Get Ahead Of The Who

The WHO wants it all.

Not the band. 

The 'health' organization.

It's not about health as we've said all along.

It's about using health to attain more power and control over our lives.

Everything is merging into a medical climate-change complex. 

They're funnelling all powers into that.

The International Pandemic Treaty is a baaaaad idea. 

Like, a really bad idea.

It takes away power from sovereign nations with faceless bureaucrats and puts in the hands of faceless global bureaucrats.

Do you want that?

The treaty is expected to be ratified in May 2024.

We have over one year to stop it.

In Canada, it starts by removing Justin Trudeau.

This is bigger than partisan tribal politics.

I implore people to see this.

Start to act like we're headed in a bad direction. 

Nations must retain power to deal with health. 

Not off load it to international organizations who are clearly mobilizing into one global government effort. 

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