Veering Off Track: Quick Takes

Quick takes:

One tactic they use as part of keeping fear up is to scream about 'over capacity' in hospitals. 'Take your shots' to not 'overwhelm the system' as if this is all new.

Except, it's 40 years since I've been hearing the same old story.  Every flu season, the news reports how hospitals are 'stretched' to 'breaking point'' going back to when I was a kid. 

This is why I find it odd when people (especially those older than me) repeat this propaganda. Whenever I point this fact out, you can see the hamster starting to run in their brains to get it working. Alas, sometimes I get a 'yeh well this is different!' response. Sure, it is. Sure thing, Mutumbo.

It's not unusual to see hospitals with a capacity as high as 140% in Quebec. All throughout Covid we monitored the capacity figures and they never really went beyond what was a normal flu season. Given the sheer panic, you would have thought to see capacity at well above 200% but it never did. At one point, the average capacity was 80% for all hospitals in Quebec in 2020!

It's no different this time around. And with RSV it's intense for a short period and off it goes. Sounds like this year's strain of the flu is vicious but, again, nothing we're not used to.

The T-Rex in the room? The second-rate public health system. No one talks about that. Heaven forbid. In Canada, it's so bad, they encourage MAIDS as well as to boost away with mRNA. 

For the system. And if you paid into it and find yourself in desperate need of help, you're nothing but an expense to the Canadian public health system. As such, consider offing yourself. Accept it, physicians. You wallow in a depraved and broken system. 

What's the saying? Everything within the public health system, nothing outside the public health system, nothing against the public health system. 


Oh, look. Another piece of scientism from Canada. 

"Comparisons against outcomes in other countries and "counterfactual modelling" illustrate the "relative success" (to what exactly?) of control of the epidemic (isn't a pandemic?) in Canada. Together, these "observations" show that without the use of restrictive measures and without high levels of vaccination, Canada "COULD"have experienced substantially higher numbers of infections and hospitalizations and almost a million deaths."


There it is again. The magic of 'we saved millions'. Nothing like Peter Principled bureaucrats claiming to have saved so many. 

This is the equivalent of "We believed rain was coming, we did a freaky dance, the rain didn't come, ergo we prevented the rain from coming. Drink!"

Of course, they gonna ask you to ignore excise mortality in 2022 is higher than they were in 2020 and 2021.

They're going to try and rewrite history. They want the strategy of useless lockdowns and masks to become a natural response to pandemics (they somehow know will reoccur with reasonable precision by the way). They're not. Our job is to stay informed and not bite because we're engaged. We must write our own 'off' history. I don't expect professional historians to have the courage and honesty to do so. They will just archive and document the official narrative. And if they do talk about the dissident (READ ACTUAL EVIDENCE AND TRUTH) perspective, it will come with a 'conspiratorial' caveat and angle. 

As I've said, Canada is now a world leader in bull shit. That is 'modelling' and scientism.

I expect some illiterate MP with a Covid ideological axe to grind to bring this crap up in Parliament.  Maybe Paddle Head van Koeverden is up to the task. After all, he's no stranger to reading junk science in the House as he did with Firman's disgusting appeal to segregate Canadians.

I don't think these people are thinking at all. Not in any profound manner anyway. 


The conflicts of interest revealed during the Covid hysteria have been through the roof.

Recently, (ICAN) Attorney Aaron Siri questioned Kathryn Edwards, who was an advisor to Pfizer directly before becoming one of only five members of their safety monitoring board for the mRNA Covid injections. When he pressed her about whether financial incentives could influence her decisions or work, Edwards was adamant it would not. Somehow, magically we're to all just 'trust' them as they provide a new  "definition" of "independent" on the fly (notice how they've been rewriting and redefining terms and laws during Covid) you can be on the company's payroll, and be paid to assess the very product which you helped to develop, and still be called independent. Not bad, eh?

Our understanding of corruption and conflict of interest has all but withered.  

The Newspeak is stunning.

Lines are blurred. No independent or advisor individual should ever be paid by the entity their monitoring. Ever. Period.

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