Believe It: Gates And The WHO Are Conspiring To Create A Binding Global Medical State

Bill Gates is up to some very nasty stuff.

He's Mr. Burns.

Gates (remember he invested heavily in vaccines in 2019 prior to the pandemic which should be viewed with suspicion especially conceding one of those companies he invested in was bioNtech. A company, like Moderna, which never brought a product to market) is the biggest private funder of the WHO and 2nd only to the United States. He holds almost complete power. 

With that, he's attempting to leverage the WHO into creating a binding medical bio-surveillance agreement (read: state) where countries give up their sovereignty (why is anyone's guess) to the WHO.

In other words, the WHO will call the shots and behind them doing all the play calls will be Bill Gates.

Want to travel? Take my vaccine. 

Just like he and Johns Hopkins held 'war games' for 'pandemic preparedness' in 2019, the same group just completed a second dry run in October of 2022. No doubt going over all the wrinkles from the first pandemic.


There are no coincidences. 



Stop voting left-wing/liberal/democrat. While it's not guaranteed conservatives or so-called populist parties won't sign on, it's less of a given.

Literally: Our future is at stake.

Gates is the enemy and we should view him as such. 

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