Quebec Masks Six Year-Olds

Take a bow Legault, Dube and Roberge. The Three Stooges. 

Serial psychological abusers of children.

Today was a discouraging day. Quebec keeps falling down further down the abyss of hysteria.

Is there no excessive measure they won't undertake?

Yet, hospitalizations continue to free fall and cases (which mean nothing) are steady.

Plus the R-value is now .83.

Nothing makes sense.

Something is drastically off in Quebec.

And parents. You never cease to amaze me at how you roll over.

Every single Quebecer should be ashamed, appalled and disappointed by what the CAQ have been doing. 

Mask Mandates: "Diabolical Silliness"

The North Dakota legislature is one step closer to outlawing mask mandates calling them 'diabolical silliness'.

Indeed, what began as possibly as a 'harmless tool in the arsenal to stop the spread' has become a full blown psychosis. 

And because the bureaucracy is riddled with sociopaths and politicians exhibit classic traits of narcissism, they're all too prepared and ready to keep preying on people's fears. That goes for infectious disease doctors and physicians who are displaying a kind of misplaced God-complex demanding people are coerced into mouth amulets.

We're so pathetically arrogant and sadistically stupid we now have our children cowering in fear. 

This is psychological abuse under any other circumstance.

But stick nebulous phrases like 'for the greater good' and 'public health emergency' and we get to hide behind a grotesque masquerade of false virtue.

The narcissism laced with Stockholm Syndrome on display is something to behold.

Alas, I may as well blow against a hurricane. The stampede is in full motion now. We can but wait this hysteria out.

As Charles MacKay wrote 169 years ago in Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, "people go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”


One by one we'll have to welcome them back.

As for the others, let natural selection sort them out. 


Nowhere To Hide From Hyper-Partisan Politics

Picked up 'The Culture of Narcissism' by Christopher Lasch on the recommendation of an American friend. When I balked worried about the introduction by E.J. Dionne he assured me it wouldn't take away from the value of the book.

But Dionne can't help himself. He has to insert the usual never-ending tiresome tribal partisan rhetoric so prevalent today.

What's a book about narcissism without attacking Trump's narcissism and the 'racism' of his base without any evidence to back it up? I saw no point in this. It was also interesting to note not a single reference to Obama's own narcissism and brand of 'progressive populism'.

He also called MLK a 'liberal icon'.

Wasn't he a gun owning Republican?

Why They Hate Sweden

The world hates Sweden because Sweden shows the monumental mistakes and blunders undertaken by most nations in the West.

That's why.

It's the same reason why Florida is attacked in the United States. 

Can't make the incompetent buffoons look bad yo. 

Stop Zooming

One year out and people still meet to Zoom.

I get it. We're trying to make the best of it.

But know what?

It's bull shit.

That's not living and each time you pretend to be 'saving lives' with the lies that have been perpetuated on you, is more power concentrated into the criminal incompetent assholes who put us in this mess.

Stop being weak and demand a return to normalcy.

Do you not notice the virus is pretty much done? I'd bolt myself if I saw just what kind  a bunch of lazy assed, easily scared and manipulated morons humans are.

Here's the origin of the lockdowns.



Trudeau And His Cabinet Should Do Us All A Favor And Just Resign

Finally the world is coming around to recognizing China is a rotten state committing acts of genocide against the Uyghurs. Next up, getting China to account for the Wuhan virus.

Parliament did the right thing to recognize it but in unsurprising move, the coward Trudeau stood with China.

The Cabinet weren't present and Marc Garneau abstained. 

They in effect showed themselves to be stooges of the CCP. Now we really know. Between the excessive Covid measures and this, Canada is in the hands of CCP sympathizers. 

Canada needs to regain its moral compass and we can start by asking this sorry bunch to resign.


Meanwhile. Trudeau has no problem attacking Canadian civil rights passing laws like a little weasel while Parliament isn't in session including the gun ban (that even the RCMP questions) and his idiotic travel ban as Tam continues to terrorize Canadians with a virus no one gives a shit about anymore.

Variants. Please.

What a sorry lot this bunch.

Canada: Sweden, South Dakota And Florida Kicked Our Asses

This message is for all Canadian public officials including Trudeau, Legault, Ford, Williams, Arruda, Henry, Hinshaw, and of course our dear purveyor of panic Mother Theresa Tam. 


As Tam and epidemiologists (who should have been ignored a long time ago) are now 'variants doom' chanting. Do you see Sweden or Iowa panicking? Do you see these places accosting their citizens at airports or handing out illegal tickets? 

We failed on so many levels it's not even funny. 

Spared of the dramatic theatre and coercive mandates, Sweden and a few U.S. states have shown the way. From day one, the UN and W.H.O. asked nations to not lock down yet that's precisely what the panicked incompetent buffoons pretending to lead the West did.

They unleashed a campaign of fear that spread faster than the virus and psychologically traumatized people - possibly permanently.

One can hope that when the dust settles and clarity reenters the conversation they will see the error of what we've done and official who pushed it will pay the price though a combination of resignation, firings and even lawsuits. 

It was a disgrace of epic proportions masking up and locking down.

History will absolutely show this was a gross over reaction and the greatest health scares in history.

We must learn from it.

The sad part is in the DNA of the state - run by psychopaths - unless there are strong safeguards against emergency powers instituted (don't hold your breath) they know they can lockdown and get away with it. 

That's the problem. We consented and rolled over like gutless fools listening to 'worse case scenarios' and believing the only way out is through a vaccine which is simply not true. Vaccines I may add, that this country couldn't get in a timely manner and sufficient amounts. 

They've set this thing up in a way that if they wanted to, they could keep this going on indefinitely. It only stops with YOU.

You let officials play on your compassion letting them manipulate you into a huge social experiment not rooted in science of any kind while telling it was and that it was for the 'greater good'.

You were played.

And in a moment of irrational fear and momentary lapse of reason, you projected your fears onto your kids; our children. You let officials mask them up and cooped them up in cages as if they were diseased little animals. You disgust me.

We were bullied and lied to by a bunch of sociopaths and incompetent clowns.

All for what turned out to be a virus with a super high survival rate. It was no plague.

The U.S. will be at herd by April and be done with. Canada, in its infinite stupidity, is prolonging the pain.

None of these measures 'saved lives'. GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEADS.

Statistically, the literature moving forward will clearly show the trade-offs were not in our favor.

Show some damn courage Canada and spare the world the false virtue on display. 


Covid Community Action: Crimes Against Humanity

Every single one of these people should be locked up. They're psychopaths. The fact they claim and insert jargon like 'Compassionate Science' should be a RED FLAG. This is all eugenics - of a variation thereof - by other (social engineering) means. 

Now the fight begins people.

If you still think 'it's just a mask', give yourself a shake ALREADY. 

We need to unfortunately mobilize and organize just to be HUMAN AGAIN.

Covid-19 is NOT a reason to be masked up or to live in perpetual fear.


Covid Math And How The Canadian Government Is Lying

 As it stands per the table in the last post.

594 Canadians are in serious condition. Canada's population is 37.4 million.


.00001584% of the population is in serious condition.

Digest this.

Now try and tell me all this restrictions are justified.

I'm now worried something worse is at play. 

Here's another interesting thing. The Lowy Institute in Australia ranked all nations based on their Covid response. To the extent, of course, we can trust these compilations. New Zealand at #1 makes me suspicious. I don't think locking down is a winning formula and would never want to emulate them.

Sweden is 35th.

Canada 68th.

In other words, Sweden does better and worse than countries who had severe restrictions. Meaning doing nothing would have more or less led to the same results.

Canada is run by clowns. And I'm not kidding. Incompetent clowns with clown epidemiologists. 

Canada Continues Psychologically Terrorizing Citizens

As Canada continues to levy some of the most restrictive measures in North America (for once can Canada ever be a leader in anything? More on this in a minute), legal action has sprung into action. 

Hopefully those decisions fall in favour of the people as they have in several places in Europe and states in the U.S..

There's no question Quebec and Canada not only run afoul of our own Charter but UN conventions as well.

And my fellow Canadians. It had to be done because the government is not signalling they're going to pivot. 15 days to flatten the curve was a lie. If you can't see this after 11 months, get your eyes, ears and brain checked.

It's unfortunate that we have to regain our rights the government is going to secure. The big problem is the unintended consequences of all these measures will having lasting psychological impacts on citizens.

It's not a conspiracy to understand fear is indeed a deliberate part of the game plan. Leaked documents in Germany revealed fear was to be deployed in order to control the population. 

Government - a place that's supposed to represent the people and protect its rights - is a hostile actor against its own people.

It's not in the public interest because if it was we'd have inquiries into the nursing home scandals in Ontario and Quebec. All this is ostensibly done to protect the elderly and vulnerable yet until now no one ever cared about this demographic and by not calling an inquiry they only cement their hypocrisy. This is not about 'saving lives'.

We've done everything we've could to do so. We've frayed and fractured the social and economic order as well as assaulted children. Deaths are in statistically negligible territory now.

This virus will possibly always claim some lives - mostly the weak and frail - and it's unclear as to what level of deaths is considered acceptable to the government as they're too bust moving goal posts. Now with deaths indeed so low it's impossible to keep the fear narrative going, they've found another boogeyman with the variants. But notice they're already saying it's not likely to be deadly but....it will lead to infections. Notice the cycle of medical sophistry at play designed to keep us in this hysteria?

More fear equals more expansionary powers for the state.

Moving forward I wish to see:

An inquiry into nursing homes.

The re-establishment of accepted pandemic protocols prior to this hysteria.

All involved in promulgated this hysteria to be investigated for potential crimes against humanity.

We need to wrestle the medical tyranny diktats from unelected officials and demand and command public leaders to act with honourable dignity in the face of adversity. 

This is what Canadians are acting like fools over social distancing and masking themselves out of a life: 

Currently Infected Patients
32,209 (98%)
in Mild Condition

594 (2%)
Serious or Critical


Covid And Variants: Notice How The Media Operates; Legault Is Basically Rogue

Right now our biggest problem is not being able to extricate ourselves from the grip of epidemiologists who constantly warn of disasters two months out with worst case scenario models.

This ordinarily shouldn't be a problem if we had sound and strong leadership but clearly we do not. Leaders seem to be hypnotized by them and medical bureaucrats.

At this rate, we won't be allowed to drive cars.

The media in particular continues to be highly problematic in spreading fear.

Alas, the fault here lies squarely on people. They're letting themselves be manipulated.

Now the media is hammering the variants fear.


And there are no shortage of epidefearmongers to push it. We know of Colin Furness and Isaac Bogusch. 

But now CTV found another pair of dames from B.C..

Who, predictably, present the worst case scenario of 4000 cases in Quebec.

As most respectable and reputable epidemiologists not interviewed in Canadian media have warned people to not panic and to relax, Canada chooses to constantly play on the hysterics.

The variant is not likely to be deadly (it's not the case in Europe) so how were they going to spin around this since it doesn't sound scary enough?

Like this:

An increase like that in the transmission rate is worse than a higher severity or mortality rate, because so many more people can get infected,” they explained.

Notice how now the shift is moving from hospitalizations to just infections. She just explained any endemic virus.

Folks. You can't live life trying to avoid an infection.

Or else you won't live and have a life.


I know Legault is popular among French-Canadians (for some reason. The guy has shown himself to be one arrogant buffoon who says stupid things), but the bottom line is he is arguably the most rogue leader in Canadian history having imposed a curfew on a population. One that by his own admission has no basis in science whatsoever. And rather than put an end to such a despicable power grab, he predictably extended it because that's what weak leaders hiding behind medical bureaucrats do.

And if this decision was his own, it doesn't say much about his originality or his intellectual prowess.

He just wants to show the 'peuple' he's got their back that he's doing 'something'.

But what people aren't grasping is curfews run afoul UN conventions and our laws. I believe only the Federal government can impose a curfew and we're hardly in a drastic situation with Covid no matter how they try to spin it is.

Lawless and without scientific basis. This is the curfew.

Are people this apathetic and pathetic to accept it?

We're essentially in a situation where he can tell everyone to wrap their heads in saran wrap.

Why not? It's not like he follows anything remotely logical or scientific.

Legault has gone rogue. Let's hope the courts agree.

Pure utter chaos.


Examining The Political Economy Of Covid Hysteria

Leviathan sized government, over-reliance (and even idolizing) of experts, corporate and social media combined to ferment and stoke mass hysteria in the age of Covid.

I've been writing since April of 2020, when facts began to emerge and narratives being dictated, and experts sliding their addition to control, that a hysteria had been formed.

My assertion this is going down as they greatest health panics in history remains almost one year out.

More odd - and I guess this is all symbolic of being in a hysterical rut - is officials still talk as if it's March 2020. This only adds to the confusion, distrust and panic. 

The utter abandonment of calm, logic and wisdom has been disappointing to say the least.

Here's a study worth the read on the Political Economy of Covid Hysteria.

I find the argument asserting if we were governed by 'small-government' it would be harder for hysteria to gain traction to be interesting if not persuasive. 

There's no doubt in my mind locking down people without an out to blow off steam because the routine of life was cut off will have long-lasting negative impacts for millions of people. 

"In addition, while anyone in a hysteria related to public health may voluntarily close their own business, wear a mask, or stay at home, in a minimal state, no one can use coercion to force others who are healthy and do not succumb to the hysteria to close their businesses, wear masks, or quarantine. A minority can just ignore the collective panic and continue to live their normal lives, because they are free to do so. Such a minority can be an example and a wake-up call to those that do succumb to the collective hysteria or are close to doing so. This minority may be especially attractive to borderline cases. Suppose that a small group of people during a collective health hysteria continues to go shopping, to work, to socialize, and breathe freely and does not fall ill (massively and fatally). Having this example, the anxiety of observers may fall. Observers may follow the example, and the group of hysterics shrinks. It is one of the core characteristics of decentralized systems that they allow for competition, error detection, and correction [63,64,65]. If the people that ultimately become role models for others through their interaction become ill and die, the panic would be confirmed. However, if there is really a hysteria and the threat is imagined or exaggerated, the fortune of the role models will be on average much better than is expected by those that succumbed to the hysteria. A sufficient number and variety of role models allows observers to correct and adjust their expectations 

In fact, a well-organized group [68] that has been infected by collective hysteria may be in charge of the state or get to control the state apparatus. In such a position, this group can impose measures on the rest of the population, inflicting almost unrestricted harm. It must be taken into account here that a welfare state can also be a state which is bound by the rule of law [69,70] and in which repressive interventions by the executive can be lifted by the judiciary. However, there exists the danger that in a collective panic, the protection of basic liberties guaranteed in constitutions will be abrogated by emergency measures and the judiciary will succumb to the mass hysteria, failing to lift the repressive interventions. The empirical evidence during the COVID-19 crisis demonstrates that basic liberties were not defended in welfare states  In general, the greater the coercive power of the state, the more harm can be inflicted on society in a mass hysteria. It could be argued that infection with a virus would constitute a negative technological external effect [72]. 

In a minimal state, citizens are free to decide which risks they want to assume, be they driving a car, doing bungee jumping or engaging in social interaction. Indeed, the state´s attempt to reduce infection rates in the form of mandatory face masks, the shutdown of businesses or shelter in place orders does violate the private property rights that the minimal state is supposed to defend and may produce negative externalities in form of depressions, alcoholism or suicides.

".... the state has the power to diminish and prohibit those activities that do reduce fear and anxiety, such as sports, diversion, and socializing. During the COVID-19 crisis, states used their coercive power to impose social isolation, thereby contributing to anxiety [74] and psychological strain, both ingredients that spur mass hysteria. In order to shield against biopsychological infections, the population should exercise regularly, have quality sleep, exercise regularly, have a balanced nutrition, and maintain a strong connection with other people. Governments around the world mandated lockdowns and masks during the COVID-19 crisis, making it more difficult for citizens to do any of these things. More specifically, social distancing imposed by governments reduces strong social connections, and mandatory masks prevent expressing friendliness and compassion, thereby decreasing psychological resilience."

There's no doubt the cure is worse than the disease. And it became so because we let medical bureaucrats with no concept or regard for overall public health to divert all of our resources and energies into Covid at a spectacular price. How politicians have not yet realized this problem one year later is, quite frankly, shocking. Then they wonder why conspiracy theories fly high. They can't see though measures they're fuelling hysteria. Those not caught up in the hysteria, become isolated and cynical. They no longer wish to be part of the society promulgating the madness. I'm one of those people. 

As noted here and by many astute thinkers and observers alike, it's not 'just a mask'. Masks remind people there's a problem. It keeps them in fear.

And where there's fear, there's manipulation used to keep hysteria alive.

The power is in YOU to end it.

Daily Reminder We're Not Heroes And Are Lead By Incompetent Cowards

Churchill told Britons to keep calm and cary as the greatest bombing campaign- the Blitzkrieg - in world history rained down on London. There was to be no disruption of daily routines and no bowing to fear. Today, our coward leaders ordered us into our homes and disrupted life as they terrorized civilians for a virus with a 99.98% survival rate. 

I do hope one day people will be held to account for the negative impacts on overall public health their decisions have unleashed. That includes all public officials and epidemiologists who peddled lockdowns.

Human rights matter.

And they violated our rights with reckless abandon.

They must answer for it.

It would be a shame if this is allowed become a precedence.


Vanquish The Necromancer

The new necromancers are public officials and epidemiologists chant for immoral and illegal lockdowns. We must vanquish them.

Who among us will be By-Tor?

Fauci Wins A Prize For Being A Human Or Something

"Dr. Anthony Fauci has won the $1 million Dan David Prize for “defending science” and advocating for vaccines now being administered worldwide to fight the coronavirus pandemic."

Yeh, like masks and not allowing for early treatments like Ivermectin and HCQ that would have saved lives. 

"...In recent interviews, Fauci has acknowledged that it was difficult at times to work for Trump, who repeatedly played down the severity of the pandemic, dismissed the need for mask-wearing and often touted unproven scientific remedies, including injecting disinfectant."

Fauci is the one who publicly said it was nothing to worry about and Trump followed his advice. Then Fauci began to show he had his own agenda and Trump started to phase him out. Masks are less 'proven than the remedies claimed to be 'unscientific'. Trump never said to inject disinfectant. That was the media lying to the public twisting his words as they always did.

I guess it takes anti-human corrupted people to support one another. 

"...But it credited Fauci with “courageously defending science in the face of uninformed opposition during the challenging COVID crisis.”

“...It was very clear that there were things that were said, be it regarding things like hydroxychloroquine and other things, that really was uncomfortable because they were not based in scientific fact,” Fauci said at a recent White House briefing. He added that he took “no pleasure” in having to contradict the president."

This 'humanitarian' prevented early treatments to be administered that could have saved lives. He's also the 'saviour' that's been accused of pushing a drug during the AIDS crisis that lead to the deaths of thousands of gay men. 

This is on par with BLM nominated for a peace prize and Obama and Arafat winning it. The world is literally the Bizarro clown world.

Fauci is no humanitarian. He's an unethical, lifelong deep state bureaucrat who has lied repeatedly throughout this pandemic and has been idolized by an ignorant population he has terrorized. He did little to protect the children through this hysteria he helped stoke. He's an attention whore who has not kept up with the data and has ruined a generation of children under his watch. 

All you need to know about Anthony Fauci is he has a publicist. 

Another example awards are horseshit. Emmy's, Oscar's, Nobel prizes, Pulitzer prizes....All nepotist, propaganda garbage. 

What a terrible piece of anti-humanism this pathetic article penned by the Times of Israel.

Covid: Evil Is Upon Us

Now Astra-Zeneca and Janssen are saying they will expand clinical trials to include children and new borns as well as pregnant women.

Why are they planning to vaccinate the one demographic least threatened by this virus in children?

Sinister plots and evil people are among us.

This doesn't stop until we say so.

Every other post I ask people to stop being scared. Stop and look around for a second and see where this is going.

It's not heading into good places. 

But a dark one.

Injecting a newborn with a vaccine for this virus is evil and unnecessary. 

For the love of God people. Wake up. It's been ONE YEAR now. STOP buying into manufactured FEAR.

If they're telling the truth, why are they stepping up the censorship? Why doesn't the media ever interview professionals who don't agree with any of this?

They're manipulating your compassion and keeping you scared.

Stop being a useful idiot.


What A Human Trade-Off Looks Like

"Quel commentaire condescendant... Ce que les gens veulent, c'est voir leurs parents, leurs enfants et petits-enfants, leurs amis. Les ados sont privés du coeur de leur vie -- leurs amis et le sport -- depuis un an. La toxicomanie, la dépression et le décrochage scolaire montent en flèche. Ma fille était une étudiante qui avait des bons résultats au programme international du secondaire, et était une athlète qui avait atteint un objectif qu'elle visait depuis plus de 10 ans, le niveau national et international. Maintenant, elle frise l'échec scolaire et son rêve sportif est mort. Je prie carrément pour qu'elle puisse vivre au moins un an d'adolescence normale."

How does it make sense to sacrifice teenagers like this? How did it become okay to ruin a generation of 16 year-old kids to save people over 75 years-old who have crossed their bridge?

That's a trade-off.

You don't destroy a life to 'save' another. We never did this and for good reason. What has happened in 2020 and int 2021 is a travesty and crime.

What we're doing to kids, I don't see how anyone can claim we're an enlightened or intelligent society.

I lost all respect for Quebec and Canada and for anyone that allowed for this sad situation.

What happened to that child? ALL on Legault and the CAQ.

Legault's Orwellian And Insulting Lecture About Freedom

"When government fear the people, there is liberty. When people fear the government, there is tyranny'. Thomas Jefferson.

'Emergencies have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have eroded.' Friedrich Hayek.

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be "cured" against one's will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.” C.S. Lewis.

Quebec's Premier Legault's recent rumination on the concepts of freedom as the foundation of a strong democracy was odd if not astonishing. Particularly by the obvious cognitive dissonance on display but given it was uttered during a time when the government's measures run afoul on the basic tenets of civil liberty.

Civil liberties that took Westerners generations to build and secure through blood, sweat, and tears. 

The measure of a great society isn't by the way it employs rhetorical notions of compassion while obliterating civil liberties but on how it faces a crisis in calm and stoic firmness while respecting the rights of man.

Canada is not a great society is we accept this definition. One could argue it failed the test. 

Four essential grave and illegal measures violate our basic human rights if not common sense:

-Warrants (Quebec remains the only place in North America that doesn’t permit household gatherings enforced by powers granted to police to obtain quick warrants).

-Masks mandates. (Of which have not been successful).

-Curfews (again, Quebec is the only jurisdiction with a curfew).

-Lockdowns (a prison term used to, well, lockdown prisoners).

Not only do these violate our own Charter but our own pandemic handbook as well as the basic foundational laws on international civil rights. The United Nations, of all places, has pleaded nations avoid such draconian (and I submit unwise and foolish) actions. 

Quebec not only broke such laws, they did so with gusto. And are not apologetic about it either which should give pause for concern for every citizens including those worried about a virus that at this point is not an existential threat to our lives. 

By what logic could Francois Legault claim to have any intellectual or philosophical right to discuss tenets and concepts of freedom? It's grotesque Orwellian double-speak. It's almost as if he's telling people to accept their new 'liberty'.

Worse, the population does not seem to mind, care or notice! They all seem to think this is all temporary. Is it? What if it isn't? By the time they realize it, it may be too late. This is what it meant by the phrase 'liberty demands eternal vigilance'. 

I'm not sure what history Quebec political elites read but this is the second time a politician makes a false claim of this sort. A few years back Jean-Francois Lisee and Bernard Drainville - both PQ separatists - penned a letter to the New York Times basically explaining to Americans their outlook shared with the spirt of the American founding fathers including Thomas Jefferson. Talk about missing the point of the exercise of American thought on liberty.

In fact, Legault's actions are probably the most aggressive in terms on infringement of our rights than any leader in history safe for possibly Prime Minister Mackenzie Lyon King who interned Japanese (and Italian) Canadians during World War II and more so than even Pierre Trudeau's War Measures Act during the October Crisis in 1970.

Regrettably, the Canadian government has ignored a court injunction to delay mandatory quarantines for returning Canadians abroad thus provoking legal action from the Justice Center.

It is most disheartening to watch the Canadian government make such a drastic and draconian turn as it continues to accept the most extreme interpretations of the Covid threat from epidemiologists and doctors alike. It's a misapplication of the precautionary principle of the highest order. 

And it's coming at a - potentially irreparable - huge cost to overall public health.  

Canada has frighteningly and stupidly slid towards the Australian model. A country that has condemned itself to perpetual lockdowns with each new case. A country that, worse, pats itself on the back for doing so. Is this a life? Is this living? 

Canada, Europe and Australia and parts of the U.S. have let the virus - and in consequence of this medical bureaucrats - control policy. 

All human sciences have an asterisk hanging over them. Psychology, sociology, polling, epidemiology, nutrition science, virology, etc. They've all been compromised at this point. Between the hyper tribal

dogma where debate has been silenced and naked political power plays to wrestle more control and power, we have some serious thinking to do once this hysteria ends.

What is it going to take to make politicians understand they've completely obliterated they're creating an underclass of cynical and nihilist youths?

Now is the time for TRUE leaders to step up and speak out. 

Sitting back thinking about a political career is an act of cowardice. 

If Legault were a true man of integrity and leadership, he'd own his measures and not insult a population with blatant propaganda.

No, Mr. Legault. YOU are the threat to our civil liberties.

YOU are the tyrant.

Quebec and Canada are the last places to lecture us on liberty.

Lawless, Incoherent Governance In The Age Of The Covid Hysteria

None of what you see is normal.

Masks are NOT normal.

Lockdowns are NOT normal. 

Trampling on rights because of a health crisis is NOT normal.

Put this through your scared skulls.

The Canadian government ignores judge induction against mandatory quarantines. Justice Center sues the government. 

Our government is ROGUE.


The Democrat Party Of The United Are Another Level Of Paranoia, Corruption, Hypocrisy And Insanity

Never seen anything like it.

The Democrats, who rigged the election, are acting exactly as you'd expect a criminal enterprise to behave.

It's off the charts what they're doing.

The impeachment of Trump, of course, is a sham. They can't even charge him with anything because there isn't anything to charge him with. This is just the Democrats and Congress projecting their own masked up treasonous psychopathic projection.

It's not Trump on trial.

It's America.

Dehumanizing Us For Safety

It's all an illusion. 

I will keep asking people to ask questions and wake up.

The second the 'two mask idiocy' started, this should have been the wake up call.

Infectious disease doctors love to peddle masks. So self-assured they are of their own authority and knowledge, they can't even be bothered to cite proper studies to strengthen their argument. In this one, in supporting 'two masks to be a hero' theory, the doctor links to two pre-prints. Nothing screams more than 'Listen to me I'm the doctor' arrogance than by linking to non-real world pre-printed experiments. And one of them is a mathematical model. Sure. The same models that got us in this obscene hysteria.

They're fucking simulations. You know, like fucking a mannequin to base facts about sex.

Too often, these models have a predetermined result in mind and simply create the model around that desired result. Or they develop a model, and input bull shit assumptions into them. Remember, Imperial College did this leading them to claim millions of deaths by April thus calling for draconian measures. 

Let me help you: If they're telling the truth, why are they trying so hard to silence 'dissent' or voices that question the official narrative?

It's at the point where oncologists go off on passive-aggressive, ad-hominen laced, libellous screeds against actual experts qualified on the subject:

The Great Barrington Declaration: COVID-19 deniers follow the path laid down by creationists, HIV/AIDS denialists, and climate science deniers

How's that for healthy debate? What kind of idiotic nonsense is this? David Gorski is everything that is wrong in modern Western civil discourse.

Just don't tell his arrogant, pant shitting, sanctimonious ass.

He completely misrepresented what the 'Heretics' are arguing.

In any event, my advice to readers is whenever you encounter someone - no matter who they are or what 'expertise' they have - scream puerile jargon like 'Denier' and 'scientific consensus' or 'denialists' (TGBD signatories are NOT 'dentialists'), quietly walk out of the room like a cartoon character and close the door. There's nothing to gain from someone engaging in projection poisoned by their own dogma.

Stop venerating experts.

Especially Fauci. 

It's Just...Two Masks

Remember when it was 'just a mask'?

Remember when it was just '15 days to flatten the curve' to not 'overwhelm the system?'

And then the goal mosts to 'stop the spread' and then '28 more days'?

Then back to 'keep hospitalizations down'?

Hospitalizations are down and can we guess what's next? Deaths 'too high'? Cases 'too high?' Variants?' 

And as if these constant shifting narratives aren't enough to awaken people how about the hilariously anti-scientific request to double up (and they don't mean condoms)?

Are masks cancerous?

Fauci: Wear two masks.

Osterholm (actual mask expert): You're being ridiculous now.

Fauci: Ok. Don't wear two masks.

Quebec (a lagging indicator amongst regions not getting the update): Hold my beer. Wear two masks.

It's just a mask my fucken ass.


O'Toole Weakens The Conservative Party; Advice For Legault

Erin O' Toole is doing his best to confirm what I suspected he'd be: A tool.

And not a good tool but one of those cheap Made in China ones.

O' Toole has now fired two key members of the Conservative party. Two members that have shown to have guts and talent in Derek Sloan and Pierre Poilievre. The former being smeared as a 'racist' for allegedly accepting a donation from a known racist. Aside from the fact Sloan is married to someone who isn't white (I hate the fact that in 2021 we still have to defend people in this way), the donation was sent through the Conservative party so it got passed a few people. It was a classic error especially since the donor also didn't use his real name. O' Toole, to make it worse, didn't even have the dignity to fire Sloan face to face like a man. 

I own a business. I've had to fire people. It's the most difficult thing to do in most cases. I would never show contempt for someone by not giving them the honour of a sit down and explanation.

As for Poilievre, how is it a smart and wise move to get rid of the one talent in the party capable and willing to challenge the Liberals? Moreover, Poilievre seems to be quite informed, and is talented and articulate. Bad, bad move.

O' Toole isn't a leader and my instincts were proven right.

The Conservatives are officially dead to me.

Poilievre and Sloan should now consider joining the PPC.


Here's Legault's chance to break the cycle and extricate himself from the grips of the 'experts'. Cases are slowly inching up again in Quebec and the usual suspects are out crying wolf. Media and infectious disease doctors are now blaming the easing of restrictions. Not sure what they expect anymore? You can't keep people from working and mingling indefinitely. 

So there's the plain human factor in this.

Then there's the fact cases on their own mean nothing if people aren't going to the hospital. Transmissibility for its own sake isn't a reason to keep panicking. Hospitalizations keep dropping in Quebec. If we get to the point where we have cases and low hospitalizations then we know we're in the endemic phase. And with the R-value below one, things are actually good. So it would be nice this gets conveyed and contextualized so as to keep people calm. Fear mongering is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

So this is Legault's chance to regain true control and actually lead as opposed to govern from behind and rely on futile measures.

Put the experts in their place. If you don't, they're gong to hasten our psychological, social and economic demise. 

Mark Cuban Symbolizes The Fall Of Nation That Lacks Self-Dignity And Respect

The woke owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban decided the national anthem would no longer be played on home soil.

This wholly symbolic decision is what we've come to expect from vapid progressives and their views on the United States as a land of incorrigible violent racists.

Rather than cut to the heart of the matter and ultimately the truth of things, progressives prefer to wallow in false-virtue and virtue-signalling dicking around at the periphery of things with cowardly acts of action.

For example, Corporate America blowing out Aunt Jemima and rebranding their product asPearl Milling Company.

Take a familiar face known to North Americans and dishonor it with a banal company logo.

It never occurred to me Aunt Jemima or Uncle Ben's were black. Just symbolic faces on a product that was associated with family values not unlike we see with Italian grandmothers on food packaging.

It only became racist because 2020 and decades of critical race theory poisoning the mind of America. 

Not only does this move further cement white liberals as patronizing race obsessed lunatics, but it also points to its continued assault on the institution of the family.

If anything, America could use MORE Ben & Jemima because back when they were around, the black family unit was in tact. It was only upon the arrival of the welfare state in the 1960s did it begin to erode and collapse.

Weak and broken families means weak communities. Weak communities mean weak states and ultimately weak nations.

North America is WEAK. Just look at how we're behaving during the pandemic. Rational fear runs rampant in a civilization that considers itself strong, free and scientific.

Could have fooled me behind those amulets we call masks.

Cuban is part of this intellectually and philosophically broken tide of stupidity. 

If anything, Cuban should stand tall and by a nation that made him successful.

To 'cancel' her is to show an utter lack of gratitude and respect for one of the most important nations in human history that has provided hope and happiness for millions of people all over the world. America's promise is the glimmer of freedom humans have always strived for.

Maybe Mark and his ilk need to seriously be reminded of what they've forgotten.

George Washington would beat their sorry asses until they screamed for Aunt Jemima.


Just A Reminder

Robbing people's rights under the guise of an emergency is the last refuge of scoundrels and authoritarians.

Statistics Under Our Noses


Currently Infected Patients
25,628,292 (99.6%)
in Mild Condition

101,924 (0.4%)
Serious or Critical
The world continues to cower in fear.

For .4%.

I never thought I'd be witness to a hysteria of this magnitude. 

What's Wrong With Arruda?

Dude needs to resign if he's over worked.

I've stopped listening to these pressers back in the summer of 2020. They're designed to keep people scared and to show the Dunning-Krueger effect has settled into Quebec politics.

It's a shit show. I don't know why they keep doing these especially the animated Arruda.

These nitwits have chosen their path and won't sway from it and we're paying a huge price. 

It's quite obscene to watch a doctor go up there and constantly harangue and threaten the population like a maniac. While his boss sits there like a dumb cluck quietly applauding it.

Legault and Arruda feed off each other's worse attributes. It's sad to watch.

I truly hope people see this for what it is. Two incompetent morons running us aground and blaming others for their failures. 

If we take him seriously, we'd have to realize he needs to be taken away in a straight jacket. 

The other day he was rambling on about economists and mocking their scenarios. 

The ENTIRE measures are based on MODELS and projections kicked off by the criminal Neil Ferguson. All Coffin Tam does is babble about projections. Projections are the perfect way to string a population along. This is literally the misuse and inefficient application of human resources.

They LITERALLY use the excuse 'models project hospitalizations or whatever else' are gonna lead to 'this X assumption' ego 'we must take extreme measures'.

And if and when the assumptions are wrong (a rule and not the exception) because of the models? How now brown cow? Ah, let's double down. Wave fingers and act the part of someone in control. Mussolini used to address the people reading from a book to make him look educated. Someone who stood behind him noticed the book was upside down. 

It's all an illusion. Like the song.

If these fake leaders had any dignity left, they'd resign.

I Have A Bad Feeling; Something Fishy Is Going On

I'm shocked that people are still afraid of Covid-19. I can't believe it.

So irrationally afraid, they've willingly allowed for authoritarianism to take over to 'protect' them.

The plan seemed to have been get people vaccinated from the onset. 

They bought the line hook, line and sinker.

And I don't know how to get out of it.

The Great Barrington Declaration has been banned on Facebook.

We're in a very bad place. Something is fishy if not criminal.

What will it take for people to wake up?

People: There will always be variants. There will always be cases. You're always at war with Eastasia. 

This virus is now ENDEMIC. That's why now you hear the medical tyrants talk about this could least years - and one saying decades.

Until we somehow stop listening to the medical bureaucrats running us aground, we're in a very bad spot. At this point, if we're so afraid for our lives, ban driving. 

It's one year now we're NOT LIVING. This is not a life.

I'm appalled at my fellow Canadians for being so soft and apathetic.

'Saying things like, I don't mind a curfew. I go to bed early anyway' is capitulation. It's not logically sound. It's unrealized resignation.

This is not the point. The point is why in the world would you allow for ONE man to steal your rights? The outside world - the UNIVERSE - belongs to EVERYONE. No leader has a right to tell you 'you can't go outside because 'insert excuse here'. Nor do they have a right to exhort you. They'e going to begin the process of 'we can't mandate the vaccine but you won't be able to do this and that' is EXTORTION and is in direct violation of our HUMAN RIGHTS. It's called INFORMED CONSENT set up after WWII and the Nuremberg Trials.

Wake up already. INFORM yourselves. The people getting banned? By now, you should be very suspicious as to why they're being banned. Not the excuses given.

They just openly admitted to the public 'shadow entities' rigged the election. 

These same forces are lying to you about this whole panic.


Incompetence And Hysteria Breeds Irrationalism And More Irrationalism That Cost Lives


The stupid masks did not save lives or stop the flu.

Get over it already.

As it stands, public officials are paralyzed and committed to a strategy that's bound at best to provide limited results and at worst cost lives.

Both in not treating patients appropriately and collateral damage. 

They remind me of a coach incapable at adjusting when the 'system' he devised doesn't work. 

In this case, officials are not evolving with the data or even showing signs of being capable of shifting.

Masks are final and that's that results be damned. 

We will rue the day.

Nothing exemplifies this more than our masters defusing to allow doctors to treat patients with HCQ and Ivermectin. Better to let people die and ruin people's lives through lockdowns than just allow for these effective treatments to be allowed.

Imagine how many lives we could have saved! 

One death is too many....unless political expediency.

Or to a more cynical and jaded mind, one death is too many, is a ka-ching to big pharma.

See, hydroxychloroquine just doesn't provide the mark-up Remdisivir does. 

One is 11 bucks. The other $3000. 

Guess which one Fauci recommends.

We're doing a massive disservice to humanity by not allowing for ALL treatments to be used. If we did, we'd be open and free again.

Now we're learning that an experimental cancer drug (EXO-CD24) is highly effective in treating patients.

But will the money interests (and Bill Gates) allow it?

We're quite literally allowing people to die for profit.

I thought one death is too many?

If so, why are we wasting time with idiotic measures like masks and not going ALL IN on treatments?

Because incompetence and panic lead to irrational decisions that cost lives.

What a disgrace we're still stuck on stupid.


Faces That Fuelled A Panic

Perhaps I should start a segment called 'Faces that Fuelled a Panic.

Obviously, Neil Ferguson and Dr. Drosten are two notorious figures. As are Dr. Fauci and Dr. Tam.

And this guy. New York Times science writer and panic spreader Donald McNeil.

Legault Now Easily North America's Head Tyrant

With California easing restrictions and a few other states moving that way, that leaves Ontario and Quebec as the two most restrictive provinces with Quebec being the leader.

Legault has distinguished himself as the premier tyrant of a continent.

Worse. Is the apparent arrogant cognitive dissonance he displays.

First, he brags he created 300 new jobs with some project up north no one gives a shit about. Except his idiotic and cruel measures have cost the province 200 000 jobs. A couple of weeks back he was 'happy' that Quebec's negative growth rate was not as bad as Ontario.

Second, he keeps tweeting about stupid hockey. Kids can't play but he patronizes him with 'crumbs' from professional hockey as if to say 'we're in this together'. 

Interestingly,  Iowa lifted ALL measures. They have similar numbers to Quebec. Here, we're moving goal posts between cases, hospitalizations and deaths as we see fit deluding themselves into thinking they're controlling the virus when all they're doing is conflating causation with correlation.  

It's pure incompetent madness. 

Legault should just go away. He can go powder his nose and act like Louis XIV in the nude for all I care.

He's a clown anyway.

This is the tone deaf, disconnected leader of Quebec. 

Simple Stats; Open Up

Is it me or are cases collapsing?

Around 230 000 cases were reported in the world. Or .19% of the world's population.

The U.S had only 700 deaths. Remember, they're 340 million people.

In Canada we're in the 2300 cases range. 54 total deaths. 

Quebec had 853 cases and only six hospitalizations.

And no, the measures didn't do this. It's just the virus running its course. Quebec can't claim the curfew worked because Ontario's numbers dropped as well and they have no curfew. 

Remind me why again we're still talking measures? And yes, this thing is here to stay. Cope with it without the masks and social distancing. 

Open the the world up already. FULL NORMALCY.

Here's why: Iowa, Georgia, Florida, Texas, South Dakota and Arkansas are showing it's possible. Sweden and Norway too. Switzerland now moving on as well. 

This is ridiculous now. 

It's Up To You Now

'Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God'. Ben Franklin.

'Emergencies have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have eroded.' Friedrich Hayek.

We're at that cross roads now.

The tyrants - public officials including epidemiologists - are eroding our liberties.

We all know Covid is here to stay. The question is how do you want to proceed? 

In perpetual masked up, social distanced fear or to go on as normal humans free to make your own decisions and to make your own risk assessments?

As you know, I'm no fan of epidemiologists these days. We treat them as gods and scientists but they're really just humans who model and track viruses. Nothing they say is backed by empirical evidence. I would have hoped people came to this realization by now but it would appear fear has completely eroded their critical thinking skills.

Epidemiologists should NOT be talking about social policy anymore a mathematician should.

So we should VOCIFEROUSLY REJECT their idiotic 'new normal' crap. Canadian ads say the more we mask up the quicker we get back to life but there's a problem. Increasingly, they're expanding this window to be 2-5 years. Think of it. They want to take, at the minimum TWO more years from your life. Do you understand what the HUMAN COST will be to this? 

Last night at the Super Bowl 25 000 fans without masks were in the stands. Hello. 

Meanwhile in Quebec we can't see family members and are in a curfew?

Have you not noticed how they have strung you along?

Flatten the curve, stop the spread, don't overwhelm the system, 28 more days, new variants etc. It's ok. It'll all be over soon. Never mind. We changed our minds. This virus is here to stay and all its variants. Stay scared and surrender your life.

All this is designed - unwittingly or otherwise - to force a habit on you. And it's all based on dubious assumptions about Covid-19.

But there are simple observations to make.

If the R-value is below 1 - which suggests the virus isn't as transmissible or at least slows its spread and a low herd immunity thresh hold -  why are we stuck in perpetual panic mode?

The virus, assuming it's a virus, we KNOW preys on ONE demographic. So why are acting like it's a threat to all of us? 

So. Here's how they Kafka-trapped us.

By playing off the cases, hospitalizations and deaths. When hospitalizations come down, they then shift focus to deaths. When deaths come down, they shift to cases. And there will always be cases so long as we use PCR testing (because it picks up all viral fragments dead or alive in the human body) at high CT-values like we do in Quebec and Canada, we're going to be in an endless vicious cycle of living a social distanced, masked up, curfew nightmare.


It will take true leaders to lead us out of this. The general population just doesn't realize what's going on. You'd think with all this time on their hands they'd make the effort to investigate and research in detail the situation rather than just continuously rely on officials and media.

We only come out of this if we make it so. Now is the time.

Or else this is what's going to happen.

You've been wearing the masks and social distanced for this long.

Why not just continue?


Something Is Wrong With Quebec; Tam Is A Clueless Psychopath

We currently have the most restrictive policies in North America thanks to the added feature of curfew. I don't even know if more than three or four European countries have a curfew. Switzerland is the latest country to move towards the Swedish model whereas Iowa had enough of Biden and opened up dropping all measures including masks. 

Other states are slowly opening up as well except Minnesota and Michigan and a couple of others but overall the trend is towards ending the madness. Not in Quebec or Canada. Nope. We decided we're gonna let the virus control us and pummel the overall mental health of Canadians. 32 deaths is too many in Quebec apparently. Suddenly it's a moral place.

The other day my wife was watching SNL and there was an audience. There were 25 000 fans at the Super Bowl. 

Life is coming back in other places.

In Quebec we're not allowed to have people over (like we listen) and the province continues to threaten and traumatize the population with one-hour warrants and fines. It's one of only a handful of places -f not the only place - where dine-in restaurants remain close. There are lawsuits pending but the courts are dragging their feet. 

Quebec once again decides it will take what's bad and make it worse. Unique indeed. Do you see anyone rushing out to copy us? 

I don't get how this place thinks or operates.

Canada as a whole is one gigantic joke. If these idiotic lockdowns persist past the spring we have a serious problem on our hands. 


Tam recently put up a Tweet regarding the precarious state of mental health among the health. It's ok, see? Tam gave a 1-800 number to call! 

By her posting this suggests to me the problem is serious. You'd think she'd pivot and consider the nation's overall public health.

But Tam suffers from deep cognitive dissonance when she blames Covid for this. 

In fact, all the destruction that's coming, is ALL on her and public officials. They're the ones who took the decision to lockdown - and continue to keep in place the measures causing the very destruction to our society.

They're incompetent psychopaths. 

I will never forgive them for what they've done. 


Mini-Derp; We're Living In Derp Ages And We're Not Invited

Two posts about how lockdowns are setting us up for something worse in the next pandemic.

Immunity is a special thing. Humans acquire it in order to make us stronger to fight off viruses. We have layers or it and the complex army of cells are ready to set into motion to fight off a viral invader. 

Have we compromised our immune systems with excessive and persistent lockdowns?

Everyone is happy we didn't get the flu but that's not necessarily a good thing either because we superficially suppressed it. 

We messed with a recipe here and we may rue the day down the road.


Expect a tsunami of social and economic consequences in the coming years.

Among them suicides. Over 2100 excess suicides expected in Canada.

All could and should have been avoidable. 


I'm at a loss for words after reading Time magazine's piece on the election which basically admits it was rigged using all sorts of Orwellian double speak and outright bull shit filled with sanctimonious assholes bragging how they 'saved' democracy.

For one month the established criminals in the 'cabal' called everyone for questioning the results essentially a liar.

Bunch of psychopath narcissists.

Trump was right all along. As he's always generally been from Obama spying on his campaign to hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment. Four four years it was maniacal shooting of the messenger.

And has always been right. These people are sick in the head from media to the 'cabal' that orchestrated the fix to install that idiot Biden.

It was a coup and then they gaslight everyone saying Trump tried to orchestrate a coup against himself after justifiably challenging the election results.

Worse, as if that wasn't enough they quadrupled down on the sickness over playing January 6 laughably and criminally describing it as an 'insurrection' while attempting to install a Stalin machine of retribution going after anyone who worked for Trump.

These people 'saved' democracy.

By 'save' they mean destroyed the constitutional republic. 

America lost a piece of its soul on November 3. That President masked up like a clown? He's not the President.

Vaccines Are An Experiment

You've been made into a social experiment.


Social distancing.




You failed on each count.

The first four measures were to prep you by instilling fear in order to get you to take an experimental vaccine.

As it stands, it's not going that well. From the onset they said the vaccine wouldn't stop the contagion or provide immunity. Incompetent lunatics like Theresa Tam said we may have to wear masks for two or three years back in August. For a virus with a high survival rate and R-score (second attack rate) of below 1. 

So why give or take it? 

“It is mystifying how a never-before-utilized new vaccine technology that contained a synthetic, non-degradable and increasingly controversial polymer, PEG, known to be associated with adverse immune responses, the development of anti-drug antibodies, and anaphylaxis was allowed to bypass the bedrock of pharmaceutical development and immunological testing during the clinical trials,” said Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN, CHD director and president emerita.

“These well-known safety and efficacy concerns regarding the use of PEG should have been addressed during the early testing of the vaccine before we moved into widespread distribution.”

Scientists are saying this is all 'normal' (of course they'll say this. They're only looking at the science and not human cost. These are the same people who thought nothing of aborting 76 babies to get a rubella vaccine - greater good trade-off bro. Who are the monsters again?) and that we should stay the course.

I'm not seeing why we should. The idiotic claim was made that all dead Americans were Trump's fault (a staggering assertion to make given all decisions were left in the hands of Governors and absolves the CDC and Dr. Fauci of any mishandling of the crisis that quickly devolved into hysteria. It was Fauci who denied treatments for the elderly and the masks clinched that that hysteria would persist). 

So now has the death toll rises with an experimental vaccine using humans as really the animal testing, is there blood on the hands of the CEO's of pharma (who have the best immunity: That of being protected from lawsuits), doctors, and one Fauci?

How about this people. Give yourselves a shake. 

Just say NO.

Quietly put down the mask.

Gain back your senses. Don't live in fear.

And repeat every single day:

NEVER AGAIN will I be made a fool.


Police Are Tools Of Oppression

In several Western countries - including Canada - police have been assaulting citizens disobeying futile and illegal measures. 

When people challenged Hitler and Mussolini, they sent the brown and black shirts respectively.

Here, the state sends the blue shirt.

No matter how they look at it or spin it, they may think they're upholding the law but they're not. All the police are doing is enforcing unconstitutional decrees set forth by incompetence public officials.

For shame. 

Do Stupid Things, See Stupid Results

You know the saying 'Do stupid things, win stupid prizes'?

We can amend this to 'Do stupid things, see stupid results' during this medical hysteria. 

You locked down, social distanced and masked civilians all without a shred of empirical evidence to back it up.

It's one thing to strongly encourage a society to do so but to mandate it based on the evidence is quite another.

And we're supposed to be such a 'scientifically and intellectually' advanced civilization.

All I saw was gross incompetence from people gripped by hysterical fear. 

When all is said and done, the best studies will show the measures did little if anything to flatten curves or stop spreads. And the end of the day, the virus will have dictated the terms despite our best - or worst- efforts.

In 'The Price of Panic' there were graphs for 14 states each with similar epidemiological curves. 4 of those states - Iowa, Arkansas, Georgia and Florida (who learned their lesson after the first lockdown. De Sanctis was courageous enough to pivot) - did not lockdown. Point? The virus doesn't care about your stupid measures. Politicians will claim they worked but unless they show PROOF they're talking out of their asses. 

One lockdown got a pass.

To impose a second was just plain stupidity and incompetence. Quebec, not satisfied with being stupid, added a curfew to it.

Canada at the moment is in a 'measures will remain in place indefinitely' posture.

I guess that puts us in a category below stupid. 

I wonder what will be the prize for that.

Sinister Cynicism

Sinister Cynicism.

The Covid-19  plot has become more complicated than an American noire novel. And the more we dig and logically assess it, the more nefarious the incompetence appears. 

Ham fisted, one-size fits all measures have, to put it bluntly, failed not just through simple observation but to the extent we completely confuse causation and correlation in a desperate attempt to show 'doing something' has rendered results. 

Has it? Is anyone in the Quebec government actually monitoring the results whether masks actually provide any results? Not doing so leaves us vulnerable to the pitfalls of falsifiability including assuming masks worked to stop the flu despite decades worth of evidence showing the opposite. 

If masks worked for the flu, then why is Covid-19 still around? Without an actual well constructed study all we'll get are conjectures and assumptions. Where up is down and down is up and everyone does the Safety Dance talking out of their asses.

What we need now is to change the lyrics of the Safety Dance to fit the Covid-19 hyper-hysteria.

Another tiresome tactic are the tiresome appeals to emotion. Yeh, yeh. I want granny to die and I'm selfish because when I'm gonna need the gold plated public health system it won't be there for me! Worse, I will be denied entrance! 

Citizens who claim to have compassion but support the measures, are exhibiting the inability to consider Frederic Bastiat's 'unseen'. 

For example,  the child struggling through on-line schooling. The person with a medical condition suffering through a mask mandate. The denying of one's right to work or worship robs the former of their independence and the other of their faith. The issuing of fines and use of coercion to shut down small business, which ironically, pay the salaries of public officials and law enforcement. The breaking up of people playing hockey outdoors despite a healthy lifestyle being one of the best things we can do to keep our immune systems strong. 

The stunting of children's physical and psychological development is also a travesty and points to a failure of leadership from officials and teachers alike. More perniciously, conditioning people - especially kids - to believe they're a threat to one another based on a combination of unsound, unclear and unproven science.

Indeed, the idea of asymptomatic spread is all the more questionable when one considers humans are generally asymptomatic of something pretty much for all of our existence since we live among so many microbes, viruses and bacteria many of which are unknown to us. It's called human nature. That one can be murderous without a mask doesn't strike me as something borne from science but more of superstition. 

Our collective adherence to sound science, or lack thereof, now extends itself to an incoherent Kafkaesque nebulous world where one can't buy 'non-essential' items. 

A true empathic person considers the unintended consequences of these illegal mandates on public health. A true leader considers the trade-offs or collateral damage. A leader doesn't make one group suffer at the expense of another and claim responsible governance and 'following science'. 

We have weak leadership in Quebec or Ontario at the moment. As U.S. states run by Democrats shamelessly begin to re-open for political reasons, Canada finds itself maintaining the most restrictive measures on the continent. If our politicians were leaders of men they'd all take a pay cut. But it's easier to scapegoat, without evidence, other people to protect their political careers. It's just how I perceive it.

In a recent enlightening article in The Calgary Herald, Lt.-Col David Redman took dead aim at the country's poor and incoherent response rooted in futile punitive measures. But this quote stood out at me:

“I never had a problem finding volunteers for really bad tasks in the armed forces,” explains Redman. “One of the things I was taught as a lieutenant is you never ask a soldier to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself. So you say, ‘I’m going? Who’s going with me?’

Exactly. Except this is not what we got did we? We got pubic officials across this continent who were very good at barking and dictating decrees masking them as law while not following their own orders. 


Question Authority. 

It's appalling to come to the grim reality Dr. Fauci and Democrat governors (who allowed for infected patients to be sent into nursing homes to their sure deaths) sacrificed the lives of people for politics. Dr. Fauci himself admitted to The New York Times he lied about the thresh hold for herd immunity in order to scare people to take a vaccine that already officials say may not work.

The unethical aspect to all this is a crime against humanity at this point. 

In any other walk of life or employment, Dr. Fauci is relieved of his duties. Instead, he's revered for his incompetence.

Canadian officials aren't any better and are foolishly falling in line with the European model (with the exception of Sweden and Norway) despite our situation not being as severe. We continue to be led by faulty projections and models that all but assures a virus control our lives. In the process, we've lost our sense of independence, courage and ability to assess risk all because we lack ICU beds thanks to decades of public health mismanagement. You're in a lockdown not because Covid-19 is an existential threat (it has a very high survival rate) but because we don't have enough ICU beds.

Does this strike you as a fair trade? People lose their livelihoods because the Quebec government has a dysfunctional health care system?

We haven't just traded our liberty for security. We did so to shield gross incompetence.

Ostensibly to 'save every life'. A noble if not completely impractical ambition.

We continue to suffer (pretending we're all in this together) because of such unattainable notions as we've ceded broad emergency powers to politicians who have shown themselves to be ineffective mere mortals.

No single person or groups should hold such power. It should involve the consultation and inputs from all aspects of civil life. instead, we have shunned and censored those who do not share in the current approach to dealing with the health panic.

No human should have this kind of concentrated powers and an enlightened society that cherishes its liberty would move to remove or at least enumerate clearly with strong checks emergency powers. 

Medical bureaucrats at the moment wield a disproportionate amount of power misapplying the precautionary principle without a thought or concern to the collateral damage so clearly unfolding before our eyes.

The psychological morale of a nation shouldn't be held hostage on the whims of politicians who have to consider their own political careers as part of the calculus. Even for public health. 

It's ironic those of us who question all that has transpired are accused of 'not listening to the experts or science' when in fact, our concerns are firmly based on the science, data and literature available. Do not be, moreover, bullied into thinking your opinion doesn't matter because you're not an expert. These people are taking decisions that could impact your life forever. You have every right to voice your opinion or concern. God gave you the ability to critically think and assess. It is our collective duty to question authority. Man is not infallible and politicians and doctors aren't gods. They make mistakes all the time. 

The old adage government makes things worse is no longer an adage. It's now an axiom we'd better learn to heed.

Latest Media Fad: Cyber Security Experts

A couple of weeks back CNN interviewed a couple of cyber security shysters including one Alex Stamos who called basically for the end of free speech because opportunistic scoundrels like them were looking to score off this wave of censorship. These nutcases will label anyone and everyone under the sun as a 'threat'. And sadly gutless politicians will listen to them.

Recall. Opportunists made up a circle of hell in Dante's L'Inferno.

Now comes up to the plate Tyson Barker. I discovered Tyson while reading Dr. Bhakdi's bio on wiki.

Check this spectacular hit piece. Right off the bat we get:

 "....is a retired Thai-German microbiologist.[1] In 2020 Bhakdi became a prominent exponent of ideas about the coronavirus pandemic that ran counter to the scientific consensus."

'Scientific consensus'. There is no scientific consensus.  Looks like they're going to play this like they do climate system change. Among the myths of our time, the myth of 'scientific consensus' is one of the biggest and has become a euphemism for 'scientific tyranny' or 'science-technocracy'. 

The issue of Covid-19 is far from settled or agreed upon. Add corporate interest and political machinations to the mix and we have one major problem on our hands. One of those being truth as a casualty as a result of manipulation.

He has been criticised for his theses on the COVID-19 pandemic; according to Medical Tribune [de], they are considered unscientific by a majority of experts.

Writing for Foreign Policy, Tyson Barker (Head of DGAP's Technology & Global Affairs Program)[29] described Bhakdi as a prominent example from a "crop of debunked but credentialed so-called experts minting conspiracy theories and undermining fact-based information".[30]

Dr. Bhakdi is the most decorated and cited microbiologist in German history. 

But Tyson the cyber punk says he's a 'credential debunked expert'.

Ladies and gentlemen, Wiki is now fake news. It has been hijacked by conformist activists. 

Between the media being paid off, the medical technocrats, cyber security corporatists and weak politicians we have an explosive combination that threaten human liberty. These entities gaslight by keeping us divided saying we're a threat to one another and the government but in reality we're a threat to their desires for power and control. None of these people care about you or your nation.

They care about POWER for its own sake. 

People had always warned against using Wikipedia excessively for information because it wasn't necessarily properly sourced, reliable, or verified. It would appear Wiki has been ensnared by activists essentially committing libel as part of the censorship zeitgeist.

Folks. You're now in a dystopian novel.

Tread carefully.

They're manipulating the truth and facts.

A Ministry of Truth is a natural progression from all this revisionism.

In the U.S. a 'Reality Czar' has been proposed. And don't think for one minute the use of the word 'Czar' isn't without purpose. Stuck between the UK and USA, Canada has no chance in withstanding whatever direction these two nations go. It's part of our DNA. If they side with liberty, so will we. If they go the opposite, so will follow Canada. We will not take a principled stand. 

The United States truly is our last hope as the UK is already done.