Canada: Once The Watchers Now The Watched: Update

The embarrassing hits keep coming for this country. And it keeps getting worse. A couple of months ago I wondered if countries would be forced to step in and defend their citizens because of Canada's outrageously stupid and cruel travel ban. Well, Ireland is the first to do so. I expect more to voice disapproval in the coming days or weeks.

“These are our citizens who are locked up in another country and who cannot travel back to their own native homes. This requires immediate intervention by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Deputy Coveney,”

I've never seen anything like it. The sad part is this government is so deranged and idiotic I can see them lifting the bans for foreigners but keeping it in place for citizens. I harbour no illusions the Canadian government is driven by anything remotely what we would regard as standards of ethics, morality, science and law. It's just a rogue entity at this point. Look at the complete farcical circus the hearings on the Emergencies Act have become. Mendicino is a complete goof ball. Like Joly. And Omar. And Gould. And Duclos. Clowns of the highest order. Valueless and mediocre clowns. Freeland, for her part, is an island in herself. She's a Nazi-sympathizer who has probably convinced this naive country to fight alongside actual Nazis who are behaving like violent thugs - you know, like Nazis - in Ukraine. It's official policy. Tens of thousands of Canadians killed on the soil and beaches of Europe fighting Nazis are being desecrated by the actions of this politically bankrupted bunch of buffoons. 

In a recent post I pointed out five key legacies of this broken government:

1) Freedom House and IDEA have singled out Canada for moving towards authoritarianism.

2) Discovered we have an activist Chief Justice judge.

3) Only nation on earth that still prevents unvaccinated people from leaving the country or travelling within it.

4) Ohio state legislature is asking Washington to put Canada on a watch list for abusing religious freedom.

5) Unjustified use of the Emergencies Act.

Since that time we've learned he has issued 72 secret orders in council. 72! And the response of the government is just as troubling as any we've heard from them yet. Basically, we can't tell you because. Remember when this useless sad excuse of a leader said he was going to be the most transparent government ever? Then he proceeded to become the most secretive in history - even more so than Harper. And Obama for that matter. 

Now we can add a health law review conducted by the European Union and authored by McGill University concludes Canada's measures are 'stringent and invasive'.

Justin also absurdly and cynically used Texas to attempt yet another power gun grab. The odd part about this is he wants to legalize fentanyl (and cocaine). Fentanyl is a highly addictive opiate that's ravaging North America and kills way more people than guns. 

This is what has become of this place.

Imagine having TWO opposition parties in the NDP and Bloc failing to act as a moral and ethical conscience for the people. They too have helped to erode trust in the medical and legal institutions. 

Once upon a time, we were the watchers.

Now we're being watched. 

For shame.



Quick word on the NDP wanting to put the NRA on a terrorist watchlist.


Shut the fuck up you ignorant assholes.

Nothing has been more disgusting to watch than watching Canadian politicians cynically attempt to capitalize on the shooting in Texas. Again, this is a fist. Never seen it before.

The gun lobby in the USA is essentially broke. The NRA is a gun club. Go read its history. It helped protect the lives of blacks when they were being targeted.

You fucking ignoramuses. 

Flat out, full stop pieces of shits.

You. The NDP.

But the pharma lobby. That's different. There are roughly 650 pharma lobbyists in Washington. There are 535 congressmen and women.

That's ok, right?

The companies that produce products (Fentanyl) have over-medicated and sometimes killed more people than guns ever could. And now, mRNA shots with a shocking record of deaths and injuries which are NOT working. 

Go fuck yourselves NDP. Every single one of you bastards and bitches. 


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