A Common Thread.

Welcome to another instalment of 'What's the common thread?"

We have the mystery of 'Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Now, as we're seeing an increase in people mysteriously dying in their sleep we have Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

What's the common thread? 

Maybe these aren't mysteries?

Then comes the curious case of Monkeypox. Why is it that a disease that's been around for decades mostly restricted to Africa suddenly finds itself here but with few cases in its place of origin?

What's the common thread?

Have you not noticed the reclassifying and relabelling of medical conditions? 'No, no! It's perfectly normal children get heart attacks and strokes' and 'Exercising is not great for your heart' and other diseases like cancer and diabetes are suddenly on the rise. 

Gee, what can it be?

Australia, seen as a model to the discredited nutcases in the Zero Covid camp, is seeing a wicked increase in deaths and cases. Didn't they 'put their faith in science' as The Washington Post reported way back in 2020? Is Sweden still not to be discussed? 

Has anyone noticed how Sweden is basically no better or worse than many countries now? In fact, they're probably in a better situation? As I noted two years ago, I surmised Sweden's strategy was probably going to be painful in the short term but in the long-term - if it paid off - they'd have a good chance at getting ahead of things on the herd front than countries who locked down. It's certainly looking that way.

Why would all-cause mortality increase? 

Maybe there is some truth to this autism link to you know what, eh?

I'm just saying. 

There's something going on here.


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