RIP Zev Zelenko

You saved more lives than these shitty 'vaccines' ever could or will. Or any of these gutless, shill and quack 'experts' and doctors toeing the failed line. 

You were a true and gentle but ferocious hero against evil. 

We will forge on.

Never forgotten. 

Of Bullies, Liars And Cowards

In Canada, I'd say the situation is about as grim as it's ever been for this country. 

Justin Trudeau has ruined Canada.

Justin is a bully. Plain and simple. A narcissistic one at that. 

A shallow, incompetent, valueless, and vindictive Prime Minister that according to an Angus-Reid poll has the 'full support' of only 8% of Canadians. If true, this has to be a Canadian record if not a North American one. He is clearly not well regarded not only here but abroad. A day doesn't go by where I don't see a comment or meme from all over the world that mocks this fool.

His Cabinet is made up of liars. Pure and direct. Duclos today made a statement that was shocking even by this government's own low standards. He claimed the 'vaccines' stop transmission and infection. Contrary to all real-world data and evidence. Never mind that Pfizer has said they were never designed to halt transmission and that Bill Gates admitted it. It's a non-controversial fast. A NON-STERILIZING vaccine CANNOT stop transmission and therefore get your herd. The entire world knows this that's why NO ONE is making this claim anymore and why all nations have dropped mandates. 

To me. what Duclos did today is enough to get him fired or force his resignation.

It's a LIE and he's a LIAR.

They know damn well it does neither of those things. But they have to keep the lie going to keep their insidious mandates in place. Why? No one knows but we'd better start looking into it.

But there's a problem.

Canada is filled with cowards.

Citizens' Hearing were organized whereby expert and personal testimonies were heard from across the country OUTSIDE the mainstream narrative. It was enlightening, well moderated, and professional. It was shocking as it was sad hearing the lives hurt and ruined.

What's reprehensible is the government knew it was going to damage people.

In addition, there are pending lawsuits against the government. So far, it is going well at all for them. Liars and deceivers don't tend to do well in general. The lawyers representing the government should be ashamed of themselves. 

I've heard Liberal MPs have secretly applauded these efforts. Indeed, it's been reported the majority of the caucus have had it with Trudeau. Except they do not have the courage to mount a putsch. The cabinet is a cocooned entity operating outside the lines of legitimacy. 

The Liberal MPs I mentioned, were asked to join the hearings but chose to decline.

They had a chance to heaps their country and balked. 

So we wallow in a state of cynical incompetence and stupidity. 

The bully knows this. The coward also knows this.

Which leaves us in a precarious situation. A stand off if you will.

According to some reports, Justin's downfall has begun. Perhaps. One could only hope. 

And pray.

The damage he has done has been enormous. He's a poor man's Nero. 

Now he has turned Ottawa into a police state for Canada Day celebrations. He has ripped the soul right out of the country and misguided and foolish police are going along with it. It is prohibited to carry a CANADIAN FLAG on Parliament Hill. In order to get, you have to go through a check point.

Canada is not a free and civil nation anymore.

If Justin's plan is to kill the morale of a nation, he is succeeding. First he brought fear to the population. Then he divided it. Now he's crushing its dignity ensuring self-loathing and apathy reign.

Justin Trudeau must be deposed.

This is an open secret.

You don't need a convoy or truckers to see this.

Just a brain and some common sense.

We were once a nation that trounced the German armies of World I and II in several battles.

Now, we can't seem to stand up to a weak bully who when he leaves no one will miss.

Where is our courage?

Who will stand up for Canada?

This is OUR home.

OUR land.

Will you fight for it?

Will Liberal MPs finally find the strength to do what's needed?


The Calls Are Coming From Inside The House: The West Is Thoroughly Corrupted And Broken

If there's a lesson to be learned (and there are many - alas few of them good) during this Covid-19 hysteria (and it is indeed a manipulated and partly fabricated hysteria with a man-made virus at its root that was the impetus to deceive and force people into taking an experimental procedure. A procedure that is ravaging people's lives. There are astronomical increases in diseases from myocarditis, to infertility, blood clots, neurological conditions and of course, the totally made-up SADS. These are correlated to the vaccine. Ethically, doctors - being cowards and ignorant fools - and other experts blindly continuing to peddle and push these shots have done nothing for the people they harmed. Worse, they have been gaslighting them. This catastrophe will take years if not generations to repair. If at all. There was a window where we could have averted this but now it has closed I'm afraid) is how incredibly corrupted and broken Western nations are.

We've been living a lie. 

What good are all our treaties, laws and preparedness document if they can be so easily discarded and ignored? We've completely bypassed any semblance of the democratic process all for a public health emergency and 'greater good'.

I ask. What good has come of all these measures and restrictions? Public health experts continue to ignore the trade-offs of their advice to shocking levels. They continue to circulate among each other (and to the public) discredited and weak literature often steeped in conflicts of interest (ie David Fisman) while promulgating more deception through a theory called 'layered approach'. That is a simple calculus of mask-wearing and boosters - indefinitely.

It's so incredibly absurd and stupid it makes one wonder just what the hell is going on within the halls of 'The Science' (TM).

Canada, as we know, has been one of the counties at the centre of this madness. So have been Australia and New Zealand. Equally as medieval have been France, Italy, Germany, Japan and the UK. Belgium and the Netherlands too. The United States is in the best position of all but they too have been supremely disappointing as they continue to prey on the insidious narrative. Home of the brave and free? 

What do we notice about these counties? They form the bedrock of Western wealth and science. In one year, their scientific and intellectual heritage was decimated. Their sense of ethics is gone in a flash.

In Canada, public health is presumed to be right and can hardly be challenged. That is 'judicial notice' of taking their recommendations at face value. So if you're public health is corroded with incompetent lunatics (which to me is the case) too bad. The courts won't listen to God's own scientists. It's a very bad spot.

But in recent weeks Germany has been taking the torch and it's difficult to see if they're a disturbing harbinger of things to come or if they're just drifting into an abyss of total authoritarianism on their own.

What is happening in Germany is not good.

In fact, it's extremely troubling and reminiscent of that period back in the 20th century.

Three quick points that initiated this post are happening there.

1) They want to make mask-wearing permanent from October (fall) to Easter (spring).

2) They are throwing in prison independent journalists (to the point of freezing bank accounts) who do not toe the Ukraine line.

3) Advertising for abortion is now allowed after they abolished 219a of their constitution. 

It's worth noting Germany is run by basically left-wing progressives.

Germany is slowly descending into a well of authoritarianism. 

The Ukraine angle also reveals the rank hypocrisy and idiocy of the West.

Germany is wholly dependent on Russian gas (Trump warned Merkel to diversify years ago) and now finds itself in a pickle and is firing up its coal plants now while telling its population things are going to get worse.

What they don't say is that it's entirely of their own doing and has nothing to do with "Putin bad". 

This is a direct result of a stupid policy by stupid people deluded by their own lies and propaganda.

Canada stands right next to Germany on that front.

Independent journalists are being arrested (and sometimes murdered) because they're telling the truth about Ukraine. A truth that runs in direct opposition to Western lies and narratives.

In a nutshell, it is Ukraine that has been the serial aggressor backed by Western powers notable the United States. It's being used as a proxy war to 'get at' Putin. Pawns in proxy wars never come out intact and Ukraine is going to pay a severe price. Never mind Zelensky and dimwitted useful idiots who revere or listen to his empty talk.

Ukraine will be forced to bend and the United States will look away. Of course, it depends on how badly the U.S. wants to hurt Russia. Russia serves as an excellent crutch to distract people from the Democrat party and its own incomprehensible incompetence and criminal behaviour in the last few years. 

They told us there were no Nazis in the Ukraine army. There are. They told us it's Russians committing acts of atrocities and war crimes. They aren't. It's Ukraine that has committed these assaults. They say this is for democracy as they erode their own democracies at home.

And so on.

Whatever shill hack Western journalist says on the news, you can almost bet the opposite is the truth.

We're the bad guys. Get that drilled into your thick arrogant and apathetic skulls.

We're in denial about Ukraine and the failure of the experimental vaccines.

The first step to getting at the truth and beginning a true path to repairing the civil order is to admit we're wrong.

And folks, we're wrong.


This is Not Normal - Another Part

They're sinking their teeth into kids with an outdated mRNA shot that will do literally nothing but possible harm them.

Adults are up to their 5th shot - 3rd booster - in some cases. 

How does taking 5 shots of anything in 18 months make any logical and medical sense?

Are people not stopping to think?

This is not normal.

And in case you're not paying attention, people are starting to die directly due to the shot And injuries are staggering.

What a massive, colossal, catastrophic situation stupid people have led us down. 


Complicity Will Not Be Forgiven

All you people who know these shots are bad and dangerous now is about the time to speak out.

The truth is coming out. We won't stop speaking the truth no matter how hard the orders of physicians and the government attempt to censor us.

Our governments are hurting us.

These useless 'vaccines' are hurting and sometimes killing people.

They're prolonging the 'pandemic of fear'.

Complicity is its own crime against humanity.

Time to speak with your conscience.

Looking the other way will eat your soul if you have a conscience.

This Is Not Normal

Young, healthy people dying suddenly is not normal.

That people still believe masks do anything is not normal. 

Talks of variants and passports are NOT normal. 

None of this is normal. None of this science. Or rational.

They're trying to normalize all this. A 'new normal' baseline'. All for money. 

Reject it.


Follow a Citizens' Hearings here.

Get off your ass and see what's really happening.

Your government is LYING to you. They're the TRUE spreaders of misinformation.


Note To Justin Trudeau

Just my intermittent note directed at Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland.

GO FUCK YOURSELVES you traitors.

Stop telling us what to do you miserable authoritarian and arrogant losers.

Keep pushing your disgusting agenda through lies and deceit.

You and your cohort of derelict and cowardly Liberals backed by the NDP (and the BLOC where these motherfucking mandates are concerned).

STAND TOGETHER AND PUSH BACK. This is not about public health anymore. 

I will remember. 


Je me souviens.

Pour toujours.

Mi Ricordo.

Per sempre.



Three Things About Ukraine They Lied About

1) There are indeed biolabs. 46 in total.

2) There are indeed Nazis in the army. Azov has been linked to Al-Queda.

3) Ukraine has mercilessly been bombing Eastern Ukraine killing civilians, committing atrocities and bombing facilities including maternity hospitals and then blaming Russia. The Western media then takes Ukraine's claims at face value.

Our tax dollars are paying for this ridiculous proxy war that the West (and the U.S. in particular) have no intentions of winning because proxy wars aren't design to win but punish the enemy by other means. In this case, Russia. 

What they tell you is inverted truth and realities. 

Just like Covid. 

Covid is the cover to pass authoritarian legislation. For the 'greater good' and your protection.

Like they don't give a shit about Ukraine, they don't care about you.



 Just say NO North America! 

There is ZERO justification for it.

May the 21 people at FDA and as well as the CDC rot in hell! 

This is mental illness run rampant.

They claim "80% efficacy" (yeh right. It's probably much lower and based on fraudulent data) but kids have a 100% survival rate.


Make these criminals go away by saying NO! 


Education Is Ripe For A Renaissance

Micro-schools are on the rise. 

The business model falls in line on what I've mused about on and off over the years.

Public education in its current form simply isn't cutting it. And with the infestation of ideological demands now built into it, the system is just about done.

Years ago I theorized an education landscape littered with 'private' educational schools was likely the best way to go. Parents could tailor their needs to fit the needs of their child.

It's not that complicated and very feasible. 

Only established  entrenched interests will say otherwise.

What we need a system, for example, that is independent and flexible enough to not bend to government dictates and edicts like we just witnessed.

For example, take masks. A truly independent and progressive system would allow for schools to take that decision based on their own situation. One size fits all is not only misguided, it's harmful.

The masking of children was one of the most anti-human and anti-science decision taken.

Only a renaissance in how we approach education can change falling prey to politics and hysteria.

Time for a revolution in education.

For the children.

For real. 

Things Are NOT Going According To Plan In Ukraine

It was pretty obvious to those not clouded by empty patriotism and stupid notions of Russia being an enemy state, that things were not going to go there wary in Ukraine. The same idiots who peddled junk  about the 'vaccines', lied about their intentions in Ukraine.

Russia always had the upper hand legally and militarily. 

All this crap about 'suffocating' Russia with sanctions was misguided arrogance.

As soon as Brazil, South Africa, India and China supported Russia the high was up. 

Russia was never going to lose this fight.

The simple fact two unqualified dullards like Justin and Joly were talking smack about Russia should have clues you in.

Feel used and abused?

You should. 

Your government keeps playing you.

Russia is winning. And winning big.

The Americans stupidly put all their tokens on this. Either they pull back or they escalate.

Canada is just a bunch of idiots led by a Nazi like Freeland so we know what they want.

We also know the new-cons lust for blood and war remains in the U.S.. So expect a push for war.

The West is doing all the provoking.

Think about this before you blindly paint your face blue and yellow. 


It's Murder And Manslaughter

The list of young and healthy people dying in their sleep 'mysteriously' is growing.

No, it's not damn normal.

At all.

We're killing each other with these shots. 

How much longer will people play dumb? 

Will there be justice for the dead?

I will do my part in whatever way I can to help bring all that peddled these unnecessary shots to justice. 

Approving Ineffective mRNA Shots For Children

Given all that we know about these 'vaccines' it's highly irresponsible to approve them for children.

Let me go a step further. It's malfeasance and if children are harmed or die, criminal.

Murder even.

There is NO justification for it. 'Rubber Stamp Arnold Monto makes my skin crawl watching him in action.

Not a single HEALTHY child has ever died of Covid.

We've already ruined their immune system locking them down and masking them up.

Cowards hurt the children.

They have a 100% survival rate. The shots claim '91% effectiveness'. Which means it's way lower than that. That's the RRR. The ARR is much lower. Who in their right mind takes these odds? You're in the whole right off the bat 9% if you go with that bull shit claim! 

Notice they've already began normalizing hearth attacks and strokes in children. As they prep to expand the age group and sacrifice them, expect to see still more 'mysterious' diseases hit them.

Folks. It's not rocket science. These are not coincidences and the correlation is as tight to reality as it gets.

The shots are doing something bad. I think they're, on the balance, providing a negative benefit to our health.  The end game, as the conspiracy theorists put it, was to get everyone on a treatment program (boosters) and kids on a schedule. Don't play. And be ready for the fall. Be prepared to fight. 

No. It's not better than nothing. Nothing is relying on the immune system. And in this case, it is superior to any garbage medical product.

No. It would not have been worse if you hadn't gotten the shot. Stop thanking a stupid vaccine. You sound like a complete idiot.

Wake up.


The Alerted Society

Welcome to your precautionary principle nightmare where digital alerts will alert you to a potential storm or worse.

Earlier today Environment Canada sent a weather warning. It was ominous. As a result, people take decisions in direct correlation to the fear.

30 minutes later. It was a false alarm.

Makes you wonder how we ever got along before.

These mobile devices are both the bane and boom of our existence. 

We will have to learn to not be frightened and herded by the factories of fear.

It's ok to be alert.

But be the right kind of alert. 

There Will Be More Tests

They told you that's what they plan or at least hope for.

They're priming you. Do you see?

Take this booster or we will mandate it.


The government is LYING to you.

Do your own research. Don't fall prey to the propaganda of 'disinformation'. There are plenty of legitimate resources and sources out there warning about these dangerous and ineffective mRNA shots.

If you take the 4th shot. Congrats. You're on their treatment plan. It's no longer a vaccine.

For the rest of you, wake up.

Smell that coffee. 

Say no to the app. To passports. To mandates. TAKE YOUR MEDICAL AUTONOMY BACK.

This fall there will be another test. Masks and boosters will star in this tragedy.

Don't fail this time.

Come armed with courage and knowledge.

They will back down. 

The mRNA Shots Are Causing Health Mayhem

There's nothing mysterious in the so-called 'Sudden-deaths' in adults. The invented SADS 'mystery'. 

Doctors scrambling to understand the 'mysterious' deaths are being obtusely dense. Perhaps deliberately so.

Let me draw you a picture. It will include people, sticks and....syringes.

Clear enough for you?

You can't get more correlation than that. The line between coincidence and correlation is blurred.

The vaccine cult aren't seeing it because they're blinded by dogma (and financial incentives. Loads and loads of it) but to those of us outside the cult and observing and researching the facts, it does look like there is indeed a connection between vaccines and rise of other diseases (including SIDS) in the last 35 years. There is no other explanation. Experts and people like Fauci have often publicly stated they don't know - except it's not the vaccines they claim.


I think it's safe to say it's the vaccines.

Time to examine and scrutinze the 'safe and effective' mantra.


It is time to stop deceiving ourselves.

Look how far a government can take this. Just look at Canada. It was revealed in court their mandates were a conscience decision. That is, they knew they were putting people under emotional duress. They believed that was the perfect time for them to get vaccinated.

You can't get more cynical.

And immoral.

This is a defunct and bankrupted government on so many levels it's troubling.


Fall Of The West Reason 304050506066

When John Milton published 'Paradise Lost', MP John Denham entered the House of Commons waving the poem in sheer excitement declaring it 'the noblest poem that was ever wrote in any language, or any age.' 

We get masked up Liberal MP's comparing honking from truckers to Nazis literally shaking and crying in the House of Commons and MPs who tell constituents 'fuck you;'

Canada's cabinet is made up of unserious, unprofessional and immature morons.

Faux Emperor Justinian

Justin Trudeau is a weido.

He parades around the USA as if he's part of the Democrat establishment while latching onto U.S. issues to promote and peddle his domestic agenda.

He also behaves and acts like a tin-pot dictator often pulling a hissy fit in Parliament. 

Rumor has it Justin likes his, shall we say, off-colour lifestyle. Some of what I hear is reminiscent of decadent Roman emperors.

Indeed Justin does exhibit the same paranoid and sense of inflated ego as those emperors. All that's missing is him commissioning a statue of himself on a horse killing an ancient mythical creature.

I continue to maintain something is off with this Prime Minister.

And the longer he remains in power, the more damage he does.


The Mentally Ill Giving The Mentally Ill Advice On Mental Health

 Continue following public health advice

An important element in readjusting to public life is learning to take appropriate risks. Public health guidelines offer useful parameters to help you feel confident in your decisions and ease back into the world safely. Placing your trust in health authorities can also foster greater peace of mind by validating that you’re following the best available advice. Remember that you are not expected to be a public health expert — the professionals will set the limitations. All you have to do is work within them.

My advice, if you want to maintain your bearings and any semblance of common sense, is to IGNORE public health authorities and quack commissions.

Putting your trust in government will foster more fear and confusion. Nobody with a properly calibrated sound mind would consider the recent rants from Tam and Duclos to be remotely trustworthy. 

Look. Dude. We have a public health doctor who says airplane seats serve as a barrier against a virus.

You wanna try and tell me this fosters trust and peace of mind?

It's enough to send you to the loony bin.

Everything the state is doing only prolongs the angst, anxiety and fear.

Do the opposite of whatever they say.

Because they don't care about you.

If they did, you wouldn't have Liberal MP's telling their constituents 'fuck you'.

This country has not only lost its mind.

It has lost its soul. 

Message to Justin, Duclos, Tam and 'Experts'

Well played you cynical degenerates.

You know you're full of shit and have no justification to back your lies up.

So you allow people to travel but have to 'quarantine' to come back in. Few will travel on those terms.

Pieces of shits. 

None of your stupid definitions or explanations make any logical or scientific sense. It's just based on you assholes wanting people boosted.

And you lie about its safety and effectiveness. You have no credible data it prevents 'severe disease' or deaths. None. In fact, I'm seeing the opposite. Covid vaccines = Covid accelerant as they say. And to have the outrageous arrogance to claim the boosters can stop transmission after we've known these are NOT sterilizing vaccines and do no such thing is just about the most evil and irresponsible thing this stupid government has done yet. We see the more you jab the more the cases and deaths. It's plain to see. It's the government making things worse at this point. And they're doing it through their cult-like obsession with the experimental mRNA shots. 

“Although two doses still protects significantly well against severe disease and death, two doses are not enough now to protect against infection and transmission. That is why we are transitioning now to an ‘up-to-date’ vaccination definition of what it means to be adequately protected against COVID-19,” Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said Tuesday during a press conference in Ottawa. ..."

What kind of incoherent psycho-sci-babble is this? Is this normal? It makes no sense - and again not backed by CREDIBLE data outside Tam's mouth. A mouth that says airplane seats serve as a barrier against a virus. And we're supposed to take these people seriously?

You are all incompetent liars. 

For two years you've done nothing but make things worse.

That's what assholes do after all.

May justice find you all.

Fuck you. 

Including you Adam.

You have all ruined the civil order and if you had a shred of decency and integrity you ALL resign.

Come Fall

They keeping talking about the fall as if it's inevitable Covid will maul us. Notice how the fix is in with how they want to play this in a few months. Get people nervous now to 'prepare' for whatever bull shit they plan. For now, it sounds like they want to peddle a useless 3rd booster. They already have minions like Bogoch out there selling the experimental shot. What's not right and completely outrageous is the coy language they use suggesting it can prevent infection and transmission when we KNOW it does not. We have data from other countries show these medical procedures are essentially useless and lead to sky rocketing cases.

And even deaths.

The fall will be bad. But it will be of our own doing.

Masks and vaccines are failures.

History will show this.

If we can wrestle it out of the hands of the criminals. 

Nows Our Chance To Learn To Ignore Public Health

Minister of Health during today's press conference:

"What we know from Dr. Tam and every other expert on Covid-19 is that although 2 doses still protects significantly well against severe disease and death, two doses are not enough now to protect against infection and trasmission and that is why we are transitioning now to an up to date vaccination definition of what it means to be adequately protected against covid-19. Fully protected with 2 doses doesn't work anymore, Dr. Tam said that last Friday, it is now up-to-date vaccination that needs to be used when you talk about what Canadians should do, what we should expect of Canadians and what this government should be expected to do in the future. As we do that, we agree to take advantage in the next few weeks and months to work closely with provinces and territories to increase significantly our rate of third doses. Our rate of boosters in Canada is too low. It is lower than all other G7 countries and that is not good. However, we know we can do better and we have done really well with 2 doses over the last year and a half and that's what we're going to do in the next weeks and months with all the provinces and territories so that we are better prepared and sufficiently prepared for what as Minister Alghabra said might be coming in the fall."

There is so much wrong with this lie I don't know where to begin.

One question to ask is who exactly is 'every other expert'? Also, who cares if we trail other G7 countries? It's absolutely astoundingly stupid to use such a blunt and blanket approach to public health. Human immune systems vary from person to person. Worse, to continue to pump a non-sterilizing vaccine while pretending it protects against severe disease is the height of irresponsible. In any event, we're in line with the UK and France and only trail Germany, Italy and Japan. The U.S. is acting with more sense.

Is anyone paying attention to the data that the more you boost, the more the infections? HELLO!?

There are plenty who don't agree. In fact, the chorus of those questioning them is growing.


It's simple. They won't stop. They're psychopaths. It has nothing to do with public health or science. It's just politics.


And the paddlers of pseudoscience will go away eventually.


Tiresome Quebec Threats; Call The Bluff

With the majority of monkeypox inexplicably here in Quebec, Quebec has also found time to do what it does best. Erode civil liberties.

Quebec gonna Quebec.

I find it interesting no one is asking why Canada and Quebec are getting most of the monkeypox cases in the West. Given how Covid Criminal Inc. and their enablers have behaved these past two years, I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out there's some, ahem, monkey business going on.

It's Canada and Quebec. Thoroughly corrupted places.

Recall, history buffs, Canada is a nation built on patronage and nepotism. Quebec is an extension of tis reality. 

It's an Old Boy's Network. A country club if you will.

That's all Canada is. It's not a bastion of liberty and democracy.

Did you see any of that in two years? Worse, with Bill 100 in Ontario and 28 in Quebec (and 21 and 96), there is NO democracy in Canada.

It's a deception.

Chief Justice Wagner (with the CBC acting like one of those enablers) just said the quiet parts out loud.

You're subjects. Nothing else.

And you will listen to your betters. With 'betters' being a really loose term because this batch of defective leaders isn't fit to work at a balloon stand.

Recently, the irrelevant Parti Quebec told Legault's CAQ that if he couldn't wrestle more immigration powers from Ottawa to 'threaten them with separation'.

The PQ has been relegated to third and fourth-party status. It appears most of their support went to the CAQ. The CAQ, in turn, has become the PQ in drag. Its leader is a former Pequiste.

A leopard doesn't change its spots and now we're about to see a really bad side of Quebec nationalism rear its ugly head once again.

The CAQ came to prominence promising to be a pro-business, right-of-centre party. I don't see it.

I see PQ 2.0.

None of their moves have made me say, "Yes. This is what's needed. The future is good.'

In fact, under Francois Legault, I finally realize what many, many of my friends and family who have left the province have said over the years. Quebec will never change and will never get better. 

I've come to the conclusion this is in fact correct. I see no future here. This is a Louisiana playground for a parochial mindset. Ir has an established outlook that is stale and not conducive to a forward-looking posture necessary in this world. So, my plans have been now set.

The PQ's threat should be met with a single response.



Quebec is not worth the hassle anymore.

The province takes more than it gives at this point.  What precisely does Quebec offer Canada that would justify constantly giving in to its demands through threats?

So next time the PQ says to separate, the rest of Canada should respond with a collective, 'Buh-bye'.

It may even be a blessing in disguise. Quebec garners a disproportionate amount of power at the Federal level and this must come at the expense of progress in other provinces. Without worrying to pander to Quebec's demands, this may free up energy that can be placed into strengthening other parts of the country.

I fully expect the dictatorial dullard Legault to play this game. His shenanigans with Bill 96 only reveal how ridiculously antiquated Quebec is when it comes to its fears of the English language.

At this rate Bazooka Joe threatens their language. As I've said many times before, if I'm French I'd be embarrassed that another language threatens you. Worse, these rules hurt French-Canadians more than it does us 'maudit anglais'. Countries spend billions ensuring their citizens learn English. We're the only place in the West that actively seeks to restrain or even outlaw it.

This is forward-looking?

This will only keep Quebec further adrift from a fast-moving world that conducts itself in English.



Canada Is An Empty Suit

You learn something new every day about Canada.

And none of it good.

The latest to come out of Old Dominion is Justice Minister David Lemetti saying Canadians "don't have a right to property."

Preposterous you say?

Just more Marxist gibberish from the Liberals you think?

Turns out, David has done his homework. We don't have that right unlike places like Australia and the United States. Attempts have been made to enshrine this Act of Parliament into the charter but they failed leaving Canadians vulnerable to a potential attack on private property rights. The issue was never revisited and Canadians possibly assumed it wasn't necessary likely naively presuming no Prime Minister would be so arrogant but that's the funny thing about tyranny, it sneaks up on ya.

Is it something to keep you up at night? Probably not. Property rights are only as strong as your latest tax payments. So it doesn't strand too far off this. Plus eminent domain can also encroach on property rights.


Fast forward a couple of decades and here we are. With a bunch of wannabe, second-rate totalitarian hacks in the Liberal party. Canada's 'natural governing party'.

The country never grew up into a mature democracy we're finding out more and more. 

Welcome to Canada where freedom of speech, expression and assembly are protected. mere platitudes. Welcome to Canada where the sanctity of private property fiercely embedded in Western philosophical thought is....stick a fork up your ass.

So. As the government gets its ass handed to it over the Emergencies Act, you'd think they'd back down, accept defeat and move on. Except, this would indicate a healthy and functional democracy.

Which Canada isn't at the moment.

The Liberals are looking to find ways to legitimize their tyranny. They really, really, really want to freeze bank accounts. It shouldn't surprise anyone that they seem to relish and salivate at the prospect of abusing property rights.

Totalitarians gonna totalitarian. And if you think no one is noticing, think twice. Canada is on several watch lists now.

I can't believe I just typed that but it's true. 

Unfortunately, so is the reality that

This. This is a country Canadians think is the best in the world?

More like a fraud to me.

Countries should keep in mind that whenever our leaders gallivant lecturing them about 'freedom and democracy'.

We're the biggest talkers on the planet. But in reality, it's a corrupted country that lacks conviction and principles. 

Synopsis from Quora:

"The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not (directly) protect property rights and most Canadians are very surprised to learn this. However firearms owners who have been the subject of legal changes requiring they turn their legally owned firearms in to the government and receive no compensation are well aware.[2]

The Canadian Bill of Rights protects the right to enjoyment of property and not to be deprived thereof (except, you know, by law). Sadly, this is not a constitutional document, is only an Act of Parliament, applies only at the Federal level, and - most importantly - can be over-ridden by other Parliamentary acts.

There have been previous attempts to add property rights to the Charter, but they were specifically excluded when the Charter was drafted and subsequent attempts to have them added have all met with failure.

The legal classifications of the CZ 858 and the Swiss Arms Classic Green were changed by the RCMP from restricted or non-restricted (based on their individual barrel lengths) which individuals may be licensed to own, into prohibited status, a class which no individual may be licensed for. There was to be no compensation for the thousands of law-abiding owners. Only the action of the Safety Minister[3] overturned the RCMP decision."

Exit Canada.

We never had liberty.

This is what we've learned these past two years.

The good news is we're now aware. Question is what will we do about it?

Will we continue to be clueless, apathetic obedient authoritarians swallowing what our government feeds us or will we grow up and stop taking for granted our rights and actually fight for them?

Quote Of The Day

"Those who get vaccinated to get their freedom back have already lost it."

Not about public health.


Covidman's Theme


Where you'll end up, who knows?

Quote Of The Day

 "If our society ever opted for Orwell's Big Brother approach, the instrument of choice for oppression would have to be the credit wake. In a totally noncash economy with only a vestigial barter black market, a person's activities could be tracked in real time by monitoring the credit wake of his or her universal card. There were strict laws protecting card privacy but laws had a bad habit of being ignored or abrogated when societal push cane to totalitarian shove."  Hyperion (1989). Dan Simmons.

Any questions?

Canada: Once The Watchers Now The Watched: Update

The embarrassing hits keep coming for this country. And it keeps getting worse. A couple of months ago I wondered if countries would be forced to step in and defend their citizens because of Canada's outrageously stupid and cruel travel ban. Well, Ireland is the first to do so. I expect more to voice disapproval in the coming days or weeks.

“These are our citizens who are locked up in another country and who cannot travel back to their own native homes. This requires immediate intervention by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Deputy Coveney,”

I've never seen anything like it. The sad part is this government is so deranged and idiotic I can see them lifting the bans for foreigners but keeping it in place for citizens. I harbour no illusions the Canadian government is driven by anything remotely what we would regard as standards of ethics, morality, science and law. It's just a rogue entity at this point. Look at the complete farcical circus the hearings on the Emergencies Act have become. Mendicino is a complete goof ball. Like Joly. And Omar. And Gould. And Duclos. Clowns of the highest order. Valueless and mediocre clowns. Freeland, for her part, is an island in herself. She's a Nazi-sympathizer who has probably convinced this naive country to fight alongside actual Nazis who are behaving like violent thugs - you know, like Nazis - in Ukraine. It's official policy. Tens of thousands of Canadians killed on the soil and beaches of Europe fighting Nazis are being desecrated by the actions of this politically bankrupted bunch of buffoons. 

In a recent post I pointed out five key legacies of this broken government:

1) Freedom House and IDEA have singled out Canada for moving towards authoritarianism.

2) Discovered we have an activist Chief Justice judge.

3) Only nation on earth that still prevents unvaccinated people from leaving the country or travelling within it.

4) Ohio state legislature is asking Washington to put Canada on a watch list for abusing religious freedom.

5) Unjustified use of the Emergencies Act.

Since that time we've learned he has issued 72 secret orders in council. 72! And the response of the government is just as troubling as any we've heard from them yet. Basically, we can't tell you because. Remember when this useless sad excuse of a leader said he was going to be the most transparent government ever? Then he proceeded to become the most secretive in history - even more so than Harper. And Obama for that matter. 

Now we can add a health law review conducted by the European Union and authored by McGill University concludes Canada's measures are 'stringent and invasive'.

Justin also absurdly and cynically used Texas to attempt yet another power gun grab. The odd part about this is he wants to legalize fentanyl (and cocaine). Fentanyl is a highly addictive opiate that's ravaging North America and kills way more people than guns. 

This is what has become of this place.

Imagine having TWO opposition parties in the NDP and Bloc failing to act as a moral and ethical conscience for the people. They too have helped to erode trust in the medical and legal institutions. 

Once upon a time, we were the watchers.

Now we're being watched. 

For shame.



Quick word on the NDP wanting to put the NRA on a terrorist watchlist.


Shut the fuck up you ignorant assholes.

Nothing has been more disgusting to watch than watching Canadian politicians cynically attempt to capitalize on the shooting in Texas. Again, this is a fist. Never seen it before.

The gun lobby in the USA is essentially broke. The NRA is a gun club. Go read its history. It helped protect the lives of blacks when they were being targeted.

You fucking ignoramuses. 

Flat out, full stop pieces of shits.

You. The NDP.

But the pharma lobby. That's different. There are roughly 650 pharma lobbyists in Washington. There are 535 congressmen and women.

That's ok, right?

The companies that produce products (Fentanyl) have over-medicated and sometimes killed more people than guns ever could. And now, mRNA shots with a shocking record of deaths and injuries which are NOT working. 

Go fuck yourselves NDP. Every single one of you bastards and bitches. 

If You Don't Boost, Covid Wins

It's quite sickening and unnerving to keep reading people who have suspended all senses of reality and common sense write bull shit like 'I'm so thankful for the vaccines or else it would have been worse!" and "I can't wait to boost my child!"




I bet a good number of these people obsess with reading food labels and their ingredients (is it GMO?!) while oblivious to what's inside the shots.

True, we barely understand the ingredients in food imagine with medicine.

So we put all our trust in scientists and pharma to do the right thing. We deceive ourselves into believing 'why would they hurt us?" 

Big mistake. 

So the first two shots are done. No one who has two doses is vaccinated or protected. Stop fooling yourself. It's booster time!

In other words, time for the treatment phase of the game plan.

And people will walk, run and skip to their 'trust the science' jab.

There is nothing like getting an endless injection of healthy spike protein fat lipid nanoparticles circulating around in the body's bloodstream. 

What can go wrong?

A spike injection, I might add, simply is only designed to focus on a specific part of the virus and strain long extinct. They're denying you the chance at natural immunity which is far more complex and robust.

The so-called 'hybrid immunity' is being studied. So I'll give that a chance to prove my stance erroneous. 

My main point of contention is the obsession with vaccines as a means to a medical end and the mandates around them and the unethical medical tyranny this is ushering in.

A public health policy mistake and disaster.

A Common Thread.

Welcome to another instalment of 'What's the common thread?"

We have the mystery of 'Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Now, as we're seeing an increase in people mysteriously dying in their sleep we have Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

What's the common thread? 

Maybe these aren't mysteries?

Then comes the curious case of Monkeypox. Why is it that a disease that's been around for decades mostly restricted to Africa suddenly finds itself here but with few cases in its place of origin?

What's the common thread?

Have you not noticed the reclassifying and relabelling of medical conditions? 'No, no! It's perfectly normal children get heart attacks and strokes' and 'Exercising is not great for your heart' and other diseases like cancer and diabetes are suddenly on the rise. 

Gee, what can it be?

Australia, seen as a model to the discredited nutcases in the Zero Covid camp, is seeing a wicked increase in deaths and cases. Didn't they 'put their faith in science' as The Washington Post reported way back in 2020? Is Sweden still not to be discussed? 

Has anyone noticed how Sweden is basically no better or worse than many countries now? In fact, they're probably in a better situation? As I noted two years ago, I surmised Sweden's strategy was probably going to be painful in the short term but in the long-term - if it paid off - they'd have a good chance at getting ahead of things on the herd front than countries who locked down. It's certainly looking that way.

Why would all-cause mortality increase? 

Maybe there is some truth to this autism link to you know what, eh?

I'm just saying. 

There's something going on here.


The Mentally Ill Rule Over Us

Exhibit One from Germany.

Exhibit two. 


Crazy asshole.

Look at them both carefully.


Psst: Wanna Hear The Truth?

*Looks around. Speaks in a hush tone.

Wanna know what's causing all-cause mortality to shoot up and what's breeding variants? 

Hint: It ain't the unvaccinated like Skippy from McGill whose on the pharma payroll says.

I'll let you guess.



Canada: An Unserious Place Run By Unserious And Corrupted Clowns


1) Freedom House and IDEA have singled out Canada for moving towards authoritarianism.

2) Discovered we have an activist Chief Justice judge.

3) Only nation on earth still preventing unvaccinated people from leaving the country or travelling within it.

4) Ohio state legislature is asking Washington to put Canada on a watch list for abusing religious freedom.

5) Unjustified use of the Emergencies Act.

Nice job Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois.

Again. Hang your heads in shame. You're living in a parochial Canadian bubble. And Quebec is in a bubble wrap within that bubble making it even more insular. 

All under the watch of Justin Trudeau.

Any questions?

James Topp Marches To End Mandates

Of course, the media ignores him.

They'd rather interview quack doctors and academics from McGill still squawking about masks and fear mongering the population. 

Judge Woke Wagner

 "If they lose faith in the justice system, what will happen? People will solve their problems on the street and it will be anarchy, eventually, and we completely lose the calm, the serenity, the well-being of the citizens in these cases."

Comment by Chief Justice Richard Wagner in the CBC. Friends and allies of the regime.

Just the fact you showed bias and called for violence against the truckers is enough to undermine trust in the system. You did that on your own judge.

I don't trust nor respect Judge Wagner based on his own comments. Yet, he's trying to get ahead of his own activism and cowardice by - surprise - blaming 'extremism'.

There is no extremism and those lawyers did the right thing complaining about his behaviour. He should recuse himself of any cases related to Covid or truckers or resign (of course then the loser sad excuse of a PM would just appoint someone worse than Wagner). He simply cannot be trusted and is compromised.

If he continues to do so, we're living in a banana republic with kangaroo courts with Wagner as the clown judge.

The Stupidest And Cruelest Country In The World

Look at how stupid and cruel Canada has become.


Look at how low Justin took this country. 

If you support this on any level you're just as stupid and cruel.

Every member of the Liberal, NDP and Bloc Quebecois.

That goes for border protection too. American border agents didn't enforce Biden's punitive vaccine policies. They showed discretion, common sense and courage. Naturally, it's too much to ask for our agents to not be so heavy-handed. 

You should be embarrassed and ashamed for the sordid and sorry state of affairs you've created.

The idiot PM says the restrictions have to remain because 'variants can come back.'

We're in the 'say any stupid shit' stage of the collapse. Biden the other day claimed the economy is performing at historic levels in the USA.

Crack-quack nut jobs are running our countries.


What a stupid, stupid country.

Science my fucking ass. 


Justin Is Crazy. Literally

 “The reality is, as much as people would like to pretend we’re not, we’re still in a pandemic. There are Canadians who die every single day because of COVID-19,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

“I know people are eager to get back to things we love but what will also further damage our tourism industry is if we get another wave.”

This logic is profoundly tragic. In his words, everything is a pandemic. People die of flu and heart disease all the time. No one is pretending anything. They want Canada to be in line with the rest of the world.

The irrational hubris of Justin Trudeau has reached new heights.

And it's extremely troubling. Basically, it's a permanent pandemic because Covid will never go away and the vaccines will never prevent death or transmission. Even PHAC seems to be distancing itself from the government. The government has hacked health.

He's now officially disengaged from reality. It's Justin doing all the pretending. He's pretending the restrictions have any impact on mortality - which they clearly don't. Moreover, there have been TWO waves since they've been put in place. Justin is simply a piece of shit. Sorry.

It's a terrible week for Canada and Quebec. In a matter of days, the mandates remain and Quebec partially ended measures while passing Bill 28 which makes sure they still can govern by decree until at least the end of the year while giving themselves immunity from lawsuits. Of course, the jackasses congratulated themselves as if they accomplished something amazing. The vast majority of states and provinces simply ended their emergency measures without cynically grabbing power.

Now we're sitting ducks.

Medical tyranny has officially arrived in Canada.

To The 201 MPs Who Voted Against Ending The Mandates

Your vindictive, ignorant, and cruel actions will be noted.

History will not be kind to those of your who voted to keep the disgusting, unethical and unscientific mandates in place.

I'm almost certain of it.

It's already being recorded as such.

You will be the outliers in this story. 

Rogue outliers. 

You Don't Understand; You Have More Power Than You Think

 I dont't think people appreciate that when faced with tyranny, stopping it is easier than you think.

All you need to do is NOT CONSENT.

Don't play.

This is the lesson I tried in vain to drive home into people during Covid.

I was disappointed - bitterly even - that so many people download a vaccine passport app. 

DON'T PLAY was my message. I didn't. I took my licks.

Take your shot if you want but don't allow them to coerce you into it. Simple. Don't consent to things that can only hurt all of us in the end. 

But people, fooling themselves into believing this was law and they were powerless, played along. They needed to go to the restaurant and go on their trips to Santa Banana. They obeyed out of pure selfish self-entitlement pretending they were virtuous and doing it for the 'greater good'. 

Canadians took obedience for virtue. 

Canada played. And GOT PLAYED.

Next time. Be attentive.

And brave.


Respect yourselves. Be grateful for your LIBERTY.

Don't be bullied by the state. The state is weak.

We are powerful.


Justice Canadian Style

So. A judge in the U.S. has allowed Brook Jackson's case - the Ventavia whistleblower - to move to discovery after Pfizer's attempt to stop it. This is possibly the most important case against Pfizer - and by extension the mRNA injection campaign - in the world as it could prove fraud and possibly end the 'vaccine' experiment. That's justice working. 

Meanwhile in Canada: 

"Wagner characterized the convoy protests as a “circumstance that could undermine our principles such as judicial independence, the rule of law, institutions.” He said the protests included people of “good faith” but also others who were “remotely guided” with “misunderstanding” and “a certain ignorance” of the rule of law, and who were seeking to bypass the political “system.” 

This is the CHIEF JUSTICE of the Supreme Court of Canada acting like an activist judge and talking utter, unsubstantiated, gibberish. The RCMP and Fintrac didn't agree with the government. The banks have issued an apology for ludicrously freezing people's bank accounts. The Emergencies Act was an unjustified egregious abuse of power and Wagner appears to agree with it.

Wagner should resign. For the sake of the sanity and sanctity of our justice system badly tarnished.