Message to Justin, Duclos, Tam and 'Experts'

Well played you cynical degenerates.

You know you're full of shit and have no justification to back your lies up.

So you allow people to travel but have to 'quarantine' to come back in. Few will travel on those terms.

Pieces of shits. 

None of your stupid definitions or explanations make any logical or scientific sense. It's just based on you assholes wanting people boosted.

And you lie about its safety and effectiveness. You have no credible data it prevents 'severe disease' or deaths. None. In fact, I'm seeing the opposite. Covid vaccines = Covid accelerant as they say. And to have the outrageous arrogance to claim the boosters can stop transmission after we've known these are NOT sterilizing vaccines and do no such thing is just about the most evil and irresponsible thing this stupid government has done yet. We see the more you jab the more the cases and deaths. It's plain to see. It's the government making things worse at this point. And they're doing it through their cult-like obsession with the experimental mRNA shots. 

“Although two doses still protects significantly well against severe disease and death, two doses are not enough now to protect against infection and transmission. That is why we are transitioning now to an ‘up-to-date’ vaccination definition of what it means to be adequately protected against COVID-19,” Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said Tuesday during a press conference in Ottawa. ..."

What kind of incoherent psycho-sci-babble is this? Is this normal? It makes no sense - and again not backed by CREDIBLE data outside Tam's mouth. A mouth that says airplane seats serve as a barrier against a virus. And we're supposed to take these people seriously?

You are all incompetent liars. 

For two years you've done nothing but make things worse.

That's what assholes do after all.

May justice find you all.

Fuck you. 

Including you Adam.

You have all ruined the civil order and if you had a shred of decency and integrity you ALL resign.

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