Things Are NOT Going According To Plan In Ukraine

It was pretty obvious to those not clouded by empty patriotism and stupid notions of Russia being an enemy state, that things were not going to go there wary in Ukraine. The same idiots who peddled junk  about the 'vaccines', lied about their intentions in Ukraine.

Russia always had the upper hand legally and militarily. 

All this crap about 'suffocating' Russia with sanctions was misguided arrogance.

As soon as Brazil, South Africa, India and China supported Russia the high was up. 

Russia was never going to lose this fight.

The simple fact two unqualified dullards like Justin and Joly were talking smack about Russia should have clues you in.

Feel used and abused?

You should. 

Your government keeps playing you.

Russia is winning. And winning big.

The Americans stupidly put all their tokens on this. Either they pull back or they escalate.

Canada is just a bunch of idiots led by a Nazi like Freeland so we know what they want.

We also know the new-cons lust for blood and war remains in the U.S.. So expect a push for war.

The West is doing all the provoking.

Think about this before you blindly paint your face blue and yellow. 


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