Normie Doctors Awaken

I'm noticing more and more normie doctors are speaking out. Good. 

It's unfortunate they were forced to choose between their oath and integrity on one side and their job and income on the other. The whole purpose of our ethical and legal framework is to NOT put people in this position. And this includes religious protections.

But in the West, we decided to ignore the rule of law and impose the rule of man and medical tyranny.

It's so profoundly wrong, it's shocking we're tolerating it.

But the doctors and nurses (nurses have shown more courage speaking out earlier) are more and more realizing their colleagues are being injured or losing their lives. They're starting to see the carnage these 'vaccines' are unleashing on their patients.

In a past post I mentioned their conscience was going to be begin to eat at them like in Poe's 'The Tell-Tale Heart'.

It now' seems to be happening.

One doctor spoke out after his son got myocarditis.

It's ok doc. You bought into the 'safe and effective' racket. How about it's 'rare and temporary'?

Empty words and phrases when it happens to you right?

Only a committed dogmatic expert enraptured by the magic of vaccines would ignore this. 

But among the more sane and sober, less so.

Unfortunately, people only react when they get hurt.

And the hurt is on now.

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