Canada: Sweden, South Dakota And Florida Kicked Our Asses

This message is for all Canadian public officials including Trudeau, Legault, Ford, Williams, Arruda, Henry, Hinshaw, and of course our dear purveyor of panic Mother Theresa Tam. 


As Tam and epidemiologists (who should have been ignored a long time ago) are now 'variants doom' chanting. Do you see Sweden or Iowa panicking? Do you see these places accosting their citizens at airports or handing out illegal tickets? 

We failed on so many levels it's not even funny. 

Spared of the dramatic theatre and coercive mandates, Sweden and a few U.S. states have shown the way. From day one, the UN and W.H.O. asked nations to not lock down yet that's precisely what the panicked incompetent buffoons pretending to lead the West did.

They unleashed a campaign of fear that spread faster than the virus and psychologically traumatized people - possibly permanently.

One can hope that when the dust settles and clarity reenters the conversation they will see the error of what we've done and official who pushed it will pay the price though a combination of resignation, firings and even lawsuits. 

It was a disgrace of epic proportions masking up and locking down.

History will absolutely show this was a gross over reaction and the greatest health scares in history.

We must learn from it.

The sad part is in the DNA of the state - run by psychopaths - unless there are strong safeguards against emergency powers instituted (don't hold your breath) they know they can lockdown and get away with it. 

That's the problem. We consented and rolled over like gutless fools listening to 'worse case scenarios' and believing the only way out is through a vaccine which is simply not true. Vaccines I may add, that this country couldn't get in a timely manner and sufficient amounts. 

They've set this thing up in a way that if they wanted to, they could keep this going on indefinitely. It only stops with YOU.

You let officials play on your compassion letting them manipulate you into a huge social experiment not rooted in science of any kind while telling it was and that it was for the 'greater good'.

You were played.

And in a moment of irrational fear and momentary lapse of reason, you projected your fears onto your kids; our children. You let officials mask them up and cooped them up in cages as if they were diseased little animals. You disgust me.

We were bullied and lied to by a bunch of sociopaths and incompetent clowns.

All for what turned out to be a virus with a super high survival rate. It was no plague.

The U.S. will be at herd by April and be done with. Canada, in its infinite stupidity, is prolonging the pain.

None of these measures 'saved lives'. GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEADS.

Statistically, the literature moving forward will clearly show the trade-offs were not in our favor.

Show some damn courage Canada and spare the world the false virtue on display. 


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