It's Merry Christmas

I don't mind when people say 'Happy Holidays' or 'Merry Christmas'.

What I do mind is forcing someone to say one or the other.

What I do mind is denying the reality of our Christian heritage.

Saying 'Merry Christmas' shouldn't offend anyone anymore it should offend to hear 'Happy Hanukkah'.

People who get offended at kind religious tidings and greetings have problems within their own conscience and soul. 

When someone tells you 'Merry Christmas' they're not 'demeaning your experience because of white privilege' or whatever pitiful excuse the 'social constructs' brigade has erected. Such a pathetic way to live. 

Like people who live to avoid Covid applying superstitious rituals like masks and 'layers of protection'.

Get over yourselves.


Narcissistic nimrods run rampant.

Time to reign them in.

I'm pleased that this year, I've heard 'Merry Christmas' more than usual. There's nothing wrong with saying it.


It's a universal message of peace and brotherhood (I'm sure this word also offends the nagging nabobs of negativity and ignorance) is all it is.

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