We Need To Talk About The Speaker Of The House

I don't like our set up in the House of Commons.

I don't like that MPs have to address the Speaker.

The Speaker is a glorified baby sitter and completely useless.

I want to see passion and intellectual fisticuffs in the House

Not this watered down nonsense we see where the Liberals can just sit there and not answer questions while sitting down when the heat turns up to get the Speaker to intervene.

Right bow, we're living in a de facto banana republic. Because you 'vote' doesn't make us a democracy. Cuba has elections you know.

The Speaker should compel the Prime Minister to answer the damn question instead of monitoring language.

This is seen as being 'civil'.

I see it as an extension of the apathy, timidity, and obedient character of the Canadian people. 

Justin Trudeau behaves like he does because he's too well protected and insulated. He's a boy beau dauphin without muscle, wit or courage.

Just a waste of political flesh.

I say unleash the sharks and lions.

See how he handles the truth.

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