Johnston Delivers

Right on time.

David Johnston has determined that a public inquiry is not needed to look into China having embedded itself into the fabric of Canadians politics. It has been happening for so long it has become normalized. I haven't read the report but it sounds like it was scathing about the situation which is indeed alarming. How bad is it? The Epoch Times reported there are more Chinese diplomats in Montreal than all of France. 

Let that sink in. 

It's not surprising given the stupendous corruption of Quebec. But Canada too has outed itself as a naive, incompetent and corrupt place run by hacks and bums.

But Johnston gave the rope Justing needed to justify not have an inquiry. Mission accomplished. Now Justin will go out there and spin this as a witch hunt by Poilievre. 

The Liberals under this guy are if anything but capable cynical smooth operators. They know how to spin like masters.

Anyway. More to follow as I try and find time to read into this. I was more involved in POEC. There we got to see the true soul of what governs us. The Rappoteur story was just a sequel what we already know.

These people don't serve Canada's interests.

They serve their own interests. 


Full Throttle Fear

Are you feeling anxious? 

Thank ACME We're To Help and Protect You  Industries. 

The good people who tell us we're (and our 'democracy') under constant direct threat from:

-Cyber attacks. (Particularly Russians).

-Pandemics (Suspiciously expected to be a regular occurrence now).

- Climate change (The ever-changing climate). 

- Hate (and free) speech and white supremacy. 

Who wants to be a victim of identity threat, watch kids die from a virus and Mother Earth be destroyed by white supremacists and 'freedumbers'?

But have no fear. The good people at ACME will protect us from 'disinformation' and the dangers of oil and gas and all the hate.

Just sign here on the dotted line. Don't mind the details. 

It's just a formality.

Nothing comes for free, right?


An Undignified State Of Military Affairs

The military isn't doing so well.

If these facts are accurate, this is what we call in the business a 'crisis'. 

Just like our decrepit public health system can't afford to lose a single doctor or nurse, the military can't afford to lose a paper clip let alone soldiers.

We in effect, don't have a fighting force to protect the second-largest land mass on earth.

And what's our response? Not revisit the vaccine mandates. Nope. Let mercenaries into the military. 

Interesting given we don't let doctors from other countries practice. 

Mercenaries offer a short-term solution but as Rome showed, loyalty is fleeting once the promise of spoils run out. Macchiavelli also went into detail as to how mercenaries were impeding the unification of Italy. 

But who needs loyalty in a post-nation state run by China? The whole country appears to be compromised. It's been reduced to a colony of other states and interests. 

Maybe Canada needs to be put in trust until some adults come back into the room. 

It's all so undignified even for a goofy country like Canada. 


A Predictable Canadian Response To Carlson: Tucker Springer

I'm backed up so I'll try to be brief, lucid and concise. 

I generally avoid commenting on everything I hear during the day because, well, it's impossible to respond to everything. The effort needed to think and write on a daily basis when you have a day job is a challenge. I sometimes get into - in the past anyway - a zone and type away. But lately, the issues at hand are so complex and demand so much thought, it's next to impossible to keep up.

So I have to pick and choose my battles. Here's one. A discussion on Matt Gurney's radio on Tucker Carlson caught my ears.

I don't watch or listen to Fox (or any network) except for clips and whatnot. I don't mind Carlson. He's just another voice among many.

No worse or better.

But he did two things that drew the ire of the establishment. He went against Ukraine and vaccines. Already treading water there, his comment about the Tennessee shooter - which was heavily misrepresented if you ask me. 

His positions are hardly extremist but in today's charged-up hyper-partisan loony bin, he is. 

You dare question any of these and you're a deranged far-right extremist. Whatever that means.

Few Canadians actually watch Fox. They barely know the personalities or that the network offers a large roster of personalities with broad perspectives. Canadians rely on second-hand information on this point. Canadians mostly watch left-wing 'news' networks like CNN and MSNBC. So, it's no surprise they'd react as they did with Tucker. 

It's all par for the course and nothing was offered differently by Gurney and his guest. They essentially put Tucker on par with Springer and took a passive-aggressive jab at Rogan expecting Tucker to go on his show to tell his side. And what's wrong with that? It sounded like they weren't fans of Rogan. I don't know why. Rogan has one of the best long-interview shows out there. He interviews everyone from all walks of life. As opposed to radio shows with the same roster of 'voices' giving the impression of broad social consensus. Rogan obliterates this lie and they don't seem to grasp it.

Gurney knows better which is why I was disappointed. But then again, he'll bring on Bogoch but not someone with a countering view. He'll interview Timothy Frye on Ukraine but not other Russian history experts like Mearsheimer. Always one side of the coin. I don't know if this is done by design but it's tedious. 

You'll hear a whole lot about how divisive we've become (without any mention of vaccine mandates of course). But it's always one way. Fox is the sole villain in this act.  Not MSMBC, CNN or WaPo who all perpetuated bigger lies Fox could ever pull off from the Russia collusion lie to Covington to Hamilton 68. And the list is long. One just has to listen to Shellenberger and Taibbi's work on the Twitter Files - another seismic event in media mostly ignored by the mainstream media complex. 

Canadian shows go strong on the 'lies' bit about people like Carlson and Trump. But less on Maddow and Lemmon. If at all. The double standard is plain and obvious to see. 

And then there's Justin Trudeau and his endless stream of vile divisive bile and disinformation.

It does feel Tucker was simply lashing out at all the bullshit. And we're just not ready to hear it. 

It appears to me, Tucker's crime was to counter the narrative. That's it.

I invite you all to see for yourself. Go watch Tucker including his comment about the Tennessee shooter. Then match it to what they told you.

It should be fairly obvious at that point they only tell you what they think you should know. They do it because they know you won't go seek the information firsthand yourself. It's important because they're banking on you not doing so. It forms the basis of their 'disinformation is threatening us all' lie. Just like how 'pandemics threaten us all' and 'climate change threatens us all'. See the pattern?

The best way to avoid this is to be informed. They're doing their best to keep you from doing that. One way is to dehumanize, downplay, attack - whatever - certain ideas and personalities. 'Don't go there lest you be a domestic terrorist. Stay in this lane we created for you. Why would you go in that lane and threaten the rest of us?'

It's all so, well, a dark age.

Here's Tucker giving a speech. What a monster. 


Freedom Will Soon Be Gone In Canada

Odd isn't how no sooner Bill C-11 is unceremoniously and arrogantly rammed through the House and rubber stamped by a weak Senate (Senators should be elected not appointed I think), a well-funded (part of it coming from government agencies) mysterious group called Egale calls not for the firing of Tucker Carlson (which he was) but for the outright ban of Fox News from cable news packages. 

What may be an odd coincidence stinks of a conspiracy to others. 

I fall in the latter group. Why? Well, have you see how this government behaves. It is the poster child for saying one thing and doing another. There are endless clips of Justin Trudeau defending gun rights, and freedom of speech when he was in opposition. He even didn't support vaccine passports. And then went full blown authoritarian with mandates - even though he claims he never mandated anything. Yet, he thought it prudent to mention them during the Liberal convention.

I could write a book. And maybe I should. About the obnoxious and obscene unethical hypocrisy of the Justing Trudeau and every single Liberal. 

But Bill C-11 - a bill that screams China - is just part of an overall disturbing trend in Canada. There's an incoherent gun grab attempt. There's Bill C-36. And there are the revelations being outed by our intelligence community that all our leaders since Mulroney have been compromised by Chinese influencers.

Canada is just a democracy in name and appearance only. 

That the CRTC saw fit to even entertain this frivolous and dangerous request is concerning enough. What if this group is just a front for Justin to abuse the bill in an attempt to silence critics? As we saw with the Emergencies Act and the freezing of bank accounts, he's already shown his despotic impulses. To say nothing of the trend where freedom of religion and assembly is under direct attack. Well, for those who protest things the government doesn't like. 

Journalists and content creators should be worried.  And some of them helped create this monster. Or at least unleashed a vicious monstrous streak in a narcissistic Prime Minister. 

Banning Fox would be unprecedented in its stupidity and chilling impact on journalism and free speech here. 

People who keep harping on about Fox News being 'fake' are straight-up full of shit. The entire realm of journalism is filled with lawsuits, retractions, bad reporting, falsehoods, sleazy hit pieces, plagiarism and outright lies. From Duke Lacrosse to false rape and racist stories to Covington to the Russian hoax lie all the way back to the Time Magazine and the New York Times peddling praise for Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini.  The BBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and others all traffic in hardcore falsehoods or biased reporting. We all know it. They know it. And they know that we know it.

It's all a shameful racket. 

Bill C-11. If it quacks like a duck....expect things to get worse.

We're heading into dark waters. 


The Liberals Can't Let COVID Go

Canada is about to zoom ahead of all nations in their off their charts psychopathy regarding COVID.

As the world prepares to move ahead with the endemic phase of the COVID, Canada under the Liberals want to remain in perpetual pandemic mode. 

Notice how the authorities reacted and all their minions in academia (like Caulfield and Bogoch) reacted. The message is the virus is still with us. 

Yes. We knew the virus was going to never go away. 

That's why the goal was to go from pandemic to endemic. Which is where we are. We're in a stable epidemiological position now. No need of any discussions anymore. 

Yet, some recent developments have me concerned. 

For starters, Duclos spoke today to deliver the message that despite the WHO's declaration that the emergency is over, Canada was going to remain in COVID mode. Believe the WHO; don't believe the WHO. As I've - and many others - have said. This has NOTHING to do with public health. There's much more in play here. This is strictly political. 

Next to him sat "Dr." Theresa Tam. In a mask. She's literally the only health official wearing one in the entire fucking WEST.

At their convention, Justin Trudeau took aim at Pierre Poilievre for bringing up vaccine mandates with Joe Bide.

Why would he do that? Didn't he say he never mandated vaccines? He lied under oath at POEC saying he never attacked the unvaccinated and has been shown in recent interviews saying he never mandated or coerced anyone into a vaccine.

The hypocrisy and lies are so stark it really is a scary situation.

So why is this still up on the Liberal website? Turns out, this remains a topic of discussion within the party. They do have plans to bring back mandates. 

Remember when the lawsuit brought forth by Peckford et al. was thrown out for being 'moot'? They argued it wasn't and that the Federal government could restore the illegal mandates at any time.

And it looks like they will if they get a chance.

Add Bill C-11 to the mix and the picture is starting to come together. They will throttle the flow of information next time out because they know it will be harder to force vaccinate. One good way to soften this obstacle is to limit people's access to information. I have little doubt this party of looters and parasites is scheming along these lines.

It sounds as though a snap election is coming. 

The mandates are to 'finish the job against COVID.' Except we know COVID cannot be defeated. It's endemic now It's like any other virus. It's circulating. It will make us sick and it will unfortunately kill some. But it will NOT be a threat to us or our second-rate public health system.

I'm at a loss for words that I'm having to type this in 2023. 

Canada appears to have abandoned all common sense and respect for the dignity of human agency. 

We're in a very, very, very bad place with this despotic governance

Will enough Canadians this time be firm and courageous enough to push back and put an end to this?

If the Liberals get reelected. It will seal my fate. I will be forced into leaving this country at some point. Something I do not want to do. 

But I have family members who have. And the talk is 'we'll lay the tracks, you will follow.'

What a surreal situation. 

And a sad one.


A Man Was Honored Wiht A Fancy Crown in The UK

The coronation of King Charles captured the attention of Canadians this week. 

I wasn't one of them. Never was all that into the Monarchy. I'm one of those rare Canadians who wishes to be in a free republic. I'm weird that way.

Canada sent a couple of RCMP cops to lead the proceedings. While one can't deny the beauty of the spectacle, the fact remains the RCMP is an institution in tatters. It failed to protect the civil liberties of Canadians during the pandemic and turned enemy of the people during the Trucker's Convoy that shook the world.

To normies, the Royal family and RCMP remain proud examples of our traditions.

The rest of us feel differently.

Are we supposed to forget King Charles is a spreader of climate change disinformation? Worse, that he was a close confidante repeatedly seeking the advice of the notorious monster molester Jimmy Savile? 

Never mind that he's an adulterer and mystery continues to surround the death of Princess Di. And then there's all the interesting (and plausible) allegations made in the book of Dope, Inc. that the Royal family is engaged in the opium trade. And never mind about that freak Andrew and his links to Epstein. 

This is your King? Your Royal family? 

You can have him - and them. 

And his fancy crown.

Other than that....at least the RCMP didn't trample on anyone, right?

So proud to be Canadian. 


Up To No Good

There's a reason why they want to lower CO2 emissions (I never quite understood why given it makes up very little of our atmosphere. Something in the area of .05%. Even if half of it were man-made it hardly justifies the idiotic measures they cooked up in an effort to lower emissions) and nitrogen (which makes up around 78% of the atmosphere) while looking to remove informed consent and religious exemptions for vaccines.

There's a plan. And it has nothing to do with the environment and public health.

Connect the dots. 

Very, very stupid and dangerous quacks are in power.