Judge Woke Wagner

 "If they lose faith in the justice system, what will happen? People will solve their problems on the street and it will be anarchy, eventually, and we completely lose the calm, the serenity, the well-being of the citizens in these cases."

Comment by Chief Justice Richard Wagner in the CBC. Friends and allies of the regime.

Just the fact you showed bias and called for violence against the truckers is enough to undermine trust in the system. You did that on your own judge.

I don't trust nor respect Judge Wagner based on his own comments. Yet, he's trying to get ahead of his own activism and cowardice by - surprise - blaming 'extremism'.

There is no extremism and those lawyers did the right thing complaining about his behaviour. He should recuse himself of any cases related to Covid or truckers or resign (of course then the loser sad excuse of a PM would just appoint someone worse than Wagner). He simply cannot be trusted and is compromised.

If he continues to do so, we're living in a banana republic with kangaroo courts with Wagner as the clown judge.


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