Canada Misplays Another Hand With EV Mandates

Like they miscalculated bringing Moderna to Canada hoping to make it the hub for mRNA production despite attitudes and demand shifting away from them, the Liberals are attempting inadvisable mandates for electric cars.

This government believes it can regulate and command the direction of an economy. 

Never mind that 'climate change' rests on shoddy, specious science, the environmental claims of electric claims are even more suspect.

EVs aren't the future they're cracked up to be.

But don't tell that to the Peter Principle students in charge of Canada.

Quebec last year first declared all cars would be electric by 2035. Of course, they would. Quebec is run by communists always behind the curve. Quebec's visions are mirages.

Ottawa decided the same this week. 

The thinking and belief with this announcement are it will make Canada a major player in the EV 'revolution'. Eco-terrorist felon Minister of Bull Shit Guilbeault claims Canada is 'well positioned' to lead the world.

Except it isn't. 

We rely on other countries when it comes to EV technology. Notably, the U.S. Canada is good at being the freeloader without coming off as one. Canada can't produce its own indigenous EV companies like Tesla, so it relies on trade deals with the U.S. to create a niche. In this case, batteries. Or something along those lines. Not sure. And don't care really.


Because it's all a pipe dream.

As it stands, only 7% of car sales are electric in Canada. The market is speaking loud and clear. For now, companies are jumping on the EV trend; for some, it may be profitable. But it remains to be seen if this will be the case in the long run. No way can a government force consumers into a product they don't want. And certainly not in 12 years.

There are all sorts of practical obstacles to overcome. First among them is the electric grid. Where will all the power come from to power an all-EV society? They haven't told us.

That's because it can't be done. 

At best, they should be happy if they could increase it to 25% and even then they'd be fortunate.

The other issue, as mentioned many times, good luck with the emissions intense extracting of all materials needed to create an EV.

All told, by the time the EV is produced, it has a negative impact on the environment as well as the human cost in the form of slave labour to pull out the main ingredient needed for the batteries: Cobalt.

That in itself is a human rights violation. If Canadians support EVs then they're proving to be hypocrites of the highest order while exhibiting ignorance about the truth of EVs.

Mazda is said to be on the cusp of announcing a revolutionary innovation in engine technology that may be significant enough to kill the EV fad. It may prove to be even cleaner than EV.

What happens if all the major manufacturers determine it's just not feasible and just plain stop producing EVs? Where will that leave Canada?

Tesla stock is showing signs that the EV market may already be reaching its peak (I could be wrong here) but with gas prices projected to come down in 2023, this will put a dent in Tesla sales and stock. A company that still heavily relies on subsidies to survive. Someone I know bought a Tesla because he was tired of paying high gas prices. It's this short-term thinking that creates superficial demand. Now, it's true the government is attempting to tax us into oblivion through carbon taxes but again, this will have no effect on the environment and will threaten prosperity. 

Tesla owners, blinded by their own virtue signalling and naive belief that there's a climate crisis, are actually bad for the environment and are in fact indirectly causing human misery to soothe their wealthy conscience.  Quite the hypocritical posture, no? Then again, we're led by a PM who left for Jamaica. One of the least vaccinated countries on earth. I'll let you think about that. 

It took the automobile industry 100 years to perfect its economies of scale and efficient technologies. The Canadian government thinks it can condense this slow-moving and organic progress in 12 years. It can't. Just like how pharma companies are attempting to streamline vaccines to market. It's impatient logic as it is irresponsible and bound to fail. 

As usual, this government is long on impractical idealism and short on practical details. 

They're ideological interventionists without a reasonable and logical plan.

Reality is going to slap this bunch in the face I reckon.

This sort of tinkering reminds me of the time when Justin and Moreau announced a plan to turn Waterloo into 'Silicon North'. Billions spent and not sure what the process has been on this. But given there's been no update and that the government doesn't speak of it, my guess is - as predicted at the time - was a flop.

Just like the green electric car dream.

Silicon North, vaccines, and EVs.

Three examples of why the government is terrible at investment and business. 

Not only is this government the most wasteful and corrupt in history, it's also very bad at judging the market.

It's not able to read the room.

Canada will end up holding the bag so to speak.

It will be the misguided entrepreneur who overspent and oversold an amusement park that ends up being abandoned. 

How this government continues to be taken seriously is anyone's guess. 

Here's the truth and what we Canadians are in reality contributing to. Look. That's how your Tesla was made:

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