S.O.S. Canada In Disarray

In 2.5 years I've watched the complete degradation of what I thought was a stable country with values.

Covid-19 shattered what turned out to be a mirage.

A facade.

In this short time frame this country has witnessed:

-The collapse of ethics.

-The triumph of obedience as a value and pseudoscience.

-The eradication of medical autonomy.

-The use of illegal public health mandates to achieve political ends. 

-The erosion of public trust in science and medicine.

-The collapse of a second-rate public health system.

-The destruction of the economy.

-The ideological attacks on truckers and farmers.

-The ideological attack on law-abiding gun owners.

-Bill C-11 and the move to end free speech.

-The complete capitulation and collapse of the university as an institution of the free exchange of ideas.

-The disappearance of the rule of law.

-The rise of state-controlled media.

-The tyranny of the medical establishment.

-The immoral embrace of suicidal death under MAIDS.

And this is just scratching the surface. 

Freeland was 'heartbroken' when a banker told her Canada is a 'banana republic.'

I don't know why.

Her government made it so.

Not the damn truckers.

And if you think that, get your head out of you ass.

People protesting - even if they block roads - don't turn countries into banana republics.

Governments do.

If there's an election come spring, and the Liberals manage to get elected again, prepare to see the Canadian experience degrade itself further and slide into Venezuela territory.

Unless. Unless the Americans get their act together and end this nonsense.

The economic forecast for this country isn't good.

Growth is expected to be among the lowest among major economies for many years.

HSBC bolting from Canada may seem like a nothing burner but:

"HSBC's chief executive Noel Quinn said the decision to sell the business to RBC followed a thorough review on its “strategic fit” within the wider HSBC portfolio. The bank concluded it held a relatively small share of the Canadian market and had greater opportunities for growth in other countries."

Canada is projected to have the lowest growth among major industrial nations. One forecast had it lasting as long as 40 years. That's how poorly managed this country is run under the Liberals. 

It's ironic that one of the reasons why the despots invoked the Emergencies Act was to signal to investors Canada is a safe and stable place to invest. 

Using a heavy hand approach, they in fact damaged our reputation. 

For all their talk of protecting the economy, at the end of the day, they chose political expediency. 

And now you have a banana republic.

The only way out is if the government falls. Not likely since - if Singh is to be trusted and believed having said he doesn't care what Justin does he will keep the alliance going and that the Liberal caucus is simply too neutered and gutless to take Justin down and do the right thing for this country. 

Or, if there's a spring election, Canadians finally come to terms with the fact this country is not in a good place or good track, and vote him out. 

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