piece' interview with Bernier. Her shtick was simple: Try to connect Bernier as much as you could, without supporting evidence and simple guilt by association, to racists.

Bernier, it should be noted, had been a respected member of the Conservative party for years. Suddenly, like Trump, he's labeled a racist.

We're all racists now apparently.

Here's the video. I offer my quick observations afterward.

Oof. How's that for a hatchet job? And we get to pay for it through our tax dollars!


-Mesley, almost to bizarre autistic levels, focuses on the Koch brothers. The left are obsessed with the Kochs for other than espousing a libertarian world view - which of course negates any good they do. Would she harangue a left-wing politician for Soros (sugar daddy to ThinkProgress and MoveOn.org. The left have not heeded their own words since Trump's election ) and other billionaire progressive activists like Tom Steyer? No, because I've literally never seen them do it.

-Race. Notice Wendy's specious claim that Ron Paul (intellectual Godfather of the Tea Party? Wendy clearly doesn't follow American politics as closely as she should if she's going to make those claims  The libertarian wing of the GOP led by the likes of Massie, Marsh and Rand Paul are not aligned with the TP) was hijacked by the Tea Party (who by the way, contrary to the left-wing narrative are NOT bad. Imagine the nerve of those people for gathering by the tens of thousands and picking up after themselves and with little incident! OWS on the other hand....) and attracted 'bigoted' people. 

That's projection in my view. Look at the history of the Democrat party and its relations to race. Now look at the GOP - a true rebel party founded on ending slavery. And no, they did not 'switch sides' that's the progressive left revisionist narrative. High ranking racists remained in the DNC right up until Paul Byrd - good friends with the Clintons I might add. 

-Bernier, like Trump, emerged because people aren't stupid and were just a wee-bit tired of being demonized. Hilary called half the population 'deplorables' and she's out there talking about 'civility'. People see this hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness. 

They see what's happening. Like for example, the Clinton/Obama machine was knee deep in sleazy corruption (weaponizing all parts of American governance like the DOJ, IRS and NSA), up here Canadians like me have grown concerned by the bizarre behaviour of the Liberal party that seems to be way too ideological (think the gender pronoun and anti-Islamophobia laws which directly impact freedom of expression and opinion. And yes, AMERICAN LIBERTARIANS are 100% correct: There's no such thing as 'hate speech'. Just speech for once you let the bureaucracy 'regulate' speech, you eventually have none at all. Geez, just look at the UK to see how this plays out. 

-On free market principles. There is no debating it's free market capitalism that made the West the healthiest and most prosperous region in world history and is currently pulling more and more people out of poverty. Scandinavia, contrary to popular belief, is more market oriented than socialist. Denmark's own PM felt compelled to make this distinction in a speech while Norway is largely funded by oil. Not very progressive that oil, no?

Rather than concern themselves with the rise of left-wing illiterate populists like Sanders (and others like Ocasio-Cortez who are a growing power base in the DNC) who espouse outrageous socialist views that have led to gulags and death throughout history, the CBC wants to make a villain of a guy who supports free markets? 

HORRORS! I guess I shouldn't set foot in the CBC. They'd think me Attila the Hun wrapped up in Pol Pot's skin. 

Maybe that's why they don't have the guts to privatize. They probably wouldn't get support from a free market where consumers would vote with their pocket books. I suppose they're happy with the little monopolistic. branch-plant kingdom Canada has become in banking, telecom and dairy. No wonder we're terrified of a TRUE free trade deal with the Americans. We'd have to actually compete.

I normally don't bother but the fact my money goes into the CBC and this kind of wretched reporting is increasingly making me thirsty. 

It's stale and boring. Go read American publications on free market principles like Reason magazine. There's a much more vibrant, open and honest intellectual raging in that great country. Meanwhile, we have to watch Canada's Cathy Newman pretend to be a hard hitting journalist getting at and to the 'truth'.

Defunding the CBC would only be fair to those of us who don't listen or read it. I can't believe my tax dollars went into this pathetic display of nonsense. Wendy was more concerned at trying to trip Bernier up with typical progressive misdirection and straw man logic rather than genuinely explore his views.


Scratch A Progressive See Violence; Stupidity

Hillary (will she ever go away?) says you 'cannot be civil' with Republicans and need to be 'tougher'.

Destroying a man's life isn't enough anymore.

So much for the civility they keep yapping on about, eh?

Oh. Trevor Noah tries to combine humor and intellect and fails on both counts: 

“But there is a bright side,” Noah pointed out. “If that climate change report is right, a lifetime appointment might be shorter than we think.”

It's a creative, roundabout way to say 'kill him' I'll give him that. Lord, it's amazing how it always ends being about violence and death with the left.

I really don't care much about how much people make, but I can't believe this douche gets paid.

They also absolutely want to 'dismantle' capitalism. 

Genocide, rape, racism, Hitler - all words the left have cheapened to the point you can't but conclude theirs is an astonishing ignorance.

"Adaptation" to climate change is allowing planetary suicide.
The only way to adapt to a civilizational-scale risk is to prevent it. The only way to prevent climate change is by radically reducing greenhouse gas emissions: 50% by 2030, 100% by 2040.
Anything less is genocidal."

Bold mine.

"...And make no mistake about it. Doug Ford policies will kill. And these policies will not just kill the least well-off but affect the quality of life of all. 
Let’s not put neutral labels on what Doug Ford is doing. It is more than austerity, cutbacks and conservative politics. It is social murder."
And yes, Dennis Raphael - a professor apparently - did open his piece with....Engels. Like a good little comrade. Imagine having such a hatred for human life to talk this way. Could you imagine this guy - in all his sanctimonious bull shit - at the levers of power? If he's willing to call a politician a 'social murderer' because of policies that he feels are the same as genocide, is it that out of the realm of possibility he'd be at home in a blue cap running an environmental gulag?

I don't thinks so. They're that morally bankrupt.

I can't keep up with their stupidity anymore.
Moreover, to the twit above, the one thing humans have been nothing short of brilliant at - adaptation - is evil too.
People will die:

"Meteorologist Eric Holthaus wrote on Twitter this morning that "The world's top scientists just gave rigorous backing to systematically dismantle capitalism as a key requirement to maintaining civilization and a habitable planet." He said that as an endorsement of the latest UN climate report, which Grist claims "shows civilization is at stake" if we don't... bring Western Civilization to an end."


A Note To Millennials

Socialism doesn't work.

No wait.

Let me expand.

Socialism doesn't fucken work.

Never has. Never will. It's a fast path to failure and worse.

I'm glad the Danish PM explained to ignorant North Americans his country is a market economy and not a socialist state.

Indeed, Scandinavia countries operate in a way Bernie Sanders wouldn't accept. He's that ignorant of those places.

So. Socialism doesn't work. Thus concludes this very obvious lesson.


Autumn Derp

Be good to one another.

But first let me bash some folks.

Meet Google leader David Hogue: Mr. Nice Guy.

Twitter leaves him alone. Not hate speech stamp!


As if we haven't seen enough of the illiberal left and their unhinged mental breakdown since Trump, now Kavanaugh adds to it. Here's another from one Ariel Dumas.

Truth to power and just a joke!

Right. Ruining another man's life is totes a joke. Har, har, har.

Interesting how those comedians came to her defense but were silent on Norm MacDonald.

Gee, I fucken wonder why.


Gee whiz, you think?

Moreover, Feinstein and Pelosi ain't helping matters.


It was never about Ford or her alleged ordeal or rape. It was all about using her as a pawn in keeping a conservative off the bench because the balance of power has shifted away from the progressive left.

And they were willing to ignore due process and damage the tenet of presumption of innocence to get their way.

Jordan Peterson is wrong to have asserted Kavanaugh should step down. For what? There was no evidence he did what was alleged. It wasn't a trial it was a confirmation hearing but the Democrats succeeded in making it look that way.

They tarnished a man based on little, if any, evidence.

The system has been saved for now.

But that doesn't mean the left aren't their usual violent self.

What I find interesting the media (The Toronto Star recently wrote an article) keep talking about the alleged 'rise of the alt-right' and all their violence yet all examples we get of violence come strictly from the left.

And they ain't being subtle about it. As in 'Kill Kavanaugh'.

I keep looking for hate messages from groups like Proud Boys and don't see any - ever.

Same with Alex Jones.

Strange that.

But they all, even stranger, seem a-okay with Keith Ellison's (where the evidence isn't exactly convincing against him either) rape problem.

Not about rape. It's about the seat.


Former ACLU leaders blast the once proud civil liberties organization for their stance on Kavanaugh.

"....It's not ironic, it's tragic," Meyers told the Washington Examiner. "It's hypocrisy. It's bald-face hypocrisy. It's outrageous hypocrisy. It's a violation of everything we believe in as civil libertarians. It's appalling, shocking. It's unacceptable."  
Wendy Kaminer, an ACLU national board member from 1999 to 2006, said the ad campaign strays from the ACLU’s core civil liberties mission and could undermine the organization’s work.  
“I think the ad is appalling and one more example of progressive political sentiment trumping civil liberty concerns at ACLU,” Kaminer said. “You should ask national legal director David Cole how he feels about arguing a case before a Justice Kavanaugh who the ACLU has labelled a [Bill] Cosby-like sexual predator."
Progressives have infiltrated the ACLU and are in the process of ruining it.

Tim Cook calls removing Alex Jones 'curation'.

Gotta give it to the evil authoritarian left. They sure are creative with their gulag jargon.

I seriously I have to rethink my doing business with Apple.

Fucken idiot.


Academic grievance studies. 

Scholarship is under duress.

Hey, the NYT issues retractions, while schools publish dubious thesis papers so long as they keep with the SJW narrative.


More climate change BS called out:

But what gets reported in the news? UN reports. As in the latest about some prediction earth can warm up 1.5 degrees and the time to act is now because it's a matter of 'life and death'.

I read the report. It's so filled with assumptions it's laughable. None of what's predicted by 2014 - let 2100 - will happen because the 'models' just aren't that reliable. Not to mention the amount of data manipulation that goes on.

The media, by the way, never ever show the skeptic side. I have to seek that out.

The media wants to stick with the scary climate change narrative for obvious reasons.

Quirky History

Or. Stuff they didn't teach in high school history for some reason.

Did you know there was a county between Canada and the USA (present day New Hampshire) called The Republic of Indian Stream?


Never Vote Democrat/Left If You Have A Conscience

One of the more dangerous developments (among many) emerging from the progressive left is the calls for attacking politicians they don't agree with at their homes.

Degenerates like Cory Booker (and others like him like deadbeat Maxine Waters) would be the first to scream injustice if people did exactly what he's egging idiot left-wingers to do.

Let me keep this as simple as possible for people to comprehend: NOT EVEN THE FUCKEN MAFIA does that.

This is something any sane and neutral person should stand against.

One way is to not vote the left side of the political divide.

They're that dangerous and violent. 


When Ideological Professors Strike

Far left remedial professors strike at University of the Fraser Valley.

It's outrageous that university's are populated by such inferior intellectual minds. Pay close attention to her shtick. It's astonishing in its horrendously ideological logic. Her attitude and understanding of free speech is superficial at best and dangerous at worst.

She was absolutely trying to shut down this person and was clearly out of her intellectual depth when challenged. She knew damn well what she was doing it becomes obvious but she had to keep to her obtuse, left-wing ideological incoherence.

The sloppy sophistry on display makes it difficult to listen to as well. She claims it's not about free speech but obliterates her own argument when she makes a plea the student should 'think before speaking'. It's absofuckenlutely about free speech. She then provides a poor,  extreme example (surprise!) the KKK don't engage in free speech because it's hate. Erm, no. They do have a right to free speech. It's inconsequential what your feelings about it is. They just have a right to it. You don't like it, you debate it. Or you move on. Society is pretty good at marginalizing inappropriate opinions anyway. The KKK, Nazis - whatever - are extreme cases and are unfair and emotional tactics used by the left to try and equivocate a simple opinion to them.

It's a cheap, city trick by cheap dirty minds.

I love how she tried to spin this into the girl being a problem when it's the school who decided to interrogate her gulag style. 'Why do you have these ideas and why are you expressing them in class?'

They put her on the defensive and then ask her why she's being defensive. It's classic bullying tactics.

All Britton and Norman (I can't bring myself to consider them professors) tried to do is shut her down. Simple as that.

It's quite amazing such pathetic people roam the halls of academia.