An Ode To Justin Trudeau

The east is red, the sun is rising

From Canada comes Justin Trudeau

He arrives for the people's happiness

Hurrah, he is the people's savour.

Chairman Justin love the people

He is our guide

In the building of a new Canada

Hurrah, lead is forward! Continuons.

The Communist Liberal Party is like the sun

Whenever it shines, it is bright

Wherever the Communist Liberal Party is

Hurrah, the people are liberated! 

Five Eyes And Climate Tyranny: Communism By Other Means

The American-Commonwealth world is slowly morphing into authoritarian hell holes.

We see it happening before our eyes but we can't get 'normies' to see.

People still talk as though it's just politics as usual under Justin, Ardern, Biden et al.

It's not to me.

I don't recall seeing a debate about Digital ID. They just present it as inevitable. Who decided this was necessary?

Are we just going to let ourselves be funnelled into a phone and become barcodes? If that happens while ignoring safeguards and privacy protections (which globalists do not want) under a Digital Constitution (which would only be abused by criminals I reckon), it's the point of no return.

It will be living in a digitized "The Trial" nightmare.

Also, a problem is an insistence on 'combatting online misinformation which is just a cover to silence dissent while creating Orwellian bodies under 'truth' commissars.

It's not a conspiracy. It's happening.

Musk buying Twitter is welcomed. It at least thwarts the trend somewhat but it's going to take much more. Setting up alternative social media sites is also important. We have to keep the lines of free expression open. 

Censorship of any kind, I can't believe it needs to be hammered in the minds of Canadians, is bad.

For everyone. 

The U.K. is taking charge of climate tyranny where Oxford and Canterbury will pilot a climate lockdown project. Basically, from what I can deduce reading the ideological garble, is to restrict mobility.

I'm sure it will apply to the elites as well. Oh. Right. They plan to set up their own Digital ID parallel system.

This is communism by other means is it not?

Let's continue.

The plan is to limit movements between sectors. Something along the lines of 100 times per year. There's even a nugget in their manifesto where they want to, I'm not kidding, limit purchases for clothing to three items per year.

It will be made possible through your 'smart' phones.

Not so smart, eh?

They will monitor every step you make through a network of gates and cameras. Manless Check Point Charlies.

Went passed your limits? Sorry. BLOCKED from the grocery store.

The days of unfettered freedom to live your life as you see fit will be gone.

For the environment.

So they say.

It won't matter if you have an EV. EV's aren't the point of the exercise. The point is to control the population.

Eventually, when this will be shown to fail and not 'save' the planet, they will move on to the 'killing fields' of depopulation.

Laugh. But that's the track we're on. Soylent Green.

The Police sang 'Every breath you take'. The song is due for a remake as 'Every move you make'.

Look up the ARUP report. See for yourself. It's all there.

If you find it hard to believe people would go for it, you're somewhat correct. 92% of Oxford's residence voted against this. But the council ignored it.

Still think this is a democracy or about 'climate change?'

Hello, McFly!

Please examine, I implore, with a critical eye the UN/WEF.

All these hare-brained schemes remind of Mao's 'Great Leap Forward' and Stalin's Five Year-Plan. So impractical, unreasonable and irrational, it ripped to shreds the civil order. Schemes only social scientists and academics can embrace. If it fails, they won't be held accountable after all.

The demands will prove impossible.

Agenda 2030 is no different and is condemned to a similar fate.

The damage will be significant.

Lenin once said something along the lines of 'We will give them (the free West) the rope to which they will hang themselves'

Five Eyes took the rope.

The Mirage Of Ethics

You should... 

Make me.

The funny thing about ethics is everyone talks a mean game about it but few are able to put it into practice.

Humans are very good at putting things down on paper and in fancy charters, documents and constitutions but not very good at applying them.

Or at least, when it serves them, they will try very hard to cleverly manipulate it in their favor.

We're seeing this clearly with Covid, mandates and the Liberal party of Canada.

Indeed, I have a huge bone to pick with this gang.

Politics, in part, is the art and act of exploiting gaps to bend them to your narrative. 

See Justin and how the Cabinet secretly (protected by Cabinet Omertà), cleverly and cynically preyed on the naiveté of our wishy-washy Charter and antiquated intelligence framework set by the CSIS Act and how it related to the Emergencies Act. 

The idea of ethics as a myth was compounded by the division of culture along'Unvaccinated vs. Vaccinated/Essential vs. Non-essential lines.

Justin Trudeau plainly said he would suspend Charter rights for 'public health'. Look it up. You're a big person. The problem is too many of you are lazy or atrophied in your ability to critical think so I'm forcing you to seek that clip or link out. 

The funny thing about ethics is it's only as strong as the next person in line to protect and apply it.

Judging by what we've seen so far, it's weak people all the way down. Medical experts, media, politicians, and even ethicists failed to uphold the ethical standards and codes we agreed upon in the post-war era.

Why bother with the charade if you're just going to ignore them?

Anyone can talk about big ethics. 

Anyone can take reservations. It's 'holding' the hard part as the only Seinfeld joke went.

So in the face of a non-threatening virus, we decided to uproot, dismantle, obliterate and erase all common sense and modes of ethics. 

This is our legacy.

The funny part? The experts are so full of hubris and staked so much of their reputations into this disaster, they can't budge.

They're trapped. Call it 'Ethics Revenge' perhaps?

Intellectually, scientifically, ethically and morally. They bent the knee.

They have to go down with this stinking ship.

I don't know where we go from here. All I know is this can't go on like on this path.

We have to take out the garbage.

The garbage is all people on the take and filled with conflicts of interest. It's removing pharma from being able to lobby and corner advertising. It's banishing all 'experts' who supported masks, lockdowns and passports. They failed. Miserably. 

At NIAID, the person tasked to make sure Fauci acts ethically is his wife. And how did she play it? By reinventing what is ethical. In other words, Fauci is perfectly ethical. 

Makes perfect sense, right?

All of it was garbage. And much of it was lies.

They were able to do it because they ignored ethics. Or 'reimagined' it. Your Arthur Kaplans and Ezekiel Emmanuels of this world have done a good job inverting reality and confusing people's sense of what is good and evil.

They don't. There was an emergency.

Oh, and deny Russians access to medical care. Because Putin. Because we're good people.

Take your fancy ethics and liberty and shove it, killer!

This is what we've been reduced to.

The low expectations of ethics mean we can now move in on children with highly questionable mRNA shots they really don't need. 

Because our health system is stretched.

A rotten, corrupted, backward, public care I wouldn't even put my cat through. 

Stated otherwise, the political ploy of protecting public health killed ethics.

All was funnelled through the lenses of one threat.

What will be the price?

Well, for starters, it came at the cost of morals and ethics. 

Canada Soliciting '50 Centers'

Are you a natural-born snitch?

Are you easily manipulated into any dogmatic piece of propaganda?

Do you have an unbalanced sense of self-righteousness?

Do you lack courage, principles, ethics and values?

Then the Canadian government has the right job for you.

'All my life I didn't know what to do with myself. I just knew if I could punish people for not agreeing with me it would make me happy like a little girl in a doll shop." 

Canada (bold mine): 

"In preparation for increased vaccination education, promotion, and outreach, The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is requiring the services of a consultant to analyze the vaccine related conversations on social media and PHAC social media initiative and campaign performance.

The consultant will analyze vaccine-related conversations, and their participants, on Twitter and and (original text with grammar error) social media channels, including Reddit, Blogs, Forums, and News, spanning up to three years of historical data.

The consultant will analyze PHAC’s social media initiative and campaign performance, including content engagements and the campaign’s influence on vaccine-related conversation."

So. 'Consultants' (read: Peanut gallery brigade) will peruse blogs and Reddit? May as well enter people's homes at that point because those platforms are the supreme vehicles of expression.

Can't have that under Justin's Canada.

Too dangerous. 

The profile of these 'consultants' will be similar to the zealots that were dismissed by Musk at Twitter. 

No self-respecting person with any dignity or sense of integrity and commitment to the right of people to have opinions (even if wrong) would take on such a job.

Only a scoundrel and weak person would. 

You are the reflection of your government, And Canada right now is scraping the bottom of the barrel under this bunch.

This ad reminded me of China's 50-Cent Party. 

AKA 'Net Critical Monkeys'.

We know that the UN hired a bunch of bots to go out and troll Twitter. 

Now the Canadian government thinks this communist tactic is appropriate for an ostensibly free and open democracy. 

I hope people understand you can have a totalitarian-democracy. China has 'parties' and 'elections' too. 

Is that a free society?

A society that freezes people out of their right to travel or bank accounts isn't a free one.

Just in case one of those 'middle-conservatives' or delusional #IstandwithJustin Canadians is reading, I'm referring to Canada. Canada did these things.

The '50-Centers' were recruited to 'correct' counter-revolutionary sentiment among dissidents. Basically, online stooges doing the dirty work of the CCP.

In China, they refer to it as rooting out 'disharmonious' activities.

Always look at the wording and phrases. We employ the same tactics as the CCP now.

It's communism by other means. 

Welcome to Canada.

Hotez A Symptom Of The Decline In Trust In Allopathic Medicine

I don't want to spend more time than I need to with Peter Hotez. He's a tortured soul who is caught in his own dogmatic scientific delusions. I think there's something to be said of him perhaps being guilty that deep down he knows vaccines did cause autism in his daughter. 

Think of it. He devoted his entire life to the service of vaccines only to find out that indeed there could be a link between the two.

All that money, reputation and power-  gone in an instant. I guess he figures doubling down and lashing out is the only way to keep the charade going and run from his conscience.

But that's just a guess on my part.

It's a blog. Blogs are for opinions. It's still legal for now in Canada. 


It's years I don't like Hotez to be blunt. I never really much cared or had an opinion one way or another about vaccines. Like abortions, I knew the camps were divided with the usual 'anti-pro-con' arguments.

But then around 2015 things started to shift with both for me. I didn't like the rhetoric coming from the pro-sides. They talked an awful lot about 'evidence' and 'science' but I saw just as much empty and dangerous rhetoric on their side. There was no 'a-ha- moment until 2020. I evolved into my current stance. I've done nothing but read up on it and quite frankly in my off-the cuff discussions with some scientists and doctors over the years, I'm more aware and informed on the facts than they are and I think this is unacceptable. 

They just assume things are correct as they are. This is not how anything should work. As new evidence comes in, you must consider it.

But everything is polarized now to the point there is no way to bridge anything. To have a conversation and dialogue. We need a modern Peter Abelard to come in and 'fuck shit up' as it were.

Science has become way too politicized, dogmatic and arrogant for my taste.

It's a simple observation and conclusion. Scientists are humans. And humans mixed with hubris can be dangerous.

Hotez et al represent this calculus for me. 

Hotez destroyed vaccine confidence. He just doesn't realize it. Is a complete train wreck. When you have to go as far as claim that people who are not vaccinated are 'killers' and deserve to lose their right to earn a living you not only lost the intellectual and scientific plot, you lost the morality plot.

Conveniently overlooked is the fact many people who question the vaccines aren't necessarily 'anti-vcxx'. Indeed, in the context of the Covid mRNA injections, they have specific concerns about how they were tested and rolled out including through coercive measures.

Many are in fact vaccinated themselves. One can be vaccinated and decide they no longer support it as well as being 'anti-mandate'.

Being anti-mandate[ is not the same as being 'anti-vaxxer'. They're another subset within this group. The authorities created this former group. 

Here in Canada, too many Canadians remain under a deluge of sheer unethical stances supporting the Covid response which has been catastrophic. I have no doubt history will conclude as much.

They're at the end of the line. A cul-de-sac. Censorship didn't make it go away. Gaskighitng didn't make it go away. Political screeds didn't make it go away. Ad hominem attacks and appeals to authority didn't make it go away. 

You can feel him and his ilk walking backwards into a wall as the search for truth marches forward. There's nowhere to hide, Peter. There's only so much you can do on Twitter and MSNBC. 

Maybe it's time Peter Hotez steps out of his protective bubble and debate. Because that's the only way out.

Perhaps he can debate Geert Vanden Bossche?

Hotez yaps like a ferocious T-Rex on Twitter or CNN with his political screeds but acts like a kitten feigning Bambi eyes before Joe Rogan who knows how to make one see their own hypocrisy like he did with Sanjay.

Peter knows this. Sociopaths are very good at reading the room and adjusting. 

Peter will defend vaccines to the death but he will avoid the vile rhetoric he spews in front of a more neutral or even hostile audience. He's a bully and when challenged bullies are cowards.

There's only so much defending one can do with what looks to me to be failed medical products. The 'safe and effective (and its junior 'rare and temporary) claim appears to be more marketing than scientific fact.

I see way too many holes in the narrative and propaganda.

And I'm not the only one who sees it.

When they mandated and coerced people into this, that's when I began to see with clarity. They unwisely opened a Pandora's Box. They arrogantly paternalistically presumed what was best never once stopping to ask, 'what if we're wrong?' and 'is this really ethical?'

It fed my skepticism which has blossomed into cynicism. 

I'm not the problem. I'm human and have every right to be. To challenge and question. Hotez isn't my god. Nor did anyone elect him. I take care of my body way better than he ever could.

I'm not married to chemicals or pharmaceuticals. Moving forward, I will always consider more natural solutions. What people like Hotez sell is not health. It's just pill-peddling by other means.

That aside, it sure doesn't help when Saying shit like:

Let’s be clear: an anti-vaccine lobby owns the internet right now. What that means is that by some estimates, they’ve put out 500 anti-vaccine websites, so that every time you put the word vaccine into a search engine—whether it’s Yahoo or Google—you’re going to get anti-vaccine misinformation. That’s number one. 

Second, we now know it’s amplified on social media like Facebook and other forms of social media. 

Third, look at the Amazon site. It’s incredible. So my book—the good news is that it’s the highest-rated pro-vaccine book on Amazon. The bad news is that, overall, it’s ranked about twenty, because there’s nineteen other phony-baloney anti-vaccine books. So Amazon is now the biggest purveyor of anti-vaccine books.

Wait, it get’s worse. They [the anti-vaccine activists] have Political Action Committees, lobbying state legislatures, plying then with false information about what vaccines do.

The problem is, we don’t have any robust system of pro-vaccine advocacy to counter it. 

Doesn't help.

If you're still wondering how gaslighting works, this is how.

It's incredible he would publicly say this.

Peter Hotez has more power in just his lab than the whole of the "anti-vaccine" lobby.

Hotez and the vaccine juggernaut are supported by the pharmaceutical industry, powerful investment hedge funds like Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street, GAVI, BMGF, Rockefeller Foundation, Johns Hopkins, various national governments, the WHO, UN, the Clinton Global Initiative, the military-industrial complex including dark entities like DARPA, NIH, NIAID, the White House and other major organizations that make 'anti-vaccine' PACS look like Cubs. Hotez is perfectly safe at Baylor. By contrast, Dr. McCollough - a leading cardiologist and the most published in his field of specialty in the world - lost his job at the same institution for questioning the vaccines. 

Try and tell me you're the victim Peter.

If people are turning their backs on vaccines, maybe they need to honestly and critically assess their own role in this development.  Nobody likes to be told they're a menace for not listening to a scientist they don't even know. The fact we destroyed the doctor-patient privilege and informed consent while attempting to eliminate medical autonomy has done more to undermine trust in allopathic medicine than they care to acknowledge.

When you have rogue groups like CSPO suggesting psychotherapy for people who decline vaccines, you know things aren't only off the tracks, but darker forces are afoot.

There's no comparison. Hotez is Goliath. Those who challenge him are David.

While there are strong grassroots groups - which have only gotten stronger thanks to the ill-advised aggressive tactics of mass mRNA injections -  they pale in comparison. 

Peter is doing a lot of damage.

Never interrupt someone when they're in the middle of making a mistake.

Quote Of The Day

 “Have more than you show, speak less than you know,” 

The Fool from  King Lear.

"Have the humility to admit you don't know, and the kindness to sagely share what you know". T.C. from King Leer. 

Oh, Now They Say It

"What we're seeing right now, with policies changing in the United States, for example, swabbing everybody who's coming to the United States from China, are a little bit absurd," Kalina told CP24 at Noon on Thursday.

Kalina cited the policies on testing passengers from China "doesn't work".

"I do think that the federal government here is doing enough to prevent more COVID coming to the country," he said. "But that's in a situation where we already have widespread COVID around our entire country, so performative actions, like swabbing, tests and restrictions really won't help anybody at all."...


So where were you when the government of Canada became the first Western nation in history to restrict the right to mobility with its domestic travel ban for millions of Canadians violating basic ethical standards and human rights?



People needed sober and sane voices to speak on their behalf but were left high and dry.

Because they chose to decline a medical procedure. As is their right.

Everyone's an asshole and a hypocrite.

China Model Down

So they wear masks in China, correct?

They've taken lockdown measures to historical heights, right?

We're told we should copy them, no?


A major breakout.

Interesting that. 

Poor Klaus. He must be very upset about this.

All these people.

They are frauds and they are dangerous.

China is not a model.

Never was.


How To Become Lost As A Country

A close friend of mine keeps saying he has no time to keep informed.

Whenever our conversation gets into serious territory, he's largely unaware of any perspectives outside the realm of mainstream 'reality'.

He's open to what he hears and isn't hostile. He's too smart. His street, business and academic intelligence quotient are in the top 95% percentile. 

Always been since we were kids.

But that's all it is to normies. More 'interesting' information. It's almost as if they process crucial information as 'I'll take that under advisement" not realizing it's not advice but critical information that has a direct impact on their lives.

Alas, the only way unfortunately for normies to understand is for them to get hurt personally. The Pajama Laptop Class that cheers on the bio-medical tyranny is 'safe' for now.

Until they aren't. 

His fallback 'I don't have time to read like you do' is a lazy cop-out. It's an excuse. These are people that will engage in extreme minutiae researching the most pointless of consumer items Or they will spend hours and hours trying to find the best deal for a car. Which is responsible but why they don't apply this kind of diligent research to climate change and vaccines I don't understand.

I try to get people to grasp this.

These people took a useless 'vaccine' with potentially far-reaching implications for their personal health without a modicum of critical assessment. 

He recently bought a Tesla. Because evidently. he can't be bothered to realize he's doing his part to keep slave labour going in Africa while doing fuck all for the environment. 

The disconnect is astonishing,

And points to the rank selfishness and hypocrisy of the West.

They'll cheer on some vapid 'thing' to soothe their guilty conscience virtue signalling to the point of vomit-inducing, but when it comes to putting their money where it truly matters they turn their backs.

They need that iPhone, see? The EV allows them to pretend to be 'doing something'.

So smart, yet....

Not paying attention to what's going on beyond your four walls is abandoning your duty as a free citizen.

That's how countries become lost. 

'Compassionate' Canada

The British Commonwealth isn't falling.

It has fallen.

Justin Trudeau has taken this country down a dark, dystopian, degenerate path.

But we have 'free' health care, right?

Are you still proud Canada?

I wouldn't be.

Like the mRNA "vaccines" are a catastrophe, MAIDS is a serious social disaster.

Vote Liberal and you're part of the problem.

This goes beyond petty partisan politics.

This cuts straight to the soul and morality of a country.

And right now, Canada is a dark place. 


How Do Sociopaths Behave?

Let's look at Peter Hotez's latest Tweet for some insights.

"If at times I appeared too militant around vaccines and immunizations, my apologies. With highly transmissible virus pathogens we know vaccines = our most potent public health interventions. My outspokenness was borne out of pure desperation to save lives."

I think this was one of Rogan's best interviews during the Covid era. He did a good job exposing the fraud Sanjay is but his takedown of Hotez was well crafted as he did so in a very benign but devastating manner.

Indeed, chubby scientists who don't take care of their own health and who peddle chemicals as the only solution for health don't hold much of a moral and credible ground.

This is what, I believe, led to this shameless and gutless Tweet.

Hotez clearly has demons and quite frankly he can shove his vaccines up his ass.

But notice what he's doing here.

The tides are turning. People - those who aren't still wallowing in dogmatic fear of a virus stuck in their hyper-partisan hive - are coming to understand and realize they were duped by the likes of people like Peter.

His Tweet is gaslighting of the highest order. 'Oh, you're still upset about me wanting to arrest you? Come on. We were scared! We didn't know! It was for your own good! We meant well! We wanted to save so many damn lives we were willing to sacrifice so many for it!"

This is going to be their excuse once the room heats up.

Don't buy it.

People like Peter are sociopaths. Some are psychopaths.

The second the coast is clear, he will revert to Tweeting nasty and unconscionable things.

For science.

For your health.

For you.

For us.


Here's another example of a sociopath.

Justin Trudeau.

He's going to do everything he can, eh? But first, he'll leave for Jamaica. 

And then come back and do what?

Undo the MAIDS cult he unleashed?

Trudeau is a narcissistic liar.

He lies about the "vaccines' conferring protection as a recent government of Canada propaganda video he posted on his Twitter account showed.

I think Musk should flag and want Justin for spreading disinformation.

If he doesn't stop, suspend him.

A leader of an ostensibly advanced nation should not spread false information about a subject we've known for over one year now to not do what was claimed.

Too many Canadians, astonishingly, still believe the unvaccinated cause variants.

Despite the enormous body of literature that has taken us beyond the stale and misleading government narrative about the 'vaccines' being 'safe and effective'.

We're waaaaaay past this folks.

The latest information out there not only puts this to rest but is actually extremely concerning if not terrifying.


If You Live For The Future, There Will Be No Future

I would often be told by elders to live in the present. 

I'm conservative in my outlook that means I keep an eye out for the future. I save for a rainy day. I keep things I believe have value.

But like anything in life, you must keep a healthy moderation. 

If all you do is live with an eye on the future, you will miss the present. 

Making decisions sometimes need to take some long-term vision. Like buying a house and gauging interest rates. But we can't know the future so it's best to keep that in mind when making a choice that demand long-term considerations. 

It's a balance.

And that balance is allowing yourself to live in the moment.

Sometimes this gives you more clarity than you can ask.

This is how I approach climate change.

It allowed me to assess things with a sober mind. When you look at the now, you can see the arbitrary dates set for targets are living for the future for its own sake. They don't know what the world will be like in 2030. The models they rely on are just that - models. Not set in stone. 

Entropy matters.

And we will get a taste of it.

The question is at what price and cost?

The whole climate change hysteria is an exercise in hubris, vanity and hypocrisy.

'Zero emissions' will come with unintended consequences just like lockdowns and mRNA injections will.

This we can be guaranteed.

The best approach to dealing with the environment is local and personal. Voluntary.

Anything beyond this, is punitive and counter-productive.

Carbon taxes, electric cars, and other onus regulations and mandates imposed will manage to have no impact on the environment while at the same time come at the price of prosperity and personal freedom.

Conservation is a state of mind. A belief we share the world - and universe. 

It is true many don't share this belief but a heavy handed top down approach will do nothing.

It never does.

Yet, we still do it.

Live for now.

Life is short and precious.

Living in the future in fear of what might happen robs us of smelling the roses.

A comet or meteor can hit us at any time. In fact, we're just about due.

Mother Nature and the splendid chaos of the universe guided by God will determine our fate.

Not us.

This is beyond our reach.

The climate changes. Read up on the different climate change cycles in the last 2000 years.

You will notice by a simple observation equipped with the facts will awaken you to the fact they're lying to you just like they lied about Covid and its supposed solution: The mRNA serum.

Live in the now and without fear.

The rest will take care of itself. 

The Conspiracy Comes Full Circle

In the 1960s, the CIA invented the term 'conspiracy theorists' after people questioned the official narrative of the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963.

Now, the CIA has admitted they did kill him.

We've come full circle.

Conspiracy theorists never existed.

They were just smart people who smelled and called bull shit and evil when they saw it. 

The same exact playbook was used during Covid.

Have you noticed how right the 'conspiracy theorists' were all along?

They also warned, among many things that proved true,  this would happen.

This Is Not Progress

You call this progress?

It's macabre in its regressiveness.

I see no value in the advancement of human achievement here.

I see a bunch of malarkey being passed off as scientific innovation but in reality, are specious explorations of theory 

Killing innocent animals for a brain chip that's never going to work is depraved 

Pushing a failed mRNA shot is deranged.

This is what we call quackery.

Not science.

Or remotely close to what we call 'health'.

Faces Of Evil: Peter Hotez

I'm going to come out swinging here.

I never liked Peter Hotez. It's years now.

Why he feels the need to embroil himself in politics with his divisive and sophomoric opinions is anyone's guess. But one thing's for sure. Peter is doing more to hurt vaccine confidence than anyone. 

He has said many despicable things these past couple of years but this one ranks among the worst.

“Anti-vaccine activism, which I actually call anti-science aggression, has now become a major killing force globally." -

, Professor and Dean

, on the devastating impact of #misinformation and disinformation."

Let me be frank again.

Hotez looks like the guy the protagonist in a movie grabs by the collar after barging into his lab and killing several security guards. He then gets the grifting, snivelling, smarmy villain to admit his plans in the service of higher more powerful forces and that nothing can be done to stop it. He attempts to carry on but dies by his own syringe. Either in error or by the hand of the hero. Haven't flushed that part out.

I wasn't 'anti-vaxxer', Peter. You and your ilk were arrogant enough to support mandates forcing people into taking a specious medical product.


I pose no threat to your health there chubby. Nor am I an 'extremist'. 

Get that through your thick, hyper-partisan, arrogant head.

And if you keep talking tough, I'm gonna shove that bow tie up your ass because your words are aggression and threaten my health and rights.

Got it, Peter?

mRNA Covid Shots A Threat To National Security And Health

 From James Lyons-Weiler;

“Since the beginning of COVID-19, we can list the following methods of information manipulation which have been used: 

  • -falsified clinical trials and inaccessible data; 

  • -fake or conflict-of-interest studies; 

  • -concealment of vaccines’ short-term side effects and total lack of knowledge of the long--term effects of COVID-19 vaccination; 

  • -doubtful composition of vaccines; 

  • -inadequate testing methods; 

  • -governments and international organizations under conflicts of interest; 

  • bribed physicians; 

  • -the denigration of renowned scientists; 

  • -the banning of all alternative effective treatments; 

  • -unscientific and liberticidal social methods; 

  • -government use of behavior modification and social engineering techniques to impose confinements, masks, and vaccine acceptance; 

  • -scientific censorship by the media.

    By supporting and selecting only the one side of science information while suppressing alternative viewpoints, and with obvious conflicts of interest revealed by this study, governments and the media constantly disinform the public. Consequently, the unscientifically validated vaccination laws, originating from industry-controlled medical science, led to the adoption of social measures for the supposed protection of the public but which became serious threats to the health and freedoms of the population.”

    Source Pubmed.

Canada Down

This country has sunk to levels I never thought possible.

Where countries are not giving these highly dangerous and useless mRNA shots (that do permanently alter the immune system) to children, Canada (and the USA) are manically forging ahead with this abomination.

It tells you all you need to know about the state of corrupt affairs here.

The warning signals and red flags are everywhere

Instead of course correcting, Canada is busy revealing itself to be one of the most unethical and unjust societies of superstitious peddling and pseudoscientific gibberish.

Have you seen 'Dr.' Tam's disgusting video with 'Mrs. Claus?' spreading absolute 'keep up to date with your vaccinations' horse shit taking dead aim at kids?

These aren't vaccinations. They're treatments.

And they do squat. All risk and no benefit. There is zero proof it saved a single life.

Time for the government to cease and desist from disinformation and start giving us the evidence. 

This government acts more like a production company putting out cringe videos than actually caring for its citizens. Never mind the immoral mess we're mired in with the MAIDS and companies celebrating death. 

The vaccine program, at this point, poses as a national security threat to the health of Canadians.

My how this country has fallen. Or maybe it was always scraping the bottom of the barrel and we didn't notice.

This is a very serious predicament we find ourselves in. We're in complete capture of the pharma. 

Not only is Canada misbehaving and not being honest with the public it has now taken to not reporting excess mortality data to the OECD.

The only country along with Australia to do so.

Why is that? 

Not only are were not transparent with ourselves, but we're also not being honest with our international partners. Other countries are reporting so why aren't we?

Canada is down.

It is indeed broken. 

The only way to fix it is to get rid of those who broke it.


Quick word on "Homme d'affaire" Francois 'McKinsey' Legault.

What do good businessmen do when management fails, Francois?

What do corrupt ones do?


It's Merry Christmas

I don't mind when people say 'Happy Holidays' or 'Merry Christmas'.

What I do mind is forcing someone to say one or the other.

What I do mind is denying the reality of our Christian heritage.

Saying 'Merry Christmas' shouldn't offend anyone anymore it should offend to hear 'Happy Hanukkah'.

People who get offended at kind religious tidings and greetings have problems within their own conscience and soul. 

When someone tells you 'Merry Christmas' they're not 'demeaning your experience because of white privilege' or whatever pitiful excuse the 'social constructs' brigade has erected. Such a pathetic way to live. 

Like people who live to avoid Covid applying superstitious rituals like masks and 'layers of protection'.

Get over yourselves.


Narcissistic nimrods run rampant.

Time to reign them in.

I'm pleased that this year, I've heard 'Merry Christmas' more than usual. There's nothing wrong with saying it.


It's a universal message of peace and brotherhood (I'm sure this word also offends the nagging nabobs of negativity and ignorance) is all it is.


To Future Snitch Consultants Who Work For PHAC

I hear you're gonna monitor social media and blogs to assess opinions on vaccines.

How nice.

"In preparation for increased vaccination education, promotion, and outreach, The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is requiring the services of a consultant to analyze the vaccine-related conversations on social media and PHAC social media initiative and campaign performance."

They plan to increase preparation? Is PHAC capable of reading the fucking room? Are they not reading the onslaught of whistleblowers and experts who were silent but no more speaking out at an increasing rate?

These vaccines are hurting and killing kids. Not ONE child should die from a medical intervention. Not one fucking child. Especially since Covid never posed an existential threat to them.

The government of Canada is engaging in child sacrifice through a combination of deluded dogma, profit and incompetence.

That's on your heads PHAC, Tam, Duclos and Justin.

Someone should send a memo to PHAC that it's over. 

Let me be clear on Christmas Eve what I think of you:

Go fuck yourself. 

You're a coward who works in the service of an incompetent agency run by sociopaths who lie to Canadians.

Now fuck off.