I Don't Have To Respect Your Mask Phobia

There's a kid that lives next door to me. 

For the better parr of two years now, he's been in a mask. 

I see he and his mother walk to school every day. She, also in a mask, drops him off and away he goes to continue his education in superstition. 

We're told to respect people's wishes. 

Did people respect the wishes of the unvaccinated or people who didn't want to wear masks?

Not with mandates they did.

Mandates instantly divide society. They tell one side 'wrong' and they must comply.

Baked in this arrogant position is the presumption they're 'right'.

Which they weren't.

And never will be.

Those who opposed mandates actually respected people.

Those who hid behind the jack boot of state coercion, didn't.

They sure have a funny way of showing their love for people. 

I don't respect a person in a mask.

If I do, it means I enable their phobia.

The boy is a part of the community. His health does matter.

Still parading him in a mask can't be good for his psyche or physical health. 

Masks are superstitious amulets. 

They serve no practical protection against viruses.

I will stay on this side of Rational Road until it's safe to cross.

In the meantime, I don't have to respect these fools for 'social cohesion'. They're ruining it on their own because superstition is regressive. 

I will be kind. I will be patient.

But no respect.

And there will be no amnesty forthcoming. 

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