Of Twitter Freedom And Covid Protocols

 Isn't it something? 

The principal argument against what Musk is doing is that too much freedom of speech will, well, destroy civilization.

Funny. I thought terrorists like Louis Farrakhan and al-Queda never got their accounts suspended.

Or any leftist who screamed for violence against their opponents.

It's a culture war. Nothing more, nothing less.

What Musk is doing is simply reverting Twitter back to its natural state and killing Sauron (the government). 

There was nothing natural or healthy in the Democrats colluding with Twitter to suppress opinions.

Take the case of Katie Hobbs. Hobbs, who had slave parties, literally did nothing to somehow earn the Governorship. Literally. She sat on her ass - like Joe Biden did - and refused to debate. She's in charge of certifying elections and because of Musk, we discovered she was asking Twitter to censor Tweets. Yesterday, she certified her own election.

We all now know the Hunter Biden laptop story was real but at the time Twitter banned the New York Post thus preventing the American people from seeing the truth. This no doubt swayed the election just like it did for Hobbs.

It gets worse, as many of us already suspected, the FBI was also colluding with Twitter.

Now, the head of the Ministry of Truth at Twitter - some nut job named Vajiya Gadde (go watch her antics on Joe Rogan. What you will notice is average minds should not be in positions of great power) is now working for the Biden administration.  Let that sink in.

It was all rigged. ANOTHER win for the 'conspiracist'. I've lost count at this point. That's why the government and international bodies like the UN are pushing 'misinformation' rules so hard. The truth is coming out and they don't want that. 

In any event, where Twitter is concerned, turn around is fair play now.

Actions have consequences.

You're going to try and tell me the problem is Musk?

I say bring it on.


Our time is darker than the dark age.

In a time of darkness, shysters, fraudsters and megalomaniacs emerge and appear to be sane and rational. 

I was reading an article and something hit me. It's all about connecting dots and drawing on history to understand the mess we're in.

Notice what happened. Doctors who were innovative in treating Covid-19 were and are still ostracized (especially in Canada because we're a second-rate country) by mainstream medicine with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo in order to keep the cash flow going. That is, following the NIH/CDC recommendations which are by and large designed by the pharmaceutical industry. It's a circle of circulating cash and a revolving door of individuals.

But here's the thing. Those doctors like the ones from the FLCCC (and the CCCA here and Reinfo Quebec) are from the same medical system and training and were using modern medical therapeutics that were manufactured by pharma to create the protocols. There were no magic hocus-pocus nouveau-age recommendations.

Moreover, they continue to spread pure disinformation. White House Covid car Jha said the boosters will prevent death. How he's not in a straight jacket I don't know. Here, B.C.'s professional medical liar Bonnie Henry tells people the flu shot is "50%-70% effective". Never have flu shots ever come near those levels. Ever. 

Who cares about protocols in Canada? I've yet to see a creative one come out of the geniuses at McGill. Why have protocols when you can go straight to MAIDS? By the way, that woman in the Simon's commercial celebrating her death? Yeh, friends and family say she didn't want to die. It's just that the system is so terrible and piece of junk it drives people to want to kill themselves in despair.

Welcome to Canada. A Hotel California nightmare. 

This is a place that makes obedience a virtue and now takes the state's Murder Inc. program and pretends it's 'progressively compassionate'. And media is there to cheer it all on. 

In essence, medical governing boards across the continent simply went to war with themselves and declared people who made a difference heretics not because of science or for patients but to comply with dictums of corrupt and broken government medical apparatus.

Good job guys.

Those doctors will be vindicated. 

Unfortunately, high prices will be paid for the truth to come out.

The only thing this time is we must not let these people who did this get away with it.

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