More On Portland

*Scratches Portland off places to visit.

We like to visit different spots in America but I gotta say, the left-wing nut jobs running Washington and Oregon aren't gonna be one of them.

Here's what a city looks like run by Woke SJW creeps:

How in the world the media lets this disgusting bunch of assholes in Antifa get away with this is absurd beyond belief.

They harp on and on about 'white supremacists' and yet all you have to do is go to youtube (and Liveleak) and punch in 'Antifa violence' and you see a steady stream of disturbing behaviour from that terror group.

The other obscenity is they often get misdeamnours or not faced with serious criminal charges.

This is how you lose your city quick.

Wheeler indeed needs to resign.

Now look up San Francisco and 'homeless tents' and 'shit and piss in street.'

And they want to stop Trump from being elected?


It's not Trump the problem.

It's the far left maniacs running the cities.

As an aside, Trudeau is basically in the Wheeler mould.

Meet The Clowns: Ted Wheeler

How. Fricken. Bloody. Tone. Deaf. Can Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler be?

Here's a coward of a man refusing to once and for all deal with the violence perpetuated by Antifa by ordering police to stand down and he has the gall to post this?

Antifa are cowards. Illiterate illiberal totalitarian thugs. They have run amok in U.S. cities without having to account for their actions as well having the media cover its sorry ass.

With this alliance, it's not hard to wonder and think media and Antifa are enemy of free peoples.

But this Ted Wheeler guy.


In his own streets Antifa violently attacks Andy Ngo and he does nothing? Does he silently believe Ngo 'deserved it' because he's conservative? A gay conservative by the way. And Asian.

According to Wheeler's own left-wing narrative this is a hate crime, no?

Remember all the assholes screaming and laughing 'it's just a milshake?' Yeh, well that escalated to milkshake filled with quick drying cement. Ngo actually suffered a brain bleed.

Hear that Ted? While you were swishing and loving life after telling police to stand down, your thoughtless and irresponsible actions nearly cost a man's life.

Wouldn't surprise me if this asshole doubles down and even begins to bash Trump when he actually condones and contributes to uncivil and violent behaviour in his own city.

This is what we call a clown.

Maybe the Feds need to step in?

What are law enforcement and political officials god damn waiting for? For someone to die?

A kid almost did when a professor smashed his skull in with a bike lock.


It's simple. These are mentally unstable and nihilistic elements causing all this division and violence. By not having them to account for their actions, you simply enable them.

They're not fighting 'Nazis'. Only a pea-brained moron blinded by vapid SJW doctrines could believe there are 'Nazis' in sufficient numbers to justify such behaviour.

Deal with this shit once and for all.

Start by getting rid of clowns like Wheeler.

These narcissistic twits and their 'look at me' pics only fuel the anger.

Go back and hike on some mountain Ted. You're not helping and are part of the problem.


A True Anti-War Activist Has Died

Libertarian anti-war activist Justin Raimondo has died.

This guy was no fake.

Unlike the faux-righteous, virtue signalling, fake anti-war activists on the progressive left who only care about war when they're guy ain't doing the killing.

Where were they when Barry 'Turns out I'm good at killing' Obama was prosecuting wars?

Right. Now they're pretending to care about kids in detention centres. 'Cages' of 'concentration camps' built in.....2015 under Obama.


Grandpa Gulag Extraordinaire

This is just a shameless post selling my brand. I could stand to brag a bit more about my work. Alas, it's just not in my bones to do so.

I've come up with a lot of names and phrases here over the years. A lot.

Since not too many people read it, whatever I do say that happens to get picked up won't get attributed back. Nature of the game and all that.

I've never really catalogued my 'inventions' but two stand out because I've seen them used.

The most popular is Zoolander for Justin Trudeau. I know this sounds a stretch but I've been calling this ideologue Zoolander for years. It's only when he was elected did I put it down on print early in the game. Can it be others thought it too and the same time? Absolutely. But I was among the first - and I read and watch a lot of news - to broadcast it.

Another one I use is 'Poptart Lasagne' (with an emphasis on the Italian spelling of Anglicized 'Lasagna'.).

Another is tagging the illiberal communist Bernie Sanders as Grandpa Gulag. This may be easier to trace back as I posted this on Reason magazine a few years back. A couple of commenters expressed their love of that term.

Lately, I've been calling AOC 'McMarxist' or 'McMarxist from the Bronx'.

I'm working on a name to describe both as a duo.

A more capable mind who knows how to run down traces would be able to determine the origins of both.

Either way. It doesn't matter. The nicknames are perfect.

They belong to the world now.

Use them responsibly.

Preferably when drunk.


Meet The Clowns

Same as the old clowns.

Maybe this will be a new segment on this blog.

It only be different from the Derp feature in that it will isolate or pick on one specific person or site under this title. I don't keep trap of my posts by the way. It's complete chaos and mayhem in my post box.


Slate your up before I get to the Clown of the day.

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Deodorants were created to solve a fake problem and thrived thanks to the patriarch

It goes on to say:

Deodorants were first sold in the late 1800s, with antiperspirants following shortly thereafter. But it took a bit of time for the concept of masking and/or stopping sweat to take off. Early marketing campaigns, as journalist Sarah Everts has reported, were designed to make women—and they were first marketed just to women—embarrassed about the entire concept of perspiration.

I don't subscribe to the Peak Derp theory (just like I didn't with peak oil) but sometimes they manage to challenge my belief.

Um. No.

Factually false but what else is new from a pack of ignoramuses who believe the United States set up concentration camps?

There’s evidence from the ancient world where the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans created various concoctions attempting to stop the sweating or control arm pit odour. 
This sort of anti-capitalist 'journalism' is tiresome and so easily refutable it's pathetically comical. 

We get it. Corporations are out to oppress wahmin.

Which brings us to Meet the Clowns and one Jon Cooper. A chap with a bad case of TDS.

He makes much of the fact Trump lost his Hollywood star. We get it celebrities. You're all progressive wokes. 

But what was hilarious was his reasoning as he claims he doesn't share their 'values'?

What values might those be? Tolerance and diversity of idea and ideals? Yeh, no. Adultery, promiscuity and drug and alcohol addiction? We all know Hollywood is free of those, amirite?

The last thing this freak show of a place should be claiming is the higher moral grounds against Trump.

They have riled themselves up into such a frenzy over the border and 'concentration camps' they speciously fall into false equivalency traps. For example, one meme going around is connecting Trump's large crowds to the crowds Hitler used to get. 

There's much more to this. It seems the left want to die on the immigration hill.  They didn't seem to give a crap when it was happening under Obama nor did the care much about the fact set records for deportations. They didn't seem to care about those families then.

They've moved on from the anti-war game. After all, their guy Barry was fond of using violence.

Had Trump said 'I'm good at killing', I think they'd just about fall dead. But it was their guy so all is good.

Donald Trump will go down in history as the first American president to have willingly betrayed his own country in service to a foreign enemy. His acts of treason will be taught in history books for generations to come, and the name “Trump” will become synonymous with treachery.

Love how these people just KNOW how things will turn out. What the heck is it with the hubris and arrogance? 

I suppose they *can* to the extent they get to write the history books.

Hence, Obama was fine and dandy and all class and a top 15 President.

In the end, all they've got is hyperbole. 


Trump Showing He's An Anti-War President; Unlike His Predecessor

Donald Trump is sticking to his guns. Excuse the pun.

With the usual suspects clamouring for war - from Bolton to military advisors to some in the media - Trump seems to have calculated it's simply not worth it - especially over a stupid shoot down of a robot drone.

And he's right.

Iran isn't worth it. It's an unstable region filled with douchebags. Why kill innocent Iranians and sacrifice American servicemen lives? For a guy who 'hates Muslims' he sure knows how to avoid conflict with them.

Trump is reminiscent of Reagan in that he has rebuilt the army and has it standing on guard ready to deploy when absolutely necessary.

America is not under threat so no need to cause pain and suffering.

Of course, like he refused to bomb Syria, he's taking grief from all sides for his correct stance.

At the moment, his Presidency is a successful one defying all odds. Maybe he wants to build on that and a war with Iran will jeopardize his shot at a good and just Presidency.

Turns out Trump is more humane than Obama. 


"...proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. I am in no hurry, our Military is rebuilt, new, and ready to go, by far the best in the world. Sanctions are biting & more added last night. Iran can NEVER have Nuclear Weapons, not against the USA, and not against the WORLD!"

How anyone can find anything wrong with this is beyond me.

It takes real guts to not give the bastards blood.

Alas, Bill Kristol and his psycho, faux-righteous, fake conservative fans thinks he's not a human being. What a travesty of a mess.

You know. I don't give a shit he's an asshole. He doesn't murder.

Americans have grown too accustomed to 'bombing the shit' out of countries.

He should be commended for bucking a trend the last four Presidents have engaged in. 

He also refrained, it should be noted, from bombing Syria and took major grief for that.

Trump got the left to defend MS-13 (among other things) and is now showing how the whole system lusts for war for its own sake.

Like I said. Real balls. 


Clinical Breakthrough Made As Doctors Perform Surgery In Utero

"Cleveland Clinic has successfully performed its first in utero fetal surgery to repair a spina bifida birth defect in a nearly 23-week-old fetus."

Hmm. Still think late term abortion or infanticide is acceptable?

By successfully repairing the defect before birth, we’re allowing this child to have the best possible outcome and significantly improve her quality of life,” 

Not if Democrats have their way.

As technology innovates, it puts more and more a dent in pro-choice arguments specifically those that claim a fetus is not a life. This is one example. The invention of ultra sound is another. Try and tell parents once they see their child in the womb if they think it's not living. 

As for the notion a baby can't take care of itself. Well, that's the case for our kids for years. The law even determines adulthood to be 18 years. Before then, they're minors and in the custody of parents precisely because society and the law say they can't take care of themselves without adult supervision. 

Heck, sometimes I wonder if adults can think for or take care of themselves. Should we kill them too?

At this point, I think they've over reached. Especially with the infanticide shit. 

Stay tuned.

Babylon Bee is on it. Snopes will soon be fact checking their story.

They totally nailed Kmala Harris. 

Plus this:

"Democrats have called for a removal of the "cruel and shocking" video from the internet so that no more people have to be subjected to the idea that an unborn child is still a child."

You wanted your culture war. You got it.


But if you think any of this causes them to reconsider their position, all I can say is HONK! HONK! They're doubling down.

NY man Andrew Cuomo has decided his state will pay for abortions for our out of state customers. 

Why not? He has already said people who disagree with his faux-righteous virtue signalling ass are not welcomed in his state. So it's not surprising he will use tax dollars even though some taxpayers may object. Maybe as pro-lifers or maybe just plain on the grounds it's inappropriate.

Or, as I think, immoral.

Andrew. Non ti vergogna? Non sei imbarazzato? 

Democrats Are Rudderless Intellectually And Morally

In the modern Democrat party you will hear:

Appeals for reparations.
Acceptance of infanticide.
Defense of MS-13.
Open borders for its own sake.
Curbing of the 1A and 2A.
Assertions that America runs concentration camps.
Debt forgiveness on a mass scale.
$93 trillion dollar price tag for a New Green Deal.
Additional $34 trillion for Medicare for all.

Among other things.

Any questions?


Quote Of The Day

‘The Democrats don’t care about Russia, they only care about their own political power. They went after my family, my business, my finances, my employees, almost everyone that I’ve ever known or worked with,’ he argued. ‘But they are really going after you. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about us, it’s about you. They tried to erase your vote, erase your legacy of the greatest campaign and the greatest election probably in the history of our country.’

Donald Trump, June 2019.

This guy gives excellent speeches. It's a shame it doesn't get more coverage or people (on the left) don't actually read the content of many of his speeches, but I've found them to really solid.

Far better than Obama who was alleged to be a great soaring orator. Which I never understood. 


The Stupendous Shocking Ignorance And Stupidity Of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (And Her Defenders)

Just when you thought you can't think of anything dumber she can possibly utter, she comes up with this:

"This administration has established concentration camps on the southern border of the United States for immigrants, where they are being brutalized with dehumanizing conditions and dying. This is not hyperbole. It is the conclusion of expert analysis"

That this idiot never actually read a history book is painfully obvious. To those of us who do and are students of history, this is an affront to our collective understanding of what happened in WWII.

And the arrogance of her doubling down leaves me to just accept she wants to wallow in an illiberal world of abject ignorance so long as she gets to rage at the machine.

Of course, make a preposterous and patently false analogy and claim the response to be 'hyperbole' is her tiresome shtick but rebut we must lest she corrodes minds.

"You have to be really stupid to take me literal!"

"And for the shrieking Republicans who don’t know the difference: concentration camps are not the same as death camps. Concentration camps are considered by experts as “the mass detention of civilians without trial. And that’s exactly what this administration is doing.

No, Alexandria you twat (twits are those of you who think she's right. The reaction is strong enough. Your ignorance is inexcusable. Calling what's going on at the U.S. border 'concentration camps' is wrong.

And really, there's one reason why it is. The German Nazi government was singling out, rounding up and throwing jails without trial into concentration camps as a conduit to killing them and committing mass genocide.

Or the camps in Soviet Russia for that matter but by using the term 'never again' she implies she's referring to the Holocaust.


Buchenwald was one of the first and the largest of the concentration camps within Germany's 1937 borders. Many actual or suspected communists were among the first internees. 
Prisoners from all over Europe and the Soviet Union—Jews, Poles and other Slavs, the mentally ill and physically disabled, political prisoners, Romani people, Freemasons, criminals, homosexuals, and prisoners of war—worked primarily as forced labor in local armaments factories. The insufficient food and poor conditions, as well as deliberate executions, led to 56,000 deaths at Buchenwald of the 250,000 prisoners who passed through the camp. The camp gained notoriety when it was liberated by the United States Army in 1945; Allied commander Dwight D. Eisenhower visited one of its subcamps.
From 1945 to 1950, the camp was used by the Soviet occupation authorities as an internment camp, NKVD special camp Nr. 2.  Between August 1945 and the dissolution on March 1, 1950, 28,455 prisoners, including 1,000 women, were held by the Soviet Union at Buchenwald. A total of 7,113 people died in Special Camp Number 2, according to the Soviet records. They were buried in mass graves in the woods surrounding the camp. Their relatives did not receive any notification of their deaths.

Now try and tell me it's the same as what's going on the U.S./Mexico border. I fucken dare you.

In order for your assertion to be accurate, the United States would be guilty of singling out and rounding up migrants and throwing them in a concentration camp in order to kill them.

How people freely running and gunning for the U.S. border makes America the bad guy is beyond comprehension. And troubling. It's troubling because little Marxists like Alexandria are purposefully poisoning the well for political expediency and contributes to the widening gap of what is true and fake. I also missed the part where the Americans are using them as slave labor.

Moreover, the Nazis didn't try to save lives like Customs and border agents try. To suggest these men and women helping to keep the borders secure somehow are part of a concentration camp - all to stick to Trump it should be noted. As if this wasn't happening under past administrations. If she cares so much then give him the money he wants because part of it is for humanitarian use. The Democrats have refused to budge because it's likely they like to use this story to pretend Trump is Literally Hitler   - is beyond the pale.

Best part? Unlike a real concentration camp, they're free to leave.

This tart would have been better off comparing it to the internment camps we had in both Canada and the U.S., for Japanese, Italian, German and Ukrainian citizens. But it still would have been wrong.

If you can't see the intellectual degeneracy of your position put this way, then you're just an anti-American miseducated sophist of the worst kind.

She makes my blood curl and boil.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a disgusting human being for this insinuation.

I despise her.



The semantics regarding the definition of a concentration camp on display by various people is astounding.

One guy said 'if people are concentrated in one camp' then it's a 'concentration camp'. Another argued concentration camps lead to 'death camps'.

Nothing of the sort will happen because as noted above the Americans aren't maliciously and illegally rounding people up. People are basically crashing the border and they can't be processed fast enough.

They're not doing so on U.S. soil and they're not doing it in Mexico. Call it whatever you want (detention centres, temporary processing centres whatever) but concentration camps as they've come to be understood, they're fucking not.

Asking people to pretend the Nazis and Soviets didn't run concentration camps is absurd.

Ostensibly there are similarities but there isn't. Defending this point actually does a disservice to the people trying to do their jobs to protect their nation.

All this politicization of this word (and AOC knew damn well what she was doing when she invoked) is driven by the left's hate of Trump. Simple as that.

I'll leave it to cooler heads to investigate what's actually happening.

Chris Hayes is right. Mike Godwin - unless he actually visited the sites as most Democrat politicians haven't - is wrong. Hayes is the sensible one while Godwin Godwinned himself and lent himself to hyperbole.

I'm greatly troubled that words like these and 'genocide' no longer have common meaning and understanding. My take on them don't coincide with what I've been reading from people defending AOC.

Very disappointing stuff.


These semantics games defending her makes me think that they'd defend her and Sanders assertion that a 27% interest rate on a $500 credit card purchase would result in a $136 extra charge.

They'd say, if I understand progthink correctly, 'well, technically she's right! It would be $136 in total for the year!'Assuming they knew it was an APR.

Except that's not what they meant. They said, $136 for the month (hence giving the impression it would be $136 x 12). So you'd get a 'AOC is technically right!'

They're doing the same thing here.

They take a term that has come to be known and understood as a place of nothing but darkness and evil as perpetuated by Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia (as it was taught during my years of history studies in university. I think we had more moral clarity back then it looks like), and then ask people to forget that part and stick to the actual definition of the term (while asking you to further suspend belief into thinking there are no illegal aliens) to support their assertion there are concentration camps  set up by the USA. Worse, they seem to imply if Americans are okay with it, they're like Germans who were indifferent which eventually led to death camps.

They're further not telling you what actually happened in those camps. I provided a glimpse up top.

That's one mighty looonnnnnggggg dubious assertion man.

It got where I started reading scholars again concentration camps in Germany were encouraged by the USA. That's when it's time to get off the ride.

And they say Alex Jones is nuts.


I Should Have Taken That Left Turn At Derp Beach

Melinda at worst is a misguided virtue-signaller advocating for discrimination. At best if we're to concede woman have been done wrong by white men (dubious at best indeed) she's pushing 'two wrongs make a right'. It's based on the faulty premise that men deliberately discriminated against women and minorities. 

"When asked to “define diversity,” she responds, “I define diversity as when you have a mix of people seated at the table who look representative of our whole society.”
Could you be anymore intellectually shallower? This is just communism by other means. By her logic, NBA rosters should have more caucasians and Asians to reface the 'whole of society'. It's absurd and should be denounced at every turn. Just because a society is made up one way doesn't follow all fields and industries must reflect this.

I can't believe this even has to be pointed out. 

I don't understand how anyone with a properly calibrated sense of justice, honesty and fairness could possibly think what she's pushing is justified. If you're a woman and have a son (s), it shouldn't be too hard to point out how patently unfair her faux-righteous  stance is. 

It's funny though, she doesn't seem to have a problem staying married to a white guy who clearly was  part of the problem according to her own narrative.

Enough of this crap.

Moving on.


It's not right that Don Lemon and Jim Acosta make people laugh this hard.

What a couple of snivelling little shits. Coward too.

Could you image the sort of arrogance you have to possess to think people are stupid?

No Lemon you racist. You and your punk pal there are partisan hacks.

I must have missed the part where you held Obama's 'feet to the fire'. 

You are fake news.

What a lemon.


A Boston University professor is suggesting tackling the problem of fake news by taxing it.

Ah. Got it.

You want to tax stories that don't fit your narratives or you disagree with it.

Remember folks. You were duped. You're too dumb to vote not against your interests. The Russian collusion story was one big fabricated lie but don't pay any attention to that.

“The simplest definition [of fake news] is information that causes harm at scale,” he said, suggesting that it may have cropped up in the 2016 presidential election and Brexit.

Boston University? The place where the illiberal McMarxist from the Bronx got her economic degree?

Now it's all making sense.


Nope. They don't make a compelling case.

They make stupid one.

No one is defending shit. All we're saying is they have a damn right to speak. You don't and can't have the right to determine what is 'hate speech' because, retard, you'll be on the other side of that attack one day. You may not think you will - or these little shits Marxists in the article - because you assume you'll have and hold the power to punish people you disagree with.

Just fuck off already.

If you can't see the potential for evil in 'regulating speech' (and it's not like we don't have examples of this. You know, there's something called the SOVIET FUCKEN EMPIRE, China and Cuba that did exactly that), then you're a fool. And thought control is just around the corner from there. In fact, in some circles, I've read leftists already pretty much assert things like 'you're racist and you don't know it'. Not only do we fave a 'negative' in the former, the latter just robs you of your personal agency and leaves at the mercy of people like Noah Berlatsky. Here's you Scarecrow mask pal.

A classic position by minds who just can't see beyond their tiny little ideological brains.

What passes for 'thinking' these days....

Actually, this article is just as offensive as Nazi speak when you ponder it.


Maybe there is something to go woke, go broke.

I classify mandatory minimum wage hikes premised on the vague 'living wage' (and its utterly ignorant and supremely arrogant 'if you can't pay someone a living wage then you don't deserve to be in business' cousin)notion as woke nonsense.

The interesting thing about woke CEO's of conglomerates is where they can virtue signal, they can rely on the more reliable parts of the company to cover for any potential losses in alienating a customer bases.

In other words - sigh - the more responsible parts of the company have to cover the decisions of the irresponsible ones.

A metaphor for conservatives cleaning up the mess left behind by progressives.


Yes. Let's put all the power of information in the hands of the few.

What can possibly go wrong?

I'm not so sure it was a golden age either. I think we're in a golden age right now to the extent we have access to so much information now. That's a good thing. It's killing old media - and with it, it's liberal bent.


This is why, by the way, there's a call to clamp down. 'Alt-media' is winning. Old media is dying. So they're trying to get voices censored (not to mention beginning to get bribes bail outs from national governments are we saw in Canada under the Liberals).

Not too bright this one.

She has no idea what she's angling for.


Trump makes negative comment about the press....people come to its defence.

11h11 hours ago
They actually do painstaking research and deep vetting on every article they print, not just blurt them out loud to their golf caddy Twitter Secretary and wait for one of his five same asskissy compliments."

From the NYT article Trump was reacting to:

“It has gotten far, far more aggressive over the past year,” one senior intelligence official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity but declining to discuss any specific classified programs."

Now that's some painstaking research and vetting.

/slaps Jeremy off the side of the head knocking beanie cap with propeller off.


More On Oberlin And Gibson Bakery

You don't see conservatives doing this.

You just don't.

The left do it. They're destructive and they're violent.

An Axiom Progressives Who Thoughtlessly Support Censorship Need To Understand

If you call for censorship, they will eventually come for YOU.

If there's one thing people of all political stripes, creed and race should unify around it's FREE SPEECH AND EXPRESSION.

None of this 'yeh but' shit. Or 'your free speech ends with my offence' or some such nonsense. Or 'hate speech' or 'balanced speech'.

There's just FREE SPEECH.

We either have it and all protect and preserve it vigilantly together or not.


Smarten up lefties.


Justice And Decency Prevails In Gibson Bakery Case

Gibson Bakery - a community institution - was awarded $33 million (and possibly as much as $44 million) in punitive damages in their lawsuit against Oberlin College. Props to the jury on this decision.

This is a great day for all things sane and decent. Which means, the liberal media ignored it. Disgraceful fake news punks that they are.

Oberlin's behaviour was shameful and shameless throughout. 

They robbed the Gibson's of peace and prosperity for nearly three years by their bull shit SJW bullying. That's something no amount of money can ever replace in terms of trauma. And I believe it was by design. Remember, to the left, the process is worse than the punishment. This is a cold, calculating Saul Alinsky tactic.

Sadly, Oberlin is not getting the message and is doubling down. They're completely wrong and irrational. Intellectually and morally. It's astonishing that the President - Carmen Twillie Anbar - still thinks there's a fight in this. Being defiant for its own sake is immature and grotesque for such an institution. 

“We will take the time we need to thoughtfully consider the course that is in Oberlin’s best interests.”

You should have thought of this before you allowed the school to participate in such a mean-spirited protest rooted in lies. This is true wisdom and leadership. You did wrong by those students.

Instead, you encouraged them to rabidly attack a family run establishment that did no wrong.

How you can possibly think you're in the right is beyond the pale.

You care about its interests? Settle, apologize and shut up. The quicker you own up to it, the quicker people will forgive and eventually forget. That's the only option here. 

You don't get to try and destroy an innocent business and then pretend you're the victim. This is dishonourable behaviour. That you plan to extend this is incredibly irresponsible and blows my mind how the board hasn't asked for your resignation given this letter.

Quick added comments.

Oberlin's defense lawyers made the incredibly arrogant comment that the bakery wasn't worth more than $35 000. I don't know what the monetary value is, but the fact it's been around since 18fucken85 suggests its worth and value to the community goes beyond money. This lawyer could only wish he'd have such a legacy. 

Projection. This is yet another case of it it looks like.

I don't know who is more foolish. Oberlin or Evergreen. 

What is it with the left and their hate for bakeries and their attempt to destroy their lives anyway?

Man Assaults Women Unfortunately Gets Probation

More baffling judicial decisions out of Canada.

Jordan Hunt (aka Cuck Norris) the man who kicked a pro-life woman (and also almost through another onto oncoming traffic) got no jail time but probation for his cowardly and recklessly dangerous and violent behaviour.

Gee, I wonder what would have happened if a conservative kicked a pro-choice woman what would have happened? Not that it would probably happen. Contrary to the lies in the media, the right aren't anywhere near as willing to be violent as the left.

I absolutely do believe there's a double standard at play here.

For the love of God, you have people saying throwing milkshakes at conservatives is not enough! One idiot in England joked battery acid should be used instead.

Yet, no crackdown on her Twitter.

If that guy hit my daughter that way and the judge rendered such a verdict, I promise that wouldn't be the end of that.

Smarten up Ontario already.

Hunt should be in prison.

Good run down here showing the double standard is real.

Vox Makes Terrible Case For Women's Soccer

Sigh. Another women's World Cup tournament, another flood of 'why come we're not paid like men?' articles gracing the pages of liberal media outlets from The Washington Post to Vox.

And like usual, the articles are emotionally driven, use cherry picked data and ask readers to suspend belief of reality.

Either these adults lack critical thinking skills or are just plain ideologues who believe if you repeat something enough, people will believe the lie.

As a soccer fan, this Tweet from Vox - the place where NBC fav $200 million to and then went on a tantrum led Carlos Maza to censor content they disagreed with - caught my eye:

"The #USWNT just scored 13 goals in their World Cup opening game against Thailand — that's more than the men's team scored in the last three World Cups combined. Why are they still fighting for equal pay?"

Where to begin?

There are several ways to tackle and refute this assertion.

Let's start with this being a false equivalence as well as committing another logical fallacy called cherry picking data. 

Using one game where the team scored 13 goals against a Thai team that probably wouldn't even qualify at a men's Pee-Wee tournament (no disrespect but more about respect in a moment) and then comparing it to the last three World Cups contended by the men is arbitrary and rather insulting to be frank.

So let's break down the UMNT in the last three WC to further highlight the fallacies:

At the 2006 World Cup, the men's team crashed out in last place behind Italy (who went on to win the group and tournament), the always tough Czech Republic and highly regarded Ghana sides. My recollection is they played fairly well as they scored two goals in three games.

In 2010, the USA scored 3 goals while not losing a game compiling a 1-2-0 to win the group that included rival England and a very difficult Slovenia side. They lost 2-1 to Ghana in the R16 - who around that period were among the best sides in Africa. Ghana then lost to a very strong Uruguay team in shoot outs. See how tight the competition is? 4 goals in total were scored.

In 2014, they scored 4 goals. They were grouped with (eventual champions Germany who later hammered Brazil 7-1), Portugal (a favourite) and Ghana. They finished 2nd. Impressive outcome given the quality of teams in the group. Once again, they bowed out in the R16. This time to Belgium (a program that was growing into a power house) 2-1 in added extra time. Five goals in total in this tourney.

They didn't qualify for 2018. But guess what? Neither did perennial super-powers Italy and Holland! 

Remember the part of cherry picking? In 2002 (that scandalous World Cup), the USA finished 8th having reached the quarter-finals after beating Mexico in the R16 2-0. They lost to Germany 1-0. 

Seven goals in total were scored. 

So. Let's recap. 11 goals in the three tournaments selected against two of the mightiest soccer teams in history: Germany and Italy. Against two teams who went on to become among the elite and World Cup favourites in Portugal (who won a Euro) and Belgium (semi-finalists and 3rd place in 2018). African champs and highly touted Ghana. As well as respected and highly ranked Czech side. 

I must have missed the part where the USWNT had to face such towering and difficult opponents. 

The women do dominate women's soccer, but to then turn around and claim on this basis they're equal to the men because they don't win is not a reason and in fact should be refuted.

Over the last 20 years, the American men's side has been a solid program and consistently well ranked. Did they come up short relative to expectations? Perhaps. But in fairness, they're up against far greater odds and stiffer competition. In this way, the Tweet is way out of line and completely uncalled for.

As an aside, American soccer lacks a crucial element for success: A true midfield play. Spirit alone won't get you a title. It's even less evident in women's soccer as a whole. It's only been a few years where we actually see a fluid and functional style of play we see in the men's game - minus the speed, precision and power. 

In any event, the cold hard reality is women's soccer - while having taken great strides - is nowhere near on the level of quality of play (including tactics and skill) as the men. 

You just don't see 13-0 blowouts in a 32 field tournament on the men's side where the top 30 teams can beat anyone at any time. 

You just don't. The only time you see a blow out it's when a power beats a minnow like San Marino, Liechtenstein or Andorra and even then they tend to stay in the 6 or 8-0 range. 


The unfortunate part of all this is it actually demeans the women's game. 

For a couple of reasons. Incessantly comparing themselves to the men is futile. Focus on what you need to do. Get women to go to the games and but merchandising. 

The men's game pulls in billions. The women tens of millions. There's a huge revenue gap and that's a result of simple economics.

That the U.S. women's dominate their game doesn't equate to them deserving to get more money based on shallow metrics like goal scored. 

It's based on old fashioned supply and demand and revenues. Men's World Cup soccer is the biggest event in the world. It dwarfs the women's game so obviously the men get paid more. However, the little quirk in the crinkle here is that the women actually get a higher percentage of their pie than the men do (something like 13% to 9% despite the men driving home more money). 

All this battle of the sexes doesn’t allow us to appreciate women’s sports for what they are. 

It also leaves them open to being reminded women's national teams routinely lose to U-15 male squads as we saw with Australia and the USA. Once again painfully highlighting how far off the quality scale they are. Women simply don't face the strength and quality the men do. 

Case in point:

You can't say for certain until the same amount of research, time, and development into the women's body and athletics is done as was provided to the men.WoSo was banned for fifty years in Europe. You cannot ignore that, nor the lack of a professional league for years…— Gwyn Erso (@gwynniepeg) June 11, 2019
"Nope. You can’t say that for certain, especially not as the majority of difference in size, until the same resources, research and attention is afforded the women.
A Messi sized woman could, potentially, match Messi in all soccer related aspects. The best men’s players aren’t-”
A woman player would have to match his speed, strength and stamina. Not to mention the physical abuse. He plays in one of the top leagues in the world for a top club. Not likely to ever happen in our lifetime. That Alex Morgan scored five against Thailand automatically puts her on the same footing as Messi is preposterous. It's nearly impossible to average 1 goal a game output in world's men soccer  and going above it doesn't happen very often.

You can indeed say for certain and it will always be the case. The banning has no bearing on physiology and biology. This falls dangerously close to the anti-science logic of gender fluidity and multiple genders.

Last and above all, there's the issue of sportsmanship. Even if the U.S. men's team was in a position to score 10 or more, it's not likely a coach would allow it. Blowing your opponent out and celebrating every goal is not honourable. When it's clear you're belittling you opponent by the 5th goal, don't celebrate as if you won a trophy for every goal after that. The optics are terrible.

I played at a high level. I remember coaches always calling the dogs off when sensing a blow out. 

So before bitching about money, get the sportsmanship part in order first.

Talk about arrogance on the part of Vox and advocates of women's soccer to denigrate the men in this way. 


Bad sports editing on major networks from Mad Dog to CBS. 

I kept hearing all day about how the Raptors victory over the Warriors was the first title for Canada since 1993. The year the Blue Jays and the Montreal Canadiens won in their respective sports. 

However, it's not accurate. Canadian teams have won in professional soccer.

Specifically, Toronto FC winning an MLS title in 2018.

MLS is a pretty big deal.

As for all this asterisk talk. Dumb. Of course there shouldn't be an asterisk. Sports is littered with teams not being at 100% in a final. 

However, there's definitely truth in the fact with Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson playing, the chances for the Raptors winning diminishes significantly. We're talking about arguably the best player in basketball and an outstanding future Hall of Famer. If both healthy, the Warriors probably win.

That's to take nothing away from the Raptors who were well prepared, determined, calm healthy, and very good. They're deserved champions.

You beat who's out there. It's a little like the criticism Rocky Marciano faces whenever his legacy comes up. It wasn't his fault the field was somewhat barren (though not really) and it wasn't Toronto's problem or fault the Warriors suffered such unfortunate injuries to two supremely key all-time great players. 

It's a pretty big deal for a Canadian team to win an NBA title particularly given the great strides made in Canadian basketball in the last few years. As for their fans, they strike me as a fairweatherish. Well, the posh ones I saw on TV anyway. I highly doubt some of those are die hard fans. But kudos to the franchise for making all the right moves and building that team up in th city.

Too bad the long video review at the end robbed fans of a natural, explosive jubilation. 


Just a bonus on Vox:

Smug, uncurious and ignorant is not a way to go through life let alone run a publication.

To think this rag has the Twitter 'Blue check' mark and has standing with YouTube and NBC. It's a nutty world that needs rewiring.